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									                                                             The Center for Innovations
                                                         in Business & Management Practice

               Annual Conference on Innovations in Business & Management

                                              London, January 26-27, 2011

                                                   Conference Programme
                                                  26th January 2011
8:30-   Registration and
10:00   Coffee
11:00   Welcome and Key Note address (Room 1)
               Room 1                                    Room 2                                           Room 3
        No     Title             Authors          No     Title                   Authors           No     Title                    Authors
11:00    503   Fees versus       Bouguezzi,        504   The role of             Alipour,           555   ROLE OF                  Büyükbalcı,
-              Royalties in      Fehmi                   knowledge               Hamidreza;               ORGANIZATIONAL           Pinar
12:00          Hotelling and                             management in           Davabi, Karim;           LEARNING AND
               Salop Models                              achievement of          Mehrabi, Zahra           CHANGE AGENTS
                                                         competitive             & Ghavidel,              IN MANAGEMENT
                                                         advantage: A case       Sanaz                    INNOVATION
                                                         study of Iran Alborze                            PROCESS
                                                         Insurance Company
                                                         in Western

11:00   506    Strategies and    Vargas-           505   Exploring the           Shojaie,           556   A new latent class       KHIARI,
-              performance       Hernàndez,              effective factors on    Mohammad                 stochastic frontier      Wided &
12:00          of new            Josè G                  the success of          Reza; Rajabi,            model for the best       KARAA, Adel
               Mexican                                   Symorgh food            Morteza;                 practices of USA’
               emerging                                  industry productions    Rajabi, Ali Abd          corporate governance
               multinational                             aimed at providing      & Akbari, M.
               enterprises                               efficient strategies
                                                         for every production

11:00   508    Determinants      Julius K.,        565   The Impact of           Zarina, Sandra     557   INFORMATION              KOLAPO,
-              of investor       Bitok; Andrew,          Shared Services                                  NEEDS AND                BABATOLA
12:00          confidence for    Kiplangat;              Centres on                                       SEEKING BEHAVIOR         AYODEJI
               firms listed at   Joel, P.,Tenai          Innovation Capacity                              OF INTERNATIONAL
               Nairobi stock     & Lucy, Rono            of Organizations in                              AIR TRAVELERS IN
               exchange,                                 the Global                                       NIGERIA
               Kenya                                     Environment

