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									                                    Partnership agreement
                                                                                                         Agreement № ______________
                                                                                                          «___» _____________ 20____

This Agreement is entered into between “BroCo Investment Inc” (furthermore referred to as the “Company”) on the one part

and _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
                             [name, address, and if a corporate entity, state of incorporation]

(furthermore referred to as the “ Partner”), which are collectively referred to as the “Parties” have agreed as follows:

                                                        Terms and definitions

Client – legal entity or individual conducting trading transactions via Company according to quotations provided by Company.
Client’s Agreement – agreement for broker’s maintenance concluded between Company and legal entity or individual (Client).
Client’s Personal Area   – personal area of Client on Company’s web-site containing information about Client and their accounts.
Contract for Difference is the tradable financial instrument which is based on the difference of the value of the underlying asset (i.e.
of the asset which represents the bases of the contract for difference) which may be represented by the stock share, future,
commodity, prestigious metal, exchange index etc.
Commission – the payment for conducting a transaction upon trading tool in accordance with specification of this contract.
Company    – “BroCo Investments Inc”, Office 113, 2-nd Floor, Medine Mews, Chaussee Str., Port Louis, Mauritius.
Current market rate – is current rate at which contracts are being concluded for a specific contract at interbank market or stock
Equity – is the provided part of Client’s subaccount with an allowance for opened positions and which is related to the balance and
Floating Profit/Loss by the following formulation: balance + profit + swap. These are the funds at Client’s subaccount, decreased to
the amount of current loss over opened positions and decreased to the amount of current profit over opened positions.
Floating Profit/Loss – floating (unrealized) profit/ (loss) over opened positions at the current quotations’ value.
Instrument – currency pair or the contract for difference.

Commission Account of the Partner - special internal record keeping account opened in the Company, which is used for a record
keeping of all the engagements of the Company and the Partner regarding the transactions carried out within the framework of this
Agreement. This account may be used strictly for the crediting of remuniration, deposits, withdrawals of funds and internal transfers
without the capability to execute any trading activity.
Lot – abstract designation of number of securities, futures or base currency adopted for the trading platform.
Opened Position – is the purchase/ sale transaction not covered by the opposite purchase/ sale of the contract.
Partner – gal entity or individual performing within the framework of the Law of the residence country which/who concluded present
Agreement with the Company acting as the Company’s IB (Introducing Broker).
Partner’s groups (A group of a Partner) – a group of Clients and their accounts assigned to a Partner.
Partner’s Personal Area – personal area of Client on Company’s web-site which contains information about accounts of Clients
belonging to their group.
Prize account – is the account for charging funds obtained as the result of contests, advertising campaigns, promotion actions
conducted by Company.
Remuneration – Company’s payment to Partner according to the Attachment №1
Specification of the instruments – main trading conditions for every tool (spread, size of lot, and minimal volume of trading
transaction, step of changing the volume of transaction, initial margin, margin for locked positions etc.). This information is available

                                                                                                            Partnership Agreement page 1 of 12
on Company’s web-site.
Spread – the difference between the purchase and selling rate of the basic currency at the same moment.
Stock Exchange – is a facilitator of trades furnishing services which directly conduce to conclusion of civil transactions between
members of stock trade.
Trading account – a special account of internal accountancy opened at Company and recording obligations between the Company
and Client, the Company and Stock Exchange – over transactions conducted by Client’s instructions and arising within the
framework of the Agreement between the Company and a Client.
Trade marks and names of Company        – names, brands, logo and trademarks registered or exploited by Company.
Trading transaction – Client’s transactions via broker (Company) for purchasing/ selling a contract for financial tools; these
transaction suggest conducting at the least two opposite transactions at purchasing/ selling a contract of identical volume.

The present definitions are valid within the framework of this Agreement and its annexes or amendments.

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                                                   1. Subject of Agreement
1.1. The Partner shall in his/her discretion and at his/her expense execute the activities to search for and and refer the Clients
        with the intend to furthermore enter into the Client's Agreement with the Company, and the Company undertakes the re -
        sponsibility to pay for the services rendered by the Partner as per the terms of this Agreement.

