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									                                      CURRICULUM VITAE

                                Herndon Price Harding, Jr., M.D., P.A.
                                  2828 Casa Aloma Way, Suite 200
                                      Winter Park, FL 32792


Doctor of Medicine Degree - Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda, California -
September 1976 to December 1979; Class President
B.A. Psychology, Cum Laude, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, California - July 1973 to June 1976

                                    POSTDOCTORAL TRAINING

Program for Executive Leadership in Mental Health Administration, Harvard University,
    John F. Kennedy School of Government - March 1990

Special Student, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts - September 1983 to June 1984:
    Study areas included torts, with emphasis on Medical Malpractice Law; Psychiatry and the Law;
    Anthropology and Law.

Chief Resident of Psychiatry and the Law Program, Massachusetts Mental Health Center, Boston,
Massachusetts - July 1983 to June 1984:
    Responsibilities included assessments of all NGRI defense cases, consultant on all court competency
    and involuntary use of medication cases, and pro bono work for selected external law firms, as expert
    testimony. Research on competency to refuse treatment.
Resident in Psychiatry, Massachusetts Mental Health Center, Boston, Massachusetts - July 1981 to
June 1983:
    Massachusetts Mental Health Center is a Harvard Medical School Training Program with full ACGME
Flexible First Year (Internship), Kettering Medical Center, Kettering, Ohio - March 1980 to April 1981:
    Rotations included four months of internal medicine; two months of pediatrics at Dayton Children’s
    Hospital, Dayton, Ohio; two months of pediatric neurology at Northwestern University, Chicago,
    Illinois; two months of neurology; one month of gynecology; and one month of emergency medicine.

                                LICENSURE AND CERTIFICATION

Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
State of Florida Department of Health – Medical Doctor (active)
Ohio State Medical Board (active)
The Medical Board of California (active)
Arizona Board of Medical Examiners (active)
Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1981 to 1986)
Herndon P. Harding, Jr., M.D.
Curriculum Vitae
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                                     ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS

Clerkship Director in Psychiatry, Florida State University College of Medicine, Orlando Regional Campus,
Orlando, FL – 2002 to Present
    Responsibilities of this .25 FTE paid academic position include developing, supervising and
    coordinating the core psychiatry rotations for third year medical students; developing and supervision
    of fourth year psychiatry electives.

Doctoring 3 Core Faculty, Florida State University College of Medicine, Orlando Regional Campus,
Orlando, FL – 2003 to Present
    Responsibilities of this .15 FTE paid academic position include supervision and facilitation of student
    and faculty presenter weekly group discussion of forty core medical topics.

Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Florida State University College of Medicine,
Tallahassee, Florida – 2002 to Present

Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio - 1984 to 1990:
    Lecturer on physician development to medical student classes; taught a three-month course on ethics
    and professional standards to advanced psychiatry residents; served on the Post-M.D. Training
Clinical Fellow in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts - July 1981 to June 1984:
    Teaching assignments included mental status examination and interview seminar for third year Harvard
    Medical School students, and individual student clinical supervision.
Instructor, Equestrian Equitation, Loma Linda University – 1973 to 1975


President, Herndon P. Harding, Jr., M.D., P.A. – Private Psychiatry Practice, 2828 Casa Aloma Way,
Suite 200, Winter Park, Florida 32792 - January 2003 to Present
    Practice is predominantly mood and anxiety disorders clinical research and treatment for adolescents
    and adults. Medical student education is a major emphasis, as is clinical trial research and responsible
    business practice (current average AR for >60 days is <1.5%)

Team Physician (Psychiatry), Los Angeles Dodgers - January 1991 to Present:
   Consultant to management and staff. Treatment of players at the major and minor league levels.
Medical Director, Center for Behavioral Health at Florida Hospital and Celebration Health,
Orlando, Florida - October 1997 to December 2002:
    Responsibilities include the direction of medical services, development of program, supervision of
    medical staff, establishment of policies and procedures relating to clinical care, and the cost
    effectiveness and participation in managed care contract negotiations and consulting regarding the
    community system of mental health care. From 1997 to 2001 the Center experienced a positive
    financial turnaround of $6 million. Florida Hospital is a private, not-for-profit community hospital
    system, which includes Celebration Health.
Medical Director, ComCare, Phoenix, Arizona - April 1994 to October 1997; Interim CEO October 1996 –
March 1997:
   Responsible for the overall quality and direction for medical/psychiatric care provided to the
   population being served and for helping to establish medical policies, protocols and practices which
   insure appropriate quality care and cost effective utilization and management of system resources.
   ComCare is a private, not-for-profit healthcare organization which provides direct services via its 55
   FTE psychiatrists and other professional staff. It also serves as a manager of care services by other
   community providers. ComCare’s annual budget was $185 million.
Herndon P. Harding, Jr., M.D.
Curriculum Vitae
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Clinical and Administrative Appointments (continued):

