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BPAY Batch


									Bpay Batch
Save your business
time and money

Help your bottom line
with Bpay Batch
Every business wants to save time. Now you can by using
Bpay® Batch.

What is Bpay Batch? Quite simply, it’s a system that allows
you to make multiple Bpay payments at one time to a particular
biller – all through a single transaction file.

It’s faster, easier and far more convenient than making individual
payments. Talk to your financial institution about the
fees involved and the possible savings that you can make from
using Bpay Batch.

Using Bpay Batch
There are many ways that using Bpay Batch can help streamline
your payment operations.

For example, it could be used as the payroll system to pay the
salaries of multiple employees. Or by a Real Estate company –
in its capacity as Property Manager – to make payments on
behalf of landlords.

No matter how you want to use it, Bpay Batch can boost
your company’s efficiency.

Signing up for Bpay Batch
If you believe that using Bpay Batch can help your business,
then sign up today. To do this, simply contact your financial
institution – bank or building society – and sign a simple
agreement with them. Listed below are the institutions that
currently offer Bpay Batch:

• National Australia Bank
• Commonwealth Bank
• Westpac
• Greater Building Society

To find out more information about Bpay or Bpay Batch, visit or contact your financial institution.

          Bpay® and Bpay View®
          are trademarks of Bpay Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518


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