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									                                             32 2010 MCA Canada
                                                 Annual Conference Highlights
5    Chairman’s Report                       36 MCA of British Columbia Report
6    President’s Report                      37 MCA of Alberta Report
8    Building Information Modeling           39 MCA of Saskatchewan Report
     (B.I.M.) Council                        40 MCA of Manitoba Report
11 Canadian Mechanical Contracting           42 MCA of Ontario Report
     Education Foundation                    43 CMMTQ Report
12 Canadian Construction Association         45 MCA of New Brunswick Report
14 World Plumbing Council                    46 MCA of Nova Scotia Report
16 Canadian Standards Association            47 MCA of Newfoundland Report
20 Construction Sector Council               48 MCA Canada Associate Members
22 Canadian Apprenticship Forum              49 MCA Canada Associate Member Profiles
24 Mechanical Service Contractors of         54 Advertisers’ Index
     Canada Report
26 National Trade Contractors Coalition of
     Canada Report
30 MCA Canada Membership Advantage
                                             The National Bulletin is published annually for MCAC members who
                                             primarily are the mechanical trade contractors engaged in plumbing,
                                             process piping, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration and
                                             system controls. Manufacturers, wholesale distributors and other service
                                             companies are also eligible for membership as associates.

                                             MCA CANADA OFFICERS
                                                          Robert Hoare, Adelt Mechanical Works Ltd.
                                                              Vice Chairman Western & Alberta
                                                              Brad Diggens, MJS Mechanical Ltd.
                                                               Vice Chairman Central & Ontario
                                                                  Del Pawliuk, R.F. Contracting
                                                         Vice Chairman Eastern & New Brunswick
                                                     Gaëtan Beaulieu, Beaulieu Plumbing & Mechanical Inc.
                                                                  Secretary / Treasurer
                                                   James Derksen, Derksen Plumbing & Heating (1984) Ltd.
                                                                   Richard McKeagan, MCAC
                                             BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                    British Columbia
                                                        Brian Dawson, A & A Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
                                                       Andrew Wong, Alpha Mechanical Contracting Ltd.
                                                               George Doty, Wil Mech (1995) Ltd.
                                                             Dave Flamand, Peak Mechancial Ltd.
                                                         Jamie McNabb, ABCO Supply & Service Ltd.
                                                            Don Bennett, Black & McDonald Ltd.
                                                                 Don Capotosto, Gimco Ltd.
                                                         Dave Holek, Lekter Industrial Services Inc.
                                                 Terry McCaskie, Energy Controls & Mechanical Services Inc.
                                                                     Alain Daigle, Daigle Inc.
                                                                         Nova Scotia
                                                        Derrick Flinn, Western Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
                                                                 Newfoundland & Labrador
                                                          Jack Bavis, Canadian Process Services Inc.
                                                                    Prince Edward Island
                                                              Quentin Bevan, Bevan Bros. Limited
                                                                       Associate Council
                                                                     Tim Meadows, Victaulic
                                                                    Service Contractors
                                                           Scott Munro, Adelt Mechanical Works Ltd.

                                             MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION OF CANADA
                                             #601 - 280 Albert St., Ottawa, Ont. K1P 5G8
                                             Tel: (613) 232-0492, Fax: (613) 235-2793
                                             E-mail: mcac@mcac.ca
                                             The National Bulletin is published by

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                                             3 Kennett Drive, Whitby, Ontario L1P 1L5
                                             Tel: (905) 430-7267, Toll Free: 1-877-880-4877, Fax: (905) 430-6418
                                             E-mail: tanja@perkspub.com • Web Site: www.perkspub.com
                                             Publisher - Mike Nosko
                                             Editor / Art Director - Tanja Nowotny
                                             Sales Manager - Cathie Fedak
                                             Canadian Publication Agreement #40038002

4   National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                      Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
                                                                                              CHAIRMAN’S REPORT

MCA Canada
spreads message
internationally                                                                                                  Robert Hoare
                                                                                                              MCA Canada Chairman

W                                                Every provincial MCA is
               elcome to MCA Canada’s                                                         another. This year, I was fortunate enough
               2010 Annual National                                                           to be appointed meeting Chairman.
               Bulletin – “2010 Annual
               Review.” This magazine
                                                 blessed with dedicated                           Over the past two years I have had the
                                                                                              pleasant task of being your National
               contains industry related         volunteer members and                        Chairman. It has taken me across this great
articles of current value which I hope you                                                    country of ours on several occasions and
will find both interesting and informative.         professional staff.                       provided me with a great opportunity to
    Last September, MCA Canada held its                                                       meet many fine people, our members,
Annual National Conference in San                Combined, this is what                       from coast-to-coast. Before I became
Francisco, Calif., where I was elected to a                                                   Chairman, I knew that we had a great
second year as your National Chairman.          makes MCA Canada the                          national organization but I wasn’t fully
I must say that the last 12 months were
just as busy as the previous 12 months,
                                                   best industry trade                        aware of how great all of our provincial
                                                                                              associations are. Every provincial MCA is
if not more.
    Once again, we’ve visited members in
                                               association in this country...                 blessed with dedicated volunteer members
                                                                                              and professional staff. Combined, this is
every province of Canada on the occasion                                                      what makes MCA Canada the best industry
of regional and/or special meetings, and           Internationally, MCA Canada is a mem-      trade association in this country, in my
provincial conferences. On these occasions,    ber of the European MCA organization           humble opinion.
we have kept our members up-to-date on         as well as a member of the World Plumb-            While I have this opportunity, I would
the current activities of MCA Canada and       ing Council. We are well represented on        like to sincerely thank all of the volunteer
we have listened to the issues, concerns       the WPC through our MCA Canada Di-             contractor members and staff of all of the
and priorities of our member associations.     rector from Alberta, George Doty. Hans         MCA’s I have had the privilege of visiting
    We have not only carried our message       Tiedemann, Executive Director of MCA           over the past two years. Believe me when I
domestically but we have also been             Alberta, is currently acting as the WPC sec-   tell you that you made me feel more than
involved in the international scene. As an     retary/treasurer.                              welcome and I appreciate that. I will cherish
affiliate member of the Canadian                   In addition, MCA Canada actively           the relationships for years to come.
Construction Association (CCA), we are         participates in the annual meetings of the         Oh yes, one last thing. We also had a
involved and actively participate on many      International Alliance of MCA’s (United        GREAT national conference. This year,
of CCA’s industry related Committees           Kingdom, Australia, United States and          our conference will be held in beautiful
and Councils. We are also represented          Canada). Every year, on the occasion of        Halifax, NS (Sep. 22 to 25, 2010) at the
on CCA’s Board of Directors through            MCA of America’s national convention,          Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel. We
our incoming National Chairman, Brad           representatives of these international         expect a GREAT attendance and we look
Diggens. Additionally, we are involved         associations meet and discuss issues of        forward to seeing you all there.
with other national organizations which        mutual concern and interest. The                                     Respectfully Submitted,
will be identified and outlined in the         information shared during these meetings                                Robert (Bob) Hoare
President’s Report on Page 6.                  benefit all organizations in one form or                           Chairman, MCA Canada

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                              National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review        5

                                                     MCA Canada
      Richard McKeagan
     MCA Canada President                        on the road again
A                                                  MCA Canada’s policy
              s Chairman Hoare alluded to                                                         through.
              in his report, it’s been a busy                                                        • Hired legal counsel to draft legislation
              two years. This year, in March,                                                     on prompt payment. To represent to
              I reached a milestone as your        direction comes from                           Ontario government as an initial step
              President for 20 years                                                              towards getting all provinces on board.
and I must say that it seems to get busier         our national Board of                             • Continue to promote NTCCC’s
every year!                                                                                       “Getting Paid” DVD.
    This past 12 months has been no
different. To say that the Chairman and I
                                                      Directors. MCA                              BUILDING COMMISSIONING
were “On the Road” – a lot – is certainly an
understatement. From British Columbia
                                                   Canada is blessed in                           STANDARD (CSA Z-320):
                                                                                                     • Continued meeting with stakeholder
to Newfoundland and everywhere in
between – we were there. We were there              having the leaders                            groups to finalize draft.
                                                                                                     • Circulated draft standard for public
addressing the issues of the day and, more
importantly, receiving input directly from         from each provincial                           review.
                                                                                                     • Final document to be available at the
the membership.                                                                                   end of 2010.
    MCA Canada’s policy direction                    MCA on its Board.                               • CMCEF to deliver information
comes from our national Board of                                                                  sessions to the membership starting in
Directors. MCA Canada is blessed in                                                               2011.
having the leaders from each provincial          with the Council.
MCA on its Board. What this means is                • CMCEF has been working on several           INUDSTRY/FEDERAL
that MCA Canada’s activities and                 BIM related education and training               GOVERNMENT RELATIONS
priorities are well-thought-out and              programs, and expects expeditious delivery           MCA Canada continued work and
monitored on a regular basis. Both               of those programs to the industry.               liaison with the following organizations:
Board meetings this past September in                                                                 • Canadian Construction Association
San Francisco, Calif., and subsequently          NATIONAL TRADE CONTRACTORS                       (see page 12).
in January 2010, in Orlando, Fla., set the       COALITION CANADA (NTCCC):                            • Construction Sector Council (see page
stage for MCA Canada in 2010 and                     • Continued to conduct seminars              20).
beyond.                                          based on the NTCCC guide to CCA’s                    • Mechanical Service Contractors of
    Here’s a sample of this year’s activities:   stipulated price subcontract.                    Canada (see page 24).
                                                     • Held “Advocacy Days” at Ontario’s              • MCAC’s Associate Members (see page
BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING (BIM):             Queen’s Park (prompt payment legislation         48).
   • MCA Canada joined the Canadian              / changes to the legislation) and                    • World Plumbing Council (see page 14).
BIM Council and has representation on            Parliament Hill (prompt payment                      • Canadian Standards Association (see
their Board of Directors. We have also           provisions in the federal government             page 16).
signed a Memorandum of Understanding             contract form). The message is getting               • Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (see

 6        National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                              Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
                                                                                       PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

page 22).
   • Canadian Mechanical Contracting
Education Foundation (see page 11).               MCA Canada’s staff also had a lot of work to do
   • National Trade Contractors Coalition
of Canada (see page 26).                         and, if I may say, they did so effectively, efficiently,
   • Others (Canadian Green Building
Council, MCA of America, International                 and in a very professional manner. My
Alliance of MCA’s, Canadian Institute of
Plumbing and Heating, MCAC’s Open                 appreciation and respect - and thanks for a job
Shop and Unionized Contractors
Committees, Natural Resources Canada,                    well done - goes to staff members...
Defense Construction Canada, Public
Works and Government Services Canada,           format).                                      year. MCA Canada’s staff also had a lot of
Treasury Board Canada).                            • Production and delivery of annual        work to do and, if I may say, they did so
                                                publication catalogue containing all          effectively, efficiently, and in a very
SERVICES, COMMUNICATION,                        available business tools and publications.    professional manner. My appreciation and
PUBLICATIONS AND PROGRAMS:                         • Associate Member Newsletter.             respect – and thanks for a job well done –
   • Current communication flow with               • Service Contractors Newsletter.          goes to staff members: Tami Cabana,
the general membership through “Just the           • Membership Advantage Program             Angie Taing, Daryl Sharkey, Tania Johnston
Fax” weekly communiqué.                         (discounts on petroleum, acetylene gas,       and Nancy Thomas-Brennan.
   • Quarterly “National Bulletins”             work clothes, hotels, vehicles, etc.).
highlighting industry association activities.      • Day-to-day services and operation.                            Respectfully submitted,
   • Magazine articles highlighting the            So as you can see, MCA Canada’s Board                              Richard McKeagan
Association and its membership (digital         of Directors had a lot to address this past                       MCA Canada President.

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                              National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review       7

                                                                 A new way of
                                                                thinking about
              uilding        Information                                                            type of software and it isn’t just 3D
              Modeling (BIM). It’s a term           BIM is the way our                              drawing. Building Information Modeling
              we’ve been hearing more and                                                           is a three-dimensional virtual representation
              more over the past few years
              in construction. What does
                                                    business is headed,                             of a building that can be developed
                                                                                                    remotely by all disciplines with all of the
it really mean? BIM is the way our business
is headed. But, if you want to understand
                                                     but if you want to                             components in the model tied to a database
                                                                                                    of information.
where you’re going, you have to look at                                                                  Details like how much a specific
where you are and how you arrived there.             understand where                               component weighs, its cost and how long
     For centuries, if people wanted to                                                             it takes to install can be input. You can
construct something, they got together as
a group, looked at their resources, skill sets,
                                                   you’re going, you have                           integrate shop drawings and maintenance
                                                                                                    information into the data. In fact
manpower and requirements. They
collaborated as a group and constructed
                                                   to look at where you                             information about everything from the
                                                                                                    type of windows to be used, complex
what was needed.                                                                                    structural steel configurations, wall
     As they improved their methods and               are and how you                               locations and types, electrical and
better materials were developed, greater                                                            mechanical systems’ layouts and virtually
challenges were undertaken. The need arose
to ensure that information was accurately
                                                       arrived there.                               anything you might want or need to track
                                                                                                    can be part of the model.
recorded and shared with all of the con-                                                                 Recent studies show that a
structors so they could work as efficiently       times just didn’t fit.                            measurable portion of the final cost of
as possible. The evolution of Manually               Other industries took a more challeng-         construction is directly attributable to the
Assisted Drafting (MAD) was here, but if          ing look at the potential of what they could      errors and omissions that occur when
you wanted to try something different, you        do with the new tool. Aerospace and Au-           collaboration is not necessarily required
had to redraw some or all of the work.            tomotive industries knew the costs of pro-        to prepare plans.
     Then, approximately 40 years ago, a new      ducing prototypes and the associated re-               When we construct buildings today,
tool came along that was capable of han-          work, and realized that it could be all but       owners want to utilize as much of the
dling the geometry of these plans with            eliminated if they could verify the               space within the structure as usable
ease. This was the birth of Computer As-          constructability of a component in a vir-         space. Higher finished ceilings, wider
sisted Drafting (CAD). The ability to ex-         tual space.                                       corridors and centralized mechanical
change information electronically, overlay           Then, approximately 10 years ago, the          rooms require that we fit more systems
drawings, copy and paste information              concept came to construction. Building            into smaller spaces. For years the
greatly increased productivity, and allowed       Information Modeling (BIM) was a new              mechanical trades have coordinated their
the work to be completed with a minimal           way to think about building.                      work on the jobsite and made things fit.
amount of collaboration. The cost of this            There is a lot of confusion about what         It makes sense that the mechanical
increased productivity, however, some-            BIM is. It isn’t being able to use a particular                                Continued On Page 10

 8        National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                                Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada

Continued From Page 8

contractor has a great deal to offer in the      in the model allows pre-fabrication of              dimensions to name a few.
process of modeling a building.                  components in controlled conditions with                The only limitation on what types of
    In the BIM world, all disciplines are        the confidence that it will fit increasing          analysis can be generated from the data is
engaged earlier in the project, fine tuning a    efficiency.                                         our imagination. Information regarding
layout and integration of systems in a               The types of data that can be associated        scheduling can be shared and modified
virtual world and constantly adding specific     with components are endless. Shop                   constantly as the project progresses. The
detail and data for the actual components        drawing status, anticipated delivery dates,         actual cost/value of the work performed
to the overall model as the project moves        maintenance information, electrical                 can be extrapolated from the data. The
along. This specific detail and the ability to   requirements, clearances required for service       design team can review ‘what if ’ scenarios
review the impact on the other components        of equipment, and weights and                       more quickly allowing decisions to be made
                                                                                                         Finally, after construction, the model can
                                                                                                     continue to be used throughout the

                                                                                                        In the BIM world, all
                                                                                                     disciplines are engaged
                                                                                                        earlier in the project,
                                                                                                     fine tuning a layout and
                                                                                                       integration of systems
                                                                                                       in a virtual world, and
                                                                                                         constantly adding
                                                                                                      specific detail and data
                                                                                                            for the actual
                                                                                                         components to the
                                                                                                           overall model...
                                                                                                     building lifecycle along with facility
                                                                                                     management software to maintain systems
                                                                                                     and equipment in the building.
                                                                                                        We used to say BIM is the future of
                                                                                                     construction, but it’s being implemented
                                                                                                     more and more today. Mechanical
                                                                                                     Contractors and their Specialty Trades are
                                                                                                     key players in the process and, one day, all
                                                                                                     contractors are going to have to participate
                                                                                                     in the BIM process in both new
                                                                                                     construction and retrofit work. As key
                                                                                                     players, the time is right to learn about BIM
                                                                                                     and its advantages. There is a learning curve
                                                                                                     but it’s best to learn when it isn’t a
                                                                                                     contractual obligation.

                                                                                                                 Al Prowse, H. Griffiths Co. Ltd.