Consulting and Private Practice -Psychiatry - January 1991 to March 1994:
   Consultant to professional and amateur teams and individuals on the mental aspects of performance.
   Provide clinical consultation regarding performance enhancement, interpersonal psychology, and
   substance abuse treatment. Psychiatric systems consulting (e.g., Consultant to the Office of the
   Medical Director, Los Angeles County Mental Health Department, December 1993).
Chief Medical Director, Ohio Department of Mental Health - January 1989 to December 1990:
    The Medical Director for the State is responsible for policy decisions relating to medical diagnosis,
    treatment, rehabilitation, quality assurance, and the clinical aspects of licensure of hospitals and
    residential facilities, research, community mental health plans, and delivery of mental health services
    by a system of over seven thousand employees with an annual budget of $630 million. Other
    responsibilities include clinical supervision of the Chief Clinical Officers (Medical Directors) of the
    sixteen state hospitals, including approval of their appointments, and liaison to all related professional
    organizations at the state level.
Director of Residency Training - Staff Psychiatrist, Harding Hospital, Worthington, Ohio - July 1987 to
January 1989:
    While Director of the Residency Training Program, the program was expanded from a working number
    of 8 to 16 residents. New educational and service affiliations were made with community mental health
    centers and Riverside Methodist Hospital, which provided a more uniform educational process for the
    residents. A scheduled ACGME site visit resulted in a five-year accreditation (the maximum, with no
    restrictions or contingencies).
Examiner, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology - May 1988 to Present

Peer Reviews Systems, Columbus, Ohio - January 1987 to December 1989:
    Provided peer review of general Psychiatry cases funded by Medicaid.
Courtesy Staff, Riverside Methodist Hospital, Columbus, Ohio - July 1984 to 1989:
   General psychiatry consultation.
Courtesy Staff, St. Ann’s Hospital, Westerville, Ohio - July 1984 to January 1989:
   Emergency room and general psychiatry consultant. Also supervised residents on emergency
   psychiatric evaluations.
Associate Director of Residency Training; Staff Psychiatrist, Harding Hospital, Worthington, Ohio –
July 1984 to July 1987:
     Duties consisted of clinical supervision of residents on an inpatient unit for treatment resistant patients,
     supervision of residents’ outpatient psychotherapy cases, lectures on legal issues, introduction to
     psychotherapy, psychiatric interviewing and mental status examinations. Staff responsibilities included
     a caseload of inpatient therapy and management, outpatient psychotherapy, and consultation to the
     Partial-Hospital program. Committee membership included: Risk Management (Chairman); Audit;
     Continuing Education; Pharmacy and Therapeutic; and Residency Training (Chairman) Committees.
Institutional Review Board – Member of Central Office Human Rights Committee – Department of Mental
Health, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts – 1983 to 1984
Associate Staff Psychiatrist, Solomon Mental Health Center, Lowell, Massachusetts - January 1983 to June
    Responsibilities included emergency evaluation for treatment, referral or admission to the hospital, as
    well as treating in-hospital medical and psychiatric emergencies.
Herndon P. Harding, Jr., M.D.
Curriculum Vitae
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                          BOARDS AND COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS

Center for the Study of Retired Athletes, University of North Carolina - Board Member – 2001-Present
Mental Health Association of Central Florida – Board Member – 2001 to 2002
USA Baseball, Coaching Standards and Ethics Committee, 1997 to Present
USA Baseball, Medical and Safety Advisory Committee, 1993 to Present
International Society for Sport Psychiatry, Board of Directors, 1993 to 1994
Southern California Psychiatric Society, Ethics Committee, 1993-1995
Southern California Psychiatric Society, Public Affairs Committee, 1993-1995
Southern California Psychiatric Society, Government Affairs Committee, 1993-1995
National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors, Task Force on Clozapine, 1990
Ohio State Medical Association, Task Force on Homelessness, 1989-1990
The Governor’s Study Committee of Mental Health Services in Ohio, 1989-1990
Psychiatric Society of Central Ohio, Peer Review Committee, Chairman, June 1988-1990
Franklin County Mental Health Board, Task Force on Professional Services, June 1988-1989,
     Member 1986-1988.
Ohio Psychiatric Association, Residency Directors Section Committee; Chairman 1988-1989; Member
Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Alumni Association, Board of Directors, 1988-1991
Mental Health Association of Franklin County, Columbus, Ohio; Trustee 1987-1989
Ohio Psychiatric Association Ethics Committee, 1985-1990
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Mental Health, Central Office Human Rights
Committee, 1983-1984

