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Public Relations Objectives


Public Relations Objectives

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									Public Relations Objectives

The primary purpose of public relations is to influence the behavior of individuals and groups when
linked together, through dialogue with all groups, where the perception, attitude and opinion is
important to a company successful (Davis, 2003).

According to Ruslan Rosady (2001, p.246) the purpose of public relations is as follows:
a. Foster a positive corporate image to an external public or community and consumers.
b. Encourage the achievement of mutual understanding between the public goals with the company.
c. Develop synergies with the marketing function of public relations.
d. Effective in building brand recognition and brand knowledge.
e. Support the marketing mix.

Jefkins (2003, p.54) define the many things that can be used as a corporate public relations purposes,
some of which the principal is as follows:
a. To change the public image in the eyes of the public in connection with the new activities undertaken
by the company.
b. To increase the weighting of the quality of prospective employees.
c. To disseminate a success story that has been achieved by the company to the public in order to gain
d. To introduce the company to the public, and open up new market share.
e. For preparing and conditioning the public on the stock exchange the company plans to issue new
shares or additional shares.
f. To improve inter-firm relations with society, with respect to the occurrence of an event that resulted
in criticism, questions, or misunderstanding among the public against the goodwill of the company.
g. To educate consumers so that they more effectively and understand in utilizing the company's
h. To convince the public that the company can survive or bounce back after the occurrence of a crisis.
i. To enhance the capability and resilience in the face of the risk of corporate takeovers by other parties.
j. To create a new corporate identity.
k. To disseminate information about the activities and participation of corporate leaders in the
organization of everyday social life.
l. To support the involvement of a company as a sponsor of an event.
m. To ensure that the politicians really understand the activities or the company's products are positive,
so that the company concerned to avoid regulation, legislation, and adverse government policies.
n. To disseminate the activities of the company's research has been done, so that the public know how
the company was giving priority to quality in various ways.
Overall purpose of public relations is to create a good image of the company so as to generate public
loyalty to the products offered by the company (Mulyana, 2007). Besides public relations aimed at
creating, fostering and maintaining a pleasant attitude of gratitude for the institution or organization on
the one hand and with the public on the other by the harmonious communication and reciprocity
(Maria, 2002).

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