PUCH Moped Army by cuiliqing

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									                                                    ENGINE     CYLINDER   CYLINDER
              Okland Ca                                                   yes         Stock 26mm with
Crazy Wayne   0046 ft        Star Flight   M48                 47.8cc     (see -->)   mod's
Crazy Wayne   Oakland        Star Flight   M48                 65+cc      (see -->)   YES
Chrishmaiel   Santa Fe, NM   HS-50         M48      No         50cc       No          header
                                                                                      Biturbo w/26mm
Terry         Phoenix, AZ    Starflite HS M-48      No         50cc                   Header

Max           Saline,MI      VA Deluxe     M48      Yes        50cc
INTAKE                  CARB                                                        GEARING TOP
SIZE     REED SETUP     MANU       CARB SIZE JET SIZE        AIR FILTER             F?? R?? SPED
                                                                                    13x 50
13.5mm   Carbon         Dellorto   12.5mm               60 stock w/Mod's            (3.84 to 1) 39 MPH
                                   14.12 SHA                                        13x45
14mm     V2 two petal   Dellorto   (modded)             64 stock w/mod's            (3.46 to 1) 40++++
                                                             Minarelli air box w/
15mm     unk. 4 petal   Dellorto   15.15 SHA                 fabric screen

15mm     Stock          Dellorto   15mm                 68                                     34

15mm     Stock          Encarwi                         52                                     35?
Compression ratio 9.7:1, Spark plug NGK B8HS gapped @ .021", timing 22*BTDC or
.075"/1.9mm, 117* transfer ports degree, 155* exhaust port degrees
HE HE I did it M48 bat ( BIG BORE POWER ). Compression ration 9.1:1, Spark plug NGK B7HS
gapped @ .020", 21*BTDC or .072"/1.7mm, 120* transfer ports, 160* exhaust port

Clutch Spring Mod very effective on low end power.

milled head, milled carb, low restriction exhaust

Wiffleball               Derbi   Variant   Stock         N/A            50cc       No

Zack         Cupertino   Derbi   SLE       Piston Port   N/A            50cc       No

Jona                     Derbi   Variant   Flat reed     Metrakit       65cc       No

Vic                      Derbi   Variant   Flat reed     Metrakit       70cc       No

Zack         Cupertino   Derbi   SLE       Piston Port   Gilardoni      74cc       Minor

Tom          Supertino   Derbi   SLE       Piston Port   Gilardoni      74cc       Yes
                      INTAKE   REED SET-    CARBURETOR     CARB        CARB    MAIN JET        IDLE JET   NEEDLE
EXHAUST               SIZE     UP           MANUFACTURER   TYPE        SIZE    SIZE            SIZE       SIZE

EDR Systems           15mm     Stock        Dellorto       SHA         12.12       Unread        Stock     Stock

Homoet 4p             14.5mm   N/A          Dellorto       SHA         16mm               72

Tecno Estoril         19mm     Stock        Dellorto       PHBG        19mm
                               Polini carbon
Metrakit RK replica   19mm     reed          Amal                      15mm               60     Stock      NA

Metrakit something    24mm     4-petal      OKO                        24mm           125                  Stock

custom                24mm     4-petal      Mikuni         Flatslide   24mm          140?
SETTING        TOP SPEED        AIR FILTER   RPM       Gearing   COMMENTS

    N/A                    40
                                                                 Stock gearing, 1 roller removed from variator,
                    38 GPS                             Stock     super loud and super funzies.

  3rd down                 58                                    tjt variator ,

 2nd richest           65*                             17x28     17x28 Gearing, TJT variator,
                                             dangerousl          TJT variator and spring, 3 heavy, 3 light. Fast!
   middle             60-65 OKO foam         y high     Stock    (slower than the one above kinda)
                                                                 crack the thottle and super wheelies. super fast.
   middle              fast UNI              high      Stock     TJT variator

Derek         SD               80 SSXL 2hp 25mph       Match      Malossi        62cc    No
Federico      Buenos Aires,
Berkelaar     Argentina        89 Noi     NOI 1sp      No         Polini         65cc    Yes
                                          Vertical 2
Zack Bandit   Louisville, KY   85 VIPn    speed        No         Polini         65cc    No
                               78 Rally
Adam Bandit   Louisville, KY   Sport      NOI 1sp      No         Polini         70cc    No
Alex I.R.E.   St. Louis, MO    78 SSXL NOI 1sp         intake     Polini         70cc    No

Paul          Cincinnati       80 SSXL NOI 1sp         No         Polini         70cc    No
Fred          Richmond VA      77 SSXL NOI 1sp         Matched    Polini         70cc    No

DRew Bell     lancaster pa     79 ssxl    NOI 1sp      No         Polini         70cc    No
Greg          Lancaster, PA    77 SSXL NOI 1sp         No         Polini         70cc    Intake
                                          Vertical 2                                     Matched
Martin        Covington, KY    80 VIP     Speed        No         Polini         75cc    Intake
                 INTAKE             CARBURETOR        CARB   CARB     MAIN JET    JET         NEEDL NEEDLE
Bi-Turbo knock   19-21                                                               Stock
off              malossi   4 petal malossi Dellorto   PHBG   19mm           107      (50?)

Polini Snail     19 mm     Carbon fiber    Dellorto   PHBG   20mm            95

Polini Circuit   19mm      N/A             Dellorto   PHBG   21mm            95          50       w7           2

Leovinci         20mm      N/A             Dellorto   PHGB   19.5mm         103

Estoril          21mm      None            Dellorto   PHBG   21mm            96          42       w7           1
Homoet 8p        19mm      None            Dellorto   PHBG   21mm            95          45              richest

Motomatic        19mm      N/A             Dellorto   PHBG   19mm            93          50       w7           2

Tecno Estoril    21mm      None            Dellorto   PHBG   21mm            96          45     w16?           1
header           20mm                      Dellorto   PHBG   20mm            94

Leovinci         19mm      None            Dellorto   PHBG   19mm            90
SPEED       AIR FILTER          Gearing


   54.375 Dellorto              11x28

  50.4 gps None                 16x24

         48 Malossi 90 degree   11x30

         ?? Rectangle Malossi   10x32
            Large Blue Polini
        50? Race                10x27

        50* Polini              11x31

 52.5 GPS uni pod               11x25
          uni pod w/ homemade
   46 GPS velovity stack
          Malossi bendy,      10x32
            modified for more
        50* surface area.       15x24

the crappy pipe is draggin me down. stock rear gearing (32) is too big. great low end and mid range

Polini reed valve kit, had to change right engine cover to install a cooling fan
pipe is interesting, plenty of low and middle, drops out on the top. Avanti electronic ignition. ~16oz ND-30 in trans to delay shift. Gotta fab a
21mm intake.

Sick mid-range. Sweet exhaust - thanks Zack Bandit. Needs some fine tuning.

I just started to mess with this bike. Have not re-geared; still breaking in/tuning; main jet is too big--will get back when I have my shit in order
just welded up the homoet last night (4/10/09). RIPS! The pipe kicks in probably around 25-30mph. and its AWESOME. Gotta gps it and tune the
carb. still some weird spots on the throttle.

Fast as shit. still tons of low now, need to range thru top end Bottom end down jet to a 92/94. i am getting a worked out soon
Still tuning but as it sits right end. igreat midlean out the top end. will probably is a little lacking but that should behomoet 8p this week.. should be
better. the estroli is junk and feel apart. at the top end it bogs out and i can only hold it open at 14/16th of the slide length.. and at that im hitting
55 so when its tuned right i should be hitting upper 50s. had to bore out the hub on my rear sproket for it to fit.. a 22 WILL NOT fit.. at 25 my
Great Pull Throughout Range, More Power Mid To High. Does Great Burn Outs! Want To Get A New Header To Reduce Back Pressure Where
The Stock Pipe Is To Small. Looking To Add CDI Also. is utterWiseand the filter When The Tail Light Doesn't Burn Out.
A note about the Mallossi rectangle air intake, the flow Other shit Runs Great is worse than a screen (huge plastic mesh, swiss cheese like
holes the size of small gravel). I went ahead and cut a second hole in the side of it and melted myself some screen onto it with a soldering iron -
turned out the plastic is easily melted and easily molded to look halfway decent - the performance gain was amazing.
NAME              Location             MODEL       Year        ENGINE PORTING?    Kit         KIT SIZE

Michael Taillon   Richmond, VA         MB5                     Stock    No        N/A         50cc

bullz             Orlando              MB5                     CR80     No        Polini      70cc
                  Glenwood Springs,
Derek             CO                   NC50               1977 Stock    Matched   Parmakit    70cc

Dirtyrog          Michigan             NU50               1982 Stock    No        CMR         63cc

Chris Spencer     Batavia,NY           NU50                    Stock    No        Metra       70cc

Rick Ems          St Louis Mo.         NU50               1982 Stock    Yes       Yes         70cc
Rick              SoCal                (Extreme)          1983 Stock              Metra       70cc
K & R Tech, aka
Rex Rexroad       Nebraska             PA50-I             1978 Stock    Yes       N/A         50cc

Cooper            Plymouth,MI          PA50-I                  Stock    No        N/A         50cc

Wiffleball        MI                   PA50-I                           No        N/A         50cc

?                 ?                    PA50-I                  Stock    No        Athena      50cc

Chris Stewart     Chicago              PA50-I                  Stock    No        Metra       70cc

Aaron DeBoer      Crystal, MN          PA50-II                 Stock    No        N/A         50cc
BCM               Massachusetts        PA50-II            1978 Stock    No        N/A         50cc

Bill              Sacramento CA        PA50ll             1979 Stock    No        N/A         50cc
K & R Tech, aka
Rex Rexroad       Nebraska             PA50-II            1979 Stock    No        N/A         50cc
Jan Hromada       Seattle, WA          PA50-II            1980 Stock    matched   None        50cc

Chris Stewart     CHICAGO              PA50-II                 Stock    No        Polini      70cc

Chris Stewart     CHICAGO              PA50-II                 Stock    No        DR Racing   70cc

Computronic       Reno                 PA50-II                 Stock    No        DR          70cc

Peter McDaniel    GRAND RAPIDS         PA50-II                 Stock    No        DR          70cc

davey pierce      athens,ga            PA50-II            1978 Stock    Matched   Malossi     70cc

Jeremy Osborn     Grand Rapids         PA50-II                 Stock    No        Malossi     70cc

JCampbell         Port St. Lucie, FL   PA50-II            1978 Stock    Yes       Parmakit    70cc
Nate Bandit     Louisville KY    40t (Moby)        (Honda)   No   Parma     64cc

Tracy Perotti   St. Louis, MO    PA50-II      1978 Stock     No   Malossi   70cc

Jerard          Middletown, NJ   PA50-II      1978 Stock     No   DR        70cc

Rick            Chicago,IL       PA50-II      1978 Stock     No   Metra     70cc

Jon             Reno, NV         PA50-II      1978 Stock     No   DR        70cc
                                  INTAKE                               CARB                           CARB
PORTING?   EXHAUST                SIZE   REED SET-UP                   MANUFACTURER       CARB TYPE   SIZE

No         Stock                  20mm      Stock                      Mikuni                         20mm

No         Tecno Race Pipe        20mm      Carbon Fiber               Oko                PHBG        20mm

Yes        Pocket bike hack job   15mm      Boysen 2 petal "kitted"    Dellorto "knock-off" SHA       15

No         Stock                  16mm      Stock                      KeiHin                         12mm

No         Leovince               12mm      Boyesen 2 petal "kitted"   Keihin                         12mm

No         Vespa Simo             19mm      Stock                      Dellorto           PHBG        21mm
                                            Custom Block / Yamaha
Yes        Proma Low-boy single 19mm        100 4-petal           Mikuni                  VM          20mm

No         LeoVince               14mm      Stock                      Keihin                         12mm

No                                12mm      1 petal - stock            Keihin                         10mm

No         Stock                  12mm      One petal                  KeiHin                         10mm

No         Tecno Circuit          21mm      Boyesen 2 petal "kitted"   Dellorto           PHBG        21mm

No         Leovince               12 mm     Boyesen 2 pedal kitted     Keihin                         12mm

No         Proma Conica           12mm      Boyesen 2 petal "stock"    Keihin                         12mm

No         Jamarcol               Stock     Stock

No         Stock                  12mm
                                  15mm      Stock                      Kiehin
No         LeoVince               stock)    Boyesen 2 petal "stock"    Keihin                         12mm

No         Proma Conica           12mm      Boyesen 2 petal "kitted"   Mikuni                         12mm

No         Leo-Vince              12mm      Boyesen 2 petal "kitted"   KeiHin                         12mm

No         Leo-Vince              21mm      Boyesen 2 petal "kitted"   Delorto                        21mm

No         Proma Circuit          21mm      Boyesen 2 petal "kitted"   Dellorto           PHBG        21mm

No         Proma Circuit          12mm      Boyesen 2 petal "stock"    KeiHin                         12mm
           Proma copy from
No         treats                 12mm      Boyesen 2 petal kitted     keihin                         12mm

No         Promo Lowboy           12mm      Boyesen 2 petal "kitted" KeiHin                           12mm

Yes        Proma Circuit          21mm      Boysen 2 petal "kitted"    Dellorto           PHBG        21mm
No   Doppler         19mm   Dual Boyesen              Dellorto clone   PHBG   19mm

No   Proma Circuit   12mm   Boyesen 2 petal kitted    Kiehin                  12mm

No   LeoVince        12mm   Boysen 2 petal kitted     Keihin                  12mm

No   Leo Vince       12mm   Boyesen 2 petal "Stock" Keihin                    12mm

No   Vespa Simo      20mm   Boysen 2 petal "kitted"   Dellorto         PHBG   19mm
SIZE        SIZE       SIZE   SETTING TOP SPEED AIR FILTER                  Gearing

110                                           55.9 Stock

130                                             65 K&N

95          N/A        N/A    N/A         41.2 GPS uni                      Stock

87                            2down           ~40s Stock
.042 inch
drill bit                                       40 Uni

93          45         W7     1 down      45.9 GPS Uni Pod Foam             Stock

155         22.5       J-43   Middle        50 mph K&N metal mesh/cone      Stock

80                                               ? Stock

65                                        almost 20 Stock

68                                              27

90                                              55

90                                              49 Stock

78                                              35

85                                       upper 30s Stock                    Stock

78                                              28 Stock

80                                     43 (not GPS) Stock

88                                         39 GPS Stock                     Stock

90                                              44

94                                                   Malossi

88                                               ? Malossi 90 degree bend

90                                           55-57

88                                      43.1 GPS'd Stock                    Stock

88                                               ?
102         50         w7     2                 55 None                     Racing
115   45    w7    3     69 GPS              12:36

92                          47 GPS Stock

92    N/A   N/A   N/A        43 mph Stock   Stock

90                          50+mph Stock    Stock

92    50    W7    2              44.3       Stock

15 Front sprocket

CR80 six-speed transmission conversion

Variator ramp mod is where most of the speed came from, kit added tons of low end

Removed 2 variator weights. Low end is much better now and top end didn't seem to lose anything.

