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					         Pacific Asia Museum’s 33rd Annual Festival of the Autumn Moon
                           Saturday, October 2, 2010

                                        SILENT AUCTION
               Silent Auction closes approximately at 7:25pm. Please listen for announcements.

Apparel and Accessories
100   Chinese Horn Bead Pendant Necklace - (Value: $250 Opening Bid: $100)
101   Silver Indian Necklace and Bangle Bracelet - (Value: $320 Opening Bid: $130)
102   Gold Embroidered Japanese Style Black Coat - Women's Size 6 – 8 made from Vintage Japanese Obis.
      (Value: $1200 Opening Bid: $300)
103   Japanese Men's Winter Kimono - Men's Kimono Printed with Cranes. (Value: $450 Opening Bid: $180)
104   Tibetan- Inspired Crimson Necklace with Silver Centerpiece - (Value: $250 Opening Bid: $100)
105   Modern Coral-Inspired Beaded Necklace - (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
106   White Jadeite Jewelry Set - Bangle Bracelet, Pendant, and Stone. (Value: $100 Opening Bid: $40)
107   Jadeite Bangle Bracelet and Ring - Bangle Bracelet and Matching Ring. (Value: $400 Opening Bid: $160)
108   Silver and River Reed Bracelet - Chinese Silver and River Reed Bracelet. (Value: $140 Opening Bid: $60)
109   Antique Japanese Hair Pin (Value: $110 Opening Bid: $40)
110   Thai Headdress and Collar - Bright Orange with Gold and Green Decoration. (Value: $180 Opening Bid: $70)
112   Chinese Belt with Jade-Like Emblem - Handwoven Belt with Jade Emblem. (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
113   Rose Quartz Bead Necklace - 30" Long. (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
114   Kingfisher Feather Hairpin - Hairpin Decorated with Kingfisher Feather. (Value: $75 Opening Bid: $30)
115   Multi-colored Freshwater Pearl Necklace - (Value: $245 Opening Bid: $100)
116   Aquamarine Multi-strand Necklace - (Value: $235 Opening Bid: $90)
117   Silver Pendant - Silver Pendant Necklace by Sahlimar Jewelers. (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
119   Men's Navy Kimono and Obi - (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
121   Vintage Style Drop Necklace - Vintage Style Drop Labradorite Necklace (Value: $140 Opening Bid: $60)
122   Shell Pendant Necklace with Multi-colored Stones - (Value: $325 Opening Bid: $130)
123   Topaz Drop Necklace and Earrings - (Value: $135 Opening Bid: $50)
124   Amazonite Bead Necklace - Soft Blue Amazonite Round Bead Necklace. (Value: $250 Opening Bid: $100)
125   Amethyst Lariat Necklace - Lariet Necklace of Polished Amethyst Beads. (Value: $135 Opening Bid: $50)
126   Agate Stone Necklace with Silk Road Camel Pendant - Value: $380 Opening Bid: $150)
127   Indian Style Emerald & Ruby Earrings - (Value: $400 Opening Bid: $160)
128   Indian Style Evening Ring - (Value: $125 Opening Bid: $50)
129   Emerald Bead Necklace with Shell Pendant - (Value: $240 Opening Bid: $100)
131   Jade Pendant Encased in Gold - Celadon Jade Pendant Encased in 14K gold (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)

