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									School fee structure Hollandse School Limited year 2010 - 2011

Primary School Grade 1 – 8 (4 – 12 year old children)

School terms:
The school year (16 August 2010 – 24 June 2011) consists of three terms:
Term 1: 16 August 2010 – 17 December 2010
Term 2: 10 January 2011 – 1 April 2011
Term 3: 18 April 2011 – 24 June 2011

Registration fee: S$ 3,000.00 (excl. 7% GST) per child.
We will invoice this amount after HSL has confirmed receipt of registration form.

The school fee for 2010-2011 is S$ 16,600.00 (excl. 7% GST)
This is payable in three terms of S$ 5,534.00 (1st term), S$ 5,533.00 (2nd term),
S$ 5,533.00 (3rd term). The invoices for existing students will be sent out in the months
of June, November and March.
There will be a 30 days payment term stated in the invoice.

Start school during term:
If the child starts school before the half of the term, the whole term fee of
S$ 5,534.00 or S$ 5,533.00, is payable. Half term dates:
Term 1: 18 October 2010
Term 2: 21 February 2011
Term 3: 16 May 2011
If the child starts on or after the half term dates (as above), the fees will be
calculated pro rata until the end of the term at S$ 92.50 (excl. 7% GST) per actual
school day.

The fixed dates for notice of withdrawal from the school for this current school year
are set on 18 October 2010 for the second term, 21 February 2011 for the third term
and 16 May 2011 for the first term of school year 2011-2012. When the dates for
notice of withdrawal are missed, the HSL will claim the next school term fee.
This applies as well to withdrawal before the starting date of the student(s).

Pre-school Jip & Janneke:
Registration fee: S$ 500.00 per child. School fee per day: S$ 47.00 (excl. 7% GST).
Holidays are not charged. The invoices for the number of scheduled days will be sent
out at the beginning of each term. There will be a 4 weeks payment term stated in
the invoice. The term of notice for withdrawal form J&J is 4 weeks.
In case of withdrawal before the starting date, the first four weeks will be invoiced.

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