Good low end , Great mid , Ok top. But pulls up hills with no problem. Many other mods done to this ,one of a kind bike !
Starts first kick, idles nicely, great, smooth building low to mid range power with excellent mid to top end burst. KOSO variator with 32 g. weight
and 1500 clutch torque spring. Only limited by the stock gearing. Take the tour on You Tube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6oBmD0jJgc

PA50-II ramp plate.

Installed PA50-II Ramp plate, filled weights with solder. This pulls nicely and eliminates top end four-stroking. not a racing machine but an
immense improvement over the stock setup.

Modified skirts on metra kit to fit PA50-I case. PA-50 II carb and intake. Modified stock variator to accept TJT Derby Variator.

Low Compression

Air box silencer removed. GPS'd at 28mph top speed before kit/upjet.

Stock PA50ll, 4000 miles, good compression, new tires, all bearings serviced. 220 lb rider. Baseline stock configuration before modifications

variator mod (weights @ 11.5g)/ exhaust port enlarged/ piston transfer cut away enlarged [200lb rider]

TJT Derbi Variator, Stock replacement Crank.

elevation - 4500'

PA50-I variator weights with ramp walls trimmed
notched variator, drilled weights out to about 10 grams. pipe is not happy with the 70 kit, cannot find the power band at all. definitely need a
different pipe very badly.

1983 with CDI. Drilled out varitor weight to 10.4 grams to improve accelleration.

Honda DIO 1,000RPM Clutch Springs - Modded Stock Variator, drilled roller weights
its not like other mobys. 12000 RPM        fastmopeds@gmail.com

nothing else special - still has all the original variator weights
Sluggish from start until it hits about 10mph then she flys. Will install DIO 1K clutch springs then test performance. Have TJT variator on shelf but
still debating over that one. Also went with 2.5 Gazelles mount to Gremica snowflakes had to bend the front fender to make it fit.

Strong low end into fast high end, but engine seems to get excessively hot.

Elevation 4500', PA50I 8.4g weights, 82 CDI Electrical, DIO 1k springs coming soon
                                                          PORTIN KIT                         CYLINDER
NAME           LOCATION         MODEL              ENGINE G      MANUFACTURER KIT SIZE       PORTING?
Stacy                        Carabela
(aHarmony)     Manitoba, CAN MotoMatic             V1     No       Stock            49.5cc   No

Erin Seale     PORTLAND         Baretta            V1     No       Stock            49cc     Yes

MarkRyan       Louisville, KY   General 5 Star     V1     No       Stock            50cc     Yes

Isaac          SEATTLE          Concord Shadow V1         Match    Polini           70cc     No

Erin Seale     PORTLAND         Motron Classic     V1     Yes      Polini           70cc     No

Bitter         Illinois         Cimatti Citybike   V1     No       Polini           75c      No
Daniel         CA               Motron medalist    V1     No       Polini           75cc     No
Rafter         Sacto            ity bike?      V1         Yes      Puch Gilardoni   75cc     Yes

Jaker          Cincinnati, Ohio Motron Medalist    V1     No       Polini           75cc

Tim Reeder     Cincinnati, OH   Motron Medalist    V2     Stock    Polini           75cc     No
                                FMB Yankee
Derek V.       Plainville, MA   Peddler            V1     No       Polini           75cc     No
                                General 5-Star,
David Frick    Brooklyn, NYC    Pacer              V1     No       Polini           75cc     No

JonVDB         GR Mich          Pryer-Gadabout     V1     No       Polini           75cc     No

Angelique!     Marylsylvania    Snark!             V1     No       Polini           75cc     Not yet.
Mark Ryan      Louisville, KY   C2/Benelli parts   V2     Match    Polini           75cc     No

Andy           Lancaster, PA    Safari MT400       V1     No       Polini           75cc     No
                                Concord Shadow            Yes,
Ryan Werling   Troy, Ohio       XK             V1         matched Polini            75cc     No

Joshua Jones   Seattle          Baretta 44         V1     No       Polini           75cc     No
               Santa Clarita,   Cimatti Twin
Anthony        CA               Sport              V1     No       Polini           75cc     No

John Mc        Chicago          Baretta Magnum V1         No       Polini           75cc     Yes
Crazy Wayne                     Cimatti Twin                       Polini 47 mm
Merchant       Oakland Ca       Sport              V1     Yes      PN#133.0072      78cc     Yes

Dan Turpin     Westport, MA     Lazer Sport 50     V1     Match    Imperial         80cc     Match

Josh H         Essex, MD        carabela moped     V1     No       bennasar         90cc     No
                                                                   MAIN   IDLE
                    INTAKE      CARB                      CARB     JET    JET        NEEDLE NEEDLE
EXHAUST             SIZE        MANU        CARB TYPE     SIZE     SIZE   SIZE       SIZE   SETTING                AIR FILTER
                                                                                                                   Malossi Red
                                                                                                2nd from           Venturi
ZEN                 19mm        Dellorto    PHBG                   78     Stock      Stock      bottom             intake...rips!
Polini Franco
Morini              14.3mm      Dellorto    SHA           14.3mm   70     N/A        N/A        N/A                Uni-pod
Leo Vinci V1
(straight)          14mm        Dellorto    SHA           14.12    60                                              No
                                                                                                                   stock, drilled 2
Puch Bullet         13mm        Dellorto    SHA           14.12    54                                              holes

Tomos Bi-Turbo      20mm        Dellorto    PHBG          19mm     125    30                                   3

Stock               14.5mm      Dellorto    SHA           14.5mm   54     N/A        N/A        N/A
                                                                                     Stock      2nd clip down
Bi-Turbo            20mm        Dellorto    Phbg          21mm     82     Stock      w/21mm     from top      Uni

IXIL                24mm        Mikuni      TM24          24mm     160    Stock      Stock      Low                K&N
Leo Vince Circuit
(Puch)              19mm        Dellorto    PHBG          19mm     105    45         ?                         3
Leo Vince Circuit                                                                                                  K&N Style
(Puch)              15mm        Dellorto    SHA           15.15    80     N/A
                                                                          Stock      N/A        N/A                mesh
                                                                          (60 i      Stock (w6 2nd from            Malossi
Zen (50cc version) 19mm         Dellorto    PHBG          16mm     80     think?)    i think)  bottom              rectangle

Leo Vinci (Puch)    19mm        Dellorto    PHBG          20mm     98     ?, stock   ?, stock   Middle
Mamba               (drilled)   Dellorto    SHA           15.15    68     N/A        N/A        N/A                Stock-drilled
                                                                                                2nd position       Malossi Red
Mamba               20mm        Dellorto    PHBG          21mm     92     60         w10        (from top).        Filter.
Tecno Boss          21mm        Dellorto    PHBG          21mm     86     45         W16        2nd from top       Custom
                                                                                              2nd from
Tecno Boss          19mm        Dell'Orto PHBG            20mm     98     hmm        stock w8 bottom               Unipod

Mamba               19mm        Dell'orto   PHBG          19mm     106    Stock      w6         Top                Custom Uni

Tecno Estoril       19mm        Dellorto    PHBG          19mm     84     45                    Middle

Mamba               17mm        Dellorto    SHA           16mm     76                                              foam sheet

ZEN                 21mm        Dellorto    PHBG race     21mm     87     50         W7         middle-ish         Malossi E12
                                                                                                                   Stock with 2
Pipe 23 mm          ?           Dellorto    SHA           14.12    66                                              10mm holes

Tecno Estoril       19mm        Dellorto    PHBG racing   19mm     ?      ?          ?          ?                  hi flow

Scorpion            18mm        Dellorto    PHBG          21mm     106    60         W7         2nd from top       Yes
TOP         GEARI
                     Ass shredding low end! ZEN's powerband is incredible...get one! Bike is geared for low end as it's a
16mm        9x42     city bike with no freeways. High comp. Minarelli head rips. Bike turns heads everywhere :)

35          11x42    Uni-pod filter

40 GPS      10x37    Conservative cylinder porting. Jawarelli frankeped V1.

45mph       11x45

50+         13x38    Uni-Pod and a race crank

35                   Bosch external 'blue' coil, .040 plug gap, C70 head, lots of lowend
Nvr gps'd
High 40's   10x36    Not jetted correctly. Might hit 50

60 GPS      12x36    Absolutely retarded moped. Cant wait to blast Erin Seale.

~60         11x28    CDI, Uni-Pod filter gearing is holding back the top end for sure. I need to drop the back sproket to
                     Polini Kitted V2! The
                     like a 28t. So much f'n low end right now that its nuts. Almost wheelie-able! Fun as hell in the city
40+mph      14x32    blasting.
49.2 MPH             still being broken in. rich mainjet. no matching, just threw it on. crazy mid range. 10x34 gearing
(GPS)       9x34     soon.

50+         9 x 31   1977 CDI, Been running problem free for over a year!

50ish       13x44    Nice ride.
                     Stock clutch, High comp head, rebuilt motor. Eats most hills, pretty quick off the line. Not really going
50ish.      11x44    for top speed...it's hilly 'round these parts!
                     Beats most cars off the line. No Joke. Most fun I've ever had on a moped. Just need to stop running
53 GPS      13x32    bald chen shins.

mid 50's    10x32    high comp head. running a little rich. hoping for high 50's after retuning. snowflakes and pirelli ml75's
N/A         Low    Fast out of Gate.I need to change gearing

Seized               In pieces :(

40+?        Stock    bolted it up. running rich for break in, will prob stay at 74 jet. hits 35 half throttle. accelerates fast.

55ish       11x28    doing some matching shortly. rips now, will rip much harder
50 MPH @ 12 x 42 45 @ 7287 RPM's 21Deg BTDC Stock Exhust W Mod's 16.1/2"long X 23 mm ID header pipe Port to
                 performance Head performance crank, CDI,
8100 RPM 3.5to1 cone. Port to clutch,wall 30.1/2" out 13mm IDport matched the cylinder case to the lower end, and
                 cleaned up the ports in the cylinder case.. might try to derestrict my exhaust next.. hopping for 50+..
?        11x40 Where's everyone getting those nifty small rear sprockets?
                     just bolted everything up and went no port work or case matching hit 51.0 takes a lil while to get there
51          11x32    with the tiny rear sprocket.

Mark Finazzo     Kalamazoo          50v      AV10       Yes         Malossi     45.5mm    No      Doppler ER1
                                                                                                  Stock AV7
Ian T            Seattle            50v      AV10       Yes         Stock       50cc      Yes     unmodified

Bret Hoffman     SAN FRANCISCO      50v      AV10       Yes         Doppler     50cc      No      Doppler ER1

Elliot           SAN FRANCISCO      50v      AV10       No          Doppler     50cc      No      Ninja G3

mipark56         Philadelphia, PA   51V      AV10       No          Doppler     50cc      No      Stock

Shay Derickson   Cincinnati         50v      AV10       Yes         Stock       50cc      Yes     Ninja G2

Ian T            Seattle            50v      AV10       No          Airsal      70cc      No      Doppler ER1

Elliot           SAN FRANCISCO      40t      AV10       No          Malossi     70cc      No      Ninja G3

Elliot           San Francisco      50v      AV10       Match       Malossi     70cc      Match   Doppler

Bret Hoffman     SAN FRANCISCO      50v      AV10       No          Malossi     70cc      No      Doppler ER1

Tom Weeks        SACRAMENTO         50v      AV10       Yes         Malossi     70cc      No      Doppler ER1
Peter McDaniel   Grand Rapids       40t      (Polini)   Radius'd    Malossi     70cc      Yes     Doppler ER1
Peter McDaniel   GRAND RAPIDS       40t      (Polini)   No          Polini      70cc
                                                                                70cc      No      Doppler ER1
                                             AV10                               Liquid-
Allen Schlung    San Francisco      50v      (Polini)   No          Malossi     cooled    Yes     Conti

Mike                                40t      AV7        No          Stock       50cc      Yes     Stock
                                                                                                  custom tuned
Paul Ames        MA                 50v      AV7        Agressive   Stock       50cc      Yes     pipe

Allen Schlung    San Francisco      50v      AV7        Yes         Stock       50cc      Yes     Simoni Chrome

Elliot           San Francisco      50v      AV7        No          Stock       50cc      No      Stock

Jenn Glas        Bloomington, IN    50v      AV7        No          Stock       50cc      No      Stock

Pete Tews        Concord CA         50v      AV7        Mild        Stock       50cc      Yes     Stock

Tom Davidson     Connecticut        50v      AV7        Yes         Stock       50cc      Yes     Stock

MickR            Baltimore          50VLC    AV7        No          Stock       50cc      No      Stock
                                                                                                  Leovince cobra
Bret Hoffman     SAN FRANCISCO      50VLX    AV7        Yes         Stock       50cc      Yes     stock pipe
Duke             Olympia, WA        Moped    AV7        mild        Stock       50cc      Yes     Stock

Jesse Stephenson LOUISVILLE         50v      AV7        Mild        Stock       50cc      Yes     Ninja G3
                                    50v Le              Case
Julian           Corning NY         Moped    AV7        match       Stock 30mph 50cc      Noo     Stock
Julian          Varies            40t       AV7       Match      Malossi     62cc   No    Ninja G3

Corey Telin     Ann Arbor         50v       AV7       Yes        Malossi     62cc   Yes   Ninja G2
S. Pamboukes    (SEA LEVEL)       50v       AV7       Yes        Malossi     62cc   No    Stock

Jaym            Boston, MA        50v       AV7       Match      Malossi     62cc   No    Ninja G3

MickR           Baltimore, MD     50VLA     AV7       Match      Malossi     62cc   No    Simonini Proline

Elliot          SAN FRANCISCO     Travler   AV7       Match      Malossi     62cc   No    Ninja G3

Ian T           Seattle           50v       AV7       No         Parmakit    70cc   No    Ninja G3

Torres          Austin            50v       AV7       Yes mild   Arisal      70cc   No    G3

Ben Eberle      Boston/San Jose   40t       AV7       Yes        Parmakit    70cc   No    Leo Vinci

Elliot          SAN FRANCISCO     50v       AV7       Match      Parmakit    70cc   No    Leo Vinci

Allen Schlung   SAN FRANCISCO     50VLX     AV7       Yes        Parmakit    70cc   No    Ninja G3
Nate Bandit     Louisville KY     40t       (Honda)   None       Parma       64cc   No    Doppler