1.2. The Partner does not have the right to accept cash or any wire transfers from the Clients in their pursuance of Client Agree -
        ment concluded with Company.

                                           2. Partner’s rights and obligations
2.1. The Partner must involve Clients into conclusion of agreements for broker’s maintenance via Company at international finan-
        cial markets and in accordance with the Company’s terms.

2.2. The Partner shall open the Commission Account in the Company.
2.3. The Partner (Partner’s employees) is (are) obliged to have the appropriate level of proficiency in the domain of services,
     rendered by the Company to Clients under the present Agreement.

2.4. The Partner, on its own, is obliged to study official informative resources of the Company and to inform Clients about important
     changes in proper time.

2.5. The Partner is obliged to provide the Clients, referred by the Partner, with comprehensive information and legal support. The
     Partner shall provide required assistance needed to resolve any problems that may arise while having the Clients Agreement
     entered by the Client.

2.6. The Partner is obliged to give explanations to the Clients concerning questions related to the services rendered by the Com-

2.7. The Partner is obliged to execute the present Agreement individually. Assignment is permitted strictly upon consent of the

2.8. The Partner shall provide the Company complete information about the status and results of the services rendered as per the
     clause 1.1 of this Agreement in due time after receiving the relevant request from the Company.

2.9. The Partner has no right to use trade marks, service marks and other items of intellectual activity, the exclusive rights on
     which belong to the Company, without preliminary written permission of the latter.

2.10.         The Partner has the right to employ logos, trademarks, service marks and other items of intellectual activity which
     were designed specifically for the Partner and which are provided by the Company to the IB Partners.

2.11.          The Partner has no right to use website, which is confusingly similar to the website of the Company.

2.12.         The Partner has no right to lead advertising campaigns, which come into conflict with legislation of the Country
     where such campaigns may be carried out.

2.13.           The Partner has no right to refer Clients by using inadmissible means and methods. Such inadmissible means and
     methods are: fraud, false representation, providing with insufficient information concerning risks, arising out of investment in
     financial instruments and others.

2.14.         The Partner has no right to provide the Clients any recommendations regarding executing any transactions within
     the framework of the Client's Agreement.

2.15.         The Partner has the right to singly plan and to carry out marketing and advertisement campaigns, after adjusting
     them with the Company.

2.16.          The Partner is obliged to enter into the Client agreement with the Company.

2.17.          The legal force of the Client agreement, concluded according to the clause 2.16 of the present Agreement, is set
     upon the Commission Account of the Partner and sub-accounts of the Group of the Partner, but is subsidiary in respect to the
     present Agreement. The Commission account may be used strictly for deposits, withdrawals and internal transfers (no trading
     is allowed on the Commission Account).

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2.18.           The Partner is not allowed to perform any transactions on the trading account of the Client without his/her written

2.19. The Partner has the right to obtain remuneration from his/her own trading accounts once 4 clause of the present Agreement
        is complied. Personal trading accounts are included into Partner’s group upon receiving free format request with the list of
        accounts to;

2.20.          The Partner has the right to make an internal transfer from his accounts to the accounts of the Clients registered in
     his/her Partner group.

2.21. The Partner has the right to create his/her own IB network involving new sub IBs for cooperation. Partner's remuneration is
        credited for each sub IB according to the procedure of Annex 1.

                                         3. Rights and obligations of the Company
3.1. The Company shall open the trading accounts allocated in the Company for the Clients referred to by the Partners in
        accordance with the terms of the Client’s Agreement and the terms set forth by this agreement herein.
3.2. The company shall provide the Partner complete information regarding the content of the agreements being signed. The
        Company shall inform the Partner about any changes to the Client Agreement by posting the relevant information on the
        corporate website of the Company as follows,
3.3. The Company shall pay the Partner his/her remunerations as per the terms of this agreement.
3.4. The Company has the right to receive the complete report form the Partner regarding the status and the results of any
        promotional campaigns.
3.5. The Company has the right to terminate this agreement in the unilateral manner ex curia in case the Partner referred less
        then three clients within 90 days since the date of signing of this agreement.
        The entities who are affiliated with the Partner, either legal entities or the natural persons, along with close relatives of the
        Partner who is a natural person may not act as the Clients stated in paragraph one of this clause.
3.6. The Company has the right to exclude the Client's account from the Partner's group in case no funds were deposited onto
        such account within 30 days upon registering in the Client's Personal Area.
3.7. The Company has the right to inform the Clients registered in the Partner's group about any remuneration received by the
        Partner as a result of the trading performed by the Clients on the financial markets as per the terms of clause 1.1 of this
        Agreement. .

