technical data sheet
PRODUCT                                                        •   Plug cord into an electrical outlet and wait 5 minutes to
Bostik HG3 hot melt glue gun 110-240 volts, 50/60Hz, 55            heat up the glue. Ensure glue is hot or glue will not
watts with a working temperature of 193°C or 380°F.                extrude through the gun.
                                                               •   Apply adhesive by gentle continuous pressure and to
DESCRIPTION                                                        the more difficult surface to bond (usually smooth
Bostik HG3 Glue gun, using Bostik HG3 glue sticks provide          surfaces are more difficult to adhere than rough,
an instant fast, clean and versatile adhesion to a myriad of       porous surfaces).
household and craft materials.                                 •   Release trigger to stop flow of glue.
The Bostik HG3 Glue Gun is an easy to use glue gun that        •   Glue does not need to be spread. Do not touch
has an easy trigger action, retractable stand, fitted plug     •   Molten adhesive, as temperatures around 200°C will
and is “C” tick approved [AS/NZ 1044: 1995 (CISPR 14)]             cause serious burns.
and CE approved.         The gun has a PTC (Posistor           •   Join surfaces as quickly as possible for optimum bond
Temperature Co-efficient thermistor) and is a solid state          strength.
device suitable for domestic use only.                         •   To bond foam products (polystyrene foam, etc.) to
                                                                   another surface, apply adhesive in an “S” pattern to
RECOMMENDED USES                                                   the surface to which the foam will be bonded, rather
The HG3 Glue Gun is designed for DIY task and                      than directly to the foam.
household repairs, hobby, craft-work, and home decor           •   To bond fabrics, use a smaller “S” pattern for
projects.      Instantly bonds most craft and household            additional strength.
materials including, fabric, wood, leather, most plastics,     •   Small drops of glue can be easily removed when cold.
ceramics and metal.                                            •   Residual glue can be remelted and removed from
                                                                   most bonded surfaces with a warm knife.
FEATURES & BENEFITS                                            •   When you have finished using the gun, switch off and
•   Easy to use trigger action.                                    unplug it.
•   Designed to fit neatly in the hand                         •   Allow the glue stick to remain in the gun – do not
                                                                   remove stick from rear of gun at any time.
•   Easy to load and use
•   Designed for Bostik HG3 Glue Sticks
                                                               LIMITATIONS & PRECAUTIONS
PERFORMANCE PROPERTIES                                         •   For domestic use only
Type                           Trigger action glue gun         •   Recommended for light assembly jobs.
Rated voltage                  110~240 volts                   •   Do not allow the nozzle of the heated gun to make
Rated input                    55 watts                            contact with any surface as it may cause damage. Hot
AC Hz                          AC 50-60Hz                          molten glue may damage some surfaces.
Heating Element                Posistor Temperature Co-        •   Do not leave gun unattended and unplug cord when
                               efficient (PTC thermistor)          not in use.
Protection Against             IP 20                           •   Children should only use the gun under adult
Moisture                                                           supervision.
Protection Against Electric    Class II                        •   Do not use the gun in damp or wet conditions or
Shock                                                              expose it to rain.
Equipment Mobility             Portable                        •   Never put any object in the gun other than the glue
Type of Power connection       Permanently attached                sticks recommended.
                               flexible cable with plug
Recommended Hot Melt           Bostik 12mm Ø glue sticks       HEALTH AND SAFETY
Weight                         200g                            •   Use extreme care; molten material will burn skin. Do
Application                    Glue is released from gun by        not touch molten glue or hot parts of gun.
                               trigger action                  •   Wear protective clothing and eye protection when
                                                                   working with hot glue.
PACKAGING                                                      •   Do not immerse the glue gun in water as it will cause
Bostik HG3 Glue Gun is packed in a hang sell blister pack          electrical shock.
and 12 units are packed into a printed cut-case carton.
                                                               First Aid
                                                               Do not touch molten glue or hot parts of gun. If burnt,
APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS                                       immediately immerse the contact area in cold, clean water
•   Clip metal stand on glue gun Always use stand. Never       for five minutes. For severe burns, contact a doctor. Do
    lie gun down on side when in use or whilst cooling         not attempt to remove glue from skin.
    down this will cause gun failure.
•   Insert Bostik HG3 glue stick gently through tunnel at
    back of gun. Never use excessive force as the glue
    stick will clog the channel.                               Store in a cool dry, area.
Item No:  Description                         Units per Carton
198080    HG3 Glue Gun                               12

The representations and recommendations regarding the products are based on tests which we believe to be reliable. However, no guarantee
of their accuracy can be made because of the great range of field conditions and variations encountered in raw materials, manufacturing
equipment and methods. Thus, the products are sold with a limited warranty only, and on the condition that purchasers will make their own
tests to determine the suitability of the product for their particular purposes. Under no circumstances will Bostik Australia Pty Ltd be liable to
anyone except for replacement of the products or refund of the purchase price.


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