(approx)   Polini reed box Dellorto            PHBG 21mm     87         48         W16      1       none!!!
                                                                                                    stock metal mesh
14mm       Doppler
           Polini 4-petal   Dellorto           SHA   16mm    74         N/A        N/A      N/A     with airbox
           adapter with                                                            stock.
19mm       adige reeds      Dellorto           PHBG 19mm     93         stock. 50? W8?      2       Doppler Bubble
           Polini 4 petal
19mm       adapter
           Parmakit Reed Dellorto              PHBG 21mm     106        50         w9       2
           intake and
15mm       cage             Dellorto           SHA   15mm    62                                     K&N

14mm       Doppler ER3      Dellorto           SHA   15mm    78         -          -        -       massacred UNI

19mm       Polini 4 petal   Dellorto           PHBG 20mm     92         52         W7       2       Malossi
           Polini 4 petal
19mm       adapter          Dellorto           SHB   19mm    96         40         N/A      N/A
           Polini large 4
21mm       pedal 4-petal
           Polini           Dellorto           PHBG 21mm     87         50         w7       2       uni
           adapter with                                                            stock.
19mm       adige reeds      Dellorto           PHBG 19mm     85         stock. 50? W8?      2       Doppler Bubble

19mm       Stock 2 petal    Dellorto           PHBG 19mm     92         48                  2

21mm       Polini 4 pedal   Dellorto           SHA   21mm    118        55         W7

19mm       Polini 4 petal   Spaco              SI-20 20mm    108        55         W9       3

19mm       Polini 4 petal   Dellorto           PHBG 19mm     85         50         W9       2       Doppler Bubble

15         N/A              Dellorto custom
                            Gurtner            SHA   15mm    57
modded                      bored to 13mm
stock      N/A              modified infuser         13mm    Stock                                  custom mesh

15mm       N/A              Dellorto           SHA   15mm    64                                     fuckafilter

13.5mm     N/A              Dellorto           SHA   15mm    56         N/A        N/A      N/A     black cap only

15mm                        Dellorto           SHA   15mm    58                                     Stock

15mm       N/A              Dellorto           SHA   15mm            64 N/A        N/A      N/A     Stock Dellorto

15         N/A              Dellorto           SHA   15mm    64         N/A        N/A      N/A

11         N/A              Dellorto           SHA   14.12   58                                     Mesh w/Black Cap

15         Piston port      Dellorto           SHA   15mm    68         N/A        N/A

15         N/A              Dellorto           SHA   15mm    60                                     Stock

15         No               Dellorto           SHA   15mm    73         N/A        N/A      N/A

15mm       N/A              Dellorto           SHA   15mm    68                                     None/pantyhose
15mm     N/A            Dellorto         SHA   15mm    78                            None

15mm                    Dellorto         SHA   15mm    78

15mm     No             Dellorto         SHA   15mm    64    -     -       -

15mm     N/A            Dellorto         SHA   15mm    82                            Stock*

15mm     N/A            Dellorto         SHA   16.16   75                            Metal Only

13.5mm   N/A            Dellorto         SHA   15mm    78    N/A   N/A     N/A

15mm     No             Dellorto         SHA   15mm    82

15mm     N/A            Dellorto         SHA   15mm    72                            Stock

19mm     N/A            Dellorto         PHBG 19mm     96    60    Dunno   Leanest   none

19mm     N/A            Dellorto         PHBG 19mm     86    50    w9      3

19       No             Dellorto         PHBG 19mm     88    45    W6      1         Malossi Horn

19mm     Dual Boyesen   Dellorto clone   PHBG 19mm     115   45    w7      3

~55?        11:54

43 GPS      11:56

60          12:54

60mph       11:48

~40mph      11:54

45ish       12/54

45+         11:56

57mph       11:54

60mph       11:48

52          12:54

48          13:54



55+         11:48

37.7        12:43

53mph       stk.


35          11:54

40          11:54

39mph       STOCK

42          11:54

33          11:54

43?         11:54

35          Stock

47          11:54

~35         Stock
40+?       11:54

40, NGPS   11:54

~45        Stock

40         11:54

45mph      11:54



55+        Stock

50mph      11:54

55mph      11;54

69gps      12:36

huge transfers on the case (think bidalot kit sized transfers), malossi kit transfers matched to case but no cylinder port work done (yet). Stock
CDI, Doppler Enduro crank, Varplus modified stock variator with 3 light and 3 medium weights, doppler spring, malossi 70cc high comp head,
larger polini reeds on 'stock' case, stock pulley, stock gearing.
Variplus, unknown weight configuration, reasonably good low end, gets to 30MPH quick and winds out up to low 40s. torque enough to push top-
speed tuned friends up the steeper hills in Seattle. Perfect loaner bike. Motor purchased from SHAY in March 2009, described below.
Two coil cdi ignition, doppler crank with FAG bearings, Doppler Er2 variator, with about 12g of weight. I also had this setup running about 55 with
a two petal intake and a 15mm sha, so don't think you need a giant carb to make this kit work. It's all in the pipe!
RedPed: Dopper clutch pully, dual stage boysen reeds on one side and white polini reed stock on the other, ER3 variator, doppler spring, av7
points, 2" wheels and tyres, peugeot forks, uni filter
silver mags, le moped long seat, rear luggage rack, built in 12V turn signals (running lights, no battery), new petcock, michelin gazelle rear, sava
slick front, 2 balls in stock variator

2 ball variator, crankshaft destroyer, points, timing 1.45mm BTDC, B8HS, AV7 head. waxed constantly to cut down on wind resistance.
variplus with 10grams of weight, still breaking in kit so top speed hasn't really been tested yet. Malossi (Ducati) CDI, about 1.6mm BTDC. AV7
stock crank, gazelles on wire wheels.

Little Yellow moby: Dopper clutch pulley, av10 head, ER3 variator, av7 points, dopper spring, mags, doppler bubble filter
Gender Bender drag race winner, hill destroyer, doubles blaster. Polini cases, doppler crank, stock av10 head, malossi variable cdi, doppler
clutch pulley, doppler er3, doppler spring, ax30 belt, spoked wheels, stock rubber, peugeot forks.
Watercooled! Cdi ignition, doppler crank with FAG bearings, Doppler Er2 variator, with 15g of weight and the Red engine tension spring. The
acceleration is killer, so I want to gear it out further. It won't really push past 55 even down long hills, and that's really odd for a variated bike.

70cc head, MVT Premium internal rotor ignition with digital variable advance, Doppler clutch pulley, malossi variotop, Doppler ER1 crank with
FAG bearings, IRC ZAP's 2.5" Doppler red spring,

Doppler varitop Pulley, ER2 vario, MBK cdi, AV7 head.about 1 RPM. Have as of yet hit top speed, but I wouldn't be suprised if it was above 60.
Malossi Clutch and Doppler clutch pulley. 0-45mph in 10500 block.
Custom engine spring made from parts found at a hardware store. Custom rubber mounts that push the engine a bit forward. I have to use
specifically Malossi special X Peugoet belts, which are wider for the varotop to work correctly. Stock CDI ignition. Wheels from a Moby 7 - 1"

Stock 6V electrics with custom wiring harness. This bike runs on 2 stroke and Voodoo. Porting is Piston work.

Ported, matched, balanced, super high compression , custom 1 of a kind expansion exhaust Lightened frame. 12000+ RPM.

Slightly ported, but not too much. Not my bike so I went pretty conservative. 4 ball variator with two balls removed. Stock is the new blasting!!!

bone stock moby with 15:15 carb, pegs the huret speedo

Moby Dick
Mild porting on exhaust, and mild porting/matching on 15mm intake. Bosch WA8C plug. Everything else stock. Had 68 jet was was 4-stroking too
much on top end. With 64 jet, 4-stroking almost went away, but feels like lost a bit of power uphills.

black mags, 25mph Moby with 14:12 Dellorto and the "30 mph" intake from Handy's. I smoothed out the intake and matched it to the cylinder,
Stock Virgin black mags
and that's about it. The moped went 26 on the Gurtner. Updated max speed of 33mph - not GPS but a carefully measured time/distance flat run.
Seems happiest with Bosch W8AC plug.

This was the fastest I ever went on a stock cylinder motobecane. 9500 RPM

dice on da mirror(s)

Varioplus plate, Custom pullstart, custom short intake, total 2mm removed from head, high flow air filter. Ignition timing 1.4mm BTDC, B8HS

2 ball stock variator.
Varplus with 4 med 2 light, perhaps a little less weight would help acceleration and hills. Soon to be 19mm phbg.

Stock 3 ball variator, stock crank w/ ZKL bearings, stock electrical, stock head w/ gasket, stock SHA airbox, 2.0 mm BTDC, B8HS, compression
~160 PSI, Richard Gere stencil. RIP :(
*stock air filter with only one screen, no airbox; varplus installed with 3 heavy/3 medium weights. running an 82 while breaking in. the g3 pipe has
been derestricted. tremendous low-end power.
B5HS, Metal Filter Only (custom holder), 80 MPG, Proline pipe allows pedal and stand clearance (barely), but what it doesn't allow is super-high
RPM. Even with stock variator the low-end torque is great. Next step is to look at a high-flow filter situation and debate whether this pipe should
stay or go on a 50cc bike.

Ppls champ: malossi variplus, mags, enchanted
Timing retarded slightly, Malossi Variplus with second lightest weights, gazelles on wire wheels, stock electrical, metal filter/no airbox, stock
crank, original case (not matched)
This Kit is not as bad as people say. Dont expect to go over 48 ever but you will have a solid running bike for cheap. Down side with the g3 and
this kit is you never really hit the powerban so its a steady creep to top speed. I am running a stock variator and points.

2 ball stock variator, stock clutch, stock pulley, stock head, FATTY 2.75 tires, Honda forks.

Malossi Variplus, moped is super av10 head
50v red cruiser: Malossi Variplus, gay. Lightest Weights in the variator, went back to stock wheel, custom tension spring, Put this on my VLX. It's
been runing like shit lately. I think the case might have a leak or the kit is just trashed. I don't know and don't have the time to fix it before the rally
so whatever.

its not like other mobys. 12000 RPM        fastmopeds@gmail.com
                                                                   KIT          KIT

Brian Warrington   Los Angeles     103         103        No        Stock             49cc   No           Split twin pipe

Eric Sabattino     Portland        104         103/104    Yes       Stock             49cc   Yes          Stock

Ian T #1           Seattle         103         103        No        Stock             49cc   No           Stock

Ian T #2           Seattle         103         103        Yes       Stock             49cc   Yes          Stock

Ian T #3           Seattle         103         103        Yes       Stock             49cc   Yes          Ninja G3

Cris G             Portland        103         103        No        Stock             49cc   No           Stock

Jeff               Pittsburgh      TSM         103        Yes       Stock             49cc   No           Stock
Kirk Mk II         San Frandisco 103           Case       Yes       Malossi GR1       50cc   No           Doppler

naz                seattle         103         Polini     kinda     Malossi GR1       50cc   not really   Doppler
                                                                    Parmakit water-
Brian Warrington   Los Angeles     103         Polini     Matched   cooled            70cc   Matched      Split twin pipe

Ian T #4           Seattle         103         103        Yes       Gilardoni         70cc   Yes          Stock

Ian T #5           Seattle         103         103        Yes       Gilardoni         70cc   Yes          Ninja G3

Matt Smith         Seattle         103         103        No        Gilardoni         70cc   No           Gianelli Circuit

Benji              Pittsburgh      103         103        No        Gilardoni         70cc   No           Simonini circuit
will               san francisco   103         case       No        Gilardoni         70cc   Yes          Doppler

Andrew             San Francisco   TSA         Malossi    Shiny     Gilardoni         70cc   some         Ninja g3

Jeff               Royal Oak       103         103        No        Gilardoni         70cc   No           Ninja G3

Benji              Pittsburgh      103         103        Yes       Gilardoni         70cc   Yes, mild    Ninja G3
Tom Weeks          O               103         103        Yes       Malossi           70cc   Yes          Simonini

Jack               Portland        103         103        No        Malossi           70cc   No           Stock

Kirk               San Frandisco 103           103        No        Polini            70cc   No           Doppler

Michael Nazaroff   Seattle         103         Polini     Yes       Polini            70cc   Yes          Doppler

Eric Sabatino      Portland        103         Polini case No       Polini            70cc   No           Doppler

fritz o'ley        san francisco   103         Stock case No        Polini H20        70cc   No           Polini
Zach Lee
Levenberg          FRISCO!!        103 rigid   Stock      Yes       Polini            70cc   No           Ninja

Nerobro            Chicago         103         103        No        Airsal            70cc   No           Stock

Erin Kearns        SF              TSM         Parma      No        Parma             80cc   No           Bidlot
INTAKE                    CARBURETOR          CARB MAIN JET IDLE JET          NEEDLE    NEEDLE

15mm    Polini 4 petal    Dellorto SHA     15.15mm           64
        Doppler large
16mm    single reed       Dellorto SHA        16mm           70                                    uni foam
                                                                                                   metal w/o
15mm    Stock Tomos       Dellorto SHA        15mm           62                                    airbox
                                                                                                   metal w/o
15mm    Stock Tomos       Dellorto SHA        15mm           72                                    airbox
                                                                                                   metal w/o
15mm    Stock Tomos       Dellorto SHA        15mm           82                                    airbox
16mm    Malossi 4 petal   Dellorto SHA        16.16          70                                    w/cover

16mm    Stock modded      Dellorto SHA        16.16          70                                    metal w/ cover

19mm    Malossi 4 Pedal   Dellorto PHBG       20mm          100          50       W7          2 Red Malossi

21mm    Polini            Dellorto PHBG       16mm           78                     7         2 pantyhose

15mm    Polini 4 petal    Dellorto SHA     15.15mm still tuning                                    Panty
                                                                                                   Metal w/
15mm    Stock Tomos       Dellorto SHA        15mm           78                                    airbox
                                                                                                   Metal w/
15mm    Stock Tomos       Dellorto SHA        15mm           90                                    airbox

19mm    19mm 4 Petal      Dellorto SHA        15mm           70 Stock           Stock      Stock
        Stock w/ carbon
16mm    reeds             Dellorto SHA        16mm

21mm    Malossi 4 petal   Dellorto PHBG       21mm           99          55       W7               Malossi

21mm    4 pedal Malossi   Dellorto PHBG       21mm           92          50       w7          4 Malossi e8
        Boyesen Dual                                                                               metal w/o
15mm    Stage             Dellorto SHA        15mm           76                                    black cover

20mm    Malossi 4 petal   Dellorto PHBG       20mm          105          50       w7          2 pantyhose

21mm    4 petal           Dellorto PHBG       19mm           98          50       W7          2

21mm    forget            Dellorto PHBG        19.5          98          50       W7          4
        Malossi 4 petal
20mm    for life!         Dell'orto PHBG      20mm           92          50       W7          2 Malossi Red

21mm    Polini 4 petal    Dellorto PHBG       20mm           97          50       W7          2 Malossi E12
                                                                                                cut up uni
21mm    Polini 4 petal    Dellorto PHBG       21mm          102          45       w9          2 foam
                                                                                                Malossi small
19mm    Malossi 4 petal   Delloto PHBG        19mm           83          42       w7          2 red

16mm    Polini 4 petal    Dellorto SHA        16mm          110 N/A               N/A       N/A uni
                                                                                                Stock, minus
Stock   Stock             Guntner           11.5mm Stock          none           none       N/A foam

21mm    Malossi           Dellorto PHBG       21mm           96          50         7         1 Malossi Black
                          3 ball removed, Filter mod, Stripped down to just frame, no seat, seat mount, fenders,
No speedo        11:52:00 or covers. New coils, condensors, spark plug wires and ngk plug cap
                           3 balls removed. Large intake, foam filter. tranfers widened. exhaust raised. transfers
40+                        matched to case. CDI ignition. Very light frame. 16" wheels with 48 tooth rear sprocket.
                         3 balls removed from clutch, timing 1.8mm BTDC, stock electrical, stock pipe modified
                         Same as above, but third transfer added to cylinder, exhaust to back plate.
             34 11:52:00 = baffle opened up 50%, two additional 3/8inch bleeds addedport widened, stock
                         transfers widened, head milled, new squish band added, all three transfers case-
                         Same as piston removed stock weights head gasket, two base gaskets.
             38 11:52:00 matched, above, chopped up, coppercoatfrom variator, replaced with malossi variotop
                          weights, switched to GreenBelt (powertwist aka NazBelt alternative) need to advance
40+              11:52:00 the timing to 2mm BTDC to get more bottom end. right now I need about a block on the

             36 11:56:00 3 balls removed. internal coil replaced. spark/restriction plate removed from stock pipe.

