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					         March 2008                     Fox Valley Corvette Club
      Next issue will be
    published April 2008.
                                         News and Views
2008 Board Of Directors
President:                                                     FVCC's 10th Annual Bowling Party
Dominic Fracasso 630-242-4888,                                                 By Karen Erd
VP/Activities :

Bob Sinclair 630-879-5126,
                                        S   aturday, Feb. 16th marked
                                            the 10th Anniversary for
                                        FVCC's Bowling Party. This
                                                                          196: Butch & Eileen Novak;
                                                                          2nd game of Scotch Doubles
                                                                          with a high score of 162:
                                                                                                            were our winners.
                                                                                                            A BIG THANKS to everyone     year’s party found itself back    Dave & Mia Berna. The Cra-        that attended! Your participa-
                                        at Bowling Green Sports Cen-      ziest Bowling award went to       tion made it a fun evening!
                                        ter in West Chicago where 44      Chris & Lynda Jacobs with
Carolyn Higgins 630-715-9092,           Club Members signed in for        a high score of 84.         an enjoyable evening of bowl-
                                        ing, prizes and fun!              We can’t forget to mention
Secretary:                                                                the low score for Crazy
                                        We had a handful of members       Bowl. This year’s award was
Jan Miller 630-420-7957,                just be spectators and cheer      a miniature bowling set so         their fellow members through      the winning couple can prac-
                                        2 games of Scotch Doubles         tice their “crazy bowl” tech-
Membership :                            and then watch everyone           niques for next year’s event.
Karen Weston 630-761-8070,
                                        bowl a game of Crazy Bowl         With a low score of 33,
                                        and look pretty silly! Many       Darci & Jeremy Davito                All bowling photo’s by
                                        door prizes were handed out                                                  Karen Erd.
Director-At-Large/Editor:               during bowling. Members
                                        received a variety of Corvette
Paul E. Weston 630-761-8070,            items including posters, charm   bracelets, matchbox Cor-
                                        vettes, magnets, flashing pins,
                                        a Corvette telephone and
 Inside this issue:
                                        “Bowling Pin” awards were
                                        handed out to the following
 FVCC Minutes                       2   winners: 1st game of Scotch
 Bloomington Gold Club Parking,     3   Doubles with a high score of
 Will I Live to be 80?, Bowling
 General Club Info, FVCC Depart-
 ments, FVCC Merchants List,
 Mystery Person?
                                                             President’s Message
                                                                            By Dominic Fracasso
 For Sale, Vettes Eat Out, Bloom-   5
 ington Gold For Sale Space,
 Legislative Report
                                         I   ’m sure all of you are as
                                             tired of this weather as I
                                         am. During the course of a
                                                                          until then, think about all the
                                                                          fun events coming up in the
                                                                          season ahead. Thanks to all
                                                                                                            tered to show their cars this
                                                                                                            spring at Chevy Vettefest. I
                                                                                                            hope all of you come out to
 Bowling Photos, FVCC Upcoming      6
 Events                                  normal day I talk to many        of you who volunteered so         support your fellow mem-
                                         customers & vendors & it is      far to help with the Country      bers in their Quest for gold.
 Bowling Photos                     7    unreal how many people are       Car Show in July. The meet-       Mr. Sinclair, thanks for the
                                         sick with the flu or a cold. I   ings that were held were          washer solvent-would you
 Corvette America Orders, FVCC      8
 Membership News                         hope all of you get well         more like an impromptu            consider gas cards next
                                         soon! I don’t know about         FVCC meeting with all the         month? For more info on
 Calendars                          9    you but I could use a shot of    members that showed up-           what is coming up this sea-
                                         partly sunny & 50 degrees!       GOOD JOB! Thanks also             son, check out the events
                                         I’m sure it’s coming, but        to the members who regis-         calendar & join in the fun!
Page 2                                                                                                           Fox Valley Corvette Club