12:00          Lunch
1:00-   510    Business-         Schneider,        516   Corporatre cyber-       Estaswara, B.      567   Effects of Globalized    Rofcanin,
2:00           Model             Henrique                crisis:                 Helpris                  Business Strategies      Yasin &
               Ontology, Co-                             a case study of                                  at Division Level: A     Berber, Aykut
               creation and                              Omni international in                            Case Analysis of a
               traditional                               Indonesia                                        Multinational Division
               retailing: a                                                                               Located in Turkey
               case study                                                                                 with respect to its
                                                                                                          Human Resources
1:00-   520   Job               Jorfi, Hassan;   517   Determinants of           Tenai, Joel K.;   571   Do new IT and            Esmaeilzade
2:00          Satisfaction      Jorfi, Saeid;          Initial Public Offer      Shibia, Adan            innovation always        h, Pouyan;
              and Innovation    Yaccob,                Pricing In Kenya          Guyo; Bitok,            result in improved       Sambasivan,
              Management        Hashim Fauzy                                     Julius K. &             organizational           Murali &
              System            Bin & Nor,                                       Bett, Julius K.         performance?             Nezakati,
              mediate the       Khalil Md                                                                                         Hossein
              impact of
              and IT
              Flexibility on
1:00-   531   Mutation of       Tongo,           518   Economic crisis in        Alipour, Hamid    577   Mall Shopping            Telci, E. Eser
2:00          Workers’          Constantine            Guilan textile            Reza &                  Behavior: An
              Values: A         Imafidon               industry                  Ghavidel,               Examination of
              Critical                                                           Sanaz                   Differences in
              Organizational                                                                             Utilitarian versus
              Process for                                                                                Hedonic Shoppers’
              Cultural                                                                                   Mall Shopping
              Reformation In                                                                             Experiences
2:00-   537   Predicting the    Chang, Chiao-    524   Why does China            Du, Kai; Sun,     522   Online banking           Baloach,
3:00          usage             Chen & Chin,           could not Make            Xiaoxue &               services: a              Qadir
              intention of      Yang-Chieh             Successful                Zhou, Qin               comparative study of     Bakhsh;
              social network                           Technical                                         Islamic and              Khan,
              games: An                                Innovation?                                       conventional banks of    Muhammad
              intrinsic-                               Evidence from                                     Pakistan                 Imran &
              extrinsic                                Chinese                                                                    Alam, Adnan
              motivation                               Manufacture
              theory                                   Industry
2:00-   622   Classification    Elahi, Malek &   523   Development of            Javaheri,         591   The impact of e-         Neema-
3:00          of Researches     Dehdashti,             technological             Naeimeh                 learning strategy on     Abooki, Peter
              and Evolving a    Massoud                capabilities to utilize                           student academic         & Kitawi,
              Consolidating                            e-banking                                         performance within       Alfred Kirigha
              Typology of                              innovations in Iran                               Strathmore University
2:00-   562   Quality           Zemite, Ieva &   529   Investigating the         Soleyman          542   Strategic HR             Chhabra,
3:00          Benchmarking      Janovs, Valdis         causes and the            Iranzadeh &             Initiatives Leading to   Neeti Leekha
              Methodology:                             obstacles of              Farzam                  Employer Branding:       & Sharma,
              Case Study of                            institutionalizing        Chakherlouy             Case of PepsiCo          Sanjeev
              Finance and                              staff creativity
              industries in
3:00-   521   Strategic         Jorfi, Hassan;   544   Global Logistics          Papadopoulou,     578   How China’s Culture      Zhao, Daniel
4:00          Alignment and     Jorfi, Saeid;          Partnerships - The        Eleni- Maria;           and Institutional
              Communicatio      Yaccob,                Innovative Partner        Manthou, Vicky          Environment
              ns (Focus on      Hashim Fauzy           Selection Concept         &                       Evolution Process
              Knowledge         Bin & Nor,             of the 4PL Provider       Vlachopoulou,           Influences the
              Management)       Khalil Md                                        Maro                    Business Model
              Mediate the                                                                                Innovation
              Influence of IT
              Flexibility and
              Intelligence on

3:00-   566   Measuring         Wang, Mu         533   The Mediating Role        Aman, Fadhilah    624   Healthcare               Patience
4:00          Intellectual      Shun                   of KM Capabilities        & Aitken,               Governance,              Aseweh Abor
              Capital and Its                          on IT Use and KM          Ashley                  Ownership Structure      & Dila Agrizzi
              Effect on                                Effectiveness:                                    and Performance of
              Financial                                Empirical evidence                                Hospitals in Ghana
              Performance:                             from manufacturing
              Evidence from                            and technology
              Capital Market                           sector
              in Taiwan
3:00-   552    A TRANSLOG        USMAN,             619    Comparing                 ROZAR,            594   ACADEMIC STAFF           Neema-
4:00           ANALYSIS OF       OWOLABI                   effectiveness of e-       NORLINDA                PROFESSIONAL             Abooki, Peter
               INSURANCE         Akeem                     learning training and     BINTI MOHD              COMPETENCES:             & Kasule,
               ECONOMIES                                   traditional training in                           PERSPECTIVES OF          George
               IN NIGERIA                                  Industrial safety and                             QUALITY                  Wilson
                                                           health                                            ASSURANCE IN A
                                                                                                             EDUCATION IN
4:00-   579    The effect of     Gelard,            586    Human resources           Dhifallah,        553   GOOD SHOCK OR            Javed,
5:00           enhancing         Parvaneh &                management in             Sawsen                  BAD SHOCK: What          Muhammad
               organizational    Mirsalehi,                service of                                        impact shock             Bilal & Zeb,
               learning          Seyed Pooya               ambidextrous                                      advertisements are       Hareem
               capability on                               organizations                                     creating on the mind
               SMEs’                                                                                         of viewers
4:00-   551    Modeling          Lackes,            587    INVESTIGATING             SAIHI, Malek;     592   Export-led Growth        RAMBELI ,
5:00           Supply Chain      Richard &                 COMPLEMENTARI             SAIDANI,                Hypothesis: Does its     NORIMAH
               Business          Khushnood,                TIES BETWEEN              Chiraz &                hold in the three        BT. &
               Processes         Muhammad                  CHANGES IN                HACHANA,                Exchange Rate            MARIKAN,
               with Event-                                 CORPORATE                 Rym                     Regimes in Malaysia?     DAYANG
               driven Process                              STRATEGY,                                                                  AFFIZZAH
               Chain                                       MANAGEMENT                                                                 AWANG
                                                           PRACTICES AND
                                                           STRUCTURE FOR
                                                           CANADIAN SMEs:
                                                           A ULTIVARIATE
                                                           PROBIT MODEL