Ceramics, Glass & Stone
200   Miniature "Prince of Satsuma" Bowl with Stand - (Value: $60 Opening Bid: $20)
201   Tuan Stone Seal with Foo - Tuan (Duan) Stone Seal with Foo (Base Uncarved). (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
203   Small Grey Ceramic Bowl - Unearthed in the Philippines. (Value: $125 Opening Bid: $50)
204   Jadeite Buddha Pendant - Carved Jadeite Buddha Votive Pendant (Value: $60 Opening Bid: $20)
205   Navy Vase with White Flowers - Decorated with White Cherry Blossoms. (Value: $125 Opening Bid: $50)
206   Two Large Jadeite "Hua" Buttons - Carved in the Form of Lotus. (Value: $60 Opening Bid: $20)
207   Green Stoneware Vase - Asian Stoneware Vase with Green Glaze. (Value: $100 Opening Bid: $40)
208   Two Ceramic Peaches - Two Altar Fruit Ceramic Peaches. 20th Century. (Value: $80 Opening Bid: $30)
209   Snuff Bottle and Collection of Snuff Bottle Accessories - Old Peking Glass Snuff Bottle from the 1930's Plus
      Accessories. (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
210   Japanese Bulb Bowl - Blue and Purple Japanese Bulb Bowl. Mid-20th Century. (Value: $80 Opening Bid: $30)
211   Japanese Arhat Bowl and Stand - (Value: $350 Opening Bid: $140)
212   Mei Ping-Form Snuff Bottle - Gray, Aqua and Pink Mei Ping-form Monochrome (Ceramic) Snuff Bottle with a
      Rose Quartz Stopper. Late 19th Century. (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
213   Shadow Agate Snuff Bottle - Shadow Agate Snuff Bottle with Aventurine Stopper. Late 19th Century.
      (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
214   Hardstone Pi Tung – (Value: $75 Opening Bid: $30)
215   Antique Hardstone Wine Cup - Antique Hardstone (Bowenite) Wine Cup with Peking Glass Bead from the
      Collection of Ada Lum. (Value: $90 Opening Bid: $40)
216   Antique Porcelain Dish - Antique Porcelain Dish with Scalloped Rim and "Cafe au Lait" Glaze. 19th Century.
      (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
217   Double Snuff Bottle - Antique Double Snuff Bottle with an Aubergine Glaze and Gray Jade Stopper. 19th
      Century (Value: $400 Opening Bid: $160)
218   Hand Painted Ceramic Plate - Contemporary Hand-painted Chinese Ceramic Plate with Red and Blue Floral
      Design from Goldimari. (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
219   Golden Maitreya "Happy" Buddha - Chinese, 20th Century. (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
220   Chinese San Tsai Tang Style Camel with Musicians - East Asian Ceramic Camel Carrying Five Ceramic
      Musicians. (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
221   Pair of Chinese Ceramic Vases in La Femme Blush - Two Lidded Chinese Ceramic Vases in "La Femme Blush."
      (Value: $275 Opening Bid: $110)
222   Yellow Vase with Dragon & Floral Motif - Large Yellow Chinese Vase with Dragon and Floral Motifs. (Value:
      $650 Opening Bid: $260)
223   Ceramic Container with Dragon and Phoenix Motif - Large Chinese Dragon and Phoenix Container with Lid.
      (Value: $550 Opening Bid: $220)
224   Phoenix Vase with Dragon Handles - Large Chinese phoenix vase with dragon handles and ornamental
      cylinders at opening. (Value: $650 Opening Bid: $260)
225   Framed Jade Carving - (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
226   White Vase with Light Blue Decoration - (Value: $100 Opening Bid: $40)
227   Ceramic Vessel - Ceramic Vessel with Stoneware Combined Forms. (Value: $190 Opening Bid: $80)
228   Korean Celadon Vase by Songwol Jon-Ho Kim - Korean Celadon Vase by Songwol Jong-Ho Kim. 13" High with
      a Wood Case. (Value: $190 Opening Bid: $80)
229   Japanese Glazed Bowl and Plate - Japenese Glazed Bowl (6.5" in Diameter) and Plate (9.5" in Diameter).
      (Value: $125 Opening Bid: $50)
230   Gunnar Nylund Blue Ceramic Vase with Fish - Blue Ceramic Vase Painted with Fish by Gunnar Nylund.
      Collectible. Sweden, 20th century. (Value: $1400 Opening Bid: $550)
231   Large Vase with Dragon - Large Cylinder Vase with Dragon in Brown Glaze. (Value: $340 Opening Bid: $140)
232   Chinese Porcelain Jar - Chinese Porcelain Jar, 20th Century. (Value: $800 Opening Bid: $200)
233   Ceramic Oil Dispenser - circa 1950's (Value: $400 Opening Bid: $160)
234   Red Ceramic Vase - Red Ceramic Northern Chinese Vase with Chrysanthemum and Lotus Motif. Early 20th
      Century (Value: $1000 Opening Bid: $400)
235   Incense Burner - Northern Chinese Incense Burner Decorated with Blue and White Clouds and Bats. circa
      1920's (Value: $800 Opening Bid: $200)
236   Chinese Tea Set with Carrying Case - Contemporary Tea Set with Floral Pattern and Hand-crafted Carrier.
      (Value: $200 Opening Bid: $80)
237   Ikebana Vase and Container Combination - Japanese Ikebana Vase and Container with Lid by the artist Ojima.
      (Value: $650 Opening Bid: $260)
238   Hand Painted Ceramic Plate with Flowers - Chinese Ceramic Plate with Circular Motif of Chrysanthemums
      and Large Fowl in Red and Gold. c. 1930's (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
239   Chinese "Moon Flask" Vase - With Red Copper Underglaze in Dragon Motif. (Value: $500 Opening Bid: $200)
240   Pair of Chinese Vases with Decorative Landscape - Two Chinese Vases Decorated with a Landscape Design.
      (Value: $1600 Opening Bid: $400)
241   Large Stoneware Jar - Suitable for Outdoor Use (Value: $220 Opening Bid: $90)
242   Medium Stoneware Jar - Suitable for Outdoor Use. (Value: $190 Opening Bid: $80)
243   Lidded Fish Dish - Japanese Ceramic Lidded Dish in the Shape of a Fish. (Value: $200 Opening Bid: $80)
244   Robert Kuo Peking Glass Vase - A Contemporary Hand-blown Peking Glass Vase from the Robert Kuo
      Collection. Bai-jade Color, 5.5"x15". (Value: $1125 Opening Bid: $450)
245   Chinese Porcelain Vase - Chinese porcelain Vase Measuring 22 1/2"x9 1/4". (Value: $750 Opening Bid: $190)
246   Small Stoneware Jar - Suitable for Outdoor Use. (Value: $160 Opening Bid: $60)
247   Pair of Vintage Chinese Lamps - Pair of "Famille Noir" Chinese Lamps. (Value: $595 Opening Bid: $240)
248   Archaistic Stone Carving: Rabbit - Carved Stone Rabbit on Wooden Stand. (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
249   Chinese Porcelain Hotei - Chinese Porcelain Hotei. 20th Century (Value: $250 Opening Bid: $100)
250   Archaistic Stone Carving: Camel - (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
251   Archaistic Stone Carving: Turtle - (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
252   Jade-like Carved Fish - Flat Jade-like Carved Fish. (Value: $110 Opening Bid: $40)
253   Carved Stone Turtle - Stone Turtle in Shades of White and Gray. (Value: $90 Opening Bid: $40)
254   Carved Stone Pendant - Animal Carving Pendant. (Value: $130 Opening Bid: $50)
255   Carved Stone Winged Chimera Pendant - (Value: $50 Opening Bid: $20)
256   Stone Fish Pendant - Orange Stone Fish Pendant. (Value: $50 Opening Bid: $20)
257   Set of Four Sushi Plates - (Value: $200 Opening Bid: $80)
258   Tang Style Plaque - Tang Style Clay Plaque with Figures. (Value: $30 Opening Bid: $10)
259   Painted Plate with Colorful Ducks - Black Decorative Plate with Colorful Ducks. (Value: $90 Opening Bid: $40)
260   Amethyst Crystal Cluster Formation - (Value: $200 Opening Bid: $80)
261   Quartz Crystal Cluster Formation - (Value: $120 Opening Bid: $50)
262   Korean Celedon Reticulated Vase - Celedon Reticulated Vase with Basketweave Pattern and Handles. Korea,
      20th century. (Value: $160 Opening Bid: $60)
263   Blue and White Lidded Ewer - Blue and White Stencil Design Ewer with Lid. (Value: $80 Opening Bid: $30)
264   Sake Set with Frog Design - Sake Set with Sake Bottle, Two Cups, and Tray by Artist Julie Bagesh. (Value: $100
      Opening Bid: $40)
265   Jade Plant - Decorative Art Object with Various Stones Carved in the Shape of Leaves.
      (Value: $250 Opening Bid: $100)
266   Sumida Gawa Vase with Relief of Boy - Red and Black Vase with Figure of a Boy in Relief. Japan, 20th Century.
      (Value: $600 Opening Bid: $240)
267   Set of Three Porcelain Tea Caddies - Versatile Porcelain Containers can Store Tea and Other Dry Goods.
      (Value: $60 Opening Bid: $20)
268   Set of Ceramic of Blue and White Nesting Dishes - Group of Seven Blue and White Nesting Dishes (Value:
      $100 Opening Bid: $40)
269   Set of Two Kutani Teacups and Saucers - Set of Two Japanese Kutani Teacups and Saucers with Dragon Motif.
      Mid-20th Century. (Value: $90 Opening Bid: $40)
270   Two Kutaniware Plates and Container - Mid-20th Century. (Value: $200 Opening Bid: $80)
271   Chinese Baluster Vase with Lid - Chinese Lidded Baluster Vase with Overglaze Enamels.
      (Value: $600 Opening Bid: $240)
272   1960 Art Pottery Vase - 1960 Art Pottery Vase with Flambe Glaze. 10" Tall. Signed by Jack Allgrun.
      (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
273   Pair of Chinese Ceramic Vases - Decorated with Domestic Scenes. (Value: $180 Opening Bid: $70)
274   Sumida Gawa Vase with Relief of Young Woman - Colorful Vase with Figure of a Young Woman in Relief.
      Japan, 20th Century. (Value: $495 Opening Bid: $200)
275   Sumida Gawa Pitcher with Relief of Monk - Colorful Vase with Figure of a Monk in Relief on the Front. Japan,
      20th Century. (Value: $950 Opening Bid: $240)
276   Sumida Gawa Vase with Relief of Elders - Colorful Square Vase with Two Figures of Elders in Relief. Japan,
      20th Century. (Value: $800 Opening Bid: $200)
277   Three-Sectional Vase with Goldfish Design - Three-sectional Vase with Goldfish Design.
      20th Century. (Value: $795 Opening Bid: $300)
278   Pair of Ceramic Vases Designed in Cloisonne Style - This Pair of Ceramic Vases are Designed to Reflect a
      Japanese Cloisonne Style. Early 20th Century. (Value: $900 Opening Bid: $230)
279   Set of Ten Decorative Rice Bowls - Set of Ten Decorative Orange Rice Bowls Decorated with Gold Paint in a
      Floral Motif. (Value: $90 Opening Bid: $40)
280   Replica of Ancient Chinese Cong - Replica of a Cong (Jade Artifact from Ancient China Generally Considered to
      be a Ritual Object). China, 20th century. (Value: $200 Opening Bid: $80)

