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Formation Flight                  Pages 8-13

               OF LOU DRENDEL.

     T-34 Association’s  Mentors join the ‘Beech
J.D. Phillips remembered Party’ at Tullahoma
                        Page 15                  Pages 16-23
MENTOR MONITOR                                 Three years in ‘office,’ new office ahead
          December 2010
                                                  This issue marks an anniversary        changed-out when a new boss takes
                                               of sorts. Unless I’m mistaken — and       over.
                                               it’s been known to happen — the              My high school best pal, as it
T-34 Association Board of Directors
                                               first-ever issue of Mentor Monitor        turns out, was the campaign chair-
                                               that I edited and designed, was the       man for John Doak, a first-time can-
Charlie Nogle, chairman of the board

                                               December copy of 2007.                    didate for elected office who man-
Illinois, (217) 356-3063

                                                  So this marks three years as the       aged to first upset the GOP primary
                                               editor of Mentor                          and then to unseat incumbent
Dan Blackwell Jr., president, ’11

                                               Monitor, and I                            Democrat Kim Holland to become
Pennsylvania, (724) 379-8628,

                                               just want to                              the next insurance commissioner of

                                               thank every mem-                          Oklahoma. And he needs a staff.
                                               ber, for their par-                          My title is yet to be determined, as
Don Ramm, vice-president, ’13

                                               ticipation and                            are a number of other specifics,
California, (619) 980-8011,

                                               patience in the                           including which office — the capital

Richard Gulley, secretary                      production of this                        in Oklahoma City, or the satellite
Arkansas, (501) 954-9669,                      quarterly maga-                           office in Tulsa — will be my most                      zine.                                     frequent base. No doubt I’ll spend
                                                  At risk of neglecting someone who      considerable time in both. But begin-
Jud Nogle, treasurer, ’12                      should get a personal pat on the          ning in early 2011, after the new
Illinois, (217) 253-4342,                      back, as well, particular thanks go to    leadership and Legislature are                            former Association President Dan          sworn-in, I’ll finally be employed
                                               Thomas, who enlisted me for this job      again, essentially as a public affairs
Julie Clark, ’13                               with the board’s consent, and Don         professional for the Oklahoma
California, (530) 677-0634                     Ramm, without whom several issues         Insurance Department.                   of this magazine would have been             In the meantime, it was a plea-
                                               much more difficult — one memo-           sure to produce another issue of
Joe Enzminger, FAST Coordinator, ’13           rable issue, impossible.                  Mentor Monitor, this one about as
Texas, (512) 970-0873,
                                                  This is a time of transition for me,   chock-full of content as we’ve had in
                                               as Thanksgiving essentially marked        my three years.
                                               a year of unemployment after losing          The sad news is that the
                                               my job of 11 years in the newspaper       Association has lost another valued
Mark Pasqualino, member at large

                                               business, the industry in which I’d       member, J.D. Phillips of Texas, who
Illinois, (815) 544-4157,

                                               worked for two decades. Over the          is remembered by J.D. Daniel in text

                                               course of the past 12-plus months,        and photos on Page 15.
                                               I’ve applied for jobs with newspa-           On the brighter side, there’s a
Leo Wadekamper, ’12

                                               pers, magazines and in related fields     super story and series of diagrams
Montana, (406) 449-4664,

                                               such as media relations, in 22 states,    on formation flying, contributed by

                                               with four phone interviews and just       Dave “R+10” Rothenanger and Billy
                                               one on-site the entire time.              “Smitty” Smith, coverage of the
Dave Holt, ’12

                                                  But, it pays to have friends.          Tullahoma and Darrel Berry fly-ins
Washington, (360) 437-2812,

                                                  Oklahoma voters swept                  provided by Russ McDonald, the

                                               Republicans into power in most of         Texas Twisters were in action,
                                               the state’s elected offices. While no     reported by Michele Bright, and Tim
Bill Cherwin, ’11

                                               agency can start over every four          Kolp tells us the story of how he
Illinois, (815) 356-9041,

                                               years depending on the whims of the       finally, after 20 years, owns a T-34.

                                               electorate, there are always man-            Thanks again to all of you, enjoy
                                               agers, aides and a few other people       the issue, and have a happy holiday
Dan Thomas, ’11

                                               whose positions are likewise              season.
California, (650) 868-6548,

Page 2           Mentor Monitor     December 2010
President’s Message:
The Road to Recovery
                 BY DAN BLACKWELL JR.

  I hope this issue of the Monitor finds each of you
in a warm comfortable place, close to love ones dur-
ing the upcoming holidays.
  I would like to extend a Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year to all of our members and friends.
We have much to be happy and thankful for as the
year 2010 draws to a close. The future for the T-34
is looking brighter and brighter every day, thanks
in no small part to a very dedicated group of people
over the last 10 years.
  The demand has definitely returned for the
Mentor. With so many good examples of the type out      and running. As of this writing (Nov. 20) there have
there, sales are bringing in higher dollars than in     been more than 55 ALEC kit installations. At our
the past few years. In many cases there are buyers      present rate we should be able to complete those air-
waiting for that special T-34 to come on the market.    craft on an approved list, by the June 15, 2011 dead-
  That said, there is still low demand for most gen-    line for compliance with AD2004-25-51. To date, all
eral aviation aircraft and especially piston-twins.     reports have been good and none of the center sec-
Many segments of the market remain very sluggish.       tion inspections have revealed any anomalies.
Manufacturers are still in the process of layoffs and     Those owners with more than 3,800 hours total
furloughs. In fact Hawker/Beechcraft constantly         time will have to have some center section AMOC
remains in the news on the AOPA Web site and            installed by the June 2011 deadline or face ground-
local newspapers in Wichita regarding future lay-       ing. If you have not yet signed up or called one of
offs, outsourcing and rumors of sell-offs. It is no     the center section AMOC holders, I am urging you
secret that the piston division is and has been in      to do so soon. Don’t wait until the last minute, you
trouble for some time now. It is hard to make a case    may find out there is a parts shortage or limited
for continued production when you only sold 35          capacity to get the job completed on time!
Bonanzas and 20 Barons last year!
  Hopefully we are turning the corner in the aviation   This Issue of the Monitor
industry and demand will return in the near future.
                                                          In this issue of the Mentor Monitor, Billy “Smitty”
AMOCs                                                   Smith, our T-34 formation lead at Menominee and
                                                        Oshkosh, is putting out a challenge for all association
  The fleet is rapidly undergoing the necessary         formation pilots to show up this year and put the
AMOCs to return airworthy Mentors to unrestricted       Mentor back out front in the formation department.
flying condition. Parks Industries has completed          Bill Cherwin explains the reasons for getting the
more than 85 aircraft with the H-Beam installation.     center section taken of now, even if your aircraft is
All of the ALEC AMOC installation shops are up          under the 3,800-hour mark.
                                                                        December 2010   Mentor Monitor    Page 3
  Michele Bright recalls the T-34 for-   and create new products to sell in      most of us to take care of that
mation tribute to the Texas WASPS.       the “Association Store.” A special      squawk list that may have built up
  Association member Tim Kolp            thanks goes out to long time associa-   over the summer flying season. Get
talks about joining the association      tion member and former director         your annual inspection completed or
and finding his new Mentor.              Skip Aldous for handling merchan-       install that favorite modification
  Dave “R+10” Rothenanger pro-           dise sales for more than 10 years.      you’ve been waiting on. Let’s all
vides us with an in depth discussion        Look for a new layout on the Web     work at having the absolute best-
on station keeping in formation and      site merchandise page, and begin-       maintained, squawk-free fleet of air-
where to line up on lead and the         ning in the next Monitor a half-page    craft of any type-group out there.
other aircraft in the formation.         dedicated to the store. There are          Our airplanes are unique; there is
  Hartley Postlethwaite extends an       already new items in the works that     no other model aircraft out there
invitation to all association members    will be introduced shortly. We will     that combines the flying qualities,
to the All Red Star 2011 event.          make online payment for items sim-      performance, capability, reliability
  J.D. Daniel remembers longtime                                                 and economy of the T-34. We must
                                         ple using our T-34 Association
Association member J.D. Phillips,                                                continue to hold our fleet to a very
                                         PayPal account.
who recently passed away.                                                        high standard. This will keep the
  Russ McDonald covers both the                                                  Mentor as one of the most desirable
Tullahoma and Darrel Berry fly-ins.      Conclusion                              planes to own! If you have any ques-
  In other news, our new merchan-                                                tions, comments or requests, please
dise managers are association              Winter is upon us and can provide     feel free to contact me.
Director Mark Pasqualino and his         for some wonderful flying experi-          Merry Christmas & Happy New
wife Carolyn. They have accepted         ences with the cold temps and clear     Year.
the responsibility to control sales      air. Winter is also a great time for       Let’s Keep’em Flying!