4:00-   563    The effect of     Kazhal zarei ,     590    THE INFLUENCE             Mat, Adam;        602   Market Depth and         Ke, Mei-Chu
5:00           information       Hiwa Farughi ,            OF                        Razak, Razli            Intraday Stock Price     & Liao, Tung
               technology on     Haibat Alah               ORGANIZATIONAL            Che & Ismail,           Behavior: Evidence       Liang
               the Industry's    Sadeghi &                 LEARNING                  Mohammad                from the Taiwan
               supply chain      Heresh                    CAPABILITY ON                                     Stock Market
                                 SoltanPanah               TECHNOLOGICAL
                                                           A THEORITICAL

                                                   27th January 2011
               Room 1                                   Room 2                                               Room 3
        No     Title             Authors           No     Title                      Authors          No     Title                    Authors
11:00    614   Global B2C        Leung, T. L. Y.    62    Classification of          Elahi, Malek &    615   The relationship         Hamid, Siti
-              and C2C           & Knottenbelt,      2    Researches and             Dehdashti,              between person-job fit   Norasyikin
12:00          Online Auction    W. J.                    Evolving a                 Massoud                 and person-              Binti Abdul &
               Models                                     Consolidating                                      organization fit on      Yahya,
                                                          Typology of                                        employees’ work          Khulida
                                                          Management Studies                                 engagement: Survey       Kirana
                                                                                                             among engineers in
                                                                                                             companies in

11:00   541    Globalization     Nor, Nor Azila    62     Quality Orientation        Cagri BULUT,      616   KEY                      Wahab,
-              in the            Mohd;              3     and Innovative             Ige PIRNAR,             PERFORMANCE              Norailis Ab. &
12:00          automobile        Perumal,                 Performance: The           Engin Deniz             INDICATORS (KPIS)        Muhamed,
               industry: How     Selvan &                 Role of Middle             ERIS & Melih            AND SERVICE              Nurul Aini
               supplier-dealer   Hussin,                  Managers                   TUTUNCUOGL              QUALITY: FROM
               relationship      Zolkafli                 Entrepreneurial            U                       THE EMPLOYEES’
               could be                                   Attitudes                                          PERSPECTIVE
11:00   543    Senior             Huang, Ya-       61   Globalization in         Elemaru,          617   THE IMPACT OF             Hambali,
-              Acceptance of      Ling              0   human resource           Ignatus &               UCTI’S COMMUNITY          Zainalabidin
12:00          Digital Leisure                          management a             Okoye u,b               ENGAGEMENT                Seblil;
               and                                      Comparative of Asian                             PROGRAMMES ON             Sethumadha
               Recreation                               and multinational                                THE DEVELOPMENT           van,
               Products for                             corporations in                                  OF COMMUNITY’S            Sharmila K.
               Health                                   European                                         ENTREPRENEURSH            N. & Edrak,
               Promotion                                                                                 IP SKILLS: USING          Bahrulmazi
                                                                                                         IP FRAMEWORK

