BLAIR by wuyunqing


									                                                                                   CERTIFICATE OF PEDIGREE
                                                                                   FOR HARTWOODHILL BLAIR

BREED:                       RETRIEVER ( LABRADOR )
SEX:                         DOG
COLOUR:                      YELLOW
DATE OF BIRTH:               23 02 2007 Clear eye cert , Optigen CLEAR HIP AND ELBOW SCORE RESULTS AWAITED

             PARENTS                            GRANDPARENTS                  GT : GRANDPARENTS                  GT : GT : GRANDPARENTS           GT : GT : GT: GRANDPARENTS

 Sire                                    Sire                               Sire                          Sire                             Sire
                                          FIELD TRIAL CHAMPION              FTW GILLMHOR ARROW                   SEANBAILE REGENT          Dam
                                                                                Of POCKLEA                Dam                              Sire
 Field Trial Champion                    BALDONIAN BARON                                                         KILLMORE DELLA            Dam
                                          Of CRAIGHORN                      Dam                           Sire                             Sire
 Broadlaw Elder of                       HIPS 2/1                                                                FTCH POCCKLEA REMUS       Dam
 Laggengill                              Clear eye certificate              BAILDONIAN TINA                         IGL WINNER
                                                                                                          Dam                              Sire
 KC Stud No 2535CK                                                                                               BARNAVARA BEETLE          Dam
 Hips 2/2                                Dam                                Sire INTERNATIONAL FTCH       Sire FTCH                        Sire
 Elbow 0/0                               FIELD TRIAL CHAMPION                                                    BALLYELLERY ADDER         Dam
                                            KENUE CEDAR                        Theoweir Turramurra Teal   Dam FTCH                         Sire
 Clear eye cert                          HIPS 5/4                                                                TOWERLINE SWIFT           Dam
 Optigen clear                           CLEAR EYE CERTIFICATE              Dam                           Sire                             Sire
                                                                            FTCH CROFTWEIT SOLO                   CROFTWEIT SWIFT          Dam
                                                                                                          Dam                              Sire
                                                                                                                WELSTON TANYA              Dam
 Dam                                     Sire                               Sire                          Sire FTCH                        Sire
 Kenmillone Gallica                      Willowyck Yodal                    FTCH                                 KILDERKIN RENOIR          Dam
                                                                                                          Dam                              Sire
    of Garagill                                                               LAFAYETTE TOLLY                    BLACK PURDEY of KESWICK
                                         Hips 5/4                                                                                          Dam
                                                                            Dam                           Sire FTCH                        Sire
 Hips 4/3                                                                                                      PALGRAVE QUINN              Dam
 Clear eye Cert                                                             GREENBRIAR SOLO               Dam                              Sire
                                                                                                                 GLENBRIAR SKYLARK         Dam
                                         Dam                                Sire FTCH                     Sire FTCH     HERATOR MARK of    Sire
                                                                                                          DRAKESHEAD                       Dam
                                                                               POCKLEA REMUS              Dam FTCH                         Sire
                                         Willowyck Hazel                    Intern’Gundog League Winner         DRAKESHEAD GIPSY           Dam
                                                                            Dam                           Sire FTCH LETTERMORE TROUT       Sire
                                                                              DADLEY’S GIRL               Dam                              Sire
                                                                                                                 FLASHMOUNT TARE           Dam

I certify this Pedigree to be correct to the best of my knowledge. Owner:                             Signed………………………………………         Date………………………….

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