                                                                                                           PHOTO/BOB BURNS

A trio of T-34s flown by (from left to right) Russ McDonald, Julie Clark and Jud Nogle (in Tom Soodsma’s
aircraft) blaze a smoky trail in formation over Tullahoma, Tenn. during the October “Beech Party” at the
Beechcraft Heritage Museum. The shot serves to illustrate two topics covered in this month’s issue: Rules
for formation flying, by Dave “R+10” Rothenanger and Billy “Smitty” Smith, beginning on Page 8, and cov-
erage of the annual Tullahoma fly-in, written by McDonald, beginning on Page 16.
Page 4        Mentor Monitor   December 2010
December 2010   Mentor Monitor   Page 5
Completing your center-section AMOC
                                                       AMOCs came out, most of us thought that our air-
                                                       planes were fine, crack-free, and fatigue-free.
                       BY BILL CHERWIN

                     FOR MENTOR MONITOR
                                                          Several aircraft came up with cracks and other
  On March 7, 2005, the FAA came out with a SAIB
                                                       flaws that needed to be addressed before further
(Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin) that
                                                       flight. At least two of them have never flown again,
exempted those aircraft with less than 3,800 total
                                                       after cracks were discovered in their center-sections.
time on their airframes from Airworthiness Directive
                                                       One was suspected to be a factory manufacturing mis-
(AD) 2004-25-51.
  Some 25 or 30 T-34s fell into that category, and
                                                          Personally, I will feel very secure and confident
have not had to comply with any
                                                       when I fly my airplane with the ALEC installed, just
center-section modifications or
                                                       as those with “H” Beams and straps will.
inspections required by that
                                                          The T-34 was a very strong airplane when it left the
infamous AD.
                                                       factory, but that was some 55 years ago, and zero time
  Some owners “lucked out,” and
                                                       on the airframe. No Beech engineer envisioned the T-
had some extra time before AD
                                                       34 lasting this long in service. Also, fatigue was not
2004-25-51 applied to their “low-
                                                       fully understood in the early ’50s.
time” aircraft. In the last five
                                                          What kind of flight activity has your airplane been
years, several have exceded
                                                       exposed to prior to your ownership? How many G
3,800 TTAF and now must com-
                                                       cycles has your aircraft experienced? How violent
plete one of the three AMOCs
                                                       have those G cycles been? Has your aircraft ever been
available to the T-34 fleet. Some
                                                       subjected 9 Gs, or more?
still have hours remaining before they excede the
                                                          One of the airplanes with cracks in the carry-
3,800 hour deadline. My concern, as well as that of
                                                       through spent many years with the Civil Air Patrol in
the entire T-34 Board, is: “Should those few remaining
                                                       Renton, Wasg. They flew it extensively in the turbu-
exempted airplanes continue unmodified until those
                                                       lent Cascade Mountains looking for missing aircraft.
3,800 hours are exhausted?”
                                                       What did your airplane do in the 1950s, ’60s, and
  The “up-side” is that they can put off spending the
money to complete an AMOC, thus allowing that
                                                          We certainly do not need any more airframe failures
unspent money to earn interest, or “work for them,”
                                                       of any kind. It is my opinion, as well as that of the T-
perhaps in other investments.
                                                       34 Association Board, that those owners with “low-
  Here are a few factors that will show the “down
                                                       time” T-34s should give serious consideration to com-
side” of postponing the center-section fix.
                                                       pleting a center-section AMOC sooner, rather than
  1. Have you been the only pilot ever to have flown
your airplane, and know for certain that it has never
been abused or “over-G” stressed?
  2. Will all of those AMOCs and kits be available

several years from now when you finally decide to do
an AMOC? What will be the cost of those AMOCs  
then? Right now, If you wanted to install a Saunders
Strap, they are not even available until 50 units are
                                                          T-34 Flight Control Cables
ordered. Will there be extra ALEC kits collecting dust
                                                          Fast Delivery and Low Price
                                                          • Cables are pre-stretched and proof loaded

in GAMI’s warehouse?
                                                          • The best for less!

  3. What will the appraised value of your aircraft be    FAA-PMA

with no AMOC yet installed?
  Back in 2000 when the first restrictions and
                                                          McFarlane Aviation Products 696 East 1700 Road, Baldwin City, KS 66006
                                                          Phone: 785.594.2741 Fax: 785.594.3922

Page 6         Mentor Monitor     December 2010
December 2010   Mentor Monitor   Page 7
   It’s showtime: Symmetrical
                                                 that we needed to write this arti-    and have had the opportunity to
                                                 cle. Our purpose is to present sev-   fly with a lot of different folks from