Fox Valley Corvette Club Minutes February 2008
              By Jan Miller                    Membership:                                      Other:
                                               Karen Weston thanked everyone for their          Bob Sinclair told Bob Erd the club re-
T     he meeting was called to order at 7:35
      P.M. President Dominic Fracasso
thanked our greeters Brent and Ted from
                                               cards and get well wishes after her recent
                                               back injury. There is a problem getting the
                                                                                                ceived a warning ticket from the Kane
                                                                                                County Sheriffs Dept. Something to do
                                               hanging tags for our club pins. Johno’s is       about an 89 red Corvette doing burnouts.
table #6. The minutes were approved and
                                               trying to get them for us. Karen introduced      Bob E. denied the car in question belongs
seconded. Dominic thanked everyone
                                               one guest Robert LaDieu who has a 2002           to him?
who donated door prizes. Bob Sinclair
                                               Magnetic Red.
made a huge donation of windshield                                                              Bob also announced we need volunteers to
washer solvent.                                Corvette Clothing:                               chair the Christmas Party this year.
Treasurers Report:                             Karen Erd has nothing new at this time,          If you didn’t receive your hard copy of the
                                               but this would be a good time to order a         news letter last month contact Paul Wes-
Carolyn Higgins reported a present balance
                                               new jacket or chair.                             ton. Six copies were returned sans the ad-
of $4,198.58.
                                                                                                dress labels.
                                               Corvette America:
Upcoming Events:
                                                                                                Door Prizes:
                                               Ande Hawks is $150.00 short of the
Bob Sinclair called on those who are chair-
                                               $500.00 minimum needed before she can            Name Tag       $10.00 Susan Fiedler
ing an event in the next six months.
                                               place an order.
                                                                                                50/50          $80.00 Denny Hawks
Details are on the club website and in the
                                               Past Events:
Newsletter.                                                                                     Meeting adjourned at 8:55 P.M.
                                               Bob Sinclair called on the following people
3/5-Vette’s Eat Out-Salerno’s On The
                                               to report on past events.
Fox-Rich Hatteberg
                                                                                                Robbie Hnilo
                                               2/13-Vette’s Eat Out-Citizen Kane in Ge-
4/5-6 Chevy Vette Fest- Rosemont-
                                               neva-Rich Hatteberg. He reported a good          Acting Secretary
Dominic Fracasso
                                               turn-out despite the extreme cold and
4/6- Dinner at Niko’s Huntley Sunburst         windy night.
Club outing-Barb Veldhuizen (FVCC)
                                               2/16- 10th FVCC Bowling Party- Karen
Dick and Ann Skinner
                                               Erd reported 44 club members participated
4/12-Dust Off Your Corvette-Harley             in this fun outing. She also had a birthday
Veldhuizen. More information to follow.        that day as well and thanked everyone for
                                               the cake and birthday cards.
Harley also stated that more volunteers are
needed for the Bloomington Gold Road
Tour staging
7/12-13- Road Trip to Par-A-Dice Casino                       Official Printer of the Fox Valley Corvette News & Views
in Peoria-Dave Berna
7/19-Country Car Show-Elburn (Picnic in
the Park-Dominic)
Director at Large:
Paul Weston thanked Doug Jones who
submitted an article and asked for more
articles and pictures. Dave Berna professes
to be the Mystery Guy in the January
Newsletter? Check the Bloomington Gold
website to see Bob Erd doing burnouts.
March 2008                                                                                                                        Page 3

                                More FVCC Fun Bowling Photo’s

                              Bloomington Gold Club Parking

                             O      nce again our club will be attending Bloom-
                                    ington Gold Corvette Show in St. Charles.
                             And, as in the past, Lynda Jacobs has consented to
                             act as coordinator for our entry forms to insure we all
                             get to park together. So if you are planning on at-
                             tending, be at the March FVCC meeting and get the
                             details from Lynda.

                                                 Will I Live to be 80?

 R      ecently I turned 60 and had to
        choose a new primary care physician
 for my age. After two visits and exhaus-
                                                 "Do you have many friends and enter-
                                               tain frequently?"
                                                                                               "No, I don't," I said.
                                                                                                "Do you gamble, drive fast cars, or have
                                                I said, "No, I usually stay home and keep      a lot of sex?"
 tive lab tests, he said I was doing 'fairly
                                               to myself"
 well' For my age. A little concerned                                                           "No," I said. "I don't do any of those
 about that comment, I couldn't resist ask-     "Do you eat rib-eye steaks and barbe-          things."
 ing him,                                      cued ribs?"
  "Do you think I will live to be 80?"          I said, "No, my other doctor said that all
                                               red meat is unhealthy!"
  He asked: "Do you smoke tobacco or
                                                                                                He looked at me and said, "Then why do
 drink alcoholic beverages?"                     "Do you spend a lot of time in the sun,
                                                                                               you give a sh_t?"
                                               like playing golf, tennis, sailing, hiking or
  "Oh no," I replied. "I don't do drugs,
Page 4                                                                                              Fox Valley Corvette Club

