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					              Volume XII, Issue 2
                     April 2009

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Feature Articles:
                      Resident Spotlight: Stephen Desjardins . . . . . . 10
                      Read about a resident who does country music proud while living his dream.

                                                  Recreation and Special Events . . . . . . . . 22
                                                  Check out upcoming recreational opportunities for you and your family.

                                The Village Farmer’s Market . . . . . . . . . . . .24,25
                                Browse a photo pictorial of what goes on Saturday mornings at the local farmer’s market!

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      Dave Shirk, President                      Ed Schwartz, Treas.                      Doreen Leonard                   A Letter to Fellow Homeowners                                                  8
      Joe Overberger, V-Pres.                    Sharon Bright                            Pete Zieg
      Lizzette Herron, Sec’y                     John Fields
                                                                                                                           Help Keep Hunter’s Creek Beautiful                                             9
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      John Rasnic, MCM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .General Manager
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                                                                                                                           Dog Park Committee                                                           13
      Roy Figg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Manager, Grounds & Maintenance                     Law Enforcement                                                              14
      Steve Logan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Manager, Recreation & Special Events                        Finance Committee                                                            15
      Karen Marich, LCAM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Manager, Community Standards                             Accounting Department                                                        16
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                                                                                                                           Communications Department                                                    17
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Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                                                                                                             3
                                                              total, the discussion lasted one hour and fifteen minutes.

                                                              It appears that there is a difference of opinion as to the
                      From the General                        direction that the HCSC is heading. The HCCA Board of
                                                              Directors has made it known that it would like to see the
                      Manager’s Desk                          HCCA continue to limit the number of non-residents that
                      By John Rasnic, MCM                     use our parks and facilities. To this end, we have recently
                                                              changed the resident-to-guest ratio for “walk-on use of
                      The Future of Soccer in                 facilities” from 1-to-3 to 1-to-2. Staff is preparing a change
    John Rasnic
                      Hunter’s Creek                          in the permitting procedure which will necessitate a 1-to-1
                                                              ratio for any group acquiring a permit to use HCCA
One of the recreational clubs that is important to Hunter’s   facilities.
Creek is the Hunter’s Creek Soccer Club (HCSC). There
were 800 youths registered for soccer in the fall season of   The sports leagues that operate within Hunter’s Creek are
2008, and that number is expected to be about the same        scheduled to be at a 1-to-1 ratio in the future for each team
for the spring season of 2009.                                in the league. Soccer is scheduled to reach that point for
                                                              the fall season of 2009.
To run an organization as large as the HCSC, it takes a lot
of volunteers and a lot of time for the Hunter’s Creek        In 2006, 71% of HCSC participants were residents of
Community Association (HCCA) staff to make sure that          Hunter’s Creek, and in the fall of 2008, 57% were reported
there is enough field space allocated for practice and        to be residents of Hunter’s Creek. The number of
games.                                                        competitive teams increased from twelve in 2007 to
                                                              twenty-five in 2008.
At the last HCCA Board meeting, Recreation & Special
Events Manager Steve Logan gave a PowerPoint                  The HCCA does not want to get directly involved in the
presentation regarding the HCSC and a discussion between      operation of the HCSC, but since the HCSC is the main
the Board and several members of the HCSC followed. In        user of the Association’s outdoor facilities, it is in the

4                                                                                  Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
HCCA’s best interest to help guide the HCSC in the             Private Security
direction that the HCCA Board of Directors would like to
see the club move. Therefore, the HCCA Board of                In an effort to reduce expenditures for the law enforcement
Directors was very clear at their March 5th meeting when       and ID monitoring detail for the Hunter’s Creek Commu-
they passed a motion stating that the Board reaffirms its      nity Association (HCCA), an Ad-Hoc Deputy Task Force
policy to move towards all sports teams having a 1-to-1        Committee was formed to review expenditures related to
resident-to-guest ratio.                                       the Orange County deputies. Based on a recommendation
                                                               made by the Ad-Hoc Deputy Task Force Committee,
The policy that the HCCA Board of Directors has set is         HCCA will, for a trial period, replace one of the deputies
that each league must see to it that each one of its teams     at one of our parks with an employee of a private security
has a ratio of at least one resident to one guest. This        firm.
would essentially eliminate some of the teams that the
HCSC has added to its league, in which there are no            Staff is now negotiating with a private security firm to test
residents on the coaching staff or playing for the team.       this program for several months. There will always be an
                                                               Orange County deputy scheduled to be in Hunter’s Creek
Our current fees charged to the sports teams, including the    during the time that the park monitor is working, and this
HCSC, are $2 per resident and $5 per non-resident. Begin-      deputy will be available should the private security em-
ning with the fall season of 2009, the HCCA will collect       ployee need assistance.
$30 for each non-resident on each sports team; there will be
no charge for residents. In addition, the HCSC will pay        The Ad-Hoc Deputy Task Force Committee will then evalu-
$20 per team to the HCCA.                                      ate the private security employee’s performance and the re-
                                                               sults will be used to determine whether we will increase the
Since the residents of Hunter’s Creek pay for the upkeep of    use of private security firm personnel in the future or dis-
fields through their assessments, it is the HCCA Board’s       continue their use.
intention to give priority to the children of Hunter’s Creek
residents when HCCA is asked to provide field space for
sports leagues.

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                          5
                                                                           HCCA Board of Directors
        President - Dave Shirk                      Vice-President - Joe Overberger       Treasurer - Ed Schwartz    Secretary - Lizzette Herron
                                                   Directors - Sharon Bright, John Fields, Doreen Leonard and Pete Zieg
                                                         HCCA Board Committees and Chairpersons
    Appreciation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pete Zieg   Landscape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cynthia Cuenin   Public Safety . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dave Shirk
    Architectural Review. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carole Scheinler     Magazine. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Denise Sedon   Rules/By-Laws . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jack Callender
    Dog Park . . . Jane Granfield, Ken Peplow, Marlane Spizzirri         Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dave Shirk    Strategic Planning. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John Fields
    Finance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ed Schwartz    Nominating. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Maureen Edwards      Tennis. . . . . . . . . . . . Stacy Shishima & Ralph Zabriskie
                                                                         Property Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sharon Bright
                                                          For more information on any of these committees, contact the HCCA office at 407/240-6000.

Board of Directors Meeting                                                                                  Treasurer; Directors Sharon Bright, John Fields, Doreen
                                                                                                            Leonard and Pete Zieg.
By Denise Sedon

The following report is not the official minutes of the March                                               Consent Agenda: There were 16 consent agenda items. The
5th, 2009 Board of Directors meeting. A complete copy of                                                    consent agenda consists of informational material and rou-
the official minutes can be obtained at the HCCA office at                                                  tine business issues not requiring individual attention unless
the Town Hall once they are approved, which is normally at                                                  requested by a member of the Board. Several items on the
the next BOD meeting. Approved minutes are also available                                                   consent agenda were discussed. Sharon complimented the
on our Web site, www.hunterscreek.net. Move your cursor to                                                  implementation of the smoking cessation program here at
Board Room in the Main Menu, choose HCCA Board of                                                           the Association; eight of our ten smokers “kicked the habit.”
Directors from the drop-down menu and Board Meeting                                                         Management’s role in possibly providing managerial support
Minutes from the slide-out list.                                                                            to other entities was also discussed. Board members were up-
                                                                                                            dated on the progress of the cell towers in Hunter’s Creek
Present at the meeting were seven Board members: Dave                                                       and the possibility of providing WiFi in the future was also
Shirk, President; Joe Overberger, Vice-President; Ed Schwartz,                                              touched upon. All consent agenda items were passed unani-

                                                                                                            New Business:

                                                                                                            Hunter’s Creek Soccer: Several representatives were in at-
                                                                                                            tendance to participate in a discussion related to soccer in
                                                                                                            Hunter’s Creek. Steve Logan, HCCA Recreation Manager,
                                                                                                            presented a slide show outlining the history, benefits,
                                                                                                            achievements and current status of the Hunter’s Creek Soc-
                                                                                                            cer Club. Dave McMahon, VP of Competitive Soccer; Dario
                                                                                                            Ayala, VP of Recreational Soccer, and Jay Ramdass, Settlers
                                                                                                            Landing resident, all addressed the Board to express their
                                                                                                            views. There is some dissention within the club and two sep-
                                                                                                            arate factions. The Board moved to reaffirm the HCCA’s in-
                                                                                                            tention to continue towards a 1-1 resident-to-guest ratio for
                                                                                                            all sports teams, but declined to give specific support to ei-
                                                                                                            ther side. The Board also agreed with a recommendation

6                                                                                                                                           Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
made by John Rasnic, HCCA General Manager, to allow
Management to resolve any soccer-related conflicts which
                                                                  Legislative Update
involve the HCCA.                                                 By Representative Darren Soto, District 49

Relay for Life: Relay Committee members Carol                     I wanted to give you all an update of where we are in session. I
MacKeen and Denise Kiernan, along with American Cancer            am pleased to inform you that the Luis Rivera Ortega Street
Society representative Matthew Sousa, were on hand to ask         Racing Bill passed its first committee today. I will be doing
the Board’s permission to hold this year’s event at Osprey        everything in my power to see this matter through during this
Park, as in years past. Permission was granted, and this year’s   session.
event, with the theme “Heroes for Hope,” will take place on
Saturday, November 14th and Sunday, November 15th.                In regards to budget issues, I am intimately aware of the
Carol promised to address a couple of issues, including           serious challenges we face in funding education, healthcare,
security and noise, with HCCA Management.                         criminal and civil justice, and transportation, among other
                                                                  serious needs. At this point, there are many things unknown.
Working Capital Fees: The Board moved to accept a                 We still do not have a complete picture of what the federal
recommendation that the current $495 Working Capital Fee          stimulus package (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of
charged to home buyers be renewed and used to continue            2009) will mean to our deliberations. We are also awaiting the
to fund Capital Projects for an additional five years; a          conclusions of the Budget Estimating Conference to determine
community vote will be scheduled.                                 our full revenue picture. We are also seriously looking at a
                                                                  multitude of other tax reform measures, including removing
Next Scheduled Board Meeting: The next Board of                   certain corporate tax and document stamp tax loopholes, which
Directors meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 2nd at
                                                                  account for over half a billion dollars in lost revenue. We are
3:00 PM at the Town Hall. Residents are welcome to attend.
                                                                  reviewing sales tax exemptions to determine whether they are
Thank You: Our thanks go to HoneyBaked Ham, who                   still justified. Moreover, we are taking a serious look at the
provided delicious sandwiches and salad at a reduced cost         cigarette tax as a way to offset escalating healthcare costs.
for the meal break.
                                                                  Other than the cigarette tax, I have not supported any other tax
                                                                  increases. There is a bill being proposed which would raise the
                                                                  sales tax by one penny to offset potential cuts to education. In
                                                                  an effort to maintain our true democracy, I ask for your opinions
                                                                  in regards to this proposed measure, and I will take it into
                                                                  strong consideration in determining whether I should support
                                                                  the measure. Thank you all for your continued civic activism. My
                                                                  office remains open to you for any issues which may arise.

                                                                  Tallahassee Office:
                                                                  1402 The Capitol,
                                                                  402 S. Monroe Street,
                                                                  Tallahassee, FL 32399
                                                                  (850) 488-9240

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                                7
A Letter to Fellow Homeowners                                       a property being a “bank-owned disposal.” This certainly has an
                                                                    effect on our property values.
By Ernst Schindele, Ashton Resident
                                                                    Now, let’s look at the bright side! The Hunter’s Creek
Dear Neighbors, Newcomers and Old-Timers:
                                                                    community is recognized as the best managed and maintained
                                                                    community in Central Florida. Everything is looking great. It
Fourteen years ago, Ashton became a neighborhood. When
                                                                    truly is a pleasure to drive through Hunter’s Creek. This is the
we decided to purchase a home in Ashton, we all had our own
                                                                    work of a competent, dedicated management team, Board of
personal expectations. One of them was the firm belief that
                                                                    Directors and hundreds of volunteers. Your contribution and
we made a good real estate investment. Over the years, we
                                                                    commitment as a homeowner is to maximize the curb appeal of
followed the appreciation cycle of our properties with
                                                                    your property at all times. You make the difference.
satisfaction. The Homeowners Association and our elected
Ashton Neighborhood Committee, consisting of Carole
                                                                    Orange County Sheriff’s Sergeant Raul Fernandez and his team
Scheinler, Art J. Fowler, John Brown, John Ramsier and I, have
                                                                    do a great job in keeping Hunter’s Creek at one of the lowest
made every effort, and have succeeded, in keeping Ashton a
                                                                    crime rates in Central Florida. Every Hunter’s Creek resident
premier neighborhood.
                                                                    becomes a part of Sergeant Fernandez’s team by participating in
                                                                    an active Neighborhood Watch program. Know your neighbors,
Our Neighborhood Manager, Donna Marmorstone, is doing an
                                                                    and report anything unusual.
excellent job and is very responsive to our needs and gets things
done when needed.
                                                                    By the way, when you talk to your friends, mention that
                                                                    Hunter’s Creek is “The City Green.” It has a population of
As you know, during the last several years, owning property
                                                                    25,000 on 4,000 acres, 600 acres of preservation land and 100
became such an obsession with many individuals and
                                                                    lakes and ponds. Also tell them that we are the most significant
speculators who were supported by greedy, irresponsible
                                                                    “triple L” community: Location. Location. Location.
mortgage lenders. Today, unfortunately, we hear words like
foreclosure, short sale, and bank-owned disposal — words
                                                                    Editor’s Note: We recently received this article to be included as the Ash-
unfamiliar to most responsible people. The consequences, of
                                                                    ton neighborhood newsletter; we thought many of the points in this arti-
course, are declining property values.
                                                                    cle are pertinent to other homeowners as well, and we thought it prudent
                                                                    to include it in this issue. Thank you to Ernst for his positive views.
Here in my neighborhood, we are experiencing the situation of

8                                                                                            Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
Help Keep                                 • Garbage increases vermin and
                                            spreads disease
Hunter’s Creek                                                                GriefShare Support
                                          • Trash in the streets decreases    Group
Beautiful                                   quality of life                   By Gloria Barber
By Marcail McElhattan,                    • Trash in the streets diminishes
Timucua Resident                            the perceived value of our        No one should walk alone… We would
                                            neighborhoods                     like to announce a 13-week program
Every morning, when I walk my             • Teach our children (and           that is offered to anyone in the
dog, I see soda and beer cans,              adults) enthusiastic              community who is dealing with the
candy wrappers, fast food bags,             stewardship of our planet         death of a loved one.
and other items littering the
streets.                                  • Take responsibility for your      There will be two sessions. The
                                               actions                        summer session begins on May 7th
If you can hold a bag or can                                                  and runs through July 30th. The fall
while you are eating and                       If you’re concerned about      session will begin on August 27th and
drinking, you can hold                           any of these issues, then    concludes on November 19th. All
onto that bag or can until                       grab a trash bag and join    meetings will be held at Peace United
you reach a trash can.                          me and other neighbors in     Methodist Church, located at 13502
Much of this trash is                         a neighborhood clean up.        Town Loop Blvd. here in Hunter’s
brought into the neighborhood             These clean ups will be the first   Creek. We will meet every Thursday in
and can easily be thrown away at        Saturday of every month, where        the Youth Room from 7:00 pm until
home.                                   residents can walk around their       9:00 pm. For more information, please
                                        neighborhoods and pick up trash       call 407-438-8947.
If you know of someone who              in the streets and around ponds.
litters, talk to them, and stress the                                         Come out and meet some new friends
following points:                       Let's empower ourselves by doing      and find some peace in the GriefShare
                                        our part to keep Hunter’s Creek a     Support Group.
   • We all make a difference
                                        beautiful place to live!