40.2 gps         11:56:00 3 balls removed, high comp head, 5 coil
                          Woo Hoo! Whole new Engine Build. 1.17.08 Malossi CDI, 50cc kit that will kill your 70.
                          Lots of port match work. New bearings, new seals, stock crank. Malossi 50cc hi-comp
We'll see                 head, Malossi Multi-Var, Running 2 balls in the clutch, Malossi Tooth Belt, IRC Racing

50+                       3 ball removed, Filter Clutch pulley with Malossi frame, CH150 seat mount, fenders,
                 11:56:00 Malossi Variotop and mod, Stripped down to justCDI and no seat,radiator
                          or covers. New coils, condensors, spark plug wires and ngk plug cap Bigger carb
No speedo        13:52:00 coming soon me down to 41mph with minimal loss of torque at low end. variator
                          11:45 dropped
                          would have to be tuned to get complete opening. compression is about 15:1 timing is
45 (gps)                  I hit 51mph by gps today but ran out of room. need still pulling some higher top
                 11:45:00 about 1.8 BTDC. very reliable and quick but I it was a pipe to hitpretty good however. 90
                          may be a wee bit rich. 45 tooth rear sprocket means poor low end, stock tomos fry me
50+              11:52:00 off the line and it takes me about a block to really get into the powerband. leaning out

50+                        3 ball removed from clutch. Timing advanced from stock.

51.2 GPS         11:48:00 3 balls removed. carb and intake gone. malossi 4 petal and 19mm to follow.
                           3rd place genderbender drag race.malossi multivar variator, custom porting on kit, long
67+                        Clutch: 3 balls, 3 star springs, rounded ramps, doppler er3 major puch killer
                           stroke race crank, custom engine mounts, 3 balls removed,variator, doppler spring,
                          malossi ducati CDI, stroker crank, aluminum pulley, motobecane size belt, high comp
TBD              11:36:00 head-no decomp
                          Feeling good. G3 is kicking in the late 20's and pulling hard. Have not tested top end
50+              11:52:00 really. Need better tires!!!

59.4 gps         11:56:00 3 balls removed. timing slightly advanced, not sure how much. 5 coil ignition.


45-50                      MVT Millenium CDI ignition
                           <2 ball removed from clutch....> <Malossi CDI> < Brace Bar> Polini is an old
                           skoolstyle polini (huh? - ed.) I bought the Polini kit from Italy, Angelo Massimino, I think
56.5 GPS                   I spelled his name wrong. The thing was probably 20 years old,plate. Timing and he
                           3 balls removed from clutch and 2 springs. Performance clutch never used, 1.8mm
                           btdc. Peugeot CDI and Peugeot CDI Box. Piston has been cut down and the cylinder
55+                        skirt has been cut down as well to replicate G2 G3 kit skirts. Malossi Variotop slightly
                           Polini kit, case, and head. CDI ignition makes a huge difference. Malossi multivar, 2"
55+                        IRC tires. 3 balls in clutch.

?                         i'm using 3 balls, 80's technology (two ports h2o polini fast. it has crazy acceleration up
                11: 39:00 multivar , a puch ingitions setup, this bike is so fucking )
                          any hill in SF, and its tops out fast enough for me to ride on the freeway. damn i love
55+              11:52:00 this bike. it needs to be ported and it needs a 20mm dellorto, then i can gear the

29mph, GPS      Stock      Bike is almost completely stock, minus the 70cc kit. Watch here for developments.

TBA             Stock
NAME                LOCATION         MODEL             ENGINE     PORTING? KIT MANU        SIZE   PORTING?

Eric                Rochester, NY    Newport           E50        Yes       Stock 1hp      50cc   Yes

chuck               grandrapid MI    78 Maxi           E50        No        Stock          50cc   No
Luke Rayner
(Slocketman)        Columbus, OH     82 Murray         E50        No        Stock          50cc

Colin               CT               1.5 free spirit   E50        No        Stock 1.5hp    50cc   No

Zack                Cupertino        Newport L         E50        No        Stock 2hp HT   50cc   No

Unknown             Unknown          (2hp HT)"         E50?       ?         Stock          50cc   No
Unknown             Unknown          (2hp HT)"         E50?       ?         Stock          50cc   (exhaust)

Dan Vee             Boston, MA       Maxi              E50        No        Stock          50cc   No

Linda               Kansas           78 Kromag         E50        No        Stock          50cc   No

Seth Bedwell        Seattle, WA      Maxi              E50        Yes       Stock #3       50cc   Yes

Rafter              Sacto            Maxi              E50        No        Stock 2hp      50cc   Yes

sullivan giles      seattle, wa      Maxi-luxe         E50        No        Stock          50cc   No

Bryan               LB               Maxi              E50        Yes       Stock          50cc   Yes

Sue                 Indiana          motomarina        E50        Yes       Stock          50cc   Yes
                                     sebring w/                   Yes &
Garret Behm         WI               puch engine       E50        matched   Stock 1.5 hp   50cc   Yes

Graham Crank        Milwaukee WI     Swinger           E50        Yes       Stock          50cc   Yes
Zack                Cupertino        Magnum X          (kickstart) Match    Stock Korado   50cc   No

Gabe Berghuis       Grand Rapids     Maxi              E50        No        TCCD           50cc   No

Dan                 Sacramento, CA   Pinto 2           E50        Matched   TCCD           50cc   Yes

Maxi                E50              Maxi              E50        No        TCCD           50cc   No

Seth                Seattlle         Maxi              E50        Yes       TCCD           50cc   No

GoldieLocks         (Holland)        Maxi              E50        Yes       Zeta           50cc   Yes
         60-69 cc

Bret Hoffman        SF               Maxi              E50        Yes       Eurocilindro   60cc   No

Joshua Hosier       Lancaster, PA    77 Maxi           E50        No        Athena         60cc   No

Mark                STP/MPLS         Maxi              E50        No        Malossi        62cc   No

Greg                Portland, or     77 Maxi           E50        No        Malossi        60cc   Gilardoni
Danpire                                     Puch Maxi      E50        Match       Polini     64cc   No

Doyle                   Chicago             Maxi           E50        Match       Polini     64cc   No

Elliot, built for David P SF                Maxi           E50        Matched     Polini     64cc   No
Isaac                   seattle             78 Puch Maxi   E50        transfers   Polini     64cc   No
John B                  Charlottesville, VA mazxi          E50        matched     Polini     64cc   No
Maxituning              Hexel(Holland)      Maxi           E50        Yes         Polini     64cc
                        BOCO (aka
Nickerbocker            boulder colorado)   77 Puch Maxi   E50        Yes         Polini     64cc   No

Taylor D                C-Bus               76 Nostalgia   E50        Yes         Polini     64cc

West Seattle            UMMM...DUH          Puch Maxi S    E50        Yes         Polini     64cc   Yes

dallas                  bloomington,IN      pinto          E50        Match       Polini     64cc   Yes

Joel Kvernmo                                Maxi           E50        Match       Polini     64cc   No

Elliot                  SAN FRANCISCO Maxi                 E50        Match       Polini     64cc   Yes

Tim Reeder              Cincinnati          78 Newport     E50        Match       Polini     64cc   No

Zack                    CUPERTINO           Magnum         E50        Match       Polini     64cc   Yes
                        Gemert (Noord-
Metrashit               brabant)            Maxi           E50        Yes         Polini     64cc

Vic                                         Magnum (mini) E50         Yes         Polini     64cc   No

Zack                    Cupertino, CA       MAgnum         E50        Yes         Polini     64cc   Yes

Jared Eberhardt         Long Beach, CA      78 Maxi        E50        Yes         Polini     64cc   Yes

Zack (Bret's bike)      CUPERTINO           Maxi           E50        No          Polini     64cc   No

Monica (COTL)           SAN FRANCISCO Magnum XK            E50        Match       Polini     64cc   No
Zack                    CUPERTINO           Magnum         (kickstart) Match      Polini     64cc   No
craig                   mb, ca        xi            E50               Matched     Polini     64cc   matched
Heather                 SAN FRANCISCO (Sears)       E50               Yes         Polini     64cc   No

Drew                                        Ithaca, NY     E50        No          Metrakit   65cc   No

Drew                    MI                  Maxi           E50        No          Metrakit   65cc   No
Rob Farmer              San Jose, Ca        Magnum         E50        match       Metrakit   65cc   No

Drew                    Louisville, Ky      Maxi           E50        No          Metrakit   65cc   No

Drew                    Netherlands         Maxi S         E50        No          Metrakit   65cc   No
Drew                Rochester, NY     Newport
                                      85            E50    No        Metrakit          65CC   No
Drew                Atlanta, GA       Sebring       E50    Match     Metrakit          65cc   No

Drew                Louisville, KY    77 Newport    E50    No        Metrakit          65cc   No

Drew                Maine             Magnum        E50    Match     Metrakit          65cc   No

Marshall            Bloomington, IN   78 Swinger    E50    Yes       Metrakit          65cc   Yes

John                Lincoln,NE        Maxi          E50?   Yes       Metrakit          65cc   No

Maggie (Bandit)     Louisville, Ky.   Maxi          E50    Yes       Metra             65cc   No

Jaykayoh            grand rapids      Puch          E50    Match     Metrakit          65cc   No
Mijunkin            St. Louis         Magnum        E50    matched   Metrakit          65cc   No

Troy (NOT Drew)     Reno, NV          77 Maxi       E50    Match     Metrakit          65cc   No

Drew                cincinnati        magnum        E50    Yes       Metrakit          65cc   Yes

Rafter              sacramento        Puch          E50    Yes       Metrakit          65cc   Yes
       "70-79 cc"
                                                                     Alukt (DMP) for
Sarah Roach         LA                Maxi          E50    Yes       Tomos             67cc   Yes

michael hardy       athens.ga         78 Maxi       E50    Yes       Alukit            70cc   Yes

Chris Rice          Nasty Nati        Magnum XK     E50    No        Airsal            70cc   No

Rodka               Netherlands       Maxi S        E50    No        Airsal            70cc   No
Joe Schuit          West Michigan     Magnum MKII   E50    matched   Airsal            70cc   No

antonie             netherlands       Maxi          E50    Yes       Airsal            70cc   Yes

Zack                Cupertino         Magnum        E50    Yes       Airsal            72cc   minimal
Chris Rice          Cincinasti        Magnum        E50    matched   Airsal            70cc   No

moonshiner          port huron MI     Maxi          E50    No        Athena            70cc   No

Andy Mueller        Idaho Springs, Co. 77 Maxi      E50    No        Athena            70cc   No

Babooze             HI                Newport       E50    Yes       Athena            70cc   Yes
                                                           case                               exhaust
drew                lancaster         Maxi          E50    matched   Athena            70cc   3mm

                                      Maxi          E50    half match Athena           70cc   No

kile                sacramento        puch          E50    Yes       Athena            70cc   Yes

Tanner B.           Jacksonville Fl   Maxi 2hp      E50    Stock     K-Star            70cc   No

Jesse Bechtold      South Florida     Magnum        E50    Yes       K-Star            70cc   No
Adam Babel            Minneapolis, MN   Maxi            E50    Match    Parmakit           70cc    No

Derek St. Gelais      Berwick, ME       77 Newport      E50    No       mopedjunkyard      70cc    No

William                                 Puch            E50    Yes      TCCD               70cc    Yes

Peter McDaniel        GRAND RAPIDS      86 Puch LS      E50    Yes      TCCD               70cc    No

Fred                  Rochester, NY     Maxi            E50?   No       TCCD               70cc    No

Lurker                SF                Maxi            E50    No       TCCD               70cc    No

cam pelican           la                rusty ass Maxi E50     Wide open TCCD              70cc

jae                   Orlando           Maxi            E50    Match    TCCD               70cc    Yes

Roald                 Assen, NL         76 Maxi         E50    Match    TCCD               70cc    Yes
      "80cc" and up

Brando                SF                Magnum          E50    Yes      Gilardoni          80cc    Yes

coco                  ohio              swinger         E50    Yes      Gilardoni          80cc    No

Mike Z                KC MO             Maxi            E50    Yes      Gilardoni          80cc    No

Celica                Aduard(Holland)   Maxi            E50    Yes      Gilardoni (Italkit) 74cc

Lurkin'               SF                Mini Magzy      E50    Yep      Gilardoni          75cc    No

Tommy Freebird        LA                Magnum (duh) E50       Oh YES   Gilardoni          75cc    OH YES

Babooze               HI                Maxi N          E50    Yes      Gilardoni          80cc    Yes

Jesse Jamz            Louisville        Magnum          E50    Match    Metrakit           80cc    No

