UCSD AWM Travel Fund Application by cuiliqing


									      UCSD AWM Travel Fund Application for Graduate
The following application is for mathematics related travel expenses. The priority
deadline for applications for funding for the 2011 Joint Math Meetings must be received
by December 1, 2010.1 Funding for other conferences will be awarded on a first come,
first serve basis throughout the year. Your application must be reviewed and accepted in
advance of your trip. If it is accepted, the fund will cover transportation and housing
related expenses up to $300 after receiving a receipt. This fund is intended to be a last
chance fund; please make sure there is no other funding available before applying to
AWM. This application can be submitted by email to ashicks@math.ucsd.edu or
jhennig@math.ucsd.edu or by placing it in Johanna Hennig's mailbox. If you don't hear
back within a week, or by December 8, 2010 for the Joint Meetings, we encourage you to
send an impatient email to both Johanna and Angela.

 i.e. Applications for funding to the Joint Meetings will be accepted after this time, but
priority will be given to applications received by December 1.

Date submitted:



Dates of Travel:

Conference Name or other reason for going:

Expected transportation expenses:

Expected housing expenses:

The following two questions are optional. Our local AWM chapter hosts many
outreach events throughout the year, and we welcome the participation of members
and non-members alike. Priority will be given to applicants who participate in some
outreach activity. In the event that we receive more applications than we have
resources to fulfill, we will also consider the responses to the remaining question.

Outreach Participation:
___ I have previously volunteered for an AWM sponsored activity in the previous year.
Please describe:

___Please add my name to the AWM Volunteer list serve. 2 I intend to volunteer for an
AWM sponsored activity sometime during the current academic year.

  The AWM volunteer list serve is used to recruit non-members for community outreach activities. Some
examples of this include: serving on panels for undergrads, creating GRE review materials, preparing
refreshments for department social events, as well as helping with other events such as the San Diego
Science Festival in March and the Southern California Undergraduate Math Conference.
MAA Tensor Grants are awarded to encourage women and minorities in mathematics.
Information on the program's mission can be found at
http://www.maa.org/programs/tensor-summa.html and

How does your trip further the goals of the tensor grants?

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