                                                                                   General Club Information
                     FVCC Merchants List                                                The Fox Valley Corvette Club was
  Name                 Phone Number       What Product         % Discounted        founded in 1973 by a small group of
                                                                                   Corvette owners located in the Aurora,
  Bob Jass Chevro- 630-365-6481           Auto Parts           25% in most
                                                                                   Illinois area. The club was and still is
                                                                                   independent of all national organizations,
  Ron Westphal         630-898-9630       Auto Parts           25% in most         thus keeping annual dues very low.
  Chevrolet                                                    cases
                                                                                   Annual dues are only $30 per/year for a
  Thomsons Auto        630-879-6363       Auto Parts           10% in most         family. To qualify, you must attend two
  Parts                                                        cases, not on       functions, submit an application to the
                                                               performance parts   Membership Chairperson and be voted
                                                                                   in by the Board of Directors.
  Chuck Greenberg 847-498-7730            Financial Services   25% for FVCC        Membership reached 200 families in
                                                               members             September 1997 with more than 220
                                                                                   cars and some 2nd generation club
  Team Chevrolet       630-986-8000       Auto Parts           Up to 25% off on
  Advance Auto         630-406-6838       Auto Parts           20%                     Monthly activities include charity fund
  Parts                                                                            raising, parades, rallies, cruising, picnics,
                                                                                   workshops, road trips, car shows and
  Woodfield Chev-      847-882-2200       Auto Parts           Up to 25%
                                                                                   swapping stories with friends.

  Avenue Chevrolet 630-879-1255           Auto Parts           25% in most              Do you know someone who has an
                                                               cases               interest in Corvettes? Invite them to
  Performance          630-553-0220       Full Restoration     10%                 attend any event or the next meeting at
  Powder Coating                                                                   the Lincoln Inn on Route 31 in Batavia,
                                          Single Items         5%                  Illinois.

                                                                                   • Fox Valley Corvette Club Departments

                                                                                   • Clothing & Pennants Karen Erd handles
                                                                                     the ordering for our club clothing, hats,
                                                                                     visors and pennants. See Karen at the
                                                                                     meetings to place an order, or call her at

                                                                                   • Name Tags Karen Weston handles the
                                                                                     ordering for our club name tags. With
                                                                                     the club getting larger every meeting, it’s
                                                                                     a good idea to order a name tag and
                                                                                     wear it at all club functions. See Karen
                                                                                     at the meetings to place an order, or call
                                                                                     her at 630-761-8070.

                                                                                   • Webmaster: Mike Hill is our club Web-
                                                                                     master. Please contact Mike with any-
                                                                                     thing you feel would improve our WEB
                                                                                     page. Call him at 630-471-2780 or E-

                                                                                   • Corvette America Ande Hawks does the
                                                                                     ordering for the club at Corvette America.
         Be at the March FVCC business meeting and find-out if you are correct.      Contact her via email at
March 2008                                                                                                                                          Page 5

For Sale, 1994 C-4 Corvette 6 Speed Stick shift, 34.5K miles Black     [Editor’s Note: At the end of each For Sale Ad there appears a number in ( ).
on Black Convertible, runs great, battery and tires like new. Asking   The number indicates when the Ad first appeared in the newsletter. Example: (4)
                                                                       indicates April. We run Ads for 3 months unless otherwise directed.]
$18,900. CALL 847-515-8089 E-MAIL

        Legislative Report
                      By Harley Veldhuizen

                     EPA Auto Body Paint Rule
                                                                                  Looking for ‘63-’67 Corvette Coupe with

T    he Environmental Protection Agency released a final rule to
     regulate paint stripping, surface coating and auto body refin-
ishing operations.
                                                                                  manual transmission.
                                                                                  Contact: Nick Sinclair 630-205-6425

The regulation does not apply to paint stripping and surface coating
performed by individuals as part of a hobby or for maintenance of
their personal vehicles – so long as those activities do not exceed
two motor vehicles (or the equivalent in pieces) per year. Also, the
rule does not apply to painting done with an airbrush or hand held,
non-refillable aerosol cans.

