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  Real Quality Soccer, Inc.

    Human-Powered Soccer Ball Launcher

The COACH User Guide
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WARNINGS                                   3

LIMITED WARRANTY                           4

OPERATION                                  5

MAINTENANCE                                8

                      Attach RECEIPT here for
                      future reference and for
                         proof of ownership.

        Enter the Model number and Serial number of your COACH, found on
        original packaging and above the handle on the soccer ball launcher.

              Model Number

              Serial Number



Intended for soccer training purposes only.
Intended for players of ages 7 and up.
Should be operated by an adult or under adult supervision.
Keep hands, feet and other body parts out of mechanical
systems during operation.
Machine and ball receiver should be not be within 15 feet of
each other during launching process.
Do NOT tension or crank machine beyond maximum marked
Do NOT operate in lightning.
Do NOT operate while under the influence.
Do NOT operate while sleeping.
Do NOT use as a weapon.

                                         Limited Warranty

A limited two-year warranty is included in the purchase of your “The COACH” Soccer Ball Launcher. The
following limited warranty is valid only for the initial consumer purchase of this machine. Warranty registration
is not required. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other legal rights, which
vary from state to state.

FRAME AND WHEELS: The entire frame and wheels are under full warranty to be free from faulty materials
and workmanship for two (2) years from the original date of purchase, subject to the Conditions of Warranty

TRACK, LEGS AND BALL POUCH: The entire track, legs, ball pouch and launching mechanism are under full
warranty to be free from faulty materials and workmanship for two (2) years from the original date of purchase,
subject to the Conditions of Warranty below.

BANDS: The bands are not included in the limited warranty. Replacement bands are included with the original
purchase of The COACH, and additional replacement bands can be purchased through the company website,
catalog and select athletic stores. Instructions for replacement are found in the Owner’s Manual.

If any part (aside from the bands) fails to function properly due to faulty materials or workmanship during the
warranty period, such part will be replaced, without charge to you, the owner, subject to the Conditions of

Additionally, if this machine fails to give complete customer satisfaction within THREE months of the initial date
of purchase, return it to the place of purchase or to the RQS, Inc. company headquarters with necessary
documentation (including warranty, receipt of purchase and all other documents included in the initial
purchase) for a full refund.


It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure all parts included in the factory sealed package are properly
installed and that all functional parts included, but not limited to, the ball pouch, the launching mechanism and
the adjustable legs are adjusted and tuned properly upon purchase of The COACH. It is also the responsibility
of the original purchaser to perform and provide all reasonable and necessary maintenance and adjustments to
keep The COACH in good working condition. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by improper
installation of parts, failure to properly maintain, or failure to properly adjust all components such as the
adjustable legs, the launching mechanism and the bands.

The COACH is intended for soccer training purposes only. This warranty shall become immediately null and
void if you do any of the following: rent the machine, sell the machine, give away the machine, use the
machine to launch anything other than a soccer ball, or use the machine as a weapon. The user assumes all
risks of personal injuries, damage to or failure of The COACH and any other losses if The COACH is used for
anything other than soccer training. If The COACH is altered in any way inconsistent with the original designed
purposes will invalidate this warranty.

This warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear, damage caused by improper storage of The COACH,
shipping damage, damage caused by either accidentally or deliberately by you or another, and damage
caused as a result of using The COACH other than for its intended purposes.


                                                                            Leg Sockets

 1.   Take The COACH out of box and remove               Legs

      all packaging surrounding machine (if
      necessary).                                  Frame Post
 2.   Raise track out of rear of frame and open
      middle hinges until fully extended. Hold
      this section of the track until legs are
      inserted.                                                   FULL ASSEMBLY

                     3.   Insert smaller end of first leg into frame post socket.
      Leg end with
      Locking PIN    4. Insert other end of leg (end with locking pins) into
                          corresponding track socket on the same side as the frame
ADJUSTABLE                post socket.
                     5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 with second leg.

Once The COACH is properly SET UP, you can begin using your soccer ball launcher.
The following instructions will guide you through its use:

        Before launching soccer balls at a receiver, test The COACH’s aim to ensure
        proper settings.

  1.    To set angle of release, remove locking pins from legs,
                                                                               Locking PIN
        raise or lower track, and reinsert locking pins at desired           for adjustability
        marked angle. Predetermined angles are marked on the
        legs.                                                              ADJUSTING
  2.    Place soccer ball in ball pouch.

                              3.    Attach crank to hex nut of tensioning winch

                              4.    Crank tensioning winch to desired output speed.
                                    Output speeds are marked on track.
       THE CRANK              5.    REMOVE CRANK before releasing ball.

        You MUST remove crank before launching a soccer ball. Failure to do so will
        result in possible injury.

  6.    Place foot on side rail of frame to further support the machine.

  7.    Depress firing lever and HOLD DOWN lever and hold until ball has left the ball

        Release of lever during firing will result in abrupt stoppage of machine. This is
        a SAFETY MECHANISM that allows machine to stop.

  8.    If instant stoppage of the machine is required, release the firing lever. The
        COACH will stop, and the ball will release at a much lower speed.

The COACH should be stored in an enclosed area, which protects it from hazardous
environmental effects such as rain, snow, sleet, hail and gusting wind. It can be stored
in temperatures from 0ºF to 120ºF, but will experience a longer life in conditions around
room temperature, 70ºF, ±15ºF. The COACH can be effectively stored at any altitude.

In order to collapse The COACH, abide by the following instructions:

  1.    Remove one leg at a time from track sockets and frame post sockets.

  2.    Place detached legs in bottom of frame.

  3.    Fold track inward at middle hinge and lower into frame, leaving ball pouch at
        the front area of the track.

                                  4.    Once The COACH is collapsed into its frame,
                                        grasp handle on bottom rear of frame and
                                        wheel to storage location.

                     Handle for


In order to properly maintain The COACH, the machine should be cleaned bi-weekly
with specified soap and hot water.

         Do not over lubricate. Over lubrication will inhibit safety mechanisms from
         properly functioning.

Using light machine oil (20W) and the following guidelines, lubricate The COACH:

WHAT                   WHEN                    HOW

Crank Mechanism        every six months        Put one drop of oil on the pivot point of
                                               the tensioning winch mechanism

Track Bearings         every six months        Put one drop of oil on each track

Track Hinges           when necessary          Put one drop of oil on each hinge

Wheels                 when necessary          Put one drop of oil on each wheel



                 SIDE VIEW                                FRONT VIEW

Check bands monthly for visible band defects and failures such as rips, tears and
splits. When a band becomes defective or breaks, the subsequent steps should be

  1.    Use a utility knife to cut band away from attachment points, taking care not to
        cut toward oneself.

  2.    Check cap on attachment hook to make certain it is still in good condition. If it
        is not, cut it away with utility knife as well.

  3.    If cap is to be replaced, spray inner surface lightly with spray lubricant and
        push onto attachment hook.

  4.    Repeat Step 3 with replacement band, making sure band is inserted far
        enough to cover the entire cap on the attachment hook.

  5.    Allow two (2) hours for lubricant to dry and secure attachment before using
        machine again.