                                        4.        Payment For Partner’s services
4.1. The Company shall pay the Partner his/her remuneration in case not less then 3 Clients who are registered in the Partner's
        group collectively carried out not less then 10 lots during the payable month. The entities referred to in the paragraph 2 of the
        clause 3.5 of this Agreement shall not be accounted as the Clients.
4.2. The rate of calculating Partner's remuneration and its size are specified by Annex 1 to the present Agreement.
4.3. While calculating the remuneration according to 4.1 clause and Annex 1, the funds allocated on the prize accounts of the Cli-
        ents shall not be accounted.
4.4. The Company has the right to detain amount of negative balance upon Clients ' accounts from Partner's remuneration if this
        negative balance is the result of trading activity conducted with the help of software, trading system or trading signals
        provided by IB.
4.5. The Company has the right not no take into account transactions conducted due to malfunction of the trading platform.
4.6. The commission not paid due to non-compliance with requirements of 4.1. Clause Partner shall not be carried forward to
        next month (s).
4.7. Once per month the Partner may request the Company to check number of Clients and their accounts involved by the Part-
        ner and calculation of results of their trading transactions.
4.8. The reward paid to the Partner is logged in his/her Internal Record Keeping Account within the first 5 working days of the
        month following the month the reward is calculated for. Any further transactions may be carried out on the non-trading ac-

                                                                                                           Partnership Agreement page 4 of 12
       count by the Partner by following the terms of this Agreement. Any internal transfers to his/her trading accounts may be
       made by the Partner only upon signing the Agreement BT-08.
4.9. The parties singly and independently form each other, execute their tax and other obligations to the third parties.

                                                5.   Exchange of information
5.1. For contacting with the Partner the Company uses the following means of communication:
         • Internal mail of trading platform;
         • E-mail;
         • facsimile;
         • telephone;
         • post;
         • notifications posted in the specified sections of the website of the Company;
         • other electronic means of communication, foreseen by the Company (Skype, ICQ and etc.).
5.2.            In order to contact the Company the Partner has the right to use the means of communication, mentioned in article
5.1. of the present Agreement.
5.3.           The statements, documents, announcements, notices, confirmations, reports and others will be considered accepted
by the opposite party in the following cases:
         • One hour after sending to the e-mail;
         • One our after sending by means of internal mail of the trading platform;
         • One hour after sending by fax;
         • Immediately after finishing phone conversation;
         • 7 calendar days after sending by post office ;
         • One hour after placing an announcement on the website of the Company.

                        6. Transfer of clients between the groups of the Partners
6.1. The client may be transferred from one group of the Partner to another upon submitting the scanned copy of the “Client
     Identification Form”. The form is to be e-mailed to in *.jpg format either from the e-mail
       address of the Partner or the Client which are registered in the personal data of the Personal Area on the site of the
6.2. The transfer may be accomplished strictly by having the fact of signing of the form along with the reasons verified with the
       Client (by means of the mail / telephone call initiated by the employee of the Company to the Client).
6.3. The Partner shall submit the original copy of the “Client Identification Form” signed by the Client to the Company within 20
       working days upon receiving relevant request from the Company. In case the form is not received within the terms stated in
       the clause 6.3. the Client may be unconditionally relocated from the group of the Partner, any Partner remuneration paid for
       the previous periods will be deducted from the remuneration for the first coming period.
6.4. The Client may be transferred from one group of the Partner to another during the period between the 5 th and the 25th day of
       each month. The “Client Identification Forms” received during another days will be processed upon forthcoming of the period
       when the Client may be transferred.