Metal, Wood & Bone
300   Antique Bamboo Wrist Rest - Antique Bamboo Wrist Rest. (Value: $100 Opening Bid: $40)
301   Wood Scholar Panel - Wood Scholar Panel with "Lan Feng Meu Gu" (In the Style of the Orchid with the
      Strength of a Plum Tree) Carved in Calligraphy. (Value: $250 Opening Bid: $100)
302   Wood Desk Screen with Battle Scene - Contemporary Wooden Table Screen with Battle Scene Inlay. (Value:
      $175 Opening Bid: $70)
303   Wood Carved Seated Bodhisattva - Carved Wooden Bodhisattva with Gold Inlay and Crown. (Value: $2400
      Opening Bid: $600)
304   Wood-Carved Seated Chinese Immortal - Chinese Wood-carved Immortal.
      (Value: $100 Opening Bid: $40)
305   Pair of Buddhas on Lotus - Two Large Wooden Buddhas on Lotuses, Each Holding a "Dragon's Pearl." (Value:
      $700 Opening Bid: $250)
306   Female Tribute Bearer Temple Figure - Chinese, 20th Century. (Value: $100 Opening Bid: $40)
307   Tibetan Silver Butter Lamp - Tibetan Silver Butter Lamp with Inverted Bell-shaped Lotus Foot, Bulbous Grip
      Chased with Foliage and Cup. 19th Century. (Value: $1000 Opening Bid: $400)
308   Figure of a Tibetan Monk - Figure of a Tibetan Monk. Bronze with Traces of Gilding, the Bottom Sealed with
      Copper. Early 20th Century. (Value: $500 Opening Bid: $200)
309   Japanese Lacquer Box - Black and Gold Japanese Lacquer Box with Fan Motif, 11"x13".
      (Value: $200 Opening Bid: $80)
310   Burmese Lacquer Tray - Burmese Lacquer Tray Measuring 10"x17". Purchased in Mandalay, Burma (aka
      Myanmar) in 1978. (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
311   Japanese Bizenware Hotei - Mid-20th Century. (Value: $495 Opening Bid: $200)
312   Polish Brass Decorative Mirror with Longevity Scene - Early 20th Century Brass Mirror with Three Symbols of
      Longevity: Crane, Pine tree, and Turtles. (Value: $350 Opening Bid: $140)
313   Red Decorative Box - Late 1900's from China or Korea. (Value: $240 Opening Bid: $100)
314   Polish Brass Decorative Mirror with Chinese Characters - Brass Decorative Mirror with Chinese Characters for
      Longevity and Harmony. Early 20th century. (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
315   "Wayang Golek" Indonesian Puppet Set - The Tall Petruk and Short Bagong are Eternal Jokers. (Value: $550
      Opening Bid: $220)
316   South Pacific Bow and Arrow Quill Carrier - Hand-made Quill Carrier and Bow from the South Pacific. (Value:
      $160 Opening Bid: $60)
317   Cloisonné Charger with Carved Wood Stand - Cloisonne Charger, 30" in Diameter, with a Carved Wood Stand.
      (Value: $2500 Opening Bid: $1000)
318   Antique Bone Ojime - Carved in the Form of a Man. (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
319   Inuit Bone Finial - Inuit Bone Finial with Double Aspect. (Value: $50 Opening Bid: $20)
320   Chinese Water Pipe - Metal Chinese Water Pipe. (Value: $500 Opening Bid: $200)
321   Black Lacquered Vase with Mother of Pearl Inlay - Black Vase Decorated with Inlaid Mother of Pearl Shell,
      Made in Late 1900's in Korea or China. (Value: $180 Opening Bid: $70)
322   Japanese Tea Ceremony Screen - Japnese Tea Ceremony Screen Originally Used in a Tokonoma Room. (Value:
      $350 Opening Bid: $140)
323   Pair of Mandarin Ducks - Mated Pair of Carved Wood Mandarin Ducks Signifying Fidelity. (Value: $450
      Opening Bid: $180)
324   Scale in an Elephant Motif Carved Box - Carved Wood Box with Elephant Motif and a Scale System Inside.
      (Value: $90 Opening Bid: $40)
325   Tom Morin Wood Sculpture of Female Form. - Contemporary Wood Sculpture of Female Form by Tom
      Morin. (Value: $800 Opening Bid: $200)
326   Two Carved Wood Lintels - Two Large Carved Wooden Lintels. (Value: $900 Opening Bid: $230)
327   Wood Lintel with Open Lattice Design - (Value: $550 Opening Bid: $220)
328   Water Buffalo Horn Container - (Value: $50 Opening Bid: $20)
329   Set of Four Southeast Asian Cake Molds - (Value: $60 Opening Bid: $20)
330   Dragon and Phoenix Finials - Wooden Finials Carved in the Forms of Dragon and Phoenix with Gold Gilding.
      (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
332   Tang Style Metal Horse - Decorative Horse of Metal Alloy. (Value: $60 Opening Bid: $20)
333   Bronze Shiva - Small Bronze Statue of Shiva Dancing. (Value: $80 Opening Bid: $30)
334   Japanese Lacquered Stack Boxes - (Value: $100 Opening Bid: $40)
335   Asian Lacquered Container - Lidded Laquer Food Container with Red Interior.
      (Value: $85 Opening Bid: $30)
336   Wooden Water Buffalo Bell - (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
337   Pair of Large Decorative Fans - (Value: $60 Opening Bid: $20)
338   Indian Doll - Young Woman in Traditional Costume. (Value: $60 Opening Bid: $20)
339   Group of Three Bronze Fish Sculptures - (Value: $95 Opening Bid: $40)
340   Old Japanese Bowl with Fan Motif - Black Laquer Bowl with Fan Decorations Painted in Gold. Japan, Early
      20th Century. (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
341   Modern Japanese Tray in Crescent Shape - Crescent Shaped Black Laquer Tray with Red Designs. Japan, 20th
      Century. (Value: $80 Opening Bid: $30)
342   Chinese Carved Lintel - Unique Carved Lintel of Dragons. East Asian. 20th Century. (Value: $450 Opening Bid:
343   Set of Two Cryptomeria Wood Trays on Pedestals - Set of Two Cryptomeria Wood Trays on Pedestals. 20
      1/2"x18 1/2". (Value: $175 Opening Bid: $70)
344   Japanese Iron Teapot - Signed. 20th Century. (Value: $350 Opening Bid: $140)
345   Cloisonne Vase with Multi-Floral and Bird Design - Red Cloisonne Vase Decorated with Floral Patterns and a
      Bird. Hong Kong, circa 1972. (Value: $175 Opening Bid: $70)
346   Pair of Enamel Vases Inlaid with Cinnabar - Hong Kong, 20th century. (Value: $190 Opening Bid: $80)
347   Lot of Two Horn Tobacco Boxes - Two Tobacco Boxes Hand-crafted from Horn with Individual Characteristics.
      Collectible, Early 20th Century. (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
348   Lot of Two Burlwood Tobacco Boxes - Two Hand-crafted Burlwood Tobacco Boxes. Collectible, China, late
      19th century. (Value: $380 Opening Bid: $150)
349   Pair of Red Peony Lacquer Wood Vases - Two Red Lacquer Wood Vases Decorated with All-over Relief of
      Peonies. China, Contemporary. (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
350   Carved Wood Hanging with Noble Elder - Carved Wood Hanging Depicting a Noble Elder and his Young
      Servant. China, 20th Century. (Value: $230 Opening Bid: $90)
351   Carved Wood Hanging with Garden Scene - Carved Wood Hanging Depicting Two Figures in a Garden.
      Chinese, 20th Century. (Value: $230 Opening Bid: $90)