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                     9
Stephen Desjardins –                                          on the midway. Listening to Eddie Zack and the Hayloft
                                                              Jamboree, a popular local country band, play cover songs
A Celebrity in Our Midst                                      from the radio led to his love of country music. Another
By Marion Elden                                               source of inspiration was listening to country songs by the
                                                                                             Everly Brothers, Brenda Lee,
For the past few years, residents of                                                         Jim Reeves, Johnny Tillotson,
Devlin Green have been reading a                                                             Patsy Cline and Roy Orbison
steady stream of stories on Stephen                                                          on the radio.
Desjardins and his song-writing
abilities in the “Devlin Green                                                              A country instrumental hit by
News” insert of Life at Hunter’s                                                           Floyd Cramer inspired Steve to
Creek magazine. It’s about time to                                                         try playing the piano, while
share this wonderful success story                                                         John Denver was the
with the rest of the community.                                                            singer/songwriter who inspired
                                                                                           Steve to try his hand at writing
Desjardins was born and raised in                                                         songs. Desjardins started
Rhode Island and has been mar-                                                            writing songs in high school,
ried to Doris, his high school                                                            and this progressed into a
sweetheart, for 41 years. They                                                            professional songwriting career
have three grown children and             Stephen Desjardins, Mel Till                    as he grew older.
one granddaughter, seven-year-old                                     is, Pam Tillis
                                                      and Carrie Tillis
Isabella—the apple of her grandpa’s                                                      Shortly after he began writing
eye. Doris and Steve moved to Hunter’s Creek nine years                                  professionally, Desjardins re-
ago on Mother’s Day, May 2000, and they have resided in       ceived word that his song “Santa’s Gonna Come Sometime
Devlin Green ever since.                                      Tonight” had won honorable mention in the Nashville
                                                              Song Search Contest in 2003. Over the next few years,
As Desjardins was growing up, his family would go to the      many of his songs were voted into the top five and secured
local amusement parks to enjoy the country music shows

10                                                                                Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
a spot in the finals at Unisong Song Contest, VH-1 Song of      doing autographs and pictures is Mel Tillis. He looks at me
the Year and a song contest in Europe.                          and says, ‘where do I know you from?’ I chuckled and said,
                                                                ‘I’m Steve from Orlando, Florida. I gave you a couple of
In 2006, Billboard magazine voted Steve’s song “When He         my CDs on your tour bus last month.’ He then put his
Comes Home to Her” first place in the Country Category          arm around me and said, ‘Son, I’ve been looking for you.
in Billboard’s World Song Contest.                              There are a few songs I want the publishing rights for (he
                                                                has a brand new publishing company, Little Dimple Music,
The legendary Mel Tillis is a fan of Desjardins. They met in    ASCAP) because I think I can get them recorded.' Two
Orlando at the Wild Horse Saloon on Church Street in            weeks later, I signed a contract, and now I’m a songwriter
May of last year. A performer on Mel’s tour bus told Tillis     for one of Nashville’s legends – Mr. Mel Tillis... and I
that Desjardins was a songwriter who had won Billboard’s        presently have seven single song contracts with him.”
World Song Contest in 2006. Tillis then asked him if he
had any songs with him, and Steve gave him two of his           “I recently got to meet all the Tillis family after the Tillis
CDs, I’m Not Laughing Anymore and Proud to be Your Son.         Family Christmas Show in Melbourne, Florida, and I al-
Tillis said he would listen to them on his way back to          most had a heart attack when Pam and Carrie Tillis looked
Nashville. “I was just so happy meeting him and that he         at me and said, ‘Daddy loves your songs. Congratulations
asked for the CDs, that I really didn’t think anymore of it,”   on your publishing deal.’ A dream come true for this song-
Desjardins said.                                                writer,” Desjardins said.

Three weeks later, Desjardins was in Nashville for the Coun-    Stephen Desjardins is a member of ASCAP (American Soci-
try Music Association’s Fan Fair—the biggest event held in      ety of Composers, Authors & Publishers) and NSAI
Nashville for the fans of country music. He attended be-        (Nashville Songwriters Association International). His songs
cause Tracey K. Houston, Caitlin Nicole Eadie, and The          have been recorded by Caitlin Nicole Eadie, The Sable
Sable Band had all recorded his songs and were going to be      Band, Tracey K. Houston, Darlene Marie McCoy and
performing them. As Desjardins went into the Nashville          Chelsea Musick.
Convention Center to see Houston (who had a booth there
and was doing an autograph session), “and Heaven help me,       We truly have a celebrity in our midst, and we all wish him
I’m telling the truth here…there in the very next booth         well.

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                          11
Kicking the Habit
By Felipe Medina-Marquez

 According to the National Health Interview Survey, there are an
 estimated 47.1 million smokers in the United States. It’s been
 said that smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of preventa-
 ble deaths, causing roughly 438,000 deaths annually in the

As a former smoker, HCCA General Manager John Rasnic
understands both the challenges and health risks that smokers
face, not to mention the financial pinch that smoking places on the
Association. After doing some research, he learned about a
smoking cessation program through Kitchner & Pierro Company,
Inc. In December, he encouraged interested employees to
participate. So in January, 10 Hunter’s Creek Community
Association employees enrolled in a six-week program, called Quit              Luis Ferraz, Kathleen Pszwa
Smoking Now, which is sponsored by the Florida AHEC Network                                                 ro, Kris Tomaino,
                                                                                   Shirley Banks (front), Tim
and the Florida Department of Health.                                                                          Campbell,
                                                                                  Gwen Hartmann, (coach),
                                                                                                             Dan Phillips,
                                                                                      John Ribeiro and Dawn Jon
Throughout the course, these employees met weekly in a group
therapy session with a counselor, Gwen Hartmann, M.Ed., RRT,          and Chantix). The smoking cessation participants received these
AE-C, to discuss their addictions, share their experiences, and       products free of charge.
learn new ways to manage and ultimately kick the habit. They also
received Nicotine Replacement Therapy, which replaces cigarettes      Additionally, the course came at no cost to the employees or to the
with nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, nasal sprays, inhalers, etc.,   Association. The money for the course came from the massive
as well as non-nicotine pharmacotherapy (medicines like Zyban         lawsuit that tobacco companies lost a long time ago. However, the
                                                                      HCCA reaps a great benefit from the execution of this program.
                                                                      The healthcare costs associated with smoking cigarettes, as one
                                                                      might imagine, are astronomical. The Center for Disease Control
                                                                      (CDC) claims that, “Annually, cigarette smoking costs more than
                                                                      $193 billion, based on lost productivity (more than $97 billion) and
                                                                      health care expenditures (more than $96 billion).” And by having
                                                                      healthy (non-smoking) employees, the HCCA saves money.

                                                                      Generally, program participants were enthusiastic about quitting.
                                                                      While their specific reasons for wanting to quit varied, ultimately, it
                                                                      came down to health.

                                                                      Neighborhood Manager Kathleen Pszwaro, ironically, signed up for
                                                                      the program and then “took ill.” She was diagnosed with double
                                                                      pneumonia in December. After having smoked for 45 years,

12                                                                                            Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
enough was enough for her. Now, two months into being
smoke-free, she is feeling great. “Walking up the stairs used to be     Dog Park Committee News
a problem for me, but not anymore.”                                     By Jane Granfield
For others, like Tim Campbell and John Ribeiro, quitting was all          Happy Spring and Happy Easter!!
about their progeny. Tim told me, “I’ve got two kids and five
grandkids, so I kind of want to expand my life a little bit longer.”    It has been beautiful at the
John shared Tim’s sentiment. “I joined for my grandkids. I didn’t       parks on these great Florida
want them following me around when I smoked.” Tim went on to            days! We have seen lots of new
tease John about gaining weight—something that many former              faces and new pups recently.
smokers battle after quitting.                                          We’re all getting out and
                                                                        getting some exercise.
Kris Tomaino quit for two reasons: herself and her newborn
grandchild. She, like other smokers, had tried to quit in the past,     Here’s a reminder: The
but hadn’t succeeded. “Quitting in the past never worked for me         annual renewal for our dogs will be coming up next
because I really didn’t want to do it. Now I want to do it.” She        month, so be sure to register by the end of May 2009.
added that the program worked for her because there was a               The new code for entry into the parks will be in effect
strong support system to help her through the hard times.               by June 1, 2009. The HCCA will be mailing renewal
                                                                        notices to all who are currently registered as Dog Park
Tim concurred with Kris’ assessment that the group setting really       members. The fee remains at $10.00 per dog (per year).
helped. “Having people with me throughout the program built up          The HCCA and Dog Park Committee thank all of the
my confidence.” John added, “If you’re gonna quit, do it with a         loyal members for their continued support.
group.” Kathleen was glad to have such a supportive group and
she attributed the strong group dynamic to Gwen, who is “a great        Keep those tails wagging, and we’ll see you at the
instructor.” Gwen went above and beyond her duty and provided           park!
nutritional tips, anecdotes, recipes and most important of all,

As of February 26, 2009, eight determined employees completed
the program and effectively kicked the habit. Quitting ain’t easy, so
if you see these people, be sure to congratulate them on an
accomplishment that not enough people achieve. Congratulations
to Shirley Banks, Tim Campbell, Luis Ferraz, Dawn Jones, Dan
Phillips, Kathleen Pszwaro, John Ribeiro and Kris Tomaino for being
strong-willed and determined. You won’t regret your decision.

 If you are a smoker who would like to quit, and if you would like
 to find out more information on programs available, please visit

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                             13
                                                                              traffic offenders, drunk driving, speeding and possession of illegal drugs.
                                                                              None of these individuals should have been behind the wheel of a car
                                                                              and were putting residents and other drivers at risk. Some of these
                                                                              drivers are not afraid to ask for a break and a ride home. The Hunter’s
                  By Sgt. Raul Fernandez                                      Creek deputies who came into contact with them were more than willing
                                                                              to provide a ride – a one way ride to jail. There was also one arrest by
Last month, I reported that the Orange County Sher-                           Sergeant Chris Barrett and Corporal Tony Brisinte for illegal possession of
iff's Office on-duty patrol deputies would be handling                        a firearm. This arrest occurred in the parking lot of one of the Hunter’s
routine dispatched calls for service in Hunter’s Creek.        Sergeant
                                                            Raul Fernandez    Creek parks.
This enables the Hunter’s Creek off-duty deputies to
engage in proactive police activities. The intent here is to flood the area   Keeping your parks clear of uninvited non-residents continues to be one
with marked police cars in an effort to reduce crime and/or apprehend         of our primary duties. The off-duty deputies do not know or recognize
criminals. During the month of February, the crime statistics show a          everyone as we did years ago when the community was much smaller.
downward trend in reported crimes within the boundaries of Hunter’s           Therefore, when we arrive at the parks, we don’t know who is supposed
Creek. To view the complete crime report, please visit the Hunter’s Creek     to be there and who is not. Because the parks are private property
Web site (www.hunterscreek.net). The most recent crime report is located      maintained by the HCCA, the off-duty deputies are looking for individuals
in the Law Enforcement section under the “Departments” header. Below          who are trespassing. Trespassers are individuals who are not “licensed,
are a few of the most commonly reported crimes:                               authorized or invited” to be on the property.
                                       January             February
                                                                              The Hunter’s Creek Community Association established an identification
      Auto Burglary                      20                   5               card system many years ago. All residents who use the community
      Residential Burglary                9                   4               facilities are required to have their Hunter’s Creek ID with them. When a
      Stolen Vehicles                    14                   1               resident is contacted by one of the deputies, presenting a Hunter’s Creek
                                                                              ID eliminates any further determination of your residency status. It is
The directive of the Hunter’s Creek off-duty deputies is to target criminal   important to remember that when you come to the park without identifi-
activity through aggressive traffic enforcement. In February, there were      cation of any kind, then how are the deputies going to know who lives here
fourteen arrests in the Hunter’s Creek area. Ten of these were made by        and who does not? Since the parks are so busy, we will ask people to
off-duty deputies. All of the arrests stemmed from traffic violations.        leave if they are not able to prove they are not trespassing. It is not our
Criminal charges included driving with a suspended license, habitual          intention to offend anyone, so please cooperate and be sure to have your
                                                                              Hunter’s Creek ID with you.

                                                                              There is one more topic I would like to discuss. Management and I
                                                                              continue to receive requests for information regarding topics pertaining
                                                                              to the Orange County Sheriff's Office. The off-duty deputies are in Hunter’s
                                                                              Creek for a limited time each day. As I mentioned, the off-duty deputies
                                                                              handle traffic and park-related duties. The two most common questions
                                                                              for the past month are:
                                                                                 1)   I see the police helicopter over my neighborhood.
                                                                                      Can you tell me what is going on?
                                                                                 2)   Can you give me an update on the investigation of
                                                                                      one of the off-duty deputies?

                                                                              The answer to question number one: If you see the police helicopter over-
                                                                              head or see the police K9 dog out “tracking” through your neighborhood,
                                                                              my suggestion is to stay indoors. The tendency is to go outside to see
                                                                              what is going on. Chances are, this is not a training exercise. The police
                                                                              are out looking for someone. In order for the police K9 to be deployed, a
                                                                              felony crime has usually taken place. Police on the scene will not stop
                                                                              to answer questions. Anyone in the area who matches the description
                                                                              of the suspect will likely be taken down at gunpoint. If appropriate, the
                                                                              Orange County Sheriff's Office Watch Commander may decide to
                                                                              implement the reverse 911 system to advise the residents of necessary
                                                                              safety precautions.