                                                                                                           Bloomington Gold For
                                                                                                                Sale Space
                                                                                                        A number of our club
                                                                                                        members are putting to-
                  Vettes Eat Out March 5th                                                              gether an idea for Bloom-
                                                                                                        ington Gold that is very
                                                                                                        interesting. We would like

        T     he restaurant is SALERNO’S ON THE FOX,
              located at 320 North 2nd St., St Charles, IL,
        60174. We have eaten there before and it has always
                                                                                                        to have a ‘For Sale’ space at
                                                                                                        the event that anyone in the
                                                                                                        club could bring parts for
                                                                                                        sale. This would give us a
                                                                                                        large audience and we
        been a good restaurant. They have a wide menu of                                                could all absorb the cost of
        sandwiches, salads and entrees, as well as pizza. Be-                                           the space equally.        We
        sides the owner has a corvette also. We will be                                                 would have a rotating sale
                                                                                                        staff made up of the mem-
        seated at 7pm. Please sign up so we can save you a                                              bers who have parts for
        seat. Questions call Rich or Kathy at 630-851-7275.                                             sale. If this idea appeals to
                                                                                                        you and you are interested
                                                                                                        in being apart of it please
                                                                                                        contact Dominic Fracasso
                                                                                                        our President.
Page 6                                                                           Fox Valley Corvette Club

                                   FVCC Upcoming Events
                                           By Bob Sinclair

March 5th – Vettes Eat Out         Contact Dominic Fracasso at       Dust Off Your Car on the way
                                   630-242-4888                      to the Upper Crust Pizza &
This month we will be going
                                                                     Pub for lunch on Saturday,
back to Salerno’s on the Fox
in St. Charles. It is located at                                     April 12th. The Upper Crust has
                                   April 6th – Dinner at Nikkos      great pizza, sandwiches, etc.
320 North 2nd Street. They
have a wide menu of sand-          We will join members of the       Please be sure to sign up at
wiches, salads and entrees, as     Sunburst Corvette Club for a      our March meeting or call us at
well as pizza. 7 pm reserva-       Sunday afternoon dinner at        630-365-6167 so we have a
tion.                              Nikkos. Meet at the restau-       count of how many will be go-
                                   rant at 3:00 pm. Please sign-     ing.
Contact Rich or Kathy Hatte-       up at the next club meeting,
berg at 630-851-7275                                                 Details as to the time and
                                   March 18th or call Dick/Ann       place to meet will be available
                                   Skinner or Barb Veldhuizen.       at the March meeting and also
April 2nd -- Vettes Eat Out –      Dick/Ann Skinner: 815-385-        be posted on the FVCC web-
TBD                                3770                              site.
                                   Barb Veldhuizen: 630-365-         Contact Harley Veldhuizen at
                                   6167                              630-365-6167
April 5th and 6th – Chevy
VetteFest                          April 12th – Dust off Your
Many club members will be          Vettes!
showing their cars at the          Please keep this date open.
spring show. Come join in the      Sign-up sheet will be available
fun!                               at the next club meeting,
                                   March 18th.

                        More FVCC Fun Bowling Photo’s
March 2008                                   Page 7

             More FVCC Fun Bowling Photo’s
Page 8                                                                                                         Fox Valley Corvette Club

Corvette America Orders                                 FVCC Membership News
                                                                                By Karen Weston
         By ANDE HAWKS
                                              P    lease feel free to contact me with any changes/updates you may have to your mem-
                                                   bership info. Below you will find a listing of members with either birthdays or club

