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					   Official Newsletter of                                                                             Gold Wing Road Riders
      Chapter WA-L                                                                                         Association
  Tri-Cities, Washington                                                                               Region I — WA District
   “The Looney Tunes”
                               ACME TIMES                                                                 December 2006

                        2 Bits                                     RIDER EDUCATION
   BY Mike Messinger, Chapter Director                                BY Gary Oldright, Rider Educator

  Well here we are at the end of another year. Hope this finds
                                                                          WINTER STORAGE PROCEDURES
  everyone a little heavier after a good Thanksgiving and
  looking forward to a Happy and Merry Christmas and New
  Year. Our first Gathering at Cousins will be December 9 at      It’s that time of year again when we need to store our bikes
  0800 and you should see the size of the Cinnamon rolls!         and gear for a couple of months. First, a word of caution,
  “HUGE”! We as a Chapter are going to do a Christmas             these steps are intended to be followed in order, but be your
  Family. Bring non-perishable food to the meeting on Dec.        own judge. If you choose to leave out a step, that’s up to you
  9th and a basket for the food and donations will be avail-      too. There’s no guarantee that by following all these steps
  able. The new Ride Cards will be available at the gathering     that you won’t have issues when you dust off your bike in the
  at Cousins.                                                     spring. If you have another way to prepare your bike for stor-
                                                                  age, that’s fine. I’d love to hear any suggestions you might
  Saturday night is our annual Christmas Party at the Pasco       have.
  Eagles and I’ll have the Ride Cards there too!
  Chuck Hull is still doing well and seems to be coming along     1. Find a place to store your bike, get the tools you'll need
  with recovery from his accident. Drop him a line or give        • Keep it away from extreme temperatures--which pretty
  him a phone call to wish him well.                                  much means keeping your bike inside, if at all possible.
                                                                      If you must store a bike outside, ensure that roof runoff
  What a good year we have in front of us.                            won’t drip on the bike for months. I learned that lesson
  • The Wild Wild West WA”I” Casino night is January                  while living in Pullman. My bike was covered in snow
     13th at Camp Murray.                                             and ice all winter. Chemical fumes can dry out and at-
  • The first Saturday of April, the 7th, will be the Breakfast       tack the bike's organic (rubber) parts. Electric motors
     Social in Prosser at the Barn.                                   and heaters generate ozone, which is also bad for rubber
  • Our 2007 Spring Fling Rally will be held in the Tri Cit-          parts.
     ies at the Benton County Fairgrounds and things are          • Don't put the bike somewhere where it'll get knocked
     starting to come together. We are working toward hav-            over. Find an out-of-the-way place. I left my bike at my
     ing the registrations in the mail around the Christmas           brother’s house for one week under their carport. Some-
     Day time frame. If you want to get involved and help             how, it got a sizable scratch. Lesson learned: keep out of
     contact any of the Staff.                                        a busy area where people work on projects, carry things
  • Wing Ding will be in Billings, Montana July 4th - 7th             through, or is otherwise an active area.
     and hopefully we will have a good turn out as a Chapter
     and as a District.                                           2. Run the bike, fill the tank, stabilize the gas
  • The Washington District Rally will be held in Oka-            • Take the bike out for at least a 20 minute ride, and on the
     nogan July 19th – 21st and Chapter L will be setting up          way back, fill the gas tank up as full as possible. Add
     rides in the area.                                               gasoline stabilizer right before you fill the tank. You