                                     PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES

American Psychiatric Association – Fellow
Arizona Psychiatric Society (1994-1998); president-elect 1998
Florida Psychiatric Society
American Medical Association
Southern California Psychiatric Society (1991-1996)
Massachusetts Psychiatric Association (1980-1987)
Massachusetts Medical Society (1980-1987)
American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training (1985-1989)
Ohio State Medical Association (1984-1991)
Ohio Psychiatric Association (1984-1991)
Columbus and Franklin County Academy of Medicine (1985-1991)
Psychiatric Society of Central Ohio (1984-1991)
Columbus Medical Forum (1989-1992)

                                    CLINICAL RESEARCH TRIALS

January-March 2008              An Open-Label Trial Measuring Satisfaction and Convenience of Two
                                Formulations of Lamotrigine in Subjects with a Mood Disorder
July 2005-December 2005         Psychometric Validation of the Sheehan Disability Scale in Patients with
                                Bipolar Disorder
September 2005                  Study of Anti-depressant Non-responders (SADN) – Vedanta Research
December 2003-July 2004         Optimizing Administration of Lamictal – An Open-Label Study of
                                Tolerability, Clinical Response and Satisfaction in Adult Bipolar I Subjects
Herndon P. Harding, Jr., M.D.
Curriculum Vitae
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                           PHARMACEUTICAL SPEAKER’S BUREAU

2006                            Sepracor, Inc., Marlborough, MA
2005 to Present                 sanofi-aventis Group, New York, NY

                           EDITORIAL BOARDS AND BIBLIOGRAPHY

Guskiewicz, K; Marshall, S.; Bailes, J.; McCrea, M.; Harding, H.P.; Matthews, A.; Mihalik, J; Cantu, R.:
Recurrent Concussion and Risk of Depression in Retired Professional Football Players, May 2007
Harding, H.P.: Talk the Walk and Walk the Talk. USA Baseball Medical and Safety Advisory Newsletter,
January 2005
Rebound, Editorial Board, 1993
Harding, H.P., and Kerlan, R.K.: ―Psychology of the Athlete‖ in Operative Techniques in Upper Extremity
Sports Injuries. Edited by Jobe, F.W., Mosby - Yearbook, 1996.
Harding, H.P.: How to Use Your Mind to Assist in Recovery. Rebound: An Injury Recovery Guide
Bursztajn, H.J.; Harding, H.P.; Gutheil, T.G.; and Brodsky, A.: Beyond Cognition: The Role of
Disordered Affective States in Impairing Competence to Consent to Treatment. Bull Am Acad. Psychiatry
Law; Vol. 19, No. 4, 1991.

                                 SYMPOSIA AND PRESENTATIONS

May 2006             ―Weight and Body-Mass Index in Patients Receiving Open-Label Lamotrigine With
                      or Without Concomitant Valproate or Antipsychotics‖ (GlaxoSmithKline) – New
                      Research Poster Presentation – APA 2006 Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada

March 2005           ―Performance Enhancement‖ – Los Angeles Dodgers Minor League Players,
                      Vero Beach, FL

January 2004         ―Development Phase Specific Coaching‖ and ―Psychological Aspects of Injury
                      Rehabilitation‖ – American Sports Medicine Institute Annual Symposium,
                      Orlando, FL

December 2003        ―Anxiety Disorders‖ – Florida State University College of Medicine, Orlando, FL

January 2003         ―Use of Psychotropics During Pregnancy‖ – Florida Hospital Family Practice
January 2001          Residency Department, Orlando, Florida

October 2002         ―Postures of Prayer‖ – Florida Hospital Celebration Health Day of Prayer, and
September 2002        Florida Hospital 3rd Annual Mission Conference, Orlando, Florida

August 2002          ―Anger and Peace‖ – Florida Hospital – Presented to Finance Summer Interns,
                      Orlando, Florida

March 1999           ―Recognizing and Responding to Depression‖ - Stetson University Symposium

April 1998            Sport Psychiatry: ―In The Beginning‖ – 12th Annual Symposium on Psychiatric
                      Medicine, Celebration, Florida

Spring 1997          ―Psychological Performance‖, Kerlan/Jobe—Los Angeles Dodgers’ Physician
                      Baseball Camp on Sports Medicine, Dodgertown.
Herndon P. Harding, Jr., M.D.
Curriculum Vitae
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Symposia and Presentations (continued):

Spring 1996          ―Annual update: Sport Psychiatry.‖, University of Arizona, School of
Spring 1995           Medicine, Department of Psychiatry.

October 1995         ―Problems in Treatment of the Seriously Mentally Ill in a Managed Care
                      Environment‖, Plenary session speaker, California Alliance for the Mentally Ill,
                      Annual Conference.

