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									                                                                                                                                                                                 Established 1914

   Volume XIX, Number 72                                                                 2nd Waxing of Waso 1373 ME                                                     Saturday, 2 July, 2011

          President U Thein Sein meets
           Australian Foreign Affairs
           Minister Honourable Kevin
              Rudd MP and party
           NAY PYI TAW, 1 July— President                        of Foreign Affairs.
   of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar                              The visiting Australian delegation
   U Thein Sein received an Australian del-                      led by Minister for Foreign Affairs the
   egation led by Minister for Foreign Af-                       Honourable Kevin Rudd MP was accom-
   fairs the Honourable Kevin Rudd MP at                         panied by Australian Ambassador to the
   the President Office here this afternoon.                     Republic of the Union of Myanmar Ms.
           Also present on the occasion to-                      Bronte Moules. — MNA
   gether with President of the Republic of
   the Union of Myanmar U Thein Sein                                President of the Republic of the
   were Union Minister for Foreign Affairs
   U Wunna Maung Lwin, Union Minister                                         Union of Myanmar
   at the President Office U Soe Maung,                              U Thein Sein greets Australian
   Director-General U Min Zaw of the Presi-
                                                                    Minister for Foreign Affairs the
   dent Office, Director-General U Tin Myo
   Kyi of the Union Government Office and                                 Honourable Kevin Rudd
   Director-General U Kyaw Kyaw of the                                                MP.—MNA
   Protocol Department under the Ministry

     President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar U Thein Sein receives an Australian delegation led by Minister for
                 Foreign Affairs the Honourable Kevin Rudd MP at the President Office in Nay Pyi Taw.—MNA

           Four political objectives                                         Four economic objectives                                                 Four social objectives
     * Stability of the State, community peace and tran-    * Building of modern industrialized nation through the agricultural devel-    *   Uplift of the morale and morality of the entire nation
       quillity, prevalence of law and order                  opment, and all-round development of other sectors of the economy           *   Uplift of national prestige and integrity and preservation
     * Strengthening of national solidarity                 * Proper evolution of the market-oriented economic system                         and safeguarding of cultural heritage and national char-
     * Building and strengthening of discipline-flourish-   * Development of the economy inviting participation in terms of technical         acter
       ing democracy system                                   know-how and investment from sources inside the country and abroad          *   Flourishing of Union Spirit, the true patriotism
     * Building of a new modern developed nation in         * The initiative to shape the national economy must be kept in the hands of   *   Uplift of health, fitness and education standards of the
       accord with the Constitution                           the State and the national peoples                                              entire nation

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   2 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 2 July, 2011

         PERSPECTIVES                                                                        People’s Desire
                  Saturday, 2 July, 2011                       *   Oppose those relying on external elements, acting as stooges, holding negative views
                                                               *   Oppose those trying to jeopardize stability of the State and progress of the nation
     Take preventive measures                                  *   Oppose foreign nations interfering in internal affairs of the State
     against floods                                            *   Crush all internal and external destructive elements as the common enemy
        Monsoon wind is picking up these days
    according to observations. Along Myanmar’s
    coastal line and in offshore areas, there will
                                                              Union Foreign Affairs Minister receives Australian FM
    be squalls sometimes and moderate to large
    waves. There will more rainfalls in the
    northern parts of Myanmar as well as in
    Lower Myanmar.
        With heavy rainfall, it is likely that the
    water level of Yangon River is above tidal
    datum. Meteorology and Hydrology
    Department has announced that the water of
    Thanlwin River and Ngawun River may
    reach danger level. Some towns and villages
    may see floods due to isolated heavy rain in
    some regions.
        Preparedness measures should be taken
    in flood-prone regions to prevent
    transportation routes and houses from being                    Union Minister for Foreign Affairs U Wunna Maung Lwin receives Australian Minister of
    flooded. Preventive measures against floods                               Foreign Affairs the Honourable Kevin Rudd MP and party.—MNA
    and natural disaster must be taken in parallel
                                                                  NAY PYI TAW, 1 July—Union Minister for Foreign        Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Australian Minister
    with times. Preparations must be made to                  Affairs U Wunna Maung Lwin received visiting              of Foreign Affairs was accompanied by Ms Janelle
    maintain communication links and timely                   Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia the              Saffin MP and members of the Australian delegation,
    supply food and medicine.                                 Honourable Kevin Rudd MP and party at the                 Australian Ambassador to Myanmar Ms Bronte
        Flood-prone areas are to keep a watch on              ministry here at noon.                                    Moules and officials of Australian Embassy.
    whether or not the river water level is above                      They held discussions on promotion of                    At 1 pm, the Union Minister hosted a
    danger Level. By setting up checkpoints, they             bilateral relations and cooperation.                      luncheon to the guests at Aureum Palace Hotel in
    must keep a close watch along the river banks.                     Also present at the call were officials of the   Nay Pyi Taw Hotel Zone.—MNA
        Taking flood warnings seriously, those
    areas are to stockpile and keep bags of sand                Forestry Ministry grows saplings in                                                     NAY PYI TAW, 1
    and stones. Moreover, town and ward flood                                                                                                      July—Union Minister
    prevention groups and rescue and health
                                                                            monsoon                                                                for Forestry U Win Tun
                                                                                                                                                   planted a gum-kino
    groups need to be formed.
                                                                                                                                        Union      sapling        at      the
        In addition, preventive measures must be                                                                                                   designated place at the
    taken on a constant basis as natural disaster,                                                                                     Minister
                                                                                                                                                   rainy season tree
    including floods, may fall at any time. Local                                                                                         for
                                                                                                                                                   growing        ceremony
    administrative bodies, social organizations                                                                                        Forestry    2011 of the Ministry of
    and local people are urged to work together                                                                                         U Win      Forestry at Safari Park
    for preparedness against natural disaster.                                                                                       Tun plants    (Nay Pyi Taw) in
                                                                                                                                      gum-kino     Zeyathiri Township,
                                                                                                                                                   here, this morning.
       Yangon International                                                                                                           sapling at
                                                                                                                                                        Officials          of
       Trade Exhibition 2011                                                                                                             tree
                                                                                                                                                   universities planted

             kicks off                                                                                                                 growing     saplings.
        YANGON, 1 July — In     Managing Director U Thet                                                                              ceremony          The Union Minister
   order to show goods and      Lwin Shwe of IEMS                                                                                    of Ministry   viewed participation of
   services to the public at    Company          Limited,                                                                                  of      staff in growing saplings.
   the same venue, to have a    Managing Director U Nay                                                                               Forestry.         The         Forestry
   direct contact with          Lin Phyo of Smart                                                                                                  Ministry planted over
   international standard       Resources       Company                                                                                            1050 saplings.—MNA
   educational services, to     Limited and Managing
                                Director U Myo Ko Ko of       machines and fashion and
   manufacture         more
                                Shine       Group        of   foodstuff. The exhibition
   products with high quality
                                Companies cut the ribbon      will be kept opened from
   and to observe latest
                                to open the exhibition.       9 am to 6 pm till 4 July.
   technologies, Yangon
                                     The Chief Minister and                        NLM
   International      Trade
   Exhibition 2011 Including    guests viewed round                Yangon Region
   Global        Education      booths of international       Chief Minister U Myint
   Exhibition 2011 kicked       education, tiles home          Swe views booths at
   off today at Tatmadaw        decoration materials,         Yangon International
   Convention Hall here.        utensil and furniture,          Trade Exhibition
        Yangon Region Chief     cosmetics, travels, compu-
   Minister U Myint Swe,        ters and accessories, lace

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                                                                                                  THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 2 July, 2011 3

         Two killed, 14 injured in blast
           in Peshawar, Pakistan
       ISLAMABAD, 1 July—At least two              Nature of the blast is yet to be
   people were killed and 14 others            determined. Some local media reports
   injured in a blast late Thursday night      said that it could be a CNG cylinder
   at a market place in Peshawar in            blast of the vehicle.
   northwest Pakistan, reported local              Other details about the blast are
   Urdu TV channel ARY.                        not immediately available.
       According to the local media                On the night of 12 June, a twin
   reports, the blast took place at about      blast attack took place in a market in
   9:30 pm local time inside a vehicle at      downtown Peshawar, in which the first
   the Shoba market in downtown                blast was initially reported to be a gas
   Peshawar.                                   cylinder blast followed by a huge
       Police have arrived at the scene        suicide bomb attack which killed 39
   shortly after the explosion was             people and injured over one hundred
   reported. The injured people have been      others.                                      Policemen inspect the debris of a car destroyed in a blast in northwest
   rushed to hospital.                                                          Xinhua               Pakistan’s Peshawar on 30 June, 2011.—XINHUA

                                                              Nepalese students cross           20 civilians killed in southwest
                                                               the Trishuli river by
                                                                makeshift cables in
                                                                                              KABUL, 1 July—Altogether 20 civilians were killed on Thursday afternoon
                                                               Dhading, outskirts of      in a mine explosion in southwestern Afghan Province, Nimroz, Afghan
                                                                 the capital city of      police officer told Xinhua.
                                                                 Kathmandu, on                The explosion broke out when a bus ran over a landmine on Thursday
                                                                                          afternoon in Khash Rod District, in the north of Nimroz Province with Zaranj
                                                                  30 June, 2011.          as its provincial capital, some 790 km southwest of Afghan Capital Kabul.
                                                                      XINHUA                  “The ill-fated passenger bus hit a mine in Khash Rod District in the
                                                                                          afternoon, leaving 20 dead and the driver injured,” Mohammed Musa
                                                                                          Rasuli, deputy police chief of Nimroz Provice told Xinhua reporter on Friday
        US-led raid kills five in Afghanistan                                                 “It is Taleban who planted the landmine,” the deputy police chief said.
       KABUL, 1 July—US-          Helmand         Province.    assaults.                  Afghan Taleban are frequently engaged in IED ( Improvised Explosive
   led forces have killed at      Afghan officials say four        Afghan authorities     Device) attack, always in the forms of suicide bombing and roadside
   least    five      private     children are among the       have         repeatedly    bombing.
   security contractors and       dead.                        warned NATO forces             However, Taleban are not availble to make any comment over the
   injured nine others in              All the victims were    to     avoid     killing   incident so far.—Xinhua
   an airstrike in the            members of a family in       civilians        during
   troubled eastern Af-           a vehicle that was hit by    military operations.        An Iraqi man looks
   ghanistan.                     the blast. No group has          The attacks have         into the cabin of a
       The strike took place      claimed responsibility       left a large number of      blood-stained police
   on a NATO logistics            for the attack. Civilian     Afghan civilians dead        truck following the
   convoy in Sayedabad            casualties by US-led         since the start of the          detonation of a
   district of Wardak             foreign forces have          US-led invasion in           road side bomb in
   Province, a Press TV           been a major source of       2001. The war in              the oil-rich city of
                                                                                                 Kirkuk. The
   correspondent reported         friction between Kabul       Afghanistan,       with
                                                                                             number of Iraqis
   on Thursday.                   and Washington.              civilian and military
                                                                                           killed in violence in
       The US led forces               Hundreds of civi-       casualties at record
                                                                                                 June was the
   reportedly      hit      the   lians have lost their        highs, has become the
                                                                                              highest since the        An explosion in Afghanistan’s Jalalabad (file
   convoy after it was            lives in the US-led          longest war in US              start of the year,                    photo).—INTERNET
   attacked by militants.         airstrikes and ground        history.                    according to figures
   NATO officials claim           operations in various                        Internet     released on Friday
   they have only killed          parts of Afghanistan                                         less.—INTERNET          US official: Local cops help
   militants in the air strike.   over the past few
       In a separate deve-        months, with Afghans                                                                   fight domestic terror
   lopment, a roadside            growing frustrated over                                                                V IENNA , 1 July—The head of America’s
   bomb has killed six            the seemingly endless                                                              Homeland Security department says it is
   civilians in southern          number of deadly                                                                   increasingly recruiting local police forces to help
                                                                                                                     in tracking down US extremists planning terrorist
    Number of Iraqis killed in                                                                                           Janet Napolitano says the number of such
     June highest this year                                                                                          “home-growns” — US citizens with terrorist
                                                                                                                     intentions — is increasing and her department is
        KABUL, 1 July—The number of Iraqis killed in                                                                 reaching out more often to municipal and other
   violence in June was the highest since the start of                                                               local police departments.
   the year, according to figures released on Friday.                                                                    Napolitano spoke to reporters after addressing
       A total of 271 people — 155 civilians, 77                                                                     the Vienna-based Organization for Security and
   policemen and 39 soldiers — died in attacks last                                                                  Cooperation in Europe on joint ways to battle
   month, data compiled by the health, interior and                                                                  international cybercrime, terrorism, and trafficking
   defence ministries showed.                                                                                        in drugs, weapons and people.
                                              Xinhua                                                                                                             Internet