                                                                      want to make sure the tank is full when you store the
  • The Region I Rally is being combined with the Oregon
                                                                      bike. Even though most tanks are treated or lined, air in
     District Rally in Roseburg, Oregon on June 7-10, 2007.
                                                                      the tank will cause rust to develop inside the tank. Stabi-
  With the warmest regards and wishes for a bright and boun-          lizer has a shelf life of about two years. So, don’t expect
  tiful year.                                                         old stabilizer to do its job. Buy a small container of sta-
                                                                      bilizer and use it for your lawn mower gas and other
     Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year                             summer toys, and then toss it out (following appropriate
                                                                      ecological methods).
                                                                      ⇒ Warning for those of you with shiny, chrome pipes.
  Mike & Beth Messinger                                                    Running a stationary bike for an extended period of
  WA-L CD                                                                  time may slightly discolor your shiny pipes due to a
                                                                           lack of cooling airflow. Keep this in mind if you                                                                               December 2006 ~ Page 1
        think that you can avoid stale gas by running your          without tearing down the motor.) I used to wait until
        bike at predetermined intervals during the winter.          spring to change my bike’s oil. Since I do my own
      ⇒ Stabilizing the gas is probably the most important          work, I had a container of drained oil. It was in the
        thing to do when storing your bike. Gasoline is a           garage for several months before I had enough to recy-
        blend of dozens of different compounds. Over time,          cle. In the spring when I went to recycle the oil, the
        the more volatile compounds will evaporate, leav-           bottom of that bucket was covered with sludge. Well?
        ing a hard sludge that will gunk up your carburetors        That bucket was sitting in the garage about six feet from
        and prevent them from working. Gasoline stabi-              my motorcycle in basically the same environment for
        lizer, for the most part, prevents this from happen-        the same amount of time. Now, I always change the oil
        ing. See the photo below.                                   just before storage in late fall/early winter. Hopefully
      ⇒ This is largely a personal choice, but I do NOT             this will avoid a build-up of sludge.
        drain the fuel from the carburetors. Why? Well,
        for one because I can hardly wait to ride my bike       4. Wash, dry, and wax the bike
        again—and now I have a GL1800 without carbs.             • This could take hours but it’s worth it if you like shinny
        So, I’m lucky (or is it unlucky?) if my bike is             chrome and bright paint. Do a really good job of drying
        stored much longer than a month. If the stabilizer          the bike. Taking the bike for a ride to air-dry is proba-
        does its job, the fuel should not solidify. Several         bly not a good option.
        years ago my buddy told me to disconnect the fuel
        line from the bottom of the tank, plug it, and run      5. Move the bike to the storage area and put on center
        the engine until the carbs were out of gas. Works           stand
        great if you have a mechanical fuel pump, but un-        • If you have a center stand, you're all set. If you don’t
        fortunately I had a GL1200 Gold Wing with an                have a center stand use a swing-arm stand and fork
        electric fuel pump. Electric pumps use gas as a             stand to hold the bike off the suspension and tires. If
        cooling lubricant. It cost me a couple hundred dol-         you don’t have all this stuff don’t worry. You can sim-
        lars to replace a burned-out fuel pump.                     ply check your tire pressure and/or roll the bike a foot
                                                                    forward or back every couple of weeks during storage.

