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									                          Chapeltown Market

(Repeat traders only need to fill in this section if any contact details have changed)

Stall holder name:


Post code:

Company name if applicable:

Company address if different to above:

Telephone number:
Mobile phone:

Payments, deposits and discounts for early payment

Description          Full stall    Half stall        *Deposit       **Less £5.00
                                                                    early payment
Goods or             £25.00        £15.00            £10.00         -£5.00
Hot food             £30.00        N/A               £10.00         - £5.00

* £10.00 Deposit paid two weeks before the market will secure a stall. This must be paid
on time or the stall will not be booked. The deposit is non-refundable.
Full payment must be made the Wednesday before the market or the stall will not be
** £5.00 discount for FULL PAYMENT 2 WEEKS in advance of the market date.
You can pay by:
   -   attaching a cheque made payable to ‘Chapeltown Development Trust’ to the booking
   -   post or hand deliver cash or cheque to Chapeltown Development Trust at Unity Housing
       Association (address above)
       If payment is delivered by hand and you need to speak to a
       member of staff please ring first to arrange mutual convenient time
   -   make a bank to bank payment direct from your bank to Chapeltown Development Trust,
       Unity Trust Bank. Sort code: 086001 Account no: 20229188

Upcoming markets

Dates                  Type    Description of product or information;
2011                   of      please be as clear as you can be. You can                              Deposit         payment
                       stall   only sell the products you put in this
                       (goods, form.

6th August


1st October

*Please return the first two pages to the CDT office with your payment

Please sign below to confirm that you have read and accept the terms and conditions

Signed ...........................................................................................................................


1. Payments will not be banked until application has been approved by the Market
    Panel. No bookings (or payments) can be accepted on the date of the market;
    payment can only be made in the week preceding the market.
2. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or postal order to Chapeltown
    Development Trust. Please do not post any cash. Bank to bank payment can also
    be made.
3. Stalls are confirmed on receipt of the application form and deposit or full
    payment. A receipt for deposit or full payment will be provided.
4. Payment of the deposit must be made on time to confirm stall booking. The
    deposit is non-refundable. The deposit must be paid two weeks before the
    market date.
5. Full payment must be made the Wednesday before the market date for which
    the booking is being made. If full payment is not received your booking will be
    cancelled and your deposit will not be returned.
6. Trading hours. Please ensure your stall is ready to trade 15 minutes before
    trading commences and cleared away within one hour after trading ceases.
    Traders must not pack up prior to close of trading between 12am – 5pm. It is
    imperative that these times are strictly adhered to due to the Health and Safety
    regulations. Failure to comply will jeopardise future bookings.
7. Stallholders should report to the Market Organiser on arrival for allocation of
    space. Only the market organiser can decide where a stall goes, you cannot
    reserve or take a space for your stall.
8. A trading area will be provided inclusive of a stall if required. Clothes rails or
    additional cabinets may be allowed in place of a stall, at our discretion. Please
    provide description, sizes and pictures with your application, as we will not be
    able to accommodate new display structures on the day of the market.
9. Parking to unload and load:
    at the front of the Reginald Centre is strictly forbidden, however
    short-term parking is available on Reginald Street beside the Centre
    at the back of the Reginald Centre short-term parking is available
    in the lower car park.
    All day parking for traders is available at no cost in the upper car
    park behind the Centre.
10. Goods sold must be a true representation of the description on the application
    form. Any variations must be submitted for approval prior to a market. You
    cannot sell any goods that you have not included in your application form.
11. A high quality representation of goods must be maintained at all times.
    Chapeltown Development Trust reserves the right to ask any trader to leave the
    area if it deems the standard of presentation is below par. In addition, the goods
    being sold must be of consistent high quality.

   12. Food (hot or cold) stallholders selling hot or cold food must register with Leeds
       City Council 28 days in advance of the market, must comply with health and
       hygiene regulations and have the relevant insurance.
   13. All traders must display company name (if you have one) and any additional
       information such as your returns policy.
   14. All products must be clearly labelled and priced.
   15. Litter from your trading area must be removed before leaving the site and all
       items that have been borrowed must also be returned before leaving the site.
       Please ensure your stall is clean and tidy at all times.
   16. All health and safety regulations must be strictly adhered to. Any trader refusing
       to comply with Health and Safety regulations will be asked to leave.
   17. Stall holders must have their own relevant insurance in place in terms of
       provision of food for consumption and a copy of this will be required by the Trust
       before approval.
   18. Electric power supply can be made available to stallholders on request. All your
       electrical equipment must comply with current legislation and have a valid
       Portable Appliance Test Certificate. All equipment will be checked and
       Chapeltown Development Trust reserve the right to withdraw any equipment,
       which is found to be, or appears to be, defective or unsafe. We cannot
       guarantee access to power supplies, unless prearranged.
   19. Chapeltown Development Trust (CDT) will provide refreshments; tea, coffee, cold
       drinks, water and cakes. We ask other stall holder to respect CDTs need to raise funds
       by not duplicating sale of these items.
   20. Behaviour and disputes
       CDT expects stall holders to behave with respect and consideration to everyone
       involved in the market and to respond to reasonable requests from Market Supervisor.
       Should a dispute arise this should be taken up with the Market Supervisor and if there is
       no satisfactory resolution then put in writing and sent to Chapeltown Development

NOTE Chapeltown Development Trust does not provide stallholders with Product
Liability Insurance

Management reserves the right to refuse traders or goods at any point. All new
additional products must be approved by the Market Panel before trade.

Note – Chapeltown Market seeks to provide a market with an international feel, the Market
Panel will therefore prioritise stalls that reflect the global theme.


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