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                Remodeling Tips: Some Things to Consider. . .
                                              Let’s Talk Toilets
 Delivering the Ultimate in Appliances & Decorative Plumbing
                               “How-To” Series: Adopt Green
                                    A New Look for the Home

        Miele has a long history of environmental leadership and is totally committed to using raw
        materials, energy, water and other natural resources sparingly. Intelligent Water Intake
        sensors on the W 3000 uphold Miele’s century long, global pledge to use only as much
        water as necessary and not a single drop more. These high standards allowed Miele to
        become the first appliance manufacturer in the world to gain certification to the stringent
        International Environment Standard DIN EN ISO14001 and every Miele washing machine
        qualifies for the Energy Star® Program.


                                                                               5   Portfolio Presents
                                                                               7   Remodeling Tips: Some Things to Consider. . .
                                                                              9    Let’s Talk Toilets
                                                                              10   Delivering the Ultimate in Appliances &
                                                                                   Decorative Plumbing
                                                                              13   “How-To” Series: Adopt Green
                                                                              17   A New Look for the Home


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                                            Branch Manager

                                           DINA HARVEY
                                        Marketing Manager

                                       DONALYN HELLAR
                                       Marketing Manager

                                        DEANNA MULLEN
                                        Marketing Manager
                                            916.515.2426                                 THERMADOR      VIKING

                                         CHERYL KOTEITA                                        DACOR    ST. THOMAS
                                           Showroom Sales

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                                                                                                                       PORTFOLIO 3
              The Epicure Collection by Dacor features a full line of innovative kitchen appliances
              in a commercial-inspired stainless steel finish, each one handcrafted with exquisite
              design and precision performance details that enhance life in the kitchen and
              ultimately improve the quality of the life in the home.




                              VIKING WINE SYSTEM   U-LINE ICE MAKER

                            P RESENTS                                             PORTFOLIO 5
Families want appliances with modern conveniences to
create quality meals. They seek a look that is aesthetically
pleasing and they desire a place that the entire family can
come together and share their lives.

This is why GE is introducing the Café™ series. These
appliances offer the look and feel of a modern restaurant
kitchen, combined with the latest cooking advantages
available to top chefs.

The Café kitchen . . . the perfect place for preparing a
fabulous meal or just relaxing with friends and family.

Remodeling Tips:                                                                                                             by DEANNA MULLEN
                                                                                                                                    Marketing Manager

Some Things to Consider…
          emodeling can be a very daunting task, however many people

R         are choosing to convert an existing space into the room of their
          dreams. Whether you have remodeled before or are beginning a
new endeavor, there are many situations that need careful consideration.
Why not start with the most used room in the home, the kitchen!
   As you begin your remodel, it is beneficial to start with a drawing or
plan of the future layout of the space. It is crucial to remember to research
the styles and types of materials that will make the space your own. Visit
showrooms, read magazines and utilize the internet to get the necessary
information. Make a list of the changes you wish to make and begin to
draw up a realistic budget. The more research you do, the more timely the
project, the fewer problems you will encounter and the closer you will           KITCHENAID
stay to your budget.

                                                                                • The floor plan and style of your new kitchen must take into account the
                                                                                  surrounding rooms and the architecture of the home itself.
                                                                                • Structural elements should be heavily considered when tearing out
                                                                                  walls and changing the framework of your room, as these changes
                                                                                  become much more expensive.
                                                                                • Look for professionals with remodeling experience. Designers and con-
                                                                                  tractors that have dealt with remodeling will be more beneficial, as
                                                                                  they can anticipate potential problems or issues. Don’t forget to check
                                                                                  references, contractor's licenses and consider your initial feelings of
                                                                                  the contractors.
                                                                                • Research your return on investment. Make sure that the changes you
                                                                                  want to make not only make you more comfortable, but will add the
                                                                                  appropriate and expected value to your home.
                                                                                   The more research you do, the more your investment will pay off and
                                                                                the happier you will be in your dream kitchen. Start your kitchen remodel
                                                                                off on the right foot and you will have an enjoyable, exciting experience
                                                                                with outstanding results! ■

