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									                          Recollect the Glorious History of Bakel

Kasargod is situated in the northern part of Kerala. This district is famous for its historical
monuments. The architectural style of its monuments is unique. Bekal fort and Chandragiri
fort are the well-maintained forts of Kasargod. This district is blessed with several forts,
hills, rivers, forests and sea shores.

Bakal fort was built by Kadampa Dynasty. It is a giant keyhole shaped fort which is
situated 16 km from the town. This ancient fort is located near the Arabian Sea. You can
have an amazing view of sea from the fort top. Bakel fort is the largest fort in Kerala and is
a big hit with visitors. It is spread over an area of 40,000 acres and grabs the attention of
the people with its amazing landscape. Some of the alluring attractions inside the fort
include water tank, big tunnel and observation tower. The place also offers you an
opportunity to enjoy the fascinating beauty of several places like Kanhangad, Kotikulam
and Pallikkare.

Bakel fort was especially constructed with an objective to keep an eye on the movements of
enemy. The observation tower of this fort meets this purpose. A temple dedicated to Lord
Hanuman is located near to this fort. This temple is called Mukhyaprana temple. Also you
can visit an ancient Mosque here which is near to this fort. They bear testimony to the age-
old religious harmony that prevailed in the region.

The fort has a zigzag entrance which makes it unique. This entrance clearly reflects the
exceptional defense strategy during earlier periods. Some holes can be seen on the outer
walls of this fort which were especially designed to protect the fort effectively. The holes at
top were meant to aim at the farthest points. And the holes below were for striking when
the enemy was nearer. The holes underneath enabled attacking when the enemy was very
near to this fort. A Facility Center is situated near to the fort. This includes a cloakroom,
information center, fruit stall, restaurant, bathrooms and a handicraft outlet function.

There is Paliakara beach that lies near to the fort. It is located 1 km away from the fort and
is also known as Bakel fort beach. The beach offers breathtaking views of the fort. It is a
perfect place for sunset viewing, evening walks and even for relaxation.

An Aqua park is also situated here which offers water sport facilities. You can enjoy water
cycling, diving and swimming here.

Bekal Fort is situated in Kasargod which is a prominent tourist attraction of Kerala. This
fort is famous for its glorious past and majestic architectural style.A Bakel Tour is a
unique experience to enjoy the spectacular beauty of this historical fort.

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