                                                 eral references and techniques        different “groups.” We have been

                                                 that will allow you to fly a more     asking ,“What reference do you use

   I recently found myself in my                 precise symmetrical formation         to set your in/out (lateral) spac-
“Man Cave” basement, sitting at my               position.                             ing?”
desk with a protractor, ruler, graph               Our Manual describes the basic         The response is usually, “I just
paper and a box of colored pencils.              45-degree line and how to stack,      know how close to get,” or “It just
   No, I am not taking a remedial                but it does not say anything about    looks right.”
geometry corre-                                  the lateral position. We need to         While this may work when you
course, but I am
pushing a bunch
of scale T-34
paper cutouts
around on a
sheet of graph
paper. I am
beginning to
wonder what is
wrong with me.
Perhaps I am
just looking for
a reason to get
out of raking
leaves in my
   Actually Billy
Smith (our new
T-34 Oshkosh
Flight Leader)
and I have been
having some
lengthy discus-
sions on how we
can improve our T-34 formation                   use a precise reference that we all   fly with the same group of pilots
execution. “Smitty,” it seems, does              can brief and fly, especially when    all the time, it can muck things up
not like to rake leaves either as he             performing large show formations      a bit when you have different
also has been playing around with                at Oshkosh or Sun n’ Fun. If          pilots flying with you or when in
graph paper.                                     everyone uses the same references,    larger formations. The effect can
   Both of us are in agreement that              then our spacing throughout the       be seen from the ground as the for-
our T-34 Formation Manual is a                   formation will have the consisten-    mation passes overhead. In a
little short on describing refer-                cy and symmetry that looks great.     Diamond of Diamonds, for exam-
ences for a proper formation posi-                 Billy and I have attended           ple, some individual Diamonds
tion. Both Smitty and I decided                  numerous formation flying events      may be tighter and some may be
Page 8          Mentor Monitor         December 2010
formation flight in the T­34
looser. This asymmetrical look is      izontal stabilizer.                    fingertip position for building
displeasing to the eye.                  The third reference, for lateral     larger symmetrical formations.
  Obviously, in order to fly a fixed   spacing, which is not mentioned        The cameras that were used to
position in three-dimensional          in our formation book, is obtained     make the photos were placed at
space, you need a minimum of           by moving in along the 45-degree       the exact position where your
three reference points; one for        Bearing Line (BL) until the front      head would be if flying fingertip
angle off, one for up and down         of the horizontal stabilizer lines     on the T-34 shown in the photo.
and finally, one for lateral posi-     up with the mid point of the rud-        The next time you pull your T-
tion. Our standard angle off, or       der fillet. This sight line or Range   34 out of the hangar, spend a lit-
Bearing Line (BL), is created by       Line (RL) gives you three feet of      tle time walking around looking
                                                                                                 at these refer-
                                                                                                 ences. Start by
                                                                                                 lining up on the
                                                                                                 Bearing Line.
                                                                                                 Squat down and
                                                                                                 move in from a
                                                                                                 wide position
                                                                                                 along the 45
                                                                                                 degree Bearing
                                                                                                 Line. Notice
                                                                                                 how quickly the
                                                                                                 forward tip of
                                                                                                 the horizontal
                                                                                                 stabilizer moves
                                                                                                 aft along the
                                                                                                 rudder fillet as
                                                                                                 you look down
                                                                                                 the Range Line.
                                                                                                 Stop when the
                                                                                                 Stab tip bisects
                                                                                                 the rudder fil-
                                                                                                 let. You have
                                                                                                 now established
                                                                                                 your lateral
                                                                                                 position. You
lining up the flap/aileron junction    wingtip clearance (FAST stan-          should see the position depicted
on the trailing edge of the wing       dard) and approximately two feet       in Figures 1 and 2.
with the aft cowl latch. The stack     of nose/tail separation. (Figures        There is a tendency among many
is established by lining up the        1-3)                                   wingmen to try and demonstrate
horizontal stabilizer with the base      This Range Line was developed        their proficiency and skill by mov-
of the canopy rail so the rear cowl    by making scale drawings on            ing closer and closer to lead. If you
latch is just in view, you can see a   graph paper and verified by mea-       move in real close to lead and fly
small section of the top of the        suring everything on the ramp          with wing overlap and no nose/tail
wing at the wing root, and you         with the real aircraft. Both           separation, you are giving up your
can also see the bottom of the hor-    Figures 1 and 2 show the ideal         margin for error, especially in
                                                                           December 2010   Mentor Monitor    Page 9
rough air, flying through the sun
or performing cockpit duties. Also,
if you move in too close along the
45-degree Bearing Line, you run
the risk of a conflict from your
wingtip and the leader’s tail.
(Figure 4) To avoid this issue some
people fly well forward of the line.
(Figures 5 and 6)
   If you don’t use a common refer-
ence for establishing spacing, oth-
ers in the formation may have no
idea of where you are on the “line”
and what lateral spacing you are
using. Not as big of a deal in a
two- or even a three-ship, but this
can really affect No. 4, in the slot.
For example, if 2 and 3 fly forward
of the line and 4 flies with nose-
tail separation, he will appear aft
in the formation (Figure 7). In
order for the formation to appear
symmetrical, 4 has to move well
forward, giving up nose-tail sepa-
ration. (Figure 8)
   If you have the skill and profi-
ciency to fly a really tight diamond
with wingmen stacked low, in and
forward of the 45-degree line, your
margin for error decreases.
Various skill levels or proficiencies
and the use of different references
will obviously lead to unbalanced,
asymmetric spacing among the ele-
ments in a big formation. If every-
one in the element uses the 45-
degree Bearing Line, the lateral
spacing from the Range Line, and
the stack as briefed, you will get
nice symmetrical diamonds.              on the leader, but you also need to   and 3 as a crosscheck.
(Figure 9)                              fly line-abreast and stack level        It is very important that 2 stays
   We all know that No. 2 sets the      with 2 to keep the formation sym-     on the Bearing Line as much as
spacing for the element. (For the       metrical. The slot pilot (4) simply   possible and everybody else fol-
purposes of this article only, 2 will   flies the Bearing Lines on 2 and 3    lows. If 2 needs to move out slight-
occupy the left wing). No. 3 simply     while flying directly inline with     ly, he should do so along the line.
flies the same references as 2, but     the Leader. No. 4’s stack reference   In effect, if everyone follows this
has the added task of “dressing”        is to split Lead’s wing (see equal    process, the formation can
his position with respect to 2 (a       amount of the top/bottom). This       “breathe” slightly and still main-
fourth reference). As 3, you should     should result in 4 seeing the nor-    tain symmetry.
fly the BL and crosscheck the RL        mal two-ship stack references on 2      When holding away from the air-
Page 10      Mentor Monitor   December 2010
port, good flight leads will allow
the wingman to loosen up a few
feet to make it easier to relax or
take care of cockpit duties.
However, just prior to the flight
coming into view of the folks on
the ground, “Smitty” makes a
“Showtime” call to let everyone
know the breathing is over and it
is time to hammer yourself exactly
into position.
   The beauty of the using a 45-
degree Bearing Line really comes
into play when building larger for-
mations such as the 9-ship dia-
mond. (Figure 10)
   Everyone uses the same 3-D ref-
erence system throughout the
flight. Alpha flight flies a five-ship
wedge and the Bravo Diamond
just plugs into the Alpha slot. In
effect, Alpha 2, 3, 4 and 5 fly the
standard fingertip position. Bravo
Flight members maintain the BL
on Bravo 1 while crosschecking
slot references on Alpha Flight.
This formation requires a fair
amount of practice to be safely
   The Diamond of Diamonds
(Figure 11) is easier to fly and still
looks great if flown with symme-
try. You need strong element leads
to maintain the spacing but it is
not too difficult to execute. The
key here is to maintain good inter-
nal individual diamond spacing
and essentially treat the big for-
mation like a big four-ship.
   Bravo Lead, on the left “wing” of     with Alpha 4’s tail. (Forward           the helmets of Bravo 1 and Bravo
the formation, sets the big dia-         nose/tail line.) This will leave a      3. This will result in horizontal
mond spacing by lining up the hel-       “phantom” wingman (one ship             symmetry. Additionally, Bravo and
mets of Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 for          width) between Bravo 1 and Alpha        Charlie Flights need to stack down
the BL. He then moves in on the          2. Charlie Lead dresses on Bravo        together slightly. This will provide
BL until the forward edge of the         Lead (like 3 would do on 2 in a         vertical symmetry as Delta Flight
horizontal stabilizer on Alpha 2         four-ship) while lining up the hel-     stacks down to stay out of Alpha’s
lines up with the leading edge of        mets of Alpha 1 and Alpha 3.            prop wash.
Alpha 2’s rudder fillet. This RL         Delta Lead positions his flight in        This is a really great formation
reference (spacing) will position        the slot by flying the centerline       to fly as you can join up to
Bravo 1 just short of a lateral line     behind Alpha Flight and lining up       Diamonds in trail, join into the big

                                                                               December 2010   Mentor Monitor   Page 11
Diamond of Diamonds, then move          ing in on the line to your lateral      As a final thought, remember,
back into Diamonds in trail for         position. That’s Line-Stack-          formation flying is not a contest to
recovery. It is easy to maneuver        Distance, or LSD.                     see who can fly the closest to lead.
the trail of diamonds and transi-         Constantly crosscheck your ref-     It is far more important to be sta-
tion into echelon for the pitch-out     erences and open up and use your      ble and fly a solid position with
to land. This formation can also be     peripheral vision. Do not stare at    references that are consistent with
easily flown with three-ship Vic        any one reference. Build a big pic-   all other members in the flight
formations. If you visualize the T-     ture of the airplane you are flying   while maintaining a high degree of
34 as occupying a small “block of       on and avoid tunnel vision.           situational awareness. Our goal is
airspace” there are lots of ways to       Look around and crosscheck          to build and display symmetry in
“stack” the “blocks” together with      (LSD) with your eyes, not your        our “Showtime” formations.
the 3-D reference system we are         head. (Your head bone is connect-       Next year at Sun n’ Fun and
advocating. A few examples are          ed to the arm bone, the arm bone      Oshkosh we will be doing more
shown in Figure 12.                     is connected to hand bone, the        “Parade Pass Recoveries.” We
   I have always said that the best     hand bone is connected stick bone.    designed this recovery so that
pilot would be a cross between an       “Two, where are you going?”)          instead of just making a couple of
octopus and a lobster. Having             Do not chase the power. Try and     passes at altitude above the crowd,
eight prehensile appendages and a       find the proper setting that is       one or more groups each day will
pair of independent eye stalks          required for your current position.   be able to split their big formation
would be great in a big formation.      Anticipate power changes and be       into four-ships in trail and then fly
(The suction cups might however         ready. If you get tense, relax by     down the show runway at 300-500
make it difficult to walk on a tile     wiggling your fingers and toes.       AGL. The parade pass will show-
floor.)                                   When making a correction, put       case the formation at show center,
   Since we are not built this way,     in a small correction then remove     so you will want to look good for
here are a few basic tips.              the correction when you get the       the crowd of adoring fans and fel-
   Relax and make small correc-         results you want.                     low formation critics.
tions. Make pressure changes, not         And finally, watch your grip on       The T-34 group at one time was
big movements. Fix one problem at       the stick. Do not squeeze it so       the premier formation group. It is
a time by getting on the line, tak-     tight that the trim button turns      time we regain this status.
ing the proper stack and then mov-      purple.                                 Are you ready for “Showtime?”
Page 12      Mentor Monitor   December 2010
December 2010   Mentor Monitor   Page 13
Let’s get back out in front!
                                                          over the lake and it’s close to OSH (39nm). There is a
                                                          nice briefing area provided by the local EAA chapter
                 BY BILLY ‘SMITTY’ SMITH