Matt B                                  Magnum          E50    Match    Metrakit           80cc    No
                      Hellevoetsluis                                    Metrakit (big
Kees-Maxi             (Holland)         Maxi            E50    Yes      port)              80cc    Yes

Sue                   Indiana           Puch (Pinto)    E50    Yes      Metrakit           80cc    No

Tommy Freebird        LOS ANGELES       Magnum          E50    Yes      Metrakit           80cc    Yes

todd                  LIncoln Ne        Maxi            E50    Yes      Metrakit           75cc    Yes

Nicholas              Seekonk, MA       Maxi S          E50    Yes      Parmakit           80cc    Yes

ErinL                 Kalamazoo, MI     78 Maxi II      ZA50   No       Stock                      No

Ryan Due              New York          76 Maxi         ZA50   No       Stock              50cc    No

MIjunkin              St. Louis, MO     Maxi MKII       ZA50   No       Stock 2hp HT       50cc    Yes
                                                                        Bored Out Stock
MickR                 Baltimore, MD     78 Sport MKII   ZA50   No       Cast Iron       55cc       Yes
Zack              CUPERTINO          Magnum         ZA50   Match        Stock Korado     50cc   Yes
                                     1980 Magnum
mipark56          Philadelphia, PA   II          ZA50      No           Polini           64cc   No

Drew              Boulder, Co        79 Maxi        ZA50   No           Metrakit         65cc   No

Ciao              SAN FRANCISCO Puch                ZA50   No           Metrakit         65cc   No

Zack              Cuperteens         Murray         ZA50   really bad   Alukit           67cc   No

Jared Eberhardt   Long Beach, CA     Magnum MK II ZA 50    Yes          Athena           70cc   Yes

Maciek            Seattle            Maxi Luxe II   ZA50   No           Airsal           70cc   No
                                                                        Athena (piston
cjp               louisville         magnum xk2     ZA50   Yes          port)            70cc   No
Dez Troy          Wisconsin          79 Magnum      ZA50   No           TCCD             70cc   No

Andrewwwwww       SF                 MAGNUM         ZA50   No           TCCD             70cc   No

Chris Paz         SF                 Puch Rigid     ZA50   Match        Metrakit         80cc   Yes
                  South Bend,        Puchavus                                                   Matched
Richard Worsham   Indiana            1978           ZA50   Yes          Metrakit         80cc   only
                INTAKE                MANUFACTURE   CARB   CARB      MAIN JET IDLE JET NEEDLE         NEEDLE
EXHAUST         SIZE      REED SET UP R             TYPE   SIZE      SIZE     SIZE     SIZE           SETTING

Stock Mod.      12mm      N/A        Bing                  12mm            82 N/A      N/A                      3
                12.5                                       12.5mm
Tecno Boss      bored     No         Bing                  bored           62

Tecno Estoril   14mm
                14mm       N/A       Bing                  14mm            64 N/A      N/A                      2
Stock exhaust   derestrict
derestricted    ed                   Bing                  14mm            66 N/A                               1

Tecno Bullet    14mm                 Bing                  14mm            64

Tecno Boss      14mm      N/A        Bing                  14mm            68                  2.22             3

Tecno Estoril   14mm      N/A        Bing                  14mm            70                  2.17             2

Tecno Boss      15 mm                Dellorto       SHA    15 mm           65

Tecno Bullet    15mm                 Bing                  15mm            74 N/A      N/A                      2

Tecno Boss      15mm                 Bing                  15mm            80                                   1

Bi-Turbo        16mm      No         Bing                  15.8mm          68          Three notch              1

Stock                     No         Dell'Orto      SHA    16mm            62 N/A      N/A

Bullet          16mm      N/A        Dell'Orto      SHA    16mm            72 N/A      N/A                      1

Tecno Estoril   16mm      N/A        Dell'Orto      SHA    16mm            65          N/A                      2
Tecno Estoril
China           16mm                 Dellorto       SHA    16mm            78 N/A                               1
Pocketbike                                                 16.4 mm                     14mm stock
Pipe            14mm      N/A        Bing 12               drilled         74 N/A      bing                     3

Stock           17-13mm              Bing                  17mm            88                                   3

Bullet          14mm                 Bing                  14mm            62 N/A      Stock                    2

Bullet          20mm                 Dellorto       PHBG   16mm            68        48 w7                      2

Tecno Estoril   16mm      N/A        Dell'Orto      SHA    16mm            72 N/A      N/A

Tecno Boss      16mm                 Dellorto       PHBG   16mm            67        40 w7                      1

Tecno Boss      15mm      N/A        Bing                  15mm      something N/A     N/A                      3

Biturbo(nice)   15mm                 Dellorto       SHA    15mm            72 N/A      N/A            N/A

Proma GP        16mm      N/A        Dell'Orto      PHBG   16mm            72 N/A      N/A

Tecno Boss      16mm      N/A        Dell'Orto      SHA    16mm            69

Tecno boss      16mm                 Dell'orto      SHA    16mm            72
                          Two petal reed
Bullet           15mm     valve          Bing                    15mm             80 N/A         N/A                        4

Proma GP         15mm                     Bing                   15mm             92 N/A         Stock                      3

Bi Turbo         15mm                     Bing        new bing 15mm               86 N/A         N/A            mid lower
Leovinci with             Polini Twin
big crack        15mm
                 came     petal           Bing                   15mm             92 N/A         Stock                    2
                                                                                                                all the way
Proma Circuit!   with                                                                                           down -
too loud!        Polini                   Bing                   15mm            102                            richest

DMP              15mm     4 petal         Bing                   15mm

Biturbo          15mm                     Bing                   15mm             86 N/A         Stock                      2

Tecno Estoril    Polini   Polini          Bing                   15mm             82 N/A         Stock                      2

Homoet 6p        15mm     4 Reed          Bing                   15mm             84 N/A         Stock                      2

Proma GP         16mm     Stock Polini    Dell'Orto   SHA        16mm             75 Stock       Stock                      1

Moto-Matic       18mm     4 petal 4 petal Dell'Orto
                          Malossi                     PHBG       18mm             98           43 N/A
                          polini white
Tecno Boss       19mm     reed stock      Dell'Orto   PHBG       19mm            122           50 w9                        1

Tecno Boss       19mm     4-reed (polini) Dell'Orto
                          Malossi 4 petal             PHBG       19mm             89           48 w7                        3
                          with stock
Moto-Matic n8p 19mm       carbon reed     Dell'Orto   PHBG       19mm            118           50 w7                        4

Homoet 6p        19mm     malossi         Dell'Orto   PHBG       19mm            110           55 N/A                       3

Homoet 6p        19mm     4 petal         Dell'Orto   PHBG       19mm             86           60 w7                        2

Proma Circuit    19mm                     Dellorto    PHBG       19mm            118           45 w7                        4

Tecno Estoril    21mm     Malossi         Dellorto    PHBG       19mm            104           55 w7            middle

Simonini         21mm     Malossi 4 petal Dell'Orto   PHBG       21mm            102           60 w7                        3

Tecno Estoril    21mm     4 petal 4 petal Dell'Orto
                          Malossi                     PHBG       21mm            102 N/A         w7
                          with stock
Proma Circuit    21mm     carbon reed     Dell'Orto   PHBG       21mm            100           60 w7                        1

Tecno Boss       21mm                     Mikuni      Flatside   21mm     -            -         -              -

Bi-Turbo         20mm     4 petal         Dellorto    PHBG       21mm             99           45 W6                        2

Proma GP         15mm     N/A             Bing        15mm              80 N/A         Stock     2nd from top               2
                                                                                                 Second from
Proma GP         15mm     N/A             Bing        15mm              82 N/A                   top

Tecno Boss       15mm                     Bing        15mm              82 82                                               1
Tecno Bullet     15mm     N/A             Bing                   15mm      72 Winter Stock       Stock                      4

DMP Carbon       15mm     N/A             Bing                   15mm             84 N/A         Stock                      1
Proma GP         15mm        N/A             Bing                15mm    80 N/A       N/A                     2

Tecno Proma      16mm        N/A             Bing                16mm

Tecno Estoril    16mm        N/A             Dell'Orto   SHA     16mm    68 N/A       N/A

Proma GP         16mm        No              Dell'Orto   SHA     16mm    70 N/A

                 16mm        N/A             Dell'Orto   SHA     16mm    72 N/A       N/A

Tecno Boss       19mm                        Dellorto    PHBG    19mm    94           w7           1down

Tecno Boss       19mm        No              Dellorto    PHGB    19mm    86         45 w9                     3

Tecno Estoril    19mm        N/A             Dell'Orto   PHBG    19mm    76         45 w9                     3

Tecno Boss       19mm        No              Dellorto    PHBG    19mm    82         45 w7                     3

Tecno Estoril    19mm        None            Dellorto    PHBG    19mm    98         60 Stock                  3

Tecno Estoril    20mm        N/A             Dell'Orto   PHBG    20mm    77 Stock     Stock                   3

Moto-Matic       21mm        N/A             N/A                 N/A     82 N/A       N/A                     3

Tecno Boss       19mm                        Dellorto    PHBG    19mm    95         55 Stock       bottom
                                                                                                   2nd from
tecno estroil    21mm        malossi 4 petal Dellorto    PHBG    21mm    84         50 w7          top
                                                                                      15mm stock
Tecno Country 15mm           N/A             Bing                15mm    88 N/A       Bing       Not sure

Homoet 4p        15mm        No              Bing                15mm    76 N/A       Stock                   1

Tecno Circuit           15                   Dellorto    SHA     16mm    80 N/A       N/A          N/A
                             v-force 8 pedal
Calculated       ?           minarelli       Dell'Orto   PHBG    19mm   100 Stock     w7-w9                   3

custom           19mm                        Dellorto    PHBG    19mm   100         45 w7                     4
                                                         PHBG                                      3 from
Tecno Estoril    22mm                        Dellorto    BS      19mm    90         45 w7          bottom

Bi-Turbo         15mm        N/A             Bing                15mm    82 N/A       Stock                   1

Biturbo          17mm                        Amal        Slide   17mm    45           Amal stock

Bullet           20mm        Boysen          Dell'Orto   PHBG    20mm    90         42 w7                     2

Homoet6p         20mm                        Dellorto    PHBG    20mm    94         45 w16                    2

Tecno estoril-   20mm        carbon fiber    Dellorto    PHBG    20mm   100         45 w9                     3
altered (dual
silencer)        21mm                        Dellorto            21mm    88 N/A       N/A                     2

Proma GP         16mm                        Dellorto    SHA     16mm    68 N/A       N/A          screw

Tecno boss       19mm                        Dellorto    PHBG    19mm    89         45 w9          top setting
Tecno Estoril    20mm      N/A           Dell'Orto      PHBG        20mm               90         60 Stock                   3

Biturbo          15mm                    Amal

Proma GP         14.8mm    N/A           Bing                       14.8mm             70 N/A          N/A                   4

Tecno Estoril    14mm      N/A           Bing                       14mm               75 N/A          N/A                   2

Proma GP         15mm      N/A           Bing                       15mm               92                         2nd

Tecno Boss       15mm      No            Dell'Orto      SHA         16mm               74 N/A          N/A

Tecno Boss       21mm                    Dell'Orto      Regular     21mm               96              regula'?              2

Tecno Estoril    21mm      N/A           Dell'Orto      PHBG        21mm               78         48 w9                      1
Proma LowBoy
Twin         21mm          N/A           Dell'Orto      PHBG        21mm               96         50 Stock                   2

Simonini         21mm      Malossi MHR   Dell'Orto      PHBG        21mm               93         55 w7           variable

DMP              14mm      factory       Dell'Orto      PHBG        21mm               85 N/A          ?                     3

Simonini         21mm      factory       Dellorto       PHBG        21mm               93 N/A          w9                    1
(home made)      24mm      Hebo          Dellorto                   21mm               94

Homoet 8p
Puch doppler     24mm                    Mikuni         Flatslider 24mm               125         15 Stock        Stock
copy by          24mm of
Motomatic        love                    Mikuni (duh)   Flatslide   24mm              145 Stock        Stock      Stock

Simonini         24mm      Malossi       Keihin                     24mm              112         48                         2

Homoet 8p        20.5mm                  Mikuni                     24mm              135 Stock        Stock

Homoet 8p        21mm      N/A           Dell'Orto      PHBG        21mm               85         50 w7                      1

Homoet 6p        22mm      N/A           Bing                       19mm              110 N/A          N/A        Middle

Moto-Matic       21mm      N/A           Dell'Orto      PHBG        21mm               86         45 w7                      2

Simonini         22.75mm blowback baby Mikuni                       24mm              145 Stock        Stock

techno boss      24mm      24mm          Dellorto       PHBG        21mm               82         35 w7           1down

Tecno Estroil    custom    N/A           Dellorto       PBHG        19mm               80         50 w7                      1

Tecno Boss       14 mm                   Bing           Bing        14 mm              58 N/A          N/A        middle

Bullet           14.5mm    N/A           Bing                       15mm               74 N/A          Stock                 3

Tecno Boss
Mofast (Derbi)   14mm      N/A           Bing                       15mm               64 N/A          N/A                   1
with bent                                                           15.5mm
Magnum           14mm                    Bing                       (drilled)   72-74 ish                                    2
Simonini        13mm        N/A            Dell'Orto   PHBG   19mm   86 (55?)     w7                    4
                                                                                            2nd from
Proma Circuit   19mm                       Dell'Orto   PHBG   21mm   99         60 w8       top

Bi-Turbo        custom      N/A            Dellorto    PHBG   19mm   70 45?       ?         full lean

Tecno Estoril   19mm        N/A            Dell'Orto   PHBG   21mm   66         45 w7                   2
double hacked
simonini        21mm                       Dellorto    PHBG   21mm   86         50 w9                   2

Tecno Estoril   20mm        Carbon fiber   Dellorto    PHBG   20mm   88         60 w7       Middle
                                                                                  Stock 4
Tecno Estoril   14mm        N/A            Bing               14mm   78 N/A       notch                 2
                Maxi pipe
Homoet 6p       header                     Dellorto    PHBG   19mm   92         50 Stock    Stock

Tecno Boss      16mm                       Dellorto    SHA    16mm   77
Tecno Estoril   21mm                       Dellorto    AS     21mm   91         50 w7                   2

Moto-Matic 8p   21mm        N/A            Dell'Orto   PHBG   21mm   87         50 w10                  1
                                                                                            next to
Simonini        21.5mm      19mm           Dellorto    PHBG   21mm   92                     richest
AIR FILTER            (MPH)       GEARING

Stock modified                 38 16/45

Pantyhose                      38 Stock

Black foam UNI                ~33 Stock
modified stock
airbox                         34 Stock

