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December_ 2010 Dear Applicant Thank you for considering the


									December, 2010

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for considering the Laptop Learning Program at St. Augustine
Catholic High School. Please read the attached information to ensure proper
completion of your application.
                                                                                   Bernie Smith
A helpful checklist has been provided below to ensure your application is             Principal
                                                                                  Livio Iannucci
                                                                                    Vice Principal

Procedure                                                         Check when       Ray Lefaive
                                                                  Completed         Vice Principal

1. Laptop Learning Application Form: Please fill out the                         Eleonora Morcos
   student information on the front, indicate your choice of                        Vice Principal
   laptop purchase options, and READ CAREFULLY the
   student expectations on the back page. Both the parent
   and the student must sign the back of this page.

2. St. Augustine Catholic High School Guide for
   selecting Laptop Learning Program: Parents and
   Student please read this to understand the requirements of
   the Laptop Program, and sign.

3. Student Technology Reflection: Students must
   complete this reflection independently and include it in the
   application submission.

4. If the student is not from a feeder elementary school (All
   Saints, Blessed John XXIII, St. Justin Martyr, St. Matthew
   or St. Monica) you must complete the Pre-Admission

5. St. Augustine Catholic High School Technology
   Policies and Guidelines. Parents and students please
   read and sign.

6. Include a copy of your grade 7 report card and grade 8
   Progress Report with the application.
                                                                                   St. Augustine
   NOTE: You must submit your Grade 8 report card by                            Catholic High School
   Friday, February 4th to complete the registration process so
   a final decision can be made on the status of your                             2188 Rodick Road
   application. Failure to submit this report card will render                    Markham, Ontario
   the application incomplete and will not be considered.                         L6C 1S3

The application package must be completed in full and submitted to the main       (905) 887-6171
office at St. Augustine Catholic High School by Friday, January 7, 2011.          Fax
                                                                                  (905) 887-6163
Parents will be notified of acceptance into the program by mid-late February,
   2011–2012 Laptop Learning Application Form

Student’s Last Name:                              Student’s First Name:

Address      (include Postal code):        Home Phone:           Business (Mother):            Bernie Smith
                                                                 Business (Father):
                                                                                               Livio Iannucci
                                                                                                Vice Principal
Parent e-Mail (main contact):                                    Mother Cell Phone:
                                                                                                Ray Lefaive
                                                                 Father Cell Phone:
                                                                                                Vice Principal

                                                                                              Eleonora Morcos
Current Elementary School: ________________________________                                     Vice Principal

Note: If Student is not coming from a Feeder School (All Saints, Blessed John XXIII, St.
Justin Martyr, St. Matthew or St. Monica), you must complete the attached Pre-
Admission Questionnaire.

Please consider my son/daughter in the St. Augustine Laptop Learning Program for the
2011/2012 school year. I understand that this is an optional, curricular enhancement
program offered by the school and the York Catholic District School Board. Participation is
not required as part of my son’s/daughter’s educational program. I also understand that
the student listed above must purchase or lease a laptop computer that meets the
specifications of the school for his or her personal, daily use in class. I understand and
agree to the following terms as the basis of my son’s/daughter’s participation in the
Laptop Learning Program.


                I will purchase an IBM Laptop Computer that meets the exact specifications
                of the York Catholic District School Board.

                I wish to lease a computer from the IBM Authorized dealer working with St.
                Augustine Catholic High School.
                                                                                                   St. Augustine
Date                        Parent/Guardian Name:                                               Catholic High School

                                                                                                  2188 Rodick Road
                            Parent/Guardian Signature:                                            Markham, Ontario
                                                                                                       L6C 1S3

                                                                                                    (905) 887-6171
 For Office Use:                              Date Application Received:   _____________            Fax

 In Boundary: □ □     Yes    No               Feeder School: ___________________________
                                                                                                    (905) 887-6163

                 □ □
 All Requirements Met:        Yes     No      Note: __________________________________

 Accepted:   □ □Yes     No                    Notified (date):_________ Notified by:_______
                                          Laptop Learning Student Expectations