                                                     7. Confidentiality
7.1. The Partner has no right to disclose any information, received from the Company during joint activity, along with the
       information contained in the present Agreement, during the term of the present Agreement and 5 (five) years after its
7.2. The parties are obliged to secure confidentiality of all personal data of the Clients, data concerning their accounts and
       transactions made. The Partner is obliged to provide the Company with personal data of clients in case such necessity was
       driven by request of the authorized state bodies.

                                                                                                        Partnership Agreement page 5 of 12
                                                           8. Arbitration
8.1. If the disputable situation arises due to the execution of the present Agreement, the Parties shall undertake all possible
       action in order to settle such situation by means of negotiations.
8.2. It is necessary for the parties to follow the mandatory presentation of claim before instituting an action in the court . The claim
       have to be sent by the aggrieved party during 5 (five) days, when this part knew or had to know about violation of its right.
8.3. The claim must be in written form on paper and sent to the postal address of the Company. The claims sent by other means
       like (e-mail, phone and etc.) are not receivable.
8.4. The Parties are obliged to examine the claim, to come to any conclusion in the shortest possible time and to inform the other
       Party during 10 (ten) working days form the moment of receive.
8.5. Unless parties reach any consensus by means of articles 8.1-8.4. of the present Agreement, the dispute will be settle in the
       Commercial Court of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad district.

                               9. Force-majeure. Responsibility of the Parties

9.1. Force-majeure are the circumstances which could not be reasonably foreseen or anticipated by the party. In particular, but
       not limited, force-majeure includes: any action, event including, but not limited, any riots, mass disorders or civil disorders,
       terrorism, floods, extraordinary weather conditions, earthquakes and fire, wars, rebels, labor disputes, accidents, actions of
       government, malfunctions in communication or power fails, crash of equipment or program malfunctions and etc.
9.2. The parties are exempted from liability for non-executing or undue executing of obligations under the present Agreement if
       such infringements of the Agreement were provoked by force-majeure circumstances.
9.3. The party, for which the execution of the Agreement became impossible according to the article 9.1. of the present
       Agreement, is obliged during 5 (five) days to notice in writing the other party about force-majeure and approximate term of
       continuation of such circumstances.
9.4. The party that does not inform the other party about commencement of force-majeure circumstances during term, mentioned
       in article 9.3. of the Agreement, has no right to be excluded from liability referring to such circumstances.
9.5. The Company does not bear any responsibility for results of the Partner’s activity, because the Partner is not the employee of
       the Company and acts independently, on its own name.
9.6. All the problems which are not regulated by the present Agreement are resolved according to the legislation of the Russian

                                               10. Concluding statements
10.1. The present Agreement comes into legal force after its signing by both Parties.
10.2. The term of the Agreement (term of validity) is twelve months from the day of signing of the present Agreement.
10.3. Unless one of the parties announces its will to terminate the Agreement 30 (thirty) days before the date of termination, the
       Contract is deemed to be prolonged for the indefinite period.
10.4. The provisions of the present Agreement can be modified by the Company in unilateral matter with 15 (fifteen) days prior
       notice of the Partner by any of the means of communication set in the article 5 of the present Agreement.
10.5. Each party has the right in unilateral, extrajudicial order to refuse from the execution of the present Agreement, notifying
       another party not less than 5(five) days before the assumed date of refusal from the execution of the Agreement.
10.6. Cancellation of the present Agreement upon any provisions, foreseen by the present Agreement or existing legislation, will
       entail the termination of all obligations, arisen from the present Agreement.
10.7. All the schedules, modifications and add-ins to the present Agreement shall have legal force only if they are in written form
       and signed by authorized representatives of the Parties.
10.8. The present Agreement and all Annexes are drawn up in two copies in English, each copy for each party , both copies have
       equal legal force.

