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School Book Fair Flyer Template

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School Book Fair Flyer Template document sample

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                                                       Franklin Flyer
         In Every Issue

         From the Principal
         From the PTA
         Submission Deadlines
         Above & Beyond
                                           From the Principal's Desk

         Articles                          Dear Parents,
                                           It was wonderful to see so many Dads join us for breakfast on Friday, March
         Franklin Friends                  13, 2009. I would like to especially thank Mrs. Michaels for organizing this
         Franklin Fair                     very special event for our fourth grade students and their fathers. We will
         Character Counts                  try to make this an annual event.
         SEF Update                                            Congratulations to our SITE Winners
         Green Team                        Congratulations to all the Franklin participants in the district's SITE contest
         Speak Up Summit                   held March 4.
         Caring Kids
         Growing Up Special                                  CJMEA Elementary Honors Orchestra
         Project Child Find                Ten students have been accepted to participate in the CJMEA Elementary
                                           Honors Orchestra:
         Sign Up Sheets
         FF Kids Raffle
         FF Silent Auction
         FF Beach Towels                                                    Monday Morning Quotes:
                                           Caring counts
         Volunteer                         Always respect others
                                           Rules are helpful
         Schedules                         Include everyone
         Recess Volunteers                 Never bully
                                           Generosity counts

                                           Friends are good
                                           Respect others
                                           If someone is hurt help them
                                           Energy is good for playing
                                           Never lie or bully
                                           Determination is good
                                           Stealing is not good
                                           Hurting people is not good
                                           Intelligence is good
                                           People can be nice if you give them a chance

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                                           Respect teachers and others
                                           Everybody counts
                                           Count kindness
                                           You should be nice
                                           Count everybody in
                                           Lying is bad
                                           Everyone should be nice

                                           A Letter From Our PTA President
                                           Dear Franklin Families,
                                           We have plenty of activities to keep us Marching into spring! First and
                                           foremost is the Franklin Fair, just 10 days away!! Franklin Fair is our most
                                           important fundraiser of the year, without which we could not provide the many
                                           programs that enrich our children's learning experience. The foundation of
                                           our budget is built with revenue from the Fair. Funds are used throughout the
                                           year to provide such activities as Peer Mediation, Art in the Classroom,
                                           Cultural Arts Assemblies, and After School Programs. Essentially, all events
                                           and programs that make Franklin unique and special are paid for with the PTA

                                           I realize you are bombarded with requests for donations from organizations
                                           throughout the community. However, in this age of state-mandated budget
                                           cuts, it is more important than ever to support our schools. The Fair is the
                                           only school activity for which we request 100 percent participation. Class
                                           parents recently contacted each family to volunteer for an hour or two to
                                           staff this event. Realizing we all have many demands on our time, THANK
                                           YOU in advance for your commitment to the school. The value your presence
                                           brings to the event is immeasurable.

                                           It is not too late to purchase advance tickets or make donations to the silent
                                           auction and/or the children's raffle. We look forward to salivating over all
                                           those yummy treats parents bring for the infamous Cake Walk. Take
                                           advantage of this opportunity to create some edible fun with your kids. And
                                           of course don't forget your beach towel. Orders may be placed until March
                                           27th, while supplies last. For many of you, time devoted to the Fair has far
                                           exceeded the two-hour request, most notably Fair Chairs Lauren Weiss and
                                           Deanna Smeltz, committee chairs and all their volunteers. We appreciate
                                           everything that you have done and look forward to "Franklin Goes to the
                                           Beach" on Saturday, March 28.

                                           At the State of the School Address on March 11, Dr. Cole updated the
                                           audience on goals for each grade, NJPass preparation, and progress we have

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                                           made in Language Arts. She once again stressed the attendance policy and
                                           requested that parents notify her in writing of any unexcused absence. On
                                           November 5, there were 66 students absent, which is almost 18% of the
                                           school population! This absentee rate impedes the ability of teachers to stay
                                           on track and thus negatively affects the learning of the entire student body.

