School District of South Milwaukee by cuiliqing


									                              STUDENT POLICIES & GUIDELINES
All accidents and injuries must be reported immediately to the teacher, coach, advisor, or other adult in charge who will complete
an Accident Report. An insurance company may deny a claim if the report is not filed promptly.

 Students must not be dropped off or picked up in the bus loading zones before school (7:00-7:40am) and after school (2:40-
 Students arriving in the morning after classes begin (7:40am) must report directly to the Attendance Office.
 Parents are not permitted to drive behind the building by Rawson Woods at any time. This is not a thoroughfare.
 The drive into the school from the parkway is two-way, except after school from 2:40-3:00pm when the East exit is used for
   exit only.
 The building is open to students from 7:15am-3:00pm, except on days when the schedule includes an early dismissal or if
   students are involved in a school-sponsored activity and/or under the supervision of a staff member.

1. Students must enter the assembly quietly and report to their assigned areas immediately.
2. Respect speaker and/or subject.
3. Applaud to show appreciation.
4. Refrain from making distracting comments, stamping feet, yelling, or whistling during programs.
Students who exhibit inappropriate behavior may be removed and/or denied assembly privileges.

Regular attendance is a responsibility shared by parents/guardians, students, and school. Students are expected to attend all
scheduled classes unless prior clearance has been received from a parent/guardian and the school administration.
Daily Attendance Procedures
1. When a student is absent from school, a parent/guardian must call the attendance office no later than 9:00am that same
2. When the school does not receive a telephone call by 9:00am the day of the absence, a parent/guardian home or place of
     employment will be called that day.
3. If telephone contact between school and parent/guardian has not been made, the student must bring a written note signed
     by a parent/guardian stating the reason for the absence. Email can substitute for a call or written note.
4. No call and no note will result in the absence being recorded as truancy. The administration will determine on a daily basis,
     which students are excused absence and which are truant.

Excused Absences
Students who have excused absences are entitled to make-up work missed and are responsible for doing so. Excused absences
include the following. All other absences are considered to be unexcused.
 Personal Illness (administration may require a doctor's excuse)
 Funerals
 Legal Appearances
 Designated Religious Holidays
 Family Emergencies
 Inclement Weather
 Suspensions
 Quarantines
 Approved District Sponsored Activities
 Reasonable absence approved by an administrator

Tardy - Late to School (TLS)
Students are required to be in their assigned class at 7:40am. Students with a reasonable excuse for being late to school must
report to the office with an excuse from a parent/legal guardian. Detentions will be assigned for unexcused tardiness. Being late
to school, homeroom, lunch or class is a disruption. When students are not in their assigned place at the required time, they will
be considered to be tardy. Repeated tardiness will result in exclusion (ALC) from classes.
Truancy means an unexcused absence for part or all of a school day during which the administration has not been notified of the
legal cause of the absence by a parent/guardian of the absent pupil. A grade of zero may be given at the teacher's discretion for
all work missed during the time of the truancy. Truancy will result in the loss of privileges and assignment to the Alternative
Learning Center (ALC) and possible citation by the police liaison officer.
Habitual Truancy
Students who have been unexcused absent for part or all of five or more school days in one semester are considered habitual
truants. The following must happen in follow-up of a student being determined as a habitual truant.
1. Parent/Legal Guardian will be notified by registered mail.
2. A parent conference will be scheduled.
3. A police referral for habitual truancy will be issued.
Absence & After School Activities
Students are not permitted to participate in after school or evening activities on the day of an absence unless the administration
and/or teacher has approved the participation after consultation with a parent/legal guardian concerning the circumstances.
Building Passport
If a student must leave the school building before the regular time, a Building Passport must be obtained from the Attendance
Office. Under no circumstances should a student leave the building without permission. Students who leave the building
without an authorized passport will be considered truant and subject to disciplinary action.

 Art Show                                       Music Contests
 Baker’s Dozen (FCE)                            Perfect Attendance
 Geography Bee                                  P.R.A.S.E. Awards
 Honors Breakfast                               Science Olympiad
 Honor Roll                                     Spelling Bee
 Language Arts Olympiad                         Student of the Month
 Math Competition                               Volunteen Program
 Midwest Talent Search                          Yearbook Cover Contest

Bicycles must be placed in bike racks provided by the school district and locked. The school is not responsible for damaged, lost,
or stolen bicycles left on school property.

Students may bring book bags/backpacks to school, but they must remain in their locker during the school day.

Students are expected to behave appropriately while riding the bus. The bus ridership guidelines listed below are not all
inclusive. The school district reserves the right to modify the rules and consequences at any time, and may use video cameras
on buses to assist with disciplinary issues. Students may be denied bus transportation if they fail to follow these important
1. Ride only on assigned routes or vehicles.
2. Respect private property while waiting at a bus stop. Wait in the proper location. Do not move toward a bus until it has
     stopped and the driver has motioned you aboard.
3. Do not push another person when getting on or off a bus.
4. Show respect for the drivers. They are responsible for the orderly conduct of all passengers and will report behavior

5.   Show respect for fellow students on the bus and share seats.
6.   Sit in an assigned seat as soon as you can get on the bus. Drivers may require students to sit in assigned seats. Remain
     seated until your bus stop. Do not change seats unless instructed to by the driver.
7.   Keep arms, legs, head and other objects inside the vehicle and out of the aisles. Each student must keep hands and arms
     to himself/herself.
8.   Wait for the driver’s signal and cross in the front of the bus. If the student needs to cross the street in a different area, s/he
     should wait on the sidewalk until the bus leaves the area, and cross at the nearest crosswalk.
9.   Quiet and normal conversation with fellow riders is acceptable. Yelling, screaming, or profane language will not be

1. Use the main entry off the circle drive on 15th Avenue for entry and exit.
2. The staff parking is for staff use only.
3. Use the sidewalks and crosswalks. Do not walk on the grass.

Inform your guidance counselor if you have a change of address, telephone number, and/or family emergency contacts. It is
very important to contact the school any time there are changes in your emergency contact information.

