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                                           Optimizing YouTube
                                                By Mree Vu

   Why is making videos an effective way to market your business and/or product? With hundreds of
videos being uploaded to YouTube daily, it's not surprising that thousands of videos are also being
viewed daily. Many viewers watch YouTube as their main source of information, news and

For those unfamiliar or new to internet marketing, YouTube is a popular video website service where
ANYONE can upload videos for the viewing public. Although videos can be in any category with
virtually unlimited topics, if you want to utilize YouTube to market your business or product, there are
certain "tricks of the trade" that can be helpful.

Let's face it, the point of uploading your video is to have people view it. Whether it's to inform, educate
or entice, your message won't get delivered if no one is watching your video. So how can you increase
your odds of having your video appear on page one, two or three on YouTube?

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of YouTube, if you are looking to market using videos, you should
be aware of a few things. First of all, it takes four to five weeks to build your presence on YouTube.
Don't expect to make sales after uploading one video in one week. Making videos is also another
way to let your viewers know you before they ever pick up the phone to contact you. If they like you
and/or your message, you will have a better chance of connecting with the viewer.

Viewers like to watch your videos or channel many times before they will even contact you. So it's a
good idea to have 10 videos or more in your arsenal. The more videos you have, the better your
chances of someone watching them.

Also, since a prospect may wait two weeks to contact you, if they are serious and they are watching
YouTube everyday, they will continue to see your videos pop up as they surf around. Generally, when
they see many videos from one person, it will pique their curiosity and they will view your videos or
channel. Having multiple videos will help build your presence on YouTube.

Now, back to making YouTube work for you. Prior to Google's purchase of YouTube, video rankings
were based on the number of views. Thus, the more views you had on your video, the higher
percentage you had of that video being on the top pages of YouTube.

In response to that, what some entrepreneurs did to increase their chances of being on page one was
purchase views from vendors. Sometimes these were real viewers, but more often than not, these
were just numbers put up on the videos to make it appear as if real people were watching the video.

For example, if you see a video that was uploaded five days ago and there are 5,000 - 10,000 views, it

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is most likely that the views were purchased.

Since Google now owns YouTube, the previous rules no longer apply. Instead, searching for videos
on YouTube is similar to Google's search engine. For instance, if you were to type in GLOBAL
RESORTS NETWORK, YouTube would display all the videos matching that title. Your video may
appear on page one or page twenty.

So how do you get your videos to appear on the top pages? Google is now looking at the
RELEVANCE of your video. So, in addition to the TITLES, Google also looks at the DESCRIPTION
you've written for that video. If your description has little to do with your title, your video will mostly
likely not be on the top pages.

For example, if your title is HOW TO SHOP FOR A SPONSOR, and your description talks about
vacations, it's obvious that the two do not compliment the other. Your title or key words you used in
your title should appear several times in your description. So do yourself a favor and spend some time
writing your descriptions. It should be a short summary of your video and should reflect your title.

You can also include some basic information about your product and/or company in your description.
But it shouldn't be the main thing you include in your description unless you are making a video just
about your product or company.

Here are some additional tips for your descriptions. Always include your contact information (name,
email, phone number, and website) at the beginning of your description.

Here's how you should include your website: HTTP://WWW.YOURWEBSITE. If you don't include the
HTTP://, a hyperlink will not be created. You want your prospect to be able to click on it and go directly
to your website.

Sometimes watching videos is an emotional response. Remember when I mentioned that some
marketers will purchase views for their video? They do that because when a viewer is presented with
SO MANY videos, most will likely click on a video that has more views. If you have hundreds or
thousands of views, the viewer will think that since the number is so high, it must be a video worth

You can find many vendors to purchase views from through the search engines. But if you do
purchase views, be sure to place them carefully on your video. Put them on videos that have been
uploaded 3-4 weeks ago. A video uploaded 3 weeks ago with 1,500 views is more believable than a
video 5 days ago with 5,000 views.

There's no time like the present to start marketing on YouTube. So start making your videos and don't
forget to include value added information. And lastly, HAVE FUN with your videos!

Mree is a top team trainer and is dedicated to mentoring her team to success.  Discover Mree's
steps to success. Visit her at:

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                          What to Know About Optimizing Youtube Videos
                                            By Andrew Maule

If you are looking to find ways in optimizing Youtube videos, look no further. Here you will find several
different suggestions or tips to optimize your Youtube video to receive the highest number of hits.

1.Any video you upload to Youtube needs to follow their specific parameter requirements. In other
words, you want to create a video in MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) format with 640x480 resolution. It needs to
encompass MP3 audio capabilities, and run at 30 frames per second (fps). These specifications are
believed to provide the highest quality of picture for optimizing Youtube videos. Sometimes, even if
you follow all of their requirements, your video will still appear grainy and of poor quality. It may not be
anything that you have or have not done. Youtube sometimes gets a “kink― in their system, and
you’ll be the one to reap the effects.

2.Start networking your video out to friends and other sources within your internet community. You
want for folks to subscribe to your video/channel to give it a higher ranking on the channel search
page. The sooner you do this the better. If it gets enough hits it can become a feature channel or
video. You’ll also want each viewer to rank your video. Other viewers will check out videos that
have already been ranked over ones that don’t allow it. This will also draw more traffic to your site.

3.Articles or creating tabs for search engines to recognize your video channel are a great source in
optimizing Youtube videos. Any article submitted to article directories, chat rooms, or blogging forums
will promote your video or channel to bigger masses of internet users. If they are keyword rich or in
SEO format, search engines may place them high on their search rankings as well.

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