                                           We had an amazing turnout for our first fourth grade Breakfast with Dad on
                                           Friday, March 13th. Thank you Patricia Michaels for your tireless efforts
                                           masterminding and organizing the event. At the breakfast, children enjoyed a
                                           healthy meal while playing math games and sharing a social studies project.
                                           The morning was a huge success and we hope to make it an annual tradition.
                                           This event will be included in the volunteer package you receive over the
                                           summer. If you have a third grader, grab a friend and chair the breakfast
                                           next year.

                                           We have just two remaining PTA meetings for this school year: April 20 and
                                           May 29. On April 20, Vice President Patricia Michaels will run the general
                                           meeting while I run the Boston Marathon. At this meeting, she will announce
                                           the slate of officers for the 2009-10 school year and review the PTA by-
                                           laws. Guest Speaker and Washington School parent, Debbie Bronokowski, will
                                           discuss her initiative to source safer, economical alternatives to the toxic and
                                           hazardous cleaning products currently used by the district in our schools. The
                                           very first Franklin School Green team will give an update on their progress to
                                           date. Also at this meeting, Jamie Heckelman will inform us about the Stage
                                           Lighting Project. The meeting occurs the Monday after Spring Break; mark
                                           your calendar and make plans to re-connect with friends during conversation
                                           and coffee at 8:30 a.m. The meeting will begin promptly at 8:45 a.m.

                                           The equipment has been installed, the mulch has been put in place, and the
                                           ribbon has been cut! On Monday, we officially opened the Warwick Playground
                                           with a ribbon cutting ceremony. THANK YOU Patty McDonald and the many
                                           parents who stepped up to make this field of dreams a reality for our school
                                           and community. Please stop by and enjoy this wonderful addition.

                                           Stefanie Faris

                                           19 Character Counts Book Club 12:30pm (Anjali McCormick's)
                                           19 Bd. Of Ed. Meeting 8:00pm Washington
                                           20 Chess Club meets in cafeteria 3:00pm
                                           24, 26 Family Tech -- Grade 4
                                           26 Dr. Cole's Book Club Grade 1

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                                           27 Chess Club meets in library 3:00pm
                                           28 Franklin Fair 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
                                           30 Board of Ed estimate meeting 8:00pm City Hall

                                           1,8 Family Math Grade 3
                                           2 SINGLE SESSION, school ends at 12:30 pm
                                           3 Chess Club meets in library 3:00 pm
                                           7 Tuesdays with Sheila, 8:30 am
                                           10 NO SCHOOL Good Friday
                                           13-17 NO SCHOOL Spring Break
                                           20 PTA Meeting, coffee @ 8:30am meeting @ 8:45 am
                                           21-24 NJPASS testing for Grade 2
                                           24 Chess Club meets in cafeteria 3:00 pm
                                           27-30 Teacher Appreciation Week

                                                            Franklin Flyer Deadlines - REVISED
                                           Upcoming Issues                           Deadline         Publication

                                           Ed: ClaireToth                             Mar. 27          Apr. 1
                                           Ed: Deanna Smeltz                          Apr. 10          Apr. 15

                                           E-mail the next issue's submissions to: Claire at or
                                           call  Claire   at 273-8924.          (FYI     you    can    reach  Deanna at
                                  or call Deanna @ 608-0456)

                                           To email submissions: Create a WORD file and send it via email as an
                                           attachment. We will acknowledge receipt of your emails. If you would like
                                           email reminders of submission deadlines, just let either of us know.

                                                                                 Above & Beyond
                                           Cynthia Tarantino, for organizing our Chess Club.

                                           Christine and Brian Murray, for hosting our second DARE outreach parent

                                           Deanna Smeltz and Lauren Weiss, for chairing the Franklin Fair, as well as all
                                           the Fair committee chairs.

                                           Patricia Michaels, for organizing our 4th grade Breakfast with Dad.

