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                                                               PINELLAS COUNTY’S 4-H NEWSLETTER

                                                                         JUNE 2009
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      Then and Now... Learning leadership, citizenship and life skills since 1902
          4-H Clubs       4-H Clubs Reports                    4-H Foundation                4-H Calendar

                                                                    Night of the Arts Results
                                                         Congratulations to our
                                                        Night of the Arts Winners
                                                                  Michaela Polmann of 4-H2O - Piano
                                                                   Chase Hunter and Lindsay Nobles
                                                                  of Ballroom Bicycle Brigade - Dance
                                                                Sandy Cao, Denise Tran and Thanh Tran
                                                                       of 4-H Fun Club: Vocal

                                                          Allison Iacono of Ballroom Bicycle Brigade - Dance
                                                 Abby Lang and John Roe of Ballroom Bicycle Brigade - Dance
                                                               Alyssa Coburn of Ambassadors 4-H: Vocal

                                                 Evan Julian of Ballroom Bicycle Brigade - Vocal & Instrumental
                                                                    Ryne Nichols and Laura Williams
                                                                  of Ballroom Bicycle Brigade - Dance

                                      Night of the Arts MC's

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4-H Clubs            4-H Clubs Reports                 4-H Foundation                4-H Calendar

     Demonstration Day
     Congratulations to the 64 4-H’ers who signed up to do their demonstrations during Demonstration
     Day. This was the largest number for Demonstration Day in the past ten years. We are proud of
     you for participating in this program.
    To our Cloverbuds:
     Will Bradley, Rose Cyr, Sam Moultrie and Sarah Moultrie of the Ochs Garden Club, Jack Polmann
     of 4-H2O, Brandon Poruba of 4-H Frontiers and Reanna Stiehler of Pony Pals, a special
     congratulations for being brave enough to stand up before a group and do your demonstration.

       The following members are blue ribbon winners and had the opportunity to participate at District

            Lexa Armstrong, Emily Bangs, Amanda Peacock, Michaela Polmann,
            and Annelise Vieira of 4-H2O
              Elinor Gale and Julia McQueen of 7 C’s
               Matthew Iacono of Ballroom Bicycle Brigade
               Sierra Brave, Katie Hendrix, Emily Plaisance, Kaymie Van Benthuysen and Kristen
               Venable of Crazy 4 Canines

                      J. D. Willett of Average Joe’s
                       Joanna Jenkins and Breanne Kujumdziev of 7 C’s
                       Adison Julian and Dakota Hunter (team) and Allison Iacono of Ballroom Bicycle
                         Jordan Hunter and Nicole Sieling of Crazy 4 Canines
                         Emily Vines of Ochs Garden Club
                         Kaitlin Steen of 4-H2O
                         A.J. Newby of 4-H Frontiers
                          Jessica Freed of Pony Pals
                          Brianna Mullins and Brandi Sclafani of Seminole Riders
                          Beverly Strautmann and Olivia Cook of 4-H Conservatives

                         Kaytlin Crim and Danielle Hendrix of Crazy 4 Canines
                          Jasmine Johnson and Viktorya Valenti of Favorite Thingz
                          Holly Nunez of Seminole Riders
                          Teressa Strautmann of 4-H Conservatives
                          Melissa Sharp and Andrew Yuan (team) of 4-H Tech Team

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         4-H Clubs                 4-H Clubs Reports                4-H Foundation                   4-H Calendar

4-H Clubs
                                             Sign up for Camp Ocala
It is not too late to sign up for Camp Ocala! Packets have been available since district events and are available at the
4-H office. Camp is June 29 – July 3 and takes place in the Ocala National Forest. Camp Ocala is a modern camping
and environmental complex located on Sellers Lake. The cost for camp this year will be $195.00; a limited number of
scholarships will be available. Campers will be responsible for getting to camp and getting home.
Campers at Camp Ocala enjoy all the usual camp activities: canoeing, swimming, hiking, crafts and much more. In
addition, you may sign up for a County Class you will take each day. Choose from shooting sports, camp newspaper,
rocketry, wildlife, knots/friendship bracelets and more. If you or your friends would like to find out more about Camp
Ocala, visit the state website at http://florida4h.org/camps/ocala.shtml.

