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Getting to Know the TI-Nspire


									                         Getting to Know the TI-Nspire Handheld
                                         April 24, 2009 Institute
                                     Glenn Olson and Eileen Odegard

1) Objectives
A) teachers will know the physical inventory of TI-Nspire products in our math department
B) teachers will learn about the different aspects of the “Document model”
C) teachers will learn about various resources for the TI-Nspire family
D) teachers will walk through a few math activities with the TI-Nspire
E) the ultimate objective is to expose the teachers to this new technology and let THEM decide if this is
something that can enhance their instruction/student learning and if it is something they feel comfortable
using in their classroom.
F) teachers will understand that they will NOT become experts on this technology in 40 minutes and that
they will need to devote more time on their own to become proficient/comfortable with the TI-Nspire!

2) Background
Glenn, Eileen, Scott, and Mike “volunteered” to attend an Institute for Educational Development (IED)
seminar in March 2009, presented by Ray Klein—a dynamic presenter who formerly taught at Glenbard
for several years. The seminar focused on enhancing algebra instruction with the TI-Nspire and TI-Nspire
CAS handhelds. Glenn and Eileen are now enrolled in a one semester hour graduate course and must
develop 3 practical activities based on the seminar—this session counts as one of them!

3) Document Model
A) Calculator (TI-84 Calculator)
B) Graphs & Geometry (Cabri)
C) Lists & Spreadsheets (Excel)
D) Notes (Word)
E) Data & Statistics (Fathom)
The TI-Npsire is bundled with all 5 of the above and it is basically a handheld computer!
In addition, what really sets the TI-Nspire apart is that all of these applications are “integrated.”
Thus, you can do geometry and algebra “in the same environment.”
On other calculators, these are not linked together.

4) Two Different Handheld Models
A) TI-Nspire Handheld (~$120, upgrades TI-84) (we have a classroom set of 30)
B) TI-Nspire CAS Handheld (~$150, upgrades TI-89)

5) Two Different Computer Software Versions
A) TI-Nspire Computer Software—Teacher Edition (~$135, like TI-Smartview)
B) TI-Nspire CAS Computer Software—Teacher Edition (~$135, like TI-Smartview)

6) Updates
The “theory” is that once you purchase the TI-Nspire handheld or software, it “never” becomes obsolete
as a result of the frequent operating system upgrades available on the TI website—for free!
As an aside, it is recommended that we obtain the TI Connect-To-Class Teacher Software (~$35) so we
can update 8 calculators at a time—it takes a long time to update 30 calculators, one at a time!
Updates are done about twice a year—the current version is 1.6—soon to be updated to 1.7!
7) Website Links

A) TI-Nspire Homepage

B) Free 30-Day Trial Download of TI-Nspire Computer Software—Teacher Edition

C) TI-Nspire Math & Science Activities

D) TI-Activities Exchange

E) TI-Nspire Manuals

F) TI-Npsire CAS Manuals

8) Basic Operations of TI-Nspire

A) Unlock switch on back and remove faceplate (then replace)
B) Press On switch in lower left
C) Press Reset button on back
D) Press Home Key upper right
E) Press 1: Calculator
F) 1.1 means problem 1, page 1
   Rad/Auto/Real (radians/auto approx/real numbers)
   Battery indicator
   0/99 means zero entry lines used out of 99 max
G) Change to degrees (home, system info, system settings, tab to Radian, cursor down to degrees)
H) ESC and TAB or the main keys to get somewhere or get out of somewhere!

9) Experience the Document Model

type various expressions in calculator environment (notice entry line status)
type 16/6 and notice exact answer—to get decimal answer follow with CTRL Enter
to clear history press MENU, Actions, Clear History
type 3 CTRL STO a (define variable a with value of 3)
type 5a to get result of 15
type CTRL HOME, Insert, Page, Add Graphs to insert new page for problem 1 (shortcut is CTRL I)
(note—to delete a page press CTRL HOME, Page Layout, Delete Page)
(note—to move between pages use CTRL Cursor to navigate)
type a function in the edit line, f 1 x   2 x  3
Press MENU, Points and Lines, Point and move cursor to desired location to plot a point
Press ESC to get out of this tool
***This is the hardest part of the entire lesson***This feature needs to be fixed in future updates!****
Slowly approach point from right and slightly above with cursor until open hand appears (keep trying!)
Press CTRL HAND key to lock on point then drag it somewhere else
Press TAB to get back to edit line and enter f 2  x   a
Notice that this is still problem 1, so the TI-Nspire remembers the value of 3 for a!

Type CTRL I to insert page 3 for problem 1, then Add Lists
Type = a in the first cell (notice it still remembers the value of 3)

To add a new problem, type CTRL HOME, Insert, Problem
Then type Notes for word processor
(notice CAPS key under CTRL)
Type anything you want.
Also notice the symbols located in the “open book” key above the division key.

10) Math Activities
Glenn & Eileen will help teachers with various math activities

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