                                           Alister Carey and Marjorie Fox, for providing helpful tips to create a greener

                                           Lynne Strabley, for stepping up to take minutes at the State of the School

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                                           All teachers and parents who collaborated to submit SEF grants.

                                                                                 Franklin Friends
                                           We continue to plan our next Franklin Friends event to be held the week of
                                           March 30th. Place and time still TBD. We have a few fun ideas that we are
                                           tossing around. Keep your eyes open for further details.

                                           If you are new to Franklin or unfamiliar with our group, Franklin Friends is a
                                           social group whose purpose is to enhance the community feel within our school
                                           by bringing parents together in warm and informal settings.

                                           Please contact either Jen Isralowitz,, Mary Beth Cahill
                                  or Cindy Schluter with any
                                           questions about or suggestions for Franklin Friends.

                                                                Franklin Fair Goes to the Beach
                                                 "Franklin Goes to the Beach" - Save the Date for the
                                                                      Franklin Fair!

                                           The Franklin Fair is coming! Saturday, March 28 - 10 am to 2pm. We'll
                                           have leis, hula dancing, face painting, a bouncy house, sand, games, a cakewalk,
                                           and much, much more.

                                           Why Come?
                                           It's a fun day for the children and our biggest fundraiser for the school. Our
                                           kids LOVE the fair and look forward to it all year. We thought seriously
                                           about not having it this year, but we couldn't take the thought of so many sad
                                           faces. Please take a moment now to mark it on your calendar.

                                           How Can You Help Get the Kids Involved?

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                                           - Make a cake. The messier and more gooey the better. Homemade or not, we
                                           want to send every kid home with a prize
                                           - Help them decorate their penguin so we can in turn decorate the school. A
                                           template was sent home in last week's Wednesday folder - go wild! Every
                                           student who enters a decorated penguin will get their name in a raffle for one
                                           of our charming stuffed penguins (look for the display soon as you enter the

                                           What Else Do You Need to Know?
                                           - We realize that the fair is a big volunteer commitment. Thanks to the class
                                           parents for coordinating all the volunteer efforts and to everyone who has
                                           already volunteered. We really appreciate the time and effort you give to
                                           support the school.
                                           - We know that times are tough out there, but every little bit helps. If you
                                           can donate to the kids auction or have something wonderful and unique to
                                           offer to the silent auction please reach out to the folks listed below. We are
                                           particularly in search of sports tickets and the ever-popular golf & lunch
                                           packages for the silent auction.
                                           - If you want to purchase a "Franklin" beach towel as part of the
                                           celebration, Jamie Kessel has got one in your size!
                                           - If you want to buy advance tickets, contact Stacey Supran

                                           Thanks! We do this for the kids, and we hope you will too. If you have any
                                           suggestions or questions please let us know.

                                           See you at the Fair!
                                           Lauren Weiss & Deanna Smeltz

                                                                      Character Counts! Fairness
                                           With the spring sports season beginning in a few weeks, now is a good time to
                                           have a discussion about FAIRNESS and good sportsmanship with your
                                           children. Please also encourage your children to take a look at the poster of
                                           Abraham Lincoln, which is displayed on the Character Counts bulletin board in
                                           the cafeteria.    It describes why Lincoln is recognized for promoting

                                           2nd ANNUAL CHARACTER COUNTS! BOOK CLUB IN MARCH. Please join
                                           us for our first book club meeting this Thursday, March 19, at 12:30 p.m. at
                                           the home of Anjali McCormick (49 Drum Hill Drive). We will discuss Beautiful
                                           Boy: A Father's JourneyThrough His Son's Addiction. This book chronicles
                                           the drug addiction of a teenager named Nic Sheff. Please join our discussion
                                           of the potential dangers our youth face as they approach their teenage years
                                           and what we as parents can do to help guide and protect them. While the book
                                           is painful to read, there are certainly some lessons to be learned. Beautiful
                                           Boy underscores why it is so important for us to teach our children to be
                                           persons of character and to make good choices in their lives. Please RSVP to