A student who submits work that is not his or her own, or a student who allows another student to copy his or her work, will be
subject to disciplinary and academic consequences. A student may be required to resubmit work for partial credit, or may be held
in violation of the academic policy and receive no credit in a class. Incidents of copying and plagiarism will be examined on a
case-by-case basis, and appropriate consequences will be assessed.

Students are expected to follow each teacher’s classroom expectations. See the Discipline Chart for guidelines that will be
followed for failure to abide by classroom expectations.

The decision to close school due to weather or other emergency situations is made by the Superintendent of the School District
of South Milwaukee. The official announcement for any school closing may be heard beginning at 6:00am over the following
Radio and TV Stations:

      Radio:     WTMJ-620AM                 WLTQ-97.3FM                         TV:       WTMJ-Channel 4
                 WKTI-94.5FM                WKKV-100.7FM                                  WITI-Channel 6
                 WISN-1130AM                WOKY-920AM                                    WISN-Channel 12
                 WMIL-106FM                 WRIT-95.7FM                                   WDJT-Channel 58

Clothing, jewelry, and banners or flags that refer to drugs, sex, violence, death, alcohol, tobacco products, obscenities, racism,
religious cults, gangs, or slogans that are suggestive of any of the above are not acceptable. Students who wear inappropriate
clothing may be sent home to change clothes. For more detailed information about inappropriate clothing, see the Discipline

Radios or CD/tapes and headsets are not to be used in the building during the school day. Cell phones may be brought to
campus, but must be turned off and remain in your assigned locker during the school day. Violations may result in confiscation of
items. Communication devices are not allowed at school sponsored activities, including field trips. The use of cell phones with
camera capability is strictly forbidden for use on school grounds.

Students shall:
 use district computers and computer systems for school sanctioned educational purposes only.
 ensure that district equipment remains in its original operating condition, including desktop appearance and system directory
 respect the property rights of others, including files and directories.
 be advised that the contents of student files and emails are school property and subject to inspection by school officials.
Consequences for failing to abide by the District Appropriate Use Policy may include losing network/computer privileges along
with consequences that may arise from violations of normal school rules.
Computers are available for doing schoolwork only. Students are not allowed to play computer games or use the Internet just to
“surf the net”.

Cumulative records contain a complete record of each student’s educational progress. These records are maintained throughout
each student’s tenure in the South Milwaukee public schools. Upon graduation, part of the record is microfilmed for reference.
Students and a parent/guardian may request to see their cumulative records at any time with their Guidance Counselor.

Dances are held from 3:00-5:00pm.
1. If you leave the building during the dance, you may not return without permission from the chaperones in charge.
2. You are not allowed in other parts of the building during or after the dance.
3. School dances are for South Milwaukee Middle School students only. A current school ID is required for admission.
4. Students who do not follow the school rules (including dress code) will be sent home.
5. Dance movements or practices that suggest or simulate sexual activity are prohibited.

Detention is held during your lunch period.
1. Be on time.
2. Refrain from talking and/or noisemaking.
3. Remain seated.
Students who fail to serve a detention are subject to additional detentions, a parent conference, or exclusion from classes
(suspension or ALC).

The school district is not responsible for student safety and welfare on school property before 7:15am or after 3:00pm. The
school district is not responsible for any item that is lost, damaged, or stolen. This includes all personal belongings and any item
given to the student by the school for use or away from school.

If any person believes that the School District of South Milwaukee or any part of the school organization has inadequately
applied the principles and/or regulations of Title VI, Title IX, Section 504 or Americans with Disabilities Act or in some way
discriminates on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, color, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, parent or marital status,
sexual orientation, physical, learning, mental, or emotional disability or handicap in violation of state or federal law, he/she may
bring forward a complaint to the Director of Personnel, Administrative & Legal Services at 901 Fifteenth Avenue, South
Milwaukee, WI 53172. Please request a copy of Policy 411-Rule for specific steps and timeline.

Clothing, jewelry, and banners or flags that refer to drugs, sex, violence, death, alcohol, tobacco products, obscenities, racism,
religious cults, gangs, or slogans that are suggestive of any of the above are not acceptable. Students who wear inappropriate
clothing may be sent home to change clothes.

The Eighth Grade Recognition Program is designed to serve as a student’s passage to the high school level. It is not intended to
be a graduation ceremony, but rather an evening set aside to recognize those eighth grade students who have been active
participants in their own education. Attendance is voluntary and a privilege. Students will be ineligible to participate if they have
any of the following concerns.
Academic Reasons                                                   Attendance Reasons
Students with a grade point average (GPA) of less than 1.0          Students who are not in attendance at school on the day
(average of grades from 1st three quarters of the school                of the program unless authorized by an administrator
year)                                                               Students with 5 or more unexcused absences

Behavior Reasons                                                   Financial Obligations
 Students who repeatedly refuse to follow school rules            Students must clear all outstanding debts, including; school
 Students who have exclusion, suspension, and/or                  fees, fines for lost, stolen, or damaged textbooks or classroom
    excessive conduct referrals                                    materials, locks, or fines assessed for school projects,
                                                                   materials, activities, and vandalism.

The administration of the 15th Avenue Campus has put into place the following program to help students create a successful
entry to high school.
December              Academic Programming                    Materials are mailed to all parents of eighth grade students.

Early January         Parent Night                            Students and parents are given an overview of classes, activities,
                                                              and expectations.

January – February Course Selection & Programming             Counselors review students’ academic background.
                                                              Career Education students become familiar with course
                                                              Parents review their student’s programming information and submit
                                                              a signed copy of a four-year plan.

April – May           High School Parent Newsletter           The last two High School Parent Newsletter’s are mailed to 8th grade

May                   High School Administrative Visit        Small group discussions are held involving administrative staff and
                                                              eighth grade students.

                      Visit to North Campus (High             Students tour the North Campus in small groups, meet with the
                      School)                                 guidance counselors, and participate in a Q & A session with high
                                                              school students.