           State Fair Results
           Goat – Beverly Strautmann came in first in Champion of
           Champions Intermediate.
           Dog – Nicole Seiling came in first in Champion of
           Champions Intermediate.

                                Poster and Photo Exhibit Results
       The posters of Amanda Peacock, Beverly Strautmann and Teressa
        Strautmann will be sent to be judged at the state level. The photo
       exhibits of Lexa Armstrong, Brian Sackett and Teressa Strautmann
                                                 will also be sent to state.

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         4-H Clubs                  4-H Clubs Reports                     4-H Foundation                      4-H Calendar

FAHCE Scholarship                                                                                      Consumer Judging
The Florida Association for Home & Community                               On April 18th at the Central Florida Fair, Pinellas
Education (FAHCE) is offering $300.00 scholarships                      County youth tested their knowledge of energy bars,
for 4-H members. This scholarship grant is available                      CFL lights, MP3 players and savings. The juniors
to any 4-H member who has completed three                                     and intermediates are from the 4-H Fun Club.
current consecutive years of satisfactory 4-H work.
The grant must be used at one of the Florida state                           Junior Team 1 - 4th Place:
colleges/universities, junior colleges, or vo-tech                           Angela Nguyen, Denise Tran,
schools. This is a grant and need not be repaid.                                 Thanh Tran, Sandy Cao
Selection will be made by the FAHCE Foundation                                         5th in Oral Reasons:
Advisory Board,                                                                                 Thanh Tran
the state president
and the state                                                              Junior Team 2 - 2nd Place:
treasurer. The                                                          Jannie Ho, Quyen Nguyen, Hallie
deadline to submit                                                                            Nguyen
an application
is August 15,                                                                     Intermediate Team 1:
2009. For more                                                           Kevin Tran, Tony Hoang, Duc Du,
information or an                                                                           Nhu Nguyen
application, please
contact the 4-H                                                          Seniors Nathan and Sarah Myhre also attended the
office.                                                                                   Consumers Choices workshops.

                                                                                     It Is Time to Achieve
                                                                         In the last issue of the Cloverleaf, available online at
                                  Hatched chicks still
                                  in the incubator.                    http://pinellas.ifas.ufl.edu/4-H/cloverleaf/April2009.pdf
Embryology                                                                  was a very good description of a finished project.
                                                                                Achievement, or project completion, is a very
                                                                              important part of 4-H. If you do not have the tip
                                                                                      sheet, “A Completed Project Is…,” go to
In April, 60 teachers from 30 public and private
schools around the county began the project of
                                                                                                 Check with your leader if you do
hatching eggs in the classroom. The program
                                                                                                   not know when your project is
included a workshop for first time teachers where
                                                                                                  due. Leaders need to judge the
they were taken step by step through the process
                                                                                                    projects and turn in their club
as they incubated eggs in their classroom. To learn
                                                                                                level project-judging sheet to the
the story of the developing embryos, go to:
                                                                                                            4-H office by June 30.
http://pinellas.ifas.ufl.edu/4-H/egg_chick.shtml and
click on the PowerPoint link to Embryology. The
teachers report that this is an excellent life lesson for
the students and the students are “eggcited” about
the project.

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           4-H Clubs                 4-H Clubs Reports                4-H Foundation                 4-H Calendar

County Congress August 29
Be checking the 4-H website and blog for news of the first County Congress.
Leaders Lisa McBride (4-H2O), Liz Piquet (Crazy 4 Canines) and Teryl Plaisance
(Crazy 4 Canines) came up with the idea to hold a kick-off meeting for all the
clubs in the county. Leaders Gina Hunter (Ballroom Bicycle Brigade) and Chrissy
Willet (Average Joe’s) have joined the planning committee. Their idea is to hold
a day-long event covering 4-H membership registration, officer elections, officer
training, fund raising, goal setting, parliamentary procedure, websites and how to
run a meeting.

Here are the objectives for a Pinellas County 4-H Congress:
1. To increase achievement among 4-H members.
2. To support volunteer leaders, especially new ones.
3. To allow more Pinellas County youth to benefit from 4-H programs.