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Attach0.html                                                                                                       3/19/09 9:17 AM

                                           Anjali at by March 16 if you plan to attend. All
                                           are welcome. NO BOOK CLUB EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

                                           UPCOMING IN APRIL. . . Our next parent workshop on the topic of
                                           FAIRNESS AND TOLERANCE (the last two chapters of Michele Borba's book
                                           Building Moral Intelligence: The Seven Essential Virtues That Teach Kids to
                                           Do the Right Thing) is scheduled for Wednesday, April 29, at 8:45 a.m. in the
                                           cafeteria. We hope to see you on April 29, whether or not you have attended
                                           any prior meetings. Lauren Weiss and Cathie Westdyk will lead the discussion.

                                           UPCOMING IN MAY . . . In response to parent feedback, we have changed
                                           the book selection for our 2nd book club meeting in May to the international
                                           best seller The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. Professors at Carnegie Mellon
                                           University are asked to give a talk entitled "The Last Lecture" where they are
                                           asked to consider their demise and ruminate on what matters most to them.
                                           When Randy Pausch, a computer science professor, was asked to give such a
                                           lecture he didn't have to imagine it as his last, as he had been diagnosed with
                                           terminal cancer. The lecture and subsequent book he wrote weren't about
                                           dying. They were about the importance of overcoming obstacles, enabling the
                                           dreams of others, and seizing every moment. The Last Lecture was about
                                           living and living with character.

                                           OTHER CHARACTER COUNTS NEWS. We are thrilled to announce that
                                           Mary Beth Cahill, Lauren Weiss and Cathie Westdyk will be chairing the
                                           Character Counts program next year. We are confident that the program will
                                           thrive under their leadership.

                                           If you would like to tell us about some of the "character counting" activities
                                           you are involved in, please contact either or

                                                                              News from SPARC
                                                      THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE PANCAKE BREAKFAST!

                                           Thank you to everyone who volunteered for, or attended, SPARC's second
                                           annual Pancake Breakfast held last Saturday, March 14th at Christ Church in
                                           Summit. Throughout the morning, attendees enjoyed a delicious pancake
                                           breakfast, silent auction and performances by Summit elementary, middle and
                                           high school students - all while helping to raise money for the performing arts
                                           in Summit's public schools. SPARC's Pancake Breakfast was a tremendous
                                           success thanks to the contributions of those who gave their time and/or
                                           generous donations to support the event.

                                                 LAWTON C. JOHNSON SUMMIT MIDDLE SCHOOL TO PRESENT:
                                                                NARNIA, THE MUSICAL

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                                           Join Peter, Susan, Edmund                 and Lucy as they travel through the magical
                                           wardrobe to the snowy land               of Narnia in the classic C.S. Lewis tale of hope,
                                           forgiveness and redemption.               You will meet Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, Mr. Tumnus,
                                           and other animal characters              along the way, as well as the majestic Aslan, King
                                           of Narnia.

                                           This full-scale production features over 150 middle school students in the
                                           cast, crew and orchestra. Performances will take place Friday and Saturday,
                                           March 27 and 28 at 7:30 pm.

                                           General ticket sales will begin the week of March 16th. Tickets are $9.00 for
                                           adults and $8.00 for students and senior citizens. Narnia is the perfect
                                           family show not to be missed!

                                                                                       SEF News
                                                      Highlights on two SEF grants in progress in our high school:

                                           VEX Robotics. SEF funded a grant this past year to purchase two VEX
                                           robotics kits for use in three of the electronic classes at the high school.
                                           This enabled the school to form the SHS Robotics Team. Each kit has been
                                           used to build one robot and is used by a team of 2-4 students. Mark Snow,
                                           the teacher who heads the electronics classes has informed us that the SHS
                                           Robotics Club has competed successfully in its first robotics event, "Snowtop
                                           Robotics". The SHS team placed first in the East Brunswick Vex Elevation
                                           Challenge. This qualifies the team to compete in the nationals in Dallas, TX.