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   4 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 2 July, 2011

    Key colour pigment                                                                        Running and learning use same brain
     found in ancient                                                                                       waves
           birds                                                                                LOS ANGELES , 1 July—What do          waves of mice as they ran in the lab.
        MANCHESTER,1 July—An international                                                  learning and running have in common?      Specific spikes in the brain’s electrical
   team of researchers using sophisticated x-                                               They seem to use the same brain waves     activity — one way the brain cells
   ray technology has found chemical traces                                                     The pattern of brain waves, called    communicate — seemed to show an
   of a key colour pigment in 100-million         Western grebe birds are seen in           the gamma rhythm, “is known to be         increase in the gamma rhythm as the
   year old fossilized birds that once formed            2005.—INTERNET                     controlled by attention and learning,     mice moved faster.
   their feather patterns.                                                                  but we find it is also governed by how        The researchers don’t know how
        The study, reported Thursday in the     the leaders of an international team that   fast you are running,” said Mayank        this might influence the learning
   journal Science, provides a glimpse into     reported the discovery.                     Mehta of the University of California,    process in the hippocampus.
   the biochemistry of prehistoric animals           “We found a way to map it and          Los Angeles, a researcher in a new            “Deciphering the language of the
   and greater understanding of their diets     show its presence over 120 million years    study involving mice. “This research      brain is one of the biggest challenges
   and environment.                             of geological time passing,” he said.       provides an interesting link between      that human beings face,” Mehta said.
        Working at Stanford University’s             “It is a direct relationship between   the world of learning and the world of        Learning about how the brain
   National Accelerator Laboratory in           you, me, and some extremely old             speed.”                                   works can help researchers
   California, the author’s discovered          organisms.”                                     The gamma rhythm comes from           understand how the signals go awry,
   chemical traces of a pigment, known as            Using synchrotron radiation, the       the hippocampus, the part of the brain    Mehta said. “If we can learn to interpret
   eumelanin, that is one of the colouring      researchers examined two fossilized         associated with memory during             these brain oscillations, it may be
   agents responsible for brown eyes and        birds, Confuciusornis sanctus, which        concentration and learning. The           possible to successfully intervene in
   dark hair in many modern species,            lived 120 million years ago, and had the    hippocampus records facts and events      cases ranging from learning disorders
   including humans.                            first known bird-like beak, and Gansus      as they happen, holding them until        to post-traumatic stress, or even to
        “This is a pigment that evolved a       yumenensis, considered the oldest           they can be formed into long-term         mitigate the effects of cognitive decline
   very, very long time ago, but is still       modern bird, which lived more than 100      memories during sleep. (Injuries to       with aging.”
   actively synthesized by organisms on the     million years ago and looked a bit like a   the hippocampus result in damaged             The study was published 24 June
   planet,” said geochemist Roy Wogelius        modern grebe, a type of freshwater diving   ability to form new memories.)            in PLoS ONE.
   of the University of Manchester, one of      bird.—Internet                                  The researchers studied the brain                                     Internet

           Skype introduces video calling for                                                 Scam Detector iPhone app will give
                   Android phones                                                            you an education on getting ripped off
                                                phones based on Google’s Android
                                                software compete with Apple’s                   NEW YORK, 1 July—I’m familiar         what it does provide is a large
                                                FaceTime video-calling service              with Nigerian scams, but I hadn’t         encyclopedic database of the ins and
                                                launched last year for the iPhone and       heard of the docu-drama 419: The          outs of more than 350 scams —
                                                now available on its iPad 2 tablet and      Nigerian Scam, which tells a fictional    many of which I’d never heard of,
                                                Mac computers.                              account of the 419 email ruse.            like the fake hotel receptionist who
                                                     Video calling could also help new      Expanding on the knowledge gained         calls your room asking for credit-
                                                Skype owner Microsoft promote its           while making the movie, the film’s        card verification or the invitation to
                                                Windows        Phone      smartphone        creators developed the app Scam           participate in a fake bus accident.
     Skype CEO Tony Bates speaks at                                                         Detector for iPhone and iPod Touch.           The app is divided into five
                                                platform, which it is merging with
   the Verizon Press Conference on the                                                          If you’re expecting Scam Detector     sections: auto scams, face-to-face
                                                Nokia’s in an effort to become
       opening day of the Consumer                                                          to spot a shady situation for you, then   scams, Internet scams, telephone
                                                competitive with Android and Apple.
      Electronics Show (CES) in Las                                                         you’ll probably feel taken by the 99      scams and travel scams. Within each,
                                                     Skype had an average of 145
             Vegas.—INTERNET                                                                cent price tag. Scam Detector won’t       you’ll find an alphabetical list of
                                                million connected users per month in
                                                the fourth quarter of 2010. Together,       be a substitute for your intuition, but   known scams.
        LONDON, 1 July—Skype, which is          they made 207 billion minutes of                                                          Tap into a scam to see how it
   being bought by Microsoft for $8.5           calls in 2010, about 42 percent of                                                    works, and how you can avoid it.
   billion, introduced a new service on         which was video calls.                                                                The app allows you to post the scam
   Thursday allowing users of Android                Mobile video calling is in its                                                   directly to Facebook or Twitter if
   phones to make free video calls to           infancy, but the fixed-line Internet                                                  you think it’s something others need
   Skype contacts, includ-ing those on          calling market grew 12.6 percent to                                                   to be aware of ASAP.
   Apple iPhones.                               $17.3 billion last year, according to                                                     There aren’t any bells and
        The company whose name became           UK-based telecoms research firm                                                       whistles in Scam Detector — it is
   synony-mous with Internet calling in         Point Topic.                                                                          purely a text app — but it does have
   the mid-2000s said its updated Android            With the new Android Skype app,                                                  an excellent search engine. Want to
   app would initially support video            users will be able to make free one-                                                  know if that work-from-home ad is
   calling on selected HTC and Sony             to-one video calls between Android                                                    legit? The search will pull up
   Ericsson Phones, with more to follow         phones, iPhones, Mac computers,                                                       anything related.
   soon.                                        Microsoft Windows PCs and                                                                   The vast info provided makes
        “We are committed to bringing           televisions.                                                                          Scam Detector a good buy at 99
   Skype video calling to as many                    The first Android handsets to                                                    cents. In case you still don’t want to
   platforms as possible,” Skype’s product      support Skype video calling are the         The bulldozer-size ACER robot can         spend, there’s a free lite version of
   and marketing chief Neil Stevens said        HTC Desire 5, Sony Ericsson Xperia              handle tasks like clearing            the app with a portion of the
   in a statement.                              neo, Sony Ericsson Xperia pro and             explosives and hauling cargo.           information available.
        The move will help makers of            the Google Nexus S.—Reuters                              INTERNET                                                   Internet

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                                                                                                       THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 2 July, 2011 5

   Union H&T and Sports Minister receives
              Korean guests
      NAY PYI TAW, 1 July—      Seung Youn Kin and party        were Deputy Minister U
  Union Minister for Hotels     of the Republic of Korea at     Htay Aung, Director-
  and Tourism and for Sports    the ministry, here, at 1 pm     General U Aung Zaw Win
  U Tint Hsan received          today. They discussed           of the Directorate of Hotels
  President & CEO Mr Jae        promotion of hotels and         and Tourism, Managing
  Hong Park and Vice            tourism services between        Director U Hla Htay of
  President Mr Jung Jin Sang    the two countries and           MyanmaHotelsandTourism           Union Minister U Tint Hsan receives Patron of Hanwha Group Mr Seung
  and party from the Hanwha     investment matters.             Services and departmental                        Youn Kin and party of the ROK.—MNA
  Group led by Patron Mr             Also present at the call   officials.—MNA

     Jade, Gems and Pearl Special Sale                                                            Myanmar Pride International partakes in
              2011 kicks off                                                                      Yangon International Trade Exhibition
                                                                                                    Y ANGON , 1 July—      sale at special price at    9001, 2000. Those quality
                                                                                               Italian-made Ariston        Yangon International        products are available at
                                                                                               brand home decoration       Trade Exhibition-2011 on    A-1, upper Pansodan
                                                                                               materials and fans          U Wisara Road from 1 to 4   Road, eastern wing of
                                                                                               imported by Myanmar         July.                       Aung San Stadium in
                                                                                               Pride International Ltd         Sericite brand toilet   Yangon (Ph: 01-255795,
                                                                                               (Ariston), and Malaysian-   seats are installed with    251033, 09-50-25382
                                                                                               made Sericite brand basin   modern technology and       and 09-50-39245).
                                                                                               and toilet seats were on    achieved awards and ISO                         NLM

                                                                                                                                                          Myanmar Pride

                                                                                                                                                         International Ltd

                                                                                                                                                          (Ariston) during

     Local and foreign merchants view jade lots displayed in the compound                                                                                     Yangon
                       of Mani Yadana Jade Hall.—MNA
                                                                                                                                                       International Trade
       NAY PYI TAW, 1 July       competitive bidding            parking area in Nay Pyi
   —Jade, Gems and Pearl         system at the hall and in      Taw Thabyegon Market                                                                     Exhibition-2011.
   Special Sale 2011             the compound of the            where Nay Pyi Taw
   kicked off today at Mani      hall.                          Travel and Food Show                                                                           NLM
   Yadana Jade Hall near             They also observed         is being held are
   Nay Pyi Taw Myanma            gems and pearl lots            crowded with local and              Researchers analyze gene changes in
   Gems Museum.                  which will be sold under       foreign gems merchants
       In the morning,           tender and competitive         and visitors. Gems shops                     ovarian cancer
   local and foreign gems        bidding system at              in Mani Yadana Jade          L O S A N G E L E S , 30      14,000 women in the         other genes also played
   merchants examined            Myanma             Gems        Hall are also packed withJune—Researchers                  United States each year.    a role in ovarian cancer,
   lots of jade which will       Museum.                        buyers.                  analyzing the genetic             It’s usually not spotted    though to a much lesser
   be sold under tender and          Jade Garden and                                MNA  makeup of ovarian                 until at an advanced        extent, the researchers
                                                                                         cancer tumours have               stage.                      reported. Among them
                                                                   People trying to quit
                                                                                         found a gene mutation                  The gene sequencing    were the BRCA1 and
                                                                  smoking are twice as
                                                                                         that is surprisingly              was carried out by The      BRCA2 genes, which
                                                                 likely to succeed when
                                                                                         frequent, suggesting it           Cancer Genome Atlas, a      increase the risk of
                                                                 they get mobile-phone
                                                                                         plays a key role in               federally        funded     breast and ovarian
                                                                     text messages to
                                                                                         driving the cancer.               network of medical          cancer.
                                                                    encourage them,
                                                                                             The          finding,         centres that analyzed            “In other cancers,
                                                                  according to a study
                                                                                         appearing                 in      316 ovarian tumours.        there are usually several
                                                                 reported on Thursday
                                                                                         Thursday’s issue of the                Scientists found       genes that are involved”
                                                                 by The Lancet medical
                                                                                         journal Nature, may               that 96 percent of the      on almost equal footing,
                                                                                         eventually lead to tests          tumours had mutated         said one of the study
                                                                                         for earlier diagnosis of          TP53 genes. The             authors, Dr David
         Programme shrinks time-to-treatment                                             the disease and to better         mutations were not          Wheeler of Baylor
                                                                                         treatment.       Ovarian          present in normal           College of Medicine.
                 for heart attack                                                        cancer kills nearly               tissue from the patients,   “This is an unusual
       NEWYORK, 30 June—        Carolina, a new study           generally need coronary        perform emergency           showing they arose          pattern.” The new work
   The time it takes to         finds. It included 436          angioplasty to open            coronary angioplasty, in    within the tumours.         “is producing impressive
   transfer heart attack        patients with ST-               blocked coronary ar-           which a balloon-tipped      Normally, the gene          insights     into     the
   patients to hospitals that   elevation myocardial            teries within 90 minutes       tube is threaded through    directs the cell how to     biology” of ovarian
   provide      emergency       infarction (STEMI), the         of first being assessed        an artery in the heart.     make a protein that acts    cancer, Dr Francis
   coronary angioplasty         most lethal form of heart       by emergency medical           The balloon is then         as a tumour suppressor,     Collins, who heads the
   was greatly reduced          attack that occurs when         personnel.                     inflated to open the        keeping cells from          National Institutes of
   when a statewide trans-      a large area of the heart            However, only 25          artery and restore blood    growing and dividing        Health, said in a
   fer programme was            is deprived of blood            percent of hospitals in        flow.                       uncontrollably.             statement.
   launched in North            supply. These patients          the United States can                           Internet        Alterations in nine                     Internet

