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					                                             Odyssey                                                    June 2011
                                                                                                   Inside This Issue
                        Sunday Services                                                                    Sunday Services     1

                                                   June 19 Spiritual Ancestors and
                                                                                                        From the President     2
June 5 Personal Piety and Community                Descendants
Charity                                               Today we consider what we value
                                                                                                         From the Minister     3
   Thomas G. Pettepiece in Visions of a            from the spiritual traditions of our
                                                   parents and grandparents and consider
World Hungry writes, ―A simpler life-style is
                                                   what of our spiritual tradition we hope       From Religious Exploration    4
not a panacea. It may be embarked upon for
                                                   our children and grandchildren will
the wrong reasons—out of guilt, as a
substitute for political action, or in quest for
                                                                                Rev. Snavely             Goodloe Activities    5
moral ‗purity.‘ But it can also be meaningful
and significant: -as an act of faith….-as an       June 26 Interbeing
act of self-defense…-as an act of solidarity…                                                          Goodloe Activities II   6
-as an act of celebration….‖                              The Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat
                                   Rev. Snavely    Hanh writes, "When we look into the
                                                   heart of a flower, we see clouds,                      Upcoming Events      7
June 12 Multigenerational Religious                sunshine, minerals, time, the earth,
Exploration Service                                and everything else in the cosmos in
                                                   it....It 'inter-is' with everything else in
    Nita Page Daves, RE Committee and Chair,       the universe... When we see the nature                 Around the Town      8
              Tisha Richardson, Director of RE     of interbeing, barriers between
                                                   ourselves and others are dissolved."
                                                                                                   Board Meeting Minutes       9

                                                                                                          Activity Calendar    10

                                                                                                            Staff Directory    11

                                Pledge Drive Successful—Finally
The original pledge drive ended at $73,000, a
significant shortfall from our target. So, we had to             Thanks to your generosity, we have reached our
revisit, ask people to dig a little deeper, and you              pledge target of $86,000.
did just that:
                                                                 We know that everyone is feeling the strain of
   We received $4,024 in new pledges.                           our country's economic crisis. We are extremely
   We received $7,240 in increased pledges.                     grateful to all of you for helping Goodloe
   We received $1,728 in response to the                        continue to serve you and your community.
    challenge grant.
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         From the Minister
Dear Members and Friends of Goodloe

       It is June, the month of Father‘s Day. I
am 51 years old, and my father still thinks he
should take care of me. If I go home the day he
has helped out at the produce auction I am sure        before. We have a $100,000 annual budget and
to drive home with some cabbage or carrots or          about 36 pledge units. If things were divided
something else to eat that he was given for his        evenly we would all be giving about $3000
work. I was well into my thirties before he            annually, but a good number of us can‘t do that.
stopped unloading part of my parents‘ freezer          A few families have been the Dads and Moms
into my car every time I went home. When I             providing for us all from their freezers.
switched from the United Methodist Church to
Unitarian Universalism my mother prayed for                  Many of our newer members have
the state of my soul, and my father asked me           stepped into leadership roles, but we still also
whether the Unitarian Universalist ministers           have depended and still depend on our moms
had a pension fund.                                                      and dads, those founders who
                                                                         are almost gone from us, and
        My father bought me                                              our oldest brothers and
my first car ($150 at the                                                sisters who aren‘t quite
auto auction in 1976). My                                                founding members but who
father, along with my                                                    have been here for many
brother and a former                                                     years, people like our
boyfriend, built the deck                                                outgoing and incoming
and the shed in back of my                                               presidents, Ken Shilling and
house. My father drove                                                   Steve Buckingham.
himself and my mother to
Maryland for my daughter‘s                                                        In this month of June,
adoption ceremony even                                                     the month of Father‘s Day
though it was a weekday                                                    and the last month of the
and she had been my                                                        2010-2011 congregational
daughter for five years by                                                 year let us say thank you to
the time she decided to be adopted. ( By               all those moms and dad and older brothers and
Maryland rules it was her choice to be adopted         sisters of Goodloe who keep us going and resolve
or not, because she was over eleven when she           that we will all also take on our fair share as we
came to live with me).                                 all grow into new
                                                       roles and new
        As Roger and Louisa Davidson move to           capabilities for the
Virginia, and Goodloe loses the last of our            support of
founding members, I am also thinking of our            ourselves and our
congregation‘s fathers and mothers. I have             congregation.
been the minister eight years, and this was the
first year that I realized a few families have
given large amounts to our budget each year to         Blessed Be,
keep us going. I should have realized this             Cyn
         J U NE 2 0 1 1                        ODYSSEY                                           PAGE 3