   Once you have established the plan and budget, it is time for action!
Shop for contractors and do your research on this aspect too. Utilize
kitchen designers and professionals with remodeling experience. Any
custom pieces, such as cabinetry, appliances, flooring, and countertops
should be measured for and ordered at the beginning of the project. This
will keep your timeline in check while you complete demolition and other
projects. Here are some other helpful tips as you begin your remodel.
• Set a spending limit and timeline. No matter what your budget, always
  plan for overspending. After you outline your budget, set up a payment
• Create an organizational system to keep your research in order.
• Consider performance over price in cabinetry and other materials.
  Choose things that will fit your lifestyle and your long-term needs.
• Electrical, mechanical and plumbing components may need updating
  to be brought into compliance with current building codes.

                                                                                                                                          PORTFOLIO 7
A truly avant-garde concept. Your door to a
healthy new lifestyle. The Salle de Spa™ is
a new type of residential space dedicated to
wellness and relaxation. It is your personal
sanctuary, designed according to your per-
sonality and to meet your needs and your
budget. It is the innovative way to combine
the various therapies offered by BainUltra™
to take full advantage of all their benefits.

Let’s Talk
toilets     by CHERYL KOTEITA Showroom Sales

                                             id you know that the first flush-
             ST. THOMAS
                                 D           able toilet came about in 1596,
                                             but wasn’t perfected until 1861
                                  by Thomas Crapper. He invented the pull-
                                  chain system for a powerful flush and an
                                  air tight seal between flushing and sup-
                                  plied venting up through the roof. He got
                                  rid of the smell, the diseases and the
                                  exploding gas. This all took place in
                                  Europe. America did not get the flushable
                                  “john” until after World War I when sol-
                                  diers came home bragging about the
                                  Crapper toilet.                                unit. The bidet seats come with self adjusting water temperatures and pres-
                                      We’ve certainly come a long way since      sures, front and/or rear wash – some are even equipped with dryers!
                                  then. Today’s toilets are sleeker, have            One of the areas that manufacturers of toilets have worked on and
                                  clean lines and even feature a skirted         improved over the years is the amount of water each flush uses. Did you
                                  base which lends to keeping things neat        know that toilets consume 27% of the water used inside our homes?
                                  and tidy around the toilet area. Want to       Today, most toilets flush at 1.6 gallons, however new toilets are down to
                                  add an accent color to the bathroom? If a      1.28 gallons – compared to 3 to 5 gallons as in years past – even toilets are
                                  white toilet is too drab for you, perhaps      going Green!
biscuit, black, red or green would work – just to name a few. Dual flushing          But how do you ever really know if the toilet is continuing to work prop-
toilets are also available – separate flushing for well… your different busi-    erly and utilizing the proper water level? One way to know is if your water
ness. Tired of the toilet seat slamming shut? Many manufacturers are now         bill seems higher - it might be that a toilet is
selling the slow or soft-close seats – sure makes the “hassle” of putting        leaking and it could be time for a toilet tune up:
down that toilet seat a little easier.                                           • Check the inlet waterline to the toilet and
   Although bidets are not new, bidet seats are increasing in popularity. The      make sure the hose and bolts have no
seats can sit atop most toilets, replacing the bulky porcelain units which         cracks
cost more, plus it saves space in the bathroom by not having a separate
                                                                                 • The Dye Test is quick and a great way to
                                                                                   discover leaks:
                                                                                    • Remove tank lid
                                                                                    • Check overflow tube – water should
                                                                                      not spill over the tube
                                                                                    • Flush and wait for tank to refill
                                                                                    • Drop a dye tablet in tank
                                                                                    • Wait 15 minutes
                                                                                    • If color seeps into the bowl, you have
                                                                                      leaks – time to call the plumber!
                                                                                    The toilet is not something that we tend to
                                                                                 think twice about – we just expect it to work
                                                                                 every time. But in reality, we are very fortu-
                                                                                 nate that the toilet was invented and works as
                                                                                 well as it does. Whether we hide it in a water
                                                                                 closet or place it in the center of the bath-
                                                                                 room, we should not take this great invention
                                                                                 for granted! ■                                        SUNRISE