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   6 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 2 July, 2011

       Harmonious contributions of people toward
                  tourism industry
                                                                                                             Article & Photos: Yan Gyi Aung
           Geographical conditions of Myanmar are                rooms each. At that time, the number of hotel rooms
    appropriate for tourism industry. Archaeological regions     could not hit less than 100. During five years period, the
    such as Bagan, Mandalay, MraukU and so on,                   hotel service gained progress significantly.
    archaeological buildings and handicrafts attract the                As Nay Pyi Taw is the capital of the nation, State
    tourists. Likewise, Inlay Lake, Indawgyi Lake and            level ceremonies, ministerial ceremonies and international
    snow-capped Mount Khakaborazi are tourist                    level ceremonies are often held at hotels in the Nay Pyi
    destinations. Moreover, tourists can take relaxation at      Taw Hotel Zone. Recently, hotel receptionist course,
    natural beaches namely Chaungtha and Ngwehsaung.             hotel room keeping course, beverages catering service
           Thus, the number of tourists paying visits to         course and beverages production course were conducted
    Myanmar has been increasing year by year. About              for enabling the hotel staff to become proficient staff
    800,000 tourists visited Myanmar in 2010 indicating a        members so as to provide accommodation services to
    3.8 per cent increase when compared with the previous        the guests. Opening the courses was aimed at turning
    year. Over 140,000 tourists arrived in Myanmar during        out the skilled and proficient hotel staff. At present,
    the period from January to April this year, increasing       arrangements are being made for conducting more
    over 30,000 more tourists than the same period of last       courses in Bagan Hotel Zone and other hotel zones.
    year.                                                               In fact, the tourism industry is a business with the
           With the aim of achieving greater success in the      participation of the majority of private sector. The           Photo shows the booth of Ministry of Hotels
    tourism industry, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism         government is to adopt necessary policies, rules and
                                                                                                                                              and Tourism.
    formed the Myanmar Tourism Board to do the works             regulations for coordination of smooth working processes.
    in cooperation with the international travel entrepreneurs   Most of the incomes from the industry flows into the                 Eleven associations under the Myanmar Tourism
    and companies.                                               private sector.                                               Board of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and 11
           The Myanmar Tourism Board was constituted                    Better services play an important role in              hotel zones are promoting the hotels and tourism
    with 11 associations namely the Myanmar Hoteliers            development of tourism industry. Not only hotel service       services in their respective sectors. While the Myanmar
    Association, the Union of Myanmar Travels Association,       but also tourism service is necessary to provide better       Tourism Board advertises prices of tour package, the
    the Myanmar Market Promotion Committee, the                  services to the guests for their convenient traveling and     Myanmar Market Promotion Committee announces
    Myanmar Hotels and Tourism Skilled Employees                 accommodation. Better hotel services are to be combined       suitable tourist destinations and hotels with the use of
    Association, the Myanmar Tour Guides Association,            with politeness and hospitality of Myanmar traditions.        tourist spots. Souvenirs shops also sell region-wise
    the Myanmar Restaurant Entrepreneurs Association,                   In the past, the tourism service was run as a          souvenirs including Bagan ancient bronze works to be
    the Myanmar Tourism Transport Entrepreneurs                  State-owned industry. By promulgating the law and             able to attract the guests.
    Association, the Myanmar Tourism Souvenirs Shops             bylaws, the people was allowed to freely engage in hotel             Other countries are trying to win the interest of
    Association, the Myanmar Internal Tourism Services           service, tourism service, transport service and tour          foreign tourists on traditional foods. Likewise, the
    Association, the Myanmar Tourism Health and General          guide service for 20 years. At present, there are over        show introduces Myanmar traditional foods to the
    Services Association and the Myanmar Hotels and              700 hotels and inns in 46 towns. Exactly, there are 22        foreigners.
    Tourism Training Schools Association. The board was          foreign invested hotels, four foreign joint venture hotels,          At the same time, hotel zones put landmarks of
    formed with the aim of systematically developing hotels      nine State-owned hotels and 678 private-owned hotels,         the regions and souvenirs on display whereas tourism
    and tourism services.                                        totaling 713 hotels that comprise 24,234 rooms. About         training schools serve the guests with Myanmar
           With a view to performing coordinated works for       700 tourism companies and over 4000 multi-language            traditional foods at the show.
    hotel services, a total of 11 hotel zones have been          tour guides come into service. In the past, the best hotels          The Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, the
    formed in Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan,              in Yangon were Inya Lake Hotel, Thamada Hotel and             Myanmar Tourism Board, hotel service, tourism
    Chaungtha, Ngwehsaung, Taunggyi (Inlay),                     the Strand Hotel. Beginning 1992, the national                service, souvenir shops, transport service, tour guides,
    Mawlamyine, Bago, Rakhine and Golden Triangle                entrepreneurs have built hotels, motels and inns. Now,        health care service and human resource development
    regions.                                                     over 180 hotels and inns can give service to the guests       display tourist destinations and services with the use of
           Of them, Nay Pyi Taw Hotel Zone is gaining            at about 7600 rooms. Likewise, the hotels set the Master      neat and smart vinyl photos, paintings, documentary
    development in leaps and bounds in a short period.           Plans for hotel service, room service and construction        video and small scales. A total of 24 restaurants from
    There are 24 hotels in Nay Pyi Taw and plans are under       services.                                                     Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon sell clean and fresh foods
    way to build over 50 hotels. In 2006, the hotel service             At the same time, remarkable progress can be           to the guests.
    commenced its functions there with five hotels. Some         seen in restaurant service, souvenir shop service, hotels            The tourists from various countries can
    hotels comprised about 30 rooms each and some 15             and tourism training schools and health care services         thoroughly know about the tourist destinations across
                                                                 related to the tourism industry.                              the nation on one-stop visit and they will have the
                                                                        However, the progress of tourism industry in           opportunity to taste delicious Myanmar traditional
                                                                 Myanmar cannot be on a par with other countries. Visits       foods at the show. Thus, the show will contribute much
                                                                 of tourists in neighbouring countries are more than that      to promotion of Myanmar tourism industry.
                                                                 of Myanmar yearly. As such, Myanmar sough the                        While striving for successfully holding the show,
                                                                 appropriate ways and means for development of hotels          the Myanmar Tourism Board coordinates with its
                                                                 and tourism industry.                                         subordinate associations for ensuring sustainable
                                                                        At present, the Nay Pyi Taw Travel Mart & Food         development of the tourism industry.
                                                                 Show is being held at the car parking of Nay Pyi Taw                 In fact, the tourism industry can contribute to
                                                                 Thabyegon Market as part of efforts to promote hotels         increasing incomes of not only hotels and tourism
                                                                 and tourism services. The show will introduce tourist         entrepreneurs and companies but also souvenir shops,
                                                                 destinations and Myanmar foods to the foreign gem             restaurants, vendors, taxi drivers, trishaw drivers and
                                                                 merchants who are attending the Jade, Gems and Pearl          pony-cart drivers of the respective regions. That is
                                                                 Special Sales 2011 at Mani Yadana Jade Hall in Nay Pyi        why all the people are to harmoniously participate in
                                                                 Taw. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Hotels          the tasks for gaining greater progress of the tourism
                                                                 and Tourism, the Myanmar Tourism Board organizes              industry.
                   Souvenirs for tourists.                       the show from 1 to 13 July for the first time in Myanmar.                        Translation: TTA

2-7-2011 NL.pmd                             6                                                                           7/2/2011, 6:39 AM
                                                                                                THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 2 July, 2011 7

           Rakhine State Ministers reshuffled                                               Ayeyawady Region Ministers reshuffled
         NAY PYI TAW, 1 July—The President Office of the Republic of the Union               NAY PYI TAW, 1 July—The President Office of the Republic of the Union of
    of Myanmar issued Order No. 37/2011 today.                                           Myanmar issued Order No. 38/2011 today.
         The Order No. 37/2011 is as follows:-                                               The Order No. 38/2011 is as follows:-

                    Republic of the Union of Myanmar                                                    Republic of the Union of Myanmar
                            President Office                                                                    President Office
                          (Order No. 37/2011)                                                                 (Order No. 38/2011)
                         1st Waxing of Waso, 1373 ME                                                           1st Waxing of Waso, 1373 ME
                                (1 July, 2011)                                                                        (1 July, 2011)
                  Reshuffle of Ministers of Rakhine State                                          Reshuffle of Ministers of Ayeyawady Region
          The following Ministers of Rakhine State submitted by the Rakhine State               The following Ministers of Ayeyawady Region submitted by the Ayeyawady
    Chief Minister were appointed at the ministries shown against each in accord         Region Chief Minister were appointed at the ministries shown against each in accord
    with the Paragraphs (e) and (f) of Section 262 of the Constitution of the            with the Paragraphs (e) and (f) of Section 262 of the Constitution of the Republic
    Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Paragraph (c) of Article 19 of the Union           of the Union of Myanmar, Paragraph (c) of Article 19 of the Union Government
    Government Law and Paragraph (g) of Article 8 of Region or State Govern-             Law and Paragraph (g) of Article 8 of Region or State Government Law.
    ment Law.
                                                                                             (a)   Col Maung Maung Win       Ministry of Security and Border Affairs
        (a)    Col Htein Lin            Ministry of Security and Border Affairs
                                                                                             (b)   U Win Ko Ko               Ministry of Finance and Revenue
        (b)    U Soe Aye                Ministry of Finance and Revenue
                                                                                             (c)   U Tin Soe                 Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Breeding
        (c)    U Kyaw Thein             Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Breeding
                                                                                             (d)   U Soe Myint               Ministry of Forestry and Mines
        (d)    U Aung Than Tin          Ministry of Forestry and Mines
                                                                                             (e)   U Hla Khaing              Ministry of Planning and Economics
        (e)    U Mya Aung               Ministry of Planning and Economics
                                                                                             (f)   U Than Tun                Ministry of Transport
        (f)    U Kyaw Khin              Ministry of Transport
                                                                                             (g)   U Saw Mya Thein           Ministry of Electric Power and Industry
        (g)    U Tha Lu Chay            Ministry of Electric Power and Industry
        (h)    U Hla Han                Ministry of Development Affairs                      (h)   U Kyaw Win Naing          Ministry of Development Affairs
        (i)    Dr Aung Kyaw Min         Ministry of Social Affairs                           (i)   U San Maung               Ministry of Social Affairs

                                                   Sd/Thein Sein                                                                             Sd/Thein Sein
                                                      President                                                                                 President
                                         Republic of the Union of Myanmar                                                          Republic of the Union of Myanmar

          Magway Region Ministers reshuffled                                                         Shan State Ministers reshuffled
          NAY PYI TAW, 1 July — The President Office of the Republic of the Union             NAY PYI TAW, 1 July — The President Office of the Republic of the Union
     of Myanmar issued Order No. 39/2011 today.                                          of Myanmar issued Order No. 40/2011 today.
          The Order No. 39/2011 is as follow:-                                                The Order No. 40/2011 is as follow:-