                                                                              The answer to question number two: The investigation is being
                                                                              conducted by the Orange County Sheriff's Office Professional Stan-
                                                                              dards Division. Hunter’s Creek Management and I do not have any
                                                                              information. These investigations are not released until a final
                                                                              determination has been made.
14                                                                                                     Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
Finance Committee                         formed to review off-duty deputy
                                          expenses and has recommended
                                                                                       co-sponsored with Pelloni Develop-
                                                                                       ment and will take place at The Village
By Denise Sedon
                                          studying a plan to gradually replace         at Hunter’s Creek, saving the HCCA
The monthly meeting of the Finance        deputies working in our parks with           approximately $9,000. Also, the sus-
Committee was held at 7:00 pm at the      private security, which would produce        pension of this year’s July 4th Parade
Town Hall on Monday, February             a savings in expenditures. Also, the         will allow a savings of around $5,000.
23rd. In attendance were committee        county has approved construction of          Staff plans to expand the yearly carni-
members Ed Schwartz, Chairperson;         a cell tower next to Town Hall. The          val at no extra expense.
Rafael Sotomayor, HCCA Controller;        cell tower would replace the current
Committee Members Mike Cassara,           carriers on the water tower, which is        The Finance Committee normally
Jim Durbin, Mike Mazza and John           scheduled for demolition within the          meets on the third Monday of each
Mongoven.                                 next few months. The revenue from            month at 7:00 pm at the Town Hall;
                                          the cell tower will also positively affect   however, the next meeting is sched-
The auditors are reviewing the yearly     the HCCA’s bottom line.                      uled for Monday, March 23rd, in
audit at this time and are checking for                                                order to give members a chance to re-
any adjustments that may be required.     Delinquency rates continue to in-            view materials beforehand. The first
The first draft copy of the 2008 audit    crease; delinquencies as of January          draft of the 2008 audit, research into
should be available for the Finance       31st were just over $600,000. Cur-           staff expense reductions, and a discus-
Committee to review at their March        rently, 503 properties are in the            sion on the current Working Capital
meeting.                                  process of foreclosure in Hunter’s           Fund should make for a full agenda.
                                          Creek.                                       This date will have passed as of this
Members reviewed copies of financial                                                   printing, but for the most up-to-date
statements from January 2009. There       The staff continues to look for ways         information on future meetings, please
is a positive bottom line of $129,000,    to reduce expenses, and their efforts        check the community Web site
but the committee was cautioned that      will be studied at the March Finance         (www.hunterscreek.net) or call the
it is too early in the year to draw any   Committee meeting. However, two              Town Hall at 407-240-6000. Residents
conclusions. A committee has been         items are already in the works. This         are welcome to attend.
                                          year’s annual community event will be

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                          15
Accounting                                                    later in the year. Staff is working very hard on analyzing
                                                              every expenditure and looking for ways to reduce spending.
By Rafael L. Sotomayor, Controller                            Our Working Capital Fund (used for new capital projects),
                                                              which is funded by the $495 fee that is collected whenever
As you see, the operating statement for                       a home is sold in Hunter’s Creek, is still suffering as the
January 2009 is showing a surplus of                          housing market continues to struggle. The Finance Com-
$129,650, but it is too early to make any projections for     mittee is looking for alternative ways to continue funding
the year, since some expenses are seasonal and will occur     the Working Capital Fund.

                    Operating Statement                                    Balance Sheet – Consolidated
                                                                               As of January 31, 2009
Income           JANUARY                YEAR-TO-DATE          Assets:
           Actual        Budget        Actual       Budget    Cash – Operating                                   615,910
Single-Family Assessments                                     Cash – Reserves                                 1,824,546
          309,926       309,982       309,926      309,982    Assessment Receivables                            379,858
Multi-Family Assessments                                      Other Receivables                                 782,770
          105,550       105,550       105,550      105,550    Property Equipment, net
Other Income                                                   of accumulated depreciation                    1,777,245
           86,646         73,217       86,646        73,217   Prepaid Expenses                                  128,665
Totals                                                        Deposits                                           69,061
                                                              Total Assets                                  $5,578,055
        $502,122       $488,749      $502,122     $488,749
                                                              Liabilities and Fund Balance:
Expenses         JANUARY                YEAR-TO-DATE          Liabilities:
             Actual       Budget       Actual       Budget    Accounts Payable                                   181,688
Administrative Department                                     Accrued Expenses                                  288,072
            161,581      198,800      161,581      198,800    Loan Payable                                    1,777,245
Communications Department                                     Deferred Assessment Income                        985,866
              1,225         4,724       1,225         4,724   Prepaid Assessments                               129,327
Recreation Department                                         Due from Operating Account                               0
              9,285        10,937       9,285        10,937   Total Liabilities                             $3,362,198
Utilities                                                     Reserves Unallocated                            2,043,854
             25,290        27,997      25,290        27,997   Reserves – Operating                                27,333
Maintenance, General                                          Working Capital Fund                              231,737
            112,454       157,175     112,454       157,175   Operating Fund Balance(s)                         (87,067)
Irrigation                                                    Total Fund Balance                            $2,215,857
                781         8,879         781         8,879
Reserve Transfer                                              Total of Liabilities
                                                              and Fund Balance                              $5,578,055
             21,596        21,596      21,596        21,596
Operating Fund
             27,333        27,333      27,333        27,333
          $359,545      $457,441     $359,545     $457,441
Gross Results (deficit)
            142,577        31,308     142,577        31,308
Loan Principal Payment
             12,927        12,632      12,927        12,632
Operating Results
          $129,650       $18,676     $129,650      $18,676

16                                                                                Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
                                                            Community Standards Department
                                                            Board Approves Changes to Use Restrictions
                                                            By Karen Marich, Community Standards Manager

                                                            The Board of Directors approved changes to the Use Restrictions in Section 2 of the Govern-
                                                            ing Documents at their March 5, 2009 meeting. Below are the approved changes:
              By Denise Sedon, Manager
                                                            1. Fishing on Lakes/Ponds with Fountains (Changes in Section 1 & 2)
Can you believe it’s April already? Aside from
needing some rain, dealing with a little pollen, and
                                                            Current Rule: Section 1, Lakes/Ponds, Fishing: No fishing is allowed in lakes with fountains,
the occasional onslaught of the dreaded love bug
                                                            with the exception of Lake Calabay, where fishing is allowed 500 feet or more from the foun-
population, life in Florida is good this time of year.
                                                            tain. Fishing hours are from sunrise to sunset.
I hope you had the opportunity to take your kids to the
annual Bunny in the Park event in March; there is           Change to: No fishing is allowed in the following lakes/ponds with fountains:Ashton, Calabay
always a great turnout and the little ones have a blast.    Cove, Fairways, Falcon Pointe, Foxhaven, Glenhurst, Hunter’s Isle and Montara.
There was also resident night at Osceola County
Stadium the next afternoon, as quite a few residents        Fishing is allowed 100 feet or more from the fountain in the following lakes/ponds with
enjoyed a spring training game between the Houston          fountains: Orange Blossom Trail & Town Center Blvd., Orange Blossom Trail & Hunter’s Creek
Astros and the Washington Nationals. There’s                Blvd., Lake Calabay, Lake Kiawa, Eagle Lake, Braddock Oaks, Timucua and Hunter’s Vista
normally a Movie in the Park once a month on the            and Town Center Intersection.
Osprey Park lawn and depending on the weather, up
to 200 people come out to take in a flick. On Sunday,       Current Rule: Section 2, Exhibit “C”, Use Restrictions, Page 11, Lakes/Ponds: The use of all
April 26th, we will all have a chance to get together       lakes and water bodies owned by the Association within the properties shall be subject to
and enjoy a celebration over at The Village at Hunter’s     such rules and regulations as the Board may adopt from time to time. No swimming is allowed
Creek. For more details, check the cover and look for       in such lakes and waterways except in case of an emergency. No fishing is allowed in lakes
an insert describing the event. There is also a great
farmer’s market that you can explore every Saturday;
see pages 24 and 25 for more information about that.
And before you know it, the huge Spring Garage Sale,
sponsored by the ladies of the Women’s Association,
will be here. It happens on Saturday, May 2nd this
year. Or, with the extra daylight, how about just getting
out and taking a nice walk or going on a bike ride with
the kids?

I guess my point is that with all the gloom and doom
in today’s media, we are very lucky to have some
options here that other communities do not have. I
know that there are very real problems in our world,
but we can still take advantage of the many opportu-
nities to get out and enjoy the neighborhood in which
we live, not to mention that most of these activities
are inexpensive or even free!

We update the home page of the Web site often and
the monthly magazine is full of information. Please
refer to these media outlets as a way to keep
yourself informed about all the upcoming events and
activities that might be of interest to you and your

Any questions or suggestions that you may have
regarding either Life at Hunter’s Creek magazine or the
community’s Web site, www.hunterscreek.net, are
much appreciated. Please contact me by telephone
at 407-240-6000 or via e-mail at
dsedon@hunterscreek.net if I can be of assistance.

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                                                   17
                Community Standards Department continued ...
with fountains, with the exception of Lake Calabay, where fishing is allowed   within such Neighborhoods for parking Prohibited Vehicles other than derelict
500 feet or more from the fountain.                                            vehicles as described in Exhibit (C) (22) of the CC&Rs.The Architectural Re-
                                                                               view Committee shall review any such area designed for parking Prohibited
Change to: The use of all lakes and waterbodies owned by the Association       Vehicles. In reviewing a parking area for Prohibited Vehicles, the Architec-
within the properties shall be subject to such rules and regulations as the    tural Review Committee shall consider the proposed and “as built” berming,
Board may adopt from time to time. No swimming is allowed in such lakes        landscaping, walls or other improvements as appropriate in their opinion to
and waterways except in case of en emergency,                                  adequately buffer or reduce the visibility of such parking areas from adja-
                                                                               cent lots, roads, other development parcels, or portions of common prop-
No fishing is allowed in the following lakes/ponds with fountains:             erty. Prohibited Vehicles not parked within the above designated areas or
Ashton, Calabay Cove, Fairways, Falcon Pointe, Foxhaven, Glenhurst,            meeting the above conditions shall be subject to enforcement actions and
Hunter’s Isle and Montara.                                                     remedies by the Association.
Fishing is allowed 100 feet or more from the fountain in the following         Section 2, Exhibit “C”, Page 22, Vehicles:
lakes/ponds with fountains: Orange Blossom Trail & Town Center Blvd.,
Orange Blossom Trail & Hunter’s Creek Blvd., Lake Calabay, Lake Kiawa,         Add the following: Prohibited Vehicles in Neighborhoods Containing Multi-
Eagle Lake, Braddock Oaks, Timucua and Hunter’s Vista and Town Center          Family Buildings: A Neighborhood containing Multi-Family Buildings, in-
Intersection.                                                                  cluding but not limited to apartments, condominiums, etc., may design areas
                                                                               within such Neighborhoods for parking Prohibited Vehicles other than derelict
Reason for Change: This will allow fishing in many of our larger lakes;        vehicles as described in Exhibit (C) (22) of the CC&Rs.The Architectural Re-
however, fishing must be 100 feet or more away from the fountain. The          view Committee shall review any such area designed for parking Prohibited
changes also define the lakes where fishing is prohibited and those in which   Vehicles. In reviewing a parking area for Prohibited Vehicles, the Architec-
fishing is allowed 100 feet from the fountain.                                 tural Review Committee shall consider the proposed and “as built” berming,
                                                                               landscaping, walls or other improvements as appropriate in their opinion to
2. Prohibited Vehicle (Changes to Section 1 & 2)                               adequately buffer or reduce the visibility of such parking areas from adja-
                                                                               cent lots, roads, other development parcels, or portions of common prop-
Section 1, Vehicles-Prohibited:                                                erty. Prohibited Vehicles not parked within the above-designated areas or
                                                                               meeting the above conditions shall be subject to enforcement actions and
Add the following: Prohibited Vehicles in Neighborhoods Containing Multi-      remedies by the Association.
Family Buildings: A Neighborhood containing Multi-Family Buildings, in-
cluding but not limited to apartments, condominiums, etc., may design areas    Reason for Change: This section was inadvertently omitted from the Sec-

18                                                                                                       Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
ond Amended and Restated CC&Rs approved in 2000. This section allows
prohibited vehicle parking in Multi-Family Neighborhoods as long as the ARC
approves the location and the area is adequately buffered to reduce the
visibility of the parking area.

3. Prohibited Vehicles (Change to Section 2)

Current Rule: Section 2, Exhibit “C”, Use Restrictions, Page 5, 22. Vehicles:
The Board or a Neighborhood Association/Committee may from time to time
promulgate rules which restrict, limit or prohibit the use of any driveway or
parking area which may be in front of, adjacent to or part of any Unit as a
parking place for personal passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, trailers,
recreational vehicles, self-propelled motor homes, motorcycles and boats.
Such rules, if and when promulgated, shall have the same force and effect
as if promulgated and initially made a part of this Declaration. Overnight
parking or storage of commercial vehicles is prohibited. No vehicle shall be
parked on any lawn, landscaped portion of the Common Area, roadway or
other portion of the Properties which is not specifically designed and intended
for the parking of vehicles.

Change to: The Board or a Neighborhood Association/Committee may from
time to time promulgate rules which restrict, limit or prohibit the use of any
driveway or parking area which may be in front of, adjacent to or part of any
Unit as a parking place for personal passenger vehicles, commercial
vehicles, trailers, recreational vehicles, self-propelled motor homes,
motorcycles and boats. Such rules, if and when promulgated, shall have the
same force and effect as if promulgated and initially made a part of this
Declaration. Parking or storage of commercial vehicles is prohibited. No
vehicle shall be parked on any lawn, landscaped portion of the Common Area,
roadway or other portion of the Properties which is not specifically
designed and intended for the parking of vehicles.