                                                          and they couldn’t have been more helpful this past
                  FOR MENTOR MONITOR
  With the wing AD/AMOCs behind us, let’s shift the
                                                            Think of the heads turning upward when 30-plus
focus to reclaiming our position as the premier forma-
                                                          T-34s fly over OSH next year. Imagine the gasps!
tion warbird to own and fly. So, how do we do that?
                                                            So let’s start planning for the next “Big One” at
  In a word … exposure!
                                                          OSH 2011.
  When I started flying my T-34 to OSH a few years
                                                            Can we count you in?
back, I kept hearing stories about “the good, ol’ days”
when we routinely had 20 or 30 T-34s flying in the
“Show.” Boy, would I love to have seen that!
  This year, the four-ships we put up were relegated
to just “fly behind the YAKs.” That’s right, we just
                                                                     B eechcraft
got lumped in with the Red Stars! You can’t blame
                                                                       “It’s Our Only Business”
the Air Boss; why create another circuit for just four
                                                                          Complete Restorations

  If we can put together some larger formations, then
                                                                                 Parts sales

we will get our own pattern again.
                                                                      NAAA Appraisals & Evaluations

  Why do we care? Read on.
                                                                     Pre-Buy Inspections/NDT Testing

  Has this happened to you? I know I cannot land                       Mods/Upgrades/Conversions

anywhere without someone coming over to look at my
plane and then they ask the question. “What’s up
                                                                       Annuals/Dynamic Balancing

with the wings cracking and falling off?” Followed
                                                                    Sheet Metal Work/Certified Scales

shortly by, “I thought these were all grounded.”
                                                                      Gear & Flight Control Rigging

                                                                    ALL T-34 AD COMPLIANCE WORK

  Yes, we can simply tell them the wing ADs are all
                                                                    -AMOC-1 (Double Plate) Installations-

completed, but what will really show everyone the
                                                                       -New Baron Spar Installations-

planes are O.K. is for them to see T-34s flying at                   -Saunders Spar Strap Installations-

places like OSH.
  For those who are looking to sell their planes, this
                                                                           -W.S. 66 Installations-

has the added effect of generating interest, which
                                                                           -A.L.E.C. Installations-

translates to dollar-value for your planes. I’m not
                                                                     -Spar Center Section Replacement-

planning to sell mine anytime soon, but I sure would
like to tell folks it’s worth more than it is now.
                                                               { Quality you can count on for over 25 years }

  Now, I understand each of you has a valid reason
for not wanting to fly in the show. What I am asking
                                                               { 18 Restoration awards in the last 25 years }

is for you to reconsider; even if it’s just for this
upcoming year.
                                                              B LACKWELL AVIATION INC.
  OSH 2011 is the perfect venue to begin our “come-
                                                                        Rostraver Airport (FWQ)

back.” The deadline for completing a center section
                                                                         Western Pennsylvania

AMOC (June 2011) will have passed, so if you’re fly-

ing, your wings are done! We have plenty of ramp                           724-379-8628
space at MTW for the practice beforehand and it is           Fax 724-379-8638        
the perfect setup for large formations. Smooth air                   

Page 14      Mentor Monitor    December 2010
  The late J.D. Phillips makes a pass with smoke
  system engaged on his T-34. Phillips, who flew
  with the Texas Twisters, died Nov. 24. At lower
  right, Phillips is pictured with his airplane.

Association, Texas Twisters
lose member J.D. Phillips
                                        al love of aviation.
                                           He was a consummate storyteller.
           BY J.D. DANIEL

                                        It was never just about him, but it
                                        was usually in first-person as he
  We have lost one of our own, J.D.
                                        had a lifetime of aviation experience
Phillips, who passed away at age 76
                                        to share. If you ever heard him tell
after a long and valiant struggle.      the story of the parachuting dogs,
  Born John Dameron Phillips on         you would understand! If you didn’t,
April 30, 1934, in Greensboro, N.C. A I hope you get to hear the story, but
Texas resident for many years, he       it will never be told quite the same.
was living in Dallas at the time of his    J.D. was equally comfortable in a
death on Nov. 24, 2010. Graveside       Sunday school class, a management           J.D. flew his last fly-by in his T-34
services were held at Restland          meeting or an air show pilot brief-       (711JD) with the Texas Twisters at
Cemetery of Dallas on Dec. 1.           ing.                                      a July 4th air show in Addison, TX a
  He will be remembered for his            He and his wife, Mary Jane, were       few years ago. His formation was
humor, loyalty to friends and family, a true American love story, and he          perfect as I am sure he is in perfect
and flying ability, as well as a gener- was a proud father and grandfather.       formation in the hereafter.
                                                                                December 2010   Mentor Monitor    Page 15
 Follow Me
  to Tennessee
                                                            PHOTO/BOB BURNS

  T-34s flown by (from left) Jud Nogle (in Tom Soodsma’s air-
  craft), Russ McDonald and Julie Clark fly a fleur de lis pattern
  with smoke systems “on” over Tullahoma, Tenn.

 Mentors mingle at ‘Beech Party’
             BY RUSS MCDONALD

   My wife Sue and I arrived at THA
on Tuesday so we would have plen-
ty of time to get the T-34 operations
in place for the weeks activities.
   Our friends Mike and Pam Spicer
arrived on schedule the next day.
They were both excited to be a part
of the famous Beech Party.
   That night we all went to the
Barn for dinner, where many old
friends from years past had gath-
ered. Julie Clark, Tom Soodsma
and Judd Nogle were there, to
name a few. The spread for dinner
was excellent as usual. It was an
elegant evening of music, conversa-
                                                                                                  PHOTO/ANTONIO GEMMA MORE

tion, and fine dining.                      Tim Kolp taxis out at Tullahoma for a flight with Julie Clark, Russ
   Early the next morning the               McDonald and Jud Nogle.

Page 16         Mentor Monitor     December 2010
Bonanzas, Staggerwings, and Twin
Beeches started arriving. “Old Bob”
— that’s 82-year-old Bob Siegfried
— arrived just after we did on
Tuesday in his Stearman, and he
flew from sun-up until after sun-
down everyday taking rides. No
party would be complete without
Old Bob, who comes all the way
from Downers Grove, Ill., in the
Chicago area.
   Many old friends stopped by the
T-34 hangar during the day, Tim
Kolp, Tom Soodsma, Judd Nogle,
Julie Clark, and Richard Gullie, to
name a few. Sue and I provided cof-
fee and other goodies for everyone,
and the Bonanza folks used our
hangar to brief out of as well. These
guys are
doing a
                                                                         PHOTO/BOB BURNS

job of for-                                               Sue McDonald (above)
mation fly-                                               prepares to fly with
ing, and                                                  “Old Bob” Siegfried in
the crowd                                                 his Stearman. Mike
just loves                                                Spicer of Clay Center,
to watch                                                  Kan., piloted a 1959
as they                                                   Beech K35 Bonanza
make their                                                (left) to breakfast in
many                                                      Winchester, Tenn., and
passes.                                                   also checked out in
   We man-                                                Russ McDonald’s T-34
aged a                                                    Mentor (below).
of T-34s,
actually a three-ship made up of
myself, Julie, and Judd, with Tim
bringing up the rear as a stinger.
   My friend, Mike Spicer, rode
along and was delighted with the
formation flying. I later checked
him out in our plane, and he flew
his wife later in the day; she really
had fun.
   As the T-34 participation was low
this year it allowed me to take
rides with many volunteers who
work so hard during these events.
   Later in the day, the museum
unveiled the famous, now-restored,

                                        December 2010   Mentor Monitor          Page 17
                       PHOTO/BOB BURNS