                                                                6. Spray fogging oil into the cylinders
                                                                 • After clearing out dirt and grit from around the spark
                                                                    plug holes (compressed air is great for this), remove the
                                                                    spark plugs and spray some "fogging oil" into the cylin-
                                                                    ders. If you can't get or don’t have fogging oil, a little
                                                                    motor oil (or, failing that, some WD40) to lubricate the
                                                                    cylinder walls will work. Don’t use more than a tea-
                                                                    spoon per cylinder!
                                                                 • Assuming the bike is on a centerstand, rotate the motor
                                                                    by spinning the rear wheel. If you can’t spin the rear
                                                                    wheel, I prefer to let the oil stand as opposed to crank-
                                                                    ing the motor with the starter. Be sure to reinstall the
                                                                    spark plugs.

                                                                7. Final Steps
                                                                 • Cover the intake and exhaust. Spray a little WD40 into
                                                                     each exhaust pipe and cover the tip with a ballon or
                                                                     plastic bag to prevent moisture from getting to the en-
                                                                     gine. Remember one or more cylinders will have an
                                                                     open exhaust valve.
                                                                 • Connect a battery maintainer to the battery. Just put
                                                                     your battery on the smart charger and, with the excep-
                                                                     tion of periodic fluid level checks, you can pretty much
                                                                     forget about it all winter. I still check the battery occa-
  3. Change the oil                                              • Protect the exposed metal with either WD40 or with
   • Change the oil and filter before you store the bike. Old        wax chain lube. Don’t spray this on the tires or brake
      oil contains combustion by-products and other nasty            parts though.
      stuff. This is probably the second-most important step     • Lock your bike and cover it with a breathable fiber fab-
      of storage, and possibly the only one that will cause          ric. You don't want to trap moisture under the cover, as
      permanent damage if skipped. (Yes, the carbs can get           it'll cause rust. Likewise, you want to keep water out,
      gummed up if you skip step #2, but they can be cleaned         particularly if you're storing the bike outside, where it'll                                                                              December 2006 ~ Page 2
     be subjected to precipitation. Purpose-made bike covers
     work well, as does anything made of Gore-Tex.                   Last minute ideas for Christmas, birthdays, or
                                                                        anytime for the Wing lover in your life!
 Over the winter read through your owner's manual, and per-
form any service that gets done once a year, even if it isn't offers beautifully color
quite time yet. At the very least:                               matched accessories for your GL1800.
 • lubricate control cables and periodically operate all con- for reflective decals and safety prod-
     trols                                                       ucts.
 • check (and, if necessary, adjust) chain/belt tension for high visibility graphics
 • lubricate chain, or lube driveshaft                           and reflective decals.
 • check brake pads and rotors                          for Gold Wing parts and accesso-
 • change fluids (brake, clutch, etc)                            ries.
 • inspect/replace/clean air filter                     for Honda Direct Line Parts for
 • check all bolts to make sure nothing is loosening             OEM parts.
 • inspect tires (for cuts, uneven wear, dry-rot, tread depth, for the official
                                                                 online GWRRA store where you can buy patches, pins
 • inspect swingarm and steering head bearings
                                                                 and apparel.
 • lube suspension, pivot points, grease fittings, etc
 • Extra credit assignments:
 • Change fork oil
 • Change coolant (except for you air-cooled types)
 • Valve adjustment (except for you two-stroke types)
 • Disassemble/clean/reassemble carburetors (except for
     you fuel-injected-types)

Having done all this you ensure the longevity of your motor-      Your Gold Book contains in-
cycle and you’ll have a more reliable bike during the ride
season.                                                            formation that will help you
                                                                 ride like a seasoned member of
BUT RIDE TO LIVE!                                                   the group, trailer your bike
                                                                  with safety, and know who to
                                                                       call in an emergency.
                                                                 Read your Gold Book and keep
                                                                              it handy!

                                                                 •     Renew your membership online.

                                                                 •     Update your address, phone and email

                                                                 •     Designate your Gold Book preferences

                                                                                                                                                  December 2006 ~ Page 3
           Checkin’ out Cousins
  On Saturday the 25th of November some us decided to
  give Cousins Restaurant a try. The food was good and
  the waitresses were trying hard. They just opened and
  almost everyone working there was new. We had a good
  time though. One thing about it, our recipe is simple and it
  always comes out right: "Gold Wingers + Food = Good

  We had our newest members show up and I think there are
  going to like us. If you get a chance say high to Don and
  Kay McClure. Hope to see EVERYONE there at Cousins
  on Road 68 just off I-182 in Pasco, WA. on the 9th. Happy

  Tom Denny                                       December 2006 ~ Page 4
WHAT:                    GWRRA Chapter L Annual Christmas Party
WHEN:                    Saturday, December 9, 2006
WHERE:                   The Eagles in Pasco
                         2829 W. Sylvester Street, Pasco, WA
 TIME:                   5-6 Social Hour
                         6:00 Dinner
TICKETS:                 $5.00 per person available from Mike Messinger or Gary Oldright.
RSVP:                    Cheryl McKnight at
WHAT TO BRING:           Alternate non-alcoholic beverage of choice, table service & potluck dish