 S    ince 2001, the FVCC has been part-
      nered with Corvette America of
 Pennsylvania, to provide discounted
                                              anniversaries for this month. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to all. If your name
                                              doesn’t appear in either list (and you feel it should be there), please contact me via my
                                              email. My email address is:
 parts and accessories for our club mem-
 bers. Corvette America has created a
 special program for our club, where we
 get dealer pricing on all the items that                       Anniversaries                                   Birthday’s
 they sell, and special shipping rates.       Last Name First Name Spouse Date Join Year Join         Last Name     First Name BDay
 Free catalogs are available by calling 1-    Betz      Ron                   03/01      1993       West           Gerry      03/01
 800-458-3475 or requesting one online        Hill      Mike        Carla     03/01      1986       Bartnik        Cathy      03/02
 at For the          McLane    Jim         Pamela    03/01      1987       Hess           Marty      03/02
 latest in product offerings, consult the     Tillett   Tom         Susan     03/01      2003       Baker          David      03/03
 online catalog. Please note that the         Walter    Richard     Merrily   03/01      1995       Meister        Terry      03/04
 prices online and in the catalog represent   Hnilo     Robert      Robbie    03/17      1998       Stypolkow ski Carol       03/04
 the retail prices, not our club discounted   Doerr     Richard     Nancy     03/18      2003       LaRocco        Jackie     03/05
 pricing.                                     Jacobs    Tom         Sue       03/18      2003       Tillett        Tom        03/06
                                              Cox       Jim         Tammy     03/19      2002       Salw ach       Joseph     03/07
 To obtain the club discounted price, e-
                                              Banw eg   Tony                  03/20      2007       Schafer        Ralph      03/09
 mail, fax or call your list to Ande Hawks, , fax 630-            Steel     Brent       Renee     03/20      2003       Layman         Jack       03/10

 365-1539 or phone 630-365-9198.              Brandes   Jim         Rhoda     03/21      2000       Cox            Jim        03/11
                                              Hinds     Don         Mary      03/21      2006       Radman         John       03/11
   Orders can also be brought to the                                                                Salw ach       Patrica    03/11
 meetings. We get the largest savings on                                                            Banw eg        Tony       03/13
 items from the interior parts section.                                                             Miller         Jan        03/13
 Corvette America manufactures more                                                                 Stark          Barbara    03/14
 reproduction interior components than                                                              Tyk            Jana       03/14
 all other sources combined, and their                                                              Clayton        Ruth       03/18
 customer service is outstanding. When
                                                                                                    Grunw ald      Dan        03/18
 club orders total $500, they are sent to
                                                                                                    Clausen        Gary       03/19
 Corvette America. Most orders ship out
                                                                                                    Marasco        Ralph      03/20
 in one or two days.
                                                                                                    Hill           Mike       03/21
                                                                                                    Jones          Mary       03/28
                                                                                                    Sw anson       Robert     03/29
                                                                                                    Weston         Paul       03/30
                                                                                                    Haw ks         Denny      03/31

 Please note that this is a club group dis-
 count only. Orders must be submitted
 through the club to get the discounted
March 2008                                                                                                                                Page 9

                          M a rc h 2 0 0 8
        Sun                  Mon                Tue               Wed                    Thu                Fri                   Sat
                    2                    3                  4                 5                      6                  7                    8
                                                                 Vettes Eat Out

    Daylight Saving 9                 10                  11                12                    13               14                     15
     Time Begins
                16                    17                  18                19                    20               21                     22
                          St. Patrick’s Day                                           1st Day of Spring   Good Friday
                23                    24                  25                26                    27               28                     29
    Easter Sunday
                30                    31

         Articles detailing the events in these calendars, may be found throughout this newsletter.

                          April 2008
        Sun                  Mon                 Tue               Wed                    Thu                Fri                  Sat
                                                            1                     2                  3                  4                    5
                                                                                                                             Chevy VetteFest
                                              April Fool’s Day   Vettes Eat Out

    Nikkos dinner     6                  7                  8                     9                10              11                      12
     Chevy VetteFest                                                                                                        Dust off your Vette’s

                13                     14     Tax Day     15                16                     17              18                      19

                20                     21     Earth Day   22                23                     24              25                      26

                27                     28                 29                30
  Fox Valley Corvette Club

327 W. Wilson Street
Batavia, IL. 60510

March 2008                                 Address Label Goes Here

Feel free to drop-in and stay awhile.
Meetings are the third Tuesday of each
We meet at the Lincoln Inn on Route 31,
Batavia, IL.
Meetings start at 7:30PM. Come early and
join us for the social hour.

         WE’RE ON THE WEB!

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