10          National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                               Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
                                                                                                        CMCEF REPORT

CMCEF puts
finishing touches
on new programs                                                                                                    Tony Sottile
                                                                                                                 CMCEF Chairman

                 y first year as Chairman of                                                  Hafling and Tim Wentz who led them
                 the Canadian Mechanical                                                      through two-and-one-half-days of case
                 Contracting Education                                                        studies at the Westin Harbour Castle
                 Foundation has been very                                                     Hotel. In addition, MCA Toronto and
                 rewarding.                                                                   Canadian BIM Council Director, Al Prowse
    In 2010, CMCEF trained close to 500                                                       presented a session on BIM as did MCA
people in 27 seminars across Canada.                                                          Canada Associate member, Bernard
Also, work was completed on the new                                                           Tamasy. Jim Baston, a CMCEF regular
CMCEF Supervisory program. Please                                                             presenter, spoke on building and keeping
allow me the opportunity to share                                                             collaborative relationships with customers.
further details with you.                                                                     Evaluations, as always, were tremendous.
    As mentioned, after much research,                                                        A highlight for students was the
numerous volunteer hours and with the                                                         opportunity to exchange and share real life
aid of industry experts, the finishing                                                        experience with other conference attendees.
touches were made on the seven-day Gold                                                           CMCEF continues to serve as a source
Seal Accredited Supervisory program. This        the project as the construction progresses   of information and education for
fall the course will be held in several cities   from start-up through the close-out. Also,   individuals seeking career development
across Canada. Dates and locations will be       incorporated into the program are sessions   within the industry, and for people
announced by the end of August. We               on closing-out a project, providing an       considering mechanical contracting as a
hope that MCA Canada members will                understanding of the steps involved in       career choice. This industry is flourishing
support the great efforts that have been         closing out a project and stressing the      and there are countless opportunities for
made to get this course out there to the         importance it has for future projects.       young people. The Foundation will
industry. Topics consist of the following:          CMCEF continues to offer an annual        continue to promote and to guide those
planning a project to include an                 scholarship sponsored by Federated           interested down the proper educational
understanding of the phases of                   Insurance. The Foundation also acts as a     channel to meet their desired career path.
construction; the staffing issues associated     centralizing source of scholarship           CMCEF will also continue to Gold Seal
with construction, and the documents and         information, listing numerous other          accredit as many of its courses as possible
protocols governing the construction             scholarships available through the           and will work with Gold Seal to make the
process; executing the work, emphasizing         provincial and zone MCA’s on its web site.   certification process as easy as possible for
the importance of having key project             The Foundation will announce the             MCA members.
controls in place to assist in managing the      recipient of the 2010 scholarship in July.       As I write this report, past course
job site as the work is being performed as          This past March, Toronto, Ont., hosted    attendees are completing a survey. Results
well as the techniques for maintaining           the fifth biannual Middle Management         will inform CMCEF about their needs for
jobsite harmony, monitoring the work,            Education Conference. Delegates were         future training, how we can best inform
stressing an understanding of the                privileged to have seminar leaders from      them about programs and their level of
elements and importance of monitoring            MCA America, Tom Williams, Mike                                           Continued On Page 13

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                              National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review        11

                                                     CCA continues
                                                     contribution of
                                                  industry initiatives
            he CCA began the year hosting     GOLD SEAL CERTIFICATION ENCOURAGED                 Certificate assists employers in recruiting
            a ‘Non-Residential Construc-          The CCA Gold Seal Certification Pro-           qualified personnel, and more and more,
            tion Industry Summit’ on Jan.     gram has enjoyed strong growth over                it opens up new contract opportunities.
            21 and 22, 2010 which had as      the past few years, however the rate of
            its fundamental objectives        uptake among trade contractors remains             • What is Gold Seal?
the identification of those major trends      disproportionately low. The CCA Trade                  The CCA Gold Seal Certification Pro-
and developments that will impact the         Contractors Council encourages trade               gram is a national certification program
non-residential construction industry go-     contractors to consider pursuing a Gold            for Project Managers, Superintendents
ing forward. This Summit attracted over       Seal designation and reap the benefits             and Estimators in the disciplines of
110 participants consisting of the CCA Ex-    of certification.                                  General Contracting, Electrical and Me-
ecutive Committee members, CCA Pro-               CCA Member Ken de Rooy received                chanical Contracting, Road-building and
vincial vice-chairs, and the Chief Elected    his Gold Seal certification in 1996, and           Heavy Construction, and Specialty
and Chief Operating Officers of CCA Part-     exemplifies the success that can be                Trades, as well as Owners, Project Man-
ner Associations.                             achieved through this designation:                 agers and Construction Safety Coordi-
   The major themes that were identi-         “Gold Seal certification can establish you         nators. It was developed by the construc-
fied include the following: changing          as a legitimate player in the industry, even       tion industry for the construction indus-
workforce; labour supply and training;        though you may work with a smaller                 try, and has been operated by the CCA
recent economic downturn; awareness           company. Moreover, it alleviates the ap-           in partnership with local and provincial
of environmental issues; public-private       prehension that some of the larger con-            construction associations since 1991.
partnerships; increased competition           tractors have in dealing with small com-           Presently, there are over 6,500 Gold Seal
from large and/or global firms; and new       panies, and thereby facilitates opportu-           certificate holders across Canada.
technology.                                   nities to participate in projects that might           Certification is based on a combination
   The CCA Trade Contractors Council          otherwise be out of reach. In short, the           of education and training as well as spe-
continues to contribute to the design         intrinsic value of Gold Seal is in the cred-       cific experience. Most applicants will
and implementation of important in-           ibility it lends through certification.”           qualify to write a Gold Seal exam which
dustry initiatives to advance the objec-          For individuals, the Gold Seal Certifi-        has been developed by industry experts
tives inherent in each of these themes.       cate is a declaration of skill, competence         for their specific designation and disci-
Some of these initiatives include the         and experience that is recognized by the           pline. Gold Seal certificate holders can
promotion of Gold Seal certification, the     construction industry across the country.          go on to apply for Professional, Gold
development of an updated guide and           Certification enhances job mobility and            Seal Certified (P/GSC) status, signalling
checklist document for trade contractors      professional development for managers of           their annual commitment to professional
as well as other new documents, and the       construction. For contractors, employing           development.
successful negotiation of risk manage-        Gold Seal certified managers is a statement            Gold Seal Designations include Gold
ment in the federal contract administered     regarding the professionalism and com-             Seal Intern (GSI), Gold Seal Certified
by Public Works and Government Serv-          mitment of the firm to excellence in the           (GSC) and Professional Gold Seal Certi-
ices Canada.                                  management of construction. A Gold Seal            fied (P.GSC).

12       National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                              Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
                                CCA / TRADE CONTRACTORS COUNCIL REPORT

• How to Apply:                                 and obligations of the trade contractor.         tractor to perform the required Subcon-
    Information and application forms can       The objective is to highlight some of the        tract Work on an actual-cost basis, plus a
be found at www.goldsealcertification.com       potential problem areas so that Contrac-         percentage or fixed fee which is applied to
or through your local construction asso-        tors will be in a better position to identify    actual costs.
ciation. Applicants will require a letter of    them and assess their importance before
support from their employer, a project list     bidding or signing contracts and subcon-         RISK MANAGEMENT
outlining their experience, and copies of       tracts.                                             One of the major accomplishments
certificates from educational courses and                                                        since last year was the finalization of the
programs.                                       NEW DOCUMENTS                                    proposed amendments to the PWGSC
                                                • Final draft of “A Guide to                     construction contract that will, very shortly,
NEW BEST PRACTICES GUIDE                           Public-Private Partnerships in Canada”        see the introduction of contractual limits
FOR TRADE CONTRACTORS                               A Guide prepared for CCA members,            on the Contractor’s liability for damage to
     The Council has finalized updates to       who may wish to consider participating in        existing federal property similar to that
the CCA Trade Contractors Guide and Check-      a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project.      contained in the CCDC standard industry
list to Construction Contracts (‘Document’)     It highlights some of the unique risks that      contract forms. CCA held its annual meet-
which incorporate some of the best prac-        Contractors face during the procurement          ing with the Treasury Board, and major
tices found in the Vancouver Regional           and contracting phases of PPP projects as        federal construction contracting agencies
Construction Association Best Practices         well as best practices to mitigate risks. This   and client departments on Apr. 19 at Meech
Guide. The CCA Standard Practices Com-          Guide is not intended to promote or dis-         Lake, Que. The main focus of this meet-
mittee will now review this Document            courage participation in PPP projects.           ing is issues related to the construction
before it is submitted to the CCA Board         Rather, it is designed to provide informa-       procurement and contracting practices of
for consideration and endorsement (an-          tion to support the decision-making proc-        the federal government. At this year’s meet-
ticipated in September).                        ess of interested parties.                       ing, DCC indicated its desire to immedi-
     The purpose of this Guide is to draw                                                        ately follow PWGSC’s lead. CCA asked
the attention of Trade Contractors to cer-      • A Final Draft of                               PWGSC to provide the necessary leader-
tain clauses that frequently appear in con-       “Cost-Plus Subcontract”                        ship to assist in whatever action is required
struction contracts or subcontract docu-           A standard subcontract form agreement         (eg. A Treasury Board approval) to seek
ments which can adversely affect the rights     between (prime) Contractor and Subcon-                                        Continued On Page 15

   Continued From Page 11

   CMCEF puts finishing touches on new programs
   interest in alternative training such as webinars and eLearning to      As we look forward to the future in 2010, CMCEF will offer
   name a few.                                                          BIM seminars across Canada, and develop a new
       The Foundation’s activities are made possible by voluntary       Commissioning seminar which will serve to compliment the
   contributions made by mechanical contracting firms, provincial       new Commissioning Standard.
   and zone MCA’s, various fundraising activities, sponsorship             In August the Foundation will launch the 2010/2011
   and through revenue that it receives from course offerings.          educational guide and calendar. Please visit the CMCEF website
   Without this support, we would not exist. This year, to recognize    – www.cmcef.org – for further details.
   and show appreciation for the donations made through                    In conclusion I would be remiss if I did not thank past
   provincial and zone associations, CMCEF established group            Chairman, Mr. Terry Billings, for his 12 years of participation
   committees which will meet annually to discuss Foundation            on the CMCEF Board of Trustees. Mr. Billings was one of the
   issues such as course development, marketing and fundraising.        founding fathers of CMCEF and one cannot even begin to
   One of the recommendations brought forward from the first            count the number of volunteer hours he has given to the
   meeting was the development of a new, more interactive CMCEF         organization. The Board of Trustees wishes him health and
   web site. Work on the web site will begin this fall. Students will   happiness in his retirement.
   be able to register for courses on-line and the Foundation will
   also be able to receive on-line donations, thus making the whole                                                              Regards,
   registration/donation process much more efficient and user-                                                              Tony Sottile,
   friendly.                                                                                                          Chairman, CMCEF

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                                 National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review        13

                                                     WPC promotes
                                                    role of plumbing
                                                 in improving health
            he mission of the World                                                                    sue can now be found online at the WPC
            Plumbing Council is “to unite
                                                    ... the World Plumbing Council                     web site - www.worldplumbing.org.
            the world plumbing industry                  have been working on a                            Applications are being accepted until
            and promote the role of                                                                    Jul. 31, 2010 for the maximum of USD
plumbing in improving public health and                 partner publication of the                     $10,000 WPC Education and Training
safeguarding the environment.” It is al-                                                               Scholarship for 2010. The scholarship, of
ways a challenge to find ways of accom-
                                                       “Environmental Aspects of                       which six have been awarded previously, is
plishing this.                                        Plumbing” and its first issue                    available to anyone involved in plumbing
    The latest new way was the establish-                                                              industry education and training. The ap-
ment of the first ever World Plumbing              can now be found online at the                      plication can be found on the World
Day on Mar. 11, 2010 wherein the mem-                                                                  Plumbing Council web site.
bers of the World Plumbing Council were
                                                             WPC web site...                               The ninth World Plumbing Conference
given suggestions of various ideas on the        take place Mar. 11, 2011 and Canada will              will be held Sep. 7 to 11, 2011 in Edin-
promotion of the plumbing industry. The          do its promotional part through a com-                burgh, Scotland. As per previous World
World Plumbing Day news conference,              bined campaign of the MCA of Canada                   Plumbing Conferences, MCA Alberta will
which was well attended by over 30 televi-       and the Canadian Institute of Plumbing                once again be offering a tour package that
sion and print media representatives, was        and Heating (CIPH).                                   will include participating in the 2011 World
held in Beijing, China, in conjunction with          In 2006 the World Plumbing Council,               Plumbing Conference. For information
the International Sanitation and Heating         in partnership with the World Health Or-              contact MCA Alberta Executive Director
(ISH) trade show. The event received ex-         ganization (WHO), produced the publica-               Hans Tiedemann at (403) 250-7237 or
cellent local, national and international cov-   tion “Health Aspects of Plumbing” that could          hans@mcaalberta.com.
erage. The next World Plumbing Day will          either be purchased or, for the benefit of                The Canadian organizations that hold
                                                                          poorer nations for           full memberships in the World Plumbing
                                                                          whom this publi-             Council are the Mechanical Contractors
                                                                          cation was in-               Association of Canada, the Canadian In-
                                                                          tended, it could be          stitute of Plumbing and Heating, CSA
                                                                          downloaded from              International and the Mechanical Contrac-
                                                                          the WPC web site.            tors Association of Alberta. Complete in-
                                                                          Members of the               formation on the World Plumbing Coun-
                                                                          World Plumbing               cil and all of its members including the
                                                                          Council have been            affiliate members from Canada can be
                                                                          working on a part-           found at www.worldplumbing.org.
                                                                          ner publication of               Respectfully submitted by Hans Tiedemann
                                                                          the “Environmental           on behalf of MCA Canada WPC representa-
                                                                          Aspects of Plumb-            tive, George Doty.
                                                                          ing” and its first is-

14        National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                                   Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
   Continued From Page 13

   CCA continues contribution of industry initiatives
   similar amendments to construction contracts led directly by                                       2. PWGSC projects that fall within the proposed commod-
   other federal departments and agencies. These amendments                                       ity grouping:
   do not currently affect construction contracts awarded by                                          • Low rise buildings (up to six floors).
   PWGSC’s AFD Contractor SNC-Lavalin O & M. PWGSC                                                    • High rise buildings (more than six floors).
   would prefer to discuss the possible extension of this ap-                                         • Heritage buildings.
   proach to AFD Contracts when the AFD contract is re-ten-                                           3. PWGSC projects that are excluded from the proposed
   dered.                                                                                         commodity grouping:
      Details of the new PWGSC Contract Clause released in                                            • Bridges and dams.
   April 2010:                                                                                        • Civil engineering works.
      1. The limits                                                                                   • Marine works.
      • For insured loss, the Contractor’s liability to indemnify                                     • Special purpose facilities (eg. Laboratories, hangars and
   PWGSC will be limited to the Contractor’s insurance limit.                                     warehouses with their contents).
      • For non-insured loss, the Contractor’s liability to indem-                                    CCA has asked for PWGSC’s assistance in effecting similar
   nify PWGSC will be limited to the Contract Price but no less                                   changes to projects administered under the AFD initiative and
   than $5M and no more than $20M.                                                                projects managed by other government departments.
                                  ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○    ○   ○   ○   ○   ○   ○

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                                                                          National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review   15