1.   Baseline of Technology Skills Acquisition:
     St. Augustine Laptop students are expected to acquire “baseline” technology skill levels through the Introduction to
     Information Technology in Business course, BTT1O1. This baseline of technology skills will be established by all of the
     Laptop Learning Teachers and presented to students in the beginning of the new school year. New “baselines” will be
     established in subsequent years as students move to a new grade level. Students are expected to use their technology
     skills in all of their courses to do the following:
           Use technology to ENHANCE all aspects of their schoolwork;
           Use technology to EXTEND past the school wall boundaries.
           Use technology skills acquired to APPLY skills in all courses.

2.   Communication through the School and Teacher Conferences:
     The St. Augustine Catholic High School First Class Conference is the portal website that links students to the resources on
     the Web. It is a site for “registered” users. Students will be expected to:
         Inform their parents of all their login identification and passwords (i.e., Laptop, First Class Teacher Conferences)
         Check their Laptop Learning Teacher’s homepage for assignments and daily homework;
         Keep their login identification and password confidential. Any security breach with shared IDs (except with parents)
         will be the student’s responsibility.
         Students must adhere to the York Catholic District School Board Policies on Information Technology including: Policy
         202 Safe Schools, Policy 218 Code of Conduct, and Policy 220 Information Technology: Appropriate Student Use.
         (Additional information is available at: the YCDSB website

3.   Use of Internet, School Network and Computer Technology:
     The Internet is an invaluable source of information and the new media for communication. The school network houses
     not only an extensive range of applications and resources, but also files and works of students and teachers. The
     following forms of misuse are prohibited:
          Accessing proxy server or downloading executable files;
          Any transmission(s) sent or received and posting web site(s) that indicate or suggest pornography, unethical/illegal
          solicitation, racism, sexism, homophobia, slander and inappropriate language;
          Violation of copyrights, license agreements;
          Intentionally disrupting network traffic or crashing the network and connected systems;
          Gaining unauthorized access to others’ files or vandalizing the data of another user;
          Using the York Catholic District School Board’s computing resources for commercial, financial gain or fraud;
          Plagiarizing a document.
          As the laptop is a part of the school’s network system, St. Augustine Catholic High School is responsible for all
          copyright violation(s) and network security, and, as a result, we reserve the right to check the students’ laptops and
          to hold them at any given time.


4.   Software Licenses and Copyrights:
         The student laptop will be imaged with York Catholic District School Board licensed software and security features.
         The applications are licensed for use by the student during the time the student is in the Laptop Learning Program.
         It is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian to delete this software at the conclusion of the program.

5.   Management and Care of the Laptop:
     Even though the school will provide operational and security measures for the student’s laptop, ultimately the responsibility
     of the laptop rests with the student. The laptop contains the course work of the student. Students must take the proper
     steps to:
          Secure and supervise the laptop both at school and en route to home;
          Ensure timely back-up of data is made;
          Never leave the laptop unattended;
          Maintain 40% free space for school-based work;
          It is advised that parents obtain insurance for the laptop. The insurance policy should have a “rider clause” that
          insures the laptop even when it is taken away/transported from the student’s residence.

                                                                    LAPTOP LEARNING PROGRAM.

Student’s                                                      Parent’s
Signature: ________________________________                    Signature: _________________________________________
                                   Guide for Selecting Laptop Learning

The Laptop Learning Program is offered through Grade 9 Academic Courses.
Experience has demonstrated that there is a strong correlation between academic
achievement and the admission criteria for Grade 9 Academic Laptop Program.

Students who are successful in the Grade 9 Academic Program:

   Have attained a Level 3 (70% or higher) in Math, English and Science;
   University is the intended destination;
   Reads frequently outside school-based work;
   Are comfortable dealing with abstract concepts and ideas
   Have grade appropriate writing skills.

In addition to meeting the academic subject guidelines above, students in the
Laptop Learning Program must be:

   Independent and self-reliant workers;
   Self motivated;
   Good problem-solvers;
   Prepared to participate in an enriched and rigorous program;

I acknowledge the above criteria are the requirement for academic success
in the Laptop Program.

