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									                                                CAL Lab, Reading and Study Skills Center Scheduling and Usage Procedures

                                             Processes and Procedures                                                          Persons Responsible                Time Frame

               (Calendars can be found on line in Outlook, Staff Public Folders\Bldg 7 Calendars – ASAP)                      Instructors            Whenever instructor is ready
Fill out a SLC schedule request form : class information - instructor name, course, section, time, day/time and program
                                                                                                                              Program Specialists
request, e.g., PLATO, Reading Lab assignment(s) and send to:

                      CAL Lab: Suthita “Bea” Oudomsouk - X 5369 or
          Reading & Study Skills Center and Language Center: Angelia Banks: X 6022 or

Set up new PLATO Groups: Group Name log in formulas; upload/transfer new student user data from the college SMS.              Director               Zero Week
Quarterly Group Name Formula will be emailed to “SLC PATRONS/PLATO PROFS” one week before the first day of                    Program Specialists
the quarter.
We aim to have new PLATO Groups populated and ready on the first day of the quarter.

Set up new PLATO Classes and attach assignments, and populate classes. Instructors – please use quarterly Class               Instructors            Zero Week or
Name formula and always give Class Coordinator Access to Suthita Oudomsouk, Angelia Banks, and Zeyad Al-                      Program Specialists    First Week of the quarter
Agrabawi if you would like them to help your students. All Program Specialists have been trained in PLATO.                    Director

Orientation and Assistance:                                                                                                                          First week of the quarter =
                                                                                                                                                     “one time only” orientation;
     1.     Students come already prepared to log on to the TCC (Titan) network, i.e., all participating students will have   Director               with permission of PS or Director,
            created their TCC log in formulas thereby activating their student accounts. A Program Specialist or the          Program Specialists    on going classes may come if the
            Instructor will then provide PLATO Orientation, or                                                                Instructors            time block is not needed.

     2.     Alternatively and upon request, Program Specialists will provide specific TCC Computer                                                   Second Week =
            Readiness/Technology Orientation – creating TCC log in formulas, activating accounts, using the TCC                                      Regular weekly classes
            Portal, MS WORD, etc. – prior to learning PLATO or other CA(L)L programs.

     3.     Reading and Study Skills Center General Orientation

     4.     Language Center General Orientation

 PLATO and/or other CAL program training is available upon request to all faculty                                             Program                On-going

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