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s6e14 by daet


									“Everyone Answers to Someone”

Corey M

We open in an old stone room, and all we hear is screaming. We know we’re in the temple. We pan to see the screaming is coming from a woman in her 30s is giving birth on a flat rock. A man in his sixties is trying to deliver the baby. MAN: “Come on, now. You can do this.” The woman pushes. She has no luck and stops to catch her breath. WOMAN (Breathing heavily): “Isaac… Isaac I can’t do this.” ISAAC: “You can do it, Rebekah.” REBEKAH: “I can’t… It’s just too…” She is angered and starts pushing. ISAAC: “Good. Good, Rebekah. I can see his head!”

Rebekah keeps pushing and finally we hear crying. Rebekah is breathing heavily. REBEKAH: “I think there’s something wrong, Isaac. I can’t… I feel like there’s another one.” Isaac looks as if he has no idea what to do. ISAAC: “Well it can’t hurt to push. Just push.” Rebekah pushes and screams loudly while doing it. ISAAC: “I know it’s hard, honey, but could you please keep it down? We don’t want them to hear us.” Rebekah ignores him and we hear crying again. REBEKAH: “Is… Is it over?” ISAAC: “Yes, honey. Two beautiful boys.” REBEKAH: “The first one… Can we name him Jacob?” A very ominous Giacchino sound is heard. Isaac nods. ISAAC: “And the second will be called... Esau.” Isaac lies the babies on Rebekah. REBEKAH: “Jacob and Esau. You two are going to have a great life.” We end on a shot of the two children.


Act Two

We’re back at the beach where Jack just came out of the jungle. JACK (Repeated line): “Where can I find the helicopter?” MILES: “Whoa, Jack. Where the hell have you been, man?” JACK: “We don’t have much time. Esau wants to destroy the island and I’m the only one who can do anything about it.” HURLEY: “Who told you that, dude?” JACK: “Jacob told me what Esau was planning. Look. We don’t have much time. He’s trying to get our friends to join him, so if you don’t help me get to the helicopter, we’re all gonna die.” Ominous Giacchino music over a shot of Miles’s face for a moment, and then it stops. MILES: “Let’s go.”

Now we’re back in the woods with the supposed-to-be-dead Ben Linus overlooking Charles, who is sitting in the jungle in shock. CHARLES: “Who are you? I know that you’re not Benjamin. You’re Esau. That’s who you are.” BEN: “No, Charles, because Esau is busy at the moment.” CHARLES: “If… If both Jacob and Esau are… Who are you? You can’t actually be Benjamin Linus.” BEN: “Yes I can, Charles. I can because the island healed me. And we have work to do.” End scene.

We now see Jack with a backpack on, gun in hand, running quickly and determined through the jungle. Miles and Walt are behind him. MILES: “Maybe I should take the lead! You don’t know where you’re going!” We obviously see that Jack does know where he is going as they stumble upon a few scraps from the chopper. Miles takes the lead, and they begin running again. Walt, we notice, also has a gun. We switch to the chopper scene with Ilana, Sawyer and Fram still overlooking Charlie, Pen and Des who are sitting by the fire. ILANA: “What do you mean, Sawyer? How can he not be himself?” SAWYER: “This son of a bitch is the same guy who’s fighting against Jacob.” FRAM: “It isn’t true, Ilana.” Sawyer is now fed up. He gives Fram a punch to the gut, and turns around, about to say something to Ilana, when he notices she is holding a rifle to him. ILANA: “I have known this man since we were children in grade school, James. If you say one more time that he is Esau, I will put a bullet in your heart.” SAWYER: “Somebody’s trigger happy… Look, I’m just sayin’, I saw the guy die. His damn body is still in the temple.” ILANA: “…Take me there.” We end on a shot of Sawyer smirking and Fram looking pissed. Now we’re back overlooking the scene when Jack, Walt, and Miles rush out of the jungle, cocking their guns. Jack points his gun at Fram. JACK: “You’re supposed to be dead. You must be Esau.”

FRAM: “Easy, Jack. I survived.” Jack slowly puts his backpack down and unzips it, pulling out the still wrapped object. JACK: “It’s over, Esau.” Desmond enters the conversation. DESMOND: “Whoa, brotha. What the hell’s in that cloth.” JACK: “It’s gonna save us all, Desmond. This man, Esau, wants to destroy the island. It’s time I end this before he gets to.” He begins to unwrap the cloth when a gunshot is heard. Ilana has shot Penny in the knee. ILANA: “Shut up, all of you.” She turns her attention to Jack. ILANA: “Jack, if you use that now, and Bram is really Bram, you could destroy the whole island yourself. We’re going to the temple, to see if Bram’s real body is still there. If not, you may activate it. Jack looks to Miles. JACK: “Should we go, or should I take the chance?” MILES: “It’s up to you, hotshot.” JACK: “We’ll go if you tie Bram up.” Ilana pauses, and then nods her head. End scene.

Act Three Jacob, Richard and Kate are back in the altar room. JACOB: “So why didn’t you go with Jack, Katie?”