                    Republic of the Union of Myanmar                                                    Republic of the Union of Myanmar
                            President Office                                                                    President Office
                          (Order No. 39/2011)                                                                 (Order No. 40/2011)
                          1st Waxing of Waso, 1373 ME                                                          1st Waxing of Waso, 1373 ME
                                  (1 July, 2011)                                                                       (1 July, 2011)
                Reshuffle of Ministers of Magway Region                                                Reshuffle of Ministers of Shan State
           The following Ministers of Magway Region submitted by the Magway                   The following Ministers of Shan State submitted by the Shan State Chief
     Region Chief Minister were appointed at the ministries shown against each in        Minister were appointed at the ministries shown against each in accord with the
     accord with the Paragraphs (e) and (f) of Section 262 of the Constitution of the    Paragraphs (e) and (f) of Section 262 of the Constitution of the Republic of the
     Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Paragraph (c) of Article 19 of the Union          Union of Myanmar, Paragraph (c) of Article 19 of the Union Government Law
     Government Law and Paragraph (g) of Article 8 of Region or State Government         and Paragraph (g) of Article 8 of Region or State Government Law.
                                                                                             (a) Col Aung Thu                     Ministry of Security and Border Affairs
         (a) Col Arnt Zaw                    Ministry of Security and Border Affairs         (b) U Khun Thein Maung               Ministry of Finance and Revenue
         (b) U Kyi Min                       Ministry of Finance and Revenue                 (c) U Sai Sa Lu                      Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock
         (c) U Aung Naing                    Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock                                                Breeding
                                             Breeding                                        (d) U Sai Aik Paung                  Ministry of Forestry and Mines
         (d)   U Thein Tun                   Ministry of Forestry, Mines and Energy          (e) U Thaung Shwe                    Ministry of Planning and Economics
         (e)   U Myint Naing                 Ministry of Planning and Economics              (f) U Sai Naw Kham (a)               Ministry of Transport
         (f)   U Win Pe                      Ministry of Transport                               U Tin Tun Aung
         (g)   U Win Myint Maung             Ministry of Electric Power and Industry         (g) U Sai Tun Yin                    Ministry of Electric Power and Industry
         (h)   U Nay Shin                    Ministry of Development Affairs                 (h) U Tu Maung                       Ministry of Development Affairs
         (i)   U Aung Kyaw Min               Ministry of Social Affairs                      (i) Dr Myo Tun                       Ministry of Social Affairs

                                                       Sd/ Thein Sein                                                                        Sd/ Thein Sein
                                                          President                                                                             President
                                             Republic of the Union of Myanmar                                                      Republic of the Union of Myanmar

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   8 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 2 July, 2011

                  Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Speaker                                                                             State Constitutional
                    receives Australian FM                                                                                 Tribunal hears
                                                                                           NAY PYI TAW, 1 July—
                                                                                                                        submission No. 1/2011
     Pyidaungsu                                                                       Pyidaungsu         Hluttaw
                                                                                      Speaker U Khin Aung                     NAY PYI TAW, 1 July—The State Constitu-
        Hluttaw                                                                                                       tional Tribunal comprising the Chairman of the
                                                                                      Myint received the visiting
        Speaker                                                                                                       State Constitutional Tribunal and members heard
                                                                                      Australian delegation led by
        U Khin                                                                        the Honourable Kevin            the submission No. 1/2011 in accord with the
     Aung Myint                                                                       Rudd MP, Minister of For-       Article 13 of the State Constitutional Tribunal at
                                                                                      eign Affairs of Australia, at   Office No. 1 at 10.30 am today.
                                                                                      the Hluttaw Building here                                                    MNA
                                                                                      this morning.
                                                                                           Also present at the call
                                                                                      were Pyidaungsu Hluttaw
                                                                                                                         Regional development
      delegation                                                                      Deputy Speaker U Mya             work in Nay Pyi Taw Lewe
       led by the                                                                     Nyein, chairmen and mem-
                                                                                      bers of Pyithu Hluttaw and          Township inspected
     Honourable                                                                       Amyotha Hluttaw commit-
     Kevin Rudd                                                                       tees, Hluttaw representa-
                                                                                                                               NAY PYI TAW, 1       trance road to Nay Pyi
     MP, Minis-                                                                       tives and officials, Ms                                       Taw airport and visited
                                                                                                                      July —Union Minister at
      ter of For-                                                                     Janelle Saffin MP, Austral-                                   Gwaydaukyoe Lake in
                                                                                                                      the President Office Chair-
                                                                                      ian Ambassador to the Re-                                     Lewe Township. He then
     eign Affairs                                                                                                     man of Nay Pyi Taw
                                                                                      public of the Union of                                        gave instructions on dig-
     of Australia.                                                                                                    Council Mayor U Thein
                                                                                      Myanmar Ms Bronte                                             ging of ponds at the lake
                                                                                                                      Nyunt attended a meet-
         MNA                                                                          Nadine Moules and offi-                                       for private fish breeding
                                                                                                                      ing on renovation of
                                                                                      cials from the embassy.                                       and reclamation of land
                                                                                                                      Mingalar       Lake      at

           Union Minister for I&P
        receives Korean Ambassador
      NAY PYI TAW, 1 July— tion and National Registra- of Population Department
   Union Minister for tion Department, Acting Di- and Head of Office U Than
   Immigration and Popula- rector-General U Aung Chit Naing Tun.—MNA

                                                                                       Union Minister at the          Phaungdaw Chatma Pa-          for cultivation.
                                                                                          President Office            goda in Ward-3 in Lewe                 Later, the Union
                                                                                       Chairman of Nay Pyi            Township here on 29 July      Minister visited the brief-
                                                                                       Taw Council Mayor              and left necessary instruc-
                                                                                          U Thein Nyunt                                             ing hall for Yan Aung
                                                                                       inspects construction          tions.                        Myin advanced land rec-
                                                                                        of a tar road to Nay                   Next, the Union      lamation, met with the
                                                                                         Pyi Taw Airport.             Minister        inspected     farmers and left necessary
                                                                                                 MNA                  tarmacking of the en-         instructions. —MNA

      Union Minister for Immigration and Population U Khin Yi receives
              Ambassador of ROK Mr Kim Hae-Yong.—MNA
   tion U Khin Yi received
   Korean Ambassador to
   the Republic of the Union
                                     Union Commerce
   of Myanmar Mr. Kim Hae-
   Yong at the Ministry, here,
                                     Minister receives
   this morning.
        They       discussed         Indonesian guests
   cooperation in immigration        N AY P YI T AW , 1    sia and party at the
   tasks between the two na-     July—Union Minister       ministry here today.
   tions. Also present at the    for Commerce U Win            They discussed pros-   call were Deputy Minister        Union Minister for Commerce U Win Myint
   call were Deputy Minister     Myint received Deputy     pects for trade and eco-   for Commerce Dr Pwint            receives Deputy Minister of Commerce Mr
   U Kyaw Kyaw Win, Di-          Minister of Commerce      nomic cooperation be-      San, directors-general,
   rector-General U Maung                                                                                                 Mahendra Siregar of Indonesia and
                                 Mr Mahendra Siregar of    tween the two countries.   managing directors and
   Maung Than of Immigra-                                      Also present at the
                                 the Republic of Indone-                              officials.—MNA

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                                                                                                  THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 2 July, 2011 9
                                                                                              NAY PYI TAW, 1 July—      appointed as ministers at   Minister for Planning and
     Second-day Special session (1\2011) of                                              The second-day of
                                                                                         Special Session (1\2011)
                                                                                                                        reformed ministries are:
                                                                                                                        Defence         Services
                                                                                                                                                    Economics, Myingyan
                                                                                                                                                    Township Constituency-
        First of Mandalay Region held                                                    of Mandalay Region             Personnel Representative    1 representative U Kyaw
                                                                                         Hluttaw continued at           Col Aung Kyaw Moe was       Hsan as Minister for
                                                                                         Mandalay Region Hluttaw        appointed as Minister for   Transport, Chanmyathazi
                                                                                         today, attended by Region      Security and Border         Township Constituencey-
                                                                                         Chief Minister U Ye            Affairs, Maha Aungmyay      1 representative Dr Myint
                                                                                         Myint, Region Hluttaw          Township Constituency -     Kyu as Minister for
                                                                                         Speaker U Win Maung,           1 representative U Aung     Electric Power and
                                                                                         Deputy Speaker U Aung          Moung as Minister for       Industry, Aungmyay-
                                                                                         Htay Kyaw, region              Finance and Revenue,        thazan Township Con-
                                                                                         ministers and region           TadaU Township Consti-      stituency-2 representative
                                                                                         Hluttaw representatives.       tuency-1 representative U   U Phone Zaw Han as
                                                                                              The Region Hluttaw        Myint Than as Minister      Minister for Develop-
                                                                                         speaker sought approval        for Agriculture and         ment      Affairs      and
                                                                                         for list to be appointed at    Livestock Breeding,         Mandalay           Mayor,
                                                                                         the ministries in the region   Kyaukse        Township     Minister for Develop-
                                                                                         submitted to the President     Constituency-2 repre-       ment Affairs and Aung-
                                                                                         by the chief minister and      sentative U Than Soe        myaythazan Township
                                                                                         then           announced       Myint as Minister for       Constituency-1 represen-
                                                                                         confirmation as all            Forestry and Mines,         tative Dr Win Hlaing as
           First Mandalay Region Hluttaw holds second-day of Special
                                                                                         Hluttaw repre-sentatives       Myingyan Township           Minister for Social Affairs.
                               Session 1/2011.                                           approved.                      Constituency-2 repre-            The meeting came to
                                          MNA                                                 Name list to be           sentative U Aung Zan as     an end at 10:8 am.—MNA

     First Sagaing Region Hluttaw special
        session continues for fourth day
        NAY PYI TAW, 1 July —   Region Ministers and       explanation by Minister for
   The fourth-day special       representatives.           Security and Border
   session 1/2011 of First          Submission of pro-     Affairs Col Kyi Naing and
   Sagaing Region Hluttaw       posal, supporting the      seeking approval of the
   was held at the meeting      proposal, holding dis-     Hluttaw were carried out.
   hall of Sagaing Region       cussions on the proposal       The meeting came to
   Hluttaw at 10 am today,      approved by the Hluttaw    an end at 10.50 am.
   attended by Region Chief     to discuss, making                              MNA
   Minister U Tha Aye,
                                  The fourth-day special session 1/2011 of First
   Speaker of the Region
                                     Sagaing Region Hluttaw in progress.
   Hluttaw U Thin Hlaing,
   the Deputy Speaker, the

                                                                                         were present, accounting       Representative       Col    Economics, Maubin
      Ayeyawady Region Hluttaw holds second-                                             for cent per cent.             Maung Maung Win for         Township Constituency
            day Special Session 1/2011                                                       The Speaker sought         Ministry of Security and    No. 2 representative U
                                                                                         the     approval     for       Border          Affairs,    Than Tun for Ministry
       N AY P YI T AW , 1       Ayeyawady       Region     the Region Ministers and      assignment of Region           Myaungmya Township          of Transport, Wakhema
   July— The second-day         Hluttaw at 10 am today,    representatives.              Ministers      at    the       Constituency No. 2          Township Constituency
   special session 1/2011 of    attended by Region Chief       Speaker U Hsan            ministries.                    representative U Win Ko     No. 1 representative U
   First Ayeyawady Region       Minister U Thein Aung,     Hsint announced the               The        reformed        Ko for Ministry of          Saw Mya Thein for
   Hluttaw was held at the      the Speaker and Deputy     validity of the session as    ministries were Defence        Finance and Revenue,        Ministry of Electric
   meeting       hall     of    Speaker of the Hluttaw,    all 71 representatives        Services      Personnel        Kyonpyaw Township           Power and Industry,
                                                                                                                        Constituency No. 2          Laymyethna Township
                                                                                                                        representative U Tin Soe    Constituency No. 1
                                                                                                                        for     Ministry      of    representative U Kyaw
                                                                                                                        Agriculture          and    Win Naing for Ministry
                                                                                                                        Livestock Breeding,         of Development Affairs
                                                                                                                        Hinthada      Township      and Bogale Township
                                                                                                                        Constituency No. 1          Constituency No. 2
                                                                                                                        representative U Soe        representative U San
                                                                                                                        Myint for Ministry of       Maung for Ministry of
                                                                                                                        Forestry and Mines,         Social Affairs.
                                                                                                                        Zalun         Township          The special session
                                                                                                                        Constituency No. 1          1/2011 of the First
                                                                                                                        representative U Hla        Ayeyawady       Region
       The second-day special session 1/2011 of First Ayeyawady Region Hluttaw in progress.                             Khaing for Ministry of      Hluttaw ended at 10.20
                                                       MNA                                                              Planning             and    am.—MNA