Furniture and Large Décor
400   Wool Throw Rug - 72"x68" Yak Wool Throw Rug from Tibet or Nepal. Red and Blue Detail around the Boarder.
      (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
401   Two Chairs - Pair of Carved Wooden Chairs. (Value: $2500 Opening Bid: $1000)
402   Large Korean Chest - Large Korean Chest (Value: $1500 Opening Bid: $600)
403   Chinese Wooden Screen Set with Ceramic Inlay - Four Wooden Screens, Each Individually Hand-crafted with
      Ceramic Inlay Images Depicting the Nature of Youth and Pursuits of Life. (Value: $900 Opening Bid: $300)
404   Japanese Tokonoma Stand - Small Stand for the Tokonoma, or Tea Ceremony Room.
      (Value: $125 Opening Bid: $50)
405   Chinese Raised Decorative Hanging Frame - Large Scale Red Lacquer Frame with Decorative Dragon Heads.
      Late 19th Century. (Value: $1500 Opening Bid: $600)
406   Japanese Red Lacquer Umbrella - Large Red Lacquer Umbrella. Assistants Often Carried these Umbrellas to
      Shield Dignitaries from the Sun. Mid-20th century. Japan, Mid-20th Century. (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
407   Carved Indonesian Rooster - Decorative carved Indonesian rooster, molded after a shadow puppet. (Value:
      $900 Opening Bid: $230)
408   Pair of Wooden Monkeys Holding Peaches - These Monkeys were Celeste Dickinson's Favorite Decor Items.
      Monkeys are the Most Versatile Sign in the Chinese Zodiac and the Peach is a Chinese Symbol of Longevity.
      (Value: $650 Opening Bid: $260)
410   Large Decorative Ceramic Chinese Vase - Large Decorative Ceramic Chinese Vase Painted with Court Scene.
      3' in Height. (Value: $450 Opening Bid: $180)

