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					March 2006

           ECUA Yard Trash Collection Service
  With Spring just around the corner and the weather being just right, there is no
  wonder that many of us will be out tending to our lawns and gardens and doing all
  kinds of landscaping projects. This flurry of landscaping and yard work usually
  means plenty of yard trash needing disposal. Following a few ECUA tips will help
  all of us keep our yards and neighborhoods neat, while properly disposing of all that
  unnecessary vegetation. First, a definition; Yard Trash as defined by the ECUA
  Sanitation program is leaves, pine straw, grass clippings and small prunings.

  So What Do I Do With It?
  ECUA provides yard trash collection service once a week to all residential
  customers as part of their regular sanitation collection service. Our crews
  get an early start every day so it is best to have your yard trash at the curb prior to
  5:30 a.m. on your scheduled yard trash collection day. Remember that due to
  seasonal variations in waste volumes, necessary changes in collection routes,
  unforeseen mechanical problems and personnel scheduling, ECUA can not specify
  the exact time of day your collection will be made.

  How Can I Help It All Go Smoothly?
  Follow these few guidelines:
  1. Do not use your green (maybe green or gray for Pensacola Beach resi-
  dents) ECUA garbage container for yard trash. We must collect this material
  separately from your household garbage in order to comply with state environmen-
  tal laws enacted to help reduce the volume of waste going into landfills. Your
  separately-collected yard waste is transformed into useful mulch at the Perdido

  2. Place your bagged or canned yard trash within two feet of the curb, as it is less
  likely to conflict with traffic and / or get scattered.

  3. Small yard trash, clippings, leaves, pine straw and grass clippings must be
  contained in standard garbage containers or plastic bags that do not exceed 32
  gallons in size or weigh more than 40 pounds when full.

  4. Cut limbs should not exceed four feet in length or 40 pounds in weight, and
  must be bundled in a pile of no more than four cubic feet (4’W x 4’D x 4’H). Tying
  your loose limbs in manageable bundles will help your yard trash collector load the
  material into the collection truck, which ultimately improves productivity and helps
  to control costs. Limbs which are piled or bundled should also be placed within
  two feet of your curb.

  With your help in following these guidelines, our crews will be able to consistently
  offer reliable and efficient service.

    Customer Service: 476-0480     
        Commercial Sanitation Customer Service: 944-0015
          After-Hours Emergency Calls: 476-5110
March       Don’t Forget the Bulky Waste Collection Program!
2006            The ECUA’s Bulky Waste Collection Program is going strong and
        is a valuable service provided to our customers needing to dispose of large
        household items. This program allows customers to dispose of items
        such as old furniture, appliances, mattresses and other similar items that
        are too large to fit in the green 90-gallon garbage containers. ECUA offers
        this service at no additional charge to its residential sanitation cus-
        tomers! Please do not use this program to dispose of hurricane,
        demolition, or construction debris.
                Customers may use this service, at no charge, once each calen-
        dar month. To date, an average of about 90 to 100 customers have called
        on a daily basis to take advantage of this very valuable service. You may
        arrange for a bulky waste collection simply by calling ECUA Customer
        Service at 476-0480 to schedule the service. The following guidelines have
        been established to provide the service within the current rate structure.

        n      The service is limited to 8 cubic yards per month, the rough
               equivalent of a couch, loveseat and chair.
        n      Customers should pile the bulky waste item(s) at curbside, being
               careful not to block traffic.
        n      Piles should be placed free of overhanging tree limbs and / or wires.
        n      Items should not be placed at curbside earlier than 48 hours prior
               to their scheduled collection day.
        n      Yard trash is not included in the bulky waste collection program,
               because it is already being picked up as part of the residential
               sanitation service, in a separate collection, once each week.

                               Call Before You Dig...
                               Underground lines, both on and off your property,
                               can be easily damaged by digging equipment.
                               To ensure community safety, all area utilities work
                               through a free “line locator” service to help you spot
                               utility lines before you dig. In our area, the number
                               to call is:


                               It is important to call at least 48 hours in advance
                               so that all the utility companies affected by your
                               project may be contacted for verification.

                Sanitation pick-up schedules are NOT affected
                       by the St. Patrick’s Day schedule

                         Have a Happy and Safe
                           St. Patrick’s Day !