Date: _______________________

Student Name: _______________               Signature:________________
               (please print)

Parent Name:     ________________           Signature:________________
                 (please print)
                                            Student Technology Reflection

As part of the application process, please answer the following question. Your answer must
be on this form.

Technology is ever-present in our society. What role, if any, do people of faith
have in response to how technology is used?

I attest that what I have written is in my own words.

                                                                                                               Rev. Oct. 09
                                             York Catholic District School Board
                                                   St. Augustine C.H.S.

                              Pre-Admission Questionnaire/Checklist

Please read carefully. The form must be completed in full and returned along with the appropriate
documents (see Section B). Please note, pupils attending a Catholic secondary school are expected to
complete 4 (four) religion credits and attend all religious ceremonies.

Pupil Name: ________________________________________________ Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) _______________________
Address: ____________________________________________ Postal Code: ________________Home Phone #: _______________
Current Grade: ________ Current School: _______________________________ Cell Phone#___________________________
Board:  YCDSB              other - please specify: ________________________________________________
Sibling at St. Augustine________________________________________________________________________________________
SECTION B Pupil registration can only be considered when the following information is attached:
                   Please return this completed form and the indicated documents to the guidance office as soon as possible.

                                                                                               FOR SCHOOL USE ONLY
                                                                                               Received    Not received
1. Copy of Canadian Birth Certificate or Proof of legal Status in Canada

2. Proof of residence (eg. Driver’s License, Prop. Tax Bill, or proof of purchase if home is
3. Proof of Guardianship and/or Custody if not living with parent (Legal Guardian
4. Most recent report card

5. Credit counseling summary (if you are currently attending high school)

6. IEP - if applicable

1.   Principal’s/Designate’s observation regarding current program selection:

2.   Has this pupil had ESL support?                NO                YES
3.   Is there a French exemption on file?           NO                  YES
4.   List all suspensions/expulsions ______________________________________________________________________________


5.   a) Does the pupil have an IEP?                                NO                    YES

     b) Has the pupil been presented at an IPRC?                   NO                    YES

     If so, what is the exceptionality? _____________________________________________________________________________
Pre-Admission Questionnaire/Checklist (cont’d)

     c) Description of any Special Education or Program Modifications/Accommodations currently receiving:

      Sending School Principal/VP: ___________________________________Title: _____________________________________
                                        (Please print)
      Signature: ____________________________________________________________Phone No. ________________________
           (Sending School Principal or Vice-Principal)
       Date: _________________________

Interview Granted                     YES                  NO                     Admitted          YES               NO


Principal’s (or designate) Signature: ________________________________Date:

The following documentation must be completed once approval for registration is given:
                                                                                                                 FOR SCHOOL USE ONLY
                                                                                                                Received  Not received
1.   Secondary pupil Application form
2.   Direction of School Support/Lease (if applicable)
3.   Course Selection Sheet
4.   Use of Internet Consent form (page 1 remains with the pupil and page 2 is completed
     and returned with the registration package)
5.   A cheque with the current date payable to the school for Pupil Activity fee in the
     amount of $ __________
6.   Immunization notice – information to be given to the applicant

Posted to SASI:                                                                Start Date:

Notice to Parents
Information contained herein is pursuant to the Education Act. It may be disclosed beyond the Board for purposes such as:
   •     Catholic School Council activities
   •     Class lists, emergency phone networks, transportation, local Parish, Catholic Community Services, etc.
   •     In case of an accident or witness to an accident, the pupil’s name and home address will be released to the Board’s insurer
   •     The release of photographs, artwork, writing or other school work to the media (print/electronic) for publicity
   •     The use of names, photographs, etc. used for display in the school, newsletters, yearbooks and school/Board website
If you do not consent to the release of information for these purposes, please inform the principal in writing within 20 days.
I have read and understand the uses that may be made of the personal information on my child, and provide consent to allow
that information to be used as stated above.