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   10 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 2 July, 2011

     Second-day special session 1/2011 of Magway                                                                                  POEM:

                Region Hluttaw held                                                                                               Myanmar Women’s Day
                                                                                                                              *        Kith and kin in harmony
                                                                                                                                       Prosperity Myanmar has
                                                                                                                                       Calmness in our land
                                                                                                                                       Hands join for vigor
                                                                                                                              *        Myanmar women of noble mind
                                                                                                                                       High is their spirit in unity
                                                                                                                              *        On July the third
                                                                                                                                       Smart are Myanmar women
                                                                                                                              *        Developing with heartiness
                                                                                                                                       A moment of advantage
                                                                                                                              *        In nation-building
                                                                                                                                       Supporting ever with vigor
                                                                                                                              *        Advancing with glory
                                                                                                                                       Prosperity and enthusiasm
           The second-day special session 1/2011 of First Magway Region Hluttaw in progress.                                           Dynamism they do have
                                                           MNA                                                                         Perseverance always in fore
        NAY PYI TAW, 1 July—     session as all 68 repre-       ture and Livestock           The special session 1/           *        Myanmar Women’s Day anniversary
   The second-day special        sentatives were present, ac-   Breeding, U Thein Tun 2011 of the First Magway                         Really an honor for creators
   session 1/2011 of First       counting for cent per cent.    for Ministry of Forestry Region Hluttaw ended at
   Magway Region Hluttaw              The Speaker sought        and Mines, U Myint Naing 10:15 am.                                           Hailing Myanmar Women’s Day
   was held at the meeting       the approval for assign-       for Ministry of Planning                      MNA                                         Win Mya Aye (Trs)
   hall of Magway Region         ment of Region Ministers       and Economics, U Win
   Hluttaw at 10 am, attended    at the ministries.             Pe for Ministry of
   by Region Chief Minister           The ministries to be      Transport, U Win Myint           First Shan State Hluttaw special
   U Phone Maw Shwe,             reconstituted were Col         Maung for Ministry of
   Speaker of the Hluttaw U      Arnt Zaw for Ministry of       Electric Power and               session continues for second day
   Ye Myint, the Deputy          Security and Border            Industry, U Nay Shin for
   Speaker, the Region Min-      Affairs, U Kyi Min for         Ministry of Development
   isters and representatives.   Ministry of Finance and        Affairs and U Aung Kyaw
        The Speaker an-          Revenue, U Aung Naing          Min for Ministry of Social
   nounced the validity of the   for Ministry of Agricul-       Affairs.

    Rakhine State reconstitutes State Ministries at
         Special Session 1/2011 of Hluttaw

                                                                                                       The second-day special session 1/2011 of First Shan State
                                                                                                                     Hluttaw in progress.—MNA

                                                                                                   NAY PYI TAW, 1 July       Township Constituency          Tachilek Township Con-
                                                                                              — The second-day spe-          (2), as Minister for Finance   stituency No (1); as Min-
                                                                                              cial session of First Shan     and Revenue; U Sai Sa Lu       ister for Development Af-
                                                                                              State Hluttaw (1/2011)         of Kutkai Township             fairs; and Dr Myo Tun of
                                                                                              was held at the meeting        Constituency No (2), as        Kunlong Township Con-
                                                                                              hall of Shan State Hluttaw     Minister for Agriculture       stituency No (2); as Min-
                                                                                              at 10 am, attended by State    and Livestock Breeding;        ister for Social Affairs.
          The second-day special session 1/2011 of First Rakhine State                        Chief Minister Sao Aung        U Sai Aik Paung of                  The proposal of U
                          Hluttaw in progress.—MNA                                            Myat, Speaker of the State     Hsenwi Township Con-           Aung Kyaw Nyunt of
             NAY PYI TAW, 1 July — The                    The ministries to be recons-        Hluttaw U Sai Lon Hsai,        stituency No (2), as Min-      Yaksawk Township Con-
   second-day special session 1/2011 of          tituted were Col Htein Lin for Ministry of   the Deputy Speaker, the        ister for Forestry and         stituency No (1) approved
   First Rakhine State Hluttaw was held at       Security and Border Affairs, U Soe Aye       Region Ministers and rep-      Mines; U Thaung Shwe           by the Hluttaw to discuss
   the meeting hall of Rakhine State Hluttaw     for Ministry of Finance and Revenue, U       resentatives.                  of Kalaw Township Con-         was under discussions by
   at 10 am, attended by State Chief Minis-      Kyaw Thein for Ministry of Agriculture            First, the Chief Minis-   stituency (1), as Minister     seven State representa-
   ter U Hla Maung Tin, Speaker of the           and Livestock Breeding, U Aung Than          ter submitted the list of      for Planning and Econom-       tives.
   Hluttaw U Htein Lin, Deputy Speaker U         Tin for Ministry of Forestry and Mines, U    ministers to be appointed      ics; U Sai Naw Kham (a)             Next, the Hluttaw
   Tha Nyunt, the State Ministers and rep-       Mya Aung for Ministry of Planning and        at reconstituted ministries    U Tin Tun Aung of              Speaker sought the ap-
   resentatives.                                 Economics, U Kyaw Khin for Ministry          in the state to the Hluttaw.   Hsipaw Township Con-           proval of the Hluttaw and
             The Speaker announced the va-       of Transport, U Tha Lu Chay for Ministry          Defence Services          stituency No (1), as Min-      approved it.
   lidity of the session as all 47 representa-   of Electric Power and Industry, U Hla        Personnel representative       ister for Transport; U Sai          Then Shan State Chief
   tives were present, accounting for cent       Han for Ministry of Development Af-          Col Aung Thu would be          Tun Yin of Taunggyi            Minister delivered an
   per cent.                                     fairs and Dr Aung Kyaw Min for Minis-        appointed as Minister for      Township Constituency          address, and the meeting
             The Speaker sought the approval     try of Social Affairs. The special session   Security and Border Af-        No (1), as Minister for        came to an end at 11:10
   for assignment of State Ministers at the      1/2011 of the First Rakhine State Hluttaw    fairs; U Khun Thein            Electric Power and Indus-      am.
   ministries.                                   ended at 10:07 am.—MNA                       Maung of Taunggyi              try; U Tu Maung of                                  MNA

2-7-2011 NL.pmd                             10                                                                       7/2/2011, 6:39 AM
                                                                                                       THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 2 July, 2011 11

   First Taninthayi Region Hluttaw special
       session continues for second day
        NAY PYI TAW, 1 July       reconstituted ministries in   Minister for Agriculture
   — The second-day special       the region was presented      and Livestock Breeding;
   session of First Taninthayi    to the Hluttaw and it was     U Thein Lwin of Kyunsu
   Region Hluttaw (1/2011)        approved unanimously.         Township Constituency No
   was held at the meeting             Defence Services         (1), as Minister for Forestry
   hall of Taninthayi Region      Personnel representative      and Mines; U Than Aung
   Hluttaw at 10 am, attended     Col Zaw Lwin would be         of Dawei Township
   by Region Chief Minister       appointed as Minister for     Constituency No (1), as             First Taninthayi Region Hluttaw Special second-day session in
   U Khin Zaw, Speaker of         Security and Border           Minister for Planning and                                  progress.— MNA
   the Region Hluttaw U Htin      Affairs; U Myat Ko of         Economics; Dr Kyaw Hsan
   Aung Kyaw, the Deputy          Dawei         Township        of Myeik Township
                                                                                                Power and Industry; U          Minister for Development Minister for Social Affairs.
   Speaker, the Region            Constituency No (2), as       Constituency No (2), as
                                                                                                Aung Kyaw Kyaw Oo of           Affairs; and U Win Swe of   The meeting came to
   Ministers              and     Minister for Finance and      Minister for Transport; Dr
                                                                                                Bokpyin      Township          Pulaw          Township an end at 10.08 am.
   representatives.               Revenue; Dr Win Aung of       Win Aung of Kawthoung
                                                                                                Constituency No (2); as        Constituency No (1); as                        MNA
        First, the plan to        Launglon Township             Township Constituency No
   appoint the ministers at the   Constituency No (1), as       (2), as Minister for Electric

        First Kachin State Hluttaw special                                                         First Special Meeting of Kayah State
         session continues for fourth day                                                           (1/2011) continues for second day
                                                                                                    NAY PYI TAW, 1 July—       speaker, state ministers and       The Hluttaw speaker
                                                                                                Second-day session of First    state hluttaw represen-        submitted the President’s
                                                                                                Special Meeting of Kayah       tatives.                       proposal of the list of
                                                                                                State (1/2011) continued            The Kayah State           nominees to be appointed
                                                                                                at Kayah State Hluttaw in      hluttaw speaker annou-         as ministers at the ministry
                                                                                                Kayah State at 10 am,          nced validity of the meeting   in Kayah State.
                                                                                                attended by the Kayah          as all representatives were        The meeting came to
                                                                                                State Chief Minister,          present at the meeting and     an end at 10:10 am.
                                                                                                hluttaw speaker, deputy        start of the meeting.                                MNA

          First Kachin State Hluttaw Special fourth-day session in
       NAY PYI TAW, 1 July        Minister U La John Ngan       discussions on the proposal
   — The fourth-day special       Hsai, Speaker of the State    approved by the Hluttaw
   session of First Kachin        Hluttaw U Ra Wun Jon,         to discuss and seeking
   State Hluttaw (1/2011)         the Deputy Speaker and        approval of the Hluttaw
   was held at the meeting        representatives.              were carried out.
   hall of Kachin State               Submission          of        The meeting came to
   Hluttaw at 10 am,              proposal, supporting the      an end at 11.05 am.
   attended by State Chief        proposal,        holding                            MNA         First Kayah State Hluttaw Special second-day session in progress.

      Cash donation ceremony for promotion                                                              Foreigners visit Nay Pyi Taw
          of university sports standard
                                                                                                         Travel Mart & Food Show
                                                                             Managing                NAY PYI TAW, 1 July—In accord                  The foreigner guests viewed
                                                                            Director U          with the directives of the Ministry of          photos, paintings, scale models and
                                                                             Sai Sharn          Hotels and Tourism, Nay Pyi Taw                 Myanma Traditional handicrafts
                                                                              and wife          Travel Mart & Food Show is being held           displayed at the show by 11
                                                                             Daw Khin           for the first time, here, from 1 to 13 July.    associations and 11 hotel zones under
                                                                            Saw Hlaing               Local and foreign gem merchants            the Myanma Tourism Board. They
                                                                                                attending the Jade, Gems and Pearl              bought fresh Myanmar traditional
                                                                             present K
                                                                                                Special Sales 2011 visited the show             foods from 24 restaurants.
                                                                            200 million
                                                                                                today.                                                                          MNA
                                                                             to Union
                                                                            Minister for
                                                                            Education             Foreign guests arrived to visit jade,
                                                                              Dr Mya
                                                                            Aye. —MNA                gems and pearl special sales
       NAY PYI TAW, 1 July—       Education Dr Mya Aye.         Sharn and wife Daw                  N AY P YI T AW , 1 July — For               by Managing Director U Hla Htay,
   In order to promote sports         On behalf of the          Khin Saw Hlaing of Wai          promotion of Myanma tourism, Nay                General Manager U Win Hlaing and
   standard of the Arts and       well-wishers, Manager         Family Gems Co Ltd.             Pyi Taw Travel Show and Food Show               staff of the ministry. They then,
   Science universities           Dr Aye Aung of Wai                 Deputy Minister U          are being held here from 1 to 13 July           presented Nay Pyi Taw guide
   under the Ministry of          Family Gems Co Ltd            Ba Shwe spoke words of          in accord with the directives of the            pamphlets and gifts to the guests.
   Education, 2 nd cash           explained the purpose of      thanks. Wai Family              Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. More                Similarly, 979 foreigners from
   donation ceremony was          donation.The Union            Gems Co Ltd made                than 400 foreigners, who arrived in             Macao and Hong Kong arrived here by
   held at the ministry here      Minister accepted K 200       donation in 2010 for the        Myanmar by charter flight to visit              charter flight yesterday morning and
   today with an address by       million donated by            first time.                     jade, gems and pearl special sales,             they were welcomed by officials of the
   Union Minister for             Managing Director U Sai                          MNA          were welcomed yesterday morning                 ministry.— MNA

