ffistoric Chrrch of the Sqcred fieqrt of Iesus

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					           ffistoric Chrrch of the Sqcred fieqrt of Iesus
                                       Third & Reed Streets, Philadelphia, PA L9L47
                                                                Rev. RobeftT. Feeney, M.Div.
                                                                 Rev. William E. Dean, M,Div.
                                                           Clinical Member - American Association of
                                                                    Marriage & Family Therapy
                                                                         Associate Pastor
                                                                     Rev. John J. Bradley
                                                                          In Residence
                                           Sacred Heaft School Ministry
                            i       Principal: Sister Patricia Maureen Mount, I.H.M.
                                  SchoolSecretary: Sister Marita Shaun Mulhall, LH.M.
             Faculty: Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and Dedicated Staff of Lay Teachers
                          Superior of the Convent: Sister Kathleen Schipani, I.H,M.
                                                    Bernadette Alessa ndron    i

             RECTORY                                       CONVENT                                             scHooL
       1404 South 3rd Street                         1420 South 3rd Street                           1329 E. Moyamensing Avenue
       Philadelphia , PA tgt47                       Philadelphia , PA L9147                                       , PA L9L47
        21s-465'40s0/40s1                                2L5-463-87t9                                        2r5-462-4t29
         Fax 215-465-0400                                                                                  Fax215-462-9429

           Scbedule of Serui,cee                                   Pqrish Slnistries qnd Orgonizotions
Saturday Vigil: 5:00 PM                                          Pastoral Council:
                                                                 nev, noOert T. feeney, Chairperson
Sundays: 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM & 11:30 AM                             Rev. William E. Dean, Co-Chairperson
Vigil of Holydays: 5:00 PM                                       Diana Stankiewicz, Vice-Chairperson
                                                                 Melody Posivak, Secretary
Holydays: 6:30 AM, 9:00, 12 Noon, 5:00         PM
                                                                 Men's Club
                                                                 President:    Mi   ke Connell 267 -97    4-8602
Christmas & New Years: Same as Sundays                           Corresponding Secreta ry: Dom Ricciuti 2 1 5-389-8035
Monday to Friday: 7:00 AM & 8:00 AM                              Women'sAuxiliary:
                                                                 President: Kathy Hewitt
                   (Summer 7:30 AM)                              Vice-President: Dennice McKelvie
Saturdays: 8:00   AM                                             Secretary: Denise Capotrio
                                                                 Treasurer: Paulette Kelly
                                                                 Future ofthe Faith: Contacts:
Sacrament of Reconciliation: Saturdays & Eve of                  Brian Donnelly: 215-389-2550
Holydays; 4:00 to 4:45 PM                                        Tom Betteridg e: 267 -632-tt36
                                                                 Music Ministry:
                                                                 Music Director: Jeremy Tiiplett: 215-435-4453
Baptisms; 1st Sunday of each month at 11:30 AM
Mass. Other Sundays at 1:00 PM. Call Rectory to                  Home & School Association Officersr
                                                                 Trish Donnelly, Kathy Hewitt, Kenny Doughefi, Jeannine McGuire,
make arranEements for Baptisms.                                  Linda Coney, Maryann Connell
                                                                 Sacred Heaft Athletics:
Office Hours:                                                    Diana Stankiewicz      2   1   5-336-9375, Angela Romano 215-462-4129
Sunday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, Monday through                        Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults:
                                                                 Patricia O'Brien 2t5-467 -7 669
Thursday B:00 am to 12:00 Noon; 1:00 pm to 6:00
                                                                 Sacred Heart of Jesus Alumni Assocation:
pm. Closed for lunch 12 Noon to 1:00 pm, Friday                  Steve & Kathy Hewitt 215-27t-7289
B:00 am to 12 Noon - no afternoon or evening hours               St. Vincent De Paul Committee: SVDP Society's Mission is to help
on Friday, Saturday - No hours except when there                 people/families when we can and/or refer them to sources of help. I
                                                                 you need help of know someone who does leave the name, address
are funerals for Mass cards and Memorials.                       phone at the Rectory so we can reach them.

