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                                                                                                V O LU M E 3 1 , I S S U E 3

  North Westdale News                                                                           MARCH 2009

                         P.O. Box 642522, Los Angeles, CA 90064
                                                                                                 SAVE THE DATE!
                                Inside This Issue!
 From the President (page 1)                   MVCC Event of the Month (page 3)                    Next Meeting:
 Composting Tips (page 1)                      Richland Avenue Elementary Update (page 3)
 NWNA Dining Club (page 2)                     Upcoming CERT Trainings (page 4)                      Monday,
 St. Andrews Happenings (page 2)               Block Captain Vacancies (page 4)
 Dues Reminder (page 2)                        Police Report (page 4)                                March 9

From the Desk of the President                                                                           7:00pm
                                                 and negative. We are always fighting for
                                                 your rights and the liberty of all our            St. Andrew’s
                                                 neighbors. As always, I want to encourage
                                                 you to join us at St. Andrews Church to let     Lutheran Church
                                                 your voice be heard about your concerns.         on Federal &
                                                 For instance at our last meeting a                  Clarkson
                                                 concerned neighbor informed us about the
                                                 Internet Café on National Boulevard
                                                 adjacent to the 405 Freeway. This café has
Dear friends and neighbors,
                                                 been a source of blight with respect to all-          Upcoming
         We are in the middle of the
NWNA term and I am pleased to report we
                                                 hours partying complete with underage                 Meetings:
                                                 alcohol and drug use as evidenced by the
are making good progress this year with
                                                 paraphernalia and garbage remnants in the              April 13
respect to our goals and neighborhood
improvement. We have strengthened our
                                                 parking lot. Items such as this will be a
                                                 hot item for the NWNA to eradicate with
                                                                                                        May 11
relationships with key civic offices and
have our finger on the pulse of proposed
                                                 the help of the LAPD and we will stay on                June 8
neighborhood developments both positive          CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

                                                                                                 Agenda For Mar 9
Waste Not, Want Not                                                                             1. Subcommittee
Turn Kitchen Scraps Into Something Great for Your Garden                                           Reports (Airport,
By: Lillia Singer, Bella Garden Design           composting pile? Cut up the scraps into 1         Crime,
          COMPOSTING your kitchen                inch pieces and bury                              Outreach,
                                                 them in your flower or
scraps is a win-win situation. This scenario
                                                 vegetable garden.
works well if you have a lot of kitchen
scraps. Choose a hidden area in your back        Cover well with 3-4                            2. New Business
                                                 inches of soil.
yard. Dig a hole 2 feet deep. Add kitchen
                                                 Interested in the indoor
                                                                                                3. Open Floor
scraps; more finely chopped kitchen scraps
decompose faster. Cover it with several          bin composting? Email
inches of soil or garden clippings – leaves      for the instructions
and some grass . Continue to add to the hole     (
until full, adding more garden refuse on the
top. Keep the pile moist. You may want to        COMPOST DO’S & DON’TS
turn it occasionally. And then wait 6            DO:
months for it to decompose.                      Fruit and vegetable scraps
          Want to compost your kitchen           Egg and nut shells
scraps but don’t have room or time for a         CONTINUED ON PAGE 3
NWNA Diners Heading Overland
Next Dining Club Meeting: Overland Cafe
         A very special thank you to         the block, so stop by for lunch or a snack
Mark and Elliot for keeping their lovely     after you do your marketing!
Mar Vista eatery, The Curious Palate                  So what’s on the menu? In
open late to feed the North Westdale         April, the dining club will take our taste
diners last month! And thank you also        buds to:
to Lorraine Wells for making the
arrangements for last month’s dinner.                    Monday, April 6
         Yours truly enjoyed her juicy                Overland Cafe
meatloaf burger immensely as well as                 3601 Overland Avenue
the homemade cookies, cheese and rich                 (south of Charnock)
hot chocolate. The homey atmosphere
was the perfect compliment to food           To RSVP or join the club mailing list,
made from local produce, including           email Lilia at
products from the nearby Mar Vista           Suggestions for future restaurants are
Farmer’s Market held on Sundays. The                                                       So many great choices! Cheeses, fine
                                             always welcome!                               chocolates and baked goods lined up and on
Curious Palate is conveniently just down                                                   display at the Curious Palate counter.

