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									Public Relations Function

According to Maria (2002, p.31), "public relations is one part of one breath in the same
organization, and must provide the organization with precise identity and true and able to
communicate it so that the public trust and have a clear and correct understanding of the
organization The ". It simply gives an overview of public relations functions, namely:
1. Activities aimed at obtaining good faith, trust, mutual understanding and image of the good of
the public or society at large.
2. Have a goal to create public opinion is acceptable and beneficial to all parties.
3. An essential ingredient in management to achieve specific goals, according to public
expectations, but it is a typical organization or company. It's important how the organization has
a color, culture, imagery, atmosphere, conducive and pleasant, increased performance, and
productivity can be achieved optimally.
4. Attempt to create a harmonious relationship between the organization and its publics, while
creating public opinion in effect, which is very useful as input for the organization or company
Can be concluded that public relations is more oriented to the company to build a positive image
of the company, and better results than before because of getting the opinions and criticism from
consumers. But if the public relations function is executed properly is really a powerful tool for
improving, developing regulations, organizational culture, or company, and a conducive working
atmosphere, and sensitive to the employees, it would require a special approach and motivation
in improving its performance. Briefly it can be said that the public relations function is to
preserve, mengembangtumbuhkan, maintaining a mutual communication are required in
handling, fix any problems, or minimize the appearance of a problem (Black, 2002).
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