Textiles and Baskets
500   Classic Lace Table Cloth and Napkin Set - Lace Tablecloth and Napkin Set with Blue Embroidery. Excellent
      Condition. c. 1940's. (Value: $200 Opening Bid: $80)
501   Belgian Congo Kuba Cloth Textile - Belgian Congo Kuba Cloth Textile in a Sepia Base Design with Thick Brown
      Diamopnd Link Pattern. c. 1950's. (Value: $800 Opening Bid: $200)
502   Belgian Congo Cloth Textile - Belgian Congo Kuba Cloth Textile in a Light Tan Maze Patter with Dark Brown
      Outline and Strongly Opposing Yet Connected Vertical and Horizontal Lines. c. 1950's. (Value: $700 Opening
      Bid: $180)
503   Planted Basket - Planted Basket by Leonora Moss (Value: $75 Opening Bid: $30)
504   Basket from the Phillipines - Large Basket with Lid. Phillipines (Value: $40 Opening Bid: $20)
505   Ivory Sleeve Band - Chinese Ivory Silk Embroidered Sleeve Band, Matted and Framed Using Acid-Free
      Methods and Materials. (Value: $350 Opening Bid: $140)
506   Blue Sleeve Band - Chinese Blue Silk Embroidered Sleeve Band, Matted and Framed Using Acid-Free Methods
      and Materials. (Value: $350 Opening Bid: $140)
507   Japanese - American Textile from Early 1930's - Sepia on Black Embroidered Textile Created by a Japanese-
      American Family circa 1930's. (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
508   Rare Japanese Textile Art with Dragon Motif - (Value: $2000 Opening Bid: $500)
509   Small Southeast Asian Kalaga – With Buddha King Figure (Value: $225 Opening Bid: $90)
510   Tibetan Thangka with Central Figure Surrounded by Men on Horseback - (Value: $800 Opening Bid: $200)
511   Tibetan Thangka with Red Central Figure - (Value: $1600 Opening Bid: $400)
512   Framed Dragon Tapestry - Dragon and Clouds Design. (Value: $600 Opening Bid: $240)
513   Indonesian Hanging Textile with Carved Wood Hanger - Southeast Asian Wall Hanging with Orange and Ivory
      Figures. (Value: $600 Opening Bid: $240)
514   Pair of Tibetan Thigma Sitting Rugs - These Small Sitting Rugs (Khaden) Were Used for Seating on a Platform
      during the Day. (Value: $900 Opening Bid: $360)
515   Navy and Beige Checker Design Tibetan Sleeping Rug - (Value: $900 Opening Bid: $360)
516   Red Tibetan Rug with Two Orange Dragons - (Value: $1600 Opening Bid: $650)
517   Tibetan Saddle Rug with Floral and Fish Motif - (Value: $1800 Opening Bid: $700)
518   Chinese Throne Rug with Three Black Serpent Figures - (Value: $500 Opening Bid: $200)
519   Rug with Deer and Clouds from Baotou - (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
520   Black Tibetan Rug with Two Orange Dragons - (Value: $800 Opening Bid: $200)
521   Marshall Islands Handwoven Basket and Fan - (Value: $65 Opening Bid: $30)
522    Pair of Japanese Heian Dolls (Value: $350 Opening Bid: $140)
523    Black Southeast Asian Textile Art with Dragon Motif - (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
524    Group of Thai Collar Tabs - Embroidered Thai Collar Tabs. (Value: $200 Opening Bid: $80)
525    Framed Embroidery of Two Birds on a Branch - Chinese, Early 20th Century (Value: $800 Opening Bid: $200)
526    Large Basket with Loop Handle - (Value: $175 Opening Bid: $70)
527    Large Oval Basket with Lid - (Value: $175 Opening Bid: $70)
528    Group of Four Baskets - (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
529    Modern Green Obi with Red and White Roses - (Value: $100 Opening Bid: $40)
530    Vintage Japanese Textile - In Tones of Gray and Purple. (Value: $200 Opening Bid: $80)
531    Round Basket with Stand - Round Basket on a Wooden Stand (Value: $80 Opening Bid: $30)
532    1930s Hand Embroidered Silk Chinese Elbow Pillow – Circa 1930s with Dragon and Phoenix Motif.
       (Value: $180 Opening Bid: $70)
533    Moroccan Flat Weave Carpet - Moroccan Flat Weave Carpet. 3' x 6'. (Value: $1000 Opening Bid: $250)
534    Chinese Embroidered Panel with Floral Design - Chinese Embroidered Panel with Floral Design and Buddhist
       Symbols. c. 1890's. (Value: $2500 Opening Bid: $630)
535    Antique Framed Chinese Satin Stitched Textile Panel - Framed Chinese Satin Stitched Textile Panel with Floral
       Motifs and Butterfly 20th Century. (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
536    Framed Indonesian Batik - With Geometric Tree Pattern. (Value: $150 Opening Bid: $60)
537    Framed 16th Century Flemish Floral Tapestry - 16th Century. (Value: $1200 Opening Bid: $300)
538    Silk Fan Print Obi - Fan Print Obi. 100% Silk. c. 1960's. (Value: $350 Opening Bid: $140)
539    Southeast Asian Kalaga with Buddha King Scene - Depicting a Pre-Jataka (Buddha's Enlightenment) Scene.
       (Value: $650 Opening Bid: $260)
540    Small Framed Elephant Kalaga - This Small Framed Kalaga Depicts the Elephant, a Lucky Animal for Many
       Southeast Asian Countries. 20th Century. (Value: $100 Opening Bid: $40)
541    Family of Three Indonesian Wayang Golek Puppets - Part of the Traditional Storytelling Culture of Indonesia.
       (Value: $60 Opening Bid: $20)
542    Japanese Obi Hanging with Dragon Motif - Obi Textile Hanging with Dragon. Subtle Beige and Gray Palate
       Accented with Coral Hue. Japan, 20th century. (Value: $200 Opening Bid: $80)