                      Activities Presentation                 High school students and staff present information and answer
                                                              questions regarding the different co-curricular activities available at
                                                              the high school.

End of July           Registration Notice                     An official registration newsletter will be mailed to the parents of all
                                                              incoming freshmen with detailed registration dates and information.

When the school administration deems it necessary to evacuate a building, an announcement will be made over the Public
Address system. The following procedures must be following during a building evacuation.
    1. When evacuating the building, teachers should have a list of those students assigned to them at the time of the
    2. Evacuation does not automatically mean that school is being dismissed for the day.
    3. All school rules are still in effect, including the use of cell phones.
    4. Two sites have been designated for evacuation of the 15th Avenue Campus:

          MIDDLE SCHOOL students and staff will move to Rawson Elementary School.
          HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS & DISTRICT OFFICE STAFF will move to either Rawson Elementary School or the
          Southeast YMCA on the corner of 15th & College Avenue.
     5.   Once students arrive at their site, no student under the age of 18 will be released from the site without permission from
          a parent/guardian. An administrator or their designee must speak to the parent/ guardian directly before approval will
          be given to be released.

Evacuation is required any time the building fire alarm sounds. Teachers are responsible for acquainting each of their classes
with the detailed directions for their room as posted. This should be done within the first week of school. Exit doors are listed on
the sign in each room. Fire drills are held one each month during the school year.
     1. Walk briskly; never run.
     2. Stop all talking.
     3. Leave books and other materials in the classroom.
     4. Exit according to the directions posted in each classroom.
     5. The first students out should hold open all doors at the exit.
     6. The last one to leave the room must shut all windows, turn off the lights, and close the door.
     7. Everyone must leave the building.
     8. Walk away from the building until you reach the designated outside area.
     9. Do not return to the building until you hear the “All Clear” from an administrator.
     10. When evacuating the building, teachers should have a list of those students assigned to them at the time of the
     11. Evacuation of disabled students must be provided by the staff member supervising that student at the time of the
           evacuation. Assist the student to tan area designated as “Area of Safe Refuge”.
     12. An activated fire alarm will require the evacuation of the entire 15th Avenue Campus, however, if the source of the
           alarm can be confirmed to be localized to one campus a full evacuation may not be necessary. An administrator will
           notify students and staff via the Public Address system for the campus that needs to be evacuated. Students and staff
           of the affected campus will remain aware of the situation until the “All Clear” signal is given.

An announcement will be made over the Public Address system to initiate a building lockdown as notification that a lockdown has
begun. The following actions will happen immediately after a lockdown announcement is made:
1. Each classroom teacher/office staff will, within 30 seconds, complete the following actions:
     a. close and lock all classroom doors
     b. close all blinds, curtains, and shades on all windows and doors
     c. turn off all lights (except one bank of lights if there is no window)
     d. move students away from all doors and windows, so they are not visible
2. Students must remain quiet and sit on the floor at all times.
3. If a student is in the hallway or in a restroom when the announcement is made and they are unable to return to their
   respective classrooms, they will be directed or placed into the nearest classroom where they will remain until the completion
   of the lockdown (drill or real).
4. Teachers/office staff will get the names of every person in the occupied room, including the students who are directed into
   rooms in order to get them out of the halls/bathrooms.
5. When a lockdown is completed: an “All Clear” will be announced over the P.A. system.
6. Visitors or students coming in from outside will not be allowed into the building at any time during a lockdown.
7. If a fire alarm should sound during a lockdown, teachers will be instructed on what actions to take. They will not automatically
   leave the room.
8. If a decision is made to evacuate the building, follow the procedure outlined under EMERGENCY PROCEDURES-BUILDING
9. In the case of a real event: students may be systematically evacuated from the building by the South Milwaukee Police
   Department to a designated evacuation point.

Lock-In: students and staff remain in their assigned rooms with all doors closed and locked. Instruction continues as usual.
Lock-Down: students and staff remain in their assigned rooms with all doors closed and locked. Instruction ceases. Students
and staff locate down and away from view of doors and windows.
Lock-Out: students and staff evacuate from assigned rooms and buildings.

A Tornado Drill is usually performed once each school year. In the event a tornado warning is issued, administrators will take
responsibility for initiating the emergency plan of action via the Public Address system. Once the announcement is made, the
following procedures should be followed.
1. All students are to stay indoors, or move indoors if outdoors. Wind-driven objects are a great danger to anyone outside.
2. The safest places in our school are those rooms away from outside windows. Students will move directly to the designated
      areas, which are posted in each room.
3. Students are to sit or kneel on the floor, with heads held down, close together, faced away from any glass, outside wall, or
4. Students should remain calm and quiet.
5. The plan of action will remain in effect until an administrator announces the “All Clear” over the P.A. system.
6. Evacuation of disabled students must be provided by the staff member supervising that student at the time of the evacuation.
      Assist the student to the designated area for that classroom.
Tornado Watch: means conditions are such that a tornado might develop.
Tornado Warning: means that a tornado has been sighted.

The School Board shall notify the parent/guardian of each pupil enrolled in 8 th grade that he/she might request the School Board
to excuse the pupil from taking the statewide 8 th grade examination administered under the pupil assessment law. Upon request,
the School Board shall excuse the pupil from taking an examination administered under this section.

The family educational rights and privacy act of 1974, as amended, requires that you be advised of your rights concerning your
education records and of certain categories of public information which the school has designated “directory information”.
Students have the right to inspect and review all records that meet the definition of “Education Records”. A request for this review
and more detailed information about the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act should be made to a Guidance Counselor.