From the Desk of the                         Dues Reminder
President, cont.                             It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Dues In!
                                                       The NWNA would like to thank                   Your dues help make our
top of this until it is made right.          each and every one of you who paid            neighborhood a better place to live.
         Keep your eyes peeled for the       dues for this year. For those who have        They allow for this newsletter. They
Spring Fling event hosted by the St.         not yet- shame on you! This will be the       allow for a meeting room for us to
Andrews Church in May. Further               last reminder. Please, please, please         operate at St. Andrews Church. They
details will be forthcoming, but the more    send your dues payment to NWNA, P.O.          allow us to make donations to worthy
neighborhood involvement the better!         Box 642522, Los Angeles, CA, 90064.           local charitable causes such as a
So don’t be a stranger, come on out to                 Dues results: 180 of the            computer lab for Richland Elementary,
our meetings, get involved and let your      households have donated this year which       support of LAPD events, and Airport
voice be heard.                              is only 20% response rate. We should be       watchdog groups like C.R.A.A.P. We
                                             at least double that level. This is a small   subsist on a very tight budget and we all
         Respectfully yours,
                                             $10 minimum ask from the people who           work to fight for better roads, traffic

         Tony                                work year round for your rights and
                                             protecting our neighborhood.
                                                                                           improvements, urban forestry protection,
                                                                                           graffiti removal, and much more! Please
                                                                                           mail that check right now – no excuses!
         Tony Sanelli

                                           A Message from the MVCC:
                    Support the LAPD, Attend the Pacific Area Spring Carnival!
        12312 Culver Blvd,             Come to the Pacific Area
      Los Angeles, CA 90066            Spring Carnival and enjoy
                                           food, fun rides and
      March 20, 3pm-11pm                games! Contact Pacific
      March 21, 12pm-11pm                 Community Relations
      March 22, 12pm-11pm               Office at (310) 202-4524.
                                        Pre-sale tickets available
                                         ($15 for 24 ride tickets).
                                             Free Admission!
The School Report: News & Events at Richland Avenue Elementary
Donate to the Silent Auction, Volunteer in the Garden, There’s So Many Ways to Help!
         THANK YOU DISNEY                     path. Our garden is such a gem for our       been scheduled for Saturday, March 21!
     VOLUNTEARS FOR A                          school, we feel privileged to have such     Bring the kids for a fun day and support
      GREAT DAY IN THE                          a wonderful place for our students!        our local school. If you would like to
            GARDEN!                                                                        donate an item or service to the silent
Disney VoluntEARS and                                ATTENTION 6th GRADERS!                auction, please contact Kami Turrou at
Richland Avenue families                          Did you know Richland Avenue also or (310) 575-
gardened together for a day on                   has a 6th grade? Please call the school   0058.
February 21. Over 60 teachers, parents        to find out about our 6th grade
and students worked with Volunteers           class. Richland provides a safe, small                    REMINDER!
from Disney to build new planter boxes,       environment with a wonderful teacher          SCHOOL SUPPORT PROGRAMS
cut ivy, landscape the front of the school,   for our 6th graders.                         Don’t forget there are many everyday
mulch fruit trees and clean up the                                                         ways you can support our local school:
garden.                                                      LAST CALL                     • Turn in receipts for Westside
                                                   FOR KINDER ROUND UPS                       Pavilion purchases at the Customer
The garden gets better and better with        The last Kinder Round Up will take              Service Desk (2nd Floor) for the
each work day! Students are getting into      place later this month on:                      School Cents Program.
the garden to plant and grow vegetables,                                                   • Save Campbell’s Soup labels and
some of which are donated to the                       Thursday, March 19, 2009               General Mills Box Tops for
Westside Food Bank. A big thank you                                                           Education
goes to Connect L.A. for getting the          The Round Up is held at 9am in the           • Sign up your grocery store club
Disney VoluntEARS to our school and           library of Richland Avenue Elementary           cards or WAMU debit card (follow
to Whole Foods for donating lunch for         School. For more information, contact           procedures on their websites)
our volunteers.                               the school at (310) 473-0467.                • Volunteer for the Wonder of
                                                                                                         Reading program. Just
Our next big project for the garden is to          INTERNATIONAL                                         one hour a week can make
clean up and complete the path so all of       FESTIVAL AND SILENT                                       a huge difference for a
our students, including those who need                  AUCTION                                          child!Contact school
mobile assistance, can have safe access                 MARCH 21                                         librarian Susie Moreno at
to the garden. We are still working hard      Richland Avenue’s annual                                   (310) 473-0467 for more
to raise $3500 to be able to purchase the     spring event, the International                            information.
decomposed granite needed to cover the        Festival and Silent Auction has

