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									                                                                                                                              BD attach. 4
                                                     Public Employees' Benefit Board
                                                              May 18, 2004
                                                      2003 – 2004 Vendor Contacts

MEDICAL                                WELLNESS                                   THIRD PARTY ADMINISTRATORS

Consumer Driven Health Plans           Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)              CoreSource (Retiree administration)
    Lumenos                               PacifiCare Behavioral Health               GET-Benefits (Flexible spending accounts, COBRA
    Doral USA                             OHSU School of Nursing/Director of          administration)
                                              Corporate Wellness                       Fringe Benefits Management Company (Flexible
Delivery Systems                           Cascade Centers EAP Online Services         spending accounts, COBRA/ retiree administration)
     PatientChoice                        Walker Group EAP NW                        My Smart Benefits (Flexible spending accounts)
     Liberty Health                                                                   Ceridian (COBRA administration, pre-tax
                                       Disease Management Programs                      parking/transportation services, web enrollment
Medical/Dental Vendors                      Disease Management Purchasing              solutions, flexible spending accounts, enrollment and
    My Smart Benefits, Inc.                   Consortium                               eligibility services, benefits billing services for retirees
    AFLAC                                                                              and non-active participants, work life programs)
    Government Employees              Wellness Programs                               CompLink (COBRA administration - tracks COBRA
        Hospital Association               OHSU School of Nursing/Director of          claims experience as well)
    Advantage Dental                          Corporate Wellness                      FlexAmerica, Inc. (Flexible spending accounts, COBRA
    United Healthcare                     Peak Care Wellness Program                  administration, Pre-tax parking/transportation services)
                                           LifeBalance                                HealthCare Initiatives, Inc. (Flexible spending accounts,
Vision Vendors                                                                          medical review)
     My Smart Benefits, Inc.                                                          Evolution Benefits (Flexible spending accounts)
     Eye Med Vision Care                                                              ASI Flex
                                                                                       SHPS Holding, Inc.
Prescription Drug Plans                                                                WageWorks
     SAV-RX Prescription Services                                                     Columbia Benefits Group
     Caremark, Inc.                                                                   Benefits Com
     Merck                                                                            Uniprise Benefits Administration
     PRAM                                                                             Health Future
     Centrus

Life Insurance Vendors
    ∙   New York Life

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                                                            Public Employees' Benefit Board                                               BD attach. 4
                                                                     May 18, 2004
                                                             2003 – 2004 Vendor Contacts

BENEFITS ADMINISTRATION                                                                       CONSULTANTS

       BENELOGIC (Employee self-enrollment, employee communications, carrier data                 Draco Consulting (Electronic medical records)
        exchange, voluntary benefits administration, COBRA/FSA services, on-line billing           HealthCare Initiatives, Inc. (HCI)
        tools, Payroll/HRIS Integration and call center services)                                  ACS, Inc. Consulting
       Benefits and Beyond                                                                        Robinson Financial Group
                                                                                                   FBD Consulting
                                                                                                   Deloitte Auditors and Consultants
                                                                                                   HealthCare Initiative, Inc.

DISCOUNT PLANS                                                                                MISCELLANEOUS

(Not an insurance plan - offers discounts for medical services, prescription drugs, vision         American Income Life (Provides benefits to unions
care, dental services, air ambulance, extended care and home health care, complimentary and         throughout the US)
alternative medicine, etc. – coordinates with medical insurance)                                   HomeStreet Bank (Home mortgage program)
                                                                                                   Liberty Mutual (Auto and home insurance)
       AmeriPlan USA                                                                              ARAG Group (Group Legal Insurance)
       United Service Association for Health Care                                                 Michelle Moore (AFLAC)
                                                                                                   Pre-Paid Legal Services
                                                                                                   EPC Internet
                                                                                                   ADP
                                                                                                   Health Advocate
                                                                                                   PC EZ
                                                                                                   Nationwide Auto
                                                                                                   Med Expert Medical Information
                                                                                                   MapInc. Management Applied Programming
                                                                                                   REH Online
                                                                                                   Arthur J. Gallagher and Company Risk Management
                                                                                                   PC Healthcare
                                                                                                   Enroll Depot
                                                                                                   Ceridian

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