The newly restored Beechcraft               Old ‘Mystery’ revealed once more
                                               The big event at the 2010            and wheel pants that significantly
“Mystery Ship” (above) sits out-
                                            Tullahoma "Beech Party" was a           reduced drag.
side the glass hangar door of the
                                            flashback to the biggest event of         The Mystery Ship won the
lobby at the Beechcraft Heritage
                                            the 1929 National Air Races.            Thompson Trophy at the National
Museum in Tullahoma, Tenn.
                                               Its restoration completed only       Air Races on Sept. 2, 1929, defeat-
Beechcraft “Mystery Ship.” I will           weeks earlier by Corporate Aircraft     ing all comers, both civilian and
not even try to describe it — “mag-         Restoration in Oshawa, Ontario,         military, despite pilot Doug Davis
nificent” comes to mind, but falls          and unveiled during the annual          having to make a second pass
short. (See photos and sidebar.)            Beechcraft Heritage Museum fly-         around a pylon that he'd missed.
  Dinner that night was, as                 in, was the original Travel Air         The Mystery Ship covered the five-
usual, a wonderful evening of               (Model R) racing plane. The plane       lap, 10-mile course at an average
being with real friends, all lovers         was dubbed "Mystery S" by the           speed of 194.9 mph, with a fastest
of Beechcraft airplanes and the             maker and "the Mystery Ship" by         lap of 208.69 mph and recorded
heritage we as owners all share.            onlookers, because it was built in      airspeeds above 230 mph in the
Sue and I both remarked how                 secrecy in the Wichita, Kan., facili-   straight-aways.
lucky we are to be a part of such a         ties of Travel Air (a firm founded        The Mystery S boasted inter-
wonderful organization filled with          by Walter Beech, Clyde Cessna           changeable wings, used for differ-
such great people.                          and Lloyd Stearman) and from the        ent types of racing. The "short
  After the dinner there was an             moment it arrived at the races in       span" kit was 29 feet, 2 inches, and
auction to help raise money for             Cleveland, it was hangared and          the longer wings were 30-feet, 6
the museum operating budget for             covered with a tarpaulin.               inches with a 65 1/2-inch chord.
next year. Thirty minutes after                Travel Air designers Herb              The powerplant was a 420-horse
the, auction started more than              Rawdon and Walter Burnham had           Wright Whirlwind R-975. Empty
$100,000 had been raised, and the           penned a groundbreaking, mono-          weight was 1,485 pounds, with a
budget was met.                             plane design, with NACA cowling         full gross weight of 1,950 pounds.

Page 18      Mentor Monitor      December 2010
   The next time you get an offer
from Julie to take a hop in Wally,
her sparkling T-34, it is worth
$2,500. Wade McNabb bid $2,100
that night and won the ride only
to resell it the next day for
   All was in good fun; the night
was topped off with a band and
dancing for all the young people
70 years and up, however, I went
to bed. After all the flying, I was
really tired.
   The next day brought more fly-
ing and rides, and at 10 o'clock
Mike Spicer, along with his wife,
made his presentation on many
experiences in his 20,000 hours of
flying including, being shot in the
head from the ground by a run-
away felon while flying a Cessna
   The audience hung on Mike's                                        PHOTOS/BOB BURNS

every word.
   That evening Julie performed a                              At left, Mike
flawless twilight show which was                               Spicer of Clay
enjoyed by everyone.                                           Center, Kan., a
   We only had four T-34s present,                             longtime pilot and
but we made sure everyone knew                                 airport operator,
we were there doing as much fly-                               tells avid listeners
ing and smoke formation passes                                 the story of his
as we could squeeze in.                                        being shot from
   Dinner that evening included                                the ground by a
the awards banquet recognizing                                 fugitive as Spicer
members for special efforts.                                   helped authorities
Another highlight was the new                                  search for the
release of “The Barnstormer and                                man using his
the Lady,” written by Dennis                                   Cessna 150. At
Farney with the help of Mary                                   top, the cap
Lynn Oliver, the youngest daugh-                               Spicer was wear-
ter of Olive Ann and Walter                                    ing at the time of
Beech. They were both there auto-                              the 2005 shooting
graphing the books, and we were                                clearly shows the
fortunate enough to get signed                                 damage caused
copies. I have read part of the                                by the large-cal-
book, which tells the story of the                             iber bullet that
Beechcraft people, and so far I                                creased Spicer’s
cannot put it down.                                            forehead, a wound
                                                               visible in the photo
                  CONTINUED ON PAGE 22
                                                               beside the hat.
                                         December 2010   Mentor Monitor      Page 19
Page 20   Mentor Monitor   December 2010
December 2010   Mentor Monitor   Page 21
  Saturday morning was the
                                                                                                     PHOTO/BOB BURNS

dawn patrol flight out to
Winchester, Tenn., for the EAA
                                        Above, a highly polished 1952 Twin Beech greets the sunrise Oct. 14 at
breakfast; it was wonderful, and
                                        the annual “Beech Party” fly-in. Below, this FedEx Boeing 757 missed its
most everyone went. That is, after
                                        approach to THA as fly-in participants looked on.
they scraped the ice off of the
wings; it got cold that night.
  The weather was great from
Thursday through Sunday, no
wind and plenty of sun with
temps in the low 70s. Saturday
night the usual meal was followed
up by a bonfire and hay ride; it
just doesn't get any better.
  Sunday was departure day with
the usual goodbyes, loading up
and getting into the air for home.
Mike left before we did, so we said
our thanks and good byes on
  Sue and I were going along
smoothly at 5,500 feet enjoying
the sights when, just after cross-
Page 22      Mentor Monitor   December 2010
                                PHOTO/BOB BURNS

  A 1944 Beech G178 Staggerwing
  owned by David Oreck of New Orleans.

ing the Ohio River, our engine          fuel is still 16 down to 12, but           engine to malfunction. Nothing was
started shuddering. I looked down       engine is running smoothly. I              obvious.
and saw what no pilot ever wants        decided to take the chance and                Lyle finally said, “I hate to do
to see.                                 push on to BAK. They would have            this, but sometimes it helps.”
   The fuel pressure was dropping!      a mechanic I could use on                     He followed with a good tapping
   Full rich, boost on, hit the near-   Monday.                                    on the regulator screw of the fuel
est button on the GPS. Two air-           We made BAK with plenty of               pump.
fields, both private and sod with       altitude; actually had to slip her in         I fired up Wilma and made two
obstacles. … Crap!                      to get down. Thank the Lord I              passes, and everything was as it
   Well, the ground is hilly; better    learned to fly in a J-3.                   should be except the full-power fuel
opt for I-65 if she quits altogether.     After a great breakfast I was            flow was low 22 in place of 26. We
   Kept close eye on fuel flow, fluc-   calmed down and went to look over          then blasted off, and in 40 minutes
tuating 16 down to 12, back and         the situation. I asked the line boy if     we were back home.
forth. I am trying to think this        there was any chance a mechanic               Airplanes, they just make you
through. Either the pump is failing     was at the field to which he replied,      want to scream sometimes.
or I have a fuel flow regulator prob-   “Yup, there is. Lyle Robinson is              We soon had an appointment
lem.                                    here working on a Lear Jet; I will         with G&N for a fuel pump pressure
   Several minutes go by before I       tell him to stop over.”                    set up; this will be the third time.
can see Freeman Field. I am still         Lyle is a first-class guy. Came             Beechcraft Heritage Party 2010
plenty high. I will land there.         right over, and we both started            — what a great time was had by
   Calling on UNICOM, got no            looking for anything in the hose           all.
answer. Looking at the GPS;             and injector department that might            Wade McNabb said it was the
Columbus, Ind., is 14 miles, the        cause this 50-hour, factory-new            best ever.
                                                                                 December 2010   Mentor Monitor   Page 23
                                                                                                      PHOTO/HAROLD CANNON

The T-34 flight line sits shaded in the grass at Darrel Berry’s fly-in at BMT Aviation, Camden, Tenn.

                                         at the BMT field.                       ride across the active runway to a
                                           Imagine, if you can, steel blue       line of hangars where we became

                                         skies, unlimited visability, and no     reacquainted with old friends.
                                         wind for three full days.                  The field is a WW-II- style sod
   Everyone has his own special
                                           En route the radio garble is fun      runway complete with a tree in the
mission in his life.
                                         to monitor as fellow warbirds con-      middle of the approach to 31 and a
   In October I was fortunate to live
                                         verge from all directions. Checking     set of wires on the end of 13. The
out one of my own dreams by being
                                         ground speeds, getting directions       tower is right out of some where in
invited to Darrel Berry's fly-in, bar-
                                         on how to operate their GPS, and        The Pacific theater; you can't help
becue, and flying festival.
                                         on and on — boys and their toys.        but think Pappy Boyington is just
   For those of you who do not know
                                           Upon arrival, the field tower         around the corner of the hangar or
Darrel Berry, you are missing a
                                         operator, “Charles,” welcomed us        maybe a Flying Tigers P-40 is going
most unique individual.
                                         and advised the current traffic situ-   to be taxiing out with Tex Hill at
   Every October, BMT Aviation
                                         ation.                                  the controls.
(AKA Darrel and Georgia Berry)
                                           We came around the field in
put together a weekend event that
                                         parade formation twice, showing            Sitting on the ramps is every
is unbelieveable in every sense of
                                         our skills as formation pilots and      type of military vehicle you can
the word.
                                         continuing in to the break and          imagine, and in the distance gun
   This year was yet another high.
                                         land. As soon as the engines            fire-- yup, Darrel has his own gun
I was lucky enough to lead a three-
                                         stopped, there was Bob bringing         range!
ship formation of T-34s (The
                                         some much-needed water and a fuel
Hooligans) down to the event held
                                         truck. After debrief, we caught a