2-7-2011 NL.pmd                             11                                                                          7/2/2011, 6:39 AM
   12 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 2 July, 2011

          17thYear Anniversary of                                    CLAIMS DAY NOTICE                                                CLAIMS DAY NOTICE
                                                                  MV PLATINUM EMERALD VOYNO(PE040N)                              MV BIENDONG TRADER VOY NO (1136)
             Dr. Maung Maung                                        Consignees of cargo carried on MV PLATINUM                       Consignees of cargo carried on MV BIENDONG
        (Departed on 2nd July 1994)                            EMERALD VOY NO (PE040N) are hereby notified that                 TRADER VOY NO (1136) are hereby notified that the
                                                               the vessel will be arriving on 3.7.2011 and cargo will be        vessel will be arriving on 2.7.2011 and cargo will be
           We truly cherish the special place                  discharged into the premises of S.P.W(7) where it will lie       discharged into the premises of A.W.P.T where it will
       in our hearts that will always be reserved              at the consignee’s risk and expenses and subject to the          lie at the consignee’s risk and expenses and subject to
                                                               byelaws and conditions of the Port of Yangon.                    the byelaws and conditions of the Port of Yangon.
                         for you.                                                                                                    Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am
                                                                    Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am
        Dearly missed and will forever remain                                                                                   to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claims Day now
                                                               to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claims Day now
                   in the hearts of…                                                                                            declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo
                                                               declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo
                                                                                                                                from the Vessel.
                                                               from the Vessel.
                  Daw Khin Myint & Family                                                                                            No claims against this vessel will be admitted after
                                                                    No claims against this vessel will be admitted after
                                                                                                                                the Claims Day.
                                                               the Claims Day.
                                                                                                                 SHIPPING AGENCY DEPARTMENT
                                                                        SHIPPING AGENCY DEPARTMENT                    MYANMA PORT AUTHORITY
                                                                             MYANMA PORT AUTHORITY                 AGENT FOR: M/S CHINA SHIPPING
                                                                            AGENT FOR: M/S HUB LISA TAN               (MALAYSIA) AGENCY SDN BHD
                                                               Phone No: 256916/256919/256921           Phone No: 256908/378316/376797
                                                               China’s first module of planned space station
                                                                   to undergo final testing before launch
                                                                  BEIJING, 1 July—Chi-          engineering.
                                                               na's first module of a               After passing exami-
                                                               planned space station has        nations upon leaving the
                                                               been transported to a            factory, the unmanned
                                                               launch center in western         space vehicle was taken
      Visually impaired people read Braille books at           Gansu Province where it          to Jiuquan Satellite
       the Chinese National Library for the Blind in           will undergo final tests         Launch Center in Gansu
      Beijing, China, on 30 June, 2011. The Beijing-           before its scheduled             on Wednesday, said the
       based Chinese National Library for the Blind            launch later this year.          spokesman. China plans          Villagers stage a prehispanic ceremony during the
        opened a new location on Tuesday. The new                 Designed to serve as a        to launch Tiangong-1 and        19th National Chaccu and 18th International Vicugna
    location has 28,000 square metres and is divided           platform for China's fu-         Shenzhou-8 spacecraft in        Festival, at the Pampa Galeras-Barbara D’Achille-
        into many sections that include training and           ture spacecraft to rendez-       the latter half of this year,   Ayacucho National Reserve, Peru, on 27 June, 2011.
         exhibition areas. The new library boasts a            vous and dock with in            and they will perform the       Around 600 villagers participated in the ceremony to
      collection of over 50,000 Braille books, large-          outer space, Tiangong-1          nation's first space dock-      honor the Inca and the “marriage” of vicugnas, as
     lettered books and audio-books. Facilities in the         will be carried into space       ing.—Xinhua                      well as the “apus” (gods) and nature.—XINHUA
      library are designed in a user-friendly way for          on a Long March II-F
       blind people. China has 12.33 million visually          carrier rocket, according           Humans must guard against                                  China’s submersible
          impaired people, according to the China              to a spokesman for
    Disabled Persons' Federation (CDPF).—XINHUA                China's manned space                animal disease risk: WHO                                  to go 5,000 metres deep
                                                                                                    BEIJING, 1 July— China must adopt a holistic ap-             in Pacific Ocean
         Old tickets and the memory of yesteryear                                               proach to addressing food safety challenges connected
                                                                                                                                                                JIANGYIN, 1 July—The
       BEIJING, 1 July—Train       as these made good gifts.   done to mimic details of         to the risk of contracting infectious diseases from
                                                                                                contact with animals, the World Health Organization          Jiaolong,         China's
   miniatures, commemora-             "The high-end technol-   the original trains," he said.                                                                manned deep-diving sub-
   tive coins, first day covers    ogy and manufacturing       Stamp collectors, too, are       (WHO) has said. Peter Ben Embarek, food safety
                                                                                                officer at WHO's China office, said the country faces        mersible, began its jour-
   and especially the old tick-    technique applied to the    getting in on the act and                                                                     ney on Friday for a 5,000-
   ets of the Beijing to Shang-    original CHR380BL en-                                        risks connected to the need to produce more meat, eggs
                                                               lining up for the com-                                                                        meter dive in the Pacific
   hai rail route are selling      gines for the Beijing-                                       and milk to feed its growing population. He said the
                                                               memorative first day cov-                                                                     Ocean, following last
   fast and furious as the new     Shanghai High-speed                                          increased production will ramp up the risk of people
                                                               ers and special postal                                                                        year's successful 3,759-
   high-speed trains start         Railway mean the models                                      being infected by food-borne diseases because of poor
                                                               chops.                                                                                        metre dive.
   their runs. Models of the       have to be really well                                       slaughtering oversight and the absence of proper sur-
                                                                                    Xinhua                                                                      The Jiaolong, de-
                                                                                                veillance and inspection systems.
   bullet trains are selling for                                                                                                                             signed to reach a depth of
                                                                                                    About 50 percent of pigs in China are slaughtered
   20 yuan ($3.1) to as much                                                                                                                                 7,000 metres, completed
                                                                                                outside of formal facilities without the inspection of
   as 2,000 yuan for the more                                                                                                                                17 dives in the South
                                                                                                veterinarians or food safety officers. He said poorly
   intricately detailed.                                                                                                                                     China Sea from 31 May
                                                                                                trained producers have little or no awareness of food
       One retailer surnamed                                                                                                                                 to 18 July last year, with
                                                                                                safety or the risk of animal diseases being passed on to
   Chen said he had already                                                                                                                                  the deepest reaching
                                                                                                humans. Such an environment could lead to the emer-
   sold more than 200 mini-                                                                                                                                  3,759 metres with three
                                                                                                gence of a new pandemic of influenza. During the past
   atures in the past week,                                                                                                                                  crew members on board.
                                                                                                60 years, 30 percent of the 335 new infectious diseases
   many of them priced over                                                                                                                                     It makes China the fifth
                                                                                                worldwide were transmitted through food, he said. Yet
   the 1,000 yuan range.           The first day cover commemorating the start of                                                                            country, following the
                                                                                                in many parts of China, public awareness remains low
   Chen said several buyers        the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railways is a                                                                             United States, France,
                                                                                                about such things.—Xinhua
   ordered more than one set                  popular souvenir.—XINHUA                                                                                       Russia and Japan, to
                                                                                                                                                             have the technology to
      Breastfeeding mothers warned about painkiller use                                                                                                      send a manned dive over
       SYDNEY, 1 July—Breastfeeding mothers should limit their use of codeine-                                                                               3,500 metres below sea
   containing painkillers to four days as they can cause harm, an Australian doctor                                                                          level.
   warned on Friday. The warning is being discussed at a meeting of anesthetists in                                                                                            Xinhua
       "New mothers should limit their use of codeine-containing painkillers to no                                                                             Humans must guard
   more than four days and, if they feel drowsy while taking this medication, cease
                                                                                                                                                               against animal dis-
   its use and have their baby examined by a doctor for signs of drowsiness," Sydney's
   Royal North Shore Hospital anesthetist Dr Gavin Pattullo said.—Xinhua                                                                                       ease risk.—XINHUA

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                                                                                              THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 2 July, 2011 13

                                                          ‘Polite’ burglar breaks into the wrong house Suspect stole
                                                             Police said a New Jersey woman who discovered an intruder in her home police cruiser
                                                         told them the man said he had “meant to break into” a different house.
                                                             Maria Cardona, 39, of Vineland said she returned home after noon during arrest
                                                         Monday and discovered a man had entered her house by cutting through the                   The lawyer for a
                                                         screen of a back door, The Press of Atlantic City, NJ, reported Thursday.             Kentucky drunk driv-
                                                             Cardona said the man told her he was “looking for a guy named Greg.”              ing suspect accused of
                                                             Cardona, who lives at house number 1022, said the man told her he was             stealing a police cruiser
                                                         looking for 1021. “I’m so sorry. I meant to break into 1021,” she quoted him          during his arrest
                                                         as saying.                                                                            blamed his client’s
                                                             She said the man offered to repair the screen but she declined and asked          actions on the influence
                                                         him to leave. “He was really polite,” Cardona said. “He just scared me,               of alcohol.
                                                         though. I just wanted him to get out.”                                                     Heritage Creek
                                                             Police said they are searching for the suspect.                                   police said Theodore
      In this photograph,                                                                                                                      Bickel of Louisville
      Gildan Activewear,
                               Alligator found on 24-mile La bridge                                                                            was handcuffed and
                                                                                                                                               placed in the back of a
      Gildan Activewear          Authorities       in    reported Thursday.            him, grab his tail and                                  police cruiser 19 June
                             Louisiana said a 6-foot         Sgt Michael Kelly,        just start walking
           breaks the                                                                                                                          when he managed to
                             alligator found on the      Daw’s       supervisor,       backward with him,”
                                                                                                                                               remove his seat belt,
       Guinness Record       Lake Pontchartrain          arrived soon after the        Kelly said.
                                                                                                                                               move his handcuffed
                             Causeway may have           officer.                          He said the alligator
      for World’s Largest                                                                                                                      hands to his front, make
                             fallen from a truck             “He was on all            was lassoed and pulled
        T-shirt on on 11                                                                                                                       his way to the front seat
                             crossing the bridge.        fours,” Kelly said            onto a construction                                     of the car and speed off
       June, 2011 at the         Causeway officer                                      company’s truck while         New facilities for the
                                                         Wednesday of the                                                                      in the vehicle, The
                             Tiffany Daw respond-                                      awaiting Louisiana             rescue centre that
         CMA Festival.                                   gator. “But you could                                                                 Louisville Courier-
                                                                                       Department of Wildlife             rehabilitates
                             ed to reports Saturday      tell he was stunned,                                                                  Journal        reported
                                                                                       and Fisheries officers.      confiscated wildlife in
                             of an alligator on the      kinda dazed. I thought,                                                               Thursday.
                                                                                                                        Nicaragua are
                             24-mile bridge and          ‘We can’t just leave him          Department offi-                                         Bickel, 25, crashed
                                                                                                                      established. These
                             discovered the reptile      here in the road.’”           cials said the gator may                                the car a few miles away
                                                                                                                    new facilities, located
                             in the southbound span          Kelly said the            have been illegally                                     and it flipped over a
                                                                                                                    on the outskirts of the
                             of the bridge about nine    alligator attempted to        caught and transported.                                 guardrail onto the roof.
                                                                                                                         capital city of
       N e w s               miles from Metairie,        bite him, but the animal          They said an in-              Managua, was
                                                                                                                                               Bickel fled the scene
                                                                                                                                               and was arrested the
                             The New Orleans             seemed slow and weak.         vestigation is under          officially open on on
      A l b u m              Times-Picayune                  “So I ease up behind      way.                             30 June, 2011.
                                                                                                                                               following day, police