                                           www.sacred hea ftch u rchsp.com
         Cbe portsh tbqt progs together, stogs together.
                                JULY I7,2OI1         Church Sanctuarv Lamp for the
                                                     Week of Julv 17. 2011
                             SIXTEENTH SUNDAY        For the Success of Our Church Roof Reoair
T')c rj!hlcous will shin(    IN ORDINARY TIMB        Campaign
       likc the sun.

                                                     Chapel Sanctuary Lamp for the
                                                     Week of Julv 17. 2011
 MONDAY, JULY 180 2011                               For the Success of Our Church Roof Repair Campaign
 ST. CAMILLUS de LELLIS, PRIEST                                              DONATION OF THE ALTAR BREAD &
  8:00                      HELEN GERVASI                                            WINE FOR MASS
                            From Bernadette Leemon                 In the early days of the Church, it was the
                                                               early Christians who brought the bread and wine
 TUESDAY, JULY                    lg,,20ll                    to the Apostles, the first priests, for the Eucharistic
  8:00        AM            SEAN McCLOSKEY           Celebration. We are asking you, the parishioners of Sacred
                            From Joe Christaldi       Heart of Jesus Parish to continue that tradition and donate
                                                           the Bread and Wine for our weekly Eucharistic
 WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 20tl                                Celebrations. To donate the Bread and Wine for the
 ST. APOLINARIS. BISHOP AND                            Eucharistic Celebration, please call Bernadette at the
  8:00        AM
            MARY DOBBINS                                                   ALTAR BREAD DONATIONS
       From Ed & Kathleen O'Mallev                                     WEEKEND OF JULY 16.17,2011
                                                                   For Peace in Our Homes and in Our Hearts
                                                                SPECIAL INTENTION ROSES
                                                           The Roses placed on our altars each week
 PRIEST & DOCTOR OF THE                                    are placed there for special people,
 CHURCH                                                special intentions and for special occasions.
 8:00 AM EDWARD CARTER                                       Please call Bernadette at the Rectory.
            (24TH ANNTVERSARY)                               The Donations for each rose is $10.00.
            From Fr. Mike                                               SPECIAL INTENTION ROSES
 FRIDAY, JULY 22,20tl                                                 FOR WEEK OF JALY 16-17,2OII
 ST. MARY MAGDALENE                                                         Blessed Mother Altur
 8:00 AM JENNIE O'MALLEY                                           For the Intercession of the Blessed Mother
                                                                             For the Special Needs of Our Parish
           From Ed & Kathleen O'Mallev
                                                                                      St. Josenh Altur
 SATURDAY, JULY t6,20tl                                                       For the Intercession of St. Joseph
 OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL                                                      For the Special Needs of Our Parish
                                                                               Stutue of the Sqcred Heurt
        From Colleen & Timmy Schaffer
                                                      For the Intercession of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for
 5:00 PM STELLA & THOMAS                                         the Special Needs of Our Parish
           From The Olson Family                               WE REMIND ALL OF'OUR
                                                            PARISHIONERS TO CONTINUE TO
                                                         CONTRIBUTE TO OUR PARISH WHILE ON
   SUMMER DA.IIY MASS SCHEDULE                                VACATION AT THE SHORE.
   During the Summer, Sacred Heart
  Parish will have only one Morning                  ffiWeFSi        DID YOU EVER THINK ABOUT
  Mass eagh day. Morning Mass will                   .I $F
                                                                         ftEMEMBERING SACRED
    be at 8:00 a,m. in the Chapel.
                                                                    .   !-