                                                                                                                                              PORTFOLIO 9
          Delivering the Ultimate in

 Our Showrooms
    Visit any of the Standards of            why Standards of Excellence has been         Industry. We participate in many local
 Excellence Appliances & Decorative          the choice for builders, contractors,        home tours as well as host meetings to
 Plumbing showrooms and let us treat         interior designers and homeowners for        offer industry professionals opportuni-
 you to the most exceptional appliances      over 30 years.                               ties to learn about new products to keep
 and unique decorative plumbing fix-                                                      their businesses on the cutting edge.
 tures the industry has to offer. You can
                                             What We Can Do For You
 peruse full kitchen and bath vignettes,
                                                With many changes in technology,          Customer Care
                                             there are several new features and ben-         We are proud of the customer care
 each with their own distinctive style
                                             efits to appliances. Do you have ques-       and expertise we provide. Standards of
 and décor, guaranteed to spark your
                                             tions on the difference between con-         Excellence serves from start to finish.
 own design inspiration. Our appliance
                                             ventional ovens versus convection            From helping you with product infor-
 and plumbing experts guide homeown-
                                             ovens? Confused about use and care of        mation to order management, provid-
 ers and professionals through the myri-
                                             different metal finishes? Stop by any of     ing specifications to your contractor,
 ad of choices and help to determine
                                             the Standards of Excellence locations        setting up delivery and installation, our
 which combination of appliances and
                                             and our expert staff would be happy to       associates are here to assist you. Our
 decorative plumbing are best for their
                                             provide you with product knowledge to        expert staff is very familiar with the
 home projects. From exotic to practical,
                                             help you make an educated decision on        joys and challenges of remodeling and
 Standards of Excellence offers products
                                             which appliance or finish is right for you   new construction. We look forward to
 for every taste, design and budget.
                                             and your lifestyle. Many products are        working with you and your contractor
 Standards of Excellence offers the
                                             live in the showroom, so you can expe-       or designer to make your dream
 largest appliance and decorative
                                             rience first hand how these products         kitchen or bath project a success. For
 plumbing showrooms throughout
                                             work. Join us for Saturday cooking           more information about Standards of
 Southern California. If you demand the
                                             demonstrations and taste the finished        Excellence, visit our website at:
 absolute finest in service, selection and
                                             results of convection cooking.
 competitive prices, you need to visit                                          
                                             Manufacturer demonstration schedules
 Standards of Excellence. Come and see
                                             are posted on the Standards of
                                             Excellence website. Just click on the cal-
                                             endar for one of the six state-of-the-art
                                             showrooms you want to visit.
                                                Standards of Excellence is an active
                                             participant in the building and design
                                             community. We are members of the
                                             American Society of Interior Designers,
                                             Building Industry Association, National
                                             Kitchen and Bath Association and the
                                             National Association of the Remodeling

Appliances & Decorative Plumbing!

               Visit Standards Of Excellence showrooms
                         in Southern California

     El Cajon Showroom               Huntington Beach Showroom                 Murrieta Showroom
         1555 Fayette St.                  16001 Gothard Street                   41379 Date Street
       El Cajon, CA 92020              Huntington Beach, CA 92647                Murrieta, CA 92652
      Phone: 619.562.6200                  Phone: 714.848.2006                  Phone: 951.461.8622
        Fax: 619.562.0825                    Fax: 714.848.2416                    Fax 951.461.8086
Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM   Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM   Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Sat: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM              Sat: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM              Sat: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

 Rancho Mirage Showroom                  San Diego Showroom                  San Marcos Showroom
       70-190 Highway 111                    2620 Financial Ct.                  694 Rancheros Drive
    Rancho Mirage, CA 92270                 San Diego, CA 92117                 San Marcos, CA 92069
       Phone 760.328.0046                  Phone: 858.274.6004                  Phone: 760.761.3600
        Fax 760.328.3882                     Fax: 858.274.6029                    Fax: 760.761.4315
Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM   Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM   Hours: Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
                                         Sat: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM              Sat: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

                                                                                                 PORTFOLIO 11
               The TurboChef 30” Double Wall Speedcook Oven is a high per-
               formance gourmet oven designed for today's home chef.
               Unique in design and technology, the oven's style serves as a
               centerpiece in today’s kitchen. Imagine cooking a rack of
               lamb in 4 minutes or a Thanksgiving turkey in 42 minutes. It's
               possible with TurboChef.

