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					Noah Geisel
East High, Denver Colorado
SWCOLT Best of Show

To wake up a sleepy student : do the wake up cheer (using pompons)
      Tu es fatigue? (Wake up cheer)
      1. Un, deux, reveillons-nous
      Professeur : Est-ce qu‘ Andrew a fait avec animation ?
      La Classe : NON !
      Professeur : Une autre fois (avec mucho animation)

Give money for « participation points » (maybe Euro‘s)

A possible interesting book to read: A Man With No Words – the story about someone
who didn‘t know what words were. He couldn‘t think ―That frustrated me‖ or ―I‘m sad‖.

Poder in Spanish ―We can‖- it is also the word for power. Language is power. As
language teachers, we almost have a super power. There was a study in Japan about a
lady who worked/cohabitated with bioaboos (from the chimp family) and they mastered
language (look it up online). So when the kiddos say that they can‘t learn, we say, ―even
monkeys can learn a language‖

Classroom Management- Your classroom management is ―Shiny‖. Kids are attracted to
shiny things.

Classroom Management + Immersion = Easy Math

The idea is that you know how to best manage your classroom and that you are able to
convey that expectation to your students in the target language, using comprehensible
Classroom management AS instruction- such as say ―UNE AUTRE FOIS‖

GIMMICKS: (songs are played over 70 times on the radio each week, so think of all of
this different practice words that you can use over and over in class that they won‘t ever
have to learn the words or write it down, they can just hear it over and over)
     Pret? Pret? (sing-song voice) On est prêt!(sing song response)
     Un, deux, silenc------ce (need to use their hands to show how long
     That comment…… isn‘t necessary- Ce que tu as dit?
     Preparation?
     Ouvre les yeux (whisper) when someone is sleeping we get the whole class to
        whisper with me until that person wakes up
     Lavez les mains- when someone is going to the bathroom
     Is this appropriate or in appropriate? OR Is this obligatory or not?
     Respect! When a student disrespects someone else- we say
      Negative???? Non! Positif! (encourage positivity in the classroom so that one
       negative student doesn‘t
      Suave or no es suave? When someone is texting- have the class decide if the
       student was ―smooth‖ about their
      Different kinds of applause – golf clapping, 3 claps,
      Tres bien……mais non- when someone says something that is wrong, we pretend
       at first like they are right, when they aren‘t really- ―no that‘s not right, that‘s left‖
       or have the class shout for un, deux, trois, Ole!
      ―We want a goal‖ – kids can chant when they are in a group game at the board
       when they want to win the point (said at soccer game)
      ―How barbaric!‖ when someone says something that is right, but they are on the
       other team
      To taunt the other team when they are playing a game, they can shout ―Fear‖ or
       say ―take that!‖

What about Kailah (students with an attitude)?
Assign phrase or character with an accent. In K‘s case, she reinforces the obvious by
declaring tin the most uppity attitude that she can muster (not too tough for her!). Such
as ―that‘s so obvious‖ by doing this, I‘ve told her ―OK- you like to have an attitude
     Prochain- when we go to turn the page in a book, this person yells this out
     So cute
     La pauvre
     Oh My Gosh
     Bonjour, bienvenue en classe de francais, vous le savez!
     N‘importe quoi !
     Ce n‘est pas juste (song) (used when making up a story in class
     Tu as raison- have some boy in class that has a deep voice that can say this in
     Positif!
     Mais (when I get to a place in the story or in the middle of the class and I have
        them repeat after me with a big whine in their voice)
     Beat box- voila,voila
     Use lots of different accents
            o Laugh like a teletubby or like nelson in the simpsons or like a French guy
            o Or like Rocky or like the godfather
            o Like a Spanish guy
            o Waterboy- si tu peux- yes you can (like Adam Sandler)
            o Chappelle‘s show- Lil John
                    Use ―what‖or ―ya‖ all of the time
Nicknames for kids are student athletes
        That‘s so ―JV‖ (gee vay) when they are not acting ―varsity‖ in class (call them
        First one in class- rooster
        Periscope- for the kid who puts his head down and then looks up for a second
every once in a while.
      Use their names- such as if their last name is Roybal- Roy – ballon

Direction words: Set up an obstacle – blindfolded obstacle course in the room- they
have to use the target language to direct their partner- one person is blindfolded and the
other one is the ―driver‖

SELF NOTES- Anne Eastons email:
Ruth Merrill email:
Try to find Dave Nielson‘s pre-made books in French online
Accents: é (control, ‗ and then e) è control `(by the 1) and e

ACTIVITY: Coca Cola commercial where everyone is waving from youtube- listen,
type up the words and cut them into word strips and listen to the video again and again
and the kids put the word strips in order

Song: Il fait beau, il fait bon by Claude Francois when I‘m teaching the weather.