                                                                      HEART PARISH OR SACRED
                                                           ' ..;;IJJ#B*
                                                                                          HEART SCHooL IN YOUR
           SACRED HEART PARISH PRAYS                                       TUITION NEWS
           Anna Mae Brennan, Theresa Andrus, Mickey       All School Families     are reminded that the   April, May,
           Auletto, Pauline Barnett, Thomas Brown,        June, July, August and September Payments must be
           Joseph Burkhardt, Bill Dean, Sr., Michael        paid in full in order for your child/ren to return to
           Mira, Charmaine Welch, Pat Cavanaugh,                            school in September..
Olga Zaiko, Bill Carberry, Dennis Short, Donna Marie
Daly, James E. Daly, Thomas Martin, Mary Renzi,                        LATE TUITION POLICY
Pat Fleming Dougherty, John Donahue, Brian Feeney,          All School Families are reminded that for           each
Bridget Feeney, Annie Pinto, Maureen Hayden, Fred
Lynch, Margaret Mary McMenamin, Lillian Scott,
                                                          month that you are late in your tuition         a late fee of
Richard Mc Murtrie, Mary Lou Moore, John Messner,              Soh per month will be added to your tuition.
James McGarrigle, Jr., Robert O'Neill, Catherine                       The charge of 5oh will be added
Pilla,Walter Swierk, Elizabeth Olavage, Julie Pfersick,      monthly on the running overdue balance. This
Ernest St. Germain, Mary Zulewski, George Summers,          means that if you are assessed a late fee in April
Jr., Vincent Stankiewicz, Vivian Matkowski, Baby Jake
                                                             and do not make payment until August, the 57o
     May Jesus the Divine Physician, gioe
them health of mind, body, and Spirit.                    late fee for April, Muy, June and July become part
                                                             ofthe overdue amount and are part ofthe new
        THE PARISH OF SACRED HEART                                      basis for the Soh late charge.
                   REMEMBERS OUR                          It is also school policy that parishioners who do not use
                 BELOVED DECEASED                             their Sunday envelopes on a weekly basis will have
          Eileen Marandino, John McMurtrie,                 $10.00 per Sunday added to tuition for every Sunday
           Julio Quinones, Mary Flynn Fields,                   including Summer that they miss or you will be
        William McBride, Maytheir Souls and                      charged the out of parishioner rate for tuition.
     all the Souls of the Faithful Departed,                   This has been the Parish Tuition Policy for a
                Rest in Peace. Amen                       number of years and this year we will definitely be
                                                                     upholding this policy to the fullest.
                                                              We can't pay our teachers and run our school
       Staring on the First Sunday of Advent, the
   wording of some of the prayers and responses at
                                                            if school families don't pay their tuition on time.
           Mass will be changed. To help our                         SCHOOL REGISTRATION
  parishioners become acclimated with some of the                     2011.12 SCHOOL YEAR
   new wording of the prayers and responses, we                 Please call the School Office  at2l5 462 4129.
  will begin using prayer cards in September to                    ITEMS NEEDED FOR REGISTRATION:
    help all of us become familiar with the new           1.   Bring Child's Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate
 prayers and responses. The responses, which                   (if not baptized at Sacred Heart),
        will be in English, are a more proper             2.    Immunization Book/Paper, Social Security #, latest
        translation of the original Latin Mass                 report card or copy ofreport card, the latest testing
 responses. It will take a little time to get famil-
 iar with the changes in the wording of some of
                                                          3.    Registration Fee $100.00-this is non-refundable.
                                                                  Note: All New Students in Grades l-8 will be
      the prayers but we will work through it                      tested before final acceptance into Sacred Heart
                       together.                                   School.      Age Requirements
 With the new translations, we had to purchase            Pre-K (Full Day Program) Child must be at least
   two new Sacramentaries, one for the Church             4 years old by September lst.
   and one for the Chapel. The Sacramentary is            Kindergarten (Full Day Program) Child must be
the large book of prayers used by the priest and          5 years old by September 1st.
   placed on the Altar during the celebration of
                         Mass.                                                     MARKYOUR
We thank Richard & Marie McMurtrie & Family                                       CALENDARS
for donating the new Sacramentary for Church                                SATURDAY, OCTOBER IST
   donated in memory of the recently deceased                                       5KRUN
                                                                            SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8TH
  fohn McMurtrie, In September, we will need a                                  SISTERS OF IHM
     Donor for the new Sacramentary for the                                 ANNUAL CAMILLA BAZAAR
     TO RAISE MONIES FOR OUR PARISH                                      WEEKEND OF JULY 9th & l0th
                                                                 Received at the Door:              $ 217.00
      join us for a trip to the Hilton Casino on Sunday, July    First Collection 5:00 p.m. Mass: $ 600.00
       31st. Cost of the Trip is $50.00 which includes
                                                                 First Collection 7:30 a.m. Mass: $ 1114.00
  transportation on a Super Bus, Refreshments & Snacks           First Collection 9:30 a.m. Mass: $ 616.00