                                   GIFT EXCHANGE and GAMES!!!
Ladies bring a gift suitable for women or a generic gift. Men bring a gift suitable for men or a generic gift. (Please do not spend
any more than $10 for the gift you bring and please mark on the outside if the gift is for a man/woman/or ”generic.” If your
child is coming, bring a child gift.
Meat entrée and coffee will be provided by the Chapter. Bring your own alternate non-alcoholic beverage of choice, table service
& potluck dish. The types of dishes you may choose to bring are: Salad, Entrée, or Dessert. If you attended the November club
meeting, you will probably have already signed up for a dish. For those of you who did not attend the November club meeting,
you are encouraged to email Cheryl McKnight with your choice of dish so that we know how things are “stacking up”. Along
with your choice of dish, please include how many family members will be attending.

The Eagles has invited whoever wants to, to stay later. Since they do serve liquor, there are age restrictions. Anyone under 18 is
not allowed after 10 p.m. Age 18 & over can stay until closing. Starting at 8:30 they will have music – possibly a live band.

You are encouraged to purchase your tickets in advance as it gives us a better picture of how many people are planning to attend.
We have plenty of room at the Eagles, so we hope that everyone will come! If you want to know if we need more of any of the
three choices, you can call Cheryl McKnight at 582-3863 and leave a message. She will call you in the evening between 5-8.
R.S.V.P. to Cheryl McKnight at:                                                                                 December 2006 ~ Page 5
   Motorcycle Lesson Learned - The Hard Way                                              Just for Fun

  Greetings:                                                        A Biker was riding along a California beach when sud-
  I was in a fairly nasty motorcycle accident over the Labor        denly the sky clouded above his head and, in a booming
  Day holiday and I wanted to take a minute to jot the circum-      voice, the Lord said, "Because you have tried to be faithful
  stances down in hopes that you could pass it on to your list      to me in all ways, I will grant you one wish."
  of folks who ride as a kind of Lesson Learned or forewarn-
  ing.                                                              The biker pulled over and said, "Build a bridge to Hawaii
                                                                    so I can ride over anytime I want."
  Returning from the Labor Day weekend in Bend, Oregon, I
  had taken Prineville Highway 26 from Prineville, Oregon to
                                                                    The Lord said, "Your request is materialistic, think of the
  John Day and turned north on Highway 395 just west of
                                                                    enormous challenges for that kind of undertaking. The
  John Day.
                                                                    supports required to reach the bottom of the Pacific! The
  Between Ukiah and Pilot Rock is a large hill called Battle        concrete and steel it would take! It will nearly exhaust sev-
  Mountain. This is beautiful motorcycle country but the road       eral natural resources. I can do it, but it is hard for me to
  here has a lot of switchbacks - some of them blind, mean-         justify your desire for worldly things. Take a little more
  ing, you can't see around the corner. Coming out of a right       time and think of something that would honor and glorify
  hand turn and leaning into a 180 degree blind left hand turn      me."
  I came around the corner to find my lane filled with small
  rocks and gravel - as if a truck had gone off the road and        The biker thought about it for a long time. Finally he said,
  sprayed the road as it went back onto the road.                   "Lord, I wish that I could understand my wife. I want to
                                                                    know how she feels inside, what she's thinking when she
  The rear of the bike broke loose in the gravel and by the         gives me the silent treatment, why she cries, what she
  time I got it straight again the road had continued to turn in    means when she says nothing's wrong, and how I can make
  front of me. I went off the road (downshifting and on the         a woman truly happy."
  breaks) at about 30 mph. The bike did well for 10 feet or so,
  when the front tire dug into the loose gravel up to the axle.     The Lord replied, "You want two lanes or four on that
  The sudden stop launched me through the windshield. I hit         bridge?"
  the ground shortly before my passenger landed on top of me
  hitting me in the left shoulder with her helmet. Both of us
  were wearing leather vests, chaps, boots, gloves and hel-                          Eighteen Happy Snowmen!
                                                                                     But which one is different?
  mets. Fortunately, she came away with only scratches on
  here arm where the vest didn't cover.                                                   Can you find it!