                                                         Save the Date
                                                         4-H Volunteers and Donors Celebrate!
                                                         4-H volunteers and donors will come together on June 12 to
                                                         celebrate the successful programs they have contributed to for
                                                         the Pinellas County 4-H. Without their help, the Pinellas County
                                                         4-H program would not be able to impact the lives of over 7,000
                                                         youth per year. Mark the date of June 12th and come and
                                                         celebrate with us.

Marine Group
The marine group has been having fun. In February several of the members
studied ”Animals with Shells” at the Shell Show, and in March several more 4-H
members joined them to study “Sharks.” The next trip for the group, in April,
was to Marine Quest in Downtown St. Petersburg. The group will be deciding
what they want to do over the summer so call the 4-H office if you want to get
involved. Possible field trips include New College in Sarasota to visit their Ma-
rine lab, a field trip with the Sarasota 4-H Organization and even a kayak trip
on Tampa Bay. If you have ideas on what you would like to do to study marine
ecology and marine science call the 4-H office (582-2215). The event guide and
study materials for the 2009 Marine Ecology Event are now posted online at
http://florida4h.org/projects/marine/state_mee.shtml. Now is the time to start
looking at the material as you are out and about this summer, testing your
knowledge on the marine items you come across.

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         4-H Clubs                4-H Clubs Reports                 4-H Foundation   4-H Calendar

4-H Foundation
Thank You…
4-H Foundation wishes to thank the following donors who have
graciously supported the 4-H Youth Development Program:
Pinellas Women’s Club,
A Salon Madeira, Inc
Ambrosia Spa and Salon
Creative Clay
Dr. Angel Cruz
David Kudelko
the Detert family
Donna Kuenzler
the Garner family
Jean Passafaro
Representative Peter Nehr
Robert Funari
Sandy Zappini
Susan Hamill
Wesley Jenkins
Bok Tower
Don and Maxine Bitting for the Pinellas County Farm Bureau
7 C’s 4-H Club
Average Joe’s 4-H Club
4-H20 4-H Club
Ballroom Bicycle Brigade 4-H Club
Ann Mevers
Robert Abben
Mary Campbell

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  offered by clicking on “hotels.” Happy Traveling! For every trip you
  book, the Pinellas County 4-H Foundation receives a donation.

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            4-H Clubs                4-H Clubs Reports                   4-H Foundation                 4-H Calendar

   4-H Clubs Reports
Ambassadors 4-H
By Reporter Laura Coley

Ambassadors 4-H club had an Iron Chef Cooking Competition with three girls against three guys. The two teams were
given the theme of lemon and had to cook three dishes — main, side and dessert — based around that ingredient. Both
teams got together to find recipes and practice their dishes before the competition.
On February 17, the girls and the guys met at our leader’s house. Teams had one hour to complete all three dishes. There
were four judges. The winning prize was a stainless steel cooking spatula. The girls’ team won the coin flip and chose to go
last. Roasted apples with lemon, lemon spaghetti and lemon chicken were what the guys’ team chose to make. The girls
went with black beans and rice, lemon pork kabobs, and lemon meringue bars. Judges comments were that both teams
had originality, but the girls’ dishes just didn’t have enough of the distinctive taste of lemon in it; because of
that, the guy’s team won but both teams had a lot of fun.

Teen Council
This year the 4-H Technology Team is dissolving and turning into the Teen Council. Membership will
be available for all intermediates and seniors who are already 4-H members and wish to help arrange
fun events, grow in their leadership abilities, learn new technology skills and make new friends! We will
meet at the Pinellas County Extension on May 19th, 6:30-8:00 p.m. for a
planning meeting. This program will be run by the youth. We’ll have our
own officers and it will be like District Council. We hope many of you give
it a try. It’ll be lots of fun and you will help to make a difference here in
your county.
If you have any further questions or you wish to join, please contact:
Andrew Yuan at (727) 582-2103/ayuan@pinellascounty.org or
Melissa Sharp at (727) 582-2514/msharp@pinellascounty.org

                                    Ochs Garden Club
                                       The spring garden season is in full swing. The rain has made a big difference in
                                       how the garden looks. Everything is green and growing fast. The red potatoes are
                                       ready to harvest and the sweet potatoes are ready to be planted. We have been
                                       presenting our demonstrations. Eight members presented their demonstrations
                                        at Demonstration Day and all did a great job! We learned about worms, water
                                         conservation, plant reproduction, African tree frogs, insects and more. President
                                           Emily Vines recieved a blue ribbon at District Events.