From the President

    Mystic Journeys                unable to reach
                                   agreement. Time
―Affirming your spiritual          passed. Then Dick and
journey, transforming our          Barbara discovered our
community.‖                        connection to Don Speed Smith
                                   Goodloe, and we changed our
I have watched many                name. Now, our congregation        do and I will remain actively
generations of teens grow-up in    is getting a whole chapter in a    involved.
our congregation. I have           book on how we changed our
watched many families come         name. (Our Awesome list is         We are Awesome.
and grow here. We are a            quite long.)
stream of living souls, dancing                                       Blessed Be.
through the years.                 We are a strong and vibrant
                                   community. New members are         Ken Shilling
I remember our first               actively involved with
―crisis‖. We were doing            Coffeehouse and Scrip
everything right and not           sales. We have more people
growing. We were frustrated        walking through our doors and
and ready to give up. We could     discovering that we are
have easily folded within those    here. We are providing people
first years. Yet, we looked into   a safe haven of religious           Sally Raymond is our new
each others‘ soul,                               freedom and that     maintenance manager for
and knew that we                                 is so precious.      general upkeep of our building.
were here for each                                                    Betsy Delaney is our scheduler
other. We grew                                  We are facing a       for use of building. Aaron
because visitors                                financial crisis      Rappaport is our Building
caught our sense                                during hard           Manager for rentals, set-up,
                                                economic              and keys for building
of community.
                                                times. We can         access. Cathy Weber is
                                   face the harsh realities as they   Treasurer who will pay our
We have not always resolved
                                   are. We are increasing our         bills. Thank you for
all ―crises‖ with dignity and
                                                                      volunteering. These volunteers
respect. Over the years, we        pledge as we are able, or
                                                                      replace Roger Davidson and
have had many lessons: how         buying more Giant scrip, or
                                                                      Hazel Elbert who served us
to divide up work so no one        contributing with other
                                                                      very capably for many years.
person is overburdened, how to     fundraisers. I can sense the
express appreciation to each       commitment that we will
other, how to involve new          succeed. We are here for each
                                                                            General Assembly
members at their own pace,         other and we each do what we
how to be more accepting of        can. We will succeed again.
our diversity. We keep                                                Tisha Richardson and teen
talking and working together.      I am very proud to have            Deanna Beebe will be the
                                   represented you as President       Goodloe Delegates to the UUA
There was the time we              of Goodloe. I look forward to      General Assembly held 22-27
valiantly tried to change our      working with Steve and the         June in North Carolina. Rev
name from Bowie UU                 new board. There is plenty to      Cyn will be attend GA as a
Fellowship, and we were                                               delegate using the internet.
PAGE 4                                                   ODYSSEY                                        J U NE 2 0 1 1

              From the Religious Exploration Program
                        This month's Religious Exploration (RE) column is brought to you by
                            the young explorers (i.e. children) of Goodloe's RE program.