School fees are required for all students and are due and payable at registration. Students will be held liable for lost, stolen or
damaged school property, including class books and materials. Record of student financial obligations will follow students to

Cafeteria Expectations
1. Students must be in the Multipurpose Room (MPR) throughout their lunch period.
2. Food and beverage are not allowed anywhere other than the MPR.
3. Place all litter in the trash containers and return all dishes to the dish return window.
4. Practice good manners.
5. Do not wear jackets/coats or backpacks in the food lines.
6. Do not go to street lockers during the lunch period.
Food Service Program
The School District of South Milwaukee utilizes a computerized debit system for its food service program. Each student receives
an identification card at the beginning of the school year. Their ID card is scanned in the lunch line to pay for their lunch (may
also be used for breakfast items), whether paying in cash or on account. Student lunches may be handled in different ways as
outlined below.
1. Students may pay cash in the lunch line for their food, after scanning their ID card, although this slows down the line

2. Money should be pre-paid into a student’s lunch account, so that purchases can be deducted from their account. Breakfast
    items can also be deducted from this account. Money and deposit slips are accepted during registration periods, during the
    students lunch period while in the food serving line, or may be mailed or dropped off to the School District Business Office at
    901 Fifteenth Avenue, South Milwaukee, WI 53172. Checks should be made payable to: School District of South Milwaukee.
3. Parents who have more than one child in the school district can write one check to cover all children in all schools only if that
    payment is made directly to the Business Office. Individual schools cannot handle payments to other schools. The deposit
    slip must indicate which school each child attends, and how much money should be credited specifically to each account. At
    that time, parents can also indicate whether or not their child may use their lunch credit to pay for Ala Carte items.
4. Children who are approved for Free or Reduced lunches will also use their ID card to purchase their lunches. The computer
    will register how much to charge for the meal; there is no identification of their free/reduced lunch status to others. This also
    includes breakfast items.
Payment for the Food Service Program can be made weekly, monthly, quarterly, by semester, or annually. Monthly or greater
payments are suggested. Charging meals is not allowed. Reports may be generated for monthly or greater pay-in
accounts, upon request only, to inform you of your child’s account balance. Parents may call the Business Office to
inquire about their children’s current balance(s). Cafeteria staff will verbally notify any student whose account balance is under
Food Item Reports are also available from the Business Office upon request. These reports show item costs and specific foods
purchased by an individual student.
Year-end balances will be carried over into the next school year, unless the child is graduating. If your child graduates or
withdraws from the South Milwaukee public schools, you may request a refund of the balance, or transfer the funds to the
account of a younger sibling.
Families whose children have food allergies or who follow religious practices that require special dietary needs should indicate
those needs on the deposit slip so that this may be noted in the system.
Food Costs
.25        Milk
1.50       Elementary Student Lunch
1.75       Middle/High School Student Lunch
.40        Student Reduced Price Lunch
2.75       Adult Lunch
.85        Elementary School Student Breakfast
1.00       High School/Middle School Student Breakfast
.30        Student Reduced Price Breakfast
1.35       Adult Breakfast
All prices are subject to change.
Bad Checks Policy
The School District of South Milwaukee does not absorb the Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) service fee charged by the bank for
checks written to the district/school that bounce. Individuals who bounce a check will be contacted to make their food services
payment in cash, and will be charged for the NSF service fees. Make sure that you have sufficient funds in your checking
account before writing a check to the district/school to avoid having to pay this additional amount.
Free and Reduced Lunch Program
For all lunch programs, free and reduced price meals will be provided to those students who qualify. This also includes breakfast
items. Applications are available during student registration periods or in the high school office during the school year. Any
change in income status must be reported to the Business Office; students may become eligible/ineligible at any time.

The guidance programs provide diverse and comprehensive services through individual and group procedures and are designed
to help students with their academic and/or personal issues. Students and parents should make appointments to meet with the
student’s assigned guidance counselor at any time.
Guidance counselors also schedule the administration of standardized tests for students. Results from these standardized tests
are used by students, parents and counselors in assessing interests and aptitudes. Books, pamphlets, videos, and other
information on careers are available for student use in the career center. The Wisconsin Career Information System is also
available for use during a student’s non-class time.
Guidance counselors attempt to respect the confidentiality of their contacts with students. Students and parents/guardians
should be aware that there are situations in which this confidentiality must be broken. These situations would be, but are not

limited to, reports of abuse, suicide attempts or threats, and other life or property threatening situations.

During passing time in the school halls, the following guidelines are to be followed: no running, no shouting, no littering, and no

Handicap accessibility is available at the main entrance and through use of the elevators. Students should set up the need for
permanent or temporary handicap access through their guidance counselor.

The school nurse is available on a limited basis to advise students regarding health matters. The nurse conducts health-screening programs,
which include vision screenings on all new students upon request of a parent/guardian. The nurse maintains immunization records of all
students. The Public Health Department may offer Tetanus-Diphtheria immunizations for interested freshmen. Vision screening is also held for
sophomore students during fall registration.
When a serious health problem exists, students and/or parents can consult with the principal, guidance counselor, or school nurse. They will
cooperate with you and your family physician to allow the student to achieve their highest level of performance. Students who become ill or
injured during the school day should report directly to the Middle School Office. The nurse, health aide, or school secretary will contact a parent
if the student needs to go home.
No school employee may dispense any medications, prescription or non-prescription, without written consent from a parent or legal guardian.
Prescription medications may not be dispensed without additional written approval and instructions from the physician who prescribed the
When students must take medication (including inhalers) during school hours for a chronic or temporary health problem, it is necessary to have
the required written authorizations on file in the Health Office prior to the medication being dispensed. This written permission must state the
amount of medication and the time it is to be administered. It is further understood that this must be done for each individual student with a
health problem and each individual illness of a student.
All prescribed medications are kept in a locked area except as otherwise directed by the physician. All medication is to be taken under school
supervision. School personnel cannot provide aspirin or other medicine to students without written authorization from a parent/guardian. All
medications not picked up on the last day of the school year will be destroyed.
Students are responsible for remembering to take their medication according to the schedule set up by the school nurse. Reminders will not be sent.
*Note: Students with inhalers used for asthma are allowed to carry their inhalers with them while at school, under the following conditions:
1. The pupil must use the inhaler to prevent or alleviate asthmatic symptoms.
2. The pupil must have the written approval of his/her physician and, if the pupil is a minor, the written approval of the parent or guardian.
3. The school principal must have a copy of the written approval provided by the pupil.
Pupils may, at their option, provide the inhaler to a staff member when engaged in physical activity; in the alternative, the pupil may possess
the inhaler on his/her person during such activities. If the student retains the inhaler upon his/her person, it is the responsibility of the student
to advise the staff member that the student has retained possession of the inhaler when engaged in such physical activities. (s118.291)
Injuries on school grounds must be reported the day of the injury to the teacher/adult in charge or to one of the school offices
immediately. An accident report must be filed in case expenses need to be covered as a result of the injury.