Parent/Guardian Signature:                                                                            Date:

Personal information contained on this form is collected pursuant to the Education Act and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of
Privacy Act. Questions about the collection and the use of this personal information should be directed to the Privacy Manager, York Catholic District
School Board, 320 Bloomington Rd. W., Aurora, Ontario, L4G 0M1 or call (905) 713-2711.
              St. Augustine Policies and Guidelines                                                    Software Policies

All students are responsible for reading and adhering to the school and     The use of software on St. Augustine’s computers is governed by the
Board policies and guidelines pertaining to the use of laptop and desktop   terms of License Agreements between the school and vendors. All users
computers and the computer network.                                         of software acquired by St. Augustine Catholic High School must abide
                                                                            by the terms of these License Agreements.
It is contrary to policies for any user (but not limited) to:               The following actions are considered illegal and may be subject to
1. Access any proxy server and executable files NOT included in school      disciplinary action.
     computer software.
2. Permit another student to login to your account. (Your account           1.   Using software known to have been obtained in violation of the
     passwords are confidential and under no circumstances should they           Copyright Law. Use of a copy of a copyrighted program obtained
     be shared EXCEPT with your parent(s)/guardians.).                           from another party for which no license exists that allows such a
3. Login to another student’s account, even if you have permission.              transfer will be presumed to know and the burden of demonstrating
4. Attempt to discover another user’s password.                                  that the use was innocent will rest with the user.
5. Attempt to bypass standard procedures. This includes, but is not         2.   Providing copies of licensed software to others while maintaining
     limited to, unauthorized use of a password and accessing a file             copies for your own use. This activity is forbidden even if the
     without permission. Accessing a file refers to copying, reading,            software is provided to you without cost for educational purposes.
     renaming, changing or deleting.                                        3.   Copying any copyrighted printed documentation. You should be
6. Use the school computing/network facilities to send nuisance,                 aware that a violation of any of these policies is considered an abuse
     abusive, obscene, forged or anonymous messages to anyone within             of the privilege granted to you, and may lead to the termination of
     the school community or externally.                                         your student account and/or other disciplinary action.
7. Use school network facilities to harass other users.
8. Tamper with or vandalize the school’s computing/network                                         Administrative Policies
     equipment such as desktops, printers, or network drops. Problems
     should be reported to your teacher immediately.                        1.   Information Systems has the right to disable any account after having
9. Collect or discard output other than your own.                                reasonable evidence that one or more of the above policies have been
10. Change names as they appear on the laptop.                                   violated.
11. Log on with Domain other than ‘’                      2.   Information Systems has the responsibility for keeping systems
12. Change or otherwise replace loaner laptop materials with another             working and to protect the confidentiality of a user’s work. This
     computer                                                                    confidentiality will be respected until there is an indication that the
St. Augustine Catholic High School
Computer Policies and Guidelines                                                                                                                  Page 2