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                       4-H Clubs                4-H Clubs Reports              4-H Foundation              4-H Calendar

          4-H Calendar
              S    M   T   W   T   F   S   May 16 District Congress – Manatee County
                                   1   2
                                           May 19 Teen Council Meeting @ Pinellas County Extension – 6:30 p.m.
MAY 2009

              3    4   5   6   7   8   9
              10 11 12 13 14 15 16
              17 18 19 20 21 22 23
                                           May 25 Memorial Day – Office Closed
              24 25 26 27 28 29 30

              S    M   T   W   T   F   S   June 5 Cloverleaf News Due
                   1   2   3   4   5   6
JUNE 2009

              7    8   9   10 11 12 13     June 12 Leader, Volunteer, Donor Banquet @ Pinellas County Extension – 6:30 p.m.
              14 15 16 17 18 19 20
              21 22 23 24 25 26 27         June 20 State Horse Events, Gainesville, FL
              28 29 30
                                           June 22 – 26 4-H Legislature/Tallahassee, FL

                                           June 30 Club Level Project Judging Sheets Due

                                           June 29 – July 3 4-H Camp Ocala/Ocala National Forest

              S    M   T   W   T   F   S   July 3 Independence Day - Office Closed
                           1   2   3   4
JULY 2009

              5    6   7   8   9   10 11   July 6 Cloverleaf News Due
              12 13 14 15 16 17 18
              19 20 21 22 23 24 25
                                           July 19 State Horse Show, Florida State Fairgrounds/Tampa, FL
              26 27 28 29 30 31
                                           July 17 Projects Due for County Judging

                                           July 21 4-H Advisory Meeting @ Pinellas County Extension – 6:30 p.m.

                                           July 27 – 31 4-H Congress @ the University of Florida/Gainesville, FL

              S    M   T   W   T   F   S   August 5 Cloverleaf News Due

              2    3   4   5   6   7   8   August 21 Awards/Recognition Banquet @ Pinellas County Extension – 6:00 p.m.
              9    10 11 12 13 14 15
              16 17 18 19 20 21 22
                                           August 29 County Congress @ Pinellas County Extension – 9:00 a.m.
              23 24 25 26 27 28 29
                                           August 30 Florida 4-H Centennial Ball, Orlando, FL

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       4-H Clubs                  4-H Clubs Reports                    4-H Foundation                      4-H Calendar

Cloverleaf head heart
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June 2009
hands health head heart hands
health head heart hands health
head heart hands health head heart            Making the Best Better!

hands health head heart hands
                                              The 4-H mission is to empower youth to reach their fullest
                                              potential working and learning in partnership with adults.
                                              There’s always something fun to do in Pinellas County for

health head heart hands health
                                              families and youth! For a current listing of classes, workshops
                                              and events, visit: www.pinellascounty.org/events or tune

head heart hands health head heart
                                              your television to PCC-TV (Brighthouse 622 - Knology 18 -
                                              Verizon 44)
                                              Janet Golden, Agent

hands health head heart hands                 4-H Youth Development & Distance Education
                                              Jean Rogalsky, Agent

health head heart hands health
                                              4-H Youth Development

head heart hands health head heart
     This newsletter was produced in cooperation with the Pinellas County Communications Department,
     333 Chestnut St. • Clearwater, FL • (727) 464-4600

hands health head heart hands
     Pinellas County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. To obtain accessible formats of this
     document, please contact the Communications Department at (727) 464-4600 / TDD (727) 464-4431.
     Extension programs are open to all persons regardless of gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, age, creed or
     disability. Persons with disabilities should contact the Extension Office at least 10 working days before the event
     so that proper consideration can be given to the request.

                             Pinellas County 4-H Youth Development
                             IFAS/University of Florida
                             Pinellas County Extension
                             12520 Ulmerton Rd.
                             Largo, FL 33774-3602
                             (727) 582-2215 phone • (727) 582-2262 fax

    4-H is a community of young people
       across America who are learning
     leadership, citizenship and life skills.

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