                                                                                                 HOW-TO SERIES #3
Adopt Green
               by SHANE BAKER Branch Manager

         rotecting the environment and our limited natural resources is on

P        everyone’s mind these days, but do we really know what “Being
         Green” really means or even how or where to start? Many profes-
sionals agree “Being Green” in the home is much easier to achieve by
breaking down the various segments of energy efficiency criteria. These
include new construction, existing homes and buildings, and everyday
practices and habits.
    For new buildings, The USGBC (United States Green Building Council)
has recently developed a Green Building Rating System™ by imple-
menting The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).
This program “encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustain-
able green building and development practices through the creation
and implementation of universally understood and accepted tools and
performance criteria.”
    The USGBC says in the United States alone, buildings account for:
• 65% of electricity consumption                                              MIELE
• 36% of energy use
• 30% of greenhouse gas emissions                                            checklists to address any deficit that may conflict with current designs.
• 30% of raw materials use                                                   Many times these shortfalls are most apparent in the kitchen, more
• 30% of waste output (136 million tons annually)                            specifically kitchen appliances.
• 12% of potable water consumption.                                             The steps of progressively bringing green into your current kitchen
    Homeowners considering a remodel on an existing home very rarely         may not happen overnight, but taking small steps can make a difference.
have the luxury of implementing the rigorous requirements of a LEED cer-     One of these small steps is replacing older appliances with newer energy
tified building, and must start in smaller areas of environmental con-       efficient appliances. In October 1996 the US Environmental Protection
sciousness. The American Society of Interior Designers’ Foundation           Agency (EPA) in its ongoing effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
(ASID) has recently partnered with the USGBC to establish guidelines and     introduced its highly successful ENERGY STAR labeling program for appli-


                                                                                                                                      PORTFOLIO 13
                                                           ELECTROLUX        VIKING

ances; including refrigerators, dishwashers and room air conditioners.       substances) policy. Their products no longer contain substances such as
This program has had major successes in educating the consumer, saving       lead, mercury or cadmium, and in 1993 they were the first refrigeration
money and protecting the environment all at the same time. Many of           company to eliminate CFC’s altogether. A European manufacturer has
these units are so efficient that they can pay for themselves many times     implemented a manufacturing process that imprints “codes” based upon
over during the life of the product.                                         the composition of the materials used, thus allowing easier recycling
   The energy saved in many instances is only half the story. According to   efforts once the units are no longer viable for repair or refurbish. The insu-
data from the American Water Works Association, an automatic dishwash-       lation is manufactured in such a way that it also can be reused.
er will use only 4-12 gallons of water, while hand washing can use up to
30 gallons of water…saving you up to 24 gallons of water per load. If you    Easy ways to add some “Green” into your appliances
are like most households that average 7-8 loads per week that adds up        1. Consider upgrading your clothes washers and dryers to front load
almost 10,000 gallons of water per year! Less water also equates to less        machines. Many washers use 66% less energy and 60% less water
soap, allowing the environment to stay cleaner with less contaminates           than traditional top loaders and the dryers are much faster than pred-
deposited into our lakes and rivers.                                            ecessors.
   Going beyond dishwashers and clothes washers “Green” appliances           2. Purchasing a new dishwasher can benefit your household both in ener-
are not always easy to find. But today many manufactures have crossed           gy savings and quietness. You will save over 24 gallons/load!
over the line of energy efficient appliances to environmentally friendly.    3. Upgrading your refrigerator, the biggest energy hog in the home, will
One appliance manufacturer has just received the prestigious 2007               provide the most noticeable savings on your monthly energy bills. This
ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award and they have been the winner            is the best change for the environment.
of the Partner of the Year Award seven times since 1998. Another refriger-   4. Make sure that when disposing of your previous appliances, you are
ation manufacturer has gone one step further than simple energy                 environmentally friendly and use the correct haul-away services. ■
efficiency to implementing a first ever RoHS (restriction of hazardous

                                                                   ASKO      BOSCH

Sub-Zero and Wolf share one idea: In a dream kitchen, there's
no room for compromise. Start with built-in as well as fully inte-
grated refrigeration and wine storage from Sub-Zero. Next,
choose cooking precision with Wolf cooking instruments,
including dual convection ovens, cooktops, and new dual fuel
ranges. Then you'll see why great kitchens are built around Sub-
Zero and Wolf.