   served on the Bus by a Hostess. You will also receive         First Collection 1 1:30 a.m. Mass: $ 1039.25
 $30.00 back for the Slots. If interested, call215-307 -7086.    Loose Money in lst Collection:     $ 292.00
  TRIP TO NYC TO SEE THE ADDAMS FAMILY                           High School Donations:             $ 182.00
 Trip is planned for Friday, Iuly 22nd to see the play The       Grade School Donations:                  $
 Addams Family. The cost is $140,00 which includes the           Total:                             $ 4,102.25
 bus and your ticket to the show, We will leave for NY at        Other Monies Received: 7-5-11 TO 7-1L-11
2pm. You will have free time from 4pm to 7:45pm to shop          Ascension Thursday: 22.00
 & eat. We will leave NY immediately after the show. If          Grade School Tuition Collected:
            interested, please call 21 5-307   -i 086
                JUNK AND DUNK 2                                  Donations for Sisters of IHM: $39.00
As we did last year at this time, we will once again be          Special Intention Roses: $40.00
having another Junk & Dunk. Junk & Dunk 2 will be held           Sanctuary Lamp Donations: $10,00
on Thursday, July 21st. from 1l:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.in front     Altar Bread: $15.00
of the Rectory, in the Sacred Heart Garden and in the            Stole Fees for Funerals: $500.00
Rectory Parking Lot. To raise monies for our summer bills,       Candles: $93.00
we will be selling lots of "treasures" from the Rectory,         Easter Donation: $300.00
School, Church and Convent. We will also be accepting any        Donations for Utilities: $17.00
treasures (a.k.a. Junk) that you would like to donate that we    Fuel Donations: S830.00
can sell along with our treasures to raise money for our
                                                                 Parish Improvement Donations: $ I 0.00
summer bills. Treasures and Junk can be dropped off at the
                                                                 Maintenance Donations: $57.00
rectory between now and July 2lst.
We will not be accepting clothing of any kind; we ask you
                                                                 Donations in Memory of Eileen Marrandino:
to save clothing donations for the St. Vincent DePaul Truck      $ 1s0.00
which will be at Sacred Heart Parish on Thursday, August         Donation for a New Sacramentary in Memory           of
4th from 9:00a.m. to 2:00p.m..                                   John McMurtrie: $250.00
Anyone wishing to sell their own treasures at our Junk &         Money for Addams Family Trip: $420.00
Dunk can do so for a fee of $20.00 for a space in front of       Pot of Gold: $55.00
Church. Those needing a table will need to pay an extra          Campaign for Human Development: $219.00
$5.00 for the use ofone ofour tables. To reserve a spot to       Profit from June Lottery: $1,884.00
sell your treasures at Junk & Dunk 2 , please call Bemadette     Total of Special Donationsz $12,651.92
at 215-465-4050 at the rectory.                                  Total Sunday Collectiont 54,102.25
We will also be selling food on that day, our Youth Group
                                                                 Total Donations Received: $' 16,754.17
will be washing cars and we will be dunking some of our
parishioners. We will also be selling "cherries' and have           COLLECTION FOR THE SISTERS OF IHM
activities for our little ones while you are purchasing            This weekend, we will have our Monthly Collection
treasures. We made good money last year at this event and         for the Sister of IHM who minister in our School and
hope to do the same again this year.                               in our Parish. We ask your generosity as always in
Please support our summer fun and frrndraisers.                   this collection. After the Collection, we will forward
                                                                   the IHM Motherhouse. the last $10.000.00 we owe
                $econd Street Polish $ociety $ummer                      the Sisters for the Fiscal Year-2010-12.
                            Polish Party                                           PLEASE REMEMBER IO SAVE
                      "Zabawa nad Monem"                        ,":,*P*.-#&*,,,.
                    Saturday, flugust 20, 20ll                   ffisffi:P cffi
                                                                  .*} *
                 Echo's, lValnut & Old lfew lersey                                ON AUGUST 13TH & 14TH.
       fivenues, North tYiklwood, I{J 5 to I pm                                 WE KNOW YOUR COINS WILL
                  Info call   215 183-1109                                          HELP US
                                                                            REPAIR OUR CHURCH ROOF!
                                                                       CONGRATULATIONS TO THE
   JUNK AND DUNK MEETING                                               FOLLOWING SACRED HEART
        These will be a Meeting on Monday,                            HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WHO
 July l8th at 7:00 p.m. in the Rectory to finalize                    HAVE ACHIEVED HONORS ON
             plans for Junk and Dunk 2 .                             THEIR END OF THE YEAR REPORT
 Anyone who wants to help us out in any way is                             CARD
most welcome to the Meeting. We need the help
  of all of our parishioners to make this event a       John W. Hallahan High School for Girls
    social and financial success for the oarish.       first llonors: Cluistie Lichorobiec, Kirsten Hewitt,
                                                                 Kimberly Burdziak, MaryJo Lrutz,
          DADS FOR DUNKING                                              Tyler Tomaszewski
 We need some of our Dads to volunteer to go in            Second llonors: Sarah Scherer, Olivia Ramos,
         the Dunk Tank on Junk & Dunk                 Victoria Troendle, Morgan DiAntonio, Kasey Hewitt,
        Day to raise fun and funds in our                              Moira Sullivan.
parish. We ask our Dads to call the rectory and let    ConEratulations Ladies, your parish and families
us know when you can go in the Tank on Junk and                       are proud ofyou.
                     Dunk Day.
     Please call the rectory at 215-465-4050.