Stock                          35 16x45

K&N style                         Stock

none                              Stock

Pantyhose                      35 14/45

red foam                       36 14/45

None                           30 17/41
Uni taped to a
magnum                         43 16x45

SHA                               Stock

                              40.3 N/A

                               43 18/38

None                          51.2 12x30
stock pinto air
cleaner, front only            44 14/45

None                           30 13/28

stock airbox                  44.1 16/45

UNI                     50 (GPS) 16x45

                               45 16/40
Malossi Velocity
Stack                          43 14/45

stock modified                 44 16/45

metal screen, no
box                               16x45

none                          40+ 14/44

Stock                         45? Stock
                       mid to high
modified stock                 40s 18/45
                                46 N/A

black foam                      48 18x40
small k&N style
cone mesh                   45+ 13x40

pod filter
stock - holes -                 45 14/40
sucks - need a
good one          don't know       16/45

                                53 15/45

Stock                           47 16/45

black UNI                       52 18-45

                                60 17/45

bing high flow             50.6 17/42

                                55 N/A

UNI                       53/65 13-18/36

Malossi 90 deg              50+ 16/40
45 degree high
flow                   62 GPS 16x36

malossi foam               61.3 16/36

90 degree                       57 18/36
malossi w/ e12
foam                            54 16/36
                  Not Sure,
chrome            it's scarry      17/36

                         55(+?) 16/40

                                55 16/40

                                48 14/40

Uni filter                50?? 16/45

                                41 16x45

                          42-44 16/45

Red                             40 16/45

Stock                       40+ Stock

powerfilter                     48 16/42
bing high flow                 39 16/45

                               45 17/45

                               45 16/44

                             49.4 17/41

K&N high flow                46.2 18x45

Malossi                            16/45
Malossi PHBG
red filter 90 bend                 17/45

Malossi red                    52 16x40

UNI                                14/45
day none/ night
UNI                           50+ 18/36

                               58 N/A

UNI                  55ish (tbd)   16/40

panty hose                  48ish 13/36
High Flow with
the silver mesh
from Treats          45 speedo     16/45

Stock                          51 16/45

SHA stock filter               44 16/40


UNI foam                      55+ 14/36
Malossi 90 deg
Red Foam                           16/45

                               42 16/36

Amal Carb screen         37 VDO 14/45

none                               18/40

UNIpod                  58.4 GPS 18/40

UNI pod                            18x40

K&N                         45ish 16x45

None exept sha                     18 front
screen                             stock rear

malassi air filter             50 15x36
Malossi 90 deg

Amal                         50+ Stock

                              39 N/A

                              46 N/A
k&N high flow     (9000 RPM) 16x45

                           45-50 16/45

UNI no sleeve                55? 18/40

                              50 16/40

TNT                           53 16/43

Big red Malossi
e14                           65 16x40

malossi 90*                      16/40

malossi big red              62* 18x45


K&N                              16/36

none              TBA            16/36

UNI                              16/40

UNI pod                     62.9 16/36


None                       57.93 17-41

Malossi 90 deg               66* 18/36

                             70! 18x36

foam high flow                   17X42

Malossi red       fast           18/40

none                     <35 mph 18/40

None                          43 18/36

                           35ish Stock

Stock, Drilled                36 Stock
Malossi 90 deg          46 16/36

malossi red           ~52 18/36

x                   40-50 ?

                        54 18/36

malossi e12          40ish 18x40
K&N                   45 ? 18/40

K&N style             40+ Stock

90deg mal         48 GPS Stock

custom Hi-flow   40 all day 18/36

none                  48? 18/38

UNI                     62 18/36

what?                   55 20/36

stock mod. Everything was stock including drilled out jet. I just ported it to hell and did some cutting and welding. I don't have this setup anymore.
I needed new rings.

my exhuast burnt me

compression: 140psi made a huge difference in acceleration. still working on top end 4stroking, right now ive got it so that it boggs with the
derestricting the intake
airbox off, and 4strokes with the stock airbox on. im just drilling out the stock airbox bit by bit. this thing does beat most of the scooters in town up
hills and to 25mph. Compression: 130psi

baseline. To be ported. All stock, this thing has run strong for over a year with no mods. daily driver, super reliability model.

Intake matches, but I didn't make it that way. Jet size is more like 76 when it's cold (40 or below), and needle setting could probably use some
Aftermarket hi-comp head, no head gasket. Aftermarket 3-shoe clutch w/ Paz springs. Tightened until just before the springs bind. Rito stuffed
crank. Take off is a little sluggish. Hits powerband around 22mph. Torque-y in the mid-range. Top range still needs tuning. Compression: 180psi

seizes at 43mph everytime.

only upgrades have been a high compression head and better carb. still working on this bike. i have secret plans.

looking at this i wont to port it bunch more and put a 16 carb on and gearing

good acceleration. poor low-midrange with the china pipe,porting. should screamstripped down bike~ 100 lbs. air filter made by shoving china
tekiller botom end, needs a bigger intake/carb and some pulls hard from 30-40. soon.
pocketbike air filter into open end of front part of stock pinto filter... noticeable increase in midrange and bottom end from no air filter whatsoever.
turning 9,800 rpms at 45 mph. cut piston, widened exhaust. -14 mm needle and emulsion tube. Compression: 13.5:1

The true mini-magnum. Mini-blast mode at 30. Be jealous.

Revs to 11,000. Ignition set at full advance. Lackluster low end, Good midrange and top end. Revs to the sky. Compression: 180psi

crummy low end, pulls hard from 20. WOT for 200 miles from cupertino to sacramento. BULLETPROOF!

Still needs more tuning. PHBG makes it idle perfectly. Nice midrange and top end.

Nice acceleration, leaking head gasket, should be fixed soon.

Just built, no speed reports. Low throttle is weirdly rich, high speed seems nice, may four stroke if i go fast enough. Timing is about 1.5mm
BTDC. Engine just rebuilt with new bearings and seals. I want to take it apart after break in and open up the boost ports in the piston.

i think this kit has just finally broken in and i'm getting much more power out of it... i'm still learning here and getting more comfortable with
tuning.... i just broke my speedo cable tonight while doing some plug chop runs.... it's the one that goes to 40 and was obviously pegged for quite
a while... gonna try try some new gearing combos next!
air leak city - head & exhaust. Compression: 150psi

fully rebuilt motor , kstarcreate flat matingsprings, snowflakes, solid polini commuter. feels like stock, Pipe kicks in at 18mph, Carb is too rich at
head and kit sanded to 3 shoe with paz surface.compression about 150psi. Low end
idle and too lean at WOT (does not cover the whole range), Break in for 200 miles. Run Pennzoil 2 stroke, with very little carbon buildup in
cylinder/piston. Usually cruise at 35-40mph and have 8,500 miles on this kit, now on replacement ring due to wear of original ring. update- finally
softsized with a 96 jet and needle jet second from lowest. WTF. Matching notes: just to get gas to the top spots and open up the case a little.
Has #33 head.

Very good cilinder (the polini) much power

stuffed crank, 3 shoe clutch, and a big ass black widow that likes to make my bike home, BITCH!
 also had a top crank. speed verified next to my buddy on his 07 yamaha R1 at sea level in Savannah GA on the way to Tybee Island, which is
an awesome speed run but allllll flat. (watch out for the Sinister Puch version 2.0)

Powerdynamo CDI 17.3 to 1 Compression

i put jolly ranchers in my gas tank. adds 10-15 miles an hour
3 shoe clutch with stock springs, twisted flush, then in half a turn, Awesome blue polini "For Race" airfilter with 90 degree elbow. 50cc High
Compression Head. B6HS spark plug. 16x36 gearing, Comfort Seat for speed.
Latebird edition Maxi: heavily modded 2 shoe clutch w/paz springs, semi synthetic atf, high comp head, full advance, point gap very very slim,
amazing acceleration, 2" rubber and steel. (sf gearing/rally gearing). Compression: 240psi.

"K-Star crank, Polini 4 Petal reed set up. NOS Korado 3-shoe clutch. Spokes. Savas. EBRs. Fun.
Cylinder porting for super speeds. Pulls out quick, hits pipe about 40 and rockets to 56, and continues to 62. I doubt it has the power to pull out
18x36. Needle bearing crank, custom lightened clutch w/ paz springs. Super! Next is more exhaust porting.

top racing stuffed crank, paz clutch springs with 3 shoe clutch. lightened reduction gear. gutless low end but insane top end. Polini w/ "C" piston
Midrange magnum. Super duper duper 2 shoe for "3 speed" awesomeness. Malossi 4 petal, stock timing, b8hs, ported cylinder. Non-stuffed
needle crank, 50cc high comp head.holes in weights larger to make it lighter. Slight bevel and raise to the top of the Exhaust port, widened 3mm
3 Shoe clutch, stock springs, drilled Once seized polini.
and polished. Drilled and beveled oil holes in the wrist pin area of the piston. Smoothed and enlarged the intake area of the cylinder, increased
the size of the oil passage to the crank bearing. Aligned the cylinder and piston during assembly. Enlarged the transfer ports slightly. Took the oil
fast as shit. amazing low and top end. ripped harder than anything. it may have done close to 60, but not confirmed, certainly faster than above
polini/N8pmy setup/speed is almostelse stock andthe bike at row #22. 2shoe clutch with "paz springs", twisted twice (180 x 2) past flush. I have
looks like setup but far. everything identical with super sketchy
decent acceleration (could use better clutch tuning), low end (estoril helps) and decent top speed (gearing helps). It's a bike that does OK both
on SF hills and in top speed situations. If I could grade it, I would give it +A for reliability (solid as fuck, never breaks down, never seized the kit),

low end magnum. Super low end, weak top super fun. michelin m29's for super grip. very loud.

breaking her in stilllllll





e50. Compression: 135psi



Runs well solid alround performer has high compression head


Points gapped to .014, just a smidge off full advance timing, high comp head, 2.25 savas, about 600 miles on it so far and a damn reliable bike.
Compression: 230psi

3 shoe w/paz springs, tuned really high. High comp. head. Kragen custom pinstriping



Built by Tommy (freebird) Latebird. Tomos Alukit, on puch e50, with malossi 4 petal reed cage and custom intake. Lots or porting. tuned clutch.
About 55 with rad low end. Stock head still. Awesome set up. Easily 60+ set-up geared out with a simo. Poor mans polini.

dmp stuffed crank, new seals new bearings, everything matched, 2 shoe clutch with paz srings... this baby hauls bootie
I'm using the base tube from the stock Magnum Airbox with the high flow filter. If I use the short rubber one that came with it, it needs to be
running a 90 main... I prefer the stock tube. Tuned 3 shoe Puch clutch. Springs are 2 out from all the way in. My bike accelerates up most hills.
I'm using standard Type F ATF tranny fluid. Motul 600 2 stroke mixed 40:1. NGK B7HS plug. B8HS plus foul out, but I ran them during break in.

Pipe kicks in around 25, accelerates up to wot. ONE base gasket, no piston clearance issues. Compression: 125psi

power starts from 7000 till14000rpm
new pipe helps so much. fuck simonini. Clutch lightened, blue springs, lightened starter plate, decent slip. Still a little tuning to go, but it now rips
quite well.

Still tuning. Starting with these jets and needle setting.

 Athena large block fairly conservative tune good stuffed not great, solid commuter K-Star 3 shoe clutch. Jetted for high altitude (9,000 ft.) and
basic bolt on mods, double reedvalve intake. Top take off,needle bearing race crank. ped
geared for hills so it takes off quick but tops out fast. It eats hills. Solid and reliable, two years now and not one problem. B6HS NGK plug.
Chrome coil over shocks and new seat, rides like a Caddy. Oh yeah gold chain to boot!

intake side of piston skirt shaved.
rebuilt the motor. top crank, super clutch, perfect case match. raised the exhaust 3mm. and my piston skirt is shaved heavily. the thing revs up
so high. just got a tiny tach and a 36 rear. cant wait to see whats up. Has high comp head.

breaking it it still .. running soo top speeditaround 43-45. stillhalf throttle ...jetted a little high maybe. kinda sputters at take offs, but pulls halfway
pretty torquey gearing, but low rich. but does about 45 at breaking in, its nuts
through intersection, then rips. oh and when cruising around 40 there is a definite sweet spot in the throttle (needle) super touchy but when i find
it, it keeps pulling, then it loses it for a second. maybe Maxing out the gearing?

Real excellent acceleration. Think might need to go a bit bigger jet, , a hc head or cyclinder kit and clutch need an air filter, got kit and head not
sure if in is tunned right. seems like head may have killed low end. mabe it needs clutch tunning and bigger jet... Has high comp head.

pretty fast moped. great kit for 100 bucks. also very forgiving with jetting. Ran it lean a couple times and no problems. Has high comp head.
Not tuned yet. Stock three shoe clutch.
Don't really know much about what I bought but I got it from mopedjunkyard.com and it goes like hell. My buddy has an unrestricted 50cc
scooter(with CVT) that goes about 50-55mph and from a standing start he gets a jump while my clutch slips and once it sticks I catch him and
smoke him..

not complete rebuild yet.... speed down hill....16/45 gearing

amazing low end. Great around town ped!

Laderhosen filter on the SHA. plenty of room for opening up the transfers. i've got over a 1000 miles on it. i'm really pleased with this set up.
this kit is super cheap and has
for a one speed it's got plenty of torque. i've left in the 2 shoe clutch and am actually pleased with it's performance so far. this baby rips and is
super loud. i had no idea how much noise can come out of the carb.

HC head, Rollerbearing crank, 3-shoe clutch (Tuned)

3 Boost Ports (added 2 see gilardoni 2.0 in performance) DMP Crank, racing throttle. 360 Intake duration, Custom intake Tuning: exhaust,
intake, transfer bridge, head slightly shaved and polished, chamfers, pipe header...Malossi Louis Veton reed block .35

R.I.P my little Maxi. Top speed gps'd at brobq5 right before crash. Could have dropped rear sprocket 9 teeth with different rims.

stock reeds, 2-shoe 4 lyfe with paz springs, timing advanced all of the way. Motomatic awesome intake. wood seat for speed
V-force reed cage, HPI internal rotor ignition, custom intake, lots of love, super tuned clutch with real blue springs, probably other stuff I am

"top racing crank, tuned 3-shoe clutch tuned, HC head (mod squish band, milled etc)

case and transfers are matched... treats super clutch with paz springs, dmp stuffed crank,

"not a racer-like, the higher the better! Hometuned clutch.

Stuffed race crank, 3 shoe clutch
Intake opened up big time. Ports and exhaust cleaned up. 3 shoe crazy tuned clutch. Pulls hard throughout the entire power band. 2 inch tires.
stuffed crank. cleaned up simonini welds.

