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The_ABC by pengxuebo


									The ABC/GS were founded in the year 2001. Two egyptiology students who felt that it made
no sense to keep on being musicwise pretentious, knew that the time is high for a change.
The music they loved to hear in clubs, was definetly underrepresented and the tenor of
minimal was not minimal in the way they would define it. They wanted music to be raw,
cheap and transparent! They wanted it to be Acid, like in Farley Jackmaster "Acid" Funk and
they wanted it to be House, like in Altern 8 Hooligan "House". The first idea was a jigsaw-
version of Larry Heards Fingers Inc, but the fact that one of them had not a single
programming skill and the other one only delirated with a cheap and now outdated sample-
program called Sound Edit and - on top - no one could sing like Robert Owens, brought them
to the conclusion that it is better to bury the Deep and make way for the Hooligan in Hooligan
In the following months they toured mainly germany and tried to preach their Acid House
Gospel. Playing the music off CDs, performing in front of a huge 303 synthesizer made of
cardboard and being wrapped in glow-in-the-dark uniforms, they left a confused Intelligent
Techno audience, which constantly had a "money back!" on its lips. But there also was
positive feedback. DJ Mooner who invited them to play at the Atomic Café in Munich was
totally overwhelmed by the ABC/GSs retro attitude and treated the CD which was handed
over to him like a relic. He namedropped the ABC/GS in many charts and so they lived on
because in the meantime the two of them went seperate ways to pursue fascinating careers
in the world of orthodontistry or accounting. Now a Compilation of their "best" tracks will be
released by DJ Mooners own record label ERKRANKUNG DURCH MUSIQUE and will be
presented by the two often missunderstood producers favorite DJ DC Schuhe. Get sorted!

DJ DC Schuhe Top-Ten / May 2005 :

01) Acid Fips - Ilsa Gold - Bootleg
02) The New Workout Plan - Kanye West - Rocafella
03) Come On Barbie - Toecutter - System Corrupt
04) It´s Alright - Pet Shop Boys - EMI
05) AK 47 - Scene Creamers - Drag City
06) Let The Sun Shine - Alec Empire - Force Inc
07) Autobiography Of A Crackhead - SUAD - SUAD
08) Bangin - Epilepsia - Hithouse
09) Zoo Music Girl - The Birthday Party - 4AD
10) Love - Passenger of Shit - System Corrupt

we know: press texts are not made for reading:
Erkrankung durch Musique Records
Implerstr 12a
81371 Munich Germany
phone: ++49/89/44239842

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