KATE: “Because you always know where he is, and when it’s time, we’ll get to him. I needed time away from all of this craziness.” RICHARD: “What’s crazy about it, Kate? It’s a fight for survival. Fate versus Free Will. The desire to do as you please versus basically prison of having to live with what you are supposed to do. Kate, we need to know if you’re in or not.” KATE: “I stand with Jack. If he’s in, I’m in.” End scene. Now we’re back with Charles and “Ben”. CHARLES: “I’m not going anywhere with you until you tell me who you are and how you have anything to do with Jacob and Esau.” BEN: “Charles, Charles, Charles. You have yet to learn.” Charles looks confused. BEN: “See, Charles, everyone answers to someone.” CHARLES: “So who are you?” He moves closer to Charles, and speaks, putting his hand on Charles’s wound. BEN: “Jacob and Esau answer to me.” He takes his hand off, revealing the gunshot wound is gone. End scene. We’re with Ilana, Jack, Fram, Miles, and Sawyer. They left Des and Charlie behind after Penny was shot in the knee. ILANA: “We’re close.” JACK: “Miles, Walt and I will wait outside. There’s too many bodies in there. I have no reason to be in there. I trust you’ll tell the truth?”

SAWYER: “Yeah, Doc. Once we find Bram’s body, this guy’s not gonna have any trouble losin’ all his connections.” FRAM: “Just shut up. The temple’s ahead, and I’m ready to prove you wrong, James.” We pan back to show the temple. SAWYER: “Doc, give me the kid’s gun.” JACK: “Walt, Sawyer needs your weapon.” Walt hands it over. WALT: “Good luck, James.” SAWYER: “What the hell’s that supposed to mean?” WALT: “Just good luck.” Sawyer, Ilana and Fram enter the temple. We cut to them walking down into the Smokey summoning room with Ilana leading Sawyer and Fram, who takes up the rear, down the steps. Bodies line the floor, each one paler and colder looking than the other. Ilana notices a body against the wall. It’s the body of Bram, just as we left him. Ilana runs her hand through her hair and kneels down in sadness and anger. We see a shot of Sawyer turning around. He is about to pull his gun on Fram when he sees that it isn’t there. SAWYER: “What the…” Gunshot. Sawyer is hit in the middle of the stomach. Fram stole his gun. Fram holds the gun to Ilana’s head. He morphs back into Esau. ESAU: “Ilana, you will make sure that you release that energy. This is how it has to happen.”

ILANA: “I won’t.” ESAU: “Are you sure about that?” Ilana nods affirmatively. Esau shoots her in the same spot as Ana Lucia was shot. She drops her rifle and falls against the wall, right next to the body of Bram. She takes Bram’s cold and limp hand, and she dies. Esau morphs back into Fram and leaves. Fram exits the temple and Miles, Walt and Jack are there waiting. JACK: “Where’s Sawyer?” FRAM: “He had an accident.” Jack takes the object out of his pack. It’s still wrapped. JACK: “What do you mean, he had an…” Gunshot. Fram has shot Miles in the leg. Jack is about to unwrap the cloth, but wants to tend to Miles instead. He kneels as Fram is running. MILES: “Why didn’t you use it?” JACK: “It’s no use right now. He was already gone by the time I was going to unwrap it. I need to help you. Walt, grab me that thick vine over there.” Walt runs to get it. Jack pulls a pair of tweezers from his pack and starts to pull the bullet out and Walt returns with the vine. Miles winces as the bullet is pulled out and Jack wraps the vine around his leg as a tourniquet. JACK: “Walt, go in the temple and get some clothes from any bodies you can find. Use them to stop the bleeding. After that, get back to the beach.” WALT: “Where are you going?”

JACK: “To find Esau.” End scene.

Act Four

Now we’re back with Jacob, Richard and Kate. KATE: “I just don’t see how that could kill Esau.” JACOB: “Guess you’ll have to find out later.” KATE: “But I don’t understand. Why couldn’t Jacob just have done that years ago?” JACOB: “Because what I gave Jack only works for Jack.” KATE: “Alright, Jacob.” RICHARD: “It seems like it’s about time to go, Jacob. Jack needs help. I know you know where he is.” JACOB: “As a matter of fact I do. Jack does need help.” RICHARD: “Where do we go?” JACOB: “We’re going to the statue… We’re going to where this all ends.” We now see Walt and Miles. Miles is limping through the jungle and Walt is assisting him. MILES: “We’ll never catch up, kid.” WALT: “I know. I just want to get you back to the helicopter and then do what I need to do.” MILES: “What do you need to do?”

WALT: “I need to go to where this all ends, Miles.” MILES: “Where’s that?” WALT: “The statue.” MILES: “And how the hell would you know this all ends at the statue?” WALT: “Because He who will save us all lies in the shadow of the statue. And if he hasn’t saved us yet, he obviously isn’t there yet. So I’m bringing every able man to that statue.” MILES: “Why?” WALT: “Because incase you forgot, Widmore’s still got an army.” End scene. We switch to “Ben” and Widmore, who are walking through the jungle?” WIDMORE: “If we’re going to the temple, all we’ll find are dead bodies.” BEN: “But what we’re looking for is not a dead body, Charles.” WIDMORE: “If you could please excuse me, I need to give an order to my men.” Ben nods. Widmore pulls out a walkie and gives an order. WIDMORE: “Everyone who’s listening, I need you to wait in the jungle outside of the statue. The end is nearing and I can’t miss my opportunities.” Widmore turns off the walkie and we pan back to show the temple. End scene. Now we’re with Desmond, who appears to have patched up Penny. PENNY: “Des… You can’t do this.”