     user has become part of something that has caused a problem with                                  Hardware Protection
     the operations of systems or the confidentiality of another user’s
     work.                                                                         Handle port connections with care to avoid damage to network
3.   Information Systems has the right to check any computer for                   drops.
     unauthorized or prohibited material.                                          If at all possible, use a power bar with power-surge protection.
4.   Information Systems reserves the right to view and/or delete user             The Laptop is sensitive to extreme temperatures. Do not operate in
     files without prior notice or written authorization when the stability,       extreme cold or heat.
     integrity and/or the security of the system is being threatened by            Do not place the Laptop where it may fall, such as on a stack of books
     actions on the part of that user. Information Systems also has the            or the edge of a table.
     right to terminate any process when deemed necessary, in order to             Unplug the Modem from the wall when a storm is approaching.
     maintain the system.                                                          Lightning can strike your phone line and damage your Modem card
5.   It should be noted that abusers are normally identified by their              (and possibly the laptop). It is also important to unplug your Laptop
     user names. Users who allow others to use their accounts may find             from the electrical socket, even if you are using a power bar.
     themselves restricted and/or disciplined if others abuse the system           To avoid damaging the hard drive; laptops must be fully shut down
     in their name. The burden of demonstrating that someone other                 and not placed in suspend mode prior to transport between
     than the user logged in will rest with the user. Users must keep              classrooms.
     their network passwords confidential.                                         Do not enable any passwords (such as Hard disk or Power-On) from
                                                                                   within your Laptop’s BIOS (IBM BIOS Setup Utility).
                                Food and Drink
Food and especially drink must be kept far away from your Laptop and
desktop machines. Liquid spills are a major concern and often lead to          Do not leave your laptop unattended and unsecured for any length of
serious hardware problems. You should never drink from an open                 time. Since it only takes seconds to steal a Laptop, your computer must
beverage container near your laptop or desktop computer. Be cautious           be on your person at all times, within line-of-sight or securely locked. A
not only with your own beverage, but also with those of surrounding            laptop is as valuable as a wallet or purse containing money and
people. If you feel reluctant to ask a friend to remove their drink, then it   identification.
is up to you to move your computer out of the way.
                                                                               If your laptop is stolen, come to the office immediately. Contact the
                 Damage to the Display Screen (LCD)                            nearest police station if the theft occurs off school property and provide
                                                                               the police with your laptop serial number.
Gently wipe dust from the display screen with a soft dry cloth and do not
use cleaners such as Windex or ammonia. Avoid touching the display                                              Login
with your fingers and never touch it with sharp objects such as the end of
a pen or pencil. Never put stickers on the LCD.                                By logging into St. Augustine’s network, you will be able to save files to
                                                                               your network account and access network programs and printers.
                                                                               Account passwords must be given to your parent(s)/guardians, may not
                                                                               be shared or distributed with anyone else, and you may only login to
                                                                               your own network account.
St. Augustine Catholic High School
Computer Policies and Guidelines                                                                                                                 Page 3

                           Backing-Up Your Files

Backing-up files refers to the practice of maintaining multiple copies of
electronic files which are accessed if the working copy of any individual
file becomes unusable. Files can be rendered unusable or inaccessible
due to file corruption, virus infection or hardware defects. Copies of
important academic files are best stored in multiple locations on the CD-
Rom drive, the laptop (H: drive) or school network (S: drive), and your
laptop hard drive (C: drive). By doing so, you are unlikely to lose most of
your work.                                                                    Student Agreement
It is strongly recommended that a back up device such as a USB hard           I have read St. Augustine Catholic High School’s Information Technology
drive be used for storage of personal files.                                  Polices and Guidelines. I agree to follow the rules contained therein. I
                                                                              understand that violation of the rules will result in disciplinary measures
                               Technical Support                              and possible expulsion from the Laptop Program.

If you have software/hardware problems with your laptop, you should           Student’s Name _____________________________ Date _____________
come to the library and inform the Library staff and/or Information                               (please print)
Systems Computer Technician. A record of the problem/resolution will
be kept.                                                                      Student’s Signature:___________________________________________

If you are experiencing problems relating to the Laptop warranty, you
                                                                              Parent(s)/guardian/Guardian Agreement
should contact MIAD Information Systems Ltd.
                                                                              As the parent(s)/guardian or legal guardian of the student signing above,
                                                                              I have read St. Augustine Catholic High School’s Information Technology
The school has a pool of laptop computers that are loaned to students
                                                                              Policies and Guidelines. My son/daughter will provide their user name
during the day if their laptop is in for repairs. However, a loaner may not
                                                                              and password to the Laptop and all school sites. I understand that St.
be provided if it is determined repairs are required due to misuse.
                                                                              Augustine Catholic High School’s computing resources are designed for
Arrangements are made with Library staff and/or Information Systems
                                                                              educational purposes.      I understand that disciplinary action will be
Computer Technician for a student who qualifies for a school
                                                                              taken if my son/daughter is in violation of any of the rules contained in
                                                                              the Policy and Guideline.

                                                                              Signature: ______________________________________________

                                                                              Date:      ______________________

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