              Illustration 1: We Appreciate Earth's Lifeboat: Observing Nature Like Beatrice Potter.
~~~~ OUR FRIENDS ~~~~

                                                                        Celery Surprise
                                                                     A Recipe by Daniel S. Richardson

                                                               Salad dressing

                                                                  1. Get celery.
                                                                  2. Wash celery.
                                                                  3. Get baby carrots.
                                                                  4. Wash baby carrots.
                                                                  5. Cut baby carrots into small circles.
                                                                  6. Line celery stick with thin line of
                                                                      salad dressing of your choice.
                                                                  7. Place carrots rounds into the salad
                                                                      dressing on the celery stick.
        J U NE 2 0 1 1                           ODYSSEY                                          PAGE 5

                             Goodloe Activities
                         Goodloe Readers, Thursday, June 16 7:30pm
          The Death of Josseline: Immigration Stories from the Arizona-Mexico Borderlands
                                       by Margaret Regan

Regan, a Tucson journalist, has compiled a            deaths in the Arizona desert between 2001 and
compelling chronicle of the flow of migrants          2009, Regan interviews the Border Patrol,
from northern Mexico into the ―Tucson Sector‖         vigilantes, members of the human rights group
of Arizona, distilling the many facets of this        No More Deaths, and Tohono O‘odham tribal
phenomenon into an enlightening account. She          members, on whose land 83 bodies were found
focuses on one border crosser, 14-year-old            in 2007 alone. She also speaks with migrants,
Josseline Hernandez, who in January 2008, left        many of whom have tried multiple times to cross
with her younger brother in a group heading           Arizona‘s ―killing field,‖ created when
eventually to Los Angeles, where their mother         restrictions tightened around such border cities
was waiting. Ill from prolonged exposure,             as El Paso. Regan doesn‘t offer any solutions,
Josseline was left in the desert to die by her        but her brutally honest depiction should be read
well-paid guide, or coyote. In exploring that         by those who will.
death, and the nearly 1,600 other migrant
                                                                    Editorial review by Deborah Donovan

         PFLAG Friday June 17 7pm
 Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays meets
 the third Friday of the month to provide fellowship
 and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual,
 transgender, and questioning individuals, and
 their family and friends.
 Everyone is welcome. Support groups are led by
 trained facilitators. Confidentiality is maintained.

    Parent Effectiveness Training                                     Spiral Scouts
           Support Group                                   Spiral Scouts meets on the first
This group meets the third Sunday of each                  Thursday of the month at 6:30pm in the
month after the service to provide information             RE room. Any family interested in
and mutual support for anyone who faces the                learning more about Spiral Scouts,
daily challenges (and rewards) of parenting.               please contact Misty Cole
Child care is provided.                                    (
PAGE 6                                             ODYSSEY                                              J U NE 2 0 1 1

                             Goodloe Activities II
    Goodloe Coffee House                         Saturday, June 25 7:30 -10:00pm
Open Mic - Share Your Talents                                Performers:
      Invite your Friends                                    Please arrive 15 min before the show to sign up
             Enjoy the Show                                  for a place on the schedule
Good Conversation over Tea or Coffee                         If you know in advance that you want to perform,
      Bring Snacks to Share                                  respond to this email and provide the following
Have an Enjoyable Relaxing Evening
                                                             Name of the act if applicable
                                                             Name(s) of the performers
Donation:      $5 audience           $1 performers           Type of performance
                                                             Time needed (up to a maximum of 10 min)
Volunteers are needed to help with setup and cleanup.        Initial performance has a time limit of 10 min to
Please contact Kevin Smith if you have questions.            allow all acts a chance to perform. If there is ad-
(                                           ditional time after all the acts are finished, we
                                                             will start second performances.

         Fundraising                                         Giant Scrip Sales (April)                 $184

Purchase Giant Scrip, then use it                            Amazon Associates (April)                  $21
like a gift card at the check-out
line. Without any more money                                 Yard Sale (May)                           $826

expenditure for you, Goodloe
makes 5% to 10% each time you shop!

Also, each time you shop at, simply start at Goodloe‘s link labeled ―Price, Selec-
tion, Convenience,‖ and Goodloe will receive a payment for every purchase you make, again,
at no additional cost to you. Next time you shop, keep in mind these simple & painless ways
to help Goodloe!

         Last Social Justice Video & Discussion of the Season
The Second Friday Social Justice Film and                ―Issue Religious organizations throughout the
Discussion will be on summer break till                  world have discussed the production,
September. In May we watched a film about a              distribution, and use of food. Some people
small farmer who ended up turning his farm               enjoy many food choices while others remain
into a CSA. For anyone interested in becoming            hungry. The food industry produces wealth,
part of Community Supported Agriculture in               but small farmers and farm workers are often
Maryland, a list of CSAs in our state is here            poor. Food production and transportation                     contribute to many environmental problems.‖
category_info.cfm?categoryid=46 Ethical Eating           See more of the text of ―Ethical Eating: Food
is one of the current study action issues of the         and Environmental Justice,‖ 2008–2012
Unitarian Universalist Association The study   
action begins with this statement of the issue:          washingtonoffice/ethicaleating/csai_text.pdf
        J U NE 2 0 1 1                          ODYSSEY                                          PAGE 7

