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									                                                                                                                                     BALL TALK REVIEWS

                                                       BOUNTY HUNTER PEARL
RATINGS*                         *Scale: 1-10
Ratings, drillings and diagrams listed in the            2.9         RG: The Bounty Hunter Pearl uses the same core design as the solid, with a slight modification to
following order: Stroker/Tweener/Cranker
                                                       Scale: 1-10+ lower the RG, allowing it to rev up even easier than the Bounty Hunter.
OILY: 7/7/7.5
MEDIUM: 9.5/9/9                                          7.1         Diff/Flare: The overall flare potential was increased, giving this Bounty Hunter the ability to
                                                       Scale: 1-10+ be more continuous at the back end of the lane. Most players will see around five inches of total
DRY: 7/6/5                                                           track flare.
SPORT: 7/6/6
                                                         6.5         Torque: This ball creates a touch less midlane than the Bounty Hunter with a stronger motion
    GENERAL INFO                                       Scale: 1-10   down lane. The increased mass bias strength helps increase the strength at the breakpoint.

Name: S72                                                 12         Length: The polished factory finish allows this Bounty Hunter to be cleaner through the front
Type: Reactive Pearl                                   Scale: 1-25   compared to the first. It will match up better with medium and medium-oily lane conditions.
Box Finish: Polished

Color: Black Pearl/Red Pearl
                                                                     Back End: The Bounty Hunter Pearl keeps with the tradition of 900 Global’s higher performance
Core                                                   Scale: 1-20   releases being strong and continuous down lane.
Density: Dual
Enhanced Mass Bias: .019                                  51         Total Hook: The overall hook potential is less than the Bounty Hunter and Breakpoint, but greater
                                                       Scale: 1-100 than the Breakpoint Pearl. This new release fills that gap nicely.
Lane Conditions
Brunswick Pro Anvil Synthetic Lanes
Kegel Patterns used in tests:                          Comments: The Bounty Hunter Pearl is the second addition to this year’s 900 Global Bounty. This ball isn’t
Oily: 44’ oil (High Street)                            simply a pearl version of the Bounty Hunter. By looking at a picture of the core, one would think so, but 900
Medium: 41’ oil (Main Street)                          Global changed the density of the core or filler to lower the RG and increase the differential. The strength of the
Dry: 38’ oil (Easy Street)                             cover was changed as well, to allow the Bounty Hunter Pearl to be cleaner through the front…with the same strong
Sport: 39’ oil (Winding Road)                          move at the breakpoint and back end of the lane. We found this new release to match up best with our medium
                                                       test pattern, while the Bounty Hunter matched up best with our oily test pattern. All three testers experienced
Drillings                                              medium length with a strong midlane read and strong continuous breakpoint and back end. The line each tester
4” x 3” (2” pin)                                       played was slightly deeper than we would have played with the typical reactive pearl. The strength of the Bounty
Stacked leverage (3” pin)                              Hunter Pearl will allow it to play on some oily patterns for all styles, while only those with both a high ball speed
4 ½” x 4” (2” pin)                                     and low rev rate will be able to use it on drier conditions. Sport patterns on the medium-oily side will offer the
                                                       best look for the Bounty Hunter Pearl. This is one of those balls that will work on a wide variety of patterns with
                                                       the right layout and surface.
             Pin            4“
                            3“         X

                                            X Hole


                    4” x 3”

                                      3 3/8

                             X        PAP
                                 X hole
                                                        Strengths: Compared to most reactive pearls, the Bounty Hunter Pearl reads the lane stronger, making it less
                                                        sensitive to the length of the oil pattern. This is a plus, as the oil starts to push around on the lane, and the
                            MB                          breakpoint becomes inconsistent.
          Stacked leverage
                                                        Weakness: The Bounty Hunter Pearl is a strong pearl, so don’t expect to use it on drier
                                                        lane conditions. Those with higher rev rates and/or slower ball speeds may even have
                                                 VAL    some trouble using this ball on true medium oil patterns if drilled too aggressively.
                             /   2“
                                        X               Overall: The Bounty Hunter Pearl is stronger rolling, compared to other reactive
                                                        pearls that 900 Global has released in the past. This helps those looking for that
                                                        in-between look on the lanes.

                   4 1/2 ” x          4”

     PAGE 22                                                                        BOWLING THIS MONTH                                                  DECEMBER 2009

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