                                                                CSA reviews
                                                              industry codes
                                                               and standards
              149 Natural Gas and Propane      code books each and every day, and without        the dockets that have been submitted, and
              Installation Code Committee      clear and concise direction from our              with a majority vote, the docket will be
              Once again it has been my        Association, we could run the risk of             forwarded to the Main Committee. If the
              extreme pleasure and privilege   having others less knowledgeable with our         Main Committee approves the docket then
              to represent MCA Canada as       industry decide for us what they believe to       the change will be made within the next
the Chairman of the Canadian Standards         be correct.                                       code book or possible amendment.
Association (CSA) B149 Natural Gas and             The B149 Standards or Codes are               Remember that, as with all codes and
Propane Installation Code Main                 working and moving documents, and                 standards, your input is necessary in order
Committee, Chairman of the CSA B149            they are continually updated to meet new          to make our working and living
Installation and Clearances Sub-               regulations, new technology and new               environments safe and accident free.
committee, and as a director of both the       products. Variances may take place in the             I will be unable to attend the B149
CSA B149 Piping and Tubing, and                various jurisdictions throughout                  Natural Gas and Propane Installation
Editorial and Definitions Sub-committee.       Canada. The B149 code book is revised             Code Sub-committee meetings being
    The first week of June the CSA B149        every five years and, in between revisions,       held in Vancouver this September, as I
Main Committee met to review the               we meet each year with the Main Code              will be in Halifax at the MCA Canada
recommended code cycle changes                 Committee in the first week of June,              Conference. At this time, I will be
submitted through the docket process to        and once a year for the Sub-committees            moving forward to become your MCA
the various sub-committees. A meeting          meeting near the last week in September.          Canada Chairman. This will mark the
was then held in St. John’s, Nfld., to         We meet to resolve issues that can be             first CSA Sub-committee meeting I will
approve and move forward the B149 Sub-         brought to the table by other committee           miss since I became your representative
committee’s recommendations towards            members, CSA staff, regulatory                    over 20 years ago, and while this doesn’t
the 2015 code or standard. This meeting        authorities, Associations such as MCAC,           sit well with me, I am sure you can all
marks the first meeting of this group          our members, gasfitters, etc. Any and             appreciate my reasons for not being able
moving toward the 2015 code or standard.       all stakeholders have the ability to              to attend. I have appointed someone to
    It has been many years now since I first   forward dockets for improvements or               take my place as the chair on the B149
became your representative on these codes      changes that they may feel are required           Installations and Clearances Sub-
and, as always it has been a pleasure and an   for specific problems or areas that they          committee, and I will be receiving the
honour to be able to continue to do this       are concerned with or have encountered.           minutes of the meetings so that I can
for the industry. It is very important that        Once again I implore our members              still be in the loop when moving any
MCAC’s involvement and representation          to read your codes and standards                  dockets to our next year’s Main
on these committees continues. Having          carefully and to submit dockets to CSA            Committee meetings. Our next main
someone at the table to clearly represent      for any possible mistakes you find                committee meeting will be held in Ottawa,
our industry is something we must not          within the code or with any code changes          Ont., in June 2010.
only maintain, but we must insist upon.        or issues that you may have. At the Sub-
It’s our members that utilize the various      committee meetings we go through all                                         Continued On Page 18

16        National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                             Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada

Continued From Page 16

CSA B214 Technical Committee                     issues deal with heat exchangers and their          exchangers in hydronic heating applications
for Installation Code for                        application for use in these types of sys-          differently as there is no clear direction on
Hydronic Heating Systems                         tems. Other concerns raised deal with con-          this issue or the definition for toxicity.
    The third edition of the B214 Code is        tamination due to backflow. The review                  The next meeting of the B214 will be
currently under development and                  focused on the potential impact on the              held in October at the CSA headquarters
publication is expected in March 2012.           B214 if the proposed revisions were to be           in Mississauga, Ont.
Some of the changes in the new Code              accepted by the Standing Committee on
include the following:                           Building and Plumbing Services (SCBPS)              NRC Standing Committee on Building
    • Enhancements of the coverage for low-      and the changes made to NPC.                        and Plumbing Services (Plumbing Code)
water fuel cut-off and flow-sensing devices          Following the review, the TC concluded              The National Energy Code for Build-
that are integral with new heat generator        that the issue should be put on hold until          ings (NECB) will be published in 2011,
technologies to provide clarification of the     the industry has had an opportunity to              with Public review scheduled for fall 2010.
Code for installers and inspectors.              look into the matter. The Committee rec-            There will be three methods of compli-
    • Revisions to the requirements for          ommended that the issue be addressed                ance: prescriptive, trade-off path (new –
system documentation and operational             through an industry forum to be organ-              was not in the 1997 MNECB) and per-
instructions to make them more practicable.      ized by CIPH. Additional comments are               formance path. The document sets pre-
    At a recent (Jun. 8, 2010) meeting, the      that the proposed code changes would have           scriptive requirements for HVAC and serv-
TC reviewed a code change request for the        an impact on solar, geothermal, domestic            ice water heating equipment.
National Plumbing Code to address ap-            hot water and hydronic heating systems;                 The National Energy Code for
parent issues with contamination of po-          and that different authorities having juris-        Houses and Small Buildings
table water in combo heating systems. The        diction are interpreting the issues with heat       (NECHSB). The CCBFC approved recom-
                                                                                                     mendations and project plans to address
                                                                                                     HVAC, building envelope, and directions
                                                                                                     to consider addressing service water heat-
                                                                                                     ing. Scope of Part Nine and NECB to be
                                                                                                     aligned (large residential and non-residen-
                                                                                                     tial buildings to be covered under NECB
                                                                                                     while Part Nine type buildings to be cov-
                                                                                                     ered in Part Nine of the NBC).
                                                                                                         Other Building Codes (NBC, NPC and
                                                                                                     NFC) will have their 2010 editions pub-
                                                                                                     lished by the end of this year. They are
                                                                                                     presently working on approved tasks for
                                                                                                     2015 codes. Structural and non-structural
                                                                                                     issues with solar panels may be addressed.
                                                                                                         The next meeting of the Standing
                                                                                                     Committee on Building and Plumbing
                                                                                                     Services (SCBPS) is scheduled for Nov. 4
                                                                                                     and 5, 2010, in Toronto, of which I am
                                                                                                     scheduled to be in attendance.
                                                                                                         Once again I would like to thank our
                                                                                                     association for the commitment in allow-
                                                                                                     ing our members to be involved on these
                                                                                                     and other industry-related committees and
                                                                                                     task groups. It is with extreme foresight
                                                                                                     that we are involved to the degree we are,
                                                                                                     helping to formulate and draft documents
                                                                                                     and standards relating to our industry.
                                                                                                                         Brad G. Diggens, G.S.C.

18          National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                               Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
                                              Advanced Groove System™ for 14"/350 mm to 60"/1525 mm pipe


                                                                          The fastest,
                                                                          strongest and
                                                                          most dependable
                                                                          system for joining
                                                                          14" – 60" pipe.

A complete system – with rigid and flexible couplings, valves, fittings, and more.
• Unique patented groove: wedge shaped for more strength
• Strong: 350 psi/2065 kPa
• Easy to assemble, quickly and accurately, visual confirmation of proper joint assembly
• Advantages over welded joints: flame-free installation, accommodation for seismic movement, a union at
  every joint for reduced downtime during system expansion or maintenance

Visit www.victaulic.com/AGS to learn more
about this revolutionary product.

Victaulic, Canada, (T) 905-884-7444   •   www.victaulic.com/AGS

                                                  How Do We Train
                                               the Next Generation
                                               of Skilled Construction
F                                                  “Our message to our
             aced with the retirement of                                                       ing exposed to the full scope of the work
             over 200,000 workers between                                                      also reduces some of the frustrations ex-
             now and 2018, this is a ques-       stakeholders is that they                     perienced by apprentices. In other words,
             tion Canada’s construction in-                                                    learners know what to expect and what is
             dustry has been grappling         have a huge role to play in                     expected of them.
with over the past few years. And, it’s what                                                       “Reaction to the CSC program has been
has led the Construction Sector Council        addressing the challenge of                     great,” adds Gritziotis. Materials, such as a
(CSC) to develop a National Mentorship
Program that will help close the skills gap
                                                 replenishing the skills of                    learner’s handbook, a mentor’s handbook,
                                                                                               DVD and training modules are all avail-
resulting from an exodus of experienced,       the construction workforce,”                    able on the CSC web site.
older workers.                                                                                     “The feedback from contractors, work-
    The program is now being rolled out                               George Gritziotis,       ers – everyone really – has been totally posi-
to the industry.                                                  CSC Executive Director.      tive,” said David Martin, Executive Direc-
    “Our message to our stakeholders is that   the construction workforce,” said George        tor of the Manitoba Building and Con-
they have a huge role to play in addressing    Gritziotis, CSC Executive Director.             struction Trades Council. “The program
the challenge of replenishing the skills of        “We also want them to see how the           can harness valuable skills and knowledge
                                               mentorship program will benefit both            – it’s the right solution at the right time
                                               employers and learners. Considering that        for the construction industry.”
                                               80 per cent of learning takes place on the          “When it comes to construction, noth-
                                               job site in construction, laying this ground-   ing can replace on-the-job experience,” said
                                               work is key to the program’s success,” he       Paul McLellan, the CEO of Alliance En-
                                               said, noting that a survey of one company,      ergy. “The mentorship program allows for
                                               where a mentoring program was imple-            the transfer of skills, in a systematic way,
                                               mented, showed improvement in attitude,         from one generation of workers to the next.
                                               quality, productivity and safety.               It is relevant to the needs of today’s con-
                                                   That’s no surprise. CSC research shows      struction workforce, and easy to put into
                                               that mentorship programs make it easier         practice in the workplace.”
                                               for employers to maximize the skills and            That’s the whole idea behind the CSC’s
                                               knowledge of apprentices, rotate learners       National Mentorship Program. For more
                                               between tasks, and to see what skill areas      information on this and other CSC
                                               need to be improved. A mentorship pro-          projects, visit www.csc-ca.org.
                                               gram also provides a tool to gauge appren-          The Construction Sector Council (CSC)
                                               tices’ progress.                                is a partnership between industry and gov-
                                                   The learners can also gauge their own       ernment that works to find solutions to
                                               progress, receive feedback and take on some     human resource issues affecting the con-
                                               of the responsibility for their training. Be-   struction workforce.

20        National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                           Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada

             EW TOOLS                         yourself, to recruit and retain apprentices.            Funded by the Government of Cana-
             The Canadian Apprentice-         The Apprenticeship Works: Build on it data-         da’s Sector Council Program, CAF-FCA
             ship Forum – Forum               base includes:                                      is the only inclusive national body that
             canadien sur l’apprentissage         • Information on the value of appren-           brings together all players in apprentice-
             (CAF-FCA) offers new tools       ticeship training;                                  ship training. CAF-FCA works under the
to make learning about apprenticeship             • Recruiting tips and interview guides;         guidance of its Board of Directors, who
and hiring an apprentice easy. CAF-FCA            • Handbooks for implementing your               represent every aspect of the apprentice-
is excited to announce the Apprenticeship     own mentoring program;                              ship community. Our work has brought
Works: Build on it database of practical          • Ready-to-use tools for identifying            to light a number of key issues that af-
tools that will help employers recruit and    potential skill gaps, and;                          fect apprenticeship training – such as
retain apprentices. This one-stop-shop            • Worksheets that trace apprentices’            perceived barriers to training; the busi-
will show you what many of Canada’s           progress and development.                           ness case for apprenticeship; and the
most successful employers already know            With approximately 50 top resources,            importance of promoting apprentice-
– that apprenticeship training is the foun-   guides, courses, workshops, toolkits and            ship training as a valued and respected
dation to building a workforce that will      so much more, this is a powerful tool that          choice for post-secondary education. For
help your business grow. Many useful          will help you recruit and retain apprentices.       further information, visit www.caf-
tools already exist to help employers, like   It’s never been so easy.                            fca.org.

22       National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                               Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada

                                                MSCC continues
                                               to develop & deliver
          Scott Munro
   Chair, Mechanical Service
    Contractors of Canada                       quality programs
              ear Fellow Member,               tives from the Building Owners and Man-               disciplines: plumbing, pipefitting and
              The Mechanical Service Con-      agers Association (BOMA), the Interna-                HVAC while companies applying for cer-
              tractors of Canada (MSCC)        tional Facilities Management Association              tification will be required to maintain a
              continues to develop and de-     (IFMA) and MSCC member contractors.                   superior safety record, outstanding cus-
              liver significant programs and        The Committee completed work on                  tomer service, documented management
services dedicated to mechanical service       the certification criteria, outlining two lev-        systems and ongoing staff education
contractors in Canada. While there is a lot    els of Certification. The first level is for          and training.
going on, we continue to focus on our          individual technicians (MSCC Certified                    This is a very exciting program for all
four main priorities which are an ongoing      Technician), while the second is for con-             contractors. Once it is ready for deploy-
national recruitment campaign, the estab-      tractor company’s (MSCC Certified Con-                ment nationally, it will differentiate
lishment of provincial service committees,     tractor). The two criteria are closely tied to-       MSCC members from all other contrac-
the delivery of educational programs and       gether so that contractors applying for cer-          tors, and provide a level of recognition
the development of a National Service Cer-     tification will need to employ certified tech-        to all our clients and the entire mechani-
tification Program.                            nicians as part of the application process.           cal service industry.
    Speaking of our Certification Program,     The criteria has been endorsed by IFMA’s                  Also, I would like to personally invite
after two national forums consulting with      regional Board of Directors in Ottawa and             you to participate in our third national
contractors from across the country, MSCC      MCA Canada’s Board of Directors.                      One-Day Forum for Service Contractors
established a Certification Committee in            Development of a national testing                which will take place Sep. 22, 2010 at the
2007. This committee includes representa-      process for technicians is underway in three          Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel in
                                                                                                     magnificent Halifax, NS. There will certainly
                                                                                                     be plenty to talk about during the round
                                                                                                     table discussion and we will feature two
                                                                                                     exceptional speakers, Russ Borst, former
                                                                                                     Mechanical Service Contractors of America
                                                                                                     president and current vice president of
                                                                                                     Hurst Industries; and Jim Baston, presi-
                                                                                                     dent of BBA Consulting Group. I hope
                                                                                                     you can join us.
                                                                                                         Once again, I encourage you to be-
                                                                                                     come an active participant in the Me-
                                                                                                     chanical Service Contractors of Canada
                                                                                                     as we develop this national organization
                                                                                                                          Scott Munro, Chairman
                                                                                                         Mechanical Service Contractors of Canada

24        National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                                 Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
          WATER QUALITY                        DRAINAGE                     RADIANT

                  VALVES                        ORION                     DORMONT

                                                              Visit our website at www.WATTSCANADA.ca
                                                              WATTS WATER TECHNOLOGIES (CANADA) INC.
                                                              5435 North Service Rd, Burlington, ON, L7L 5H7
                                                              Phone 905.332.4090 / Toll Free 1.888.208.8927
                                                              Fax 905.332.7068 / Toll Free 1.888.479.2887


Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada              National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review               25

                                               Coalition continues
   Trade Contractors
                                               to unify construction
      Coalition of
       Canada                                              industry
T                                                          With regards to prompt payment, Coalition
              he National Trade Contractors
              Coalition of Canada was es-
              tablished in 2004. Since then,              representatives met with over 40 members of
              MCA Canada, as a founding
              member of NTCCC, has                 Parliament introducing them to the Coalition representing
been keeping its membership informed of             “contractors who employ the people” and stressing the
the activities and initiatives of the Coali-
tion.                                                 importance and need for some form of government
    Last year we reported that the NTCCC
comprised of eight trade associations in-
                                                    assistance to ensure that our contractor members do get
cluding: the Mechanical Contractors Asso-                           paid in prompt fashion.
ciation of Canada, Canadian Electrical Con-
tractors Association, Canadian Automatic       Metal Contractors Association, Canadian         one more has joined - The Interior Sys-
Sprinkler Association, Canadian Masonry        Roofing Contractors Association and the         tems Contractors Association - making the
Contractors Association, Thermal Insula-       Heating Refrigeration Air-Conditioning          number nine.
tion Association of Canada, Ontario Sheet      Contractors (of Canada). Since that time,           We also noted that i) the promotion
                                                                                               of standard documents and ii) the work-
                                                                                               ing towards “Ways and Means” to help sub-
                                                                                               contractors get paid promptly for work
                                                                                               performed, were the two major priorities
                                                                                               of the Coalition. With regards to standard
                                                                                               document promotion, the NTCCC devel-
                                                                                               oped and successfully launched its guide
                                                                                               to the CCA standard form of subcontract
                                                                                               written in both official languages. The
                                                                                               Coalition conducted a seminar on the
                                                                                               guide in January of this year and has of-
                                                                                               fered additional programs to its collective
                                                                                               members across the country in late Spring.
                                                                                               The next standard contract the Coalition
                                                                                               will promote will be the CCDC’s prime
                                                                                               contract. In addition, NTCCC continues
                                                                                               to encourage trade contractors to view its
                                                                                               “Getting Paid” DVD which, in a humor-
                                                                                               ous fashion, graphically illustrates the prob-

26        National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                           Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada

lems trade contractors can get into if they    cise as an attempt to successfully make a        leader in adopting prompt payment legis-
do not follow recommended standard in-         change for the better in the province which      lation that other provinces could adopt as
dustry practices.                              would act as an example and a template           well. Coalition members received positive
     With regards to prompt payment, Coa-      other provincial and territorial jurisdictions   feedback and are continuing with this
lition representatives converged upon Par-     could emulate. Also, this past April, Coali-     thrust.
liament Hill in May of 2009 and once again     tion members once again visited Queen’s              For further information on the National
in May of 2010. This year they met with        Park and numerous MPP’s with a view to           Trade Contractors Coalition of Canada visit
over 40 members of Parliament introduc-        request the Province of Ontario to act as a      their web site at www.ntccc.ca.
ing them to the Coalition representing
“contractors who employ the people,” and
stressing the importance and need for some
form of government assistance to ensure
that our contractor members do get paid
in prompt fashion. Regulatory changes (as
opposed to legislative changes) to the fed-
eral government contract form to include
prompt payment provisions for trade con-
tractors was the message.
     This past November, the Coalition also
supported the recommendations of the
local construction industry in the province
of Ontario with regards to proposed revi-
sions to its Construction Lien Act which
would, in essence, assist subcontractors to
get paid. The Coalition viewed this exer-

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                                National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review    27
  PG. 28

  PG. 29


                                          Helping our members succeed is one of MCA Canada’s high-
                                          est priorities. That’s why we continue to develop the Member-
                                          ship Advantage Program, a group of business services de-
                                          signed to save members time and money. Your participation
                                          produces two important benefits: your company gains essen-
                                          tial business services at a great price and MCA Canada uses
                                          the royalties to develop additional programs, services and
                                          benefits you enjoy as a member. For more information on
                                          these affinity programs contact MCA Canada at (613) 232-
                                          0492 or e-mail: mcac@mcac.ca.

