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					LOST, Season 6, Episode 1 – 108, Part 2

4 8 15 16 23 42. Execute. Kelvin left the Swan and went for a walk. He now had 108 minutes of free time. He walked out of the doors and headed out to the beach, it was his very part of living there. Saving the world was a close second. After an hour and a half of relaxation he returned to the station. As the countdown hit 23 the Swan began to shake. Kelvin leapt to his feet, opened the floor compartment and climbed in. He took the fail safe key from around his neck and prepared to turn it... The shaking stopped. He returned to the computer and sat there silently. Click – The countdown reached 22. From behind him Kelvin heard a voice say: “Who’s Stuart and why was he thinking about a button when he died?” Kelvin turned around slowly. “His name was Stuart Radzinsky and he blew his brains out with a shotgun and left me to deal with this.” he gestured to the computer “Who the hell are you?” “I’m Miles.” “Give me my son!” shouted the intruder on to the Others camp, Roger Linus. No one answered. Roger fired his shotgun in the air. “Calm down.” said Eloise “He’s safe, and you will get him back, I promise you.” Richard Alpert was in a tent with Benjamin Linus when he heard the gun shot. “Ben, you’re going to have to leave with him but you’ll always be one of us. I swear.” “I don’t want to go,” he cried “can’t you just kill him?” “No, you can’t.” he paused “Is that what you want Ben?” Ben nodded. “I promise that if you go back now, with my help, you can kill your father.” Roger aimed the gun at Eloise’s head “Tell me where my son is.” “He’s right here.” said Richard, escorting Ben out of the tent. “Ben, come here.” Ben hesitated and looked at Richard, who nodded and whispered “Soon.” Ben went to his dad who immediately grabbed his arm and dragged him through the jungle where he met Pierre Chang, Horace Goodspeed and Stuart Radzinsky. “It’s OK.” said Roger “I got him.” “Actually we were coming to ask for their help.” said Horace.

“Then be careful.” he said throwing his shotgun to Radzinsky “Look after that. You’ll need it. But be careful because there only one bullet so use it wisely.” As Roger and Ben walked away Radzinsky, Horace and Dr. Chang marched into the camp.


Desmond Hume knew that he couldn’t escape his fate. As hard as he tried to ignore his destiny and continue his normal life with Penny and Charlie Hume he knew he couldn’t escape the island. “Des! Someone is on the phone for you!” shouted Penny. Desmond reluctantly answered, something didn’t feel right. “Hello Desmond.” Desmond recognised the voice. “Hello.” “This is Eloise Hawking. I’m afraid that you’re needed.” “Please just leave me and my family alone.” “The island needs you Desmond.” “No, it doesn’t.” he shouted and hung up. He left the boat, Our Mutual Friend, and walked to a café. He ordered a coffee than sat down at a table and drank it. “Hello Desmond.” “Do I know you?” “Yes, years ago I gave you my husband’s boat, The Elizabeth.” “Oh.” “And I bought you a drink. I’ve been waiting for you.” said Libby “Why?” “I want you to return the favour.” “You want a boat?” “No,” she laughed “I want a drink and a chat.” Desmond bought her a drink and sat down. “So, why did you want to talk to me?” “After I gave you the boat I was tricked into going to Sydney by my own father. I came back on Oceanic Air flight 815.” Desmond’s jaw dropped. “...Well I tried to at least. This plane crashed on an island. I lived there for a while, but then I was shot.” Blood began to pour out of her mouth. “Find my father.” “Who’s your father?” “Charles Widmore.” “Drop it Hurley.” said Charlie Pace.