Reason for Change: This will remove any reference to the “overnight”
parking or storage of commercial vehicles. This is because commercial
vehicles are not permitted to be parked or stored on any of the Common
Areas or on any portion of a Unit which is visible from any of the Common
Areas or from any road or other Units within the Properties. Commercial
vehicles that are less than eight (8) feet high and shorter than twenty-one
(21) feet long may be parked in the driveway of the driver who resides in the
Unit for short periods of time. Currently, these periods are 11:00 a.m. to 1:00
p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Any commercial or public service vehicle
present in the Properties while performing a service for or on behalf of
Owners or residents of the Properties shall not be considered a “Prohibited

4. Business Use (Change to Section 2, Use Restriction #4)

Current Rule: Except where indicated on the Master Plan (as amended from
time to time), no trade or business may be conducted or carried on upon the
Properties or in any building or other structure erected thereon,
except that an Owner or occupant residing in a Unit may conduct business
activities within the Unit so long as: (a) the existence or operation of the
business activity is not apparent or detectable by sight, sound or smell from
outside the Unit; (b) the business activity conforms to all zoning requirements
for the Properties; (c) the business activity does not involve persons coming
onto the Properties who do not reside in the Properties or door-to-door
solicitation of residents of the Properties; and (d) the business activity is
consistent with the residential character of the Properties and does not

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                 19
                 Community Standards Department continued ...
constitute a nuisance, or a hazardous or offensive use, or threaten the            Revised ARC Guidelines for Front Patio and
security or safety of other residents of the Properties, as may be determined      Hardscape
in the sole discretion of the Board.                                               By Nenet Domingo, ARC Administrator
Change to: Except where indicated on the Master Plan (as amended from              At their March 5, 2009 meeting, the Board of Directors (BOD) approved the
time to time), no trade or business may be conducted or carried on upon the        revised Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Guidelines for Patio and
Residential Units, except that an Owner or occupant residing in a Unit may         Hardscape in front of a house. The revised guideline, as listed below, clarify
conduct business activities within the Unit so long as: (a) the existence or       locations, materials used, and size of patio and hardscape, including
operation of the business activity is not apparent or detectable by sight,         conditions that will be considered by the members of the ARC in reviewing
sound or smell from outside the Unit; (b) the business activity conforms to        applications.
all zoning requirements for the Properties; (c) the business activity does not     1. For the purpose of this ARC Guideline, patio or hardscape is
involve persons coming onto the Properties who do not reside in the                   considered an open area in front of the house that is paved with
Properties or door-to-door solicitation of residents of the Properties; and           concrete, brick, stone or other impervious material.
(d) the business activity is consistent with the residential character of the
Properties and does not constitute a nuisance, or a hazardous or offensive         2. ARC approval is required for paved patio or hardscape in front of
use, or threaten the security or safety of other residents of the Properties, as      the house. The applicant may be required to mark or stake the
may be determined in the sole discretion of the Board.                                location of paved area for ARC inspection.
                                                                                   3. Existing roof-covered areas adjacent to the front entry and the
(Omitted the words “Properties or in any building or other structure erected          existing landscaped area between the garage wall and front entry
thereon” and replaced them with “Residential Units”.)                                 walkway may be paved.
Reason for Change: This section will limit restrictions of business use to         4. The paved patio or hardscape area (including the front entry pad,
the units, not “the Properties.” Properties is defined as land owned by HCCA          front walkway and driveway areas) must not exceed 50% of the
and property sold by the developer to build residential neighborhoods. This           front yard. 50% of the front yard must be in turf and foundation
is necessary so that HCCA can conduct business on its common areas, for               shrubs. The patio or hardscape area must not be used for parking
example, yoga, summer and spring camps.                                               vehicles or used for recreational activities like basketball, volleyball,
                                                                                      etc. It must not extend to the sidewalk; however, a three-feet-wide
These changes will become effective on April 15, 2009. If anyone has any              walkway from the paved area to the sidewalk may be allowed.
questions, please call our office.                                                 5. Paved patio, hardscape, front entry and walkway extensions will be
                                                                                      considered on a case-by-case basis depending on:
                                                                                      a) Size of available area in front of the house for patio or hardscape
                                                                                      b) Size and location of paved area
                                                                                      c) Type of paving material and workmanship to be used
                                                                                      d) Overall appearance and architectural design of the front area
                                                                                      e) Garage entry orientation: For front entry, side entry and front court-
                                                                                         yard entry garages, the width of the walkway from the driveway to
                                                                                         the paved patio or hardscape area cannot exceed 5’ in width. The
                                                                                         walkway must not be used for parking vehicles. The paved patio or
                                                                                         hardscape must not appear like a driveway extension. In addition,
                                                                                         for front courtyard entry garages, existing courtyard extension at
                                                                                         one side of the driveway may be used as an access to the paved
                                                                                         patio or hardscape area.
                                                                                   6. Plant beds must be added in front of the paved area to integrate it
                                                                                      with the overall landscaping of the front of the house. The minimum
                                                                                      planting size shall be three gallons, spaced a maximum of three feet

20                                                                                                            Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
Grounds and Maintenance                                                                     shuts off. What a concept! When it rains, your
                                                                                            irrigation turns off and saves money and water.
By Roy Figg, Manager                                                                       Check the wiring from the switch (sometimes
                                                                                           referred to as a Mini Clik®) to the controller;
Irrigation Management                                                                      many times the wiring has either been discon-
                                                                                           nected, broken or never connected.
In my last article, I wrote about the new
technology that is available to homeowners with                                           Is the switch located correctly? It needs to be
regard to saving water inside the house. Now I                                            near the controller, but not under the roof
want to bring you up to speed on what you can                                             overhang where it will receive either a dispro-
do in your yard.                                                                          portionate amount of rain or none at all. Give it
                                                                                         clear and open access to the sky so it can receive
More than 70% of all the water consumed by a                                             rain and operate correctly.
single home is used to irrigate the yard. This is an astronomical
figure, but there’s something we can do about it.                       Another major waste of water is mixing heads on the same zone.
                                                                        Rotors require more time than spray-type heads to put out the
First, you can start by checking your rain shut-off switch.             same amount of water; therefore, you end up with some areas
1. Do you have one? (It is Florida law.)                                being overwatered. Separate these zones and try to make sure both
2. Is it connected to your irrigation clock?                            spray and rotor zones receive enough water.
3. Where is it located?
4. Does it still operate?                                               Try installing drip irrigation. This slow application of water,
                                                                        applied directly to a plant’s root zone, does not waste water on
If you do not have one, then purchase one now and install it. It        non-growth areas, and the plant root zone is maintained at its
is very simple as it is a two-wire system that interrupts the circuit   ideal moisture level. The ideal application is in the shrub beds
to the solenoid valves via the common wire and the common               where pipe has been laid under mulch and around plants. You
terminal on your controller. The discs within the shut-off switch       can connect this to your existing valve, which will allow you to dis-
expand when they absorb water, and you can easily adjust the            connect the spray heads; you will save more water and money.
rainfall setting so that when it rains a given amount, the irrigation

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                                       21
                                                                          SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION
                                                              Registration for the 2009
                                                              Hunter’s Creek Summer
                                                              Camp will be held at Osprey
                                                              Park on April 18th from
                                                              10:00am-1:00pm.You must
                   By Steve Logan, Manager
                                                              have a Hunter’s Creek ID card
            Movie in the Park                                 and a copy of your child’s
                                                              birth certificate to register.

                                                              Registration will take place on
                                                              a first come, first served basis.

                                                              Our summer camp offers kids
                                                              between 5 and 12 years old an opportunity to learn,
                                 Friday, April 17             create and explore while having fun participating in daily
                                                              activities that include large and small group games,
                                                              sports activities, arts ’n crafts, special guest speakers,
                                                              water days and field trips. Our summer program begins
                                  Osprey Park
                                                              on June 15th and runs weekly through August 14th
                                                              (there is no program the week of July 4th). A camp

                                   FREE EVENT
                                                              T-shirt and bag are included with registration.

                                                              Cost for Summer Camp:
                                                              • $125 per week ($10 discount for second child;
                                                                $5 off for each additional child)
 Popcorn, candy and soft drinks will be available for sale.

                                                              • $20 one-time registration fee per child
      Don’t forget your lawn chairs and blankets.

                                                              • First and last week’s payment plus registration
                 Tennis Summer Camp                             fee will be due at registration
                                                              • $10 non-refundable deposit will hold spot
                                                                each week
Session 1 June 8 - 12                                         For more information or to confirm the amount that will
Session 2 June 22 - 26                                        be due at registration time, please call 407-240-6000. Our
                                                              summer program fills up quickly, so don’t miss this chance
Session 3 July 6 - 10                                         to register early.

                                                              Tennis News You Can Use
Session 4 July 20 - 24
Session 5 August 3 - 7
                                                               Tennis players can now check court availability
                                                               online. With many leagues, instructors and teams
All sessions are from 9 - 11 a.m. at Osprey Park. Each ses-
 sion is $75 for the 5 day period. For more information,
                  please call (407)797-4832.                   using our local courts, we have added all court
                                                               reservations to our Web site to better assist players
     Golf League                                               who are looking for a court on which to play. All
                                                               permits are listed under “Calendars” under the
 Hunter’s Creek Golf Club                                      “Stay Connected” link on the toolbar. We also post
     April 20-July 13                                          all reservations at each court to better serve our
                                                               residents. If you would like to reserve a court,
     Monday Nights                                             permits are issued to Hunter’s Creek residents at
                                                               Town Hall. For more information, please call the
                                                               Recreation Department at 407-240-6000.
     Please contact John Wiseman, League Director
                     at 407-857-1222.

22                                                                                Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
      Annual Spring Event                The Village at Hunter’s Creek will be full of extra cheer
                                         and excitement as the Hunter’s Creek Community
                                         Association presents Rock Around the Clock on Sunday,
  Hunter’s Creek Community Association   April 26th. The annual spring celebration will feature
                      Presents           music, entertainment, food, bounce houses, a classic car
                                         display and much more.

                                         The fun begins at 2:00pm with a musical performance
                                         by The Peanut Butter Company Band, a classic rock
                                         and roll band that features songs familiar to every
                                         generation of music lovers. Also making special appear-
                                         ances are Hunter’s Creek residents Dr. Vincent Grosso,
                                         giving his famous impersonation of Elvis Presley, and
                                         Master of Ceremonies Jef Eaton, who has entertained
                                         family audiences nationwide with fun games and magic

                                         Texas Roadhouse, Applebee’s, Coldstone Creamery,

          Sunday, April 26
                                         Venezia Bakery and American Pie Pizza are just some of
        The Village at Hunter’s Creek
                                         the businesses that will be participating in this special

                                         event. The HCCA will also roll back prices on hot dogs,

             FREE EVENT
                                         hamburgers and other food items, so come and join us at
                                         this fantastic community outing. This event is FREE and
                                         open to the public; come on down and have a blast!
                                                               Recreation and Special Events continued on page 26

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                            23
                           Golf Tournament
              Recreation and Special Events continued ...

                                                                     Sponsors for
  8th Annual Hunter’s Creek
   Larry Scott Memorial Golf

                                                                       July 4th
Friday, May 1st
8:30 a.m.
Hunter’s Creek Golf Club
$70$50 per player

                                                                     The Independence Day Celebration is the
                                                                     largest single day annual family event in
The event will include a four-person scramble format, box

                                                                     Hunter’s Creek, drawing over 4,000
lunch and awards reception. Featured events for the day will in-
clude sponsor gifts, closest to the pin contest, mulligans, player
                                                                     residents each year. Opportunities exist
gifts, prizes and awards. All proceeds raised will go to support

                                                                     for booth sponsors, transportation, raffle
the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in memory of past

                                                                     prizes, inflatable and game sponsors,
HCCA Board Vice President Larry Scott, whose granddaughter

                                                                     and title sponsors for the event. Don’t
has the disease.

                                                                     miss a great opportunity to showcase
                                                                     your business, attract new customers
It’s not too late to get involved and help support the event.

                                                                     and show your community involvement.
Sponsorship packages may still be available and donations are

                                                                     If your business would like to be a part
another great way to lend support.

                                                                     of this year’s event, please contact the
                                                                     Recreation Department at 407-240-6000.
The cost for the event has been reduced to only $50 per player.
If you have a foursome (or if you would like us to place you on
one) and would like to play to benefit a worthy cause at one of
the premier golf courses in the area, please visit our Web site
for registration information or call 407-240-6000.

26                                                                                Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
                                                        Neighborhood Management
      April Monthly Activities                          Department
  Basketball Men’s 40+                                  By Donna Marmorstone and
    Wednesday            6:30pm     Mallard Pointe      Kathleen Pszwaro, Neighborhood Managers
  Bingo                                                 This article includes excerpts from neighborhood articles and
    2nd Thursday         7:30pm     Osprey Park         other submittals, to keep you aware of some of the highlights,
  Bunco                                                 actions, issues and concerns of Hunter’s Creek residents. If you
                                                        wish, you may read all neighborhood articles published this
    3rd Thursday         6:15pm     HC Town Hall
                                                        month by going to www.hunterscreek.net and clicking on
                                    RSVP 407-240-4084
  Racquetball                                           “Neighborhoods” on the home page. It will take you to the
                                                        neighborhoods section of the Web site. Then click on the name
    Sunday               8:00am     HC Middle           of a neighborhood to read their newsletter. Neighborhood arti-
                                    School              cles are usually updated on the Web site the first week of each
  Senior Social                                         calendar month.
    Friday               1:00pm     HC Town Hall
  Tennis: Friday Night Mixers                           The neighborhoods that included articles for this issue are Ash-
    Friday               7:00pm     Osprey Park         ton, Calabay Cove, Chalfont, Devlin Green, Flora Vista,
                                                        Glenhurst, Keaton’s Crest, Pace’s Mill, Palma Vista, and
  Volleyball                                            Settlers Landing. If you live in one of these neighborhoods,
    Tuesday & Thursday   6:30pm     Osprey Park         you should have a neighborhood newsletter, usually placed on
  Women’s Golf                                          the back of the monthly HCCA meeting calendar, inserted in
    Tuesday              9:00am     Hunter’s Creek
                                                        this magazine.
                                    Golf Club
  Yoga                                                  If your neighborhood does not write articles, and you would like
    Monday & Wednesday 7:30pm       Eagle Park          to help, please contact your Neighborhood Board or Committee

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                    27
             Neighborhood Management Department continued ...
Members and volunteer to be a reporter. You don’t have to be a       installing reflector poles on April 17th at 5:30pm. Flora Vista
skilled writer; we have proof editors to support you.                changed the date of their annual meeting to June 18, 2009 at
                                                                     7:00 pm. It will be held at the Zieg residence. The Pace’s Mill
Neighborhood News                                                    annual meeting will be held on June 11, 2009.

On page 8, readers of Life at Hunter’s Creek magazine will find an   Crime Watch – In an effort to compile a larger e-mail list for
article written by Ernst Schindele of Ashton. However, many of       CAN alerts and Neighborhood Watch updates, a Chalfont com-
these readers would never know that his letter was originally        mittee member will be going door-to-door on the weekend of
written for the Ashton Neighborhood Newsletter before it was         April 18th and 19th collecting information. Glenhurst is also
adapted and published in the magazine. Occasionally, the             asking its residents to provide their e-mail addresses and contact
Communication Department will publish excerpts of neighbor-          information for an e-mail list. Pace’s Mill announces that their
hood news articles because sometimes they discuss issues that        current Neighborhood Watch captain stepped down, and asks
are relevant to the community as a whole.                            that everyone be patient as the new captain gets her bearings.
                                                                     They are also looking for more names to add to their e-mail list.
Between the two of us, we attend all neighborhood meetings.
We know residents have something to say, which is precisely          Noteworthy Reading – Devlin Green has a cool feature that
why we’re so mystified that there are so few neighborhoods that      explores the many uses of coffee filters. Flora Vista provides an
consistently turn in newsletters. These newsletters provide          interesting perspective on crime and the state of the economy.
neighborhood committees an avenue to share either neighbor-
hood-specific or general information that’s relevant to the          Repairs – Calabay Cove’s gates are up and running, and
public. If your neighborhood doesn’t have representation, then       Trinette bushes have been installed at the Phase I entrance. A
perhaps you should step in. All you need is a desire to help your    Devlin Green resident wants to know if some of his neighbors
community. It’s a great way to…                                      would like to find out about getting their trees trimmed before
                                                                     hurricane season.
Get Involved – Neighborhood newsletters ask residents to
become more involved in their committees by attending meet-          Social Gatherings – Chalfont provides a recap of its dinner,
ings. Keaton’s Crest laments that only 4% of their neighbor-         which featured all sorts of delectable food. Glenhurst is plan-
hood attended their recent meeting. Chalfont wants to hold a         ning on having a social event as well - on Saturday, May 2, 2009.
short meeting at the entrance of the neighborhood to discuss

28                                                                                         Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
                                                                             Breakfast Club – The Fabs’ Breakfast Club meets at 9:30 am every
                                                                             Monday at Bad Ass Coffee.