When students will be out for an extended absence, parents may call the Attendance Office to request homework.

Earning a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher qualifies a student for the honor roll and the honors breakfast. Grades
earned in each course are used to compute the GPA. The point values to each letter grade are as follows.
A=4       B=3      C=2       D=1       F=0
The honors breakfast is held in the spring to recognize and reward those students who have achieved honor roll status. Honor
students are served a hearty breakfast by the teachers. Eligible students will receive an invitation.

Students receive a picture identification card at the beginning of the school year. I.D. cards are needed to check out library

materials, to use school computers, to attend school activities, and for use in with lunch/breakfast accounts. Students are
required to carry their I.D. cards with them while at school and present them for identification when requested by a staff member.
Replacement of a lost, stolen, or damaged I.D. is $5.00.

No student may use or possess a laser pointer while on school grounds or at a school-sponsored activity or event. (Policy 443.8)

Hours of operation: 7:15am – 3:00pm on school days only
Students may use the library during a lunch period, study group, with a class, and after school. Students using the Library during
a study group or class must present a pass signed by the teacher.

Use of Materials
Reference books, current magazines, and audiovisual materials and equipment may be checked out overnight. They must be
returned before the student’s 1st period class the next school day – no extensions. Other books, magazines, and pamphlets
normally may be borrowed for two (2) weeks. Students who have overdue materials will lose their library privileges until the
materials are returned.

1. Keep them neat
2. Do not share lockers.
3. Do not share your locker combination with anyone other than your parents or siblings.
4. Report problems to the office.
5. Go to locker before or after school or at designated times only.
6. All school lockers (including hall, physical education, industrial technology, etc.) are the property of the school district. The
   District will at all times have exclusive control of lockers provided for the convenience of the students. School authorities as
   determined necessary or appropriate might conduct periodic general inspections of lockers at any time, without notice,
   without student consent, and without a search warrant. The building principal may search personal belongings of the
   student found within the locker; or designee if there is reasonable suspicion that the search will turn up evidence that a
   particular law, school policy or school rule has been or is being violated. (Policy 446.1)

Students are not allowed to go to other school district property at any time during the school day without permission from the
office. Students may not loiter on school property at any time.

A lost and found is located in the main school office. Students should also check with their Homeroom teachers for lost textbooks
or agendas. Unclaimed property is donated to charity throughout the school year.

These guidelines apply to the classroom, homeroom, lunchroom, locker room, study group, activities, hallways, dances,
assemblies, field trips, and before and after school while on school grounds.
 Follow directions the first time given.
 Be on time and prepared to learn.
 Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
 Be courteous, cooperative, and respectful.
 Help maintain a clean environment.
Ignorance of the school rules will not be accepted as an excuse not to follow them. It is the student’s responsibility to read and
understand all rules. See the Discipline Chart outlining consequences for misbehavior.

The School District of South Milwaukee is committed to providing equal educational opportunities for all district students and to
provide a learning and working environment free of discrimination based on a protected class of sex, race, religion, national
origin, color, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation or physical, mental, emotional, or learning
disability or handicap. No student may be denied admission to any school in this district or be denied participation in, be denied
the benefits of, or be discriminated against in any curricular, extracurricular, student services, recreational, or other programs or
activities on the basis of the protected classes listed above.

Students who are removed from class because of disruptive behavior must meet with the Dean of Students. Disciplinary action
will be made and parents will be informed. Reinstatement in the class may be preceded by a conference with an administrator, a
counselor, a parent and/or a teacher. If repeated referrals occur other steps may include but are not limited to detention,
suspension, placement on a probationary behavioral contract, and referral for special program testing.

Parents may make appointments to meet with a teacher at times other than regularly scheduled conference days by contacting
their child’s guidance counselor. Teachers cannot be released from their teaching assignments for unscheduled conferences.
2005-2006 Conference Schedule:
Thursday, October 13    Conferences 12:30-8:00 (NO SCHOOL)
Thursday, December 8    Conferences 4:00-7:30pm
Thursday, February 23   Conferences 4:00-7:30pm

Single day requests to be excused from physical education should be made by the student through their physical education teacher.
The teacher will send the student to the school nurse if the condition warrants.
The request for a physician’s medical excuse must be initiated by the parent/student. Copies of the excuse will be filed with the
school nurse, the Physical Education Department Chairperson, and the Middle School Office. If the medical excuse is for a
period of time less than one month, the physical education teacher will keep the student in class in a non-participatory capacity.
Since fitness and the knowledge of fitness is a privilege for everyone, students with an excuse for more than one month should
be enrolled in an Adaptive Physical Education program.
No jewelry shall be worn in Physical Education classes for safety reasons. New piercing may be taped over for six (6) weeks with a
doctor’s written permission. After six (6) weeks it must be removed for class. No pierced jewelry can be worn in the lip or mouth at
any time regardless of how recently the piercing was done.

Students are required to wear a standard issue gym uniform (t-shirt and shorts).

The South Milwaukee Police Department will assign an officer as a liaison to work with students and staff. The liaison officer will
be available to meet with students regarding legal concerns during regular school hours. The liaison officer is considered an
agent of the school for purposes of all searches.

Permission from the office is required before posters, flyers, and campaign banners, etc. may be placed on school walls.

Privileges to participate in many groups and activities may be revoked for the following reasons:
1. Attendance – truancy, excessive tardiness
2. Discipline – exclusions, suspensions
3. Academics – GPA less than 1.0
4. Unpaid school fees or fines
Privileges may be revoked from: field trips, dances, assemblies, concerts, Student Council, office workers, recognition programs,
computer access, Volunteens, and other special events.