                             Man gets two years for Paris                                                           Rachel Weisz revamps home
                              Hilton burglary attempt                                                                    for Daniel Craig
                                 LOS ANGELES, 1 July— A man who tried to break                                           L ONDON , 1 July—
                             into Paris Hilton’s house while wielding two large                                     Actress Rachel Weisz
                             knives was sentenced to two years in prison on                                         has given her home a
                             Wednesday. Nathan Lee Parada, 32, has already spent            Paris Hilton
                                                                                                                    makeover so that her
                             about 10 months behind bars since being arrested at the                                husband Daniel Craig
                             socialite’s Los Angeles home last August.                 Jessica Alba’s               can move in.
                                 Hilton posted a photo on her Twitter page of police   simple beauty                     The “Whistleblo-
                             outside her house and a man in handcuffs. She wrote,                                   wer” actress who
                             “just got woken up to a guy trying to break into my          routine                   secretly wed Craig in
                             house holding 2 big knifes (sic).” Parada was convicted        L ONDON , 1 July—       New York last week has
    A model poses on the
                             of one count of attempted first-degree residential        Actress Jessica Alba says    employed a team of
      hair style show of
                             burglary in April after jurors spent less than an hour    her beauty routine is very   builders to completely
     China International
                             deciding his fate. He faced a three-year term. Van Nuys   simple and she uses          modernise her north
      Hair and Beauty
                             Superior Court Judge Michael Kellogg recommended          sunscreen everyday to        London townhouse,                Rachel Weisz
    Festival held in China
                             that he receive mental health counseling while in         keep her skin glowing.       which she used to share
    National Agriculture
     Exhibition Centre in
                             prison.—Reuters                                           The 30-year-old actress      with ex-partner Darren Aronofsky,            reports
                                                                                       is currently pregnant                         
      Beijing, capital of     Catherine Zeta-Jones named                                                                                            “Darren is not here,
          China, on                                                                    with her second child and
                                                                                                                                               he lives in New York
       29 June, 2011.         most beautiful British woman                             says her simple beauty
                                                                                                                                               now. Rachel’s not here
            XINHUA                LONDON, 1 July—Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones          routine has always
                             has been named the most beautiful British woman           worked for her, reports                                 but has commissioned
                             alive in a new poll. The 41-year-old Welsh topped                                     all this work to be done
                             the list after beating much younger British beauties,          “My mother always                                  on the place,” said a
                             including Cheryl Cole, 28, and Kelly Brook, 31,           told me to wash my face                                 neighbour.
                             reports the Daily Express. Zeta-Jones is at number        every night, wear                                            “By the looks of
                             4 in the all-time list, with ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’     sunscreen during the day                                things, it is going to be
                             star Audrey Hepburn, who died in 1993, at number          and drink plenty of water.                              completely modernised,
                             one. Hollywood’s last great old school star Elizabeth     It’s simple but I like to       Actress Jessica Alba so that she and Daniel
                             Taylor came second in the poll, followed by Princess      think that it works for                                 can make a fresh start
                             Diana at the third spot. The survey, of 2,000 men                                      blush, my grandmother together and Rachel
                             and women viewers, was carried out by shopping            me,” she said. Another
                             channel QVC to mark its beauty month. Also in the         family trick Alba swears     would apply lipstick on won’t be affected by
                             top 10 are actresses Keira Knightley, Kate                by is to use her lipstick    her lips, cheeks and eyes. memories of her former
                             Beckinsale and TV presenter Holly Willoughby.             on her cheeks, saying:       I still do that today.”    partner,” he added.
    Catherine Zeta-Jones                                                  Internet     “Before there was cream                        Internet                  Internet

2-7-2011 NL.pmd                       13                                                                     7/2/2011, 6:39 AM
   14 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 2 July, 2011

                                                             Germany beats Nigeria 1-0 in                                Messi can win over Argentine
                                                                Women’s World Cup                                           fans at Copa America
                                                               FRANKFURT, 1 July—Germany reached the Wom-                  BUENOS AIRES, 1 July—     starts romancing the
                                                            en's World Cup quarterfinals, beating Nigeria 1-0           Believe it or not, Lionel    crowds when Argentina
                                                            Thursday when Simone Laudehr scored on a thunder-           Messi has something to       opens the 3-week Copa
                                                            ous volley during a 54th-minute goalmouth scramble          prove. He needs to show      America — the South
                                                            in a surprisingly tight game. Goalkeeper Nadine             Argentine fans he's the      American championship
                                                            Angerer celebrated her 100th international appear-          world's greatest soccer      — Messi has rarely played
                                                            ance with a shutout. The host nation, which has won         player when wearing the      with the same allure for
                                                            both its games, looked hardly convincing in the three-      country's famous blue-       Argentina as he has for
   Germany's Simone Laudehr, center scores the goal         week tournament it is favored to win.                       and-white shirt. Messi       Barcelona — and never
    during the group A match between Germany and               After France routed Canada 4-0 to also advance,                                       when it counts. Argentina
      Nigeria at the Women’s Soccer World Cup in            Germany must beat its neighbor Tuesday if the two-                                       exited last year's World
   Frankfurt, Germany, on 30 June, 2011.—INTERNET           time defending champions are to win Group A. Ni-                                         Cup with a humiliating 4-
                                                            geria was eliminated along with Canada. The United                                       0 loss in the quarterfinals
     Brazil need to improve, says                           States (1-0) plays Colombia in Group C on Saturday                                       to Germany. Messi didn't
                                                            in Sinsheim. "We are happy to advance, but we have                                       score during the entire
             coach Lima                                     to work on our game," Germany coach Sylvia Neid                                          tournament.
       FRANKFURT, 1 July—Brazil coach Kleiton Lima          said.With Nigeria needing a victory to stay in conten-                                       Everything is now set
   admitted his team need to improve if they want to        tion, Germany understood the task. But despite the                                       for Messi to excel. An
   lift a first World Cup title after battling 1-0 past     support of a 48,817 sellout crowd, it managed little                                     elite power without much
   Australia in their Group D opener here.                  beyond territorial domination.—Internet                          Argentina's             recent success, Argentina
       Although Lima said he had not been surprised                                                                          Lionel Messi            is the host. —Internet
   by the level of play shown by the young Matildas,            Germany WCup is ‘home’
   his side needed to focus on lifting their performance
                                                                 game for USA’s Krieger                                  Sharapova’s off day good enough
   if they want to improve on their silver four years
   ago."We have to improve," said Lima of the two-             HEIDELBERG, 1 July—       that was all the convinc-         for Wimbledon final return
   time Olympic silver medallists.—Internet                Ali Krieger didn't know       ing Krieger needed to pack         LONDON, 1 July—Maria     memory though after a
                                                           anyone in Germany, didn't     her bags and move half-        Sharapova, the glamour       day that did little to alter
      Kvitova makes Wimbledon                              speak a word of the lan-      way across the world.          girl of women's tennis,      the perception that the
                                                           guage. But Germany had            Now, thanks to that        showed she is not averse     women's         game      is
    final after silencing Azarenka                         a professional women's        bold gamble, Krieger is        to winning ugly as she       struggling without the ri-
       L ONDON , 1 July— year, dominated the first soccer league and the US              back in Germany, starting      overcame some jitters to     valries that have fueled
   Eighth-seeded Czech set but then lost her way didn't four years ago, and              as a defender for the United   set up a Wimbledon final     interest in the men's game.
   Petra Kvitova showed the as the Belarussian fourth                                    States in the Women's          against Petra Kvitova on     Not that Sharapova was
   greater will, ambition and seed took the second in                                    World Cup. "It's like com-     Thursday. The 24-year-       too concerned.—Internet
   control of her nerves to her first grand slam semi-                                   ing back to my home," the      old Russian served 13
   overcome         Victoria final appearance after                                      defender said on Thurs-        double faults on her way
   Azarenka 6-1 3-6 6-2 in a four previous last-eight                                    day. "I feel so comfort-       to a 6-4 6-3 defeat of
   topsy- The Czech, a defeats.                                                          able. I feel happy and ex-     Germany's Sabine Lisicki
   beaten semi-finalist last        Kvitova, however,                                    cited. I'm so happy I get to   to reach the final for the
                                continued to go for her                                  show the girls where I've      first time since she burst
                                shots and came back                                      lived the past three-and-a-    into the spotlight by
                                strongly to take the third                               half, four years, and show     winning the 2004 title as     Maria Sharapova of
                                and become the first left                                them around a bit and show     a carefree 17-year-old.      Russia celebrates after
                                hander to make the Wim-        US soccer player          them why I love the coun-          Eighth seed Kvitova         defeating Sabine
                                bledon women's final                Ali Krieger          try so much."—Internet         silenced the wailing Vic-    Lisicki of Germany in
      Petra Kvitova of the      since Martina "I can't say                                                              toria Azarenka 6-1 3-6 6-    their semi-final match
   Czech Republic shakes anything, I'm so happy,"
      hands with Victoria       said Kvitova, who will           S P O R T S                                            2 to reach her first grand
                                                                                                                        slam final. Neither match
                                                                                                                                                       at the Wimbledon
                                                                                                                                                     tennis championships
     Azarenka of Belarus        face Maria Sharapova in                                                                 will live long in the        in London.—INTERNET
     after defeating her in Saturday's final after the        Ochocinco gets 150-mph ride
    their semi-final match 2004 champion beat Ger-
                                                                     with Burton                                        Nadal looks to keep Murray waiting
       at the Wimbledon         man wild card Sabine                                                                       LONDON, 1 July—Rafael     Britain's 75-year wait to
    tennis championships Lisicki in straight sets.             HAMPTON , 1 July—
                                                                                                                        Nadal        takes      an   crown a new men's singles
    in London.—INTERNET                           Internet Chad Ochocinco turned                                        11-4 winning record into     champion.He is also wary
                                                           to NASCAR on Thursday
      France routs Canada 4-0 at                           in his ongoing search for
                                                                                                                        his Wimbledon semi-final     of a Scottish opponent
                                                                                                                        against Andy Murray, but     keen to make up for his
         women’s World Cup                                 thrills away from the foot-
                                                           ball field. Ochocinco was
                                                                                                                        insists history will count   straight sets defeat to the
       B OCHUM , 1 July—                                                                                                for nothing in Friday's      world number one at the
                                                           strapped in for the ride as   Cincinnati Bengals foot-       Centre Court blockbuster.    same stage of the tourna-
   Gaetane Thiney of France
                                                           Jeff Burton drove his No.     ball     player    Chad        Nadal, the defending         ment 12 months ago.
   scored twice in a 4-0 rout
                                                           31 car around Atlanta         Ochocinco and NASCAR           champion, is aware that          "Last year I beat him in
   of Canada on Thursday, all
                                                           Motor Speedway on             Sprint Cup driver Jeff         Murray is riding a wave of   the semi-finals, but it was a
   but assuring the French a
                                                           Thursday. Burton esti-        Burton talk with the me-       emotion from a public        very close match, even if it
   quarterfinal spot and leav-
   ing their opponents on the                              mated he reached speeds       dia in victory lane after      desperate to see an end to   was in straight sets," said
   brink of an early                                       of 150 to 160 miles per       their high-speed laps in                                    Nadal. "The match will be
   exit.Thiney scored in the                               hour with Ochocinco. That      Burton's car at Atlanta                                    very difficult for me. I think
   24th and 59th minutes, and                              seemed        to    satisfy     Motor Speedway on                                         he's playing at a very, very
   Camille Abily's header                                  Ochocinco, who climbed          Thursday.—INTERNET                                        high level. For me, the last
   from a corner kick put the                              out and said "That was        sure Burton was ready to                                    few months of Andy have
   outcome beyond doubt in                                 nice. That was real nice."    push the Chevrolet."I                                       been very, very good. It'll
   the 66th before 16,591 fans.            Canada's            Before the laps,          asked him to let loose,"           Spanish player           be a big challenge."
                       Internet      Christine Sinclair    Ochocinco said he made        Ochocinco said.—Internet            Rafael Nadal                                Internet

