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CHARACTERISTICS                    formats:                                       Simple card

                                                                                                    CLASSIC CARD
                              8,5 x 5,4 cm         Printed recto or recto/back in color with or
                             8,2 x 12,8 cm                            without brilliant stripping
                                10 x 15 cm
                                10 x 21 cm
                             other formats

                            simple cards or
                                                                     Rounded edges option
                  double sided with groove
                                                   Possible only on 8,5 x 5,4 cm simple card
                           paper 350 gr.
                         PERIGORD matt

                                 color print

                            with or without
                               shiny finish                                            Variants
                                                  Visiting card - commercial card - postcard -
                                               invitation card - correspondance card - fidelity
                                                                         card - greetings card

                                                          Vertical / horizontal double card
                                                   Printed recto or recto/back in color with or
                                                                      without brilliant stripping

CHARACTERISTICS                    formats:                                                                                               Textured card

                                                                                                                                                             TEXTURED CARD
                              8,5 x 5,4 cm                                                                             Paper Curious translucent 285 gr.
                             8,2 x 12,8 cm                                                                       Paper Rives Tradition 270 gr. extra white
                                10 x 15 cm                                                                             Paper Rives Vergé 300 gr. cream
                                10 x 21 cm                                                                             Paper Rives Linear 270 gr. cream
                                                                                                                                 Paper Gold matt 250 gr.
                            simple cards or                                                                                     Paper Silver matt 250 gr.
                  double sided with groove                                                                                   Paper shiny Chrome 250 gr.
                                                                                                    col o
                                 color print                                                 tive
                                                                               d in
                                                                          s an
                                                            ed f

                                                                                                                                                             PRESTIGE CARD
                                                                                                                                           Prestige card
                                   formats:                                                                        350g matt paper with selective varnish
                              8,5 x 5,4 cm
                             8,2 x 12,8 cm
                                10 x 15 cm
                                10 x 21 cm
                             other formats

                            simple cards or
                  double sided with groove

                                 color print

CHARACTERISTICS                 format:                                     Adhesive card
                          8,5 x 5,4 cm             Ideal to stick addresses in a diary, to
                                             personalize mail or files, to identify parcels,
                         paper 300 gr.                               to mark material, etc
                         GLOSS shine

                            color print                                8 variants possible:

                           8 variants of
                     cuttings to choice

                     precut semi-flesh

                                                                               Plastic card

                                                                                                PLASTIC CARD
                     credit card format    Plastic cards – durable, highly resistant to UV.
                           8,5 x 5,4 cm        Club, member, fidelity or safety cards with
                                                   satin finish plastic personnalisable with
                   plastic support 0,45                            photograph or barcodes.
                            to 0,65 mm
                                             Principle: write on the back then peel off the
                        1 color print or                   plastic film to stick on the card.

                      bending and UV

                  double Overlay finish
                           250 micros
CHARACTERISTICS                 formats:                                         Flyer - card

                                                                                                FLYER - CARD
                             10 x 15 cm      Flat, non-folded and non-grooved documents.
                             10 x 21 cm      Ideal for event flyer, advertising, product card
                          15 x 21 cm A5                                                   etc
                        21 x 29,7 cm A4
                                                   4 formats possible on 5 different weight
                  135/ 170/ 300/ 350 gr.
                  140 gr. offset recycled

                               color print
                     recto or recto/back

                shiny or matt finish
                recto or recto/back
             possible together with
               selective varnish on
       papers 170, 300 and 350 gr.

                              formats:            Folded document for paper of 135/ 140/
                    A4 open & A3 open         170gr. and grooved for those of 300/ 350 gr.

       Choice of 4 folds or grooves               Leaflet /Booklet ideal for mailing, folded
                                                advertisement, company plate, newsletter,
                                   papers                                                etc.
                  135/ 170/ 300/ 350 gr.
                  140 gr. offset recycled

                               color print
                     recto or recto/back

                     shiny or matt finish
                     recto or recto/back

CHARACTERISTICS         standard format                                Company folder

                                                                                            COMPANY FOLDER
                           48 x 34,5 cm      Company folder in standard format to store
                                                your documents, company documents,
                               color print                                 leaflets, etc.
                     recto or recto/back
                                                               Simple or double groove:
                    shiny or matt finish
                    recto or recto/back

              selective varnish possible

                       simple or double
                         groove (5 mm)

                   horizontal or vertical
                        notch option for
                          visiting cards


                                formats:          Ideal for catalogue products, internal
                          A5 ( A4 open)      newspaper, information reviews, magazine,
                          A4 (A3 open)                                              etc.

                   8 - 12 - 16 - 20 or 24

                    paper 135 gr. shiny

                               color print

                        cover in weight
                       superior to other
                          2 metal points
CHARACTERISTICS             formats:                                             Poster

                      30 x 42 cm A3                                 1 side print in color
                     34 x 50 cm A3+
                      40 x 60 cm A2
                      60 X 80 cm A1

                  paper 135 gr. shiny

                         as from 100

                                                                                            HEADED PAPER
                                                                        Headed paper
                           format A4            Print on blank 90gr. satin finish paper
                                           guaranteed for reprinting on laser or ink-jet
                      1 color print or                                          printer.
                                         Option black/white back which allows printing
                   paper 90 gr. extra      the general conditions of sale for example.