                                           Corey Walsh, the SHS English supervisor of the Media Literacy Education
                                           class provided feedback on the benefits of having an interactive classroom.
                                           Topic discussions are now able to be held on line which has resulted in
                                           increased overall instruction time. Media literacy education has proven to
                                           improve the exchange between students and between students and their
                                           teachers. The Summit School District believes that media education will
                                           prepare students to be better producers and consumers of media content and

                                           These are just two examples of how the money that has been raised by SEF
                                           has gone into funding innovative programs at our schools. If you are not one
                                           already, please consider becoming a member of SEF. For more information on
                                           SEF and the other grants SEF has funded in our school district, please visit
                                           our website at

                                                                   Tips from The Green Team -
                                           GREEN TIP #4 The green tips this week are coming from Franklin School
                                           Junior Girl Scout Troop #288...

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                                           1. Ways to Save Energy
                                           * Walk
                                           * Ride a bike
                                           * Don't drive a monster truck
                                           * Turn off the lights
                                           * Use fluorescent light bulbs! (if you use them you could save a lot of energy!)
                                           * Use Purell, not water
                                           * Turn off water when you brush your teeth
                                           * Drive an electric car
                                           * Don't use electric pencil sharpeners
                                           Look at what we wrote, are you helping to save energy? If you're not then
                                           start NOW!
                                           By Margot Murray, Ellie Rogoff, Charlotte Swalef and Kristin Lembke

                                           2. Hey parents, you can help the environment, too! Everybody goes to
                                           the grocery store. One easy way of helping the environment is by using canvas
                                           bags instead of plastic or paper bags. Did you know it takes a month for a
                                           paper bag to decompose and 500 years for a plastic bag to decompose? Now
                                           that you read this, do you still want to use plastic and paper bags when you go
                                           shopping? We didn't think so!

                                           By Isabel Sottile, Nina diMayorca and Kate Klaschka

                                           3. Troop 288 Help Saves the Earth
                                           Junior Girl Scout Troop 288 loves the earth and we can prove it! On Earth
                                           Day 2008 our troop cleaned up the Village Green in Summit. We walked around
                                           the park and picked up garbage and recycling. We got good exercise and had a
                                           lot of fun. We did it to help the environment on Earth Day (and we'll do it
                                           again Earth Day 2009). We told you we could prove it!
                                           By Natalie Herr, Rachel Isralowitz, Ellie Lecker and Ginny Collins

                                           4. We know where you can throw out and recycle cans!
                                           Do you know where you can throw out and recycle cans? There is a big clear
                                           bin across from the Post Office in the middle of Summit. It has a meter that
                                           shows how many cans we have recycled. You can recycle your cans can there.
                                           Recycling one aluminum can can save enough energy to run a television for
                                           three hours! So bring your cans to the big, clear bin across from the Post
                                           Office and save the environment.
                                           By Megan Jordan, Grace McGann and Sabrina Fleischman

                                           5. Troop 288 is asking for your help
                                           Troop 288 is asking you to participate in ways to recycle and reuse. One great
                                           way to recycle is when you go to the grocery store. Bring your own bag. If
                                           you don't have your own bag pick paper. It is better for the environment for
                                           people to use paper instead of plastic because it takes 500 years for a plastic
                                           bag to decompose. A good reuse, which also helps the environment, is to use
                                           both sides of paper. That's how you recycle. Start today!