These are minimum reporting guidelines. Some teachers may generate progress reports on a more frequent basis that may be
sent home with the students or mailed.
1. At the mid-point of the grading period, any student who has a D or F average will receive a written Progress Report mailed
     to the student’s home.
2. Any student whose grade drops significantly within three weeks will receive a written Progress Report mailed to the
     student’s home.
3. Teachers may send a Progress Report if the student significantly improves their grade, as well.

Student placement into a specific grade shall have as criteria:
 Student academic performance based on District Curriculum Standards;
 Teacher recommendations;
 State, local, and classroom testing and assessment; and
 Other criteria, as appropriate.
In general, it is expected that a student shall make a year’s academic progress for each year that he/she is in school. Progress
shall be determined by his/her ability to meet the proficiency expectations of the District Curriculum Standards.
It is recognized that retention alone is an insufficient intervention. In those cases where retention is recommended, it shall be
combined with interventions specific to the individual student’s needs. The recommendations can include, but are not limited to:
change in teaching/instructional practices, summer school, tutoring, special material, extended day opportunities, increase in
school time focused on specific area.
Specific grade level considerations shall be as follows:
At the 4th & 8th grade levels:
 The WKCE (Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination) shall be reviewed. Students who are Proficient or Advanced
      in all tested areas shall be promoted. Students who are Basic in any area shall be promoted with a set of recommendations
      as to how a student can reach at least the proficient level of performance. A student in the Minima category in one or more
      areas can be promoted with a set of recommendations to bring the student to proficiency in the Minimal areas if:
        Daily performance and assessment demonstrates academic proficiency based on District Curriculum Standards. This
         includes a grade of “C” or better; or
        The goals of the IEP (Individualized Educational Plan), 504, or LEP (Limited English Proficiency) plans are met; or
        The school-based team recommends the promotion based on academic performance assessments specific to the
         individual student. This recommendation shall be in the form of a document indication the specific criteria used in
         making the decision. The document shall be placed in the cumulative folder and a copy of it given to the parent.

The Rawson Park/Woods property belongs to the School District of South Milwaukee; therefore, all policies, rules, and
regulations apply to the property.

Student report cards are mailed home four (4) times each year in the months of November, January, March and June.
Grading Scale:
A = 100-93
B = 92-85
C = 84-77
D = 76-65
F = below 65
0 = did not participate/contribute

Any student seeking entrance into the district must reside within the established boundaries of the district, except as otherwise
provided by law. Parents/guardians of a student that resides in the district with someone other than the parents/guardians will be
required to complete a Determination of Residency Status form. Students may not reside in the district with someone other than the
parents/guardians for the sole purpose of attending school in the district. Parents/guardians of a student who moves out of the
district during the school year must complete a tuition waiver form to remain a student in the district (Policy 420).

School Expectations
 Respect other students and their property.
 Cooperate with all teachers, counselors, administrators, secretaries, and teacher aides.
 Be truthful and honest at all times.
 Take responsibility for your actions.
 Help maintain a clean environment.

School Rules
 No running or yelling
 No bullying or harassment
 No profanity or threats
 No fighting or vandalism

A student and his/her personal possessions may be searched by the building principal or his/her designee if there is reasonable
suspicion that the search will turn up evidence that a particular law, school policy or school rule has been or is being violated.
The extent of the search will be governed by the seriousness of the alleged infraction, the student’s age and gender, the
student’s disciplinary history and any other relevant circumstances or information (Policy 446; Wisconsin Statutes Section

Skateboards and scooters present an element of danger to drivers and skateboard/scooter riders. They will not be permitted on
school grounds (including school parking lots). Students who violate this regulation are subject to disciplinary action.

District students shall act in such a fashion that their behavior will reflect favorably on the individual student and on the school,
show consideration for fellow students, and create a harmonious school atmosphere. To accomplish this, each student must
recognize individual responsibilities and obligations and discharge them in accordance with school regulations. Students are
expected to abide by the conduct rules as outlined in the student handbook, in the rules and regulations established by the
building principal for each school and by the Classroom Code of Conduct approved by the School Board of Education (Policy
443, 443.1).

Remedial classes in Reading, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics are offered in summer school. An
enrichment program is offered in band, orchestra, chorus, physical education, and technology education. Service learning
through volunteers is offered for all students. There is a fee of $10 per course.

Students may not use the pay telephone without a building pass. The use of office telephones will only be allowed under
emergency conditions. Pay phones are available in the gym lobby only.

Parents of students who move out of the South Milwaukee School District must notify the office prior to moving.

Vandalism is causing or intending to cause damage to school or personal property on school grounds. This includes graffiti and

computer tampering. Graffiti is criminal damage to property and will not be tolerated.

Student visitors are prohibited during the school day. Parents or other adult visitors who have legitimate business at the 15 th
Avenue Campus must identify themselves and sign in at the main office and receive a visitor’s badge, which is to be visibly worn
while in the building. Unauthorized persons will be referred to school officials for appropriate action.

To withdraw from school, parents and students must complete the sign-out process, which includes:
1. Obtain a withdrawal form from your guidance counselor.
2. Have parent/guardian sign the form.
3. All books and materials should be returned to teachers for clearance.
4. Meet all financial obligations.
5. Return the completed withdrawal form to your guidance counselor.

                                             Discipline Chart
Most disciplinary offenses fall into the categories in this chart. Appropriate action in all cases is at the discretion of the
administrators, and in accordance with district, state, and federal laws.