                                                                                                           Partnership Agreement page 6 of 12
                                   Addresses and details of the Parties

“Broco Investments Inc”                              Partner
Company № 079262 C1\GBL
Legal address
Office 113, 2-nd Floor, Medine Mews,
Chaussee Str., Port Louis, Mauritius.
Bank remittance:
Beneficiary bank: OJSC Promsvyazbank, Cyprus
Bank's address: Limassol, Cyprus
Account: 40807840900000317703
IBAN: CY57120000134080784090317703
Correspondent Account: 04414147
Correspondent Bank: Deutsche Bank Trust Company
Americas, New York, SWIFT BKTRUS33
Currency: EUR
Account: 40807978500000317703
IBAN: CY78120000134080797850317703
Correspondent Account: 10095142900000
Correspondent Bank: Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am
Payment details: "Margin trading on account BT-

Authorized person ______________________             Signature __________________________

Date: “___” __________________20___                  Date: “___” __________________20___

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                   Annex 1. Mutual settlement between Parties

Partner has a right to get 10% of their sub IB's renumeration.
While calculating IB rebate for the trades on Broco Trader Broco does not take into account complete finished transactions under 60
seconds (i.e., transactions where the time between opening and closing positions is under 60 seconds)
From any deals of Clients of Partner's group to, irrespective of the fact if Clients earned or not, the Company pays following

         1. Broco Trader Client transactions
1.1. Company shall pay Partner remuneration for 1 (one) forex lot pursuant to the table of commission rebate;
1.2. Company all pay Partner remuneration for 1 (one) lot of floating spread (see “Forex Currenex” table) as of percentage ratio
      pursuant to the table of commission rebate. More details for specification of each instrument can be found on the web-site.
1.3. Company shall pay Partner remuneration for 1 (one) lot of CFD instruments as of percentage ratio from Company's commis-
      sion pursuant to the table of commission rebate; More details for specification of each instrument can be found on the web-
1.4. Company shall pay Partner remuneration for 1 (one) traded lot of instrument with indices as its basis as of percentage ratio
      from Company's commission pursuant to the table of commission rebate
Calculations are implemented pursuant to the table of commission rebate in respect with total number of lots traded by Cli-

      Note: Following rules are applied for calculating total number of Clients' lots:
      • One normal CFD Stocks USA lot = 1000 shares;
      • One normal CFD Stocks RUS lot = 3000 shares;
      • One normal lot CFD ETF = 10000 contracts;

                                                           ADDENDUM 1
                                                 Table of Commission Rebate

    Trading instrument         Under 500 lots 500-1000 of lots 1000-2500 of lots 2500-5000 of lots Over 5000 lots
  AUDCAD                                $10,00         $11,00            $12,00             $14,00          $16,00
  AUDCHF                                $10,00         $11,00            $12,00             $14,00          $16,00
  AUDDKK                                $10,00         $11,00            $12,00             $14,00          $16,00
  AUDJPY                                $10,00         $11,00            $12,00             $14,00          $16,00
  AUDNOK                                $12,00         $14,00            $16,00             $18,00          $20,00
  AUDNZD                                $12,00         $14,00            $16,00             $18,00          $20,00
  AUDSEK                                $12,00         $14,00            $16,00             $18,00          $20,00
  AUDUSD                                  $8,00         $9,00            $10,00             $12,00          $14,00
  CADCHF                                $10,00         $11,00            $12,00             $14,00          $16,00
  CADJPY                                $12,00         $14,00            $16,00             $18,00          $20,00
  CHFJPY                                $12,00         $14,00            $16,00             $18,00          $20,00
  CHFNOK                                $17,00         $20,00            $22,00             $25,00          $30,00
  EURAUD                                $12,00         $14,00            $16,00             $18,00          $20,00
  EURCAD                                  $8,00         $9,00            $10,00             $12,00          $14,00
  EURCHF                                  $8,00         $9,00            $10,00             $12,00          $14,00
  EURGBP                                  $8,00         $9,00            $10,00             $12,00          $14,00

