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									                                 Author Visit 7th – 11th February - John Coy
During Library this week our first graders will get to meet a visiting author, John Coy. John will explore
the steps of picture book creation from first draft, through revisions, editing, publishing, to the finished
book. He will also show and discuss examples of how the writer, illustrator, editor, art director, editorial
director, publicist, lawyer, and sales staff all work together to bring a book to the readers of the world.
This experience ties in well with our Illustration unit of study as the children are currently working
through the writing process to make their own books but with a particular focus on illustrator
techniques. They are attempting to use different illustrator techniques in their own books from what
they’ve noticed other illustrators do in their books. I’m sure our curious first graders will have a lot of
burning questions for John Coy about his books and what it means to be an author or illustrator.

On Feb 9 a special meeting will be offered so that the parents will have a chance to meet the author and
hear him talk about his work. You may also purchase his books and have him sign a personal copy for
you. (Mr. Coy is the author of the picture books Night Driving, Strong to the Hoop, Vroomaloom Zoom,
Two Old Potatoes and Me, and Around the World. Strong to the Hoop is also available in Spanish as
Directo Al Aro and Two Old Potatoes and Me is available in Chinese. He has also written novels Eyes on
the Goal, Top of the Order and Crackback for older readers.)

                                        John Coy Parents
                                     9 February Wednesday
                              2: 45 – 3: 30 p.m. in the SS Library.

In our unit of inquiry, We Are Noisy, we have begun to explore the different properties of
sound. Last week the children were able to identify objects only by the sound they made
and we discussed the importance of this in our daily lives. This week they will learn that
sound can travel through different media; water, air and solids. Please keep sending in
“junk” that you think the children could use to make a musical instrument. Some useful
materials include: Pringles cans, tissue boxes, containers with lids, tubes from toilet paper
and paper towels, small boxes, rubber bands, beans or grains. Thank you!

            ASB Operation Smile Club Requests Donations of New or Gently Used Soft Toys

                             Help change a child’s life, one smile at a time!
 Please donate new or gently used soft toys for our team to take to Jamshedpur in March. These toys
  will be given to the children undergoing this life altering surgery for cleft deformities. Toys can be
donated by placing them in the box located outside of the French Office. Please help us put a smile on
                      these children’s faces. Your support is greatly appreciated!
       Elementary Sports Day 2011 Is Right Around the Corner!!!!

                       Date: Friday, February 18th, 2011

Elementary Sports Day is a day of fun, sports and adventure for every child at ASB
in grades 1–5. The day is organized by the Elementary PE department and
supported by the school teachers and staff. The children will laugh, play, get wet,
laugh some more, get wet some more and eat healthy snacks. We hope that you,
the parents, will come and enjoy their day.

What your children need to bring that day:
   A FULL water bottle with their name written on it.
   A set of dry clothes to wear home because there will be games with
     water and they will get wet.
   Sunscreen
   Sport Shoes/Sneakers, ONLY Please

                         What ASB will supply that day:

                    Extra water   Snacks   Fun   Shade & rest areas

*If you have any questions, please contact Leroy Nunes or Lynn Brown.

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