      These are still some Memorial Leaves
 available on the beautiful MemorialTree in the          first Honors: Tara Anne Mullen, Amanda Jo
   Foyer of our School. Leaves on the School             Robertson, Brittany Dalin, Danielle Koskinas
            Memorial Tree are $100.00.                 Second Honors: Brittany A. Malseed, Maryellen
       This is a Great Way of Remembering               Rachubinski, Shannon Farrell, Meghan Reilly
        a Graduate of Sacred Heaft School.               Congratulations ladies, we are proud of you.
We also have opportunities of remembering loved        What happened to our Gentlemen at Neumannl
ones by having a Memorial Plate placed on a desk       Goretti? None of our Gentlemen inade the Honor
    in school in the classroom of your choice.                 Roll this year. Maybe, next year!
To arrange for one of these items, please contact
                                                                   Society of St. Vincent de Paul
   2t5-465-4050 or school at 215-4624t29.
                                                                    August 2011 Clothing Drive
       ApprTroNAL rTEMS FO\ WHrCH                                   Truck will be in front of Sacred Heart
                  WE NEED DONORS                                      Rectory on Thursday, August 4th
 We still need a donor or donors for either one or                   between 9 am and 2 pm. Collecting
  both of the new stands on which the Statues of                  donations of usable men's, women's, and
      St. Patrick & St. Jude Thaddeus now rest.         children's clothing, Also, small household goods
                                                         (bed & bath linens, pots & pan, dishes, cooking
  These stands are $1,000.00 each. We still need
                                                             utensils, shoes and books). Also, small
   donors for the six new chairs in the Sanctuary,                 appliances in working order.
     these chairs are beautiful and enhance our             NO BABY EQUIPMENT! Only baby clothes.
sanctuary but they are $1200.00 each. We still need          For furniture pick-up call 215 288-8160.
  donors for the new large candlesticks beside the
                                                              INAUGURAL AtL CTASS REUNION
          pulpit; these candlesticks which are
                                                                        AT THE SHORE
       high-polished brass are $1300.00 each.
                                                            Southe ast C atholic - N eumann- G o retti -
       A11 new items in the Sanctuary will have
    Memorial Plaques placed on them. If you are
  interested in purchasing one of the new items in
                                                                 Keenan's North Wildwood, Nf
 our Sanctuary in Memory of a Loved One, please
                                                               Saturday, July 23rd 3 pm till 7 pm
           call the Rectory at2l5 465 4050.
                                                           Tickets $25 in advance-$30 atthe Door
    BECAUSE OF THE GENEROSITY OF                                All proceeds benefit the school
        SO MANY GOOD PEOPLE!                                     For Tickets or motel info call
                                                        21,5 4653779 or email: millayclub@gmail.com
                             SACRED HEART OF JESUS PARISH
                                     1404 S. 3'd Sfieet
                                  Philadelphiq Pa. 19147

