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					                                            To be public speaker

There is a view in society that a person's ability to speak in public is the innate talent of birth and only
owned by people - certain people.

Public speaking / public speaking, whether in weddings, birthdays, office inauguration, the award
ceremony, welcome speeches, testimony to the product / success and another a scourge that is so
frightening to most people, not only in Indonesia and even in the world.

Some managers / executives / owner companies, Network marketing leader, head of the organization
that had I come across, say they are not talented / not able to speak in public and likely if you can avoid
talking in public. What's worse is the student / students which is the next generation of this nation, most
of the people I have met are not interested in whose name Seminars / Training. The reason is simple
they are, because they show in the shadow of such a bore.

In the world of education, they receive lessons with teachers from schools that smart but less able to
describe the material (the material brought conservatively) to make them so tired bahka train, they
never imagined that in fact the training / seminars delivered by the MPI team is so fun and full of

True expertise in public speaking / public speaking is a talent?

There are adage says that Talent was 1%, 99% and the other is the Persistence Method / method.
We are all born into this world is crying for the first time, none of the infants had normal birth can
already speak. Only in the following months babies begin to release the sounds that make up a fragment
of the word. Every day the baby to hear word for word from the environment around the baby. That's
when the baby was actually learning to speak. If Kitan frustrating. But the impression I always can at
dozens of schools / organizations that I've ever noticed a baby / small child who asked her to talk about
their environment, tend to be slower to actually speak, so did sebaliknya.Dan for normal children, while
age above 2 years of his speaking ability, the better. This all illustrates that this method of learning
followed persistence will make each person can speak. Similarly, public speaking, if you know how, do I
want to practice diligently, would YOU WILL BE

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