August 1995          ―Sport Performance and Psychiatric Pathology,‖ Veterans Administration
                      Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona.

January 1995         ―ComCare: A Blended Direct and Managed Behavioral Health Service‖, West
                      Valley Arizona Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

November 1994        ―Sport Psychiatry - ―The Basics‖, Good Samaritan Medical Center, Department
                     of Psychiatry, Phoenix, Arizona.

May 1994             ―Psychiatric Issues in Sport Injury Rehabilitation‖, American Sports Orthopedic
                     Society, Palm Springs, California.

October 1993         ―A Perspective of Psychiatry in Sport‖, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard
                     Medical School, Boston.

May 1993             ―Sports Psychiatry: The Current State of the Art‖, Symposium Chairman,
                     American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.

May 1993             ―The Achilles’ Dilemma: A Core Conflict of the Developing Athlete‖,
                     American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting.

February 1993        ―Substance Abuse in Professional Athletics‖, Loma Linda University, School of

September 1992       ―Performance Anxiety‖, Saint John’s Hospital and Health Center Postgraduate
                     Assembly, Santa Monica, California.

June 1992            ―Addressing Adolescent High-Risk Behaviors in Public and Indian Housing‖
                     and ―Strategies for Reducing Youth Violence‖, National Youth Sports and
                     Cultural Convention, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
                     and the U.S. Department of Justice Facilitator and Discussant.

May 1992             The Mark and Brian Show - National television broadcast –
(airing date)        Segment on ―Coaching High School Football‖ - (on-camera consultant).

October 1991         ―Psychological Signs in Prospective Baseball Recruits‖ - Presented to the staff
                     of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

November 1990        20/20 National television broadcast - Segment of Clozapine.
(airing date)        Interviewed and discussant.

September 1990       ―Clozapine and Mental Health Systems‖. Presenter and Panel discussant at the
                     Hospital and Community Psychiatry Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado.

July 1990            ―Clozapine Issues and Problems‖. Presented to the Ohio Psychiatric
                     Association Council.
Herndon P. Harding, Jr., M.D.
Curriculum Vitae
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Symposia and Presentations (continued):

February 1990        ―Clozapine and the State Mental Health Programs‖. Chairman and discussant
                     for The National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors,
                     Washington, D.C.

February 1990        ―Esthetics as Criteria for Mental Health‖. Presented to the Psychiatric Society
                     of Central Ohio.

November 1989        ―The Impact of the New Ohio Mental Health Act on Psychologists‖. Presented
                     to the Ohio Psychology Association.

November 1989        ―Truth, Beauty and Mental Health‖. Presented to the Ohio Art Therapy Association.

October 1989         ―AIDS: The Ohio Department of Mental Health Policy‖. Presented to the Ohio
                     Department of Mental Health, AIDS Policy Conference.

October 1989         ―The Mental Health Act of 1988: Ramifications of Boards and Practitioners‖.
                     Presented to the Mental Health Professionals of Stark County.

September 1989       ―From Act to Action: The Implementation of Ohio’s Mental Health Act of
                     1988‖. Presented to the Ohio Psychiatric Association.

September 1989       ―The Mental Health Act of 1988‖. Presentation to the Northwest Ohio
                      Psychiatric Association.

June 1989            ―Civil Commitment in Ohio‖. Ohio Association of Community Mental Health
                      Boards, Presenter and Discussant with Franklin J. Hickman, J.D., and
                     Kathryn Haler, J.D.

April 1989           ―The Changing Role of Medical Director‖. Seminar for Chief Residents,
                     Massachusetts Mental Health Center.

March 1989           ―The Role of The Chief Clinical Officer Under The Mental Health Act of 1988‖.
                     Ohio Association of Community Mental Health Boards.

November 1988        ―Shades of Blue - The Continuum of Dysphoria and Depression‖.
                     Founding Friends of Harding Hospital.

November 1989        ―The Role of the Physician‖. Ohio State University Medical School Freshman Class
November 1988          - Introduction to Humanities in Medicine.

November 1988         California Conference of SDA Annual Ministerial Conference:
                      1. ―Depression in the Church‖.
                      2. ―Suicide: Assessment and Approach for the Clergy‖.

October 1988         ―Coping Styles and Strategies‖, Harding Hospital Institute on Mental Health
                      For Clergy

March 1987           ―Why People Have Extramarital Affairs‖. Worthington Council of Churches.

March 1987           ―Liability Issues in Psychiatric Practice‖, George T. Harding, III Semi-Annual
                     Symposia. Panel moderator and discussant with Thomas Gutheil, M.D., and
                     Josiah Blackmore, J.D.

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