MISCONDUCT                   DESCRIPTION                                                          DISCIPLINE OPTIONS
Bus Conduct                      Disrespect toward bus driver                                       Warnings
                                 Misconduct while on the bus                                        Detention(s)
                                 Yelling, screaming, or using profane language                      Parental contact
                                 Standing while bus is in motion                                    Exclusion
                                 Putting body parts or objects out of the window                    Suspension from bus
                                                                                                     School Suspension

Cell Phones                      Cell phone turned on during school hours                           Confiscation*
                                 Cell phone in plain view                                           Suspension

Chronic Disruption or            Behavior that disrupts the educational process of others by        Parental contact
Violation of School Rules         involvement in misconduct that occurs on a regular basis           Suspension
                                  over a period of time                                              Removal
                                                                                                     Exclusion
                                                                                                     Withdrawal from class - failing grade
                                                                                                     Expulsion

Clothing - Disruptive            Halter tops                                                        Warnings
                                 Tank tops that expose bra straps                                   Parental contact
                                 High cut shorts                                                    Send home to change
                                 Revealing midriffs                                                 Exclusion
                                 Displaying poor taste                                              Suspension
                                 Displaying obscenity
                                 Advertisement of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs
                                 Promoting self-interest (100% white/black, etc.)
                                 Improper exposure
                                 Pajama clothing, including: pajama tops, bottoms and
                                  bedroom slippers

Conduct Unsafe to Others         Threat or attempt to cause injury to another student or staff      Warnings
                                  member                                                             Detentions
                                 Threat or attempt to destroy school property by means of           Parental contact
                                  explosives                                                         Exclusion
                                                                                                     Police Referral
                                                                                                     Suspension
                                                                                                     Expulsion

Detention - Failure to Serve     Teacher detentions                                                 Warnings
                                 Office detentions                                                  Parental contact
                                                                                                     Exclusion
                                                                                                     Suspension
                                                                                                     Expulsion

Displays of Affection            Provocative behavior                                               Warnings
                                 Inappropriate/excessive physical contact                           Parental contact
                                                                                                     Exclusion
                                                                                                     Guidance referral
                                                                                                     Suspension

Disruption                       Throwing objects                                                   Warnings
                                 Loud/disruptive noises                                             Detention(s)
                                 Objects disruptive to learning environment (i.e. squirt guns,      Parental contact
                                  stink bombs, etc.)                                                 Removal
                                 Behavior that interferes with the learning of others               Exclusion
                                                                                                     Suspension

MISCONDUCT            DESCRIPTION                                                          DISCIPLINE OPTIONS
Drugs/Alcohol             Under influence/possession                                         Confiscation*
                          Suspected to be under the influence                                Suspension
                          Use/Selling/Distribution on premises                               Parental contact
                          Drug related paraphernalia                                         Exclusion
                                                                                              Police Referral
                                                                                              Expulsion

Electronic Devices    Possession of pagers and other electronic communication devices         Confiscation*
                                                                                              Parental contact
                                                                                              Exclusion
                                                                                              Police Referral
                                                                                              Suspension

Fighting or Assault       Physical confrontation between two or more students                Parental contact
                          Striking another student or staff member                           Exclusion
                                                                                              Suspension
                                                                                              Police Referral
                                                                                              Expulsion

Food and Beverages    Food and beverages are allowed in the MPR only                          Confiscation*
                                                                                              Detention
                                                                                              Exclusion

Gambling              Any action involving betting on cards, dice, sporting events, etc.      Parental contact
                                                                                              Detention
                                                                                              Suspension
                                                                                              Police Referral
                                                                                              Expulsion

Gang Activity             Behavior, dress, jewelry, and other forms of expression            Confiscation*
                           depicting gang affiliation or support                              Parental contact
                          Disruption/Intimidation caused by gang affiliation or support      Exclusion
                          Gang posturing                                                     Suspension
                                                                                              Police Referral
                                                                                              Expulsion

Harassment - Hazing   Name calling, profanity, pestering, tormenting, or threatening          Warning
                      actions that are meant to demean another person                         Detention(s)
                                                                                              Parental contact
                                                                                              Exclusion
                                                                                              Suspension
                                                                                              Police Referral
                                                                                              Expulsion
Harassment - Other        Ethnic, sexual, racial, or religious                               Warning
                          Hate crimes (Federal law allows more severe consequences)          Parental contact
                                                                                              Exclusion
                                                                                              Suspension
                                                                                              Police Referral
                                                                                              Expulsion

Head Wear                 Wearing in the building is prohibited                              Warning
                          Must be kept in locker during school hours                         Detention
                                                                                              Confiscation*
                                                                                              Parental contact
                                                                                              Suspension

Ignition Devices      Matches, lighters, or other materials when used for ignition            Confiscation*
                      purposes are prohibited on school property by all students              Parental contact
                                                                                              Exclusion
                                                                                              Suspension
                                                                                              Police Referral

MISCONDUCT                   DESCRIPTION                                                          DISCIPLINE OPTIONS
Insubordination and              Refusing to follow staff directions                                Parental contact
Disrespectful Behavior           Walking away from a staff member at an inappropriate time          Detention(s)
                                 Speaking in inappropriate manner or tone                           Exclusion
                                                                                                     Suspension
                                                                                                     Expulsion

Laser Pointer                    Possession, use, sale and/or distribution of laser pointer or      Confiscation*
                                  similar device while on school grounds or at school                Parental Contact
                                  sponsored event                                                    Exclusion
                                                                                                     Suspension
                                                                                                     Police Referral

Plagiarism/Cheating              Turning in work that is not yours                                  Parental contact
                                 Copying (homework or other) crib notes, cheat sheets               Exclusion
                                 Buying, selling, or handing out of work, tests, or answer          Failing Grade
                                  sheets                                                             Suspension

Radio/Tape/                  Must be kept in locker during school hours                              Confiscation*
CD Players                                                                                           Parental Contact
                                                                                                     Detention
                                                                                                     Exclusion
                                                                                                     Suspension

Skateboards, Inline Skates, Use/Possession of skateboards, inline skates, and scooters is            Confiscation*
and Scooters                prohibited on school property                                            Parental contact
                                                                                                     Civil Citation

Smoking or Possession of         Possession prohibited on school property by students under         Confiscation*
Tobacco Products                  18 years of age                                                    Parental contact
                                 Use by all prohibited on school property and at school-            Exclusion
                                  sponsored events                                                   Police Referral
                                                                                                     Suspension