Waste Not, Want Not,                                         St. Andrew’s Happenings
cont.                                                                     11555 National Boulevard
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1                                                      Los Angeles, CA 90064

Coffee grounds* and tea bags                                              Book Soup Nights
Leaves, bark and branches ½” diameter
or less                                                                     Wednesday, March 4
Grass and plant trimmings                                                   Wednesday, March 18
Wood chips and sawdust*
Wood ashes*                                   As the days lengthen and the nights get shorter, come to St. Andrew's to take
                                              some time for slowing down and enjoying community. On Wednesday March
DO NOT:                                       4th and Wednesday March 18th, the St. Andrew's community will gather for
Pet waste                                     simple soup suppers at 6:30 PM followed by Evening Prayer. At 7:30 PM on
All animal products – bones, meat,            these Wednesdays we will be discussing The Great Emergence: How
poultry, fat or oil                           Christianity is Changing and Why by author and historian Phyllis Tickle.
Dairy product                                 Please feel welcome to share in food, prayer and learning!
Crab or Bermuda grass
Diseased plants and weeds                     For more information, contact the St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church office at
                                              (310) 477-0257.
*Large amounts of these products can
alter the pH balance of your soil
    North Westdale Neighborhood Association                                   Thank you Bahaa Mikhail
        President                      Tony Sanelli                          New block captain for 2500 Granville
       Vice President                 Bahaa Mikhail
         Secretary                       Amy Levy
        Treasurer                      Lillia Singer
       Webmaster                      Andrew Parke
       Newsletter Editor              Victoria Sanelli                                 BLOCK CAPTAIN openings
  If you have questions or would like to volunteer and get
 more involved with the neighborhood association, contact
Tony Sanelli at (310) 694-0228 or              2600, 2800 Armacost               12100 Clarkson
                                                                         2700-2800 Burkshire               2400-2800 Stoner
 Have a story idea or event that might be of interest to the
      neighborhood? Please email Victoria Sanelli at                     2700-2800 Barrington              2400, 2600-2800 Granville
                                            2400 Bundy                        2700-2800 Coolidge

                                                                 Time commitment is just 15-30 minutes a month to make a difference to
                                                                  our neighborhood! If you, or someone you know, would make a good
 The North Westdale Neighborhood                                 block captain, please let us know! Call Tony Sanelli at (310) 694-0228 or
  Association (NWNA) serves the
   community bounded by the 405
 Freeway to the east, National Blvd
 to the south, Centinela Ave/Bundy
  Drive (Centinela north of Ocean
                                                                    Upcoming Community Emergency Response Team
  Park and Bundy south of Ocean                                                  (CERT) Trainings
  Park) to the west, and the Santa                                FREE course taught by the L.A. Fire Department.
    Monica Freeway to the north,                                  Learn to protect yourself, family and neighbors in an
 representing approximately 1,000                                 emergency situation. Get trained to put out small fires,
  homes. All residents, both home                                 assess injuries, provide basic aid, conduct search and
 owners and renters, are members.                                 rescue, support police/fire department efforts and more. Visit
    There is an annual voluntary
                                                         for more dates and locations and general CERT
   donation of $10 per household.
    NWNA strives to improve our
    neighborhood with activities                                  UCLA                                          Fire Station 43
    ranging from crime watch to                                   Student Activities Center, 1st Floor          3690 Motor Avenue
   neighborhood beautification to                                 220 Westwood Plaza                            Los Angeles, CA 90034
        local school support.                                     Los Angeles, CA 90095                         Thursdays, 7pm-9:30pm
                                                                  Thursdays, 9:30am-12:00pm                     Mar 12, 19, 26, Apr 2, 9, 16. 23
                                                                  Mar 12, 19, Apr 2, 9, 16 and 23               Contact: Marisa Stewart
                                                                  Contact: Thomas Rodriquez           
                                                                  (310) 206-6191
          We’re on the web!                                                                               Do you have a submission for the
                                                                                                             North Westdale Neighborhood
                                                                                                                Association newsletter?

      Join The North
                                                                             Police Report
      Westdale E-Mail                                          Updated January/February crime
                                                               statistics for Basic Car 14A25 (Mar
           List!                                               Vista District) were not available at the
                        Go to:                                 time this newsletter went to print.
                                                                                                           Deadline to be considered for the
  Click on the “Join This Group” button                                                                    April issue is Monday, March 23rd
   and follow the online instructions.

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