                                 Budget Rent-a-Car - provides members preferred pricing on all models of rental cars.
                                 For further details, contact the MCA Canada office by phone at (613) 232-0492 or e-mail
                                 daryl@mcac.ca. You can also call your local Budget office or visit the web site at www.budget.ca and
                                 use BCD #A190700.

                                 Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety - furnishes
                                 members with discount rates on all products and services related to health and safety. For
                                 more information, contact Eleanor Irwin by phone: (800) 668-4284 or via e-mail

                                 Canadian Standards Association                  - offers members price reductions on all
                                 its products and services. For more information, please contact Patti Ensor by phone at
                                 (416) 747-2629 or e-mail patti.ensor@csa.ca.

                                 Choice Hotels            - has collaborated with MCA Canada to give members discount
                                 hotel rates on all their branded hotels. For details, please contact the MCA Canada office
                                 by phone at (613) 232-0492, e-mail: daryl@mcac.ca or visit www.choicehotels.ca or call
                                 (800) 424-6423 and use ID #88654.

                                 Chrysler Canada         - Chrysler Canada Fleet Operations is pleased to offer a Com-
                                 mercial Fleet Purchase Discount Program to MCA Canada members. Chrysler offers
                                 significant new vehicle concessions on the purchase of most new Chrysler, Dodge
                                 and Jeep products. Contact Mike Young by phone at (905) 821-6096 or e-mail:

                                 Chase Paymentech            - as the leading credit card and interact payment processor in
                                 Canada, Chase Paymentech offers preferred rates to MCA Canada members for process-
                                 ing Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Interac Direct Payment services. For infor-
                                 mation on how to establish your preferred rate, contact John Tierney by phone at (877)
                                 552-5533 ext. 6120 or e-mail john.tierney@chasepaymentech.com.

30   National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                          Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada

Federated Insurance             - supplies MCA Canada members with preferred rates on
both business and personal insurance. To contact Federated in the west, call Wayne Budge
at (800) 665-1934 or wayne.budge@federated.ca. In the east, contact Mauro Ditullio at
(800) 361-0790 or mauro.ditullio@federated.ca.

Grand & Toy - has partnered with MCA Canada to provide discounts on most
everyday office products and furniture. For more information, please contact Scott Williams
by phone at (866) 812-9420 or e-mail williams@grandtoy.com.

IHS Canada          - offers member discounts on hardcopy technical industry standards, as
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Park’N Fly         - offers you the ease of parking in a secure area at significantly discounted
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                            of Canada
                               601 – 280 Albert St., Ottawa, ON, K1P 5G8
                              Tel: (613) 232-0492 • Fax: (613) 235-2793
                            E-mail: mcac@mcac.ca • Website: www.mcac.ca

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                          National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review   31

MCA Canada’s 69th Annual National Conference

the gathering
      of the
                     MCA Clans
                              Sep. 22 to 25, 2010
                Halifax Marriott Harbourfront, Halifax, NS

               CA Canada will be holding      precedes MCA Canada’s opening “Battle                   A conference in Halifax must include a
               its 69th Annual National       of the Clans” Highland Games event.                 “Downeast Lobster Feast,” and that is
               Conference Sep. 22 to 25,          Thursday morning kicks off with a               exactly what is in store for delegates on
               2010 at the New Marriott       compelling address by key note speaker,             Thursday evening. Held at the famous Pier
               Harbourfront            in     Gordon Graham – Change Agent,                       21 Immigration Museum overlooking
Halifax, NS. Themed “The Gathering of the     followed by several educational sessions            Halifax Harbour, this Kitchen Party will
MCAClans,” the Association has a fantastic    on the topics of “Hiring Smart” and “How            be full of Maritime Food, beverages,
program lined up for attendees, starting      to Manage, and Manage to Expectations.”             entertainment and good times.
with Wednesday evening’s Welcome to           A special companions tour of historic                   It’s down to business for conference
Halifax, NS, “Opening Reception” which        Halifax will also be offered after breakfast.       attendees on Friday morning with MCA

32       National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                               Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
                                                          MCA CANADA ANNUAL CONFERENCE

Canada’s Suppliers Innovation Showcase,          award categories. After breakfast, while    out the week with the Chairman’s Reception
Annual General Meeting, followed by              the companions are whisked away on a        and Gala Dinner Dance when the MCA
several committee meetings (e.g. open shop       scenic tour to Peggy’s Cove, delegates      Canada reluctantly bids “Farewell to
contractors, associate members, unionized        will be educated on Turning Your Project    Nova Scotia.”
contractors). For the companions there will      Managers into Business Managers and            Whether it’s top level educational
be something less strenuous and more             Improving Construction Productivity.        programs, entertaining social events,
relaxing – working out to the Latin              Delegates can take the afternoon to         networking or just plain fun, MCA Canada
rhythms during Zumba 101. With the               explore a bit more of Halifax, or rest up   has it all waiting for you in historic Halifax,
ladies full of energy and the mens’ business     for an evening of elegance as we close      NS, this September.
done for the day, it’s time to play. Delegates
can enjoy a round of golf during the
Annual John Bradshaw memorial golf
tournament or simply take in the many
sights and sounds of Halifax, and the
surrounding area. There may even be a few
celebrities around town as the Atlantic Film
Festival will also be held during the
   Saturday morning brings us to the
“Winner’s Circle” on the occasion of the
Mechanical Contractors Network (MCN)
Awards Breakfast. This year will have a
Maritime Flavour where you will catch the
news on “Who’s Ship Has Come In” for several

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                             National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review       33

the gathering
                     MCA Clans
     of the

WED. SEP. 22                                                8:30 to 9:30 a.m. – Companions Program - with Comedian
8:30 to 10:30 a.m. – MSCC Executive Committee Meeting                           Kate Davis
8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. – CMCEF Trustees Meeting             8:30 to 10 a.m. – Suppliers Innovation Showcase
10 a.m. to 7 p.m. – Registration Desk                                           Part Two
10 a.m. to 3 p.m. – Service Contractors One-Day Forum       10:30 to 11:30 a.m. – Companions Program – Zumba 101
Noon to 5 p.m. –    CIPH Board of Directors Meeting         10 to 11:30 a.m. – Associate Council Meeting
5:30 to 6 p.m. –    First-timers Reception                  10 to 11:30 a.m. – Open Shop Contractors Meeting
6 to 9:30 p.m. –    Opening Social – “Welcome to Halifax”   10 to 11:30 a.m. – Unionized Contractors Meeting
                                                            Noon Departure – Golf Shuttle to Granite Springs
THURS. SEP. 23                                                                  Golf Course
7 a.m. to 1 p.m. –  Registration Desk                       1 p.m. Shot-Gun – OPTIONAL* - Annual John Bradshaw
7:30 to 9 a.m. –    Opening Breakfast with                                      Memorial Golf Tournament
                    Keynote Speaker Gordon Graham
                                                                        FREE AFTERNOON & EVENING
9 – 9:15 a.m. –     Educational Session #1
                    with Tim Brennan                        SAT. SEP. 25
9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. – Companions Program –              7 a.m. to Noon –     Registration Desk
                           Tour of Halifax                  7:30 to 8:45 a.m. – Awards Breakfast
10:45 to 11 a.m. – Refreshment Break                        9 to 10:30 a.m. – Educational Session #3
11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. – Educational Session #2                                   with Gregg Schoppman
                           with Stephanie Parker            9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. – Companions Program –
Noon to 5 p.m. – FREE AFTERNOON                                                  Tour of Peggy’s Cove
5:30 to 6 p.m. –    Shuttles to Pier 21                     10:30 to 10:45 a.m. – Refreshment Break
6 to 10 p.m. –      Downeast Kitchen Party                  10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. – Educational Session #4
9:30 to 10:30 p.m. – Return Shuttles to Host Hotel                                      with Gregg Schoppman
                                                            12:30 to 1 p.m. – 2010/2011 Board of Directors Meeting
FRI. SEP. 24                                                                    FREE AFTERNOON
7 a.m. to 1 p.m. –   Registration Desk                      6:45 to 7:30 p.m. – Chairman’s Reception
7:30 to 8 a.m. –     Suppliers Innovation Showcase          7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. – Closing Gala Dinner Dance
                     Part One
8 to 8:30 a.m. –     Annual General Meeting with                         * Cyber Café Open During
                     Allied Associations                        Registration Desk Hours of Operation ONLY!

34      National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                             Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada

                                                           MCA of
                                                  British Columbia
        n the wake of the 2010 Olympic
        Winter Games and 2009 generally
        registering as a low mark on the eco-
        nomic activity scale for BC’s construc-
                                                   The economy is slow moving on the road to
        tion industry, the anticipated eco-
nomic recovery has been slow to material-
                                                    recovery and with the implementation of
ize. The economy is slow moving on the
road to recovery and with the implemen-            the new HST tax in July, British Columbians
tation of the new HST tax in July, British
Columbians are feeling the pinch.
    While hundreds of millions of dollars
                                                              are feeling the pinch.
have, and are, being spent to build or re-
pair bridges, roads, arenas and Olympic           partially recouped. Previous Conference          new proposed projects over $15 million
facilities over the past few years leading up     Board research found that expected retire-       for the first quarter of 2010, with available
to this event, where do we go from here?          ment income had a significant impact on          capital cost estimates totaling approxi-
    The recession has only temporarily            the retirement decision. The availability of     mately $3.3 billion in potential new capital
slowed the onset of workforce shortages           plumbers in the BC workforce is expected         investment, if all the projects proceed.
in the Canadian economy. From peak to             to have a shortfall until well past 2018.Brit-       Fifteen major projects started construc-
trough, about 400,000 Canadians lost their        ish Columbia’s unemployment rate fell 0.6        tion in the first quarter, with an estimated
jobs during the 2008/09 recession. If the         percentage points in April 2010, to 7.3 per      value of approximately $1.3 billion. The
recovery progresses as expected, the impact       cent.                                            largest project started was the $400 million
of this recession on real GDP and jobs                The improvement in the jobless rate          Rainbow Residential Development in
will have been much softer than in the            was a result of strong employment gains          Whistler, followed by the $366 million
1981/82 recession and even the 1991/92            (+0.6 per cent) coupled with a decline in        Copper Mountain Mine development in
recession. Even at its peak, the unemploy-        the size of the labour force (-0.1 per cent).    the Princeton area.
ment rate through this cycle will still be        April’s drop brought BC’s unemployment               Twenty-nine projects completed con-
lower than the average unemployment rate          rate slightly below that of Alberta (7.4 per     struction in the first quarter, with an esti-
between 1976 and 1999.                            cent), making it the third lowest in Canada,     mated capital cost of approximately $2.3
    The single most important factor shap-        after Manitoba (4.9 per cent) and Saskatch-      billion; the largest completion noted is the
ing the labour market over the next two           ewan (5.2 per cent).                             $420 million Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel
decades will be the retirement of the baby            On another positive note, as of June         Vancouver, followed by the $330 million
boom cohort. The group’s leading edge             2010, the number of BC housing starts            Woodward’s Building Redevelopment in
was reaching retirement age as equity mar-        continued to rise for an eighth consecutive      Vancouver, and the $263 million Upper
kets around the world tumbled. It’s ex-           month, mainly the result of increases in         Harrison Hydroelectric Project at Tipella in
pected boomers may hold off on retire-            institutional and multi-family permits.          the Lower Mainland.
ment until stock market losses are at least           BC Major Projects Inventory lists 54                                     Continued On Page 38

36        National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                               Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
                                                                                          REGIONAL MCA REPORT

MCA of Alberta
I                                                       Our Association
          t has been said that in Alberta as the                                                and the advocacy roles that the Association
          oil industry goes, so goes many of                                                    Staff, contractor and supplier volunteers
          the activities in the province. During
          the first half of 2010 some
                                                   continues to be active in                    are involved in.
                                                                                                    We work together with the Canadian
          previously-delayed oil projects are       assisting our members                       Mechanical Contractor Education
back on the books and with this, some of                                                        Foundation (CMCEF) to provide
the housing, commercial, institutional and              to acquire more                         educational training for our members. The
industrial projects that came to a halt in                                                      majority of this training takes place in both
late 2008 are slowly being looked at once           business knowledge by                       Edmonton and Calgary where we have the
     Due to the economic slowdown and
                                                       providing quality                        majority of our members. Contractor
                                                                                                membership in the MCA of Alberta also
resulting availability of hungry contractors
and manpower, not only from Alberta but
                                                      speakers on current                       allows you access to the benefits of the
                                                                                                MCA of Canada as well as their newest
other provinces as well, there are many more         topics at our general                      division of the Mechanical Service
contractors available to do bidding. The                                                        Contractors of Canada (MSCC) that
result of this surplus is that projects that        membership meetings                         specializes in the mechanical service, repair
previously had been put on hold due to                                                          and retrofit industry. Plans are for a MSCC
costs are now back on line. Some of the                  in Calgary and                         committee to be formed in Alberta.
bids that are coming in consist of quote
prices that are very puzzling and concerning
                                                     Edmonton, and at our                           MCA Alberta continues to hold our
                                                                                                monthly dinner meetings, alternating
to the established contractors who are
familiar with the Alberta marketplace. It is
                                                    provincial conference...                    between Calgary and Edmonton.
                                                                                                Attendance at both locations is still quite
of no benefit to anyone when the lowest                                                         regular. The Association also organizes five
bidder might not be around long enough             it will continue for all of 2010.            regional golf tournaments, one provincial
to complete the job.                                   Our Association continues to be active   golf tournament and one for our
     The financially prudent measures of           in assisting our members to acquire more     conference for the benefit of our members.
being very strict on discretionary spending        business knowledge by providing quality      We organize an annual provincial curling
that was taken by many companies in 2009           speakers on current topics at our general    bonspiel in Red Deer that, in the past, has
is still evident, to some degree, in early 2010.   membership meetings in Calgary and           had up to 40 teams attending. Our very
We are finding this positive change through        Edmonton, and at our provincial              popular Old Timers events in both Calgary
our 2010 attendance which has improved             conference this year held at the Fairmont    and Edmonton continue to be appreciated
slightly over 2009 for our Associations’           Hot Springs Resort in Fairmont Hot           by all in attendance. As one can see by these
social activities which includes items such        Springs, BC. Our “Quick Notes” faxes,        events and even more, our members have
as our annual conference, membership               quarterly newsletter and annual “Journal     many opportunities to come in contact
meetings, golf, Lobsterfest, a night at the        2010” keep our members informed of the       with their peers to discuss current trends
races, Old Timer events, etc., and hope that       many MCA Alberta membership services                                      Continued On Page 38

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                                National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review        37

Continued From Page 36
                                                     Continued From Page 37

MCA of                                               MCA of Alberta
British Columbia                                     and situations – something that they             We work together with the
   According to the Ministry of Small                do appreciate – especially during these
                                                     interesting times.
                                                                                                    CMCEF to provide educational
Business, Technology and Economic De-
velopment approximately $19.2 billion of                 A number of Association members            training for our members. The
projects are judged to be ‘on hold’ for the          actively support the trade and                 majority of this training takes
time being.                                          Association by volunteering to sit as
                                                     representatives on Local and Provincial
                                                                                                      place in both Edmonton and
   Throughout the Olympics, BC has pro-
jected an image of a prosperous and                  Apprenticeship committees, safety                Calgary where we have the
booming place to live, work and do busi-             committees, local and provincial                  majority of our members
ness while wrapping the longstanding eco-            construction Association committees,
nomic problems and flaws in winter sport             CSA and the National Plumbing and             who can appreciate the benefits
and nationalistic iconographs.                       Gas codes.                                    offered by an Association such as the
   Once the world departs our coastal cor-               Membership is of great importance         entire MCA family. Our directors have
ner, the tents are taken down and the wrap           to the directors and staff of the MCA         had the privilege of approving a
begins to peel away, we will have to face            of Alberta. As with any downturn in           number of new members during the
what we might not like to see.                       an economy, companies look for ways           first six months of 2010 and,
                       Respectfully submitted,       to cut expenses and memberships are           hopefully, there will be more for the
                                 Dana Taylor         one of the areas often looked at.             remainder of the year.
                     Executive Vice-President        Thankfully, though, there are others
                      MCA British Columbia