Tardiness                    Not in classroom and prepared to work when the bell rings               Warning
(Unexcused)                                                                                          Detention(s)
                                                                                                     Exclusion
                                                                                                     Parental contact
                                                                                                     Suspension

Theft                        Taking of school/personal property without permission                   Warning
                                                                                                     Parental contact
                                                                                                     Exclusion
                                                                                                     Suspension
                                                                                                     Restitution
                                                                                                     Police Referral
                                                                                                     Expulsion

Truancy/Unexcused                Absent without contact by a parent/guardian (or student 18         Detention(s)
Absences                          or older) to excuse. This includes all classes, Study Halls        Parental contact
                                  and Homeroom.                                                      Exclusion
                                 Leaving campus without permission                                  Suspension
                                                                                                     Police Referral
                                                                                                     Court Referral
                                                                                                     Expulsion

Vandalism                    Causing or intending to cause damage to the building or personal        Restitution as determined by the
                             property (including computer tampering and graffiti)                     administration
                                                                                                     Parental contact
                                                                                                     Exclusion
                                                                                                     Suspension
                                                                                                     Police Referral
                                                                                                     Expulsion

MISCONDUCT                 DESCRIPTION                                                          DISCIPLINE OPTIONS
Verbal Abuse and Profanity     Inappropriate language, written or spoken                          Warning
                               Conduct or gestures which are obscene, lewd, profane,              Detention(s)
                                vulgar, or sexually suggestive                                     Exclusion
                                                                                                   Parental contact
                                                                                                   Expulsion

Weapons, Guns, Knives,         Possession, use, sale, and/or distribution of weapons, or          Exclusion
and Dangerous Objects           pepper spray                                                       Pre-Expulsion Hearing and
                               Possession of facsimiles (i.e. toy weapons, etc.)                   Suspension
                               Use of any object to cause bodily or property harm (including      Police Referral
                                ignition devices, controlled substances, drug paraphernalia,       Parental contact
                                writing tools, etc.)                                               Confiscation
                                                                                                   Expulsion

*Confiscated items will only be released to a parent or legal guardian, unless otherwise authorized by an administrator.

Students may be assigned to the ALC for up to five (5) days for violation of school rules. Students assigned to the ALC must
report to Room 3814 no later than 7:40am, and remain there throughout the school day, except for homerooms.
ALC Guidelines
1. Be on time.
2. Raise hand before talking, asking questions, or leaving seat.
3. No gum chewing.
4. No eating or drinking.
5. Bring all materials needed for the entire day, including pen, pencil, paper, ruler, and all books and notebooks.
6. Disruptions of any kind will not be tolerated.
7. Students must do school work provided by teachers for each period.
8. Follow the supervisor’s directions at all times.
9. Sit up in chair.
10. Keep assigned area clean.
Students who do not follow these guidelines while in the ALC may either repeat their time in the ALC or be suspended.

Exclusion means that a student is assigned to the ALC for one (1) to five (5) days due to a conduct referral from a staff member.

The building principal or his/her designee may suspend a student for not more than five school days, or, if notice of expulsion
hearing has been sent, not more than a total of 15 consecutive school days in accordance with state law.
A student may be suspended for:
1. Noncompliance with school or School Board rules or teacher rules made with the School Board’s consent; or,
2. Knowingly conveying any threat or false information concerning an attempt or alleged attempt being made or to be made to
    destroy any school property by means of explosives; or,
3. Conduct by the student while at school or while under the supervision of a school authority that endangers the property,
    health or safety of others which includes making a threat to the health or safety of a person or making a threat to damage
    property; or
4. Conduct while not at school or while not under the supervision of a school authority that endangers the property, health or safety
    of others at school or under the supervision of a school authority or endangers the property, health or safety of any district
    employee or School Board member which includes making a threat to the health or safety of a person or making a threat to
    damage property.
Repeated violations may lead to expulsion. In addition, students shall be suspended when required by law. Suspensions may be
in-house or out-of-school as determined by the administration.
A suspended student shall not be denied the opportunity to take any quarterly, semester or grading period examinations or to

complete coursework missed during the suspension period (Policy 447.2; Wisconsin Statutes Section 120.13).

The school board may expel a student from school whenever it finds that the interest of the school demands the student’s
expulsion and finds the student:
1. Is guilty of repeated refusal or neglect to obey the rules; or
2. Knowingly conveyed or caused to be conveyed any threat or false information concerning an attempt or alleged attempt being
   made or to be made to destroy school property by means of explosives; or
3. Engaged in conduct while at school or while under the supervision of a school authority which endangered the property,
   health or safety of others; or
4. While not at school or while not under the supervision of a school authority, engaged in conduct which endangered the
   property, health or safety of others at school or under the supervision of a school authority or engaged on conduct which
   endangered the property, health or safety of any employee or school board member of the district; or
5. Is at least age 16 years and repeatedly engaged in conduct while at school or while under the supervision of a school
   authority that disrupted the ability of school authorities to maintain order or an educational atmosphere at school or at an
   activity supervised by a school authority, and such conduct does not constitute other grounds for expulsion under Section
   120.13(l)(c)l of the Wisconsin Statutes; and/or
6. While at school or while under the supervision of a school authority, possessed a firearm [as defined by 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(3)].
(Policy 447.3; Wisconsin Statutes Section 120.13)

School District employees and officials may not use corporal punishment in any of its forms. School officials and employees are
not prohibited, however, from using reasonable and necessary force:
     1. To quell a disturbance or prevent an act that threatens physical injury to any person;
     2. To obtain possession of a weapon or other dangerous object within a student’s control;
     3. For the purpose of self-defense or the defense of others or for the protection of property in accordance with state
     4. To remove a disruptive student from school premises, a motor vehicle or school-sponsored activity;
     5. To prevent a student from inflicting harm on him/herself; or
     6. To protect the safety of others.
Further, school officials and employees are not prohibited from using incidental, minor or reasonable physical contact designated to
maintain order and control. The building principal shall be notified immediately after any application of force. Parents/Guardians of the
student(s) involved shall be contacted by school officials and informed as to why their child was restrained.


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