  After several days in the hospital and short term disability at                     (Remember this as a child?)
  home I was recently out talking to a friend at Full Throttle
  motorcycle shop. He said two friends of his had ridden
  through the same area earlier in the summer and both had
  gone down on the same day - one twice. He also com-
  mented that his father and five other bikes all went down in
  the same area on the same day.
  His father had spoken to an investigating Oregon State Po-
  lice office who said that bikes go down there "all the time."
  His father is working with the American Motorcycle Asso-
  ciation to get the state of Oregon to put up signs warning
  bikers of the hazards.
  It was a beautiful trip and I highly recommend the route to
  others. But I recommend that they be extremely alert in the
  Battle Mountain area.
  Please feel free to share this note with any of our rider
  Cheers . . .
    Randy R. LaBarge
    Quality Manager
    Environmental Technology Directorate
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  [Thanks for sharing—edited for newsletter reprint.]                                                                               December 2006 ~ Page 6
                   Farmer Joe's Accident                              Birthdays & Anniversaries
 Farmer Joe decided his injuries from a road accident were            Gregory Dorwick                        December           2
serious enough to take the trucking company (responsible for          Majorie Gardner                        December           5
the accident) to court. In court the trucking company's fancy         Mike Piper                             December           5
lawyer was questioning farmer Joe.                                    Lloyd & Georgia Finley                 December           6
                                                                      Revecca Carpenter                      December           6
 Didn't you say, at the scene of the accident, "I'm fine," said
                                                                      Kelly Humble                           December           7
the lawyer. farmer Joe responded, "Well I'll tell you what
happened. I had just loaded my favorite mule 'Bessie' into            Timothy Denny                          December          10
the......." "I didn't ask for any details," the lawyer interrupted,   David Messinger                        December          17
"just answer the question." "Did you not say, at the scene of         Kay Hass                               December          18
the accident, 'I'm fine!'"                                            Brenda Kessie                          December          21
                                                                      Clint & Cheri Ellingsworth             December          30
 Farmer Joe said, "Well I had just got 'Bessie' into the trailer      David Downing                          December          31
and I was driving down the road...". The lawyer interrupted
again and said, "Judge, I am trying to establish the fact that, at    If we don’t have your birth date or anniversary date, we
the scene of the accident, this man told the Highway Patrol-          can’t help celebrate! Be sure you’ve filled out a member
man on the scene that he was just fine. Now several weeks             profile with the Chapter secretary so we can keep our lists
after the accident he is trying to sue my client. I believe he is     current!
a fraud. Please tell him to simply answer the question."

 By this time the Judge was fairly interested in Farmer Joe's
answer and said to the lawyer, "I'd like to hear what he has to
say about his favorite mule 'Bessie' ". Joe thanked the Judge
and proceeded, "Well as I was saying, I had just loaded
'Bessie', my favorite mule, into the trailer and was driving her
down the highway when this huge semi-truck and trailer ran
the stop sign and smacked my truck right in the side.                     Washington Chapter “L”
                                                                        Mike & Beth Messinger         Chapter Directors
I was thrown into one ditch and 'Bessie' was thrown into the            509-582-4560
other. I was hurting real bad and didn't want to move. How-
                                                                        Gary & Diana Domas            Assistant CD
ever, I could hear 'ole 'Bessie' moaning and groaning. I knew            509-582-7214
she was in terrible shape just by her groans.
                                                                        Mike & Cheryl McKnight        Assistant CD
 Shortly after the accident a Highway Patrolman came on the             Gary Oldright                 Rider Educator
scene. He could hear 'Bessie' moaning and groaning so he                509-375-1353
went over to her. After he looked at her, he took out his gun           Tom & Santana Denny           Couple of the Year
and shot her between the eyes. Then the Patrolman came                  509-582-8779
across the road with his gun in his hand and looked at me.              Gary Oldright                 Individual of the Year
He said, "Your mule was in such bad shape I had to shoot her.           Cathy Stephens                Treasurer
How are you feeling?"                                             509-967-7213
                                                                        Donna Whiteside               Chapter Store
                                                                        Joyce LoParco                 Phone Tree
                                                                        Della Heideman                Newsletter Editor
  Your Gold Book contains in-                                        541-422-7166