38          National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                             Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
                                                                                     REGIONAL MCA REPORT

MCA of
              eems like this year has flown      chanical industry with its classroom and       various functions and meetings. This
              by and I am still on an            technical training areas that afford a great   upcoming year MCAS will be holding
              industry learning curve. The       learning environment.                          member meetings in the south and the
              Association remains busy and           The MCA annual bonspiel and annual         north to keep the members up-to-date
              I now appreciate how               north and south golf tournaments con-          and, of course, address their concerns.
involved Past President, Dave Flamand            tinue to be popular with members and we                            Allan Awrey, President,
was last year and I hope to continue his         are always pleased with the numbers that                           MCA of Saskatchewan
good work and add some new ones.                 attend. The provin-
    I am pleased to say that the ratio changes   cial conference in
MCA of Saskatchewan worked to have               Moose Jaw was well-
changed were implemented, making it two          attended and feed-
apprentices to one journeyperson. This           back was positive.
changed was reflected for the plumbing,              The MCAS /
sheet metal and refrigeration trades. These      SaskEnergy partner-
ratio changes assist industry to increase        ship continues and,
their intake of new apprentices to the trades    under the Commer-
and address the serious man power short-         cial Network, we
age that exists within the industry.             launched the HVAC
    The Gas Licensing committee worked           program, which is
through the year towards the industry pro-       designed to encour-
posed Central Regulatory and Enforcement         age the use of high-
Agency. To date, Cabinet has approved the        efficient natural gas
establishment of the Technical Safety Au-        furnaces, boilers and
thority of Saskatchewan (TSAS) for boiler        rooftop units in
and pressure vessels, amusement rides and        commercial retrofit
elevators. We are, at this point, waiting for    applications. The
Cabinet to approve the Cabinet Decision          program targets
Item (CDI) on further reform to include          small- to medium-
the electrical, gas, plumbing in the TSAS.       sized commercial
    Through Enterprise Saskatchewan our          buildings.
recommendations are being presented for              I am encouraged
wider reform of this industry. These items       at the growth of the
take time and we appreciate the work the         Association and
committee has done to this point.                look forward to
    The training facility in Saskatoon has       meeting all the
been a positive step forward for the me-         members through

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                                National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review    39

                                                                                       MCA of
           ABOUR MARKET INFORMATION            of modern record keeping in 1946.              been more easily handled if we were
           Although it promises to be a                                                       paying closer attention to our PTACs.
           good year in Manitoba, non-         TRADE ISSUES                                   We are, however, moving forward with
           residential building permits            Over the past year, MCA of Mani-           frank and open discussion with all par-
           declined by 19.41 per cent as       toba has been dealing with the Province        ties. We are confident that when all is
of Apr. 30. Residential permits, due to        of Manitoba on a number of issues.             said and done, Manitoba will have high
investments in hotels and condominiums,        We continue to work with government            quality apprentices and journeypersons
increased by 53.66 per cent over last year.    regarding the changes made to the              in both of these trades.
Manitoba’s employment increased by 9600,       Plumbing Trade and with the design and             The province is exploring the possibil-
1.6 per cent above the national employ-        development of the new Gas Trade. The          ity of a new Gas Fitter Apprenticeship Pro-
ment increase of 0.9 per cent. Attracting      Plumber Apprenticeship Program has             gram. In fact, much work has been done
the needed workers is becoming increas-        changed from five levels to four. This         on this already, including the Provincial
ingly difficult and expensive. The available   change did not sit well with the major-        Occupational Analysis. All of the piping
workforce of skilled trades and occupations    ity of the mechanical contracting indus-       Apprenticeship programs are patiently
has been essentially fully-employed for the    try in Manitoba. The changes made were         waiting for the standards to be completed
last few years. Employers are turning to       not known to our Association until after       so that the gas curriculum can be a compo-
immigration and temporary foreign work-        the fact. The lesson learned by the mechani-   nent of these trades. While the province
ers to fill some jobs. In fact, more than      cal industry in Manitoba is not to assume      does need a stand-alone Gas trade, our
13,500 people chose to settle in Manitoba      that your Provincial Trade Advisory Com-       industry is adamant that gas continues to
in 2009 under the Province’s Immigration       mittee is working with your best interest      be a part of the technical training in the
Initiative. Manitoba’s successful immigra-     in mind. Our complacency and lack of ef-       Plumbing Apprenticeship Program, the
tion program has attracted the highest         fective communication caused us to have        Steamfitter / Pipefitter Programs and the
number of new Manitobans since the start       to react to the situation that could have      Refrigeration Program.
                                                                                                  Issues relating to Petroleum regula-
                                                                                              tions. Where does Code 31.3 end and
     The Plumber Apprenticeship Program has                                                   where does LPT take over? Several years
                                                                                              ago (August 2003), a dialogue was initi-
 changed from five levels to four. This change did                                            ated by the MCA of Manitoba regarding
                                                                                              authority and jurisdiction of work done
  not sit well with the majority of the mechanical                                            under the “Storage and Handling and Petro-
                                                                                              leum Products and Allied Products Regulation.”
          contracting industry in Manitoba.                                                       Although the matter has been raised
                                                                                              from time to time over the years, there con-
    The changes made were not known to our                                                    tinues to be concern over conflicting regu-
                                                                                              lations from Mechanical and Engineering,
           Association until after the fact.                                                  and Manitoba Conservation.

40        National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                          Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
                                                                                         REGIONAL MCA REPORT

    The understanding of the members of
MCA of Manitoba is that all piping asso-
ciated with the installation, alteration or
removal of a petroleum storage facility falls
                                                  We had our first Mechanical Service Contractors
under the ASME B31.3 codes, which is
Department of Labour jurisdiction. In
                                                   meeting in November 2009. This committee is
order to work on these systems in Mani-
toba the installers require a Quality Pro-
                                                 small but active with a mandate of increasing the
gram Certificate of Qualification registered
with and issued by the Manitoba Depart-
                                                numbers of mechanical service contractor members
ment of Labour. The piping work involved
in these installations is the trade work of a
                                                                 in the Association.
Steamfitter/Pipefitter. This trade is com-
pulsory in Manitoba and all work must be        to develop managerial expertise for those       continue their studies in the field of
done by certified Journeyperson                 in the skilled trades, and engineering or       Construction Management and specialized
Steamfitters/Pipefitters or registered ap-      engineering technologies.                       areas of the construction sector such as
prentices.                                         The program is founded on a                  green building, energy conservation, and
    Manitoba Conservation has additional        curriculum in technology, science, leadership   clean technology.
requirements that a tradesperson working        and management, and will produce
on these installations must be a “Licensed      graduates capable of functioning effectively    ACTIVITIES OF THE ASSOCIATION
Petroleum Technician.” This license can be      in all construction management settings.        OVER THE LAST YEAR
obtained through supplementary studies          Program outcomes comply with codes,                 We had our first Mechanical Service
done by the tradesperson.                       laws and regulations while respecting           Contractors meeting in November 2009.
    MCA of Manitoba asked the ministries        sustainable environmental practices.            This committee is small but active with a
of both of these departments for some              There are four exit points:                  mandate of increasing the numbers of
clarification on the following:                    1. After completion of Year One – Civil      mechanical service contractor members in
    1. Is our interpretation of the ASME        Technician certificate.                         the Association.
B31.3 codes (see section 300.1.1.b.2)              2. After completion of Year Two –                MCA of Manitoba is having its first
correct in our requirements for quality         Building Technician certificate.                Associate Member Committee meeting in
assurance?                                         3. After completion of Year Three –          late June. There has been a tremendous
    2. Is our interpretation for compulsory     Construction Technology diploma.                response from our Associate members. At
trade requirements accurate and do we need         4. After completion of Year Four –           this meeting we will define our terms of
to use certified trades people for the          Bachelor of Technology – Construction           reference and mandates which will include:
installations?                                  Management.                                     support the MCA of Manitoba; offer
    3. Review of the process and                   The program helps students prepare for       support to enhance education, industry
requirements for inspection and testing of      the Canadian Construction Association           networking, promotions, partnerships, the
petroleum systems and storage facilities.       Gold Seal examinations. It will also assist     sharing of technical knowledge and
    We are in the process of having these       students wishing to take the Leadership in      resources; and promote and grow our
questions answered. Meetings have been          Energy and Environmental Design                 Associate membership.
scheduled for late June with directors from     (LEED) Green Associate exam.                        The AGM and President’s Gala were
both Manitoba Conservation and the                 Each year of the program will have a         both held at the Winnipeg Convention
Manitoba Department of Labour.                  specific focus. Year One will focus on          Centre on Apr. 30. All who attended were
                                                technical foundations; Year Two, technical      absolutely delighted with the dinner,
RED RIVER COLLEGE CONSTRUCTION                  expertise; Year Three, Gold Seal and            entertainment and auction prizes.
MANAGEMENT DEGREE PROGRAM                       management details; and Year Four,                  Our new web site has been up and
    The construction industry in Manitoba       leadership and management.                      running since last November. The Product
is very excited about the new Construction         Graduates will be able to address the        and Service Guide is now available on this
Management degree program being offered         needs of the evolving construction              web site. This will be a huge benefit to all
this fall at Red River College. The program     industry and, with additional experience,       of our members and others using their
focuses on heavy, industrial/commercial         be able to assume positions as middle and       services. Take a moment and visit us at
and residential construction. It is designed    senior managers. They may be able to            http://mca-mb.com.

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                                National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review     41

                                                     MCA of Ontario
                   CA Ontario was again ex-      plinary Policy. This policy was ultimately          decisions affecting our industry. A broad
                   tremely active on the La-     endorsed by both MCA of Ontario and                 industry Steering Committee was estab-
                   bour Relations front          the Ontario Pipe Trades Council for incor-          lished by the Association, during the year,
                   throughout 2009. Follow-      poration into our provincial ICI Collective         to oversee this major industry initiative.
                   ing     an      extensive     Agreement. Additionally, MIAC commit-                   Major change to the long-established
application process carried out over the         ted to a major $100,000 contribution to             approach to providing services and educa-
spring/summer months, the Association            Mesothelioma Research and prevention,               tion related to Construction Safety was re-
obtained formal accreditation for all me-        and $10,000 in sponsorship to the Alberta           alized in the industry this year, with the
chanical work performed in Ontario’s Ex-         World Skills Competition.                           amalgamation of the former Construction
tended Power Sector by way of a decision             The province’s “unfair labour practices         Safety Association of Ontario (CSAO)
rendered by the Ontario Labour Relations         action” which was initiated in late 2008            into the new WSIB-funded Infrastructure
Board in early August.                           against the Niagara Local of the UA in rela-        Health and Safety Association (IHSA).
    Over the course of the year, a series of     tion to a major co-gen project, continued           MCA of Ontario was active in assisting
meetings were jointly held with the On-          throughout the year. Pending resolve of a           with key steps taken in relation to this amal-
tario Pipe Trades Council (OPTC)/United          preliminary action before the Ontario La-           gamation and called for assurances that
Association (UA), under the Mechanical           bour Relations Board, the decision ulti-            “the good” our industry has realized out
Industry Advisory Committee (MIAC).              mately ruled in MCA of Ontario’s favour             of the CSAO for many years, is not lost as
These meetings led to the identification         by year’s end.                                      a result of this amalgamation. Key posi-
of our four key initiatives to be acted on           Members of the Mechanical Trades Bar-           tions on the new IHSA will also be pur-
immediately in order to address our need         gaining Committee (MTBC) attended two               sued by the Association in early 2010.
for improved competitiveness and market          key educational sessions in the fall, includ-           In July, approval was granted by the
share. The specific items identified included    ing MCA America’s Collective Bargaining             Technical Standards and Safety Authority
the removal of mobility restrictions on          seminar and a special MIAC sponsored                (TSSA) for the implementation of a
comfort heating pipe fabrication; four man       Labour/Management Session on Labour                 “Record/Log Book System” that will al-
mobility between Zones; a Commercial             Relations held in Atlanta in early Novem-           low testing to the MCA Ontario Standard
and Institutional Retention/Recovery Ini-        ber. Late in the year, preparations also be-        Welding Procedures to be conducted only
tiative; and revision to key travel board pro-   gan for the 2010 round of negotiations              once every two years as opposed to annu-
visions in the north. By the end of the          for renewal of our provincial ICI agree-            ally. Initially in place for a trial period –
year, a national pipe fabrication mobility       ment with the UA.                                   Nov. 1, 2009 through to Oct. 31, 2011 –
policy was formally announced by the UA;             MCA Ontario continued its work on               the program will directly result in both cost
and action on the other three items were         the development of a Provincial Licensing           savings and productivity improvements for
left for further discussion into 2010.           System for master plumbers / mechanical             all member firms currently signed as par-
    MIAC, in partnership with UA, con-           contractors. The initiative targeted the            ticipants in the Provincial Standard Weld-
tinued to facilitate and provide legal serv-     streamlining of the Master Plumbing Li-             ing Procedures Program.
ices support in relation to the completion       censing program across Ontario to improve               During 2009, MCA Ontario again con-
of the development of a National Disci-          public safety and ensure direct impact on                                        Continued On Page 44

42        National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                                 Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
                                                                                         REGIONAL MCA REPORT

Corporation des
maîtres méchaniciens
en tuyauterie du
Québec (CMMTQ)
                  hile many economic sec-                                                       as healthy as it has been for the last decade.
                  tors were going through
                  some difficult times in
                                                   Activity in the commercial                       On the labour relations sides, the four
                                                                                                sector collective agreements have been ex-
                  Québec, though less than
                  in most provinces, growth
                                                    and institutional sectors                   pired for a couple of months. In the civil
                                                                                                engineering and road building sector, un-
in the construction industry continued al-          was down nine per cent                      ions and management are close to an agree-
most uninterrupted for the last 13 years.                                                       ment on the general terms of the collective
In 2009, the volume of registered work             from 2008, but is up from                    agreement with negotiations to continue
totalled 133.4 million man hours, three                                                         on provisions applicable to specific works.
per cent less than in 2008. More than              our prediction for the first                     Negotiations in the commercial and
145,000 workers were active on job sites,                                                       institutional sector have not brought the
the highest number in the last 33 years.             three months of 2010.                      expected results and management has
The value of construction work reached                                                          asked the government to name a con-
close to $42 billion and wages paid to           the industrial side, Alcoa invests $1.2 bil-   ciliator to help the parties in the proc-
workers was $4.5 billion.                        lion, Xstrata $300 million and Agnico-Ea-      ess. The unions have accepted three out
    Activity in the commercial and institu-      gle $225 million.                              of four objectives of the employer as-
tional sectors was down nine per cent from           In the commercial sector, Le Massif is a   sociation and it is hoped that progress
2008, but is up from our prediction for          $230 million project and le Centre des spec-   will be made shortly.
the first three months of 2010. Industrial       tacles $120 million. Very important con-           In the industrial sector, there have been
fell by nine per cent in 2008 but it should      struction investments have been made in        no negotiations as the unions refuse to
see a slight increase this year to 11 million    education and health including, CUSM           budge until the government acts to regulate
man hours. The residential sector was            with $1.579 billion, Montreal University       under the scope of the Construction In-
down three per cent but January, February        with $1.13 billion, CHUQ with $635 mil-        dustry Labour Relations Act certain works
and March were very active, exceeding sub-       lion, $503 million for Ste-Justine Hospital    related to “production machinery.” The par-
stantially the prediction for this year. Fi-     and $100 million for the CHUS.                 ties are very far apart. Employers want to
nally, work increased by 14 per cent last year       With all this activity, recruitment of     abolish certain “unproductive” provisions
in the civil engineering and road building       workers is still a preoccupation. In 2009,     in the collective agreement to answer the de-
sector and the same level of activity has        there was a decrease in the number of peo-     mands of the clients while the unions are
been attained so far this year.                  ple getting into the industry, as appren-      not ready to make concessions. This is obvi-
    There are some important projects in         tices. However, there was a record number      ously a very bad message sent to the indus-
the different sectors that are presently ac-     of qualified students coming out of pro-       trial clients who are choosing or wanting to
tive or are scheduled to start very shortly.     fessional schools. Over 5400 obtained their    move away from unionized construction
In civil engineering, Hydro Québec alone         apprenticeship certificate.                    when the regulation permits it.
will invest $6.5 billion in the La Romaine           When we look at the big economic pic-          In the residential sector, negotiations
project, $5 billion in Eastmain and $1.9         ture as it is at this time, we are confident   have not produced any progress and the
billion in the Gentilly nuclear plant. On        that the construction industry will remain                                  Continued On Page 44

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                                National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review         43

Continued From Page 43
                                          Corporation des maîtres méchaniciens
                                           en tuyauterie du Québec (CMMTQ)
unions have asked for the nomination of          lation. The three owners of the Bid, one             of the scope of production machinery,
a conciliator. Since both parties are stand-     being CMMTQ, determined that we                      the new rules regarding access of new
ing on their positions, it is possible that a    would do away with the “paper” bid when              workers to the industry, the implemen-
strike might occur.                              the great majority of bidders would ad-              tation of a reference of workers system
    As was expected, unions on the whole         here to the electronic system. At the present        for use by employers, the availability of
presented the usual array of demands but         time, more than 85 per cent of bids go               qualified workers for the specific work
an emphasis is made on the workers pen-          through the ‘e-system’ and that decision             offered, sector collective agreements that
sion fund that lost close to $2 billion in       will be made soon. On an annual basis,               take into account the economic situation
2008. The next few weeks will give us a          the Bid depository receives more than                and the capacity of clients to pay for serv-
better picture of what is to be expected.        55,000 bids for 5000 projects.                       ices of the construction industry. There is
    Last year in this report, we mentioned           Though the industry’s pre-occupa-                much work to do and the success antici-
that the electronic bid system of the Que-       tions remain the same and will be dealt              pated will be achieved if all parties involved
bec bid depository had been put into place       with accordingly, management will stress             (management, unions, clients, govern-
and was a huge success right after its instal-   the importance to resolve the matters                ments) do their share.