-1:00   Lunch
1:00-   54    Introducing a       Islam, Alia E.   55   Categorization of        Rukavitsyn,       611   Multinational Strategic   Huang, Shih-
2:00     5    Performance                           0   Unbalanced Reviews       Vadim & Žižka,          Alliance between          Wei
              and Change                                and Opinions of          Jan                     Taiwan and China, An
              Management                                Internet E-shopping                              Investigation of
              Framework                                 Customers                                        Alliance Models in the
                                                                                                         Light-Emitting Diodes
                                                                                                         (LED) industry

1:00-   54    Reverse             Panousopoulo     59   A proposal               Manteghi,         613   THE EFFECTS OF            BULUT,
2:00     7    Logistics           u, Pagona,        7   comprehensive            Nikzad &                JOB AND                   Cagri; ERIS,
              Performance         Papadopoulou          framework for strategy   Zohrabi,                WORKPLACE                 Engin Deniz;
              Indicators: A       , Eleni- Maria        formulation: A hybrid    Abazar                  RELATED                   PIRNAR, Ige
              Conceptual          & Manthou,            of balanced                                      ATTITUDES ON              &
              Framework for       Vicky                 scorecard, SWOT                                  INNOVATION                GENCTURK,
              Evaluating                                analysis, Porter`s                               SUCCESS AND               Selin
              Reverse                                   generic strategies and                           CHARACTERISTICS
              Logistics                                 Fuzzy quality function
              Services                                  deployment

1:00-   55    Threshold Co-       Lee, Yen-        58   The Effects of Cash      Sooeun, Kim;      537   Predicting the usage      Chang,
2:00     4    Integration         Hsien &           8   Holdings on R&D          Kim, Soo-Eun            intention of social       Chiao-Chen
              Relationship        Chiang, Chia-         Smoothing: Evidence      & Shin, Chan-           network games: An         & Chin,
              between Social      Hong                  from Korea               Shik                    intrinsic-extrinsic       Yang-Chieh
              Responsibility                                                                             motivation theory
              and Stock Index                                                                            perspective

2:00-   55    Creation of an      Khadija , Bari   58   Earned Surplus and       Shin, Min-Shik;   560   Improving a model for     Sheykhzadeh
3:00     8    Innovation                            9   Dividend Policy: A       Shin, Chan-             new service               , Alireza &
              Culture: An                               Test of the Financial    Shik & Kim,             development               Heidari,
              Empirical Study                           Life Cycle Theory in     Byung-Soo                                         Hamed
              of the Textile                            Korean Capital Market
              Industry of
2:00-   56    Casual or           Christner, Ron   60   Ambidextrous             Chelly, Amine     561   Executive                 Sabiwalsky,
3:00     4    Caudal              & Dicle,          4   Organizations and        & DHIFFLLAH             Compensation              Ralf
              Relationships       Mehmet F.             Corporate                MZOUGHI,                Regulation and the
              between US                                Entrepreneurship         Sawsen                  Dynamics of the Pay-
              Dollar, gold, oil                         Management                                       Performance
              and equity                                                                                 Sensitivity
2:00-   56    TWO                 Koc, Umut        60   DJIA AND FTSE            Ulusoy, Tolga     570   The Impact of             Nee, Goh
3:00     9    CONTINENTS,                           5   INDEX                    & Dönmez,               Industry Type and         Yen &
              ONE THEME:                                COMPARISONS              Cem                     Number of Years           Wahid,
              COMPARING                                 USING THE                                        Certified with ISO        Nabsiah
              THE                                       FACTORS OF                                       14001 Environmental       Abdul
              PERSPECTIVE                               INDEX-                                           Management System
              S AND                                     TEMPERATURE AND                                  (EMS) on Small and
              RESEARCH                                  BOSE-EINSTEIN                                    Medium Enterprises
              DESIGNS OF                                ENTROPY                                          (SMEs) Performance
              THE UK- AND                                                                                in Malaysia: An
              US-BASED                                                                                   Empirical
              TQM                                                                                        Investigation
3:00-   57   Online Social      Taufique,      50   The S.E.A. Protocol:     Parker, M.        573   Develop Knowledge       Sedighi,
4:00     2   Media as a         Khan Md.        7   Systematically           Michaux;                Chain to Design         Mohammad
             Driver of Buzz     Raziuddin &         Engendering              Abdul-Ghaffar,          Knowledge               Bashir &
             Marketing:         Shahriar,           Innovation in            Rasheeda;               Management              Isaai,
             Who’s Riding?      Faisal              Management               Campbell,               Strategy, Case:         Mohammad
                                Mohammad                                     Keren &                 Indamin Saipa Shock     Taghi
                                                                             Clarke, Kaia            Absorber Company