                                                                             * Assessments for 2009 will be collected by Shirley and Deanna at all
                               By Marion Elden
                                                                             * Please sign up on the Refreshment List at our meetings, and please
"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind         note in your calendar the month for which you volunteered.
of battle. People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine     * Our Sunshine Chairperson is Janet Schreiber. Please call her at
when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is       407-850-6833 if you know of any Fab who is ill or in need of some
revealed only if there is a light from within.” – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross        sunshine in her life.
                                                                             * Contact Linda Chastain at 407-859-5397 if you have additional
Happy Easter and Happy Passover to you and your families.                      recommendations or have not yet received your copy of the Fabies’
                                                                               List (Fabs’ Preferred Service Providers List).
Welcome New Members: Carol Cumbo, Urbana; Silvia Ibanez,
Calabay Cove; Connie Jefferys, Devlin Green; Debra Krichman,                                   Please call Marion at 407-855-3436 for information
Mallard Cove; Sally Marcke, Sandhill Trace; Catherine Mogielnicki,                             on the Fabs.
Urbana and Helen Williams, Terra Vista.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Beth Brown, Manager of Belk at The Loop
West, and Associate Lydia Bailey for coordinating and providing the
fashions and commentary for the Fabs’ Valentine Fashion Show.
Kudos to Fab hostess and model Paulette
Flanner, her assistant Sandy, and the
wannabe Christie Brinkleys: Anna, Maureen,
                                                                        Birthday Babes: Betty,
Jan, Olga, Connie, Trudy, Marion and Gaby.                               Jan, Fran and Mary
They “strutted down the runway” to the                                     Lou, with a Very
music of Mamma Mia. What fun!                                           Special 88th Birthday Paulette, Lydia, Marion, Beth, Jan, Anna, Maureen,
                                                                             Wish to Jan
April:                                                                                         Gaby, Trudy, Olga and Connie at the Fashion Show
* Trip to The Villages and Luncheon at
the Cane Garden Country Club will be on
Monday, April 6, and is open to all Mr. Fabs
and guests. We will carpool from Osprey Park Belk Manager
                                                 Beth Brown and
promptly at 9:30 am. Call Marion at               Belk Associate
407-855-3436.                                      Lydia Bailey
* The Fabs’ April Meeting will be held on Mon-
day, April 20th at the Town Hall beginning at 7 pm. Olga Mitchell and
Mary Lou York will be hosting “What’s In Your Purse?”, with prizes for the
most unusual contents in a handbag. Be creative. Come join us for a fun

Ongoing Activities:
Bunco will be held the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm at the
Town Hall. The cost is $6.00. Bring your own snacks. Contact Cory at
407-438-1737 if you are attending.

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                                             29
                                                 Hunter's Creek                                       great back roads. We also go on shorter
                                                                                                      weeknight rides. In fact, we recently had nine
                                                 Motorcycle Club                                      bikes go out for a nice ride to Thornton Park
                                                 By Rick Sparveri                                     for BBQ. Our March ride was in support of a
                           By Karen Novak,                                                            member’s Poker Run.
                           HCWA President        Our group just celebrated its first anniversary.
                                                 Since the club first started, we have grown          If you have already joined and provided us
 A belated thank you goes to Dorenda             every month. We now have over 80 registered          with your e-mail address, but haven't been
 Ruby for putting together such a wonder-        members; that is more than 80 motorcycle             receiving e-mails, please contact us at
 ful Casino Night in February for our            owners when you add in the most important            HC_MCC@yahoo.com. Some of our members
 monthly meeting. She did a fantastic job        members of all…the spouses. We easily total          are receiving our e-mails in their spam folders
 and everyone had a great time.                  over 100 residents of all ages and riding            because of their provider, but sending us
                                                 experience levels. We have sport bikes,              an e-mail should correct the problem.
 Our March meeting was at the Town Hall,         cruisers and even several trikes. We have            What’s New: We have set up a Web link to
 and we stuffed eggs for the Bunny in the        members that ride with other groups as well,         keep us up-to-date. Go online to
                                                 and we are always looking for new members.           http://www.myfamily.com/welcome/; we will
 Park event, which was held on Saturday,
 March 21st at Osprey Park from 11am-                                                                 use this as a place to post pictures, as a
                                                 There is no membership fee. We hold monthly          calendar for our events and as a means of
 2pm. We always look forward to getting          meetings, usually with a short ride afterwards.
 everyone together for the annual Bunny in                                                            communicating with neighbors. This is a pri-
                                                 If you enjoy meeting new neighbors and               vate invitation-only site, so e-mail me and I will
 the Park. This year, we were able to offer      friends, please come out and meet some new           send you an invite to join.
 even more exciting opportunities for fun!       riding buddies. Both women and men are
 We hosted new game stations, had a clown,       welcome. We only ask that you are either a HC        Our next meetings will be on April 8th and
 decorated sugar cookies, and put on a scav-     resident or the guest of a resident. So, what        May 13th at Kahuna Grill, but if you are inter-
 enger hunt. Thank you again to everyone         are you waiting for?                                 ested in our group, go ahead and send an e-
 who once again helped pull off a wonder-                                                             mail to HC_MCC@yahoo.com. We look
 ful event in 2009. Publix did a fantastic job   We take day trips once a month to unique             forward to seeing you at our next meeting or
                                                 Florida locations, which usually include some        on our next ride.
 hosting the food tent and our DJ service
 was provided by White Rose Entertain-
 ment, who always does a great job.

 I would like to personally thank
 Kristina Buhl who graciously took on
 the responsibility of chairing this

 I would also like to thank the committee
 for all their support and effort:

 Kelly Freeman and Joyce McCormick
 organized and executed the raffle table.

 Valerie Cummo supervised ticket sales for
 the day.

 Terrie Bromley supervised and set up

 Dorenda Ruby put together the craft sec-

 I especially want to thank Faith Colletti
 for coordinating and supervising the volun-
 teers – without the help of volunteers, we
 could not have this event. Thanks again.
 We look forward to next year!

30                                                                                                  Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
Hunter’s Creek Runners Club                                                                       Endeavor Elementary
By Felipe Medina-Marquez
Steve Prefontaine, a 1970’s running icon who died at the age of 24, once
said, "A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the                 By Regina Hellinger
most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end,
punish himself even more.”Throughout the course of the last few months, no          Second Grade Reads! The second graders have been
one can deny that members of the Hunter’s Creek Runners Club have the               showing they are wild about reading by checking out
guts and determination to finish mentally and physically challenging races.         Florida Reading Association (FRA) books. They have been
While HCRC members aren’t on Pre’s level (who is?), they’ve been punishing          eagerly checking out and purchasing these books as part of
themselves repeatedly, all in the name of making personal gains.And, believe        our school-wide focus on reading. Each reader is encouraged
it or not, that punishment pays dividends.                                          to take an Accelerated Reader (AR) test about the book.
                                                                                    Then students are awarded book charms for every AR test
In last month’s issue, I was unable to report the times of a few members. One       that they pass. The kindergarten and first grade students
of them, Jeanine Steel, who ran in Jacksonville in February, clocked in at          also read FRA books and received book charms, but they
4:10:01 for the marathon. Her time was so good that she qualified for the           do not have to take AR tests. Keep reading, Navigators. It’s
Boston Marathon, a feat only a modicum of elite runners ever achieve. Two           never too late to READ, READ and READ some more!
other members also had good outings in February when they ran in Gainesville.
Rick Dexter finished his second marathon in two months, clocking in at              On February 6th, the second grade hosted a parent
4:04:24. Cynthia Mahagan, who ran despite an injury, finished the half              luncheon. The theme was “Celebrations and Food from
marathon in 2:10:28. Both runners have improved since their last outings.           Around the World.” The
                                                                                    event began with a per-
In March, five HCRC members ran in Disney’s Princess Half-Marathon:                 formance by the second
Bonnie, who finished in 2:13:16; Jenny, 2:16:41; Rita the Cheetah, 2:16:45;         grade students, in which
Rosemary, 2:19:14 and Agustina, whose time was not recorded because she             all participated in a play.
didn’t have her chip. The HCRC even provided these runners with an                  The play concluded with
inspirational cheering section, which consisted of Rick and Stephanie, who          two songs. First, the chil-
volunteered to help in the race. Also in March, several other members               dren sang an Irish folk
participated in the CNL Bank Winter Park 10K and 2-mile Run. Due to
deadline restrictions, I am unable to post the results of this race; check back
next month for more updates.
Looking Ahead
So with all of those races in the bag, HCRC members are starting to look and
plan ahead. Some are setting personal goals that they’d like to accomplish
throughout the year, some are already circling fall races on their calendars, and
others are taking a much-needed break for a while before training again.
Anyone that is considering running a race or getting into better shape should
consider coming out for a jog. The HCRC consists of diverse runners with
different goals in mind, but they all have a common purpose: improvement.
And let’s face it: we could all use a little improvement.You have to start some-
where. What better time than now? (I mean, have you seen this weather?)
According to Christine Ducey, HCRC Club President,“It is a great time for new
members to join us, because you can go your own pace and distance around
the track, and not have to worry about getting left behind on the long
Saturday runs.” Officially, the club meets twice a week—on Wednesday
evenings at the HCMS track and Saturday mornings at Osprey Park.
However, there are some members who run every day of the week. In April,
there will be an informational meeting for current and prospective members.
If you’d like to attend this meeting and find out more about the club, please
contact Christine Ducey at chrisducey@aol.com or at 407-963-9777.
(Corrections: Last month, I reported two factual inaccuracies. I wrote that Steve
Monzillo would be running in the Gasparilla Marathon, and I said that Camille
Kaiser would be participating in the Princess Half Marathon, but both were
unable to run their respective races. My apologies.)

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                                            31
            Endeavor Elementary School continued ...
song called “Aiken Drum” and                                 their doors showing different Dr. Seuss themes from their
had fun singing about clothes                                favorite Seuss books, and students were treated to yummy
made out of everything from                                  Seuss snacks at lunch, by our wonderful PTA! Students also
raisin toast to pizza. The final                             participated in special Dr. Seuss lessons during special areas
song, which was accompanied by                               and were treated to Dr. Seuss videos during their lunches. It
a dance, was “Adios Amigos” and                              was a Seusserific day!
was greatly enjoyed by all. Follow-
ing the performance, our hungry                              Students Show Caring and
students consumed entrees from                               Compassion at Florida Hospital:
around the world. As always, the wonderful parents of the    Students in fourth and fifth grades
second graders came through with great help and delicious    created warm messages of hope and
food. Some parents also shared games, clothing and customs   inspiration and decorated fleece
from their cultural backgrounds.                             blankets with these messages for
                                                             patients at Florida Hospital’s Cancer
Celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday                             Institute. The idea was inspired by
Navigator Style! On March 2nd,                               the generosity of a former Navigator
our entire school celebrated Dr.                             staff member, Linda Palacios, who is
Seuss’s birthday with “Fox in Socks                          also one of the patients at the
Day.” Students and staff wore their
crazy and outrageous socks
along with “Seuss-like”
clothing to honor this very
special author. Our staff
was treated to a yummy
breakfast of….any guesses?
Mrs. Kimble and Mrs.
Couret read their favorite
Dr. Seuss book on WNAV.
Classrooms decorated

                                                             Cancer Institute. Realizing firsthand how cold it can be while
                                                             waiting for treatments, Linda bought 35 fleece blankets to
                                                             share with her fellow patients at the hospital. This turned into
                                                             a vision of warming not only the patient’s bodies, but also
                                                             their hearts with affection. Students took tremendous care and
                                                             thought in designing their blankets and writing their messages.
                                                             With the help of a parent volunteer, Debbie Walden, we were
                                                             able to have these messages sewn right onto our blankets. Dr.
                                                             Glenn Bigsby came to Endeavor to receive these blankets,
                                                             along with a class blanket that will hang on the wall at the
                                                             Cancer Institute. This project touched the students who
                                                             worked on it, as they realized that even the smallest gesture
                                                             that is given with sincerity and affection can make a real
                                                             difference in another person’s life. Congratulations, Naviga-

32                                                                                 Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
tors, for doing such a great job and truly touching the lives of
others with kindness and compassion!                                                    Hunter’s Creek
                                                                                        Elementary School
Endeavor Reading Challenge 2009: On Friday morning,
February 27th, Mrs. Kimble and Mrs. Couret challenged our                            By Jean Heredia
Navigators to “Read
Like Rockstars.”                                                      KABOOM! Orlando Science Center Teaches 2nd
The challenge to                                                      Graders Science with a Bang
each classroom was
                                                                      On Friday, February 6th, second graders at Hunter’s Creek
to work together as
a team to read 40                                                     Elementary learned about the states of matter through an Orlando
books in 40 days. A                                                   Science Center program called “KABOOM!” Jaws dropped in
sign was hung on                                                      surprise as liquid nitrogen, at -300 degrees, shrunk and froze a
each door to chart                                                    balloon. Cheers erupted
the classroom’s                                                       as the balloon regained
progress. The                                                         its shape when brought
                                                                      back into room temper-
                                                                      ature air. Students won’t
                                           students were enter-       soon forget the science
                                            tained during the kick-   concepts that they
                                            off by Freedom High       learned during this
                                            School Band members,
                                                                      exciting show.
                                            who came to Endeavor
                                            and played several
                                            rocking tunes to get
                                            the students and staff    Oration Speech Competition at HCES
                                             excited about the        The fifth graders at HCES recently gained the opportunity to
                                             challenge. When the      demonstrate their public speaking skills by participating in the
challenge is accomplished, the students will be entertained and       Modern Woodmen of America’s School Speech Contest. The topic
rewarded with a concert. The “Rockstars” performing at the
concert will be staff and teachers, including Mrs. Kimble and
Mrs. Couret!

World Maths Day: Ms. Moreland’s Fifth Grade class partici-
pated in World Maths Day on Wednesday, March 4. World
Maths Day (known as World Math Day in American English) is
one of the world’s largest global educational events, aiming to
lift numeracy standards in a fun and meaningful way. World
Maths Day takes place each year on the first Wednesday in
March. Over one million students from 160 countries united to
set the new World Record. Total correct answers: 452,682,682.
Monalisa Padhi scored the most points in Ms. Moreland’s class
with a total of 4,040!

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                                   33
               Hunter’s Creek Elementary School continued ...
this year was “A Person Who Has Touched Many Lives.” The students                                West Creek
from each class who presented speeches for this contest were
Samantha Pyle, Kyle McComb, Victoria Silva, Kaelan Skinner, Lindsey                              Elementary School
Jackson, Samantha Mora, Chloe van Bart and Rachael Williams.                                     By Angela Clayton

                                                                                                 First Grade News
                                                                                                  It felt like a true winter wonderland this past January
                                                                              in the first grade classrooms at West Creek Elementary. It was also an
                                                                              exciting experience to witness history on January 20th, as we watched
                                                                              our new president, Barack Obama, being sworn in on Inauguration Day.
                                                                              We expressed ourselves by writing a letter to President Obama in
                                                                              honor of this momentous occasion.