Dear Parishioners, Former Parishioners, Alumni & Friends of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish,

On June 246.lcelebrated my first anniversary as the pastor of Saered Heart Parish During that
year wenve had our ups and downs but we all know that a whole lot of great things have taken
place with the help of so many good people. I ttlank our Sisters of IHM, our Faculy, ourHome &
School Associationo our Men's Club, our Ladies Auxiliary, our Future of the Faith Committee
and our Youth Cnoup for all of their help in so many ways which has helped us to accomplish so
much in one year.

We all know our Church looks great and so many things have been fixed and renovated in our
School, our Convent, our Rectory and our Chapel. All of these things were able to be done
because of lots of good people who truly love Sacred Heat of Jesus Parish and School. Our
Sisters of IHM have been paid for the first time in four years because of your monthly generosity
in the IHM Collection. Good things are happening, but it seems just when things seem to be
going in the right direction something comes along and takes the wind'out of your sails.

This summer has been a tough one. Our sunmer collections are way down and we ane struggling
to pay our bills. Lots of school families are way behind in paying their tuition and we have
teachers that need to be paid over the summer. Everyday sometling else has to be repaired. This
week, the dishwasher and the refrigerator in the rectory needed to be replaced. Both of them
were very old and ofcourse could not be repaired. Just about every weelg because ofthe age of
the buildings, we have a plumbing problem in one of our buildings..I have tried my best but I am
not a miracle worker and I need you to show your love of our parish and your parish by helping
us out in anywayyou oan.

Just recently, we found out that there is anottrer problem with the Church roof. Slate tiles and
flashing are falling offthe roof in the area between the Church Baptisty and the back door of the
oonvent. The water is not leaking into the Chrnch but as a result of the rotted wood under the
slato tiles, the missing slate tiles and the missing flashing the water from the Church roof is going
into the firs! second and third floors of the convent. The Sisters have leaks on each of the three
floors of the convent as a result of problems with the Chwsh roof. The Sisters have wet ceiling
tiles in the second and third floor hallways in the convent and new leaks in their newly renovated
kitchen on the first floor. This Tuesday, July 19s, we will begin fixing the Church roof..
The roofer said that the section of the roof that needs to be repaired is the original roof and
probably has not been touohed since the constuuction of our Church. The wood under the slate
tiles is completely rotted out and needs to be replaced in order to be able to nail new slate tiles to
the roof and reaffix the flashing on the roof. Bad news is that it will cost somewhere between
$13,000.00 and $30,000.00 to be repaired depending on what the roofers encounter as they begin
the repairs. It could also be a whole lot higher than $30,000.00.