Paintings, Prints, Photos, and Books
600    Six Panel Framed Album Leaves - The Fisherman, Scholar, Woodcutter, Teacher, Filial Piey, and Charity.
       Chinese, Early 20th Century. (Value: $350 Opening Bid: $140)
601    Woodblock Triptych by Chi Kanobu – Circa 1895. Titled: "The Beautiful Girls are Enjoying the Coolness of the
       Pond of the Beautiful Spacious Garden." (Value: $700 Opening Bid: $300)
602    Woodblock Triptych by Toshitada or his Student – Circa. Titled: "Meiji Emperor and Empress with Man on
       Step.” (Value: $400 Opening Bid: $160)
603    Woodblock Triptych by Yoshimitsu - Titled: "Emperor and Empress Enjoying Beautiful Flowers and Old Style
       Football Game." (Value: $500 Opening Bid: $200)
604    "Wayfarer Shire" Photograph - By Tharpa Chotron. Calcutta, 2007. (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
605    Painting by Jimmy Engineer - Painting by Jimmy Engineer that Reads "In the Name of Allah the Beneficent
       the Merciful" (Value: $1000 Opening Bid: $250)
606    Calligraphy Scroll of Hong Yi Parable - This Caligraphy Scoll is a Rendering of a Spiritual Prose by Hong Yi.
       (Value: $2000 Opening Bid: $500)
607    Pomegranate and Loquat Scroll Painting - Strong Representation of the Shanghai School of Art with Colorful
       Fruit and Dark Foliage on a White Background. (Value: $1500 Opening Bid: $380)
608    Reprint from Mark Edward Harris' "Inside North Korea" Photojournal - Photo Reprint of a North Korean
       Traffic Signal Person. (Value: $750 Opening Bid: $190)
609    Open Hearts Open Doors: Reflections on China's Past and Future – A Visual Journey to Traditional Villages
       throughout Southeastern China. (Value: $125 Opening Bid: $50)
610    "The Burden" by Maha Shweta Sharma - "The Burden of a Woman of Being with a Man and Without", Oil on
       Canvas, 2003. (Value: $2900 Opening Bid: $730)
611   Set of Four Chinese Acrobat Prints - Four Gold Framed Prints of Chinese Acrobats, Each Depicting a Different
      Style and Form. (Value: $400 Opening Bid: $160)
612   Chinese Mountain Village Scroll Print - Chinese Scroll Painting Depicting a Landscape Image of a Rural Village
      Tucked Away in a Mountain Range. (Value: $350 Opening Bid: $140)
613   Chinese Seal Script Scroll - Long Chinese Scroll with Black Calligraphy and Red Stamps. (Value: $300 Opening
      Bid: $120)
614   "Celestial Dancer" by Maha Shweta Sharma - Painting by Maha Shweta Sharma Titled "Celestial Dancer", Oil
      on Canvas, 2003. (Value: $1900 Opening Bid: $480)
615   "Akbar Crossing the River" by Maha Shweta Sharma - Painting by Maha Shweta Sharma Titled "Akbar
      Crossing the River", Oil on Canvas, 1998. (Value: $1400 Opening Bid: $350)
616   "Goddess of Wealth" by Maha Shweta Sharma - Painting by Maha Shweta Sharma Titled "Goddess of
      Wealth", Oil on Canvas, 1990. (Value: $2100 Opening Bid: $530)
617   Portrait of Park Keeper's Daughter - By Tharpa Chotron, Calcutta, 2007 (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
618   Portrait of a Village Woman - By Tharpa Chotron, State of Orissa, 2007. (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
619   Portrait of Village Girl in Orange Dress - By Tharpa Chotron, State of Orissa, 2007.
      (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
620   Ganesh Photograph - By Tharpa Chotron: Calcutta, 2007 (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
621   Framed Portrait of Child in Kimono on Mounted Silk - (Value: $650 Opening Bid: $260)
622   Three Prints from Series 69 Stations of Kisokaido by Hiroshige - Station 64: Toriimoto; Station 24: Hionada;
      Station 45: Ochiai, 20th Century Reprint (Value: $675 Opening Bid: $270)
623   Collection of Five Small Japanese Prints - (Value: $225 Opening Bid: $90)
624   Two Japanese Prints of Women - Print of Three Women with Musical lnstruments and Black and White
      Japanese Print of Three Women at the River. (Value: $175 Opening Bid: $70)
625   Two Colorful Japanese Prints - Bird on a Blossoming Branch with a Bright Blue Background and Steetscene
      with Dark Building. (Value: $230 Opening Bid: $90)
626   Two Framed Japanese Prints - Onoe Taganojo as "Nine-tailed Otama", and The Zen Patriarch Saion plus
      Miracles of Kannon Pilgrimage to the West (Value: $320 Opening Bid: $130)
627   Japanese Print of Kabuki Actor - (Value: $130 Opening Bid: $50)
628   Mumtaz Mahal: A Teardrop on the Cheek of Time – Painting by Maha Shweta Sharma (Value: $3000
      Opening Bid: $500)
629   Two Thomas Allom Engravings from "The Views of China" - Two Thomas Allom Engravings from "The Views
      of China". 19th Century. (Value: $650 Opening Bid: $260)
630   Painting by Sesin Jong - This painting circa 1996 Reflects Dr. Jong’s Sense of a Chinese Landscape.
      (Value: $1200 Opening Bid: $300)
631   Chinese Tablet of a General - Chinese Rubbing of a General with Calligraphy Inscription. Golden Pigment on
      Black Tablet. (Value: $2000 Opening Bid: $500)
632   "The Parvati" by Maha Shweta Sharma - Painting by Maha Shweta Sharma Titled "The Parvati", Oil on
      Canvas, 1990. (Value: $2100 Opening Bid: $530)
633   Collection of Books on Japanese Theatre – Four Books Include: "Kabuki", "No: The Classical Theatre of
      Japan"and Two Others(Value: $520 Opening Bid: $210)
634   Collection of Books on Netsuke - Four Books Include: "Netsuke Familiar and Unfamiliar", "The Art of
      Netsuke", "The Poetry of Netsuke" and One Other(Value: $480 Opening Bid: $190)
635   Collection of Zen Books - Collection Includes Three Books: "The Moon in the Pines", "Zen and the Fine Arts"
      and "Zen Ink Paintings". (Value: $260 Opening Bid: $100)
636   Collection of Books on Hokusai - Four Books Include: "Hokusai: Life and Works", "Hokusai: Painting,
      Drawings and Woodcuts" and Two Others (Value: $355 Opening Bid: $140)
637   "Shiva Lingams" Photograph - By Tharpa Chotron. Calcutta, 2007. (Value: $300 Opening Bid: $120)
638   Collection of Books on Hokusai and Hiroshige - Five Books Include: "Hokusai and Hiroshige", "Hiroshige: One
      Hundred Famous Views of Edo" and Others (Value: $720 Opening Bid: $180)
639   Collection of Books on Hiroshige - Six Books Include: "Hiroshige Birds and Flowers", "Hiroshige Prints and
      Drawings", and Others (Value: $730 Opening Bid: $180)
640    Collection of Books on the Influence of Japanese Art - Includes "Japonisme", "Japonisme Comes to
       America" and "The Great Wave". (Value: $240 Opening Bid: $100)
641    Collection of Books on Japanese Architecture and Design - Five Books Include: "Decorating with Flowers",
       "Traditional Japanese Furniture" and Others. (Value: $637 Opening Bid: $250)
642    Collection of Books on Utamaro - Four Books Include: "Utamaro: A Chorus of Birds", "Utamaro: Songs of the
       Garden" and Others. (Value: $340 Opening Bid: $140)
643    Collection of Books by Jack Hiller - Six Books (Two Signed) Includes: "Japanese Masters of the Colour Print",
       "The Japanese Picture Book" and Others. (Value: $545 Opening Bid: $220)
644    Collection of Books on Japanese Masters - Seven Books Include: “Through Japan with Brush and Ink",
       "Woodblock and the Artist" and Others. (Value: $662 Opening Bid: $260)
645    Collection of Books on the Arts of Japan - Four Books Include: "Folk Traditions in Japanese Art", "Heritage of
       Japanese Art" and Others. (Value: $250 Opening Bid: $100)
646    Collection of Books on Japanese Fashion and Poetry - Includes: "A Net of Fireflies", "The Flight of
       Butterflies" and "When Art Became Fashion". (Value: $180 Opening Bid: $70)
647    Collection of Books on Japanese Prints - Five Books Include: "Japanese Graphic Art", "Prints of the Floating
       World" and Others. (Value: $305 Opening Bid: $120)
648    Collection of Books on Ukiyo-e - Five Books Include: "The Floating World of Ukiyo-e”, "Ukiyo-e: 250 Years of
       Japanese Art” and Others. (Value: $365 Opening Bid: $150)
649    Collection of Books on Frank Lloyd Wright - Three Books Include:"Frank Lloyd Wright and the Art of Japan"
       and "Others (Value: $345 Opening Bid: $140)
650    Collection of Books on Woodblock Prints - Five Books Include: "Japanese Woodcuts: Early Periods", "Ukiyo-e
       to Shin Hanga" and Others. (Value: $404 Opening Bid: $160)
651    Collection of Books on Japanese Culture and History - Five Books Include: "Japan: The Shaping of Daimyo
       Culture", "Warriors of Medieval Japan" and Others. (Value: $273 Opening Bid: $110)
652    Book Collection on Ages of Japanese Art - Five Books Include: "Japanese Prints from Early Masters to the
       Modern", "Rediscovering to Old Tokaido" (Value: $204 Opening Bid: $80)
653    "Spirit Stones of China" Book - (Value: $200 Opening Bid: $80)

