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									Definition of public relation

The definition of public relations is a planned effort continuously deliberately, in order to establish and
maintain mutual understanding between the organization and its publics. This opinion suggests that
public relations is considered a process or activity that aims to establish communication between the
organizations and parties outside the organization (Coulsin-Thomas, 2002).
Understanding public relations is: Interaction and create public opinion favorable as input to both
parties, and is a profession that is professional in his field because it is a very important factor in
achieving organizational goals with appropriately and with a continuously since PR is a survival
organization concerned (Mary, 2002, p.7).
This is supported by the opinion that Alma said that "public relations is communication activities
intended to build a good image of the company" (2002, p.145). While Marston said "public relations is a
plan to use persuasive communication to influence people's perceptions" (1999, P.1). Scholz (1999, P.2)
says that "public relations is a plan that encourages to influence public perception through the
implementation of social responsibility based on a mutual communication to achieve gains on both
Understanding of public relations in general and specifically as follows:
1. Common sense
Public relations is a process of interaction in which public relations as an input to create public opinion
favorable to both parties, and instill understanding, motivation and public participation, aims to instill
goodwill, mutual trust to be understood, and a good image of the public. Crystallizing
Public Opinion says that public relations is a profession that deal with the relationship between a
company and the public that determines the life company (Widjaja, 2001).
2. Special Definition
Public relations is a specialized management function which helps establish and maintain
communication with, understanding, support, and cooperation between organizations and the public
involves management problems, helping management to understand and respond to public opinion, to
explain and emphasize the responsibility of management to serve the public interest, helping
management to stay abreast of and effectively utilize change, is useful as an early warning system to
help anticipate trends, and research use and decent sound techniques in communication as the primary
tool (Maria, 2002). In the book the basics of public relations (Wilcox and Cameron, 2006, P.5) also said
that "public relations is a management function, of a continuing and planned character, through the
which public and private Organizations and institutions seek to win and retain the understanding,
Sympathy, and support of Those with Whom there are or maybe concerned by Evaluating public opinion
about themselves, in order to correlate, as far as possible Their own policies and procedures, to Achieve
by planned and widespread information more productive and more efficient corporation Their
fulfillment of common interests ". more or less meaningless public relations is a management function
of the attitude of mind which planned and executed on an ongoing basis by organizations or public
agencies and private sector to acquire and foster mutual understanding, sympathy and support from
those who have a relationship or association, by evaluating public opinion about organization or
institution, in order to achieve a more productive cooperation, and to meet the common interests of
more efficient, with information activities are planned and widespread.

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