    MCA of Ontario                                   Continued From Page 42

    ducted the MCAO Salary Survey which provides valuable as-                 lishment of a formal policy regarding disciplinary action – i.e.
    sistance to member firms in establishing fair compensation for            educate first, prosecute later. As well, the Association brought
    all key management operations personnel.                                  attention to the need for change with respect to adverse excess
        Additionally, MCA Ontario remained strong participants                earnings / earnings ceiling revenue policy existing in the sys-
    in the extremely successful peer exchange “Safety Group Pro-              tem, initiated a review of the “Teksmed Quickcare” system and
    gram” that, since its inception, has realized significant safety          pursued policy change with respect to how musculoskeletal
    policy improvements and cost savings for member firms.                    disorder claims are handled.
        In honour of our founding President Fred Sayers, the As-                  MCA Ontario’s 2009 annual general meeting and confer-
    sociation established the Annual Presidents’ Challenge Event              ence – held last spring in Panama – was attended by some 180
    – the first of which was held in August 2009, and in future will          delegates and their spouses, from all corners of the province.
    include the issuing of an annual industry Scholarship in Sayers’          The conference included formal educational sessions as well as
    name.                                                                     a host of social and informal exchange opportunities that the
        During 2009, the MCA Ontario focused on ensuring that                 membership has come to value more and more each year.
    the new Ontario College of Trades serves the interests of the                 MCA Ontario dedicated a lot of its time on working in
    mechanical industry effectively and fairly via an active member-          partnership with a number of key industry organizations on
    ship on both the Council of Ontario Construction Associa-                 matters pertaining to TSSA Policy and Procedures, Apprentice-
    tions (COCA) Task Force as well as the joint Labour/Manage-               ship curriculum reform and amendments to provincial Lien
    ment Compulsory Trades Coalition.                                         Act Legislation. The key organizations included the following:
        The Association also became founding members and strong                   • The Council of Ontario Construction Associations
    participants in the newly-established WSIB Task Force. By the             (COCA);
    end of 2009, the Task Force had gained the attention of On-                   • The National Trade Contractors Coalition of Canada
    tario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board with respect to              (NTCCC);
    “the need to listen to key underwriters” of the system and                    • The Ontario Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Con-
    managed to get the WSIB to back off on the implementation                 tractors (ORAC);
    of an adverse accreditation program. Into 2010, the Task Force                • The Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating (CIPH).
    will continue to gain strength and recognition by the Ministry                In closing, the Association continues to provide advice and
    of Labour and Senior WSIB officials as a key source of direct             assistance to individual member firms, on an ongoing/daily
    and immediate advice on Board policy.                                     basis, with respect to the successful and efficient operation of
        MCA Ontario also lobbied the WSIB directly for the estab-             their business activities.

44          National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                               Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
                                                                                          REGIONAL MCA REPORT

MCA of
New Brunswick
               onstruction volume in New
               Brunswick declined in 2009
               due mainly to the “boom or
                                                 Over the past few years the provincial government
               bust” nature in the industrial
               sector. After several strong       has loosened the purse strings with nearly $1.5
years, fuelled by the energy market, activity
in the sector dropped off considerably with     billion set aside for building construction between
the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan’s
construction of a $1.7 billion second mine      2008 and 2011. The federal government, as part of
as the largest project outside of New Bruns-
wick Power’s refurbishment of Point             its stimulus spending, has funded mostly civil work
    Activity in the Commercial/Institu-
tional sector continued constant with 2008
                                                        with some water treatment projects.
with spending coming from all three lev-
els of government. After curtailing capital     no definite dates have been established for      into one UA Local 325, being re-negoti-
spending in 2006 and 2007, the provincial       project start-ups.                               ated. The Industrial Agreement had always
government continued with a program of              Over the past few years the provincial       covered the jurisdictions of the four lo-
expansion and new construction in the           government has loosened the purse strings        cals. Prior to the merger, the Association
health care sector, senior care and educa-      with nearly $1.5 billion set aside for build-    and the four Locals had been working to
tion which was the largest contributor to       ing construction between 2008 and 2011.          make the language and conditions of the
this sector.                                    The federal government, as part of its           separate commercial agreements common
    The future of the industrial sector is as   stimulus spending, has funded mostly civil       so this round of negotiations saw the
bleak as it has been for many years. The        work with some water treatment projects.         complete merger of these agreements. The
continuation of the two projects, the new       Most of these projects have now been ten-        Association also concluded negotiations
mine and the nuclear plant refurbishment,       dered and while it has helped the industry       with the Sheet Metal Workers International
are really all that is known at the time of     ward off the effects of the global economic      Association on behalf of signatory sheet
writing this article. The Irving Group’s        recession, the future is not so clear as there   metal contractors.
second oil refinery, which in 2008 was an-      is no indication from the private sector that       Although the future in all aspects of
nounced as a two-phased project begin-          it will fill the void in spending when there     the economy in New Brunswick, includ-
ning in 2011, has now been postponed.           is the inevitable retreat by governments.        ing the constructing industry, economists
Plans by Umoe Solar AS to build a $600-             With the Association’s main focus be-        are predicting moderate growth of 2.5 per
million solar cell plant on the site of a       ing labour relations 2009 and early 2010         cent in 2010. While this is slightly below
closed paper mill in Northern New Bruns-        were busy with both the Industrial and           the national average, it is enough for MCA
wick has also been postponed. Although          Commercial agreements, the first since the       of New Brunswick members to be cau-
neither of these projects has been cancelled,   merger of Locals 512, 694, 772 and 799           tiously optimistic into 2010 / 2011.

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                                 National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review   45

                                                                              MCA of
                                                                           Nova Scotia
              he Association was active this
              year making presentations            One regulation which has created a lot of concern
              and meeting with representa-
              tives of the province’s NDP           and feedback is the administrative penalties for
              government. The com-
mon issues of most of these meetings
                                                   employers and individuals which has been put in
feature the need for a fall capital budgeting       place under the OH & S Act. How this rolls out is
process, value for money analysis on capi-
tal spending, tendering and contracting                     being watched very carefully...
practices and Builders’ Lien.
    The past year saw the continuation of       the anniversary and provide scholarships       calling authorities, as well as many con-
the province’s review of regulations under      to students enrolled in construction related   struction industry employers and partners.
the Technical Safety Act and Trade Qualifi-     trades at the Nova Scotia Community Col-       The Association began ‘Speaking Out’ this
cations Act. In addition to the review and      lege. The 150th Anniversary of the Asso-       year with a newsletter designed for con-
update of many associated regulations is        ciation will take place in 2012.               tracting authorities. The publication is be-
the release of a variety of strategic papers.       The Building Futures for Youth program     ing circulated to about 500 organizations.
Section members continue to participate         expanded this year to include eight school         As an incentive for mechanical mem-
in many of the review processes.                boards. The program and CANS as a part-        bers to take advantage of both CANS and
    The well-attended second annual Regu-       ner received recognition in the govern-        CMCEF courses a rebate program was es-
latory Briefing was held with the Depart-       ment’s Throne Speech this spring. The pre-     tablished. The program, which is new this
ment of Labour and Workforce Develop-           apprenticeship program will provide sum-       year, is already being accessed by some
ment. It was agreed that this information       mer work experience for 115 grade 11 co-       members to its fullest potential.
session be an annual event. One regula-         op students in the construction industry.          The Section was pleased to have Chair-
tion which has created a lot of concern and     The program provides the students with         man Bob Hoare and President Richard
feedback is the administrative penalties for    the opportunity to experience the construc-    McKeagan in attendance at a Section meet-
employers and individuals which has been        tion industry and the employers with the       ing last November where a presentation
put in place under the OH & S Act. How          opportunity to determine if the student        was made to George White thanking him
this rolls out is being watched very care-      might be a suitable future employee. The       for his involvement and work on behalf
fully and the industry will be responding.      program has received very favourable feed-     of MCAC.
The Steamfitter/Pipefitter and Boilermaker      back from employers who have partici-              The Mechanical Section is pleased to be
trade became compulsory certified and           pated in the past.                             a sponsor of the MCAC conference to take
members are taking necessary steps to be-           The Association’s Continuing Educa-        place in Halifax in September this year and
come compliant.                                 tion program continues to grow and pro-        we look forward to hosting the event.
    In conjunction with the 150th Anni-         vide training to those currently in the in-                                  Derrick Flinn,
versary of CANS, a scholarship program          dustry. In addition to members the pro-               Mechanical Contractors Association of
has been established which will recognize       gram is attended by non-members, tender                                       Nova Scotia.

46        National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                           Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
                                                                                       REGIONAL MCA REPORT

MCA of
Newfoundland &
              s we look back over the 12

                                                    Fifteen years ago we “studied” and
              months since writing the
              report for last year’s
              conference, what has
              changed?                          “talked” about the impact of the “greying”
   While the national economy is still
struggling to rebound from the devastating
events of 2008 and 2009, the economy in
                                                  manpower situation, and what happens
Newfoundland and Labrador is once again
chugging along at a feverish clip. In the St.
                                                  when the baby boomers retire from the
John’s area the housing market is still
strong with prices still showing a 13 per         workforce. Guess what? We are here...
cent increase over the same period last year
and in many instances there are several         Iron Ore facility in Labrador. The latest     the near future. So what is new! Fifteen
competing offers for available properties.      offshore oil project is in the design /       years ago we “studied” and “talked”
The government (both provincial and             engineering phase, and is effecting the       about the impact of the “greying”
federal) have projects started or that are      supply side of the industry as the owners     manpower situation, and what happens
about to start, that will last well into the    tender for long delivery items and set        when the baby boomers retire from the
next several years.                             up vendors with Project Purchase              workforce. Guess what? We are here...
   Because most of our manufacturing is         Orders. The provincial government and         baby boomers have reached the age. The
centred in Ontario and Quebec, and those        the natural energy arm “NALCOR” is            system in its wisdom gave up on trades
areas were most affected by the recession,      determined to continue looking for a          trading for several years... and now we
we find that they (the manufacturers) have      viable option for the Lower Churchill         have a looming lack of “qualified skilled
adjusted inventory levels downward to suit      Falls Hydro Project. All of these will put    tradesmen.” We now have an intensive
their “projected” requirements, and we in       pressure on our already stretched “skilled”   campaign to recruit to the trades but we
Atlantic Canada have run into material          trades pool.                                  will have this shortage with us for a
supply delays.                                     Our current labour agreements end          while as we wait for “qualified” trades
   Man hours for 2009 / 2010 have been          in 2011 and where labour costs will go        people to develop in the system.
below the record setting pace of last year      depends on how many of the above                 Atlantic Canada has been very
but should pick up in the latter half of        projects and planned commercial and           fortunate and has maintained its
2010 as projects move forward.                  institutional projects are ongoing at the     economy. We are ready to proceed with
   In the Industrial Sector, for the near       same time and how “stretched” the labour      work that needs to be done.
future we have the Vale/Inco Project in         pool really does get.                            Get your management / support staff
Long Harbour progressing through its’              You can likely tell by now that we feel    and superintendants educated (CMCEF
early stages and slated for completion in       that skilled labour availability will be a    has the programs) and prepare to be busy.
2012. A large expansion planned for the         major obstacle for these projects and for     We have waited a long time... enjoy!

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                              National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review   47

                                 The Mechancial Contractors Association of Canada
                                 recognizes that our Associate Members are a vital part of our
                                 industry, and our Association.
                                 Associate Members provide tremendous support by
                                 volunteering their time and resources while, at the same
                                 time, keeping our members educated and informed.
                                 MCA Canada’s Associate Members are a valuable resource;
                                 please remember to ‘Support Those Who Support Your

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     • Blue - Waterworks Price Service – sewer         Canplas Industries Ltd. –
                                                                                                             dian Geoexchange Coalition and the Building
and water-main materials.                              A Legacy of Innovation                                Owners and Managers Association (BOMA).
     • Silver - HVAC Price Service – pricing for            Canplas opened their doors in 1966 at a small         For more information or to contact CleanEnergy™,
HVAC items.                                            injection molding facility in New Westminster         please visit our web site at www.cenergy.ca.
     • Yellow - Electrical Price Service – resi-       BC producing ABS fittings at a time when the                        ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
dential and commercial electrical products             use of plastics in the plumbing industry was in
     • Green – Fire Protection Price Service –         its infancy.                                          Complete Innovations
sprinkler and fire protection items                         As Canplas continued to foster a culture of          Complete Innovations, Inc. produces Fleet
     Each service is available in three different      innovation, their product offering grew to in-        Complete—a turnkey Dispatch, Wireless
forms:                                                 clude plumbing sundries such as backwater             Workflow, Vehicle and Mobile Resource GPS
     • Printed Price Guide – traditional loose-        valves, Perm-O-Seal ® p-traps, Great White            tracking and management solution for mobile
leaf price book.                                       shower drains, and the convertible bath waste &       workforce and transportation-related compa-
     • epriser Electronic Price Guide – Price          overflows. Canplas recently introduced the FR-                                          Continued On Page 50

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                                             National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review              49