Some of the money that I have put away for air-conditioning our Church will now have to be
used to pay our teachers' salaries during the summer and some of the money will be used as an
initial deposit for the Church roof repairs. Now, we have to raise the rest of the money for the
Churoh roof repairs through donations and fundraisers. We ask you to please support our Junk &
Dunk 2, our Trip to New York to see the Play the Addams Family and our Casino Trip. It is our
hope that Junk and Dunk 2 and these two trips will raise $1,000.00 each for our parish.
This year of 201 1 marks the 140fr Anniversary of our parish and in the early Fall we will begin
preparations for a big 140s Anniversary in the Spring. More details will be forthcoming once we
have our meotings in September

In ar-r effort to raise monies for our roof repairs in this 140th year of our existenoe as our parish, I
would like to have a very simple fundraiser on the weekend of August 13 & 14. The event will be
called a "COIN-LINE FOR A CAUSE". This is something that I saw in Ireland and it is agteilt
way of raising money without rnuch effort. It is my hope that in this the 140tr Anniversary of our
parishthat wi cao collect 140,000 ooins on the weekend of August 13ft & 14tr.

Our Parish of Sacred Heart of Jesus was built with the pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and
dollars of the Irish immigrants who built our Church and I believe that our roof can be repaired
through the pennies, nickols, dimes, quarters and dollars of our current and former parishioners.
On Sunday, August 14ft, tho Vigil of the Assumptionafterthe 11:30 a.m. Mass, we will line up
all the coins that we receive between now and Sunday, August 14s. It is my hope that we can
surround our Church with coins for our Roof Repair Project and maybe even colleot all
140,000.00 coins, which is our goal.

140,000   Pennies would raise $1,400.00 for our Roof Repair Project
140,000   Nickels would raise $7,000.00 for our Roof Repair Project
140,000   Dimes would raise 514,000.00 for our Roof Repair Project
140,000   Quarters would raise $35,000.00 for our Roof Repair Project
140,000   Half Dollars would raise $70,000.00 for our Roof Repair Project
140,000   One Dollar Bills would raise $140,000.00 for our Roof Repair Project

This idea came into my head after an unknown person left 4 buckeis of coins on the front steps of
our rectory two weel$ ago. We don't know who our donor was but we thank him/trer for their
donations. They will be the first coins that we will place on our pavement on the 14s of August.
We are asking all of our parishioners to spread the news to all of our parishioners, former
parishioners, alumni and those vacationing at the shore that Sacred Heart Parish needs their help
to repair our Church Roof. We know that in these tying financial times that finances are tight
for lots of people. In this trying time for our pmish, we are asking you to be like those who built
our parish and that you too donate your pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, hatf dollars and dollars
to help us repair our roof.

On the 14fr of Augus! we ask you to join us and line up your coins in our "Coin-Line for a
Cause". Our Cause is to Repair the Roof of the Church, a Church that We All Love So Well.           If
you will not be here on the weekend of the 13m and '14th of August and have coins that you
would like to donate for the Roof Repair ProjecL donations can be dropped offat the rectory
between now and the 14s of August. We will also be saving all the coins donated in ourPot of
Gold, for the next couple of weeks for our "Coin-Line for a Cause"

Doing this firndraiser on Mary's Weekend, we ask her intercession that this fundraising effort
will be a greatsuccess. May Mary, the Mother of the Sacred Hear and our Mother be with us on
her special Feast Day. May Pennies from Heaven fall on our Parish on the 14tr of August.
With God on our Side, all things are possible.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place ourfrust in you.