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                                           By Sydney Bottum, Clara Musallam and Jayda Spann

                                           6. Troop 288 will be selling containers.
                                           Troop 288 will be selling reusable lunch containers. We will be selling these
                                           containers so people can reuse and not waste and make the world a better
                                           place. The money we will make will be spent on planting a new tree in Summit.
                                           Please buy our reusable lunch containers. (Coming your way soon...)
                                           By Simone Diaz, Maddie Lecker, Savannah Dooley and Caroline Westdyk

                                           7. Troop 288 Saves the Earth!
                                                When: 2008 April, Earth Day
                                                Where: In the town of Summit at the village green
                                                Who: Troop 288, Franklin
                                                What: Cleaned up garbage and recycling at the village green
                                                Why: to help the environment on Earth Day
                                                (join Troop 288 as we Save the Earth again on April 24/25, 2009)

                                           By, Stephanie Orrell, Alexis Greenblatt, Emma Mencke and Laura Coates

                                                                                Speak Up Summit

                                           Speak up Summit to host Superintendent Nathan Parker Saturday, April 4. Dr.
                                           Nathan Parker, Summit school superintendent, will be the guest of Speak Up
                                           Summit, a community wide public education advocacy group. The meeting will
                                           be at 18 Blackburn Place. Everyone is welcome. Please join us at 9 a.m. for
                                           coffee. The business portion of the meeting will follow at 9:30 a.m. This is an
                                           informal meeting, so those with other commitments are certainly able to come
                                           late or leave early. Dr. Parker will discuss his first seven months in our school
                                           district--what he has learned, what is working, what might not be, and what he
                                           hopes to accomplish in the future.

                                           Questions? Please call Melanie Wilson at 908-598-1617.

                                                                             Caring Kids Speaker

                                                                       ATTENTION 3rd GRADE PARENTS

                                           On Wednesday, April 8 at 1:15, all 3rd graders will attend a talk given by Paul
                                           Wichansky titled "Taking the Dis' out of Disability". The presentation is just
                                           for the children, but be sure to ask your child about it that night. Paul has
                                           been giving his presentation to the 3rd graders at Franklin and other Summit
                                           elementary schools for several years. He discusses the perspectives and
                                           realities of growing up with his cerebral palsy. By sharing his experiences, and
                                           encouraging students to ask questions that help shape their understanding of
                                           people with disabilities, Paul tries to instill a sense of hope and inspiration that

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                                           motivates them to realize their own goals and dreams.

                                           Questions? Call Donna Gangi

                                                                              Growing Up Special

                                                        "GROWING UP SPECIAL" IS TOPIC OF PRESENTATION

                                           LeDerick Horne, a nationally recognized motivational speaker and advocate for
                                           people with disabilities, will present "Growing Up Special" on Mon., March 23,
                                           at 7 p.m. in the library of Summit High School, 125 Kent Place Blvd. The
                                           presentation is open to the public; there is no charge for admission.

                                           Mr. Horne is a protégé of Jonathan Mooney, founder of Project Eye to Eye
                                           and author of the book, "Learning Outside the Lines." In the presentation,
                                           Mr. Horne will reflect on his academic career and the difficulties he
                                           encountered as a student with a learning difference.

                                           The funds for this event were made available through a grant provided by the
                                           Summit Educational Foundation (SEF). The grant proposal for Mr. Horne's
                                           visit was made by Debbie Kosak, supervisor of special services for the Summit
                                           Public Schools, and Pat Walsh, transition coordinator for the Summit Schools.

                                            Questions about the presentation may be directed to Ms. Walsh at 273-1494,
                                           ext. 5475, or Ms. Kosak at 273-6658, ext. 4.

                                                                               Project Child Find
                                           The Summit Public Schools, in compliance with Project Child Find, which was
                                           established by the New Jersey Department of Education, seeks to locate,
                                           identify, and evaluate resident students, ages 3-21, with disabilities who
                                           attend non-public schools

                                           Upon written request, the district will conduct an identification meeting for
                                           any resident child to determine whether a child study team evaluation is

                                           Please make requests in writing to Dr. Jane Kachmar-Desonne, director of
                                           Special Education Services, 14 Beekman Terrace, Summit, NJ 07901, or
                                           contact the Department of Special Services at 908-273-6658.

                                           Information for children with potential disabilities or those with disabilities
                                           from birth to age three is available through Project Child Find, 1-800-322-
                                           8174, or through Union County Special Child, Adult, Early Intervention
                                           Services Case Management Units at 908-301-2544.