   formation that will help you                                         TBA                           Activity Coordinator
 ride like a seasoned member of                                         Tom Didway
                                                                                                      Ride & Tech Coordinator
    the group, trailer your bike                                        Lloyd Finley                  Membership Coordinator

  with safety, and know who to
                                                                        Georgia Finley                Historian
       call in an emergency.                                            509-783-9789
                                                                        Dona Edman                    Sunshine Coordinator
                                                                      541-481-3482                                                                                December 2006 ~ Page 7
                                                            FOR SALE: 2001 Haulmark Low Hauler Trailer, Interior
                 FOR SALE                                   Length 12’ 4”; Width 96”; Height 65” White sidewalls and
                                                            ceiling, checkerboard floor, payload 4585 lbs. $3600
  FOR SALE: Small HJC Burgundy Full Face Helmet.            Call (360) 482-4172 in Elma, WA (DEC)
  w/ intercom installed. Never worn: $300 call Patricia
  (8:00am and 8:00pm) at 586-7739 or leave message.

  FOR SALE: 2000 HONDA Valkyrie Interstate Trike -
  24,000 miles- $17,900 Blue and Silver, one owner,
  Ultimate Conversion Kit by The Trike Shop with 4 de-
  gree easy steering kit. Conversion completed winter
  2004. Loaded with accessories: CB AM/FM Intercom;
  Electronic Cruise Control; Kuryakyn highway pegs.;
  Chrome wide levers for clutch and break; Kuryakyn
  grips; trunk luggage rack; Ultimate 3 piece seat; front
  fender tip extension; engine chrome panels; Hondaline
  running lights; Wind Wings with chrome covers; cus-
  tom pin striping by John Hunnicane; garage kept. Call
  (360) 482-4172 in Elma, WA (DEC)

                                                               CLASSIFIED items run for three months unless re-
                                                                   newed by the owner via email or phone.

                                                             Gold Wing Road Riders Association
                                                                    Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge
                                                              Melissa Nordeoff               Executive Director
                                                                                 Region “I” Staff
FOR SALE: The motorcycle is a 2003 VTX Retro - Gray               
in color with windshield, removable custom bags, new          Roy & Pearl McKenzie           Region “I” Directors
mustang seat, custom exhaust, grips with throttle lock,       Steve & Sandra Henicksman      Assistant Region Directors
new tires with 500 miles on them, 11,000 miles on             Marlene & Don Weikart          Region Treasurers
bike. All maintenance done by dealer. Trade in on Gold        Mike & Bijou White             Region Membership (MED)
                                                              Steve & Lori Fretts            Region Rider Educators
Wing or $9,400.00 Larry at (509) 961-8563. (Jan)              Della & Loren Heideman         Region Membership Coordinators
                                                              Donna and Doug Deskin          Newsletter Editor/Webmaster
                                                              Terry & Cheri Huffman          Region Couple of the Year
                                                              Sam & Marjoe White             Region COY/IOY Coordinators
                                                              Mike & Lynn Briggs             Region Leadership Trainers

                                                                         Washington District Staff
                                                              Bob & Becky Minor            WA District Directors
                                                              L Murkowski & N. Busick      Asst. WA District Directors
                                                              Lloyd & Georgia Finley       Asst. WA District Directors
                                                              June Dutton                  District Treasurer
                                                              Jim Dutton                   Membership Retention—West
                                                              Charlene Miller              Membership Retention—East
                                                              Bruce & Sandra McMahill      District Educators
                                                              Ric Bailey                   District Stores
                                                              John Zwosta                  District Webmaster
                                                              Mike & Suzanne Kasko         District Couple of the Year
                                                              Bob & Thess Thurgood         District COY/IOY Coordinators
                                                              Bill & Barb Ellis            District Ambassador Coordinators
                                                              Rick & Jan Sparks            District Newsletter Editor                                                                           December 2006 ~ Page 8

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