Dining, Trips & Entertainment
700   Chinese American Museum Membership and Basket - Membership to the Chinese American Museum in Los
      Angeles and a Collection of Books and DVDs (Value: $158 Opening Bid: $60)
701   Portrait Photography Package from Roclord Studios - Consultation, Studio Portrait Session, and One 8x10
      Gallery Print (Retouched, Matted and Signed) (Value: $500 Opening Bid: $200)
702   Fine Art Portrait Session with Mark Robert Halper - A Fine Art Portrait Session for Your Family and a
      "Bookcase Print" of the Photo of Your Choice. (Value: $990 Opening Bid: $250)
703   Portrait of Your Children by Mark Robert Halper - Portrait Session with Your Children and a "Desktop Print' of
      the Photo of Your Choice. (Value: $750 Opening Bid: $190)
704   Dinner and a Movie - $50 Gift Certificate to Saladang or Saladang Song in Pasadena and Two Tickets to
      Lammle's "Royal Theatre" in West Los Angeles. (Value: $72 Opening Bid: $30)
705   Mind and Body Package in Pasadena- Excercise Your Mind and Body with a One Month All-Access Pass to
      Equinox Fitness and 5 Sessions at Yoga House. (Value: $550 Opening Bid: $220)
706   Just for the Kids! Package - Package Includes: Zimmer Children's Museum in Los Angeles, Skirball Cultural
      Center, Armory Center for the Arts (Value: $285 Opening Bid: $110)
707   Theatre Lovers' Package - Package Includes: Two Tickets to a Performance at the John Anson Ford Theatres
      and Two Season Tickets to Theatre West. (Value: $315 Opening Bid: $130)
708   Breakfast Lovers' Package - Package Includes: Warehouse Restaurant, Smokehouse Restaurant, Marston's,
      and Peet's Coffe for One Year. (Value: $367 Opening Bid: $150)
709   San Diego Adventure - Package Includes: Four Passes to the San Diego Museum of Art and Two Tickets to the
      San Diego Zoo. (Value: $118 Opening Bid: $50)
710   Relaxation Package - Package Includes: 10 Sessions at Bikram Yoga in Pasadena and a $95 Gift Certificate to
      Skin Deep Laser and Medspa. (Value: $240 Opening Bid: $100)
711   Four Preferred Seats to the 2011 Rose Parade - Gift Certificate from Sharp Seating for Four Preferred Seats to
      the 2011 Rose Parade. (Value: $260 Opening Bid: $100)
712   For the Kid in All of Us Package - Package Includes: Monterey Bay Aquarium and Santa Monica Pier's Pacific
      Park. (Value: $148 Opening Bid: $60)
713   Outdoor Enthusiasts Package - Package Includes: Palm Springs Arial Tram Rides, Huntington Library and
      Botanical Gardens, Marina Del Rey Garden Center. (Value: $136 Opening Bid: $50)
714   Comedy Package I - Package Includes: The Groundlings Theater and Comedy Showcase in Hollywood, and Ice
      House Comedy Nightclub in Pasadena. (Value: $176 Opening Bid: $70)
715   Comedy Package II - Package Includes: The Groundlings Theater and Comedy Showcase in Hollywood, and Ice
      House Comedy Nightclub and in Pasadena. (Value: $176 Opening Bid: $70)
716   Dance Lovers' Package - Package Includes: Pasadena Dance Theatre's 2010 Production of "The Nutcracker"
      and Lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studio. (Value: $290 Opening Bid: $120)
717   Two Season Tickets to the Colony Theater - Two Season Tickets to the Colony Theater's 2010-2011 Season.
      (Value: $350 Opening Bid: $140)
718   Wine Tasting for Twelve Guests - An Eight Bottle Wine Tasting for Twelve Guests in Your Home with PRP
      Wine International Sales Representative. (Value: $350 Opening Bid: $140)
719   Experience Pasadena Package - Package Includes: Pasadena Heritage Weekend, Gale's Restaurant, Green
      Street Restaurant, Red, White and Bluezz. (Value: $360 Opening Bid: $140)
720   Dinner and a Movie II - Carousel Restaurant in Glendale and Admission for Two to Lammle's "Royal Theatre"
      in West Los Angeles. (Value: $107 Opening Bid: $40)
721   Two Bleacher Seats at the 2011 Rose Parade - (Value: $180 Opening Bid: $70)
722   Pop Art à la Warhol from Your Photograph - A Personal Photograph Turned into a Pop-Art Painting from (Value: $100 Opening Bid: $40)
723   Music and Dance Package - Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Grupo Corpo at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion,
      and Lessons at Fred Astaire Studio (Value: $560 Opening Bid: $220)
724   Boys Day Out Package - Package Includes: Golf for Four at Either Altadena or Eaton Canyon Golf Course and 8
      Guest Checks to In-N-Out Burger (Value: $174 Opening Bid: $70)
725   Zulu Nyala African Photo Safari - Experience the Best of Both the Wild and Sophisticated Africa with the
      Dedicated Zulu Nyala Team. (Value: $3950)
726   Dinner and a Movie III - Package Includes: Dish Restaurant in La Canada-Flintridge and Admission for Two to
      Lammle's "Royal Theatre" (Value: $72 Opening Bid: $30)
727   Four 1-Day Park Hopper Tickets to Disneyland - Four 1-Day Park Hopper Tickets for Both Disneyland Park and
      Disney's California Adventure Park. (Value: $404 Opening Bid: $160)
728   Center Theatre Group Package - Two Tickets to One Performance Each at the Mark Taper Forum and Kirk
      Douglas Theatre and Gold Level Membership (Value: $550 Opening Bid: $220)
729   Sports Lovers' Package - Package Includes: Football - UCLA vs. Oregon State on 11/16/10 and Soccer - L.A.
      Galaxy vs. Colorado Rapids on 10/16/10. (Value: $372 Opening Bid: $150)
730   Huntington Gardens Tour and Tea for 6 with Director, Jim Folsom - Behind-the-Scenes Tour with Dr. Folsom
      and Tea at Tea Room. (Value: $600 Opening Bid: $240)
731   3 Night Stay at Deer Run Ranch in Ojai - Three Night Stay at Deer Run Ranch in Upper Ojai. (Value: $1000
      Opening Bid: $250)
732   Cocktails for 8 in the Hanson Gazebo in Pasadena - Venue and Beverages (Wine & Cocktails) for 8 in the
      Beautiful Hanson Gazebo in Pasadena. (Value: $800 Opening Bid: $200)
733   Descanso Gardens Package - Family Plus Membership to Descanso Gardens, a $100 Gift Card to Cafe Descans,
      Descanso Gardens Book, plus Plant. (Value: $325 Opening Bid: $130)
734   Week in Cabo - At Club Cascadas de Baja, One of the Most Authentic and Respected Resorts on the Beach,
      January 6 – January 13, 2011. (Value: $2100 Opening Bid: $530)
735   Tickets to the Hollywood Bowl - Hollywood Bowl Box of Four Seats on the Terrace Level. Date TBD in June
      2011 (Either a Saturday or Thursday Night). (Value: $400 Opening Bid: $160)
736   Gift Certificate to Macy's Department Store - $150 in Gift Certificates to Macy's Department Store. (Value:
      $150 Opening Bid: $60)
737   Orchestra Seats for “Lohengrin” at LA Opera on December 4, 2010 – (Value: $414 Opening Bid: $170)
                                               LIVE AUCTION
       Live Auction will begin in the Dining Room at approximately 7:45pm. Please listen for announcements.