“Dude, you’re not here. You’re dead.” They were both stood on the top of a cliff. “I am dead. But you’re not Hurley. So drop the guitar case, Hurley.” “Why?” “After the electromagnetism was released it was stabilised by the nuclear explosion. This caused each of you to be flashed to a different time. You all have a job to do, and when you do it you’ll return to the present.” “What?” “Just drop the case Hurley.” “OK.” Hurley let go of the guitar case and it fell and got caught in a tree. “Dude, was that meant to happen?” “Yes.” Below them Locke and Charlie walked out of the jungle. “What I know is that this island might just give you what you're looking for, but you have to give the island something.” said Locke. “You really think you can find my guitar?” he said, handing John his drugs. “Look up, Charlie.” Charlie pushed Hurley aside so he couldn’t be seen by the people below. Suddenly there was a bright white light and a high pitched noise. “Bye Hurley.” said Charlie “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you about the lottery.” “Hello.” said Pierre as he walked into the camp with his hands in the air. Charles growled “What are you doing here?” “We’re here to talk. Who here knew Daniel Faraday?” “I did.” said Eloise “I’m his mother.” Horace and Radzinsky stayed hidden while Eloise took Pierre to a tent to talk. “How did Faraday know how to stop the release of the electromagnetism?” “I was all in here.” she said holding up a journal. “Do you think I could have that please?” “Why?” “There’s going to be another release and we need to know how to stop it.” “Let me come with you, I can help you.” “OK.” “How long do we have left?” “23 minutes.” Without saying anything Eloise opened the journal. “Mr. Widmore, Desmond Hume is here to see you.” said the intercom. “Let him in.” Desmond opened Widmore’s office door and closed it behind him.

“I always knew you weren’t the most popular person Charles, but even dead people hate you.” “What are you talking about?” “Your dead daughter was telling me about how you sent her to that island to die.” “Penny?” Charles shouted in shock “She’s dead?” “No, Elizabeth.” “Oh,” he said coldly “her.” “Why won’t that island just leave me alone?” “What?” “It needs me, apparently.” “You’re not a great man, Hume, you’re worthless. That island doesn’t need you.” he growled as he took a revolver out of his desk. “I know. I love Penny and Charlie and I don’t want to lose the-” Charles Widmore had shot Desmond four times in the chest. “Please can you come in here.” he said to the intercom. “Let’s see if the island needs you now.” “You All Everybody!” sung the radio. Adam picked up his mobile and called his daughter, Shannon Rutherford. “Hi Shannon.” “Hi. What are you doing dad?” “Driving, listen to the radio, relaxing.” “Don’t you want to turn that music down?” “C’mon Shannon, live a lit-” That’s when his crash smashed into a car driven by a woman called Sarah. Jack’s eyes snapped open. “Hello son.” said Christian. “Dad?” he asked confused “What’s going on? Am I dead?” “Far from it Jack, which is the good news, the bad news is you have work to do.” “What work?” “All you have to do is sneak in the barracks where the Dharma Initiative live, steal a van, set fire to it and push it into a house.” “And then what? Run?” “Then you go back to where you should be.” After about four minutes of silence Eloise jumped up and shouted “Concrete!” “What?” “If we cover the Swan site with concrete it will buy us time.” “But where can we find enough?”

“There’s an Egyptian statue on the island, if we tear it down we can use the concrete from that.” “I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.” said Richard, appearing out of nowhere. “Why? It’s the only way?” “It may cause us some problems in the future.” “Richard, surely you don’t believe in all that.” she said “Everything will be fine.” The White Smoke Monster was heading for the caves. “Be safe man.” said Boone. “Good luck, Charlie” Hurley said. “Alright, thanks guy.” he said as he prepared to enter the tunnel. This was the white smoke’s cue. It changed its shape so it looked as though it was a moth that fluttered over to go save Jack and Charlie. Kate, Sawyer, Sayid and Juliet all awoke in 2004. Shannon and Boone stood in front of them. “You’re all here for a reason.” said Boone. Penelope Widmore wasn’t stupid. She was smart enough to know that when she was told her husband had been shot near her father’s office that it wasn’t an accident. But he’d get away with it, even if Desmond died. That’s the thing about powerful men, they can do what they like and there are no consequences. She arrived at the hospital and was told to stay in the waiting room where she met Eloise Hawking. “Hello Penelope.” “You!” Penny shouted “Why are you here?” “To save Desmond.” “How? How can we save him?” “There is only one place that can heal him?” “Where?” she asked, though she didn’t need to, she already knew what was coming next. “The island.”


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