                                                                              In February, we stayed warm and fuzzy with “Friendship Centers” in the
                                                                              classroom. We wrote about what friends meant to us, created a heart-
                          The winners were:                                   shaped “Friendship Pal,” and even made our own colorful graphs out of
              1st place: Chloe van Bart “Helen Keller”                        conversation hearts! Then we admired our country’s forefathers, such
            2nd place: Lindsey Jackson “Harriet Tubman”                       as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, in remembrance of
             3rd place: Kyle McComb “Theodor Geisel”                          President’s Day. Of course, we had to share all that we learned about
                                                                              these things by filling the first grade hallway with facts we wrote about
Congratulations to all of our fifth graders for learning an important skill   each topic, but the fun didn’t end there!
which will help them not only in their academic endeavors, but also in
their professional careers in the future. The first and second place          We welcomed March with a special Dr. Seuss day to honor the
winners will go on to compete at the Level II Oration Contest during          timeless and beloved author. We also felt the luck of the Irish as we
the week of April 27th-May 1st. The contest is sponsored by Modern            wrote about St. Patrick’s Day and the history of lucky leprechauns. In
Woodmen of America, a national provider of fraternal financial serv-          April, we look forward to some deep-sea discoveries as we explore the
ices and programs and is made possible by Mr. Al Craig, a local Mod-          ocean and all of its crustaceous creatures. It sure is great to be in first
ern Woodmen representative. Thank you, Mr. Craig!                             grade at West Creek Elementary!

                                                                              Math Lab
                                                                              By Mrs. Hagy

                                                                              The Math Lab is busy as always. Problem solving is addressed at every
                                                                              grade level. The students use many different manipulatives, as well as
                                                                              other strategies such as Venn Diagrams and drawing pictures. Another
                                                                              topic that we address is estimation. The president of the National
                                                                              Council of Teachers of Mathematics, NCTM, has stated that “We should
                                                                              model, teach, encourage, and value estimation and mental math as
                                                                              pillars in our students’ development of number sense.”

                                                                              You can help your child to become comfortable with estimation simply
                                                                              by asking him/her to find a container to store leftovers from dinner. You
                                                                              can also make a family game out of guessing how many pieces are in
                                                                              the bag of candy, baby carrots, or other such items that you may pur-
                                                                              chase. Take out five or ten pieces, depending on the size of the bag, to

34                                                                                                     Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
use as a benchmark number. Sometimes see-          day of spring. This is when there are equal         symmetrical rectangle designs and cut heart
ing how much space the pieces fill helps to        parts of daylight and non-daylight hours. Un-       shapes for cards or designs. We are
see what the total number might be. When           derstanding that the Earth’s tilt, as it revolves   beginning to work on sea life drawings and a
you are shopping, give your child the prices of    around the Sun, is what causes our seasons          sea life paper sculpture project. Second
several items and ask about how much the           and is a concept that all elementary students       grade students made a snowman/snowflake
total should be. Any activity that fosters         should know by the middle of fifth grade. It        craft project, weaved paper hearts, and cut a
estimation skills is valuable.                     never hurts to give them a head start. This         paper origami dog project. Third grade
                                                   might be a perfect time of year to talk with        students learned about the Chinese New Year
The NCTM is well known among math                  your child about how the Earth moves around         and designed an animal of their choice for the
teachers and has been a leader in                  the Sun and how that causes our seasons.            New Year, and they have been working on a
educational research and change advocacy. I        Here are some Web sites that can help you           Chinese puzzle called a tangram. Students also
was encouraged to read in one of its news          explain this to your child:                         learned about tangrams in math, because it is
bulletins that the executive director met with                                                         made from geometric shapes. We will display
the education staff of President Obama’s           • http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/              the tangrams in the April Art Show. Fourth
transition team. It summarized the council’s         vernal-equinox.html                               grade students have been practicing with
priorities for mathematics education and           • http://www.woodlandsjunior.kent.sch.uk/           modeling clay forms and animals. We are
emphasized the need for greater curricular           time/seasons.htm                                  beginning to make animals out of clay that
coherence and consistency nationwide. Any          • http://www.uwsp.edu/geo/faculty/ritter/           represent Florida Wildlife. Be sure to check
input from this organization can only be good        geog101/textbook/energy/                          these out at the April Art Show. Fifth grade
for education.                                       earth_sun_relations_seasons.html                  students have been painting or glazing clay
                                                                                                       projects. We are beginning a plaster mask
Science Lab                                        Art                                                 sculpture project that will take several weeks.
By Mrs. Raley                                      By Mrs. Holland                                     They will be on display in the April Art Show.
March 8th began Daylight Saving Time. The          Kindergarten students have made paper               Music
Web site, http://www.webexhibits.org/              sculpture penguins, cut paper snowflakes,           By Mr. Gavlick
daylightsaving/b.html, has some useful and         heart shaped animals and heart constructions,
interesting information about this yearly event.   and we are working on how to draw people            This certainly is an exciting time for the music
                                                   using simple geometric shapes. First grade          program at WCES! All students in the first
March 20th was the vernal equinox, or first        students have cut paper snowflakes and              grade are busy preparing for their upcoming

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                                                  35
                West Creek Elementary School continued ...
musical production, Bugz!, which will be held in the WCES cafeteria on         Guidance Corner
March 26th at 9:00 A.M.                                                        By Andrea Hammond
In addition to in-class instruction for all classes on the Orff instruments,   In March, we focused
the fifth grade “Orffestra” has begun rehearsing in preparation for their      on overall good
performance on May 21st at 6:00 P.M., and the fourth and fifth grade           character, and we
chorus is preparing for a busy concert season which will span from             continue to hold our
April to June.                                                                 monthly character
                                                                               celebrations. Students
Physical Education                                                             are rewarded with
By Ms. Lopes and Mrs. Rasmussen                                                certificates, scented
                                                                               pencils, cookies, juice,
On February 13th, we held our annual Jump Rope for Heart event. Our            and a special visit from
students participated in a variety of fun and physical activities. During      Wildcat Willie! We are
the past several weeks, the students were busy collecting donations for        proud of these students for their hard work in displaying
the American Heart Association. The students rallied together to raise         good character. Our next character celebration will be on April 24th.
$4,570.45, making this West Creek’s best year ever! The top three
fundraisers were Emily Brickey, Timothy Rasmussen and Yusuf Moti-              Our kindergarten and first grade classrooms have been in classroom
wala. Ms. Rodriguez, Mrs. Moquete, and Miss Goldenberg were the top            guidance learning about feelings. Kindergarten classes are also
fundraising classes. We’d like to thank our students and teachers for all      working on self-control. Each class gets a visit from Mr. Davis and Mrs.
their hard work. A special thank you goes out to the volunteers and the        Hammond, along with our friends the puppets, Ms. Flowers and Mr.
Special Area team for coming out to help us with this event. Way to go,        Fernandez.
                                                                               Student Council News
On Thursday, March 5th, Radio Disney was here to offer third and
fourth graders a 30-minute program entitled “Move It!” The crew lead           We had our fifth annual carnation and heart message sale and it was
the students through dance and other movement activities set to the            very successful! We delivered 400 carnations and heart messages. A
sounds of their favorite Radio Disney songs.                                   big thank you goes to all of the helpers: Mrs. Lowe and her class, and
                                                                               Mrs. Harrough and her class, who helped put the messages together
Just a friendly reminder, always come dressed appropriately for PE.            and deliver all of them. Students have also been very proud to help
                                                                               take care of our school by cleaning up the halls, the playground, and
                                                                               the cafeteria. We are proud to be Wildcats! We are still collecting pop
                                                                               tabs for the Ronald McDonald House, as well as old cell phones and
                                                                               ink cartridges. We recycle these items and the money is given back to
                                                                               our school. There is a box outside of the Media Center for you to turn in
                                                                               your old ones.

                                                                               Our Fifth Annual Talent Show will be on May 6th.

                                                                               Future Problem Solvers News
                                                                               By Ms. Koza
                                                                               Our FPS Team went to the district competition on January 30th in
                                                                               Winter Park. We had four teams that represented West Creek and they all
                                                                               did exceptionally well! Congratulations to the following teams:
                                                                               • West Creek Team A: Felipe Franchi-Souza, Bobby Fayard,
                                                                                   Angel Ferrer and Joey Hartman

36                                                                                                     Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
• West Creek Team B: Madison Balmer, Lauren Meek, Mariangel Rosias                         Hunter’s Creek
  and Medhi Baqri
• West Creek Team C: Tyler Reis, Varun Patel, Caitlyn Jessee and                           Middle School
  Cullen Quagliana
• West Creek Team D: Kelsey Zeng, Carolyne Davidson, Andres Rojas                         By Marion Elden
  and Sanuki Prematilleke
                                                                         A Night on Broadway
                                                                         Music, the greatest good that mortals know, and all of heaven we have
                                                                         below. – Addison

                                                                         On February 24th, the Hunter’s Creek Middle
                                                                         School Musical Theatre Group presented “A
                                                                         Night on Broadway” at the middle school café
                                                                         under the direction of Susan Brown, Mark
                                                                         Howard and Stephanie Butler.

                                                                         The Musical Theatre Group consisted of 74          Susan Brown and
                                                                         very talented students performing On Broadway,    Dr. Anne Carcara,
                                                                         with selections from Grease, featuring “We Go     Principal of HCMS
Our topic was space junk, and the teams had to complete the six-step     Together” and “Beauty School Dropout”;
method in two hours. They completed a lot of research and prepared       Spam-A-Lot, featuring “Finland, Finland, Fin-
for many months. In completing the booklet, they found 16 challenges,    land” and “Not Yet Dead”; Wicked featuring
wrote an underlying problem, created 16 solutions to the problem,        “What is This Feeling”; Little Shop of Horrors,
wrote the criteria, scored the criteria, and developed an action plan.   featuring “Suddenly Seymour” and “Little Shop
The West Creek Team A received 2nd place in the skit competition; they   of Horrors”; A Chorus Line, featuring “Nothing”
also received 9th place in the booklet competition and Team B            and “One”; Rent, with “Seasons of Love” and
received 7th place in the Booklet competition. Both teams will           “Finale B”; and ended with “Show People.”          Chorus Director
advance to our State level. Way to go; we are very proud of everyone     Each show featured students in costume, which     Susan Brown and
who participated!                                                        greatly added to the enjoyment of their musical   Courtney Bucher -
                                                                         song and dance numbers.                              “Wicked”

                                                                                    Cast members from “Grease” performance

                                                                         The students’ musical, acting and dancing talents were only a part of the
                                                                         poise they exhibited on stage. They were enjoying themselves and the au-
                                                                         dience did as well, giving the teens a well-deserved and rousing standing
                                                                         ovation at the end of the show.

                                                                         The Fine Arts Department at Hunter’s Creek Middle School is a very dedi-
                                                                         cated group of teachers who impart so much to their students not only by
                                                                         teaching them musical skills, but also by teaching commitment, comrade-
                                                                         ship and leadership. These qualities will lead to success in all their en-
                                                                         deavors. Bravo to the teachers and students alike!

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                                              37
Freedom High School                                                        Florida scenery. The rain barrels will then be placed downtown and
                                                                           face a panel of judges. Freedom won “Most Creative” last year and
By Robert Rego
                                                                           hopes to place this year as well.
62 students from the Freedom Band Program submitted 83 entries
for evaluation at the Florida Bandmasters Association District VIII Solo   Freedom High School FCCLA
and Ensemble Music Performance Assessment at Lake Highland                 By Angela Pagan (Vice-President)
Preparatory School. These students prepared and performed solo and
                                                                           The Family Career and Community Leaders of America, or FCCLA,
small ensembles (trios and quartets) for a group of distinguished
                                                                           from Freedom High School is a community service-based group and a
professionals, who provided feedback for future growth. Of the entries
                                                                           nationally affiliated organization. The FHS FCCLA chapter has gotten
that were submitted for evaluation, 53 entries received a Superior
                                                                           off to a great start! In October, the students helped the domestic vio-
Rating, 28 entries received an Excellent Rating and 2 entries received
                                                                           lence shelter, Help Now! of Osceola County, by working at the pump-
a Good Rating. Furthermore, 24 entries qualified to perform at the
                                                                           kin patch at the Presbyterian Church in Celebration. 100% of the
State Solo and Ensemble Music Performance Assessment in April.
                                                                           money collected went directly to the shelter. In November, FHS FCCLA
                                                                           members participated in Relay for Life at Osprey Park in Hunter’s
Freedom High School donated computers to six of its students. The
                                                                           Creek. We raised $1,300 for the American Cancer Society by allowing
students were selected through feedback from teachers and
                                                                           students to donate in memory of anyone who passed away from can-
                                                                           cer. We also supported the Drama Department by cooking and serv-
                                                                           ing food for the cast and crew of Bat Boy the Musical. In January, we
The boys’ varsity basketball team set several milestones this season
                                                                           had a “blast to the past” fundraiser at Steak ’n Shake. Freedom Stu-
 including most wins in a season and the first district tournament
                                                                           dents dressed in their best 50s garb and danced the night away with
game victory in school history.
                                                                           Steak ’n Shake guests, friends and family members. The money we
                                                                           raised will be used for the State Leadership Conference. The week of
Rebeccah Adney’s Drawing III class at Freedom High School is work-
                                                                           February 9th-13th was National FCCLA Week. Our FHS FCCLA
ing on decorating rain barrels for the Orlando Utilities Commission.
                                                                           members were ready to pounce on our goal to end homelessness and
Students create designs that incorporate water conservation and
                                                                           hunger. We collected donated items that were needed for the HOME
                                                                                            shelter in Osceola County, which helps provide transi-
                                                                                            tion housing for women and children who fall victim to
                                                                                            homelessness. On Valentine’s Day, FHS FCCLA at-
                                                                                            tended the Valentine’s Day party at the Spring Hills As-
                                                                                            sisted Living Facility, where students served ice cream
                                                                                            and punch to the residents and spent time getting to
                                                                                            know them.

                                                                                         FHS FCCLA members have been lucky, but money is
                                                                                         running low. We’ve raised money for others, but not for
                                                                                         ourselves. State competitions will cost a total of
                                                                                         $3,000. The members in our group are hard at work on
                                                                                         their projects related to family and consumer science
                                                                                         issues, which they took to state competitions in March.
                                                                                         Our ultimate goal is to attend NATIONALS in Nashville,
                                                                                         Tennessee where we hope to receive scholarships for
                                                                                          our competing members.

