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					Business Policy Game:
 Rules & Procedures

     Professor Lai
      MGMT 497
Simulation Headquarter:

 Management Department, ST 717
 Grad assistants who run the game can be found there on
  decision days (Monday & Thursday) from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
 See them for technical problems.
World Number:

 Each MGMT 497 section is a separately run simulation world
  (your world number is shown in section 17 of the syllabus).
 Each team is a company competing against other companies in
  this world.
 Do not forget your World # and Team # for the next 10 weeks!
Company Product:

 Simulated world: Every company is selling a consumer durable
 Two Year Plan and Final Reports: Each team chooses it own
 Assume, for purposes of your plan, that everyone else in your
  world is selling the same product (i.e., companies are direct
  competitors to one another).
Criteria Weighting Factors:

 Game performance is graded based on ROA, ROE, MS ($, not
  units), SP, UPC, and TNI.
 Weighting factors indicate how your team prioritizes these
  objectives. They also determine how your team will be graded.
 Preliminary Weighting Factors: This is a trial run; These
  numbers may be changed.
 Final Weighting Factors: Once the final numbers are
  submitted, they cannot be changed and will be used as the
  basis for grade.
Quarterly Decisions:

 Each team submits its decision disk (a USB stick) for each
 Each decision is for one quarter (4 decisions per year).
 The game runs for 4 simulated years (Years 3 – 6), for a total of
  16 quarterly decisions.
Geographic Areas:

 Area 1: Eastern Merica – Teams 1 and 4
 Area 2: Southern Merica – Teams 2 and 5
 Area 3: Western Merica – Teams 3 and 6
 Area 4: Nystok/Pandau/Sereno – all teams have an
  international sales office but none have a headquarter or plant
Input Decision Data

 Each team receives a Decision Data Drive (a USB Stick) during
  the first week of class.
 Each team will input their quarterly game decisions on an
  electronic Decision Form and then save the completed Decision
  Form on the provided USB stick only. Other USB copies will
  not be accepted.
 To input game decisions, you need to use the Player’s Program
  available on the BPG website.
Get the Player’s Program:

 Read the instructions from the syllabus (Section 12).
   The BPG website is at:
   Go to the Player’s Area:
    User Name = player
    Password = swb30oss
 Download a copy of the Player’s Manual, if needed. This
  electronic version is not printable but can be read on a
 Download the Player’s Program and install it. This allows you
  to input decisions on your computer.
 After installing the Program, use the Setup menu to set the path
  (a:) to the files on your Decision Disk.
Purchase a Team License:

 On the BPG website, use a credit card to pay the $100
  licensing fee for your team.
 Make sure you provide the correct World # and Team #.
 You should also request to have the actual license sent to
  Professor Baumgartner’s email address:
 When entering contact information, provide your own email
  address for confirmation of the credit card transaction.
The Opening Window of the BPG Program:
You Can View and Save Report Files:
Open and Review the BPG Decision Form:
Quarterly Decision Inputs:

 Complete the Decision Form every simulated quarter. Press
    F1 for help when needed.
   New Decisions: Use this option from the menu to enter the
    first set of decisions for the current quarter.
   Change Decisions: Use this option to change a set of current-
    quarter decisions entered earlier.
   When finished, save your decision inputs onto your Decision
    Data Drive (the USB stick).
   Note: If you want to purchase market research reports, click on
    the Research menu.
Decision Outputs:

 See Appendix C of the Player’s Manual for 2-year history and
  sample outputs.
 Market research is not instant: Market research reports will be
  printed out with your results.
 Level playing field at the beginning of the game.
Trial Decision is for Practice:

 For the trial run, you don’t need the game license just yet.
 Use it to learn the game and operation procedures.
 Be wild and wacky. Lose millions of dollars if you wish.
 And be sure to try out all the decision fields, so you know how
   they work.
The Game will not be Rerun!!

 Make sure you get all your inputs correct! The game would not
  be rerun even if you made an input mistake.
 Follow the Game Decision Schedule shown in Section 15 on
  page 7 of the syllabus. Don’t miss the schedule.
 The department will not wait for any late decisions as well.
          Decisions are Due by
     1:00 P.M. on Each Decision Day

If your decision disk is not received on time, your previous
            quarter’s decisions will be used. 
Print Two Copies of Your Decision Inputs

 In case the computer has trouble reading your Decision
   Disk, you should turn in one hardcopy and keep one
               hardcopy for your records.
Bring Your Photo ID!

 For security reasons, a photo I.D. is required when turning in or
  picking up the Decision Disk.
 Pick-up time: Game results will be available by 5 p.m. on the
  same day.
Corporate Charter:

 Turn in your Corporate Charter (p.220 of Player’s Manual) to
  the MGMT 497 grad assistant. The information needed
    Your company name
    A list of all your company executives with phone numbers –
      just in case!
Refer to the syllabus for any additional

 Read Section 12 on page 5 of the syllabus
 Read Section 17 on pages 8 and 9 of the syllabus.
            Enjoy the game!
  It is a challenging, exciting game.

  Should you have any question related to the game
operations, talk to the grad assistant at the department
office or email the question to Professor Baumgartner.

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