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Schlumberger Qhse Management System - PowerPoint

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Schlumberger Qhse Management System document sample

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									     Case Study:
Schlumberger’s Avance
      Dan Luciano
      Sogeti, USA
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I am a Manager with Sogeti USA. I have been with Sogeti for three years providing
consulting services to clients within the Oil and Gas industry.

I help lead Sogeti’s SharePoint focus. In this role, myself and others are
implementing SharePoint 2007 and 2010 solutions.

 Sogeti USA –
 Local touch, Global each – With over 40 years of experience and 20,000
 associates worldwide, Sogeti’s comprehensive portfolio of services allow us to
 help clients develop, implement, and manage practical IT solutions.

              Where to find me online:
              • Twitter - @danluciano
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              • LinkedIn -
Andy Peters
Schlumberger Product Champion

Vishy Narayanamurthy
Schlumberger IT Project Manager

Microsoft Global Energy Forum. 21st January, 2010.
IPM (Integrated Project Management)
The Project Management Arm of Schlumberger

                       IPM Total Wells Drilled: 3,304

                       2008 Operational Highlights
                       Total Wells Drilled: 755
                       Managed BOEPD: 95,000
                       Incremental BOE: 4.8 Million

                     More than
                     6,200 employees                           7 Regions
                     2,000 specialists

                     850 engineers
                     675 Geoscientists                         35 Projects

                     Our Expertise
                     Integrated Services                       > 200 Rigs
                     Rig Management
                     Well Construction
                     Well Intervention                         > 500 3rd Party Suppliers
                     Field Management & Production
IPM Business Objectives
Avance is to deliver an enterprise-level system for project management and collaboration
   All encompassing tool to help Project
    Managers run their projects
    –   One version of the truth!
   Enhance systems integration
    –   Bus. Dev.; QHSE; HR; Purchasing; Finance;
        Drilling etc.
   Reduce dependency on individuals to
    practice good project management
   Improve standardization
   Consistent implementation of policies,
    standards, processes and procedures
   Capture & share knowledge
    –   population is growing larger and younger.
Technology Solution
Solution Architecture

              SharePoint Server 2007

             IIS               .NET Framework 2.0   SQL Server 2005

                         Windows Server 2003
  Avance Components

                                                  Electronic Project
                  Scope                            Execution Plan
Communications                 Risk Analysis

                                                  Additional tools:
                                                   –   KPI’s
                 Quality                           –   Scorecards
                                                   –   Dashboards
                                                   –   HSE data
 Schedule                        Costs
                                                   –   Reporting tools
                                                   –   Document Management

                                   AFE Tool

Application Examples
Schedule Update
Quality Plan
Key driver for KPIs and Dashboards

                         From work…
                         To management…
                         To project management…
                         To performance management.
Supply Chain Dashboard – Actual vs. Planned
Supply Chain Dashboard – Actual vs. Planned
Supply Chain Dashboard – Average cost Heat chart

                          Supplier-9   Supplier-2





Business Results & Benefits

   One version of the truth – visible to all.
   Inter and intra project sharing visibility
    –   Lessons Learned and Best Practices
   Global roll-out of business initiatives
    –   Contract summaries
   Well status time reduced
    –   Hours to minutes
   Purchase Order reconciliation
    –   Days to minutes
   Material Receipt paperwork eliminated
    –   2000 / month on one project alone
   LiveMeeting Quarterly Project Reviews
    –   Presentation preparation & video conferencing challenges
Deployment Strategy

  Identify projects and ideal timeframe for deployment
  Identify key resources for each of the projects
  Create detailed pre-deployment checklist
  Nominate and train local champions
  Clearly identify local champions to project users
  Establish a bulletin board that users can post tips and tricks
  Archive all communication to the above bulletin board that
   users could refer to, for best practices and tips
  Establish clear goals for successful deployment – monthly
   scorecards based on user uptake
  Plan for regular follow-up visits to deployed projects
Change Management Process
  Agile development methodology
  Daily conference calls with offshore team & end-of-day status
   update emails for effective handoff
  Daily Scrum (onshore) for effective communication & visibility
  All scope, design and scrum documents available on a team
   (MOSS) site for the program
  SLAs in place to address High, Medium and Low priority
  All defects and enhancement requests captured in SWIFT
  Aim for 1 release per month
  Defects and enhancements prioritized using a PEG rating
  Product champion and ITPM finalize SWIFTs for each release
  Key is to factor in enough time for QA cycle before release and
  Begin QA cycle as early as possible
Avance delivers…
   An Integrated project management approach
     – Process integration – Bids, HR, Cost control, PM
     – Systems integration – Safety, Knowledge etc.
     – Data integration    – Project, Region, HQ

   Execution consistency
     – Implementation of standards & procedures
     – Embedded workflows & processes
     – Accelerated learning for new hires & PM staff

   Continuous improvement
     –   Access to historic project data
     –   Lessons learned
     –   Best practices
     –   Time and cost savings

Enhanced project management
- Visibility; Accountability; Profitability
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  – Dan Luciano
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