Climate Change by TusharBhatnagar


									A new world

This is the story of a boy who wanted to do something big. Something which would surprise his

friends, teachers, parents, something different, something worthwhile. He would sit under a tree and

wonder about his Grandmother who died in front of him, wonder about bad things he saw happening

on television- stories of murder, blasts and something about the world ending in 2012. He often ended

up asking his parents the same question, ‘Mum! Dad! What if I die some day. Will it matter to all these

people in the world?.’ One day after having thought about the same things for hours and hours, it

struck him. He said to himself, ‘I want to be the savior of the world. And I shall start right now.’ He

went back and bought some pen and paper. He started painting an Image of the world he wanted to

create. He kept painting the whole night. Next day he bought some bricks and cement to construct in

reality, what he had drawn on paper. He worked the whole day and realized that at this rate, it would

take him many lifetimes to complete his dream world. So he decided to call some friends. He showed

them the image of the world that he wanted to create. They were amazed by what he wanted to do

and volunteered to be a part of it. Now the boy had company. He used to work with his friends. He

had now gotten the direction and objective he was looking for. One day after hours and hours of work,

they noticed that they were almost done with putting the bricks together. The boy was happy and told

his team that soon they would start with painting the walls of their new world. By the next day the

boy and his friends were painting on the walls, writing slogans about Peace and Fulfillment and

drawing pictures which symbolized the same. At this point of time, he wanted to see if they were

doing a job good enough, so he called one of his teachers to see it. The teacher came and saw the

room. She said, ‘This place is useless. It doesn’t cheer me up. There aren’t many things inside.’ The

boy and his team were very disappointed. But they didn’t give up. They discussed and brought some

wildlife into the room to make it livelier. Next time when they called the teacher, she felt better while

playing with the animals inside. But she felt that there were still a lot of things missing. The boys were

happy of the feedback they got. After more changes and additions to their new world, they started

learning the art of learning. They now had regular visitors for their new world and were starting to

flourish as a team. Soon, the room started getting crowded with visitors. The boy and his team now

recruited more people. They had teams extending the new world. Teams managing the animals,

teams making more paintings, teams for spreading the word around the city, teams for selling goodies

inside the new world. It took them a few years to make the room which they called ‘the new world’ as

big as the park they were in. Today, after more than 10 years, the room is as big as the city. But the
boys are no more boys; they have grown older and are slightly burnt out. They have worked hard for

so many years, and are now passing the mantle to younger ones. The new world, the room is huge
now, and it has become difficult to manage it. There are still few visitors who go back from the room

unhappy. People have gotten bored of the stuff inside during all these years and are now looking

forward to something new from the team. Recently the team went to see 2012 the movie. They were

hit extremely hard by the idea, of crumbling buildings, cities sinking into water, countries and

continents falling out. All of it seemed so real. They were heartbroken seeing that humankind could be

so indifferent to their own life, to the life of their children. They were horrified that, industrial growth

and profit motive had driven countries; the lust for power was now going to become the reason for the

ending of the world. From that day on the team changed. There is a new energy. A new vision. A new

image of what the world should be like. The team has been forced to evolve into being more

connected, more innovative and come together like no other team in the world. ‘Creating a new world’

has now become a revolution against time. It has become a fight! Since now the team runs such a

huge area as ‘Their dream world’, they decided to call the United Nations to organize a conference on

Climate Change. This initiative is now called ‘Hopenhagen’ as the conference is being organized in

Copenhagen. More information can be found on ! At this conference,

Leaders from all over the world will come together to decide the future of the world; create policies to

reduce carbon emissions and other initiatives. Like the ‘Team who wanted to create a new world’, you

can find your own way to do so. Question once in a while, about who you are, what you want to do,

and why you want to do it, and if doesn’t come back to saving the world, you might want to re-think

how you have lived your life. For now, visit the ‘Hopenhagen’ website and become part of the

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