                                                                                          Our next projects entail working closely with the HOME
                                                                                          organization and our National Service project - Change
                                                                                          for a Change - where we collect money to end hunger
                                                                                          in Central Florida. FHS FCCLA members are great,
                                                                                          hard-working students that love what they are doing
                                                                                          and truly believe in being community, career and family
                                                                                          oriented. They are excited about the events they have
                                                                                          participated in so far and are planning on serving more
                                                                                          of the community as time goes on.

38                                                                                                  Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
                                                                      Alec Josiah Crowned
                   Girl Scouts                                        Dr. Nelson Ying
                   By Carol MacKeen                                   Science Scholar
                                                                      By Andrea Josiah
February 22nd is the day when all Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
around the world hold a special activity that brings them together.   On Thursday, February 26, 2009, Hunter’s
                                                                      Creek resident Alec Josiah, an 8th grader at
The programs encourage friendship among girls of all nations, and
                                                                      St. John Vianney Catholic School, was
they promote unity of purpose and common understanding in
                                                                      crowned the Dr. Nelson Ying Science
the principles of the Girl Guide-Girl Scout program.
                                                                      Scholar for the second year in a row at an
                                                                      awards ceremony at Howard Middle School
                                                                      for the Orange County Dr. Nelson Ying                  Alec Josiah
                                                                      Science Exposition.

                                                                      As a Watershed Action Volunteer (WAV) for the St. John's River Water
                                                                      Quality Management District Adopt a Lake Program, Alec has been
                                                                      monitoring the water quality at Lake Mann for the past year-and-a-half. He
                                                                      was concerned about the quality of the Orange County lakes and the
                                                                      recreational safety after the deaths of two children were linked to swimming
                                                                      in area lakes during the summer of 2007. Since then, he has been working
                                                                      with the Orange County Environmental Protection Lab on a monthly basis by
                                                                      turning in samples from his adopted lake. He says the quality of the lake has
                                                                      slightly deteriorated over the past year and we should not swim in the lakes
                                                                      when the water temperatures are over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. He has
                                                                      submitted his research as his science project, entitled "The Effect of Tem-
                                                                      perature and Rainfall on Water Quality in Lake Mann – A Year Two Study."

                                                                      Alec will go on to compete in the State Science and Engineering Fair in
                                                                      Lakeland in April along with Akash Nadan, another Hunter’s Creek resident.
                                                                      Alec was also named a McCallie School Honors Scholar, where he will be
                                                                      attending the prestigious high school in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the fall.
                                                                      Alec's parents are Arcelio and Andrea Josiah, residents since 2000; he
                                                                      also has a brother, Austin, who attends The First Academy.

The World Thinking Day theme for 2009 is for girls worldwide to
say “stop the spread of AIDS, malaria and other diseases.”

Older Girl Scouts shared information and did activities with the
younger Girl Scouts on the practical ways to stop the spread of
diseases. The girls also learned about the Girl Guides in different
foreign countries throughout the world.

The Girl Scouts in our area held two events to celebrate World
Thinking Day! Congratulations go out to all the Girl Scouts who

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                                              39
Teen Health                                                                                             Winning the Battle
By Alexis Charran, Pace’s Mill Resident                                                                 and the War: Tips
CBS News reports that three out of four American teens eat fast food at least once a week. So           for Parenting a
is this why 31.9% of kids are considered overweight?                                                    Strong-Willed Child
                                                                                                        By Aaron Welch, LMHC, NCC
Here in Hunter’s Creek, residents have ample opportunity to exercise, as seen in last month’s
issue, but leading a healthy life style is not only about maintaining a nice figure; it’s also about    He seems so cute and funny most of the time.
developing good eating habits. “My current eating habits will likely catch up with me later in life.    My four-year-old son has a sense of humor that
At that point in time, I will give more attention to the foods I eat,” said Nisha Ramnarine, a junior   can truly make me laugh. His vocabulary is
at Freedom High School. “But for now, I will continue to eat whatever I wish.” Many teens do not        advanced and his smile can light up any room.
realize that like many decisions in their life, the food they eat now will have a long term effect on   There are times that having a conversation with
their bodies.                                                                                           him melts my heart…but there are days when I
                                                                                                        understand why some animals eat their young.
“When my patients come and see me, I can tell right away whether or not they have poor eating
habits,” said Niren Shah, medical intern. “Most of the time the fast food they consume is made          Yes, I admit it. I am the father of a strong-willed
from the worst of ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, a worse but cheaper alternative to         child. No more shall I insist that he is only a
glucose, which prompts not only obesity but also future cardiovascular problems.”                       sweet, angelic little boy. I must verbalize to all
                                                                                                        who read this that there are times when my son
Eating right is all about choices. It is both eating appropriate portions and making sure you are       is only one step above Damian from The Omen.
getting all the right nutrients. It is important that teens eat iron-rich foods, as iron helps brain
function. Along with a good breakfast, iron could prompt a more productive and attentive child,         He pushes boundaries. He won’t comply with
said Dr. Shah. Because adolescence is a time of growth, calcium rich food is necessary in               my wishes until he absolutely knows he has to.
creating strong bones and may reduce the probability of fractures by as much as 20 percent.             He tries to intimidate his mother by lowering his
                                                                                                        voice and yelling like some kind of quasi-Chew-
Children require carbohydrates for energy, protein for strength, and fruits to boost immunity lev-      bacca creature, and he waffles between doting on
els. When your body lacks these nutrients it enters a mal-nourished state, which can lead to di-        his baby sister and trying to send her to the
gestive issues, arthritis and cholesterol problems later in life.                                       hospital. Yes, he is sometimes a monster, but I
                                                                                                        adore him.
So after knowing this, why do kids still prefer fast food? With the recent economic recession,
some believe that many teens are clinging to the large meals at these easily affordable                 He is my little boy and, although he is difficult
establishments. "Fast food is designed to be consumed in larger quantities, but it is less filling,”    to parent at times, I prefer that he grows up to be
said Dr. David Ludwig, a CBS News correspondent. “Highly processed and tasty fast food goes             strong instead of fearful, independent rather than
down more easily." Many value meals contain a day’s worth of calories. When considering the             passive. When he is thirty and life smacks him
same amount of calories as a value meal in vegetable form, chewing and consuming is far                 right between the eyes, my hope is that Joshua
more strenuous; this is why vegetables make you feel fuller, faster.                                    will step up and be a leader. Don’t we all want
                                                                                                        our children to remain strong while enduring all
In no way does staying healthy mean you have to completely abstain from fast food. As young             that life has to throw at them?
adults, we are expected to give in to cravings; however, knowing how much and how often is
key. Again, remember the importance of choices. Before you super-size, consider the pros and            I have resigned myself to knowing that if that is
cons of a smaller size. Whenever you have the chance to opt for a less sugary form of your fa-          the kind of man I hope he becomes, then he will
vorite drink, do so. Drinks are not meant to have as many calories as an entire meal.                   show those qualities in childhood. It would be
                                                                                                        great if he would be strong-willed to everyone
“A good percentage of having good health comes from genetics, and since genetics will not be            except his daddy, but that’s not how it works. In
changing anytime soon, it's important that we become a more health conscious society so that            fact, parents usually see the worst of their
our bodies last as long as possible,” advises Dr. Shah.                                                 strong-willed child.

40                                                                                                          Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
As parents, we are here to train and nurture our          Local Dancers Shine at
children. Our job is to focus their energy so that they
will be ready for adulthood. Strong-willed children have  Competition
many excellent traits: they are independent, love to By Sean Brown
tackle challenges, and respond well to encouragement.
They are often high achievers, if focused correctly.     The 2009-2010 competitive dance season
                                                         began in February, as some of our local
It is also true that they are a greater challenge to dancers tried out their new routines for the
parent. Strong-willed kids can bring us to the edge of first time and brought home several awards.
insanity and then win our hearts, all in the space of Winter Springs High School was the
about two minutes. However, if we accept the location for Onstage New York’s regional
challenge, never give up, and invest our time and dance competition. Nine of our own
energy, we will be rewarded over the years.              Hunter’s Creek resident dancers
                                                         participated with their teammates in some
Let me share some of the lessons I’ve learned about      of the 64 performances entered by In Motion Dance Project (IMDP).
parenting a strong-willed child:                         Over the course of the two-day competition, the dancers competed against 15
1. Relationship is Essential: This is especially         other companies from throughout Central Florida. The dancers from IMDP
     important with a strong-willed child. If you        certainly stole the show as three of their routines won the coveted Critic’s Choice
     commit to building a relationship with your         Award for the competition’s three age brackets. Disco Wedding won for the mini
     child, it will go a long way in his acceptance of   bracket, Ship in a Bottle won the junior division, and Cathedrals took home the
     discipline. Invest time in him and he will notice. honors for the teen bracket. IMDP will be competing in several other
2. Patience is Truly a Virtue: You must adjust           competitions as they look to qualify for the American Dance Awards National
     your expectations accordingly or you will find      Competition, scheduled for July in Miami.
     yourself sitting in a rubber room, claiming you
     really ARE Napoleon. You have to expect your        During competition, each performance is judged individually and receives an award
     child to test you. It’s what strong-willed children based on total points given by the judges. IMDP dancers brought home a vast
     live for. Most strong-willed kids get some sort of majority of platinum awards for each performance – the highest individual award
     rush from watching a parent lose it, so be firm,    possible. Additionally, two of the company’s dancers were selected as Miss Junior
     but don’t blow a gasket.                            and Miss Teen dancer of the region, allowing them to compete at nationals for
3. Consistency is Key: Set healthy and consistent overall junior and teen dancer of the year.
     boundaries in your home. If your boundaries
     shift daily, he will push you all the time. The     Your Hunter’s Creek resident dancers, who won various gold and platinum
     structure of consistent boundaries helps to focus individual medals, as well as the renowned Critic’s Choice Award for Best in Show,
     the energy of strong-willed kids. Also, reward      are Ireland Brown, Michelle Dos Santos, Isabella Halili, Nicole Halili, Isabel Henson,
     them “just because” you love them. These kids       Shayna Martin, Lourdes Morales, Shannon Seaman and Cara Thomas.
     often get more criticism than praise and that isn’t
     healthy. Remember, we don’t love our kids for       Hunter’s Creek residents and co-owners of IMDP Amanda Plesa and Api
     what they DO but for who they ARE.                  Photnetrakhom are excited about this year’s dance season and are very happy with
4. Strength is Vital: You must learn to be stronger the performances. Amanda stated, “We’re coming off of last year’s incredible dance
     than your child. You must win every battle you      season with our success at nationals in Boston and have big hopes for this year’s
     choose to fight. You cannot let tantrums,           dancers. We’ve been working on the new routines since August and our dancers
     intimidation, or charm wear you down. Your          can’t wait to get on stage. This first competition is a sign of the good things to
     child must know that YOU are in charge.             come this year. We are always so proud of them!”
     Otherwise, they will always believe they can win.
     If you want to raise a leader then you must allow
     the child to make decisions, try things, and learn
     from mistakes. This freedom encourages their
     development. It also gives you more leverage in
     enforcing the boundaries you deem most
     important. Strong-willed kids love to show off
     their strength, which is great…but be stronger
     than they are when needed.

Finally, good luck! Parenting a strong-willed child is
hard. Believe me, I know. However, strong-willed
children have great potential if you hang in there.
They can be world-changers if molded right. So
buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                                          41
Time for Some Financial Spring                                   with different types of securities, taking into account your
                                                                 risk tolerance and time horizon.
By Kristina Buhl                                               • Organize your financial records. If you're like those of
                                                                 us who file our taxes at the last minute, now is the
You may or may not                                               perfect time to organize your financial records, because
engage in many of the                                            you've probably got them close at hand. And it's not just
typical activities of                                            a matter of having your brokerage and 401(k) statements
"spring cleaning" —                                              in nice, neat piles. Once you've got these documents
de-cluttering the attic,                                         together, you might see opportunities to consolidate
reorganizing your                                                some of your accounts. For example, you may have IRAs
closets, touching up                                             with different banks and financial services companies. By
the paint, etc. — but                                            moving them all to one provider, and possibly rolling
you can almost cer-                                              over an old 401(k) into an IRA, you could save some fees
tainly benefit from                                              and reduce your paperwork, but more importantly, you
"sprucing up" your                                               may find that such a move actually helps you better
financial situation.                                             manage your investments. You'll know exactly what you're
                                                                 invested in, and it will be easier to follow a single
As you survey your financial landscape, what areas might         investment strategy. Also, with all your IRAs in one place,
you want to tidy up? Here are a few suggestions:                 it will be much easier for you to manage the required
                                                                 minimum distributions you must start taking when you
• Clear your portfolio of "redundant" investments.               turn 70-1/2. (These distributions are not required for
  Over time, you may have built a sizable investment             Roth IRAs.)
  portfolio. But if you have too many investments that
  look alike, you may actually be hindering your progress      • Review your "systematic" investments. Many years
  toward your goals. After all, if you own a dozen stocks of     ago, you might have started systematically moving money
  companies in the same industry, they're all likely to be       from your checking account into an investment. But
  buffeted by the same economic forces. Look for                 perhaps the circumstances of your life have changed and
  opportunities to replace some of these "redundancies"          this money could be better used elsewhere. Scrutinize
                                                                 your automatic investments to see if they still make sense
                                                                 for you.

                                                               • Check your beneficiaries. Beneficiary designations on
                                                                 financial documents - insurance policies, IRAs, 401(k)s,
                                                                 etc. - are extremely important, because they supersede
                                                                 even the instructions in your will. Over time, your family
                                                                 situation may have changed, through death, divorce,
                                                                 remarriage or the birth of new children, so you should
                                                                 periodically review all your beneficiary designations.

                                                               • Examine your insurance coverage. When you have a
                                                                            young family, you need a certain amount of
                                                                            life insurance coverage to provide for some
                                                                            major expenses - such as your mortgage,
                                                                            college for your kids, perhaps some
                                                                            retirement funds for your spouse. But when
                                                                            your children have grown, your mortgage is
                                                                            paid and your spouse has decades' worth of
                                                                            retirement savings, your insurance needs
                                                                            may change considerably. At the same time,
                                                                            you may find other uses for insurance. Take
                                                                            some time and review your insurance
                                                                            coverage with your financial advisor.

                                                                             By following these "spring cleaning" sugges-
                                                                             tions, you can help put your financial house
                                                                             in order for the seasons to follow.