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                                                                       Franklin Fair Kids' Raffle
                                                                          The Franklin Fair is March 28th

                                                                          Please donate for the Kids' Raffle

                                                                             Popular donation suggestions:

                                                                          Electronic games or game systems
                                                                           American girl doll or accessories
                                                                             Sports equipment or games


                                                                                     Donate Cash
                                                                         (we will make the purchase for you!)

                                           Cash or checks (made out to Franklin School PTA) can be placed in the
                                           "Franklin Fair Auction" plastic shoe box or mailed to Patricia Sheaffer at 26
                                           Portland Rd.

                                           Arrange to drop off your donation or have it picked up! Contact Beth Sharpe
                                           at 273-1922 or

                                           Complete the form below and return it with your donation
                                           Franklin Fair Auction Donation


                                           Phone Number_________________________________________

                                           Item Description or $ Amount_____________________________

                                           (Editors' note: there is no easy way to upload this for easy printout. Best
                                           to highlight this article and either "print selection" or paste it into your word
                                           processing program to print out.)

                                                                     Franklin Fair Silent Auction
                                                                        THE FRANKLIN FAIR IS
                                                                      COMING.....MARCH 28, 2009

                                           Calling all Franklin Families: Do you have season tickets to the Giants, Jets,
                                           Devils, Knicks, Nets? Would you DONATE a pair, a foursome to the FRANKLIN

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Attach0.html                                                                                                          3/19/09 9:17 AM


                                           Do you have season tickets to the Papermill Playhouse, NJPAC, the State
                                           Theater or somewhere else? Would you DONATE a pair, a foursome to the
                                           FRANKLIN FAIR?

                                           Do you have a fabulous VACATION HOME? Would you DONATE a WEEK, a
                                           WEEKEND to the FRANKLIN FAIR?

                                           We need your DONATIONS for the SILENT AUCTION.

                                           Anything you think is WONDERFUL *SPECIAL* PRICELESS......we'd love to see
                                           it!!! Please contact LAURA COBURN with your DONATIONS. 277-1256.

                                           Donation ITEM:


                                           Please return to PTA box at School or drop at 235 Blackburn Road

                                           (Editors' note: there is no easy way to upload this for easy printout. Best
                                           to highlight this article and either "print selection" or paste it into your word
                                           processing program to print out.)

                                                                       Franklin Fair Beach Towels

                                           Cotton, 30" x 60" 2-ply velour, 11 lbs./doz. weight. White with soft navy print.

                                           $20 for one towel or $18 each for 2 or more towels

                                           Orders may be placed until March 27, while supplies last.

                                           Return your order & payment to the box marked, "Franklin Fair Towels" located in
                                           the Main Office.

                                           Student's Full Name (print clearly) __________________

                                           Student's Home Phone # __________________________

                                           Student's Class ________________________________

                                           Qty: ____ Beach Towels

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Attach0.html                                                                                                              3/19/09 9:17 AM

                                           Price: ______________
                                           Total Price; __________

                                           Questions? Call Jamie Kessel (277-1712) or email

                                           Recess/Playground Volunteers
                                           March Schedule

                                           Wednesday 3/18
                                           Karen Chmelar
                                           Corinne Taylor

                                           Thursday 3/19
                                           Cindy Landis
                                           Terry Schaefer

                                           Friday 3/20
                                           Lucy Fleischman
                                           Regina Swalef

                                           Monday 3/23
                                           Cathie Westdyk
                                           Kelly Quinn

                                           Tuesday 3/24
                                           Claudia Diaz
                                           Susie Griffin

                                           Wednesday 3/25
                                           Christine Kos
                                           Andrea Smith

                                           Thursday 3/26
                                           Lucy Lord
                                           Kathren Eliseo

                                           Friday 3/27
                                           Johanna Aguilera
                                           Julie Kimmel

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