Page 24       Mentor Monitor    December 2010
   Reconnecting with old friends        over the weekend, some with           so good it melts in your moth. And
was the part that really hit me         around 20 aircraft, some with seven   Georgia’s ’nanner puddin’, oh my,
hard this year. I bought my T-34 in     and some with three.                  it’s to die for!
1996, and the famous Charlie Nogle        The best of the best were there.       BMT has about 250 restored mili-
told me, “Your life will never be the   The formations were the best I        tary vehicles at the field museum,
same!”                                  have ever seen. The Tennesse          many which were out being operat-
   My, was he ever spot on; I have      group was as hot as ever, setting     ed during the weekend. What a
met so very many friends since          the mark of excellence.               deal.
then, many with whom I have               The Red Star guys were there           Well, as with all things, it had to
flown formation, and a few I have       showing all of us how to fly aero-    come to an end. We all were really
taught formation. It occurred to me     batics; they put on a real show.      tired after so much good food, good
that these people are really true       Good job, guys.                       fellowship, and great weather. It
friends who share my ideals.              Now here is where it gets really    just doesn't get any better.
   We sat and renewed old friend-       good: The food. Both Darrel and          Oh yes, one more thing — Darrel
ships and told stories of past years.   Georgia are master chefs, and you     and Georgia pick up the tab. Must
Not much time went by until a mis-      could never find better food than     be a dream, I say to myself.
sion was put together.                  what they prepare. I cannot hope to      To Darrel and Georgia, how can
   “Let’s fly!”                         describe it, but ribs, chicken,       we ever thank you both for what
   We flew three hours of formation     brisket, pulled pork … on and on …    you do for all of us?

                                                                                                    PHOTO/HAROLD CANNON

Another glance down the T-34 flight line at October’s Darrell Berry Fly-In, Camden, Tenn.
                                                                          December 2010   Mentor Monitor       Page 25
                                     PHOTO/HAROLD CANNON

   T-34 Mentors stream overhead in formation at
   the 2010 Darrel Berry Fly-In, Camden, Tenn.

                        A brace of Mentors bank to port during a
                        formation flight at the Darrel Berry Fly-In.

Page 26     Mentor Monitor    December 2010
     Conversion Kit                            Texas Twisters
            New or remanufactured TCM
            New prop
            All new baffling, engine
            mounts, and hoses
            New governor
            New engine gauges (both

  Demo ride available in prototype upon
                request.                         Proud member of Texas
                                                Twisters Formation Team
Pickup/delivery service available for flying     and supporters of T-34
          or non-flying aircraft.                     Association

                                                   December 2010   Mentor Monitor   Page 27
Texas Twisters fly lead in
ceremony honoring WASPs

   Four of the Texas Twisters T-34s
led an eight-ship formation over a
Nov. 4 ceremony recognizing the
Women Airforce Service Pilots at
NAS JRB, Fort Worth, Texas.
   The T-34s were followed by two T-
28 Trojans and two T-6 Texans. The
T-34s were flown by J.D. Daniel,
Bill Davis, John Vance, and Randy
Long. The formation made two
passes over the ceremony, the last
being a missing-man formation.
   Capt. Eric Peterson, commander
of the Fleet Logistics
Support Wing based
                                                                                                     PHOTOS/MICHELE BRIGHT

at NAS JRB, Fort
Worth, addressed
                                                                                                    WASP veterans

the two original
                                                                                                    Betty Jo Reed

WASP members,
                                                                                                    above) and
military personnel                                                                                  Mildred
and guests at the                                                                                   Dalrymple were
ceremony. A street                                                                                  present Nov. 4
was dedicated in                                                                                    when NAS Fort
honor of the WASPs,                                                                                 Worth renamed
a luncheon followed,                                                                                a street in their
and then Betty Jo                                                                                   service’s honor.
Reed saddled up for                                                                                 Capt. Eric
a ride in a T-34.                                                                                   Peterson (right
   Reed, 87, began                                                                                  above) unveiled
her WASP service at                                                                                 the sign at left,
Sweetwater, Texas,                                                                                  and spoke.
where all WASPs received their          WASP in attendance, and Reed           women flew ferry missions, hauled
flight training and wings. She later    were among women aviators whose        cargo, towed targets for live fire
flew maintenance test flights.          aviation support enabled more          practice, and flew maintenance test
Mildred Dalrymple, the other            pilots to be deployed in combat. The   flights. Thirty-eight WASPs gave

Page 28       Mentor Monitor   December 2010
their lives in service to our country
during World War II, in training
and on duty. Yet veteran status
and benefits were not granted to
WASPs until 1977.
  The renamed street at NAS Fort
Worth was previously known as
Hornet Court, in honor of the
Navy’s FA-18 aircraft. The Fort
Worth Star-Telegram reported that
just months after receiving the
Congressional Gold Medal present-
ed in honor of all WASPs in
Washington, D.C., Reed said she
found the Fort Worth ceremony
equally heartwarming.
  As the T-34s, T-6s and T-28s
streamed overhead, her emotions
were stirred, the paper reported.
  “I shed a few tears when I saw
that,” Reed said. “I’m sentimental,
  The Star-Telegram reported that
two other WASP veterans had been
scheduled to attend, but died with-
in the past few weeks. “Proof,”
reporter Chris Vaughn wrote, “that
the generation is ‘flying west’ at
breakneck speed.”

                                                                           PHOTO/MICHELE BRIGHT

                                        Texas Twisters T-34s soar high above a cere-
                                        mony to honor WASP members with the
                                        renaming of a street at NAS Fort Worth. At left,
                                        WASP Mildred Dalrymple with memorabilia.
                                                December 2010   Mentor Monitor        Page 29
                                             All Red Star 2011, April 28-May 1:
                                              A good time is planned for all
                                                                                are not interested in formation fly-
                                                                                ing or are a new FAST trainee. It
                                            BY HARTLEY ‘POSTAL’ POSTLETHWAITE

                                                                                is a fact that most participants
                                                  FOR MENTOR MONITOR

                                        All Red Star 2011 April 28 to           that attend this event consider this
                                      May 1 in Porterville, Calif. (KPTV).      to be the best aviation event they
                                        This is the 10th year for Red           attend each year.
                                      Star Pilot’s Association premier             You have seen the post-event
                                      West Coast Flying event.                  articles the past few years written
                                      Regardless of where your plane            by our own Kevin Carson. Dig out
                                      was made, you are invited to join         an old issue to get the full experi-
                                      the Red Star pilots at the event.         ence. The goal this year is to com-

 Fly-In                                 All Red Star is a fly-in that
                                      focuses on formation training,
                                      camaraderie, non-formation flying
                                                                                pete in the Formation Challenge
                                                                                and beat the Red Star pilots at
                                                                                their own event.
                                      events, as well as entertaining              Come be part of history!
                                                                                   The regular Mentor pilots who
calendar                              evening non-flying activities. You
                                      don’t have to be FAST-rated to
                                      attend; there is plenty to do if you
                                                                                attend each year look forward to
                                                                                seeing you there!