Continued From Page 49                                  sion, growth through determination and nur-                      surance products and services for the Mechani-
nies. Through a combination of location-based           tured with strong values, strategy, commitment                   cal Contractor industry. With over 90 years of
services, back office monitoring and two-way            and talent. At Deloitte, we are business owners                  experience, we are proud of our long-standing
communication, Fleet Complete enables com-              ourselves and we know what it means to create                    relationship with the Mechanical Contractors
panies to better manage their fleet, reduce fuel        jobs and sustain communities. As one of Cana-                    Association of Canada.
consumption, increase worker safety and regu-           da’s leading professional service firms, we un-                      Association Advantage TM for Mechanical
late employee activities in the field.                  derstand that the decisions you make everyday                    Contractors:
    By integrating with Garmin Personal Navi-           can have an impact on more than the bottom                           • Specialized products and custom tailor-
gation Devices, our Fleet Complete customers            line. You need business advisors who share your                  ing of insurance programs.
can further streamline their operating costs with       dreams. Partners you trust to provide guidance                       • Comprehensive risk management review.
reduced out-of-route miles, real-time commu-            and business intelligence from around the world                      • Direct writer – Risk Services Coordina-
nication and driver status updates. As an open-         or across the street. Deloitte’s Private Company                 tors are Federated Insurance employees and
ended technology, our solutions grow with our           professionals have been offering valuable                        experts in our products and services.
customers as they add functionality, allowing           insights, business advice and consistent quality                     • Exclusive Loss Prevention resources in-
them to standardize on one platform.                    service to Canadian companies for over 150 years.                cluding: RiskWise for ContractorsTM (safety
    Fleet Complete solutions are designed to re-        It’s who we are and it’s what we do best. It’s in                resource); RecoveryWiseTM (disaster planning
duce operating expenses and improve customer            our DNA.                                                         resource); The Right RoadTM (fleet manage-
service through the following primary features:              For more information, visit Deloitte’s web site at          ment resource);
    Tracking: GPS sensors allow you to moni-            www.deloitte.ca.                                                     • Partners In Prevention (educational bulletins).
tor vehicle locations in real-time
                                                                        ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○                                    • Trauma AssistanceTM counseling for busi-
    Alerts: Monitor basic engine information            Dobbin Sales Ltd.                                                ness owners and employees.
and receive alerts for a variety of conditions                                                                               • Preferred pricing for Association members.
                                                             Dobbin Sales Ltd. Is the leading Master Dis-
    Reporting: Analyze fl-eet performance,                                                                                   • Discounts for COR, SECOR and Joint
                                                        tributor of quality commercial plumbing prod-
optimize routes and streamline maintenance                                                                               Health and Safety Certification.
                                                        ucts. Since 1978, Dobbin Sales has been supply-
    AVL / Fleet Management: Always-on vehi-                                                                                  • Value added services including: Clear Fi-
                                                        ing the Canadian plumbing industry. Whether
cle health analysis alerts you to preventative -fleet                                                                    nancial Alternative™ (equipment purchase/re-
                                                        you are a contractor, engineer, designer or
maintenance costs.                                                                                                       pair financing and commercial mortgage re-
                                                        wholesaler, Dobbin Sales has the right products
    For more information call (800) 220-0779 or visit                                                                    source; Knowing HR Matters™ (HR Department
                                                        for your project – from coast to coast.
www.fleetcomplete.com.                                                                                                   “in a box”); Premium financing options.; Con-
                                                             Dobbin Sales is your source for the best in
                                                                                                                         tract and bid specification review services-
               ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○                        plumbing products from the following Manu-
                                                                                                                         SuccessionWise™ (business transition planning).
Turn To Quality. Turn To Dahl.                          facturers: Chicago Faucets, Kindred Commer-
                                                                                                                             Our Risk Services Coordinators understand
                                                        cial, Geberit, Haws Corporation, John Guest Fit-
    Incorporated in 1952, Dahl is a family-owned,                                                                        the requirements of the Mechanical Contractor
                                                        tings, Lawler Manufacturing, McGuire Manufac-
100 per cent Canadian manufacturer of top                                                                                Industry and will work wit you to develop a
                                                        turing and Sloan Valve Co.
quality plumbing and heating valves, and                                                                                 customized program to meet your particular
                                                             Our team is committed to outstanding tech-
specialties for the hydronic industry. Dahl                                                                              insurance needs including business, group, life
                                                        nical support, customer service and getting you
products, which meet or exceed CSA, IAPMO                                                                                and personal lines.
                                                        the product you need, on time!
and NSF requirements, are engineered as                      For all of your commercial plumbing requirements call
                                                                                                                                       ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
practical, real-world solutions for plumbers and        us today at 1-800-565-8515 or visit www.dobbinsales.com.         Garth Industrial – A Division of
contractors on the job site. And, we use only
the highest quality materials, which are sourced
                                                                        ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○                                Conrex Steel Ltd.
primarily in North America.                                                                                                  Established in 1828, The Garth Company
                                                        Ewing Fabricators
    The Mini-Ball™ valve, All Round™                                                                                     was a manufacturer to the gas utility industry.
strapping, U-Clips, Piggy Back valves and dahl-             Ewing Fabricators has been proudly servic-                   Over time The Garth Company evolved into
in-one® are but a few examples of over 50 years         ing Canadian industry since 1845. The company                    the wholesale supply of industrial pipe, valves
of innovation. Since revolutionizing the                specializes in heavy steel fabrication, plate roll-              and fittings. In 2001, the company became a
industry in 1984 with the first generation of           ing and forming, CNC profile cutting and                         division of Conrex Steel Ltd.
Mini-Ball™ valves, the patented modular design          thermo Stress Relieving.                                             Our company’s name was changed to Garth
of our second generation Min-Ball™ valve has                Ewing Fabricators has the capacity to roll                   Industrial to better reflect the nature of our
become the basis for thousands of valve and             heavy plate ranging from ¼- to six-inches and                    business, which is the supply of industrial pipe,
installation kit combinations for a variety of          up to 10-feet wide, I-Beams, wide flange beam,                   valves and fittings.
applications. Customers request new specialties         channel bar, T-Section, tubing and railing.                          Located in Rexdale, Ont., we are central to
every week of the year.                                      Ewing’s forming capacity is absolutely off                  all major highways for ease of shipping or pick-
    The entire Dahl team, resources and energy          the charts. It can form sheet metals ranging from                up of orders. We do provide delivery within
are focused on continuously innovating and              ¼-inch up to 14-inches- thick and lengths up to                  the Greater Toronto Area via our own truck
delivering exceptional customer value from our          42-feet. Most of the projects that Ewing tackles                 fleet.
North American facilities, so that our customers        range from pressure vessel sections, Crane hoist                     For more information, contact Garth Industrial at
can be their very best.                                 drums, thick wall rings, cones, trapezoids, pa-                  www.garthindustrial.com.
    We thank the MCA Canada professionals               rabolas, reducers, and etc…
                                                                                                                                       ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
throughout Canada who install our products                  Ewing Fabricators is certified under CWB
with pride, and year after year turn their trust of     and ISO 9001:2008                                                HPAC Magazine
Dahl Quality.                                               Please don’t hesitate to contact us for quotations at
                                                        Phone: (416) 291-1675 or Fax: (416) 291-4917.                        Heating Plumbing Air Conditioning (HPAC)
               ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
                                                                                                                         Magazine is Canada’s leading publication for the
Deloitte & Touche LLP
                                                                        ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
                                                                                                                         owners and managers of businesses active in
   Private companies make up the backbone               Federated Insurance                                              the mechanical trades. Printed seven times per
of Canada’s economy. They are founded on vi-                Federated Insurance offers all lines of in-                  year, the magazine reaches more than 18,000

50          National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                                                   Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
                                                                     MCA CANADA ASSOCIATE MEMBERS

qualified industry people, including more than              Inventex looks forward to continuing                   Mechanical Business Magazine
13,000 mechanical contractors. HPAC’s audience          servicing customer needs in the near future.
                                                                                                                        Published six times per year, Mechanical
of contractors, engineers and wholesalers work              For more information, contact Diane or Russell at 1-
                                                                                                                   Business is published for owners, managers and
in the commercial, residential, industrial or in-       800-387-2844 or Fax: (416) 748-8946.
                                                                                                                   decision makers at mechanical contracting firms
stitutional markets. Editorial features focus on:                      ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
                                                                                                                   and the sector’s supply chain partners in Canada.
heating, plumbing, refrigeration, hydronics, air
conditioning, business and marketing. Techni-
                                                        Jonas Accounting, Construction &                           Whether you are a mechanical contractor, whole-
                                                        Service Management Software                                saler or specifier, Mechanical Business is for
cal articles have a practical focus so knowledge
                                                                                                                   you! Join fellow industry peers (more than 18,000
can be transferred to the job site. HPAC also               Jonas Accounting, Construction and Service
                                                                                                                   of them) from across Canada in subscribing to
produces: the National Buyer’s Guide and                Management Software is used by over 750 Cana-
                                                                                                                   this exciting, cutting-edge and unique mechani-
Wholesale Directory (both in print and on-line),        dian HVACR and Mechanical Contractors to drive
                                                                                                                   cal magazine.
a French language sister magazine, Plomberie,           revenue, increase efficiency and to help make
                                                                                                                        Each issue is jam-packed with technical and
Chauffage et Climatisation (PCC) and monthly            better business decisions. Jonas offers a com-
                                                                                                                   feature articles, product reviews and a dizzying
e-newsletters.                                          plete package of fully integrated, flexible, inno-
                                                                                                                   array of guest columnists from all walks of the
    For more details, please visit www.hpacmag.com.     vative and industry specific solutions including
                                                                                                                   plumbing, hydronic, HVAC and refrigeration
                                                        accounting, payroll, job cost, service manage-
              ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○                                                                                    industry! Mechanical Business publishes more
                                                        ment, inventory and equipment management,
                                                                                                                   editorial content, from more sources, than any
IMAGINiT Technologies –                                 project management, document management,
                                                                                                                   other magazine in the market, and best of all the
                                                        mobile technology and web portal solutions.
Linking Design and Technology                           Jonas differentiates themselves from the com-
                                                                                                                   subscription is free.
                                                                                                                        In addition to reading our print edition, be sure
     As a leading provider of design and engi-          petition on four key dimensions:
                                                                                                                   to visit us online at mechanicalbusiness.com. Our
neering solutions to the building, architecture,            Integration: All Jonas modules are devel-
                                                                                                                   home on the web is where you will find a com-
manufacturing, civil engineering, geospatial, and       oped and maintained in-house to ensure a seam-
                                                                                                                   plete archive of back issues, links to our latest
media and entertainment industries, IMAGINiT            less flow of information between all of your
                                                                                                                   newsletters, and our online event and training
is a CAD software and technology expert that            core software solutions. This integration elimi-
                                                                                                                   calendars – plus you can manage your subscrip-
understands your design process. Purchasing             nates timely double entry of data thereby maxi-
                                                                                                                   tion, right from the comfort of your own home
and executing the right technology tools for            mizing data accuracy while making cross appli-
                                                                                                                   or office.
your projects are only the beginning. Our expe-         cation reporting much easier.
                                                                                                                        At Mechanical Business, we firmly believe
rience has shown us that successful companies               Flexibility: All Jonas modules are highly
                                                                                                                   in our motto: A higher standard, and this ex-
increase their return on investment by under-           configurable allowing the company to adapt the
                                                                                                                   tends to being good corporate citizens as well.
standing that the software purchase is just the         system to your business process rather than the
                                                                                                                   We are proudly the only magazine in this mar-
first step in the process to make their company         other way around.
                                                                                                                   ket using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and
more productive and competitive.                            People: The Jonas solution is backed by over
                                                                                                                   Rainforest Alliance certified paper stock. And
     IMAGINiT understands that the dynamics             50 construction industry, accounting and soft-
                                                                                                                   we work closely with our printer in an extended
of your company are always changing and the             ware experts. Jonas employs highly-experienced
                                                                                                                   paper recycling program. These measures are
demand to stay productive and competitive               trainers to get you started on the right foot and
                                                                                                                   not inexpensive – but they are the right choice.
within your industry has never been greater.            back them up with industry leading support.
                                                                                                                        To make Mechanical Business your choice, subscribe
Realizing the benefits of new technology is easy,           Innovation: Jonas strives to protect your tech-
                                                                                                                   online today at www.mechanicalbusiness.com.
but effectively implementing that technology            nology investment by continuously building and
into your day-to-day design process can be chal-        enhancing its products to keep up with the latest                         ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
lenging. We can help you define your critical           technology and industry functionality.
business requirements through our structured                For more information, contact Jonas at 1-888-789-       Milwaukee Valve Company
methodology process and determine the best              9073, e-mail: sales@jonassoftware.com or visit the com-         Milwaukee Valve Company has made a
and most effective way to implement and use             pany’s web site at www.jonasconstruction.com.               commitment to being the best, most responsive
new and existing technology. We can help your                          ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○                            valve supplier in the industry, a commitment to
organization keep pace with current technol-                                                                        quality and service that started over 100 years
ogy, maximize your investments, and support             LynCar – The Plumbing                                       ago. From concept, through engineering,
you in achieving your business goals.                                                                               manufacturing, installation and service, every
                                                        Specialty Catalogue of Choice
     For more information, contact us today at 1-800-                                                               valve reflects the Company’s customer
356-9050 or visit www.rand.com/imaginit.                    LynCar Products is the Canadian leader of               commitment. Milwaukee Valve has the quality
              ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○                         plumbing specialty items. From access doors to              products and proven expertise to be your single
                                                        washers, we have that item you are looking for              source for virtually any commercial or
Inventex Distributions Inc.                             at a very competitive price to complete that job.           institutional application involving valves and
    Incorporated in 1980, Inventex Inc. is a leading        LynCar has offices in Montreal, Toronto and             valve systems.
Master Parts distributor specialist for electric        Vancouver, and a sales team across Canada to                    Milwaukee Valve Company was established
heating, ventilation, air exchangers, electronic        help you with your LynCar requirements. Our                 in 1901 to manufacture valves for the plumbing
air filters, hand dryers, stoves and fireplaces.        products are available at most plumbing                     and heating industries. Under family ownership
The company also distributes industrial                 wholesalers in Canada, or just give us a call at 1-         since 1959, the company has come to be recognized
elements with excellent delivery, price and             800-263-7011 and we will be glad to help you                as the industry innovator through multi-million dollar
quality.                                                with your requirements.                                     investments in training, state-of-the-art
    Inventex Distributions is a one-stop shop               LynCar has recently introduced several new              equipment, new facilities and new products.
for all heating elements. The organization carries      items like EasyGrip™ push fit fittings, brass                   Milwaukee Valve Company is your source
parts for over 100 manufacturers and is                 and plastic pex fittings, tubular products, and             for valves and actuated controls that meet all of
committed to customer service. Genuine parts            some unique plumbing service tools. All of these            your process-automation needs. You can specify
is Inventex’s business. An additional specialty         items are in our 2010 catalogue.                            valves complete with electric or pneumatic
provided by the company is the repair and                   Check out our new web site at www.lyncar.com and        actuation, and a variety of control accessories.
rebuilding of duct heaters.                             order your new catalogue today.                                                               Continued On Page 52

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                                                   National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review               51

Continued From Page 51                                Clicker™, Fill&Drain™, Evolution Through                         management: Bringing both into harmony with
Today, Milwaukee Valve’s ISO9001 (2008                INNOVATION™, 7030™ and Cable-Drive™.                             a comprehensive plan can often help you save
standard)-certified facilities manufacture more       The newest additions to our family of products                   thousands in taxes and often increase the rate of
than 10,000 manual and actuated valves to meet        are Fill&Drain™ and 7030™.                                       return on your investments without sacrificing
the exacting demands and rugged service                   OS&B™ recently re-launched its web site.                     the safety of your principal;
conditions of the following industries: Chemical      The new site has been modernized with                                 • Business succession planning: Only 30 per
Processing; Commercial Construction; Fire             improved navigation and easy access to the                       cent of family-owned businesses continue into
Protection; Food & Beverage; Gas Distribution;        information you need. Key features include a                     the second generation and only 10 per cent remain
Iron & Steel Production; Marine (U.S. Navy);          searchable product catalogue, downloadable                       viable. Whether you’re planning for an orderly
Mining; OEM applications; Oil & Gas                   product specification sheets, installation                       sale or transition of your business, successful
Transmission; Petrochemical Production;               instructions and literature, along with a handy                  succession planning involves thinking ahead.
Petroleum Production & Refining; Power                Quick Search feature. You will also find such                         For more information, contact Mark Coyle, CFP,
Generation and Transformation; Pulp & Paper;          useful tools as a what’s new section, a Q&Q and                  HBA at (416) 699-4997 or 1 (888) 283-8512. RBC
Textiles; U.S. Dept. Of Defense; Water & Sewage.      FAQ section, trade resources, our news blog                      Dominion Securities Inc., 2175 Queen St. E., Toronto,
               ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○                      and much more. You can even view YouTube                         Ont. M4E 1E5, mark.coyle@rbc.com or www.mark-
                                                      videos featuring some of our newest products.                    coyle.com. Mark Coyle is an Investment Advisor with
NCI Marketing Inc.                                        Visit us today at www.osb.ca.                                RBC Dominion Securities Inc. Member CIPF.
     NCI Marketing Inc. stocks pipe, valves and
                                                                                                                                     ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
fittings manufactured by world class companies                       ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
- NIBCO Inc, Smith Cooper International,              Project DocControl                                               S.A. Armstrong Limited
Fortune Valve, Fusion Valve, Jain Irrigation,
                                                                                                                           Since 1934, Armstrong has offered a wide
Nomaco Insulation, Harvel Pipe, Chemtrol                   Project DocControl is a leading project docu-
                                                                                                                       range of products for customers in residential,
Industrial Plastics and others.                       mentation software solution for the mechanical
                                                                                                                       commercial and industrial markets. Today, we
     Our plumbing products include solder             contracting industry that increases productivity
                                                                                                                       serve customers throughout the world, and our
copper fittings, ABS-DWV fittings, brass ball         and improves processes and accountability for
                                                                                                                       original commitment to production of the
valves and plumbing/heating valves. Featured          all of our MCA clients.
                                                                                                                       highest quality remains unchanged. For
in this selection is the NIBCO PRESS system, a             Created by mechanical contractors, Project
                                                                                                                       Armstrong, identifying customer needs, offering
fast and flameless method for joining copper          DocControl helps improve project management
                                                                                                                       superior technology, and building great customer
pipe. NCI Marketing’s commercial products             productivity while enabling contractors to con-
                                                                                                                       experiences, are all part of a long-standing family
include CPVC piping systems.                          vey a professional image and manage project
     NCI’s industrial and commercial products         documentation more effectively. Project
                                                                                                                           Armstrong has been helping the world to
include NIBCO pressure rated valves. We also          DocControl increases productivity by automating
                                                                                                                       implement sustainability strategies over the last
offer cast steel, forged steel and stainless steel    the process of creating and tracing project docu-
                                                                                                                       twenty years through design excellence
gate, globe and check valves from Fortune Valve       mentation so contractors can manage projects – not
                                                                                                                       integrated with the following engineering
Company.                                              paperwork. We offer our clients software and
     Our commercial and industrial products           services to collaborate, standardize and automate
                                                                                                                           1. Design to reduce investment and improve
also include Smith Cooper International               their document management processes.
malleable iron fittings, seamless pipe nipples,            Project DocControl helps mechanical con-
                                                                                                                           2. Design for the variable speed world we live in;
threaded bronze fittings and brass pipe nipples,      tractors electronically create, track, manage and
                                                                                                                           3. Apply Design Envelope concepts in order
threaded cast iron, flanged cast and ductile iron     share RFI’s, transmittals, change orders, pay ap-
                                                                                                                       to reduce risk;
and forged steel fittings.                            plications, correspondence/e-mails and contact
                                                                                                                           4. Adopt a ‘whole system’ approach to controls;
     In addition, we offer Chemtrol® industrial       information from a single, centralized corpo-
                                                                                                                           5. Design for the integration of renewable
thermoplastic fittings and valves, JAIN micro,        rate database. This simple, yet powerful system
                                                                                                                       energy sources.
low flow and drip irrigation products nationally.     provides the tools you need to drastically re-
                                                                                                                           These principles support Ar mstrong’s
We also offer IMCOA pipe insulation products          duce risk. As an MCA Canada Associate member
                                                                                                                       practice of ECO:nomics, which is defined as
in eastern Canada.                                    for the past seven years, Project DocControl has
                                                                                                                       helping our clients achieve maximum energy
     NCI Marketing’s head office and main             continued to provide product support and ben-
                                                                                                                       efficiency, resulting in a reduced carbon
warehouse are located in Aurora, Ont., with an        efits to all its members.
                                                                                                                       footprint at no extra cost.
additional warehouse in Surrey, BC.                        For more information or an on-line demo, contact Jeff
                                                                                                                           The company now maintains seven
               ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○                      Burmeister, Project DocControl at (813) 903-9446 or e-
                                                                                                                       manufacturing facilities on three continents.
                                                      mail jeff.burmeister@projectdoccontrol.com.
Oakville Stamping & Bending                                                                                            With an expanded offering of solutions that
                                                                      ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○                                now includes pumps, heat exchangers, flow
    OS&B™, founded in 1975, is a leading                                                                               control products, and packaged systems,
manufacturer and distributor of plumbing              RBC Dominion Securities                                          Armstrong is a leading global supplier of quality
products. Located in Oakville, Ont., OS&B™ is             RBC Dominion Securities has been advising                    HVAC and Fluid Flow equipment for residential,
one of Canada’s largest manufacturers and             individual investors about investment                            commercial and industrial applications.
distributors of waste and overflows, traps,           opportunities since 1901. Today, we are Canada’s
lavatory drains, tubular brass fittings and various   leader in the investment industry, offering you
                                                                                                                                      ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
other plumbing parts.                                 the full range of products and services, the
                                                                                                                       TACO – A Reputation for
    OS&B™ services the Wholesale and Retail           financial stability and the combined resources
industries through manufacturers’ sales reps          of Canada’s leading financial institution – RBC                  Innovation and Exceptional Quality
across Canada and our internal sales team. We         Financial Group.                                                     TACO is North America’s recognized leader
also manufacture for and supply to some of the            Through Investment Advisor Mark Coyle,                       in hydronic systems for residential and
largest OEM brands in the world offering in-          you have access to comprehensive wealth                          commercial building applications. For
house product design and testing in order to          management solutions designed and built                          generations, HVAC professionals have known
address specific needs and requirements.              around you, including:                                           and trusted TACO to design and build the most
Exclusive trademarks of OS&B™ include                     • Corporate      and     personal     wealth                 reliable products in the industry.