"stock two shoe clutch lots of tunning

top racing crank, 3 shoe

cylinder is from mid-80s puch Maxi sport LS1.
Stock gearing, hi-comp head, chrome-y hi-flow fliter, 50:1 dinosaur mix, new chain, sava 2.25 tires - had great torque and decent top end. This
setup makes for a great city commuter bike, Only porting getexhauset matching.
The bike I had in High School. We didn't know where to is a smaller rear sprocket then - it needed it. The piston we used was Italian - the
stock cast iron cylinder was bored to approx 55cc (I don't remember the bore dimension). I put several thousand miles on this setup.
Acceleration was great. Top speed was measured by radar... yes a radar gun. Has shaved head.
stock ignition, good pull up to 45. Can go faster with 18x36, but lacks low end/pull. 17x36 would be ideal. even more ideal on a lighter bike.
Compression: 145psi


Murray with za50 with tomos alukit. 2 petal polini reeds (included w/ 64cc polini), peugeot 103 21mm intake. Pipe never hits due to case match
for polini/korado. Will be rebuilt kit is sort of just raw material,above bike. Sad now, happy later. window out of the intake side, it just keep
The piston that comes with the on e50 and hopefully rip like little by little I've cut a big toe sized
making it faster. There is still more room to take away more. Drilled oil holes in the wrist pin area of the piston. Stock crank. Enlarged the exhaust
port, made it slightly higher, much wider. Major cleaning and clearing of the transfer ports, slight increase in size. It's geared and set-up to be

solid. smooth throughout powerband with great low end. soon porting cyl and advancing timing. will repost top after. also conisidering upjetting
once i port intake. using stock pipe Maxi header now for intake. will be using a stock magnum header when i port. it's gonna be huge. the header
matches my carb almost perfecty. Has high comp head.

I finally got a new piston & ring. Need 2 case match tha kit soon..... Winter tuning in session! Has high comp head.
torquey as hell. good accelleration throughout the range, not a lot of top end, but definitely fast off the line. flipped clutch. 2 base gaskets, good

Performance Con-rod, Inverted second speed clutch, MLM pucks,
                        MANUFACTUR       KIT SIZE                      CARB
         NAME    ENGINE     ER             (CC'S)    EXHAUST       MANUFACTURER   CARB SIZE   CARB TYPE

Brian C.         A3    Stock                50cc Biturbo          Dellorto            14.12         SHA

Matt D.          A3    Stock                50cc Tecno Bullet     Dellorto            14.12         SHA
                       A35 cylinder on
sullivan giles   A3    A3 engine            50cc Tomos Estoril    Dellorto            15.15         SHA

Eric Salmons     A3    K-Star               70cc Tecno Bullet     Dellorto            15.15         SHA
                                                 Techno Circuit
Nick Tannous     A3    Alukit               70cc Performance      Mikuni              20mm

Ewic             A35   Stock                49cc Biturbo          Dellorto            14.12         SHA
                       Tecno &
Argee            A35   homemade             49cc Tecno Bullet     Dellorto            14.12         SHA

Prancer          A35   Stock                49cc Bullet           Dellorto            14.12         SHA

LamaZwer         A5    Stock                49cc Laser            Dellorto            14.12         SHA

Elliot           A35   Stock                50cc Bi-turbo         Dellorto            14.12         SHA

Aktohl           A35   Stock                50cc Tecno Estoril    Dellorto            14.12         SHA

Nick K.          A35   Stock                50cc Modded Estoril   Dellorto            19mm        PHBG

Trux             A35   Stock                50cc Estoril          Dellorto            15.15         SHA
SSG              A35   Stock              (38mm) Tecno estoril    Dellorto            14.12         SHA
                                                 Custom Leo
Dustin Ricks     A35   Polini               64cc Vincent          Dellroto            19mm        PHBG

dustin           A35   Airsal               64cc Technigas Next   Dellorto            15.15         SHA

Jon              A35   Airsal               65cc Technigas Next R Dellorto            15.15         SHA

Lance Uppercut   A35   Airsal               65cc Technigas Next   Dellorto            16.16         SHA
Luke Rayner
(Slocketman)     A35   Airsal               65cc
                                                                                                TM24 flat
mattology        A35   Alukit               65cc Tecno Estoril    Mikuni              24mm         slide

sam g.           A35   DMP                  70cc Puch Simonini    Oko                 21mm

Fred P           A35   DMP Alukit           70cc Tecno Estoril    Dellorto            14.12         SHA

Nick R.          A35   Airsal               70cc Tecno Bullet     Dellorto            16.16         SHA

Scott            A55   Stock                49cc Wo-Wo            Dellorto            14mm         PHVA

Lance Weersma    A55   Stock                49cc Bi-Turbo         Polini             17.5mm        PHVA

terrydean        A55   Stock                49cc Tecno Circuit    Dellorto            14 mm        PHVA
Crazy Wayne       A55   Stock    49cc Race/off road      Dellorto    14mm    PHVA

Dustin Plattner   A55   Stock    49cc Stock              Dellorto    Stock   PHVA

PedLum            A55   Stock    49cc Tecno Estoril      Dellorto    14mm    PHVA

Conrad            A55   Stock    50cc Biturbo            Dellorto    Stock   PHVA

K.K.              A55   Airsal   64cc Tech, Next R       Dellorto   17.5mm   PHVA

AirSoluble        A55   Airsal   64cc Estoril (hacked)   Dellorto    19mm    PHBG

Smartbomb         A55   Airsal   65cc Custom Simonini Dellorto               PHVA

Hutch             A55   Airsal   65cc Tecnigas           Dellorto    14mm    PHVA

AirSoluble        A55   Airsal   65cc Tecno Estoril      Dellorto    14mm    PHVA

Raymond Wright    A55   Airsal   65cc Tecnigas Next R    Dellorto    Stock   PHVA

Rufio             A55   Airsal   70cc Tecno Estoril      Dellorto    14mm    PHVA

Reed              A55   Airsal   70cc Bi-turbo           Dellorto   17.5mm   PHVA

Peter Lee xipq    A55   Airsal   70CC Bi-turbo           Dellorto    Stock   PHVA

Black Betty       A55   Airsal   70cc Bi-Turbo           Dellorto    Stock   PHVA
                    IDLE JET NEEDLE JET     NEEDLE

           stock                                      NA                  40-41
                                                      Stock SHA
              53                                      filter                40+ 27 x stock

              64                                                              43 ?

              72                                      Stock mod                ? 27x22
                                          middle (of 5
            135                                 slots) ?                    50+ 27/22

                                                      big foam
              58                                      filter
                                                      Tuned                   39 26 front 22 rear
                                                      intake pipe
              61                                      17.8" x 1.6"            40 27*22
                                                      stock metal                stock (whatever it
              62                                      screen         42 on radar is)

              80                                      none                    50 26F 22R
                                                      stock +
      53 (stock)                                      restriction        40mph 26/20

              56                                      Stock               Stock Stock
                                                      cheap cone
              75                                      shaped one            ~45 Stock

              89                                      panty hose        mid 40s

              63                                      Foam                    40 26x22

            108                                       K&N                 >55.3 27/22

              70                                      Malossi E13       45 to 47 stock
                                                      high flow
              64                                      filter                  46 27/22

              78                                      UNI mesh
                                                      metal                   44 Stock
                                                      Dellorto          49.1mph 26x22

            180                                       metal screen            45 26/22

                                                      15/15                       27x22

              68                                      Uni             GPS 44-46 Stock

              70                                      UNI                      ? Didn't count yet

              70                                      UNI                   40+ 27 Front, 22 rear

              65                                      UNI                 45-46 22T Rear
? drilled out big                                     stocker               40+ 26t f 22t r
         69                         stock                     34 27F 29R

      Stock                         Stock                     39 Custom
61(ream job)
       haha                         UNI POD                   46 26/22
                                    50cc dirtbike
         52                         filter               39 GPS stock

         80                         Uni                       46                    22

         84    45   w7   3rd richest Malossi horn             52 27f22r

         83                         Uni                    55-60 27/22

         76                         uni                    43ish 26X22

         74                         UNI             46-49 limited 26f 22r
                                    K&N cone
         60                         filter                    45 26x22

         70                         UNI                       57 26 front 17 rear

         74                         uni                       45 22 rear

         78                         Uni                       45 Stock

         78                         Uni Pod               35-40* 27 x stock

Has High built ashead from treats automatic 2-speed by jeremy sullivan. A3 engine was modified by
originally Comp a stock A3 tomos
adding an A35 cylinder kit with opened exhaust port per naz. top speed not recorded, closest recorded
speed was 43.

DISMANTLED was completely THE COUNT!
When the ped !!!!!! OUT FOR stock it did 32mph, I added the pipe, jetted up to 48 from 46 and it went way
faster. I tested it at 40 with the not much wind, takes a while to get up there but after 20mph it pulls real
nice. For an A3 it is very fast. I beat some of my friends A35's when I got the pipe and upjetted it. I will

took the float bowl off carburetor, and there was already a 57 in it, and the jet i had to upgrade with was a
58, so i could barely upjet for my biturbo, and i gained 8mph. new jets on the way.

Large windshield slows memid range and top end power. Really wide my neck.
Stock, but torquey. Lots of down a bit, but there are no beestings on powerband. Runnign about 45:1 Klotz
w/regular unleaded, NGK B6HS plug, ATF type F and the clutches have lasted over 6,000 miles easy. Last
time my speedo worked, I was over 5,000 on the tuned engine. Compression: 130psi
 Fitted 41mm L piston, everything is new in the engine, blocks have been machined, made bigger ports on
blocks and cylinder, soon i'll be puttin 19mm dellorto carb and leovince's ZX exhaust...

bone stock A35 4 coil iskra cdi tomos with biturbo, and rear 20T gear, its red.

Heavily ported stock cylinder. Took out restrictor in Estoril pipe. Custom intake (has a minor airleak),
malossi reeds, case matched. Still needs proper tuning and a newly designed intake, should be in the
50/50 club soon. Ask for pics of the cylinder if you want, my username is nksk8er4 on MA (california,

New SHA 15.15 carb, 89 main jet. Rips hard for only exhaust and carb mods.

Reliable stock tune.

Port Matched, custom intake, Leo Vicent Aprilia rs50 exhaust. Compression: 175psi

Compression: 150ish psi

molassi carbon fiber reeds, 15mm bored stock intake

Case matched, Malossi reeds, uni-filter, speed/rpms measured with Trailtech Vapor. RPM = 9470
MPH & RPM measured using TrailTech Vapor engine computer. Ported by Smitty before I purchased, not
malossi 4-petal carbon intake done. Compression: 142 psi
entirely sure what porting was block, port matched, chamfered intake / exhaust, B7HS stock gap, needle
on click leaner than middle setting, intake bridge removed, timing still stock where it was before, stuffed
crank, etc

i love my moped :)

This moped is retarded...haha. It sounds so sick after the 70cc kit. Now that it has a better idle, all of the
electrical functions got alot better, ie. horn, lights etc. I havent gotten it registered or insured yet, so i
havent been able to really open it up yet. I had the cops called on me on my own street by my freak shit

It buries the speedometer and acceleration is very good.

Great bike still working on jetting.

not sure what size jet i'm at, i just drilled out the 58 jet until it ran proper.
It goes up hills real good. Paioli Hyd forks /front&rear hydraulic disk braks
The restrictor was cut, a custom rear sprocket from Myron's, and I weight about 132 lbs. It's sings at
39mph! Theweight!! aI rad engine. 100 pounds wet, and on the a55 2 speed, I fucking FLY!! Bottom end
Lose some A55 is weigh maybe
lag is nonexistent and top end screams. Torque/Acceleration is just ridiculous. Throttle Response is crisp.
Currently I'm running a 1977 Carb Kit with the Estoril. Upjetted though to 61 Main Jet , put the original 25
Everything stock except exhaust and air intake. It runs a tad lean, but not an issue. Top speed was 39 on
flat ground. Tested with magellan gps.
still in break in ported intake and exhaust may put 27 up front jetting down to 76 needle clip top notch
polished head to 2000just need to tune it, If im lucky, maybe 55 with ignition tune. wanna hack
a35 ignition installed. wet sand
header.Need new pipe have 31 and 20 tooth gearing but dont know if i wanna put it on without the new
pipe and case matching.
Really fast until it seized. Porting raised exhaust port 3mm, transfers 2mm. .9mm squish clearance, A35
Still changing jets around. Wish they made more crap for the a55. need to fabricate intake manifold to
match my 16:16 dell.
I Needs the a35 ignition! Currently she's limited around the same top speed as 50cc but with TONS more
torque.Once I get this with a bigger carb, intake, and case/port match Should be hitting 55+?

very fast for an Arrow R... stock carb, manifold, and ignition.... has the torque to push the custom 17t rear
sprocket at higher speeds at lower rpms.... great efficiency....lookint to up the carb size soon
trying to get a bigger intake around 17mm, it bogs on the takeoff and i think thats why but im still upjetting
to around 80

*I'm 245lbs She'll go 45mph for sure. I can't wait to put a 21mm carb on but need to fab a intake manifold,
NAME             LOCATION          MODEL            ENGINE PORTING? R                         KIT SIZE PORTING?

liz              buffalo, ny       Balboa           505 1/c   No          Stock               47cc   No

Wifflwball       Harrison, MI      G3               505-1A    No          Stock, New          47cc   No
                                   AMS Tahoe
terry dean       Seattle           Sport            505 2/C   No          Stock               47cc   No

Jon              Reno, NV          Foxi             504 1/A   No          Stock, D jug        49cc   No

Cool Nathan      NYC               SIS Sachs Mini   5051/D    No          Stock               50cc   No
                 Ann Arbor, GUNS
Mike             WING!           Hercules P1        508 1A    No          Stock, D cylinder   50cc   No

PedLum           OrangeCounty Ca Balboa             505 1/C   No          Stock               50cc   No

Jesse Bechtold bonit springs ,fl   Westake          504 1/b   Yes         Stock               47cc   N/A

miket            bristol, va       Eagle            505/1a    No          Stock               47cc   No

Elliot           SAN FRANCISCO Foxi GT sport        505A      Yes         Stock               50cc   Yes

JafarS                             Sachs P5         5051/D    Yes         Autisa              62cc   Yes

The Nothing      Portland, OR      Foxi GT          505A      Chamfered Athena                70cc   No

john marsh       Detroit           Eagle 3 - G3     5051d     No          Athena              70cc   No
                                                              Yes, case
Graham French San Francisco        G-3              505 2By   and kit     Athena              80cc   Yes
                        INTAKE   CARBURETOR                       CARB   JET       IDLE JET NEEDLE NEEDLE
Biturbo on Sachs
header                  14mm     Bing           85/12/104a        12mm   58        N/A

Jarmacol                14mm     Bing           square            12mm   58        N/A
Modified Tomos
Tecno Estoril           14.5mm   Bing                             12mm   58        N/A     Stock   Stock
Peugeot 103 Simonini
Ciruit on
Biturbo              14.5mm      Bing                             12mm   59        N/A     Stock   N/A
"chambered" Sachs
header                  14mm     Bing                             12mm   62        N/A     N/A     N/A

Stock, drilled baffle   14mm     Bing           85/12/118         12mm   62?

