Inexpensive Ohio Individual Health Insurance Plans

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					Inexpensive Ohio Individual Health Insurance Plans
Top reasons to shop around and save.

                                                    Today just about any resident in the Buckeye State
                                                    can find inexpensive individual Ohio health
                                                    insurance plans that are extremely affordable, even
                                                    in today’s tough economic times. Most of the
                                                    existing Ohio health insurance companies are
                                                    always offering newly innovated medical plans to
                                                    suite their constantly varying needs as well as the
                                                    demands of the public.

                                                     There are a number of companies who are offering
these quality individual health insurances at the most competitive prices, these include; Anthem Blue
Cross Blue Shield, Medical Mutual of Ohio, United Health One, Aetna and Humana. Individual health
insurance does require medical underwriting of the person to be insured, thus, premium computations
shall be dependent partially on whether the proposed insured is relatively healthy or said to have a pre-
existing medical condition before application. Although a person might have been found to be suffering
from a certain medical condition, he or she may still be granted an Ohio individual health insurance
plan. There are even certain circumstances that would totally get rid of the factor on pre-existing
medical conditions that is if the proposed insured has a previous record of credible group coverage.

There are basically three types of individual insurance plans, the “comprehensive plans/PPO plans”,
“catastrophic plans”, and the Health Savings Account plans or the HSAs. Numerous companies are
now providing all or some of these types of plans to the Ohio public. The majority of the medical plans
contain several options. Most of the options deal with the deductibles or also the co-insurance. Thus,
increasing your deductibles would greatly reduce the premium rates and vice versa. Absence of past
medical conditions could also definitely lower down the price. Changing from one type of coverage to
the other is simple with any of these individual health insurance companies.

In describing catastrophic individual Ohio health insurance plans, they would generally post lower rates
wherein they would cover only certain medical expenses. They are often referred to as the High
Deductible Health Plans. In these kinds of policies, most of the out of the pocket expenses tend to be
higher, the client has much less covered office check-ups and prescription coverage. This type of
medical insurance plan can be the best deal when you find it easy to pay for minor medical expenses or
those routine check-ups.

Compared to the catastrophic, comprehensive Ohio individual health insurance plans are more
expensive because they cover more office check-ups and prescription, but increasing the deductibles
will always tend to decrease its premium rates. Reducing such health insurance variables may
eventually help drag down the price.

If a person is on to the variables, the HSA is the affordable individual OH health insurance plan of
choice. This type of plan carries with it numerous office check-ups and preventive medicine. It also
comes in lower rates and also has better benefits on taxes. Premiums saved from these HSAs may be
used to pay for medical expenditures and even dental and vision.

The bottom line is that today more than even before you do have significant options. One of the best
resources for comparing all the affordable Oh individual health insurance plans is through an
experienced independent insurance broker. They usually represent all of the carriers listed above and
can guide and direct you to the best solution for your health care insurance needs.

About the Author:

Tracy Mc Manamon is the CEO of One Source Benefits. He and his associates have over 22 years of
experience in providing clients with comprehensive and affordable Ohio individual health insurance


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