1000 Shiva as Lord of Dance - An Indian, early 20th century, bronze casting of the Hindu god Shiva as Lord of Dance
       (Nataraja). The Indian continent is famous for its bronze making ability for more than a thousand years. Shiva
       is one of the most famous of the many Hindu gods and is (Value: $4,000 Opening Bid: $1000)
1001   8 Day "Rhine Getaway" Cruise from Amsterdam to Basel (or reverse) for two people, cabin category C - Visit
       all the highlights of the legendary Rhine in just 8 days. In Germany, see the many charming castles
       commanding the riverbanks as you sail by, and tour both Marksburg Castle and the ruins of Heidelberg Castle.
       Admire Cologne, the jewel of the Rhine (Value: $7,198 Opening Bid: $1800)
1002   Incredible India - Your trip begins in Delhi with a visit to Old Delhi covering the Red Fort, Raj Ghat, Ashoka
       Pillar and the mile-long Chandni Chowk bazaar. Then experience New Delhi as you drive along Rajpath to
       view the Parliament House, the President's House and India (Value: $10,050 Opening Bid: $2510)
1003   Wine Cellar – A selection of collectible and fine wines is available for bidding. Visit the Wine Cellar display for
       a complete list of wines. (Value: $5,148 Opening Bid: $1290)
1004   Giant Buddha - Buddha will be on display in the valet area of the California Club
       (Value: $3,500 Opening Bid: $880)
1005   Lunch for Twelve with Lisa See - Lisa will host a lunch for you and your guests to discuss her novels,
       characters. One of Lisa’s novels, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, has been adapted for film and is scheduled
       for release in 2011.(Value: $3,000 Opening Bid: $750)

                                           Mini Cooper Raffle
                     Tickets for the Raffle/Opportunity Drawing are $50 each or $250 for six.
           One winner will be drawn about 9:30pm in the Dining Room. Please listen for announcements.

       Prize options:
       • Take the Cash: You may choose to take a $15,000 cash prize.
       • Take the Car: A 2010 Mini Cooper from Alexander Mini in Los Angeles with your choice of white or
         red exterior, MSRP $21,250
       • Take a Better Car: Pay to upgrade to a convertible or other MINI or BMW
       How to Enter:
       • During the event, raffle entries will be accepted using bidder numbers only. They will be charged to
          your bidder account, and charged at the end of the night. Please go to the Mini Cooper Raffle Station
          in the Main Lounge or speak with a Raffle Volunteer.
       Raffle Rules:
       • Participants must be at least 18 years old.
       • Winner is responsible for all tax, license, and document fees.
       • If winner chooses car, Pacific Asia Museum will collect state and federal withholding tax at time of
       drawing. Winner will also pay sales tax and license fees at dealership.
       • If winner chooses cash, Pacific Asia Museum will deduct state and federal withholding tax from prize.
       • If fewer than 700 tickets are sold, winner will receive a cash prize equal to a 50% share of the net raffle
       proceeds, less state and federal withholding taxes.
       • Ticket purchase price is not considered a donation for tax purposes.
       • You may enter as often as you wish. Odds of winning are dependent on number of entries received.
       • The winner will be selected in a random drawing on October 2, 2010. Winner need not be present.
       For complete information on the raffle, please visit the Mini Cooper Raffle Station in the Main Lounge
                                              or speak with a Raffle Volunteer.
           Silent Auction Bidding Procedures and Rules
1.      The Silent Auction begins at 5:30 pm. A warning of imminent closure of the Silent Auction will be
        given fifteen (15) and five (5) minutes prior to closing.

2.      Bids will be accepted on each item until closing.

3.      A bid sheet is displayed for each item. In order for a bid to be considered valid, the bidder’s
        name, table number and bid amount must appear on the appropriate line. Bids that do not
        follow the opening amount and minimum increments indicated on each sheet will not be
        considered valid bids.

4.      Bidding on an item will stop when the Silent Auction is closed and an Auction Attendant picks up
        the bid sheet.

5.      The person whose name appears opposite the highest valid bid will be considered the winner.

6.      All guests will be asked for their credit cards at registration. No credit card information will be
        retained by Pacific Asia Museum following the event.

7.      All items have been donated specifically for the purpose of raising funds for the museum. None
        of the items are from the museum’s collection.

8.      All items are sold “as is.” There are no returns, credits, or refunds. Pacific Asia Museum makes
        no warranties or representations of any kind or nature, either expressed or implied, with
        respect to the property. If you decide not to take your item, your purchase price will be
        considered a donation to Pacific Asia Museum.

9.      It is the successful bidder’s responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for trips or as
        required for other items, unless otherwise specified on the bid sheet or relevant certificate.
        After payment is made, the certificates are the property of the winning bidder, and cannot be
        replaced or altered.

10.     Suggested values have been supplied by the donors and appraisers, and are not guaranteed by
        Pacific Asia Museum.

11.     Winning bid does not include California sales tax. All art objects are subject to sales tax, and the
        sales tax must be paid in accordance with the law. Please consult your tax advisor regarding
        deductibility of contributions.

12.     Final bids do not include shipping or delivery charges. Winning bidders are responsible for all
        shipping and delivery charges. Winning bidders must contact PAM to make delivery
        arrangements. Please Note: Very large items may be picked up at Pacific Asia Museum between
        October 5 - 8, 2010. Please contact the Festival Office at 626.449.2742 ext. 28 or to arrange your pick-up time.

Participation in the Festival constitutes a waiver of any and all claims against Pacific Asia Museum, its
employees, agents and representatives for any damage, loss or injury resulting from or connected with
the use or receipt of any item or service auctioned.

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