A35 BiTurbo modified 14.5mm
                     stock       Bing           85/12/something   12mm   58        N/A     N/A     N/A
Custom header w/     dremeled
Tecno Bullet pipe    out         Dellorto       SHA               15mm   64        N/A     N/A     N/A

Tecno Boss              14mm     Dellorto       PHBG              15mm
Biturbo on large                                                         62?
Sachs header            14mm     Bing                             15mm   drilled   N/A     N/A     N/A

Giannelli circuit       16mm     Amal                             15mm   45        20      ?       1/3 clip

Tomos Bullet,                    Dellorto       SHA               15mm   68?

Biturbo                 19mm     Dellorto       PHBG              19mm   90        50              Stock

Motomatic (custom)      21mm     Dellorto       PHBG (race)       21mm   96        50      w7      Stock

None          35mph      Stock

infant sock   32mph      Stock

None          ??         11/36

                      30 11/45


              37mph      11F 36R
filter        33-36      12/42

None                  34 11/38

metal mesh

None          42mph      Stock

              45mph      11/36


K&N                   55 Stock

K&N           60+        11F 28 R

Engine has 3500 miles on it and still running extremely strong! bogs in the low end, most power in midrange
This G3 is re-badged as an Eagle III. The jet was reamed out by an orifice cleaner, The rear half of airbox and filter was replaced by a Carter 6-9
month sock.

Planning to bolt on a 15 SHA before too long. I agree with Mr. Cool, 37mph on a complete stock bike seems a little fishy.

Elevation - 4500'
No Airbox. Ever. Late model 505 cylinder with different fin pattern and bolt-on exhaust instead of clamp. The guy who said his stock 508 goes 37
is a goddamn liar.
All stock, and for the record this Herc rocks mad balls. It is all about the best of stock. Low end kinda sucks, but top end is hot. This bike had
46 miles when I got it and then it got a fast NOS engine. Thanks Chad Burke.

Couldnt really make the Sachs any faster, other from a kit. The Sachs is reliable. Slow, Sure, Steady, Sachs.

This is the 25mph version, I have opened up the exhaust and intake. waiting on jets!

Shaw ported sachs jug on a foxi with a puch bing and biturbo
total weight of bike+rider is now 335lbs, most of the power is midrange 15mph-30mph, takes a long while to achieve top speed so cruise at 36-
39mph, need new rings off and kit flange pounded into place. Couple exhaust brackets (custom made) required to keep the exhaust from falling
Exhaust flange hacked
out after sustained high speeds. intake manifold flipped around so that its facing forward, some light trimming of cooling fin required to clearance
float bowl.

i want a 505/2c
Custom motomatic ped, all done up bells and whistles, 2 speed manual speed german sachs engine, fast fast fast. lots of port work, and one
hell of a exhaust. Watch out for the black rider!
                                                     PORTIN   KIT

John G          Jax, Fl         Ciao       Stock     No       Stock         50cc      No

mattsmith       SEATTLE         Ciao       Stock     No       Stock         50cc      No

terrydean       seattle         Ciao       Stock     No       Stock         50cc      No

PaulRodrigues   San Francisco   Ciao       Stock     No       Stok          50cc      No

mattsmith       SEATTLE         Ciao       Stock     No       Stock         50cc      No

Ben             Green Bay       Ciao       Stock     No       Stock         50cc      No
DCC Racing      North Canton    Grande     Stock     matched Stock          50cc      out

joe             portland        Ciao       Stock     None     Polini        60cc H20 None

Brian           Illinois        Bravo      Stock     Match    Polini        65cc      No

Tyson           Albuquerque     Ciao       Stock     Match    Polini        65cc      Unknown

Isaac           SEATTLE         Bravo      Stock     Match    Polini        65cc      No
Ryan            Austin Tx       TFR        Stock     Intake   Malossi       65cc      edges
mipark56        Philadelphia    Deluxe     Stock     None     Malossi       65cc      No

James G         Chattanooga     Grande     Stock     Match    Malossi       65cc      No
Tyson           Albuquerque     Grande     Stock     Match    DR            65cc      edges

Ian             Chicago         Ciao       Stock     Match    DR racing     65cc      opened

Cory D          Chicago, IL     Ciao       Stock     None     Olympia       70cc      None
bullz           Orlando         Ciao       case      None     Malossi       70cc      None

Cory D          Chicago IL      Ciao       Stock     matched Polini         70cc      huge!
terrydean       seattle         ciaociao   case      mucho    Pinasco       80cc      slight
EXHAUST               SIZE         UP       MANUFACTURER SIZE      SIZE         SIZE     SIZE      SETTING

Stock                      Stock           Dellorto        12/10          49
Polini Marmitta Mod
Top One                    Stock           Dellorto        12/10          48

Stock                    12.5mm            Dellorto        12/10          49

Polini Top One            12mm             Dellorto        13/13          66
Polini Marmitta Mod
Top One                    Stock           Dellorto        13/13          64

Simonini Circuit           Stock           Dellorto        13/13          66

Polini Marmitta          12.5mm            Dellorto        13/13       forget

Simonini Circuit         12.5mm            Dellorto        13/13          78
Polini Marmitta Mod
Top One                                    Dellorto        13/13          64
Techno Circuit no
restriction             Unknown            Dellorto        13/13          66

Proma Circuit                              Dellorto        13/13

Polini Country            13mm             Dellorto        13/13          58

Simonini Circuit           Stock           Dell'orto       13/13          70

Leo Vinci HM              13mm             Dellorto        13.13          78
Techno Estril cut &
welded                   12.5mm            Dellorto        13/13          66

Simonini Proline          13mm             Dellorto        13/13          72

Simonini Circuit          12mm             Dellorto        15/15          78

Gianelli Excel            13mm Carbon      Dellorto        13/13          72

Simonini Circuit          13mm             Dellorto        13/13          92
Simonini Calibrata        21mm carbon      Dellorto PHBG   21mm           96         50           7 3 up
(MPH)         GEARING

         31 Stock

         33 Stock

         25 Stock
             17" stock
         -35 variated

         36 Stock

         40 Stock

         50 Stock

        43.4 80mm pulley

         38 Stock
        35+ Stock


        ~40 Stock

        ~40 Malossi 9:1

 44.1, GPS Stock
            Malossi 9.5
        40+ to 1

        43+ Stock

        43+ Stock

        45+ Stock

      TBD polini Var.

         ?? malossi 9,5:1

New clutch, 1340miles, Stock air box w/no screen, Avg 110miles per tank cruising. Rider-210lbs.

no air filter.

adorable little 1971 baby-puke green ciao. completely stock and completely slow.

Malossi Multivar, 8gr., Malossi belt, high flow filter.

Malossi Air Filter

Malossi Red Rilter
lightened variator weights, variator speed limiting bushiong pressed in, pantyhose air filter, milled head, smoothed
exhaust port, wow, my moped is perty fast...

water cooled 41mm piston kit from polini with 4 spoke mags and smaller rear pulley fomr speed and its driven every day

malossi variator (10g weights), malossi air filter, modified crank

Malossi clone filter, Polini Variator (7g?), Engine was kitted when I got it

 13mm. intake, Top race crank, Malossi non-var performance clutch, Hi flow air box, #6 plug. low rise bars and dropped
long seat. Might just port it out later. Yeah Kinetic sucks but its a vespa copy and it was FREE. Still breakin it in after
rebuild, runs like a top.
malossi red filter, malossi multivar with 3 8.5g and 3 4.7g weights, stock spring. I weigh 135 lbs. malossi toothed belt.
rebuilt engine 100 miles ago. TOP stuffed crank. Front wheel spokes rear 1980 Mag. LaFranconi silencer.
Malossi Multivar (5.1g), Malossi air filter, DMP crank ground 10mm open and 5mm closed. Had a tad left to wind out on
the GPS run, but the street was too short.

Malossi Red filter, 5 & 10 mm cut crank, Malossi Variator (5.1g)

Cased matched, air filter, sweet pegs. from a vespa grand. toothed drive belt. i have a unipod from a tomos, end clipped
stock variator setup and transmission
off, and stretched over the carb inlet. its springy on the inside, and if you pinch it together it fits right inbetween the frame
where it's suppose to. my crank is cut to improve suction

No air filter, Malossi airbox upcoming when the new belt wears in and I can slide the motor mounts forward to fit it.
polini 8g weights, toothed drive belt, grande clutch and yellow clutch springs. tomos unipod air filter, and cut crank. vespa
grande snowflake mags, puch maxi front forks. brace bar, and bullet style headlight. will go further with porting
ktm50 cdi, stock clutch springs, malossi/polini variator mash-up (4,7g), yellow spring, pantyhose air filter. still in the
tuning process, so my jet sizes will most likely change often until i get it right. check out mopedw

Nate Wilson            1986 QT50         Stock       No      Stock           49cc    No

sneaky pure            1963 yj1          Stock       No      Stock           49cc    No
Troy Elizares (trux)   QT50 Yamahopper   Trizinger   No      Yamaha          60cc    No

Jeff Panian            QT50 1983         YT60        No      Yamaha          60cc    No

collin                 WI                YZ60 Quad   No      Yamaha          60cc    No

Dedic761               Corunna, Mi       QT50        No      ??              60cc    No

Zack (Cuperteen)       LB50 Chappy                   case    Polini          70cc    No
                     INTAKE                         CARBURETOR     CARB    MAIN JET    IDLE JET      NEEDLE          NEEDLE
EXHAUST              SIZE       REED SET UP         MANUFACTURER   SIZE    SIZE        SIZE          SIZE            SETTING
                                Boyesen power
hollowed out stock              reeds               Mikuni         Stock          70 Stock           Stock           Bottom

Stock                           No                  Mikuni         Stock          90 Stock           Stock           Stock
                     18mm       Boysen power
Jemco Expansion      (ported)   reeds               Mikuni         18mm           70 Stock           Stock                    3

Jemco                           Boyesen Power       Mikuni         Stock          70                                 bottom
Stock                slightly   Stock               Mikuni         22mm        Stock Stock           Stock           Stock
                                Stock Cage,                                          stock w/        stock w/
Jemco                Stock      Boysen Reeds        Mikuni VM18    18mm           70 VM18            VM18            Middle

Gianelli             21mm       Stock metal 2 petal Dellorto       21mm           96            55              w7            4
  TOP                  CLUTCH     AIR
        Stock Shaft
     34 Driven         Stock      K&N

     50                Stock      Stock

mid 40s shaft driven
          Shaft        HoleShot   K&N
                       pw50 racing
     40 pw50 gears     springs     K&N
                                  CB 350 Uni
     48 PW Gearing                Pod
     48 lb80 gearing   Stock      e12

34 isn't bad on pretty much a stock set up.

4 speed transmission fyi.

K&N filter/BP7HS plug/ YT60CDI ignition/ bull horns add 4 hp

Just got the Jemco Pipe/Filter/Clutch Springs/Boyesen Reeds. will update

hydraulic disk brake setup w/ black paint job, crushed velvet purple seat cover, red rims
Rips, Needs a larger intake and some porting. Running Stock qt head. Needs to have a 60 head milled
.15 and head re chambered. Other than that, its about the end of the road with the qt 50.
Super racer spec. Pipe is a bit lame, but this thing runs like a beast. Does 48, and gets there reasonably
quick. Quite fast off the line and super smokey.
Rips, Needs a larger
intake and some
porting. Running
                                                                                       KIT            KIT
NAME            LOCATION         MAKE            MODEL      ENGINE    PORTING?         MANUFACTURER   SIZE
                Mission, B.C,
Cody Brownell   Canada           1983 Suzuki     FA50       Stock     Yes, light       Stock          50cc
                                                                      Stock cylinder
Rick            St. Louis, MO    80 Pacer        M1         Exhaust   mod.             Stock          50cc

Andrew Bloxom   Blacksburg, VA   Pacer SS                   Factory   No               Stock          50cc

Jeremy          Columbus,oh      Sebring         Mo2        Factory   Yes              Stock          50cc
John Court      Seattle, WA      Kinetic/Vespa   TFR/Caio             No               Malossi        70cc

Hunter SIngleton Richmond VA     Kinetic         TFR        Stock     No               Stock          50cc

Ian             Chicago          Benelli         Blazer     Stock     Stock            Stock          50cc

bullz           Orlando          Kreidler        Flory 2    Stock     Stock            Stock          50cc

James T.        Lifan            Lifan                                                                125cc
                                                             CARBURETOR                     MAIN JET
Light exhaust                                                                                  76
porting         Simonini          Stock, 10mm?   Stock           Mikuni           10mm      (Dellorto)

                Bi-Turbo          12 mm          stock 2 petal   Dellorto SHA     14.12        61

No              Biturbo 2-peice   14mm           Stock           Dellorto SHA     15.15        66

                Stock             14.5mm         N/A             Dellorto SHA    14.5mm        69

No              Proma Circuit     Stock          N/A             Dellorto         13 /13       83

No              Simonini          Stock          N/A             Dellorto         12/10        57

Stock           Stock             Stock          sstock          bing             Stock      Stock

None            Tomos Biturbo     12mm           None            Bing             12mm         68

                                                                 Mikuni VM26      26mm

  N/A     N/A     2nd richest   37ish                  Lightly shaved head, Premix conversion
                                                       Stock airbox drilled, slow off of the line but runs around 40 all
                                42           13x28     day

                                35ish                  32t rear sprocket, grimeca mags, sava mc2
                  screen no                            Drilled carb and intake ports raised and lowerd 1mm and
  N/A     N/A       airbox      38.2                   widend 4mm
                                                       No air filter, stripped down, Pirelli tires, Vespa Grande 17"
                                                       wheels, Caio variator/clutch, hard tail with low handle bars
  N/A     N/A                   fast                   and lowered seat

  N/A     N/A        N/A                34             no airbox, pantyhose air filter, running a little lean

 Stock   Stock      Stock               27             modding this month.

                                29.6*                  0-20 must be seen to be believed. thump. Taking it apart, to
                                                       most fun moped ever. thump thump
                                                       paint, and make nice. Then will make a thred on MA. She
                                60+          14-28     Fly's!

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