Scheduled Fly-Ins:
      Falcon Field Formation Clinic, Mesa, Ariz., March 3-6, 2011.
      Sun ’n Fun, Lakeland, Fla., March 29-April 3, 2011.
      EAA Oshkosh AirVenture, Oshkosh, Wisc., July 25-31, 2001.
                                  For the most up-to-date news on events, see http:///

Page 30    Mentor Monitor   December 2010
December 2010   Mentor Monitor   Page 31

from on high
Richard Gulley,
flying his Air
Force-themed T-
34, and Jeremy
Lashbrook in his
Mentor, are pic-
tured on their
way to a fly-in on
Mount Petit Jean
in Arkansas.
These photos,
and the one on
the back cover,
were shot from
Presley Melton’s
Page 32          Mentor Monitor   December 2010
Quest at an end, now fun begins
Moved to own a Mentor, after 20 years he finally finds his airplane
                                      just go to Oshkosh and watch              a great group of folks we have.
                                      them fly. Raising a family would          Each one brought me closer to my
            BY TIM KOLP

                                      have to take the place of this            purchase and wiser about what to

   It all started when I was a first  dream.                                    look for. I must say thanks to in no
lieutenant in the Air Force, sta-       Well, last year, with two kids in       particular order: Don and Dan,
tioned near Buckley Air National      college and the other two just            Bill Pratt, Charles McGaughy, Bill
Guard Base, Colo.                     ready to graduate from high               Smith, Kevin Clark, and Bill
   As always, I stopped by to check   school, the T-34 dream was again          Austin. Most of these guys deserve
out the planes available to rent      alive and kicking. The search was         a medal for taking my multiple
and came across a stunning T-34       on.                                       calls and answering my non-stop
available for $34 wet (photo inset).    I started scouring the Internet         questions. The result is my pur-
   I started                                                                                            chase of the
flying her                                                                                              N617KG
and enjoyed                                                                                             shown on
                   Tim Kolp’s first experiences in a T-34
the ease and                                                                                            subsequent
                   Mentor came in this airplane, at Buckley
versatility of                                                                                          pages with
                   Air National Guard base in Colorado.
the plane. I                                                                                            Kevin’s T-
knew from                                                                                               34.
that moment                                                                                               For those
on I wanted                                                                                             who like
to own one.                                                                                             history: The
The chal-                                                                                               Navy
lenge was                                                                                               accepted
“how,” on a                                                                                             BG-279 in
lieutenant’s                                                                                            November
salary.                                                                                                 1965 at
   My quest                                                                                             Pensacola,
started when                                                                                            Fla. She
I looked for                                                                                            spent her
available                                                                                               career at
planes, soon                                                                                            Pensacola,
realizing the cost was simply           and came across our wonderful T-        from 1965 until August 1970. As a
beyond my financial ability.            34 Association. I called Dan            primary trainer, she conducted
   No worries, just work harder!        Blackwell (he had a plane or two        four tours of duty logging, 7,461
   But it always seemed that no         listed) and with gentle prodding,       hours of flying, and underwent
matter how hard I worked, how           he encouraged me to join up. I did      some 28,950 landings. In
many promotions I received, or          so immediately and called Don           November 1970, she was trans-
how many companies I started, the Ramm for assistance, only to learn            ferred to Davis Monthan AFB,
price of ownership of a T-34 would we both had fown that same T-34              “The Boneyard,” and sat idle until
advance faster than my bank             at Buckley (small world)!               1983, when her prop was removed
account. I pretty much gave up             I called multiple members of the     for a military spare part. She was
and accepted the fact that I would      T-34 association and learned what       then preserved, awaiting a future

                                                                              December 2010   Mentor Monitor   Page 33
                                              Tim Kolp’s newly
                                              acquired T-34,
                                              purchased early
                                              in 2010 after 20
                                              years of longing
                                              for a Mentor,
                                              zooms by at left,
                                              at low altitude.

home. (According to military
  In July 1994, BG-279 was
released to Weaver Aircraft
Company in Carson, Nevada.
  There the restoration took
place over the next five years.
  The aircraft was acquired by
Keith Grinstein of Seattle,
Wash., and flown until his
untimely passing in 2009. The
tail number is Keith’s birthday
and initials.
  I acquired the “Black Beauty”
in April 2010. The history of the
paint scheme goes back to
Weaver Aircraft. They used the
4450th Test Group colors. This
group tested and maintained the
F-117 aircraft, and all aircraft
owned by this TG were painted
  The aircraft is equipped with
an IO-550G, STEC-55, and
Garmin 430. As with all T-34s,
she flies great.
  Thank you to all who have
assisted me on my quest.
  Special thanks to my wife,
Bernadette, for all her encour-
agement and support.
Page 34      Mentor Monitor   December 2010
After 20 years of longing, Tim
Kolp finally has his own T-34, and
it’s a beauty. Pictured from top to
bottom are the engine bay of
Kolp’s plane, showing its
Continental IO-550G powerplant,
Kolp’s Mentor at rest alongside
the red and white Navy-schemed
T-34 of Kevin Clark, and the
crisply detailed and well-appoint-
ed cockpit of Kolp’s aircraft.

                                      December 2010   Mentor Monitor   Page 35
 Jack Frost paid
 an early visit to
 Washington state
 this year. Kevin
 Clark of Blakely
 Island wanted to
 fly N488JF out of
 Orcas Island on
 Nov. 26, but a
 winter storm left
 so much snow
 and ice on the
 ramp that he had
 to wait until the
 next day to
 move the plane
 outside, and take
 this photo.

Page 36      Mentor Monitor   December 2010
  For Sale: Beech A45 (T-34A)
  Location: Yakima, WA
  Status: Airworthy
  Year Built: 1955 T-34A
  TTAF: 5770 hours
  TTE: IO-520 698 hours
  Extensive annual; All mods; Inspections
current; Good military paint; Older interior
and radios; 15 gallon under-wing drop
   Price: Was $144,500, now $119,000

  Contact: Dave Miller, Hillside Aviation; (530)

  For Sale: Beech A45 (T-34A)
  Serial Number: G-828
  Registration Number: N74032
  Owned by: Bryan Blazie
  Location: Florida
  8,388 Total Time
  100 SMOH
  285 HP Conversion
  Polished Aluminum-US Air Force Scheme
  Pictures: Online at
  Price: $175,000
  Contact: Scott MacDonald Aircraft Sales,
(772) 781-5900,

Mentor Parts For Sale
  For Sale: Parts from Cliff Yarbrough
  Contact info: Cliff Yarbrough 501-776-5770,
  Items are: One (1) set of T-34A air
scoop and vent engine port covers. Red
in color with red remove for flight stream-
ers. They have the USAF logo on front,
and center has T-34 logo. These are
USAF issue Beechcraft parts from the
1950s in new condition. Price: $400 plus
  Complete set of T-34B flight manuals,
original in the blue plastic binder, not a
reprint, dated 01MAY67, change notice T-
34B change 1 dated 01DEC78 wrapped
in plastic, never opened. Original Pilot
Pocket Checklist, T-34B Aircraft, dated
15NOV73. All original, not reprints, in
original envelope. Price: $150 plus ship-

                                                   December 2010   Mentor Monitor   Page 37
                                 MENTOR MARKETPLACE
Aircraft For Sale By Members                      IFR certified; recent canopy glass; new       Price: Asking $130,000

                                                Tires; ew gyro compass; new alternator          Contact: James Martin, (630) 420-0329,
                                                and regulator; new boost pump; portable
   For Sale: Beech D45 (T-34B)
                                                GPS mounted in cockpit; recent canopy
   Serial Number: BG-41
                                                cover; tie down stakes; emergency gear           For Sale: T-34B JS-611 N4984
   Registration Number: N34VY
                                                up switch properly marked and safetied           SN JS-611. N4984 9,383 TT, 593 hours
   Bureau Number: 140707
                                                  I have owned this airplane 12 years. It      on O-470-4 engine. Navy yellow. Total
   Manufactured: 1955
                                                has always been hangared and never             ground-up restoration 1985. Oshkosh and
   Owned by: Will Martin
                                                flown in formation. The engine that was in     Sun ‘n Fun winner.
   Engine: Continental 10-520-BB, 285 HP
                                                it was a 285 installed by Nogle. It was          This T-34 has won 12 EAA events. King
                                                replaced by a new factory 285 after I had      Gold Crown radios. Garmin GPS.
   TT on engine: 109.7 since factory reman-
                                                a prop strike when the plane was standing        Price: Was $170,000, NOW $150,000
                                                still. The logs show no damage history.          Location: Pennsylvania
   Propeller: McCauley 3-blade, 275 since