CHARACTERISTICS                 formats:                                         Envelope
                          C4 - C5 - C5/6     90 gr. self-adhesive envelope with extra white
                                                                           protective strip.
                      paper 90 gr. extra

                   technical constraints:
                  zone of 1cm round the
                  perimeter without print

                            1 color print
                              or colored

                                                                                               TEXTILE PRINT
                                                                           Print on textile
                              all textiles    Screen print, embroidery on tee-shirt, sports
                                                     shirt, sweat, jacket, jogging, cap, etc

CHARACTERISTICS            every format                                              Labels

                                             Print on polyester, paper, vinyl for interior or
                           every shape                        outside with UV protection.

                     paper, polyester or           1 color or colored, all sizes and forms.
                           vinyl support
                                                                  Internal or external use.
                            1 color print
                              or colored

                           for interior or
                       exterior use with
                          UV protection

                                                                                                LENTICULAR STICKER
                                                                        Lenticular sticker
                       standard frmats:      The lenticular resin sticker of 2 components
                                square            has an esthetic out of the common, it is
                                  round      flexible, elegant, insensitive to UV rays and
                                   Oval                                      indestructible.
                      made to measure
                                              Laying on cars, motor bikes, cyles, garage
                  in resin 2 components        doors, blinds, computer equipement, hi-fi,
                                                          bottles, packing, machines, etc


                       graphic conception                          Advertising on vehicle
                                               Simple marking in precut sticker or complete
                  marking in precut sticker   preparation with digital images on any type of
                           or in numerical         vehicle such as cars, trucks, trolley bus,
                                impression                     trams, coaches, boats, etc…

                           all vehicle type

                        laying and removal
                    of stickers on vehicles

                                                                          Window marking
                       graphic conception     Simple marking in precut sticker or complete
                                                preparation of digital images, your window
                  marking in precut sticker                          identifies you from far.
                           or in numerical

                           all vehicle type

                        laying and removal
                    of stickers on vehicles

CHARACTERISTICS         graphic conception                                 Building site panel
                                                A large stock of panels ensuring any request.
                         made to measure        From small size for the interior to building site
                                                      panel with complex structure to flexible
                       Boards in Alu, PVC,                   tarpaulin with eyelets and hems.
                  plexiglass, tarpaulin, etc.
                                                       These supports, decorated with precut
                  marking in precut sticker     stickers or numerical impressions, will ensure
                           or in numerical               the good diffusion of your messages.

                   laying of boards on site

                        graphic conception       Numeric printing or with precut stickers, any
                                                  advertisement is adaptable to the flexible,
                         made to measure                     foldable and reusable tarpaulin.

                  marking in precut sticker
                           or in numerical

                            hem and eyelet

                              laying on site


                  graphic conception                                               Sign
                                         From neon sign to decorated aluminum panel,
                    single realisation        transfer to us your projects and ideas for
                          or in series                      unique or serial realisation.

                      great choice of

                       laying on site

                                                                    Identification plate
                  graphic conception             Unique or serial realisation of totems,
                                               luminous boxes, identification plates for
                    single realisation                     administrative building, etc
                          or in series

                      great choice of

                       laying on site

                                                               Portable stand, model "PEL"

                                                                                                   PORTABLE STAND
                                                         Aluminium structure. Easily rolled up,
                                                  compacted and deployed. The visual is rolled
                                                   up automatically and protected in the foot of
                                                           the strcuture. It is interchangeable.

Portable stand, model "X"
Carbon fibre structure. Easy to go up and
dismount. The only structre of the market
made of 3 parts.

                                                                 Portable stand, model "ZS"
                                                   Aatt aluminium structure to be suspended, 2
                                                                     faces, ravelling motorized.
                                                                        Interchangeable visual.

   Portable stand, models "S", "D", "M"
   Massive aluminium structure, with roller.
   Visual interchangeable.
   - 1 face for model “S”
   - 2 faces for model “D”
   - 2 faces. Ravelling motorized for model “M”

                                                                                             Portable stand, model "TF"

                                                                                   Light luminous Totem. Self-supporting
                                                                               aluminium box. Fixed or motorized. Adapts
                                                                                   perfectly to commercial environments.

                               Portable stand, model "DOC"
                               For document display. Recto, back. Foldable.
                               Delivered with it's rigid aluminium suitcase.

                                                                                                   Modele "COUNTER"
                                                                                                    With visual display.

Portable stand, model "POP"
Umbrella stand out of aluminium. High quality
tubular structure. 2 halogenous spots.
Transporting container on castors. Double
magnetic polarity. The visual positions itself
automatically in the axis of the structure.
Set-up in 15 minutes.
                                                                                                           Display unit

CHARACTERISTICS            personalised

                                           Site “company display”, redesign of existing
                            cconsulting        websites, data management, storage of
                                                    documents, e-shop, etc… Website
                       graphic structure      personalised to company's requirements

                        concept, design           The alliance of technical, graphical,
                                                commercial and marketing knowledge
                  database development       ensures an optimal performance for each
                    secured payments &


              domain name reservation

                     webhosting service

                  management of e-mail                               Few examples
                                            company display with product explanation
                   content management
                                    etc.                e-shop with secured payments

                                                   promotion of swiss wines in Poland

                                                 small enterprise display with services

CHARACTERISTICS                                                               Webhosting

                   CHF 120.- annual fee
                            comprising:        A specialised partner ensures the storage of
                                                your web pages on high bandwidth servers
                        1 domain name                      which allows fast access to your
                    .com, .net, .org, .info                          website by net surfers.

                      personalised error

                  100 e-mail addressesl

                            FTP account


                                                                Multimedia, page set-up
                   graphic adaptation of      Graphics adaptation of various documents by
                  websites or others with                                     Webdesigner
                      brochures, visiting
                              cards, etc.


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