                             Upcoming Events
                 Unitarian Universalist Association's
                     50th Anniversary, 1961-2011

An Invitation to Remember, Reflect and Aspire
June 22-26, 2011. General Assembly (GA) 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina, will mark the
50th anniversary of the merger of the American Unitarian Association and the Universalist
Church of America. You can learn more about our celebration from the UU World. You are
invited to remember the persons and events that brought into being the Unitarian
Universalist Association (UUA) in May 1961, to reflect on our denomination‘s relevant
achievements and struggles since then, and to chart new aspirations for the future we are
determined to shape.

Please consider visiting the website to explore various several ways that you can get involved
with our 50th Anniversary celebrations:

Also, here is the page to learn more about the General

Sharing the Journey Toward Wholeness: JTW Retreat

June 3-5, 2011                    This event is offered free of
West Chester, PA                  cost.                                  Welcoming the Stranger:
The annual JTW                                                           The Role of Faith in the
                                  For more information, please            Immigrant Experience
Retreat provides an opportunity   visit the website at:
for people from District                                                 Wednesday, June 22
congregations to gather 
                                  m/register/event?llr=f8rafhcab&oei     7:45pm-9:00pm
together for a weekend of
training and coalition building   dk=a07e3qjje0k34820ada                 Masjid Muhammad Mosque
with the goal that those who                                             1519 4th St., NW.
attend will return to their                                              Washington, DC
congregations inspired and with   Please be aware that space is          Interfaith Conference of
goals for leading this work for   limited for overnight guests.          Metropolitan Washington is
anti-racism and multicultural     It is first come, first served.        sponsoring this free program.
PAGE 8                                         ODYSSEY                                                      J U NE 2 0 1 1

                                   Around the Town
                         UU Presence at DC Pride Events

                     Saturday, June 11                                          Sunday, June 12
                    Capital Pride Parade                                        DC Pride Festival
                       5:30 – 8:30 pm                                           11 am to 6 pm
The parade will start at            Contingent Coordinator:
22nd and P Streets and go           Ray Sidney Smith of                         This event takes place on
through Dupont Circle,              UUCArlington has                            Pennsylvania Ave starting
Logan Circle, 17th Street           volunteered to coordinate                   at 7th Street and heading
and end up at 14th and N            our Contingent – I                          towards the Capitol. Over
Streets.                            guarantee he's great with                   200,000 are expected for the
                                    reminders! Please give him                  festivities! There will be
What to wear: Yellow                name and contact info for                   entertainment, music, food,
Standing on the Side of Love        the Parade organizer for                    drinks, education and lots of
t-shirts or Congregation t-         your congregation, and let                  celebration! A donation of $5
shirts (for example, Cedar          him know what sign(s) you                   is encouraged, but there is
Lane has their own t-shirts).       will bring. His email is                    no fee for entry. Area UU
Each congregation should                        churches will have a booth,
decide how to represent                                                         and are looking for
themselves. SSL t-shirts            Anyone who wishes to                        volunteers to help out with
are available at                    represent Goodloe at this                   it. The booth coordinator is    event, please contact Ken                   Suzanne Bach who will
                                    Shilling at                                 schedule the volunteers. You
What to carry: We will                              can contact her at
carry the "Unitarian                                                   to
Universalists" banner                                                           volunteer.
(UUCArlington has this) at
the front of our

contingent, and one of the
big "Standing on the Side of
Love' banners. Individual
congregations are
encouraged to carry a
congregation banner.                               Image reproduced as per the terms listed at

         "The white light streams down to be broken up by those human prisms into all
         the colors of the rainbow. Take your own color in the pattern and be just that."
                                                                                                Charles R. Brown
        J U NE 2 0 1 1                                      ODYSSEY                                                            PAGE 9

        Board Meeting Minutes
      May 19, 2011

Cyn Snavely, Ken Shilling,                   Action Item: Roger - Will
                                                                                          New Budget Items -
Matthew Tucker, Kevin                        go over regular
                                                                                          Social Justice as been
Smith, Jackie Lord, Roger                    maintenance items with
                                                                                          added under the Income
Davidson                                     Sally.                                       category.

Meeting was called to order                  Annual Meeting - the
                                                                                          Ushers - Joe Puccio,
at 7:05pm                                    agenda was finalized.
                                                                                          Besty Delaney, Kris
                                                                                          Peerman and Matt Tucker
Reading by Rev. Cyn                          Choir Director - Brian
                                                                                          have been volunteered.
                                             Frye has been interviewed
                                                                                          Kevin is developing
Minutes from March                           for the position. A decision
                                                                                          training and a manual.
meeting were approved as                     will be made after June‘s
read.                                        Board Meeting and