How to get « dialed in » to what the kiddos want
      Go to or ―top 10 searches‖ to help guide you so you can
personalize information in the class (in the early afternoon when the kiddos are online
checking information)

        Gnome and Giant- low level Simon Says where you are just essentially
           saying ―small‖ or ―big‖
        Animales- kiddos in a circle- one student points at another student and
           they have to say – alligator- jaw, legs on the ground, and then the other
           person turns around and is the tail, elephant- nose + ears
        Pass the bottle- everyone is standing shoulder to shoulder and passing
           the bottle behind their back and the person who is ―it‖ says ―do you have
           it?‖ Everyone is saying over and over ―pass me the bottle‖- I see it, I see it
           –someone holds up the bottle when the person who is it is looking the
           other way.
                   Pass me the bottle
                   Do you have it?
                   I see it
     I don’ t know Je sais pas-
               Je- arm across your chest (kind of like the game zoom)- you put your
       left or right arm to the opposite shoulder
           Sais- arm across your chest
           Pas- two palms together and throw it across the group- be very specific to
    whom you ―throw‖ the sign. If you do the wrong hand signal- then you are out
    and then you have the kids who are ―out‖ be the hecklers- the hecklers are just
    going to say anything to distract the other students ―pantelon‖ or ―quatorze‖
     You’re Out! Everyone says it when someone screws up
     Look Up. Look Down (voici, voila). You have to look at someone else
       and if you make eye contact and then you are out
          Bragging Parents- partner people with ―sait‖ and ―a‖ – what my kid has
           and what my kid knows- ie my kid has a Porsche, my kid knows algebra, my
           kid has a million dollars, my kid knows how to sing like beyonce, etc.
           Whomever can go the longest is the winner.
        Speed dating- don‘t‘ have the kids be themselves- they have to be someone
           else. You are having a speed date with Obama or Beyonce, etc. One version:
           The kids would get to pick their personality from pop culture. Another
           version (maybe for jr high kids) You can also try to have them hook up their
           friends. At the end, have the kids report back to you about who they wanted to
               o ―J‘ai choisi……. Johnny Depp parce-qu‘il est le plus beau et il parle
      Improv Theatre- level 2‘s in February they are about ready for it. 6 students in
       a group. First do the bell ringer and then say, ―Okay, you have 10 minutes to
       write a script‖ and then have the kids yell out ideas like ―Where are they?‖ ―in the

Improv Theater                             Improv Theater
Nom                                        Nom
Period                                     Period
Vocabulaire                                Vocabulaire

Tous en francais 1 2 3 4 5                 Tous en francais 1 2 3 4 5
Parler 3 fois 1 3 5                        Parler 3 fois 1 3 5
Utiliser 3 mots de vocabulaire 1 3 5       Utiliser 3 mots de vocabulaire 1 3 5
Prendre un risque 1 2 3 4 5                Prendre un risque 1 2 3 4 5
20 points                                  20 points

The six people get about 45 seconds to use all of their vocabulary words and for me to
grade all of them and then I stomp my foot and make a circle around the classroom with
my arm and then the rest of the class is invited to be in the improve play also.
       For example: The scene is : Jersey Shore- go.
**Make sure that you set up the environment that the kids know that they aren‘t going
to be allowed to make fun of each other and that everyone is respectful.
**Also, let the ones who go first go at the end again if they want to try to fix up their

      Ocho Cinco- they invent a celebration danse that has to be 10 seconds long and
       that uses 2 vocabulary words- it has to be absurd- it can be because they got their
       nails done or an A on their test or they got a date to a dance.
      Cavemen-use the improv theatre rubric- they are in their cave and some item
       shows up in their cave- such as a hat or a cell phone—they get to pick the object.
       They have to make guesses about what the object is.
      Reading Big Books- kindergarten day Also- show and tell is a great activity-tell
       the kiddos what you are studying and have them bring that item to the kids- plug
       in the yellow cord from the video camera into the lcd projector and have the
       most disruptive student in charge of recording and the second most disruptive
       student (look on Dave Nielsen‘s work on the wikispaces) or look at
          o Also, when you do body parts and have the kids video tape and
             do close ups on the others in the class- ―le nez‖- ―l‘oreille‖

      Mathematiques: The month before the state assessment, ask what I can help
       reinforce with the kiddos, such as multiplication- ask the Math. Do negative
       numbers, such as 5-6= -1
              Or Ca vaut combien?- show a lottery ticket- $5, show a book that they
              might know about – such as in ipod- show it on a powerpoint- show 2
              ipods. Each one is worth $149, but there are 2 of them, so the amount is
              $298, but wait, there is a 10% discount, so how much are they?
       What about air jordans?
       What about play station?
       What about the new ………. Album?
       A Jackson Pollack painting- $140 million dollars- the most expensive item ever
sold in a public auction
       How much is Michael Jordan worth? He‘s worth less since he is divorced, he is
worth $480 million dollars
       White house- 308 million dollars- it used to be worth 6 %more in 2007, how
much was it worth then- $327 million dollars.

