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					Fundamentals Exam Review 1

        R. E. Randall
             What is FE Exam
• First step in professional registration
• Length of Exam is 8 hours (e.g. 8-12 am, 1-5 pm)
• Morning session- 120 problems worth ½ point each
• Afternoon session – 60 problems worth 1 point each
• Afternoon session consists of seven modules: Chemical,
  Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical,
  and Other/General Engineering.
• Examinees work all questions in the morning session
  and all questions in the afternoon module (Civil,
  Other/General) they select.
• Typically need to get a score of 70 to pass.
       When is the FE Exam
• April 12, 2008
  Where Can You Find Information
  – Streaming videos
  – PDF files on notes
• Study materials
  – Download Reference Manual (free) – This manual will
    also be provided at the testing site.
  – Obtain Reference Manual from Zachry 204
• Reference for Example Problems & Questions
  – Potter, M. C., Fundamentals of Engineering, Editor,
    Great Lakes Press: Okemos, MI, 1998.
Morning Subjects & % Content
Morning Subjects & % Content
Morning Subjects & % Content
Morning Subjects & % Content
Afternoon Other/General
Afternoon Other/General
Afternoon Other/General
Afternoon Other/General
Afternoon Civil
Afternoon Civil
Afternoon Civil
Afternoon Civil
        Approved Calculators
• Hewlett Packard - HP 33s
  Hewlett Packard - HP 35s

• Casio – All FX 115 Models. Any Casio
  calculator must contain fx-115 in its model

• Texas Instruments – All TI 30X and TI 36X
  models. Any Texas Instruments calculator must
  contain either TI-30X or TI-36 in its model name.
Materials NOT permitted in
        exam room
•Devices or materials that might compromise the security of the examination or
examination process are not permitted.

•Only models of calculators as specified by NCEES are permitted in the
examination room. Click here for a list of calculators that are allowed in the
exam room.

•Devices having a QWERTY keypad arrangement similar to a typewriter or
keyboard are not permitted. Devices not permitted include but are not limited to
palmtop, laptop, handheld, and desktop computers, calculators, databanks,
data collectors, and organizers.

•Communication devices such as pagers and cellular phones are not permitted.

•Only NCEES-supplied marking and erasing instruments are permitted for use
in the examination room. Mechanical pencils will be provided . Each pencil
has an eraser and is preloaded with three pieces of 0.7-mm HB lead. This is
the only writing instrument allowed. Candidates may NOT bring lead or erasers.
If necessary, proctors will issue additional pencils to examinees during the
      Strategy for Taking Exam
• Review the reference manual and know where to find
  equations you need
• Do not cram, get a good nights sleep
• Arrive at exam site at least 20 min early
• Morning session – two minutes per question
• Afternoon session – four minutes per question
• No penalty for guessing
• Sometimes you can eliminate obviously wrong answers
• Do not leave any answers blank on the answer sheet
• Bring your calculator
• English and SI units used in morning and SI units used
  only in afternoon. Recommend working in SI units.
         Suggested Study Plan
•   Week of Feb 4    Math
•   Week of Feb 11   Statics
•   Week of Feb 18   Mech of Materials, Materials
•   Week of Feb 25   Fluid Mechanics
•   Week of Mar 3    Thermodynamics
•   Week of Mar 10   Spring Break
•   Week of Mar 17   Electrical & Chemistry
•   Week of Mar 24   Engr Econ & Dynamics
•   Week of Mar 31   Review
               Review Schedule
February 6    - Introduction to taking the FE exam, Mathematics   - Randall
February 13   - Statics                                           - Lowery
February 20   - Mechanics of Materials, Materials                 - Lowery
February 27   - Fluids, Thermodynamics                            - Randall
March 5       - No Review
March 12      - Spring Break
March 19      – Electrical, Chemistry                             - Randall
March 26      – Engineering Economics, Dynamics                   - Lowery
Mathematics Review
Ref Man
 Pg 5
Example Problem 2
Example Problem 3
Ref Man
 Pg 6
Ref Man
 Pg 8
Problem 5
Ref Man
 Pg 15
Example Problem 6
      Answers to Practice Exam
•   Problem 1 – B
•   Problem 3 – D
•   Problem 4 – C
•   Problem 12 – A
•   Problem 23 – C
              Next Session
•   February 13, 2008
•   6:15-7:15 pm
•   CE 118
•   Bring Calculator
•   Bring Reference Manual
•   Topic: Statics
•   Instructor: Dr. Lowery

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