                                                                                          2011/2012 Budget -
                                             approval of the budget.
                                                                                          possible budget cuts and
Leadership/Nominations                                                                    the possibility of funding
 Steve Cunningham -
                                             Goodloe Survey
                                                                                          from outside sources were
  President                                  Results - only 11 out of
                                                                                          discussed. These will be
 Art Panke -
                                             66 have been returned.
                                                                                          discussed during the
  Vice President                             They are still being
                                                                                          Annual Meeting.
 Barbara Puccio -
  Treasurer                                                                               Staff Evaluation Forms
 Dan Delaney - Trustee
                                             Goodloe Celebration -
                                                                                          - Board members are to
                                             Denny Davidoff have been
                                                                                          complete and return their
Action Item: Ken -                           approached to be keynote
                                                                                          forms to Ken.
Signatory authority will be                  speaker. Rev Cyn will
updated for the new Board                    contact her and work out
                                                                                          Meeting was adjourned at
members with the bank.                       the details.

        "Faith is a commitment to live as if certain things are true, and thereby help to make them so. Faith is a
     commitment to live as if life is a wondrous mystery, as if life is good, as if love is divine, as if we are responsible
     for the well-being of those around us.... Faith is a leap of the moral imagination that connects the world as it is
                               to the world as it might become.”              Galen Guengrich
                                                                                                                                      PAGE 10

                                   June 2011
Sun                          Mon   Tue                      Wed                   Thu                  Fri          Sat
                                                            1                     2                    3            4
                                                            7:00 Choir Practice   6:30 Spiral Scouts

5                            6     7                        8                     9                    10           11
10:30 Worship/RE                   7:00 Board of Trustees   7:00 Choir Practice
                                   7:15 Bowie Springs

12                           13    14                       15                    16                   17           18
10:30 Multigen RE Svc              7:15 Spanish Group       7:00 Choir Practice   7:30 Goodloe         7:00 PFLAG

11:30 Potluck

19                           20    21                       22                    23                   24           25
10:30 Worship Service              7:15 Bowie Springs       7:00 Choir Practice                                     7:30 Open Mic
11:40 Parent Effectiveness              Meditation                                                                      Coffeehouse

26                           27    28                       29                    30
10:30 Worship Service              7:15 Spanish Group       7:00 Choir Practice
12pm Chinese Buffet
                                                                                                                                      J U NE 2 0 1 1
         J U NE 2 0 1 1                   ODYSSEY                                               PAGE 11

  Goodloe Memorial Unitarian                               Notice: Lorraine Webb,
   Universalist Congregation                                 Maryland Notary
Minister: Rev. Cynthia Snavely                  Lorraine Webb, a certified Maryland Notary,
   240-475-2111 (cell)                          offers her services, free of charge, to Goodloe
Minister Emeritus: Rev. John Gaffney            Memorial members and friends. If you would
Director of Religious Exploration:              like to utilize her notary services, contact her:
   Tisha Richardson                             (301) 218-1516 or
Music Director: Dick Wobus
   301-249-1703                                           Please Buy Giant Scrip
                                                    Use scrip as cash at Giant Food Stores.
Board of Trustees:                               Goodloe makes 5% to 10% each time you shop.
President:                                             Contact Jill York 301-262-1495 or
   Ken Shilling: 301-801-8803                          Diane Rappaport 301-249-0890.
Vice President:                                  There is no additional cost to purchase
   Matthew Tucker: 410-299-4898                 Giant Scrip. Use the scrip like a gift card at
Financial Officer:                                          the check-out line.
   Roger Davidson 410-451-9805
   Kevin Smith: 410-258-0928
Trustees:                                             Deadline for Next Odyssey:
   Jackie Lord 301-249-7713
   Jill York: 301-262-1495                                     July 15th, 2011
   Rev Cyn Snavely: 240-475-2111 (cell)
                                                     Please email submissions to
Committee Chairs:                             
       Karen Scrivo
   Building & Facilities:
       Roger Davidson
                                              If you have changed your address, phone, or email,
                                              please let us know at
                                              or contact Jackie Lord (301) 249‑7713 or
                                              Nancy Choice (301) 805‑5345.
       George Schulman
   Religious Education:
       Nita Page Daves
       Nita Page Daves, Lorraine Webb,                    Goodloe Memorial Unitarian
       Louisa Davidson, Jill York                    Universalist Congregation is named for
   Goodloe Green Sanctuary:                          Don Speed Smith Goodloe, first principal of
       Vacant                                       Maryland Normal and Industrial School, Bowie
Coffee House Chair
       Kevin Smith: 410-258-0928
Goodloe Readers:
       Laird Towle: 301-464-1159
Kiva Investing:
       Laird Towle
       Angela Peerman: 301-249-2680
Goodloe Memorial Unitarian Universalist Congregation
          1540C Pointer Ridge Place
          Bowie, MD 20716
          301 218-5277

          Reverend Cynthia Snavely
          Service and Religious Education 10:30 am Sundays