How to make a ghetto white board-
      have kids write on their desks with dry erase markers
      or use a plastic slip covers with a piece of card stock in them

      STREET SIGNS- Have the kiddos write down their response to what they think
       street signs are–such as ―for sale‖ etc that is made for native speakers and not for
       them- get them from google images. Write on the slide ―Tu as raison ou tu as tort‖
       and then the kids- like on a sign for ―slow‖ –It‘s not fast or behave yourself – it
       says ―slow‖
       Police Municipale- it‘s not the town police- it‘s the municipal police
       Entrada- its not the exit, what service costs $25 it says parking entrance‘s web-based and you can store all your info on their

Cell phones- as a learning tools instead of as a disruption (funny clip from Clueless that
shows the kids in the line at PE and they all have cell phones). If students write notes to
each other in class, we don‘t ban pencils. (LOL). If we use the cell phones in our
classrooms, we can get a computer into the hands of every kids (even the cell phones we
use now are more powerful computers than we used to get the man on the moon.) We
set up an expectation that when cell phones are out, but they are used for learning…..
ask to be the ―pilot program‖.

    this is a great way to see what is on the kids minds. You
       can do multiple choice polls or you can have an open ended answer and they are
       texting in their answers, such as:
   Smart phone vs dumb phones- what issues should we be aware of before
    introudicing phone friendly lessons? Test 44813 and your answer TO 99503
        o Cyberbulling
        o Videotaping stuff that is going on in your classroom and put on fb
        o What about kids who don‘t‘ have cell phones? You don‘t want to create an
           environment of have‘s and have nots
                Have the kids work in a group- have a survey so I can partner kids
                   who have unlimited text and have apps on their phone and then set
                   them up with partners
        o The kids text faster than the teacher so they answer the questions and then
           are move on to texting their friends so that now we are also disrupting the
           other classes.
        o Go to the administrator and have them come watch you use the cell phone
           in the class
   As an Agenda: Use their cell phones to write down assignments, tests, French
    club meetings
   Photo notes- take picture
   Evidence of Attendance- to show that you went to a museum, for instance take a
    picture of you with the band member, etc.
   Check Spelling on their texts or you can switch your language
   Recording device- get a native speaker to speak and record it or have them call
    and leave me a message on my school phone.
   As a side note- set up the classroom culture that the kids are not allowed to use
    the online translator because that is plagiarism and they are using words they
    don‘t know
   Google phone number- his number is 740-4SENORG (this is free) you can get it
    from your google account
   (we will see later on this afternoon in the computer
   This is the idea of the back channel-when the teacher is
    speaking and they are the first source, but the rest of us are having other thoughts
    and other things we want to share.
        o If you have questions and I didn‘t call on you- you can make sure that kids
           get to say their thoughts. OR it can be used as the ―front channel‖ where I
           say, we are going to write a 5 page book about this picture- use the
           vocabulary words and dial in.
        o They are getting writing practice and the screen is moving and the learning
           is going on because they waiting for their message to come up on the
                Possible Behavior Problems-make sure we set this up ahead of time
                   and say, this is the same thing as if you were to say it out loud.
                If someone writes a bad word, then the activity is done- I am still
                   going to call your mom and you are still going to see the office
   Personal Teacher Help Desk- offer to buy a kid a soda for showing you how to use
    some specific website-it will only cost you $1.
Twitter- 15 great educational uses for twitter- you can get it is an
email or you can do it some other way
          o 1. PLN- professional learning network (most teachers who are on twitter
              don‘t‘ actually tweet, they just read what the other teachers write- you can
              always just unfollow someone if you don‘t like what they are saying)
          o 2. What are they saying on Twitter
          o 3. Collaborative storytelling
ED MODO- self contained version of twitter- they can either talk to the whole class or
to me, but not just have side conversations- so I can make sure that there are no
inappropriate conversations- and if we have enough
          o 4. Mystery Science Theatre- tell me what about what we are watching-
              I want you to text it in(like Beevus and Butthead) with them conversing in
              realtime- so they are responding to what someone else has said- like
              watching the Latin Grammys.
          o 5. Homework/test reminders
          o 6. Extra credit/announcements
          o 7. Discussions with experts- see if you can skpe with some experts or
              follow them on
          o 8. Exit ticket- no need to waste paper- they might need more processing
              time, so they can send in the info later
          o 9. Sharing links to resources/extended learning
          o 10.Word a day
          o 11. Caption contest- writing and reading practice- find the most bizarre
              picture- 3 days later, write all of the captions on the board, pick the best
              one, print the picture and put the best caption on it and put it on the board
          o 12. Twitenactment- see Newt Gingrinch
          o 13. Vote on or use the other one that is on google
          o 14.Pre assessments
          o 15. Checks for understanding

    Ringtone- audacity or ……? Have the kids make a hybrid ringtone of some
     popular song- such as Sauta Sauta (for Jump, Jump)

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