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      Trading instrument      Under 500 lots 500-1000 of lots 1000-2500 of lots 2500-5000 of lots Over 5000 lots
    EURNOK                             $10,00         $11,00             $12,00            $14,00          $16,00
    EURNZD                             $14,00         $16,00             $18,00            $20,00          $22,00
    EURPLN                               $8,00         $9,00             $10,00            $11,00          $12,00
    EURSEK                               $8,00         $9,00             $10,00            $12,00          $14,00
    EURUSD                               $8,00         $9,00             $10,00            $12,00          $14,00
    GBPAUD                             $14,00         $16,00             $18,00            $20,00          $22,00
    GBPCAD                               $8,00         $9,00             $10,00            $12,00          $14,00
    GBPCHF                             $10,00         $11,00             $12,00            $14,00          $16,00
    GBPJPY                               $8,00         $9,00             $10,00            $12,00          $14,00
    GBPNOK                             $10,00         $11,00             $12,00            $14,00          $16,00
    GBPNZD                             $30,00         $35,00             $38,00            $42,00          $45,00
    GBPSGD                             $14,00         $16,00             $18,00            $20,00          $22,00
    GBPUSD                               $8,00         $9,00             $10,00            $12,00          $14,00
    NOKJPY                               $6,00         $7,00               $8,00              $9,00        $10,00
    NZDCAD                             $16,00         $18,00             $20,00            $22,00          $24,00
    NZDCHF                             $16,00         $18,00             $20,00            $22,00          $24,00
    NZDGBP                             $16,00         $18,00             $20,00            $22,00          $24,00
    NZDJPY                             $16,00         $18,00             $20,00            $22,00          $24,00
    NZDUSD                             $10,00         $11,00             $12,00            $14,00          $16,00
    SEKJPY                               $6,00         $7,00               $9,00           $10,00          $12,00
    SGDJPY                               $8,00         $9,00             $10,00            $12,00          $14,00
    USDCAD                               $8,00         $9,00             $10,00            $12,00          $14,00
    USDCHF                               $8,00         $9,00             $10,00            $12,00          $14,00
    USDDKK                             $10,00         $11,00             $12,00            $14,00          $14,00
    USDHKD                               $3,00         $3,50               $4,00              $5,00          $6,00
    USDJPY                               $8,00         $9,00             $10,00            $12,00          $14,00
    USDNOK                             $10,00         $11,00             $12,00            $14,00          $16,00
    USDPLN                               $8,00         $9,00             $10,00            $11,00          $12,00
    USDSEK                               $8,00         $9,00             $10,00            $12,00          $14,00
    USDSGD                               $8,00         $9,00             $10,00            $12,00          $14,00
    USDZAR                             $10,00         $11,00             $12,00            $14,00          $16,00
    XAG                                $14,00         $16,00             $18,00            $20,00          $22,00
    XAU                                $10,00         $12,00             $14,00            $16,00          $18,00

    CFD Futures                       30,00%           40,00%             50,00%             60,00%            70,00%

    CFD Stocks                        30,00%           35,00%             40,00%             45,00%            50,00%

    CFD ETF                           30,00%           35,00%             40,00%             45,00%            50,00%

    Forex CurrenEX                    80,00%           80,00%             80,00%             80,00%            80,00%

       2. Rebate for trades on CQG platform
2.1. The Company shall pay Partner the following remuneration for 1 (one) standard FUTURES lot at the rate of 2 USD

2.2. The Company shall pay Partner the following remuneration for 1 (one) standard OPTIONS lot at the rate of 3 USD

    3. Rebate for trades on Auto Trader platform
The Company shall pay Partner for traders of Client with forex at the rate of 7 (seven) USD per 1 (one) standard lot accounted in
    100 000 of base currency units.

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       4. Currenex Classic
For all Clients' forex transactions in Currenex Classic terminal Company shall pay Partner 25% of the company's commission. Rate
of company's commission is specified by BT 08 agreement.
Renumeration of the company represents as company's commission with deduction of service fee and tax levies which by default is
4$ per standard lot (100 000 base currency).
By mutual agreement with Client, Partner has a right to increase fee for Client or group of Clients. At that Partner will have increased
commission with deduction of company's fee which is 5,5$ per 1000 shares.