                                                  I fly this plane at 2300 and 23 inches         Contact: Jay Sarver at 215-795-0959 or
                                                with the mixture slightly rich. Gas is cheap
    TT on airframe: 14,000 hours
                                                compared to engine abuse from excess
   Paint: Exterior Medium Grey with light
                                                leaning. Airplane is in good rig and every-      For Sale: Beech B45 (T-34A)
grey elevator and rudder, U S Navy colors
                                                thing recommended at annuals is correct-         Serial Number: CG-73
with stars & bars, good paint, always
                                                ed.                                              Registration Number: N234JD
hangared. Interior Light Grey overall, medi-
                                                  Licensed until August 2011. I am plan-         Owned by: J.D. Daniel
um blue leather seat cushion, very clean
                                                ning to do the recommended fix suggest-          Location: Arlington, TX
and in good condition.
                                                ed by the T-34 Association and it will be        Status: Airworthy
   Avionics: King KY-155 digital NAV/COM;
                                                installed by Nogle & Black. For additional       TT on airframe: 3652.0
King KI-209 Glide slope VOR/LOC indica-
                                                information on history call Jud Nogle.           TT on engine :901.0
tor; King KY-96 digital com transceiver;
                                                  Price: $170,000 with all required              All AD’s complied with by Parks
King KR-22 3-lite marker beacon; King KT-
                                                demands regarding spar problems                Industries AMOCs including wing spars
76A transponder; Trans Cal D-120 Mode
                                                installed OR $160,000 without the last         and H beams
C altitude encoder; Northstar M-1 loran
                                                recent required modification installed.          Tuned fuel injectors installed ’07
with database & remote CDI; Intercom;
                                                  Pictures: Online at                   Garmin 430; GEM Insight graphic engine
Audio/transmit selector switches; Avionics

                                                  Contact: Will Martin,                        monitor; STec a/p w electric trim 60-2;
master switch.
                                                            King HIS; In aircraft O2 System; KN-63
   Equipment: Full electric gyros; dual
                                                                                               DME; KCS 55 Compass system; Tip
inverters; heated pitot; “G” meter; OAT
                                                 Fort Sale: Beech B45 (T-34A)                  tanks; Radar altimeter; Collins #2
meter; Hobbs flight hour recorder; Astro
                                                 Serial Number: FM-96                          Com/Nav; Smoke system
Tec LC-2 quartz chronometer; Electronics
                                                 Registration Number: N244RF                      Pictures: Online at
international digital volt/amp gauge; Insight
                                                 Owned by: James Martin                          This is a unique T-34 built by Beech for
GEM engine analyzer; Shadin digital fuel
                                                 Location: LL10, Naperville, IL                Lufthansa Airlines as an upset trainer;
flow computer; Instrument post lights; L&R
                                                 Status: Airworthy                             given to a friend of ours, single owner, 40+
wings mounted landing lights; cowl mount-
                                                 Total Time on Airframe: 6549.0                yrs; bought by us in ’06. Never military,
ed landing light; rotating beacon upper;

                                                 Total Time Engine: 1038.8                     total of 3 owners!
strobe beacon lower; external power
                                                 Top Overhaul: 356.7                             Price: $228,000
receptacle and cable; static wicks; spin oil
                                                 Avionics: Garmin GNC 430 GPS; Garmin
filter; oil quick drain; polished spinner;
                                                GTX 330 Mode S Transponder with traffic;        For Sale: Beech D45 (T-34B)
Brackett air filter; Cleveland nose wheel
                                                Garmin GPS 195; King 155 Nav/Com; S-            Serial Number: BG-179
conversion; Cleveland wheels & brake
                                                TEC Autopilot; Fuel guard/EGT                   Year of Manufacture: 1956
conversion; Nogle 285 hp engine & 3-
                                                 Other: Smoke System; Barron Spars;             Registration Number: N845DK
blade prop conversion
                                                Experimental Certificate /Fougi airframe;       Location: Rostraver Airport (KFWQ), PA
                                                Annual performed Feb 2005                       Status: Airworthy

Page 38         Mentor Monitor        December 2010
                                 MENTOR MARKETPLACE
 Airframe: Total Time: 11,700 Hours            TT Since Factory New: 80hr                       Other Stuff: Smoke system; Tip tanks; 9
 Engine: Cont. O-470, 100 Hours, 225 Hp        Prop: McCauley – 80hr SOH                      out of 10 paint; Good canopies (with over-
 Prop: 100 SPOH                                Wing Spar/Center Section AD Compliance:        head tint); Nice seat cushions.
 Highlights                                    Parks Spars                                      The aircraft is hangered at KPRC
 • New Baron Spars                             Parks “H” Beam Center Section                  (Prescott, Arizona). Times will continue to
 • All ADs complied with                       Original aircraft flight restrictions apply.   grow as the aircraft is flown pretty much
 • Very Clean and Meticulously Maintained      Equipment:                                     every weekend.
by Blackwell Aviation, the T34 experts         530 GNS Garmin                                   Tons of pictures at:
 • Hangared KFWQ                               430 GNS Garmin                       
 Avionics                                      196 Garmin (Rear cockpit, linked to 530)       /xchinookfe/T-34 Mentor/
 • Terra IFR                                   GMA340 Garmin Audio Panel                        Trade-A-Plane Web page:
 • STEC 60-2 AP                                GTX330 Garmin Mode S Transponder     
 • Narco NSD 1000 Elect HSI                    w/ Traffic Information Linked to 530/430
 • Garmin 295 GPS                              WX500 Goodrich Storm Scope                     This is a nice one, I hope someone can
 • Flybuddy GPS                                EDM700 JPI Engine monitor w/Fuel Flow          enjoy it. We are asking $199,500.

 • JPI EDM 700                                monitoring                                        Contact:
 Equipment                                     System 50 S-TEC Auto Pilot w/ GPSS             (928) 420-5346
 • Engine Heater                              Steering
 Interior                                      KPI 155A HSI w/VOR, LOC,GS                       For Sale: Beech A45 (T-34A)
 • Nice Leather                                HSI – Rear Panel                                 Serial Number: G-285
 • Recent Paint                                Whelen wing tip strobes                          Registration Number: N874Z
 • Rated 9                                     Tinted Canopy                                    Location: Colorado Springs, CO
 Exterior                                      Smoke System                                     Status: Airworthy
 • Navy Paint Scheme                           Oregon Aero Seats                                Year Built: 1955
 • Rated 9                                     Pictures: Online at                     Airframe Total Time: 6825.5
 Pictures: Online at                  Note: Featured in Jane’s Historic Aircraft –     Engine: Continental O-470-13, 225
 Price: $160,000                              Page 260                                          HP Compressions: 76, 77, 75, 74, 74,

 Contact:                                      Price: $275,000                                74
 Michael Mermigas, (724) 255-9291              Contact Information: Don Curtes                  Overhaul Date: Oct 1970
                                               Cell: (414) 333-8236                             SMOH: 563.7
  For Sale: T-34B BG-148 N4986                 Email:                  Prop: Beech Model 278
  T34-B SN BG-148. N4986 10,446 TT,                                                             SMOH: Unknown
186 hours on Nogle & Black IO-520             Aircraft For Sale By Others                       Modifications: T34 Spar Corporation
engine and prop.                                                                              Doubler Plates
  Navy red and white paint. Collins radios.      For sale: Beech A45 (T-34A)                    Inspection Status Annual: Completed
Garmin GPS. Price $139,000.                      Serial Number: G-100                         July 2008
  Location: Pennsylvania                         Registration Number: N134AF                    Carry Thru - AD 2004-25-51, DUE at

  Contact: Jay Sarver at 215-795-0959 or         Location: KPRC, Prescott, AZ                 6855.5; Wing Station 66 AD 2001-13-                              Total Time: 4750 hours                       18R1, DUE at 6845.5; Horizontal Stabilizer
                                              450 TSMOH on RAM IO-520-BB                      Spar AD 2007-06-01R1, DUE at 7314.7
  For Sale: T-34A Beech Mentor                130 hours on a 3-bladed prop                      Avionics: KX-170B Apollo Loran KX 76A
  S/N: G-72                                   Annual was performed in February 2008           Transponder and encoder; Sigtronics
  Year: 1954                                     Avionics: Garmin 430; S-Tec 60 autopi-       Intercom.
  Registration: N311H                         lot; King HSI; King DME; KX155; King              Price: $115,000
  Aircraft located at: West Bend Airport      transponder; ADF                                  Contact: Mike Hogan, A-Cent Aviation Inc.,
(ETB), West Bend, WI                             AMOCs: Parks spar; Saunders strap; No        719-573-2236,
  TT Airframe: 7880 hr                        “G” limitation (other than from Beech of          Also featured on: http://www.a-centavia-
  Engine: IO-520-BB                           course)                               

                                                                                          December 2010    Mentor Monitor         Page 39
David Bunning took this shot of
the T-34s of Richard Gulley (fore)
and Jeremy Lashbrook (aft) from
Presley Melton’s RV8 on the way
to an Arkansas fly-in.

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