42                                                                                  Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
                                                   Chairperson: Dennis Kent    Vice-Chairperson: Jocelyn Haisch-Linn                  Secretary: Cheryl Horvath

Neighborhood Chairperson/Neighborhood President/ Apartment Manager listed in italics
SINGLE FAMILY         Chelsea Landing                    Glenhurst            Ocita                                Tanglewood                          CONDOMINIUM
NEIGHBORHOODS         Fred Robertucci                    Sharon Bright        Steve Campbell                       William Webb                        PROPERTIES cont.
                      Nicolle Boujaber-Diedrichs         Joe Belinski         Jack Callender                       Judy Jenkins
Ashton                Betty Robertucci                   Paul Bright          Jack Colletta                        Loraine Maroon                      Golfview
Ernst Schindele                                          Neil Van Bart        Dennis Kent                          Daron Sandberg                      Bob Markette
John Brown            Cypress Pointe                                          Patricia Smith                       Michael Smith                       Brock Bucklin
Art Fowler            Duane Beaudry                      Heather Glen                                              Mike Torre                          Heidi Duve
John Ramsier          Gordon Adams                       Juanita Pierce       Orista Bay                                                               Linda Markette
Carole Scheinler      Susan Eddi                         Richard Borders      Helene Petelenz                      Terra Vista                         Ray Millet
                      Paul Olson                         Gina Cassidy         Carl Bell                            John Dingivan                       Ralph Rasmussen
Braddock Oaks                                            Mary Kong            Neil Gilmer                          Jamy Head                           Desiree Torres
Jim Steel             Devlin Green                       John Rampino         Scott Strehlow                       Rafael Sotomayor
Larry Stepney         Douglas Nawrath                                         Ron Wilkinson                        Stewart Strang                      Villanova
Alfonso Ullio         John Bassetti                      Hunter’s Isle                                                                                 Marion McKenzie
Richard Waldor        Ray Elden                          Deymond Hoyte        Pace’s Mill                          Timucua Village                     Greg Culligan
                      Tom O’Reilly                       Otis Buckey          Kevin Goe                            Angela Hall                         Ron Johnston
Calabay Cove          Walter Veranda                     George Golletz       Melba Garcia                         Linda Calderale
Cheryl Horvath                                           Kathleen Golletz     Hemchand Ramdin                      Richard Calderale
Richard Abramowski    Eagles Landing                     Jim Wolfe                                                 Allison Delgrosso                   MULTI-FAMILY
Keith Collins         Maureen Edwards                                         Palma Vista                          Thomas Seiger                       APARTMENTS
Debbie Inzirillo      Michael Klepk                      Keaton’s Crest       Juanita Banks
Jim Kern              Skip Munoz                         Randy Ferreter       Ana Roche                            Vida Vista                          Camden Hunter’s
                                                         Anthony Cafiero      Carlos Roche                         Jim Durbin                          Creek
Carrington            Fairways                           Christi McCorkle                                          Mabio Costa                         Daniel Hobson
Jim Contini           Edward Schwartz                    Gregory Moon         Quail Lake                           Rita Costa
O’Neal R. Davidson    Norman Hanson                                           Matthew Echols                       Rick Sparveri                       Colonial Grand at
Lester Salisbury      Adrian Hobbs                       Mallard Cove         Lisa Curren                          Stephen Taylor                      Heather Glen
                      Eugene Petriella                   Joe Klein                                                                                     Madeline Ojeda
Casa Vista                                               Lisa Klein           Raintree                             Westshire
Jocelyn Haisch-Linn   Falcon Pointe                      Linda Lappano        Robert Braun                         Leo Babin                           The Cottages at
Stephen Frazier       Maureen Goukler                    Bob Mahone           Terri Braun                          Jilleyn Brisinte                    Hunter’s Creek
Ralph Zabriskie       Johanna Balsamo                    John Wagner          Freddy Burgos                        Guido Hoyos                         Dee Dee De Palma
                      Charlene Cassara                                        Luis Quintero                        Stephen Syphard
Chalfont              Carol MacKeen                      Mar Vista                                                                                     Osprey Links
Lorraine Rice         James Martin                       Mike Barone          Sandhill Trace                                                           Genienne Hernandez
Cindy Coutre                                             Alison Harney        Eva Torres-Griffin                   CONDOMINIUM
Joe Overberger        Flora Vista                        Paul Kirwan                                               PROPERTIES                          The Parks at
Janet Plosch          Peter Zieg                         Frank Loyke          Settlers Landing                                                         Hunter’s Creek
Connie Riggle         Peg Dunmire                                             Emogene Scott                        Audubon Villas                      Marie Post
                      Tony Lopez                         Montara              Laura Luhtala                        Todd Perry
Chartres Gardens      Suresh Sewraj                      George Womack        Sandy Seefried                                                           The Parkway at HC
Betty Setien          Richard Sparveri                   Raymond Alger                                             Capri at Hunter’s                   Diane Schmidt
Juan Baquero                                             Bruce Smith          Sierra Vista                         Creek
Sandra Camacho        Foxhaven                                                Richard Rao                          David Connelly                      Urbana
Paul Monahan          Steven Monzillo                                         Dennis Fetzer                        Matthew Molina                      Isabela Maya
Mark Robinson         Howard Cannon                                                                                Angelina Nassif
                      Donna Marmorstone                                                                            Rhoda Smith
                                                                                                                   Sarah Wichner

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                                                                         43
                                                             Business Directory
CLEANING SERVICES                                               HEALTH CARE cont.                                              PROPERTY MAINTENANCE & IMPROVEMENT

  Best Way Care Carpet Cleaning        407-854-5331    13          Physician Associates                  407-304-1710    28        Chavez’s Tree & Lawn, Inc.             321-624-0887    42

  Gal Friday Cleaning Services         407-438-3991    36          Dr. Richard A. Real                   407-847-6166    46        Chris Stone Screen & Awning, Inc.      407-977-8982      8

  G ‘n G Cleaning                      407-888-0631    33          Dr. Ruben Santiago, OB/Gyn            407-518-1097    17        DRS Roofing Services                   407-240-1225    32
  Peck’s Carpet Cleaning               407-851-6154    29          South Orange Wellness & Injury Ctr.   407-857-6166    21        Handy Air A/C & Heating                407-722-4166      7
  Royal Maid Service                   407-855-8747    41       INSURANCE
                                                                                                                                   Jensen Stoneworks                      407-857-5636    21
DENTAL CARE                                                        Allstate, Cynthia Torres Roman        407-816-0844    35
                                                                                                                                   L&D Construction                       321-946-3851    30
  Dr. Nelson Diaz, Orthodontics        407-233-2920    26
                                                                   Herbig Insurance Group                407-856-0000    18
                                                                                                                                   Middleton Lawn & Pest Control          407-648-4909    11
  Dr. Alfredo M. Gapuz, Jr,. DMD       407-251-5100    12
                                                                   Insurance Coverage 4 You              407-888-4980    32
                                                                                                                                   Mid-Florida Pressure Cleaning          407-331-4436      7
  Dr. Vincent Grosso II, DMD           407-350-5969    45
                                                                   Prentice Insurance Agency             407-826-5300    20
                                                                                                                                   NPC Painting Company, Inc.             407-497-1177    16
  Dr. Marfori, Pediatric Dentistry     407-859-1418    37
                                                                   State Farm, John Buchholz             407-816-0044    14
  My Dental Care Center                407-240-3372    23                                                                          Toolman Enterprises, Electrical        407-468-1128    43
                                                                   State Farm, Tony Lopez                407-857-2461     9
EDUCATIONAL/INSTRUCTIONAL                                                                                                          Travis Lawn Care                       407-399-7127    38
                                                                PERSONAL & FAMILY SERVICES
  Primrose School of HC                407-251-2771    27                                                                          Young’s Custom Painting                407-857-0008    39
                                                                   Bikram Yoga & Namaste Cafe            407-238-0755     6
  Sharks & Minnows Swim School         407-699-1992    15
                                                                   Cruise Planners                       407-855-4252    18    REAL ESTATE/MORTGAGES
  The Skating Academy                  321-278-6686    36
                                                                   Edible Arrangements                   407-812-1585    10        Coldwell Banker, Maria Pinzon          407-340-9887    29
  Sunchild Academy                     407-857-2100    35
                                                                   The Fitness Centre & Day Spa          407-303-4400     2        Coldwell Banker, Eric Wederbrook       407-421-4625    40
  WHIZard Academy                      407-855-4833    48
                                                                   Massage Envy                          407-438-3689    27        Keller Williams Realty, Marty Kaiser   407-595-9700      5
                                                                   My Neighborhood Storage Center        407-515-2696    15        Keller Williams Realty, John Ramdin    407-760-9146    34
  Duque Law Firm                       407-855-1660      4
                                                                   South Creek Baptist Church            407-575-7966    43
  Edward Jones Financial               407-852-9643      9                                                                         RE/MAX SW, Ayala/Rojas                 407-765-1006    20
                                                                   Town ‘n Country Cleaners              407-855-5445    38
  Silva Ibanez, attorney               407-846-9449    30                                                                          RE/MAX SW, Michael Joynt, P.A.         407-855-3555    39
                                                                   The Village at Hunter’s Creek         407-333-7700 Insert
HEALTH CARE                                                                                                                        Towne Center Realty, Mancuso           407-447-7700      8
                                                                   Weight Watchers                       800-379-5757    19
  Allergy & Asthma Consultants         407-859-9099    40                                                                          Jesse Turner Realty, Inc.              407-761-2621    13
                                                                POOL SERVICES
  Associates in Dermatology            800-827-SKIN    35
                                                                                                                                   Waterford Construction & Development   800-519-1673    28
  A Beautiful Mind, Dr. Beron          407-409-0716    17          Bahama Blue Pool Service              407-435-5160    34

                                                                   Clear Choice Pool Service             407-855-3346    26    RESTAURANTS/FOOD
  Florida Ear, Nose & Throat           407-944-3340    46

                                                                   Pool Force Service & Maintenance      407-486-3567    12        Caribe Royale                          407-238-8020      4
  Metabolic Balance                    321-559-1213    33

  Orlando Eye Center, Optometrist      407-850-0050      6         Pool Services of Central Florida      407-491-9487    31        House of Pizza                         407-447-7515    10

  Osceola Regional Medical Center      407-846-2266    47          Pratt & Sons Pool Service, Inc.       407-595-0219    42        Little Caesar’s Pizza                  407-856-4059 Insert

 Life at Hunter’s Creek is published and delivered to every residence within Hunter’s Creek at no cost to the Hunter’s Creek Community Association. The cost of production and delivery
 of Life at Hunter’s Creek is supported by the businesses and people listed on this page. We appreciate their community support. Let them know that you appreciate them, too, by thanking
 them for being part of Life at Hunter’s Creek magazine.

44                                                                                                                             Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
                                           Important Phone Numbers
HCCA Town Hall                                      407-240-6000     Representative Alan Grayson (8th District)                 407-841-1757
Orange County                                                  311   Senator Mel Martinez                                       407-254-2573
Animal Control Services                               407-836-3111   Senator Bill Nelson                                        407-872-7161
Commissioner Scott Boyd (Dist. 1)                    407-836-7350    Post Office (South Creek Branch)                           800-275-8777
Garbage/Recycling/Yard Waste                         407-836-6601    Hospitals
Library (South Creek Branch)                         407-835-7323    Florida Hospital - Celebration Health                      407-303-4000
Mosquito Control                                     407-352-4370    Florida Hospital - Kissimmee                               407-846-4343
Poison Information Center                           800-222-1222     Orlando Regional - Dr. Phillips                            407-351-8500
                                                                     Osceola Regional - Kissimmee                               407-846-2266
Fire/Sheriff (emergency)                                    911      Veterans Admin. Outpatient Clinic                          407-629-1599
Sheriff (non-emergency)                      407-836-HELP (4357)     Miscellaneous Services
Water Authority (OC Utilities)                        407-836-5515   Bright House Cable TV                                      407-291-2500
Zoning Commission                                    407-836-5525    Progress Energy (electricity)                              407-629-1010
Orange County Public Schools                                         Progress Energy Streetlight Outage                         800-228-8485
Superintendent Ronald Blocker                         407-317-3202   Republic (garbage/recycling/yard waste)                    407-293-8000
Vicky Bell (Dist. 4 School Board)                     407-317-3236
School Transportation                                 407-317-3800
Endeavor Elementary                                   407-251-2560
Hunter’s Creek Elementary                             407-858-4610    Residents must have a Hunter’s Creek ID Card in order to use
West Creek Elementary                                 407-858-5920    parks and facilities. The process for getting an ID card is easy and is
Hunter’s Creek Middle                                 407-858-4620    outlined on our Web site.
Cypress Creek High                                    407-852-3400
Freedom High                                          407-816-5600    Items that are lost at parks and on common areas are sometimes
Florida                                                               turned in to the Association office at Town Hall, where a Lost and
Governor Charles Crist                               850-488-4441     Found box is located.
Representative Eric Eisnaugle (Dist. 40)             407-893-3141
Representative Darren Soto (Dist.49)                 407-249-4743     For information on these topics and many others, go to
Senator Andy Gardiner (Dist. 9)                      407-428-5800     www.hunterscreek.net and mouse over the “Your Community” tab
Auto Tag Renewals and Transfers                      407-836-4145     in the toolbar; you may then choose from the menu items that are
Driver’s License (Kissimmee)                         407-846-5240     of interest to you. You may also call the Town Hall, located at 14101
Fish and Wildlife (non-emergency)                    352-732-1225     Town Loop Blvd., at 407-240-6000 for answers to your questions.
Highway Patrol                                      407-737-2200
United States

Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009                                                                                                         45
     By Carol MacKeen

     Join Us at The Village on April 26th for Heroes for Hope

     There are all types of heroes, from the everyday hero to the
     action superhero to the heroes we all count on! Whether you
     have a hero, want to be a hero or have been a hero, come join us
     as we prepare to "BLAST" (Believing Love Always Survives Trials)
     into action by helping the American Cancer Society!

     Look for our Relay for Life tent at the event at The Village at
     Hunter’s Creek on April 26th from 2:00 - 6:00pm and find out
     how you can be a part of our festival and help us to celebrate
     our heroes! Our Web site is up and I invite you to visit it at
     www.relayforlife.org/hunterscreekfl to read the latest news, join a
     team and/or get involved.

     Hope and renewal arrive each spring and all Relay participants
     know the true Power of Purple. So, join us and get ready to
     BLAST into action. See you on April 26th at The Village!

46                                                                         Life at Hunter’s Creek April 2009
Please come to the HCCA
                                                                                     Save Your Stuff!
                                        SPRING GARAGE SALE                 A Household Hazardous Waste Pick Up
  Annual Spring Event!
 Rock Around the Clock                  Saturday, May 2nd                    is scheduled for Saturday, July 18th

                                         8:00AM – 3:00PM
                                                                                        at Town Hall.
   Sunday, April 26th
   2:00 PM – 6:00 PM                                                                More details soon!
                                             Sponsored by the HCWA
The Village at Hunter’s Creek           Participation coupon on page 23
                                                              Second Quarter Assessment Fees
Music, food and fun for the whole fam

      The Town Hall will be closed                                  are due on April 1st.
                                                               A late fee will be assessed on all payments
       on Good Friday, April 10th.                                     received after April 15, 2009.

 Meetings at Town Hall:                                               Summer Camp Registration will
        Board of Directors:                                               be held at Osprey Park
        Thursday, April 2nd at 3PM                                        on Saturday, April 18th
                                                                       from 10:00am until 1:00pm.
      Council of Directors:                                       Bring your HC ID card and your child’s birt
       Monday, April 6th at 7PM                                                                              h certificate.
                                                                                 Limited space available.
   Residents are welcome to attend.

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