3:00-   57   Investigating      Abdalla,       60   New product              Pezzi, Alberto    574   Integration of          Sadaf, Amina
4:00     5   the Motivation     Mohammed        8   announcements and                                Corporate Social
             System in the      Abdulhameed         stock market’s                                   Responsibility at the
             Libyan Iron and    A.                  reaction                                         work place results in
             Steel Company                                                                           an enhancement of
                                                                                                     Ethical Corporate
                                                                                                     Governance Structure
                                                                                                     in a corporation

3:00-   58   ANALYSING          EMİNİ, Filiz   60   CUSTOMER                 Pjero, Elenica,   576   Human Resources         Golamzadeh,
4:00     1   THE HUMAN          Tufan           9   RELATIONSHIP             XHILIOLA                Strategy Formulation    Daryoosh &
             RESOURCES                              MANAGEMENT IN            AGARAJ &                By Strategic            Jalali, Sonya
             POLICY OF                              FINANCIAL                KALUDJA                 Reference Points
             TURKEY’S                               INDUSTRY OF              XHAFA                   Theory, Case Study:
             REGIONAL                               ALBANIA                                          RPK Company
             T AGENCIES
             IN TERMS OF

4:00-   59   ASEAN5+3           MARIKAN,       61   System dynamics          Ziaee, Maryam     585   An Overview of Credit   Mitra,
5:00     6   ECONOMIES:         DAYANG          8   modeling for supply                              Risk and NPA of         Anupam
             CONVERGENC         AFFIZZAH            chain management                                 Urban Cooperative
             E OR               AWANG &                                                              Banks in India
             DIVERGENCE?        RAMBELI ,
                                NORIMAH BT.

4:00-   60   The                Saeedy,        62   Application of CMM to    Svasti,           580   Impact of Discount      Qureshi,
5:00     6   formulation of     Sohail          0   Boutique Hotels: A       Pongsvas                Rate changes &          Waqas
             Strategy using     Sarmad;             Study in Thailand                                Interest Rate on the    Ahmed; Nisa,
             the Method of      Monfared,                                                            Foreign Exchange        Mehr UN &
             Comprehensive      Jalal                                                                Market of Pakistan      Khalid, Sobia
             Framework for      Haghighat &
             Strategy           Khodabandeh,
             Formulation        Nazila
             with AHP
             method, Case
             study: Chap
4:00-   61   Gender Work in     Aminudin,      62   Enhancing CSR            Rohitratana,      539   Obstacles of Country    Khattab, Adel
5:00     2   R&D                Norsiah         1   Capability in Special-   Kaewta                  Risk Management         Al &
             Multinational                          purpose Banks in                                                         Alyatama,
             firm in Malaysia                       Thailand                                                                 Sundus

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