May God Bless you for all you do for our Parish.
Sincerely yours,
                            THE I-AW'OFFICES OF
     Ilrxny Lnwl-snowsrrr, III, P.C.
        Wlr,l,s     .  LrvrN<; Wrr-r.s            Powuns-ol--Al-r()nNrit\
                                                                                                  ffi              Prudential Savings Bank
             Esnll: Pr,,l.lxt;r<; . Eslxll:           At)Nr rNtsf'nA t'r( )N                     215-755-15()()                                                                     Richard S. Caoacio. D.C.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Chiropractic Physician
                                       OFFICES                                                 Bank by Phone            /
                                                                                                               Rate Line; 215-755-1505
      CRn rnn      Clt'v - Sorrru PHrr-rnl:r.r'ur,r - Nurv Jursr:v                             w.prudentialsvingsbank @m
                                                                                                                                                                                      1437 S. 2nd St.. Phila
                                                                                               Member FDIC                                                                              Hours   bV   Appointment

                                                 .,i:ilii:rtnllai;l l*ll|ogfl                                      find out how far your
                                                 Sales & Leasing Representative                                         heart can reach.
                                                      New & Pre-owned Vehicles                                     Millions of p6ople ove6eas
                                                                                                                   depend on you, Please help,
                                                 - MEMBER        OF DIOGESE               -
                                                       Phone: 215-492-17OO                                              r 888-354-006()
 www.pacificocars.com                                                                                                    ww.crs.org/cb
       6701 Essington Ave.                               Cell. 215-432-6631
                    . PA 19153                   cAilbert@pacificocars.com

UNION                                                                Serrtiwr Seniors in Soutfr Ql:ti
                                                                              L,xcellent Nursing Care
                                                                             Rehabilitation Thelapres
     ilfWn00f$ rr f,fPfi]f,9                 r                                          St. Monica Manor
      $095.00 ii $95.00
               rr low                        i                           2509 South 4th Street . Philadelphia                                          New Roofs . Repairs . Hot Asphalt
        low as
        as                            as
                                                                                              215-27r-1080                                               Rubber. Shinqles .
t{EU{ P0RCH     R00FS"H0[ C0AT|Ncl                                    www. stnonlcamanor. org
       $25o.()(} ii $195.00
                                             i                       . ' \           A ffe nfrrr lscililv ri
         lorl aS      low as
                                                                                                                                                 -   Sen,ing   All of tlte Pltiludelpltict &   Sttburban Areas
                                                                                                                                                     ffi trT] FREE ESTIMATES @IffiI -
        aS                      as           r
                                                                             I trtho!;{ tlr.r!1t! {-d!r }i:.\,r.    r
t5   YEAR GUARAI{TEE    .   FREE ESTIMATES                                   I
Frank Lubisky, Member of Resutrection
                                                               CirtholicHe:rlthCareS ervices.org                                                         215-425-255()
                                                                             Lrxsnv PHeBmacv
                                                                      S.E. CORNER 2ND & MORRIS STREETS
                                                                          PH LADELPH IA, PENNSYLVAN IA

                                                                                         ALL PLANS HONORED

                                                 ffi EDWARD HUGHES & q,gNS, tNC."s"
                                                             ffliif :B:flt['
                                                   Kitchen & Bathroom Remoderins                   .tri:l[tJ[",]                       ;fl:,i"?iZ:'."?J[:                   .Vanettes   .roiets .water Heaterl-
                                                                      @@                  FREE   EST"\,.ArES            -ff:,T':,;'lJ::1".'ll,}""1f s               -425-4737 -.                     @ffirj   "Ji::":[]f"
                                                                                                  Local Parishioner
                            Jim Masino, Agent                                                         HOUSES
               1529 S. 2nd Street, Phila., PA 19147
              5)   271-6030 Fax: (215) 2714776                                                        in AS-IS
                   JOSEPH McKENNA
     PLUMBING & HEATING                                                                               To learn all of     I
     Servicing Philly Neighborhoods for Over 2O Years                                              your oplions call Eric I
16l     Church of the SacredHcartof Jesus,Philadelphia(Rt.                                           C) JohnPatricklrublishingCompan),,lnc. (800)333 3166.                                           www.jppc.net

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