 “Broco Investments Inc”                                                    Partner

 Authorized person ______________________                                   Signature __________________________

                                                                            Date: “___” __________________20__ year
 Date: “___” __________________20___

                                                                                                         Partnership Agreement page 10 of 12
                                                          ADDENDUM 2.
                                                How to use Partner’s code

Once your application for IB program is approved, you are provided with unique code of partner, which can be seen in the right upper
corner of Partner's area;

                                                    1. HTML code on web-site
If you intend to use web-site as main tool of attracting clients, first of all you ought to register it in the cabinet. After checking quality
of your web-site and completeness of the information presented you can place special HTML-code on web-site.
          <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
          <div><noscript><img src="" width="1"
where XXXXX – is unique code of partner. This HTML should be placed on each page of your web-site.
This code records cookie file in the browser of all visitors of your web-site and contains Partner's code in its HTML. The cookie file of
Client is read off in the personal area when they register account in the company and this way Client enters Partner's group.
For better results we recommend you to place this code on every page of your web-site.
Notice: it is possible to place the code after and before examination of web-site, but it will fix clients only after approval is received.
How to check whether your code is properly established.
To make sure your IB code is properly done, you are supposed to do following:
     • Prepare your browser for testing (clean cookie and temp files in browser cache);
     • Enter your web-site or go to the Company's web-site through your own link;
     • Check whether your browser has got cookie with your unique code.
The simplest way to do it is to go to personal area and in type in the address line of browser: javascript:alert(document.cookie),
soon after press Enter You will have the window with the line broco_partner=XXXXX among others where XXXXX is the unique code
of Partner.

                                 2.     Link to the web resources of the company
If you don’t have your own web-site, you anyway will be capable to attract clients via Internet.
To do so please include your unique partner number into all links to projects of the company.
Link containing the partner code looks as follows: i.e. this is
the link containing br element with XXXXX as your unique partner code.
You can place links leading not only to the start page of our web-site but to any internal page.
More over, you can place links leading to our forum:
and separate thread of the forum
When Client goes through Partner's link, their browser records cookie file with IB unique code.

                                                   3. Open account wizard
3.1. Wizard of opening account represents the link to registration procedure in the personal area of the company.
      Partner can use “open account withard” which is placed here:,
      where XXXXX is your unique partner code.
      Clients who opened account with the help of this wizard are considered to be clients of this partner. Application of master is
      very convenient, for instance when there is special PC for opening accounts by clients in your office. It spares the necessity to
      monitor whether cookie is installed etc.
3.2. Another way of using “open account master” is placing its iframe on your web-site.
      Place following code on your web-site’s page:
      <iframe src=""></iframe>
      where XXXX is your unique code of partner. This code allows you placing registration form on your web-page.

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                                      4. Partner's code in Client's information
Once Client specifies IB's code while registration in the personal area or filling in their information, they are automatically credited to
Partner's group.
Note: automatic reading will work only if the field contains IB's code without gap and additional symbols.

                                              5.     Client Identification Blank
Client is charged to Partner’s group once the last provides “Client identification” which blank is attached to the present Agreement.
Scanned “Client identification” is submitted to

                             Principles of cookie operation (affiliation of Clients)
PC of Client, visiting partner’s web-site or our web-site through partners’ link, records cookie.
Data is recorded only once upon the first entry.
Cookies are valid within 6 months. If after that Client clicks link of another partner, new partner’s data won’t be recorder to Client’s PC
and PC will keep the data of Partner whose link was followed the first. It is done so to monitor which Client should be credited to a
certain Partner.
Example: Should Clients fill out registration form using PC of partner A, but partner A clicked link of partner B, we will receive
notification that the present account was opened under partner B. Therefore, I recommend all Partners, providing their PC for filling
out forms, to clear cookies in browsers. Then a Partner must click personal link in order to record their data.

Note: If Client visited our web-sites before going to site through your partner’s link they would be taken as direct Clients and would
not be credited to you.

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