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					                               OXNARD COLLEGE
                    CURRICULUM COMMITTEE
           May 7, 2003, 2 P.M., VERIZON CONFERENCE ROOM

Present: M. Bowen, I. Edwards, C. Eustice, R. Fontes, S. Hall, C. Guerrero, E. Lynch,
J. McArthur, J. Merrill, M. Parker, J. Ramirez, V. Simmen

Non-Voting Members: D. Cabral, M. Jones R. Sanchez, C. Shearer, M. Zavala

Absent: M. Corral, R. Enriquez, M. E. Kazmark, E. Lynch, B. Shilley, T. Stough,
J. White

Guests: Marie Butler, Linda Chaparro, Betty Hough

Proxy: Mary Jones for Tom Stough and Dennis Cabral for Steve Hall

Minutes recorded based on the adopted agenda.

Co-chair Jim Merrill called the meeting to order at 2:07 p.m. Co-chair Ramiro Sanchez
introduced Betty Hough. Linda Porter is transferring to Moorpark College in July and
Betty will be the administrative assistant for the Student Learning Office. Committee
members were introduced and welcomed Betty to Oxnard College and the Curriculum

Adoption of the Agenda
Change: IC Distance Learning – Liberal Education IDS R150, IDS R151 to 5F
Add: 5E Curriculum Approval Process Flowchart

Motion/Seconded/Passed. Agenda adopted as amended.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the April 9, 2003, meeting were approved as amended. Page 2 – Note for
the record: Co-chair Ramiro Sanchez reported that the Board had pulled the curriculum
from the consent agenda at their April 8 meeting. There were questions on one of the
Moorpark College courses being presented.

Motion/Seconded/Passed. Minutes approved as amended.

Liberal Education – Social Science – PSY R108 - Prerequisite
Co-chair Jim Merrill explained that the Social Science Department is presenting for
consideration/approval of the committee to delete the prerequisite of PSY R101 from
PSY R108 Developmental Psychology. The Social Science Department is requesting the
approval of the deletion without the appropriate paperwork (revised course outline). The
department will submit a revised course outline in September.

Linda Chaparro presented the justification for the deletion of the prerequisite. The
department is requesting to delete the prerequisite as a result of departmental review and
to conform with Liberal Studies requirements at CSUCI. Discussion followed with the
                    CURRICULUM COMMITTEE
                                     May 7, 2003

following action. It was noted that the deletion of the prerequisite does not require DCSL
or Board approval.

Approved for First and Second Reading:
Motion/Seconded/Approved: Approved deletion of prerequisite for PSY R108
Developmental Psychology with the understanding that the Social Science
Department would submit a revised course outline to the Curriculum Committee at
their September meeting. 7-2-1

Meeting Calendar 2003-2004
Motion/Seconded/Approved: Curriculum Committee Meeting Calendar for 2003-2004.

Articulation Report
Carmen Guerrero, Articulation Officer, reported the following:
 Still in the process of updating/correcting the 2003-2004 catalog. Members to forward
   any corrections to her.
 Explained the articulation procedures and schedule in relation to ASSIST, IGETC,
   TAG and CSU GE Certification. Carmen will prepare an articulation schedule for
   distribution to the committee. The information could be included in the curriculum
   handbook and the curriculum website.
 Preparing an articulation end-of-the-year report for Ramiro Sanchez.

Co-chair Jim Merrill inquired on the funding for the Curriculum Institute this summer.
There are no funds in the 2002-03 CAN allocation to pay for representatives to attend the
Institute in July 10-12. However, if funds are received for 2003-04, Ross Fontes and
Betty Hough will attend.

DCSL Report
Co-chair Jim Merrill provided the following information on the April 24 DCSL meeting.
 The DCSL Curriculum Subcommittee had questions and suggestions on the IDS and
   MUSIC courses presented. Co-Chair Jim Merrill discussed with the appropriate
   faculty and the courses are on the Board agenda for First Reading Approval at the
   May 13 meeting.
 International Baccalaureate Exams and CLEP - Co-chair Jim Merrill submitted the
   IB and CLEP Proposal as amended by the OC Curriculum Committee at the April 9
   meeting. There is still discussion on the proposal on the process for CLEP and the
   approval by department for credit for the exam. At issue is whether practice would
   have to be uniform district-wide. Moorpark and Oxnard College are not ready to go
   forward with the proposal at this time. There will be more discussion at DCSL next
   academic year.
 Guidelines for Additional Degrees - DCSL is still discussing. Susan Brent had
   developed a draft VCCCD Foreign Transcript Evaluation Information sheet for
   students. It explained the process and provided a list of credential evaluation
   services. A copy was distributed to the committee as an information item.
                    CURRICULUM COMMITTEE
                                     May 7, 2003