                                                  PORTFOLIO 15
THE UNITED STATES. Introducing Electrolux. A full line of premium appli-
ances that have been used in fine European homes and restaurants for
over 70 years. Each appliance is designed with ingenious features to help
you be even more amazing like:
Induction Hybrid Cooktop can boil water in 90 seconds.
Luxury-Glide™ Racks smoothly extend with the touch of a finger.
Wave-Touch™ Control Panel keeps controls hidden until you need them.

                                                                               A New Look
                                                                               for the Home
                                                                                          by DONALYN HELLAR Marketing Manager


                                                                               ate a sense of peace and clean lines in that must have garage space.
                                                                                  Depending upon taste and budget, the wine room could include an
                                                                               under counter wine captain or tall unit with the capacity to hold anywhere
                                                                               from 46 to 132 bottles.
                                                                                  Some home offices would be better equipped with an undercounter
                                                                               refrigerator or even a built-in coffee maker. A quick snack and beverage
                                                                               at your fingertips would save travel time to the kitchen and get you right
                                                                               back at it.
           nce a homeowner, the desire to improve your home burns deep.           A little home improvement goes a long way. So enjoy the small project

O          Each year you determine which projects will get done in an
           effort to perfect your surroundings, and potentially increase the
home value. At least one project is chosen; which leads to two or three
                                                                               you’ll be taking on this year, you and your home are worth it! ■

more but, no matter what the economic outlook, each calendar year a lit-
tle home improvement is inevitable. Perhaps the grandest idea (a large
addition) is put on the back burner, but one wouldn’t pass on doing “a lit-
tle something” that will enhance the home.
   Consider a laundry room, landscaping, the garage or converting a
small closet into a wine cellar, whichever your focus there are appliances
that meet the needs of these smaller home improvements.
   It’s the right time to consider upgrading the laundry room with new,
energy and water efficient laundry machines. Washers and dryers have
become extremely “eco-friendly” not to mention smart. The amount of
dirt on the clothes is identified, which leads to the machine regulating
how much water and soap is really needed. Spin speeds are much faster,
cutting drying times in half. The new washers and dryers save you pre-
cious time, money and resources.
   Landscaping is not complete without the quintessential outdoor
kitchen. A grill is a must piece of equipment when planning the outdoor
area. Today there are many unique bar-b-queue options for the grilling
   Another project hovering might be the messy garage. Help is here and
easy assembly will get your garage more organized than Martha Stewart’s
kitchen cabinets. Take into consideration cabinet storage to hide chil-
dren’s toys, hooks to hang those pesky gardening tools, and shelves to
organize your shoes and other messes. Giving everything a place will cre-

                                                                                                                                        PORTFOLIO 17
               A Thermador kitchen is the epitome of American luxury.
               With over seven decades of ingenuity in designing state-
               of-the-art appliances, Thermador has combined leading
               cooking technologies with bold visual statements to
               bring the professional cooking experience into your
               home. Their full line of appliances has been newly
               designed to ignite your inspiration. Whether a dedicated
               chef or a connoisseur of the art of cooking, you’ll find
               owning a Thermador kitchen is the ultimate expression
               of personal style, good taste and an appreciation for the
               complete culinary experience.

For people passionate about their kitchens, the
Architect® Series II is a rare delight and the available
range options are no exception. Every detail has been
meticulously designed to enhance the experience of
being in the kitchen—whether cooking, entertaining
or just creating a space of style and comfort.

                                                           PORTFOLIO 19
As the premium manufacturer of indoor and outdoor kitchens,
Viking will give you the edge by providing more choices. With
one single name, you can have a complete kitchen in either a
commercial style with the Professional series or a contemporary
look with the Designer series. Associate your quality home with
a premium brand.


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