2-7-2011 NL.pmd                          14                                                                     7/2/2011, 6:39 AM
                                                                                           THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 2 July, 2011 15
                                                            Summary of observations recorded at 09:30 hr.         (Kaba-Aye) and (16.14) inches at Mandalay. Maximum
                  WEATHER                              M.S.T. During the past 24 hours, weather has been          wind speed at Nay Pyi Taw was (6) mph from
                                                       partly cloudy in Magway Region, rain have been isolated    Northeast at (09:30) hours MST on 1-7-2011.
                  Friday, 1st July, 2011
                                                       in Lower Sagaing Region and Kayah State, scattered in           Bay Inference: Monsoon is moderate to strong in
     Weather Map of Myanmar and Neighbouring Areas                                                                the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal.
                                                       Upper Sagaing, Mandalay and Ayeyawady Regions,
                                                       Shan and Kayin States, fairly widespread in Bago Region,        Forecast valid until evening of the 2nd July
                                                                                                                  2011: Rain will be scattered in Lower Sagaing,
                                                       Chin and Mon States and widespread in the remaining        Mandalay and Magway Regions, fairly widespread in
                                                       Regions and States with regionally heavyfalls in Mon       Upper Sagaing Region, Shan, Chin and Kayah States
                                                       State and isolated heavyfalls in Upper Sagaing Region      and widespread in the remaining Regions and States
                                                       and Mon State. The noteworthy amounts of rainfall          with likelihood of isolated heavyfalls in Rakhine and
                                                       recorded were Thandwe (3.82) inches, Bilin (3.70)          Mon States. Degree of certainty is (100%).
                                                       inches, Hkamati (3.43) inches, Theinzayat (3.11)                State of the Sea: Squalls with moderate to rough
                                                       inches, MraukU (2.99) inches, Sittway (2.95) inches,       seas are likely at times off and along Myanmar Coasts.
                                                                                                                  Surface wind speed in squalls may reach (35) to (40)
                                                       Kyauktaw and Pyu (2.83) inches.                            mph.
                                                                            Nay Pyi Taw                                Outlook for subsequent two days: Continration
                                                            Maximum temperature on 30-6-2011 was 90°F.            of increase rain in the Lower Myanmar Area.
                                                       Minimum temperature on 1-7-2011 was 76°F. Relative              Forecast for Nay Pyi Taw and neighbouring
                                                       humidity at (09:30) hours MST on 1-7-2011 was (92%).       area for 2nd July 2011: One or two rain. Degree of
                                                       Rainfall on 1-7-2011 was (0.15) inch.                      certainty is (80%).
                                                                          Nay Pyi Taw (Airport)                        Forecast for Yangon and neighbouring area for
                                                                                                                  2nd July 2011: Some rain with temporary heavyfalls.
                                                            Maximum temperature on 30-6-2011 was 87°F.            Degree of certainty is (100%).
                                                       Minimum temperature on 1-7-2011 was 73°F. Relative              Forecast for Mandalay and neighbouring area
                                                       humidity at (09:30) hours MST on 1-7-2011 was (84%).       for 2nd July 2011: Isolated rain. Degree of certainty is
                                                       Rainfall on 1-7-2011 was (0.04) inch.                      (80%).
                                                            Rainfall on 1-7-2011 was (0.16) inch at                    Weather Outlook for the first weekend of July,
                                                       Nay Pyi Taw, (0.87) inch at Yangon (Kaba-Aye) and          2011: Rain will be isolated in Mandalay Region and
                                                       (Nil) at Mandalay. Total rainfall since 1-1-2011 was       widespread in Yangon Region. Degree of certainty is
                                                       (22.84) inches at Nay Pyi Taw, (49.69) inches at Yangon    (80%)

          Japan routs Mexico 4-0 at women’s World Cup                                                                           MYANMAR INTERNATIONAL

        LEVERKUSEN, 1 July—Japan routed Mexico 4-0 Friday                                                                         Programme Schedule
    on a hat trick by Homare Sawa to reach the quarterfinals of                                                                   (2-7-2011) (Saturday)
    the Women’s World Cup for the second time.
        Sawa, playing in her fifth World Cup, opened the                                                             Transmissions                    Times
    scoring in the 13th minute before a crowd of 22,291 at Bay                                                       Local                - (09:00am ~ 11:00am)MST
    Arena.                                                                                                           Oversea Transmission - (2-7-11 09:30 am ~
        The 32-year-old captain added her second goal in the                                                                                 3-7-11 09:30 am) MST
    39th after Shinobu Ohno had made it 2-0 in the 15th.
        Sawa had plenty of room in the 80th minute when she       Homare Sawa(1st, R) of Japan scores             Local Transmission
    was set up by Yukari Kinga to complete her hat trick.          during the second round Group B                * Opening
        In Group B’s late game in Dresden, England and New        match between Japan and Mexico at               * News
    Zealand need a win to have any realistic hope of advancing.      the FIFA Women’s World Cup                   * Hanlin, A Treasure Trove of the Ancient Pyu
    Mexico is in danger of elimination.                              Germany 2011 in Leverkusen,                    City
                                                       Internet   Germany, on 1 July, 2011.—INTERNET              * News
                             8:00 am                   2:30 pm                      5:25 pm                       * Unique & Motivating Chap Char Kut Festival
                              7. Poem Garden            8. Preview of 26th South     9. Documentary               * News
                             8:15 am                       East Asia Games          5:45 pm                       * Han Golf Master Junior Golf Series
                              8. Teleplay (Traffic)    2:55 pm                      10. Song in honour of         * News
                             8:20 am                    9. International News           Myanmar Women’s           * Myanmar Movies Impact “Jet Ma”
                              9. Song in honour of     4:00 pm                          Day                       Oversea Transmission
                                  International Co-     1. Martial Song             6:00 pm                       * Opening
                                  operative Day        4:05 pm                      11. Evening News
                             8:40 am                    2. Cultural Dances
                                                                                                                  * News
                                                                                    6:15 pm                       * Hanlin, A Treasure Trove of the Ancient Pyu
                             10. International News    4:15 pm
         Saturday,                                                                  12. Weather Report              City
                             8:45 am                    3. Musical Programme
                                                                                    6:20 pm
          2 July             11. Musical Programme     4:30 pm                                                    * News
                                                                                    13. Ahlashamae
                             11:00 am                   4. Teleplay (Agri)                                        * Unique & Motivating Chap Char Kut Festival
     View on today            1. Martial Song          4:45 pm
                                                                                                                  * News
         10987654321                                                                6:40 pm
                             11:10 am                   5. University of                                          * Han Golf Master Junior Golf Series
                                                                                    14. Yindagomae
    7:00 am                   2. Musical Programme         Distance Education                                     * News
                                                                                    7:00 pm
     1. Paritta By           11:25 am                      (TV Lectures) -                                        * Myanmar Movies Impact “Jet Ma”
                              3. Game for Children         Third Year               15. TV Dramma Series
        Venerable Mingun                                                                                          * News
                             11:50 am                      (Geography)              8:00 pm
        Sayadaw                                                                                                   * Traditional Meritorious Deeds Ceremony
    7:15 am                   4. Round Up of the       5:00 pm                      16. News
                                                                                    17. International News          (Pindaya Region)
     2. Dhamma Puja Song          Week’s TV Local       6. Songs for
                                                                                    18. Weather Report            * News
    7:25 am                       News                     Upholding National
                             1:20 pm                       Spirit                   19. Teleplay                  * A Day Out With Sarah (Episode-1)
     3. Healthy Exercise
                              5. Yan Can Cook          5:05 pm                          (International            * Music Gallery
    7:30 am
     4. Morning News         1:40 pm                    7. Musical Programme            Co-operative Day)         * News
    7:40 am                   6. TV Dramma Series      5:15 pm                      20. Cartoon Series            * Secret Places for Yummy Foods (Episode-2)
     5. Nice & Sweet Song    2:15 pm                    8. Song in honour of        21. TV Dramma Series          * News
    7:50 am                   7. Dance of National         International Co-        22. Gitadagale                * Mural Painting (Bagan)
     6. Health Programme          Races                    operative Day                Phwinfbaohn               * Myanmar Movies “Misdeed”

    R/489 Printed and published by the New Light of Myanmar press in Nay Pyi Taw, the News and Periodicals Enterprise, Ministry of Information.

2-7-2011 NL.pmd                       15                                                                   7/2/2011, 6:39 AM
   2nd Waxing of Waso 1373 ME                                                                                                        Saturday, 2 July, 2011

             Only with stability and peace will the nation develop
             Only with stability and peace will democratization process be successful

              Anarchy begets anarchy, not democracy
              Riots beget riots, not democracy
              Democracy can be introduced only through constitution

                     People’s Desire                                                  VOA, BBC-sowing hatred
                                                                                      among the people
              We favour peace and stability
                                                                                      RFA, DVB-generating public
              We favour development                                                   outrage
              We oppose unrest and violence                                           Do not allow ourselves to be
              Wipe out those inciting unrest                                          swayed by killer broadcasts
              and violence                                                            designed to cause troubles

            Taninthayi Region Ministers                                               Mandalay Region Ministers
                    reshuffled                                                               reshuffled
           NAY PYI TAW, 1 July—The President Office of the Republic of the            NAY PYI TAW, 1 July—The President Office of the Republic of the
    Union of Myanmar issued Order No. 35/2011 today.                           Union of Myanmar issued Order No. 36/2011 today.
           The Order No. 35/2011 is as follows:-                                      The Order No. 36/2011 is as follows:-
                  Republic of the Union of Myanmar                                        Republic of the Union of Myanmar
                           President Office                                                        President Office
                        (Order No. 35/2011)                                                     (Order No. 36/2011)
                     1st Waxing of Waso, 1373 ME                                               1st Waxing of Waso, 1373 ME
                            (1 July, 2011)                                                            (1 July, 2011)
     Reshuffle of Ministers of Taninthayi Region                                Reshuffle of Ministers of Mandalay Region
            The following Ministers of Taninthayi Region submitted by the              The following Ministers of Mandalay Region submitted by the
    Taninthayi Region Chief Minister were appointed at the ministries shown    Mandalay Region Chief Minister were appointed at the ministries shown
    against each in accord with the Paragraphs (e) and (f) of Section 262 of   against each in accord with the Paragraphs (e) and (f) of Section 262 of
    the Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Paragraph (c)    the Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Paragraph (c)
    of Article 19 of the Union Government Law and Paragraph (g) of Article     of Article 19 of the Union Government Law and Paragraph (g) of Article
    8 of Region or State Government Law.                                       8 of Region or State Government Law.
    (a)   Col Zaw Lwin             Ministry of Security and Border Affairs     (a)    Col Aung Kyaw Moe Ministry of Security and Border Affairs
    (b)   U Myat Ko                Ministry of Finance and Revenue             (b)    U Aung Moung            Ministry of Finance and Revenue
    (c)   Dr Win Aung              Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock       (c)    Dr Myint Than           Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Breeding
                                                                               (d)    U Than Soe Myint        Ministry   of   Forestry and Mines
    (d)   U Thein Lwin        Ministry      of   Forestry and Mines            (e)    U Aung Zan              Ministry   of   Planning and Economics
    (e)   U Than Aung         Ministry      of   Planning and Economics        (f)    U Kyaw Hsan             Ministry   of   Transport
    (f)   Dr Kyaw Hsan        Ministry      of   Transport                     (g)    Dr Myint Kyu            Ministry   of   Electric Power and Industry
    (g)   Dr Win Aung         Ministry      of   Electric Power and Industry
                                                                               (h)    U Phone Zaw Han         Ministry   of   Development Affairs
    (h)   U Aung Kyaw Kyaw Oo Ministry      of   Development Affairs
                                                                               (i)    Dr Win Hlaing           Ministry   of   Social Affairs
    (i)   U Win Swe           Ministry      of   Social Affairs

                                             Sd/Thein Sein                                                                 Sd/Thein Sein
                                                President                                                                     President
                                   Republic of the Union of Myanmar                                              Republic of the Union of Myanmar

2-7-2011 NL.pmd                     16                                                           7/2/2011, 6:39 AM

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