DESMOND: “I have to help who I can, Pen. And I’m helping Jack. So if he’s alive still, I’m going to make sure I help the right side win. Jack needs me. He’s got a whole army against him and I’m gonna make sure he has an army behind him.” He kisses Penny. DESMOND: “I love you, Penny.” CHARLIE: “Dad, I’ll be there after I take Mom back to camp. The only thing is, I don’t know the way.” DESMOND: “It’s almost straight west of here. Just keep walking west until you reach a beach and you’ll see it, I promise.” CHARLIE: “See you in another life, Dad.” Desmond walks away and sheds a tear. End scene.

Act Five

We’re back with Jack, who’s walking through the jungle. He stops and sits on a log. Jacob, Kate and Richard appear out of the bushes. RICHARD: “Hello, Jack.” JACK: “Kate… You’re okay.” Kate nods, smiling. JACOB: “Jack, we are going to tell you exactly what you need to do.” JACK: “I’ll do whatever it is I have to do, but I need a minute with Kate.” Jacob nods and he and Richard walk away.

KATE: “Jack…” Jack hugs her. JACK: “Kate, there’s something I want you to know. I have to tell you this because this might be the last time I ever see you.” He starts to say something but Kate puts her finger over his mouth. KATE: “It won’t be the last time I see you, because I’m going with you and you won’t die.” JACK: “Kate, you can’t. It’s too dangerous.” KATE: “Are you really gonna play that card after all we’ve been through together?” Jack laughs. JACK: “Alright, Kate. You can come with me.” KATE: “What was it you wanted to say?” JACK: “It can wait.”

Now we’re back with Miles and Walt. MILES: “Dude, he shot me in the side of the leg. I think I’ll be able to help Jack. My leg feels better. The adrenaline’s kicking in. Plus, it was only a graze.” WALT: “If it was a graze, why did Jack have to pull the bullet out?” MILES: “Look, kid, I can walk fine. You know that. We have to go to the statue.” Walt thinks for a moment, and then runs his hand through his hair as if he had just seen something tragic. WALT: “Yeah… Yeah I guess you can come.” MILES: “Thanks, kid. Let’s head for the statue.”

Walt nods and they turn around.

Now we’re seeing shots of Desmond walking for the statue, and then shots of Miles and Walt walking together. Now we see them all collide in the clearing where Jack, Kate, Richard and Jacob are. Jack stands up. JACK: “Desmond.” Desmond gives Jack and Kate a quick hug and then starts to speak urgently. DESMOND: “This all ends at the statue, I’m assuming you know that by now. I sent Charlie back to take Penny to the camp and get every able bodied man and woman there and they’ll be waiting there for us when we get there. We have enough people to take on the rest of Widmore’s army.” JACK: “Good. Let’s head for the statue.” JACOB: “You can’t do that.” JACK: “And why is that?” JACOB: “Because we have a better opportunity. Charles Widmore’s men are at the barracks, where they’ve been staying for the past few days, waiting for Widmore to give them a signal to go to the statue. They got that signal about three minutes ago and they’re getting ready as we speak. We’re about ten minutes walking distance from there and ten minutes is all we have to get in there and make a stand so that when Charles reaches the statue, there won’t be an army there.” Jack pauses. Giacchino motif music begins to play as Jack gives looks to Kate and Desmond.

RICHARD: “Well, are you in or out?” JACK: “We’re in.” JACOB: “Good, Jack. Now I think it’s time you show them the weapon.” JACK: “Yeah, Jacob, I guess it is.” Jack slowly puts his backpack down and the music gets louder. He pulls out the cloth and unwraps it. We now finally get a look at the object inside. Our Mutual Friend. We are left to wonder, how the hell is a book going to kill Esau?

Now we’re back with Charles and “Ben” for the final scene. The two, who have entered the temple, are in the summoning room full of bodies. CHARLES: “I told you, Benjamin, that we’d only find bodies.” BEN: “First of all, Charles, you can stop calling me Benjamin even though you know I’m not really him. I think it’s time I show you who I really am.” Blue-ish fire starts to engulf him and we reveal Isaac from the beginning of the episode. ISAAC: “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Isaac, and I am the father of Jacob and Esau.” CHARLES: “And who’s side are you on, Isaac?” ISAAC: “I’ve always been on Esau’s side, Charles. And now I’m going to show you someone who is going to win this war for us.” Isaac points to the ground at a wincing and dying Sawyer. Isaac kneels next to him, putting his hand on Sawyer’s wound. We see sparks fly around the wound. As Isaac

removes his hand, he speaks the line that sets up the finale: ISAAC: “You have work to do.”


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