 Handbook on Student Elections - DCSL reviewed a copy of the revised Student
  Elections Handbook and recommended for first reading approval by the Board.
 Dean's List - DCSL does not feel that the Dean's List is an issue, no changes to the
  current policy at this time.
 Memorandum of Understanding – Non-Substantive Revisions to Programs –
  Associate Degrees and Certificates of Achievement               - DCSL approved a
  memorandum of understanding for non-substantive revisions to programs and
  Associate Degrees and Certificates of Achievement.
 Change in Requirements for Math and English Degree - An information item for
  DCSL. Mary Jones provided an overview on the discussion of this topic at the recent
  State Academic Senate meeting. The issue of raising graduation requirements will be
  studied by the State Academic Senate.
 Online Catalog/Course Offering - The online catalog has been a topic of discussion
  this past year. The procedure for offering a course after the Board has approved it
  was discussed after the DCSL meeting with Dr. Ruth Hemming and Carmen Guerrero
  regarding the practice at Moorpark College. Monica Zavala reported that the District
  IT Department has the file for the catalog, but it has not been posted. There has been
  discussion on the responsibility of updating of the catalog when it is posted online
  and the catalog the student will use to graduate, if the catalog is being updated as the
  courses are approved. The committee reviewed its earlier determination to offer
  courses once they are Board approved and electronically and otherwise published.
 Two-Year Catalog - Moorpark College will change to a two-year catalog with an
  addendum. Co-chair Jim Merrill asked the committee if they would support a two-
  year catalog. It was noted that the Financial Resources Committee and the Planning
  and Consultation Council would need to discuss this item.

Distance Learning Appendix
At the April 9 meeting there was a consensus to establish a subcommittee with the task of
redesigning the OC distance learning appendix. Scott Corbett, Carole Eustice, and
Evangeline Wilkes were identified to serve on the subcommittee. Co-chair Jim Merrill
reported that Scott, Carole and Evangeline have agreed to serve on the subcommittee and
they are in the process of scheduling a meeting to begin redesign of the distance learning
appendix form. They will provide a report next fall.

Review – OC Philosophy, Mission Statement, Goals
Co-chair Jim Merrill reported that at the last Planning and Consultation Council (PCC)
meeting, the Council members discussed establishing a subcommittee to review and
propose updates to the OC Philosophy, Mission Statement and Goals. The Curriculum
Committee members were asked to send their revisions to the philosophy, mission
statement and goals directly to the Academic Senate.

Course Outline Approval Process Flowchart
A draft OC Course Approval Process Flowchart was distributed for review and
comments. Co-chair Jim Merrill explained the flowchart basically details the existing

                     CURRICULUM COMMITTEE
                                      May 7, 2003

course outline approval process. When the flowchart is finalized it will be included in the
Curriculum Handbook and the Faculty Handbook.

Cheryl Shearer indicated the flowchart did not include the submission process for the
course outlines. Michael Bowen has established an email address for submittal of the
course outlines for technical and articulation review/approval. Dennis Cabral suggested
adding Articulation at the end of the process. Also, the chart should show the need for a
final electronic copy on file in the division and the Student Learning offices.

Carmen Guerrero and Michael Bowen expressed a need for the course outlines to be in a
PDF format. A process will be developed to have the course outlines in the PDF format.

Co-chair Jim Merrill reported that Michael Bowen has received release time for 2003-04
to serve as the Academic Senate web site manager to support curriculum and the
Academic Senate. Post Meeting note for clarification: Michael Bowen has received
release time for Fall 2003.

Liberal Education – Distance Learning – IDS R150, IDS R151
The courses were approved for distance learning at the April 9 meeting. The committee
had asked for detailed information on the distance learning method of instruction for the
courses. Copies of the Distance Learning Appendix for each course were distributed.
Marie Butler was present to respond to any questions related to the distance learning for
IDS R150, Empowerment Skills for Family Workers I, and IDS R151, Empowerment
Skills for Family Workers II, courses. There were no questions related to the distance
learning for the courses.

Good of the Order
Membership for 2003-2004
The following members will return as representatives to the committee for their
respective departments next year. Articulation-Carmen Guerrero; Vern Simmen-Letters;
Michael Bowen-Science; Carole Eustice-Business; Judy McArthur-EAC; Ross Fontes-
EOPS/Health Services; Mary Jones-President, Academic Senate; Maria Parker-Math; and
Jim Merrill-co-chair. Other representatives will be identified in August or September.

Information Competency Graduation Requirement
Michael Bowen inquired about the Information Competency graduation requirement and
how the college would implement. It was noted that the Information Competency
graduation requirement had not been mandated by the state and when implemented it
would be a district-wide policy.

Dr. Cabral suggested that one approach to the Information Competency graduation
requirement would be to include student learning outcomes as a part of the development
of the curriculum and to build in Information Competency.

                     CURRICULUM COMMITTEE
                                 May 7, 2003

Technology Platform
Carole Eustice inquired if the Technology Committee had addressed the technology
platform issue that had been discussed at a previous meeting. Michael Bowen will
follow-up on this inquiry

Thank You
Linda Porter expressed her appreciation to the members of the committee for their
support in her duties as the recorder for the curriculum process.

The meeting adjourned at 4:37 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday,
September 10, 2003, 2 p.m., in the Verizon Conference Room.

currminutes 5-7-03


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