52          National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                                                 Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
                                                                  MCA CANADA ASSOCIATE MEMBERS

    Our commitment to Green Building, as                   In 1899, Franz-Anselm Viegener of                Company as we were originally known, made
evidenced by our acclaimed LoadMatch ® and            Attendorn, Germany, crafted a brass beer tap          its reputation by “Setting the Standard in Valve
FloPro® systems, as well as our innovations in        that would begin Viega’s legacy of quality,           Technology.” During those early days, Watts
energy-efficient systems, design software,            ingenuity and efficiency. Soon afterward,             manufactured pressure reducing valves to
training and support, have positioned us well         Viegener and his Viega Co. began to manufacture       regulate steam and relief valves to ensure safe
for the 21st century revolution in hydronics.         home plumbing products.                               operation of water heaters and boilers.
    Our wide range of hydronic systems and                 Still owned and operated by the same family,         It was Watts who, in the early 1900s, introduced
components includes pumps, heat exchangers,           Viega came to North America in 1999, offering         the revolutionary combination temperature and
expansion tanks, flow measurement devices, air        a selection of products in the United States and,     pressure (T&P) relief valve. These T&P valves
separators and valves, and zone control products.     shortly thereafter, in Canada as well.                prevented dangerous hot water heater
TACO is also one of the best-known brands in               Now, with more than 16,000 products              explosions and continue to be an integral part
the hydronic industry, long associated with           offered worldwide, using Viega systems can            of today’s water heating systems.
continual product innovation and development.         enable a contractor to be faster, safer and more          In the 1960s, Watts entered the international
    With Canadian headquarters located in Milton,     environmentally aware than ever before.               market, opening manufacturing plants in Canada
Ontario, the complex features 30,000 square feet           Viega is a complete systems solution             and the United Kingdom. Since then, Watts has
of advanced manufacturing and assembly                provider, offering unique and innovative              greatly expanded its international presence. In
facilities and includes the state-of-the-art          products like ProPress ® copper and stainless,        the 1970s, Watts entered the new and promising
LoadMatch® heating and cooling system, as well        designed with Viega’s patented Smart Connect®         backflow prevention market. These devices have
as a complete HVAC educational centre designed        feature which makes it easy for installers to spot    become one of our most successful product
to complement the TACO FloPro® program.               unpressed connections. ProPress, Viega’s              lines, and Watts continues to lead this market
    TACO delivers exceptional quality because         ProRadiant ® heating and cooling systems and          today. In 1984, Watts began a series of acquisitions
it has been owned and operated by the same            PureFlow® plumbing and fire sprinkler systems         of both domestic and foreign valve companies
family for over 80 years; a family whose              identify Viega as the global leader in the            and valve product lines to compliment our core
dedication to its customers, products and             plumbing and heating industry.                        products. Such acquisitions are an on-going
employees has never wavered. We are proud to               With 500 employees in North America and          feature of Watts’ strategy to provide customers
be an ISO 9001- registered company, producing         over 2500 employees worldwide, a Viega                with the most innovative flow control solutions
products at internationally-recognized quality        representative will always be nearby to answer        that current technologies can offer.
standards.                                            any plumbing question.                                                ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
              ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○                            To contact Viega, call 1-800-976-9819, e-mail:

Victaulic Company
                                                      insidesales@viega.com or visit www.viega.com.         Westlake Industries Inc.
     Since 1925, Victaulic has been the world                       ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○                             It has been said that to successfully com-
leader of mechanical piping systems innova-                                                                 pete in the global marketplace you must have a
                                                      Viessmann Manufacturing Co. Ltd.                      clear vision of who you are as a company and
tion. With global offices and manufacturing
and a worldwide network of sales and service               Viessmann is one of the world’s leading          your operating business values.
representatives, including five branch locations      manufacturers of hot water heating technology              Ranked 12th by Profit Magazine as one of
and over 50 field sales specialists in Canada,        and renewable energy systems and offers a             Canada’s 2009 HOT 50 Emerging Growth Com-
Victaulic works closely with owners, system           complete line of residential and commercial           panies and a Burlington, Ontario Chamber of
engineers, and contractors to support the de-         hydronic heating products. Wall-mounted               Commerce 2009 Business Excellence Award
sign and installation of mechanical piping sys-       condensing boilers, floor-standing oil- or gas-       finalist, it is very apparent that Westlake Indus-
tems that: Lower costs; improves productivity;        fired hot water heating boilers, solar thermal        tries has such a vision.
compresses construction schedules; reduces            systems, advanced biomass heating boilers,                 Established in 2005, Richard Westlake de-
risk; improves safety; and allows for future sys-     control technology and DHW storage tanks – all        fined the company’s vision as to providing cli-
tem expansion.                                        designed to achieve superior performance,             ents on a global basis innovative and high qual-
     Committed to meeting the needs of today’s con-   reliability and fuel savings.                         ity pipe fabrication services combined with
struction environment, Victaulic is addressing key         In North America, Viessmann has delivered        unparalleled customer satisfaction.
topics such as sustainability and productivity.       state-of-the-art heating solutions for over 25             To make his vision a reality, Westlake has:
     Victaulic grooved pipe couplings in lieu of      years. With three locations across North America,          • Assembled a team of highly experienced
welding have reduced airborne weld emissions          an extensive support network and Academy              and skilled professionals who are passionate
by over 145 metric tons per year — the equiva-        training, Viessmann provides service and              about their work and their industry
lent of taking 1 million cars off the road for a      support that is second to none.                            • Challenged all Westlake Team Members
month. This makes Victaulic ideal for today’s              Viessmann is deeply committed to the             to continually seek out constant innovation in
green building projects.                              protection of the environment and the                 the planning, monitoring and fabrication proc-
     Prefabrication in the shop using the Victaulic   conservation       of    energy     with    clean     esses
grooved method allows contractors to dramati-         manufacturing, waste management and recycling              • Developed a company-wide total commit-
cally increase their output and realize advan-        of materials. With ongoing innovation in product      ment to providing the very highest levels of
tages in the field of reduced material handling,      design and technology, Viessmann has                  customer service and customer satisfaction
easier field assembly and elimination of rework.      continuously set standards with forward-                   It has been an unwavering dedication to these
     Please visit www.victaulic.com or email          thinking heating solutions that actively conserve     three core operating values that have made
victauliccanada@victaulic.com for more information.   energy and keep environmental impact to a             Westlake Industries a market leader today. It is
                                                      minimum.                                              this vision that will guide Westlake Industries
              ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○                                    ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○                        into the future.
                                                                                                                 To learn more about Westlake Industries, please con-
Viega – The Global Leader                             Watts Water Technologies (Canada) Inc.                tact Richard Westlake at (905) 336-5200, e-mail:
    Viega manufactures and distributes the               Watts Water Technologies (Canada) Inc. is          rwestlake@westlakeind.com or visit their web site at:
highest quality plumbing, heating and pipe-           the Canadian division of Watts Water                  www.westlakeind.com
joining products in the world.                        Technologies. Founded in 1874, Watts Regulator                                            Continued On Page 54

Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada                                                            National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                53

Continued From Page 53                               hp and 30-inch diameter); Sewage Pumps (up to                    Zurn Industries
                                                     1000 hp); Drainage Pumps (up to 1000 hp); and
                                                     Mixers (up to 30 hp).                                                 Zurn Industries was founded in Erie,
Wilo Canada                                                                                                           Pennsylvania in 1900 as a manufacturer of a
    Wilo had its origins in 1872 operating as a                      ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
                                                                                                                      patented backwater valve. Zurn has grown
German brass foundry. In 1928 Wilo introduced                                                                         steadily throughout the years and now
the world’s first “circulation accelerator”. Since   WOTEC /PROMOTEC Corp.                                            manufactures and distributes one of the largest
then Wilo SE has maintained a global standard            Pipe replacement in old commercial,                          plumbing products packages in the world. Now
that is based upon quality German Engineering.       industrial and large apartment buildings is a major              marketed as Zurn Engineered Water Solutions,
Wilo SE now operates in 70 countries world           expense item. In these difficult times these                     the Zurn product lines include: AquaSpec
wide and employs over 6000 people. Wilo’s            repairs are postponed indefinitely because of                    Commercial Faucet Products; Commercial Brass
global sales were in excess of $1.6 billion          cost. With the proven Swiss PROMOTEC pipe                        Flush Valve Products; EcoVantage Water
dollars in 2009.                                     restoration system you can be the successful                     Conservation Fixture Systems; Flo-Thru Trench
    In 2004 Wilo SE started operation in North       bidder on these jobs.                                            Drain Products; Light Commercial Specialty
America. Wilo Canada Inc was formed in Calgary           The PROMOTEC system has been used in                         Plumbing Products; PEX Plumbing & Radiant
Alberta and acts as a manufacturing and distri-      four countries: in Europe in over 60,000                         Heating Systems; Wilkins Water Control
bution point. In the six years since its inception   installation with a 99 per cent plus success rate.               Products; Zurn Chemical Drainage Systems;
Wilo Canada has worked with Wilo SE to modify        The savings over pipe replacement are                            Zurn Commercial Brass & Fixtures; and Zurn
and certify a broad range of products. All Wilo      approximately 50 per cent and the guarantee is                   Specification Drainage Products.
products sold in Canada are designed and certi-      the same as new pipes.                                                This wide variety of products and its
fied to meet tough Canadian standards.                   Water supply is never interrupted and no                     commitment to quality make Zurn a leading
    Wilo Canada sells: Residential circulators;      debris or dirt is generated.                                     manufacturer of plumbing products and
Standard and Stratos ECO Ultra High Efficiency           Get further information on this proven pipe                  accessories.
Commercial Circulators; Standard and Stratos         restoration system. It is different from any                          Whatever your need, from roof to basement,
Ultra High Efficiency Inline Pumps (up to 50         systems used in Canada.                                          you can count on Zurn to provide the widest
hp); Booster Stations (custom to meet your speci-        For more information, contact WOTEC/                         selection of quality engineering products in the
fications); Booster Pumps (up to 20 hp); Split       PROMOTEC Cor p. at (718) 548-1444, e-mail:                       industry.
Case Pumps (up to 500 hp); End Suction Pumps         woteccopr@optonline.net or visit the company’s web site at            Visit our website at www.zur n.com for more
(up to 200 hp); Submersible Pumps (up to 1000        www.woteccorp.com.                                               information.

    ACCUBID – Page 21                                                                STIEBEL ELTRON – Page 25
    E-mail: info@accubid.com, Web: www.accubid.com                                   Tel: (800) 582-8423, Web: www.stiebel-eltron-usa.com
    ANVIL INTERNATIONAL CANADA – Page 33                                             TACO CANADA LTD. – Page 35
    E-mail: lwilson@anvilintl, Web: www.anvilintl.ca                                 Tel: (905) 564-9422, Web: www.taco-hvac.com
    QUÉBEC (CMMTQ) – Page 15                                                         Tel: (800) 263-7011, Fax: (800) 459-6227
    Tel: (800) 465-2668, Web: www.cmmtq.org
                                                                                     THERMAL INSULATION ASSOCIATION OF CANADA
    DOBBIN SALES – Page 2                                                            (TIAC) – Page 18
    E-mail: info@dobbinsales.com, Web: www.dobbinsales.com                           Tel: (613) 724-4834, Web: www.tiac.ca
    FEDERATED INSURANCE – Page 17                                                    TRAVELERS GUARANTEE COMPANY OF CANADA – Page 7
    E-mail: info@contactplus.ca, Web: www.federated.ca                               Tel: (800) 330-5033, Web: www.travelersguarantee.com
    IPEX INC. – Page 55                                                              UA CANADA – Page 56
    E-mail: marketing@ipexinc.com Web: www.ipexinc.com                               Tel: (613) 565-1100, Web: www.uacanada.com
    JONAS SOFTWARE – Pages 28 & 29                                                   UA LOCAL 179 – Page 22
    Tel: (888) 789-9073, Web: www.jonas-construction.com                             Tel: (306) 569-0624, Fax: (306) 781-8052
    OGILVY-RENAULT – Page 24                                                         UA LOCAL 46 – Page 20
    Tel: (613) 780-1536, Web: www.ogilvyrenault.com                                  Tel: (416) 759-6791, Toll Free: (866) 759-6791
    PENN SEPARATOR CORP. – Page 4                                                    UA LOCAL 488 – Page 14
    Tel: (814) 849-7328, Toll Free: (800) 235-6558                                   Tel: (780) 452-7080, Fax: (780) 452-1291
    RHEEM CANADA LTD. – Page 23                                                      VICTAULIC – Page 19
    E-mail: canwarranty@rheem.com, Web: http://canada.rheem.com                      Tel: 1-800-742-5842, Web: www.victaulic.com/quickvic
    ROMATEC – Page 10                                                                WATTS INDUSTRIES (CANADA) INC. – Page 25
    E-mail: toronto@romatec.com, Web: www.romatec.com                                Tel: (888) 208-8927, Web: www.wattscanada.ca
    SASKENERGY – Page 4                                                              WESTLAKE INDUSTRIES INC. – Page 9
    Tel: (306) 777-9225, Web: www.saskenergy.com                                     Tel: (905) 336-5200, Web: www.westlakeind.com
    SHORTRIDGE INSTRUMENTS INC. – Page 15                                            ZURN INDUSTRIES LTD. – Page 38
    Tel: (480) 991-6744, Web: www.shortridge.com                                     Tel: (905) 405-8272, Web: www.zurn.com

54          National Bulletin - 2010 Annual Review                                                                Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada

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