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                          Common past, common

   Ukrainian
                          future, looking for a dialog!
                          T R I L A T E R A L   E X C H A N G E                        2 9 / 0 3 - 0 5 / 0 4 / 2 0 0 9
    in Lublin

   Human rights
                      Polish-Ukrainian-German youth exchange
   Stereotypes
    and               Youth from Münster (Germany), Luck             An important part of the activities was a
    prejudices        (Ukraine) and lubelskie region met together    documentation of tracks of Ukrainian and
    workshop          in Nasutów and Lublin during a youth ex-       German culture in Lublin which are part of
                      change. The project                                                  the multicultural past
   Pro-contra
                      “Common         past,                                                of the city. The results
                      common       future:                                                 of this work was
   Moving            looking for a dialo-                                                 publicly presented in
    exhibition        gue” aimed to facili-                                                “a moving exhibition”,
                      tate getting to                                                      which appeared on the
   Majdanek          know culture and                                                     streets of Lublin on
                      history of our                                                       April 2nd as well as
   Language
                      neighbours and was                                                   during follow-up exhi-
                      a platform for loo-                                                  bitions in Lublin after
                      king for a dialogue in During the „Moving exhibition“ in Lublin    the project. The young
                      discussion on historic                                             people will also visit the
                      and political topics by means of numerous      former concentration camp of Majdanek and
                      integration workshops, language animation,     will take part in human rights workshops
CONTENT               debates and simulation workshops. Each of      prepared by a fellow of Humanity in Action.
                      national groups will also presented their tra-
                      ditions and local customs and showed a mo-
Programme 2
                      vie produced in their country.

Polish           3

Ukrainian        5

German           8
                                              We stayed in           Traininig and conference facilities include a
Partners,        15                           Nasutów, which         complex of four buildings: a Manor House, a
Contact                                       is a village of        Mansion, a Land steward’s house, an Oran-
                                              about 80 inhabi-       gey and Stables, all built in an old-Polish set
                                              tants 16km north       of mansions.
                                              from Lublin in
                      East Poland. Here is the „Dom Nasu-
                      tów“ (Nasutów House – Meeting Centre)
                      located, near the complex of Kozłowiecki
           PAGE       2

Day        Day 1      Day 2                 Day 3            Day 4          Day 5          Day 6           Day 7            Day
           29.03      30.03 Mon             31.03 Tue        01.04 Wed      02.04 Thu      03.04 Fri       04.04 Sat
Title /    ARRIVAL         Intercultural        Lublin        Historical      Lublin II    Dialogue for      The final      DE-
Topic of                     dialogue                         Dialogue                      the future        game          PAR
the day                                                                                                                     TUR

                      Breakfast             Breakfast        Breakfast      Breakfast      Breakfast       Breakfast        Brea
                      Ice breaking          Departure to     Summary        Departure to   Summary of      Pro-contra        D
                           games                Lublin       of yester-         Lublin     the previous         debate
Morn-                                                        day's work,                        day
                      Presentation          City game        Presenttion    “roots” of                     Should the EU     P
ing Ses-    Possi-
sion                  of the                                 of results     Human          preparing a     still enlarge?    A
                      programme                                             rights         permanent                         R
09:45 –                                                      Selection      workshop at    exhibition                        T
14:00                 Language                               of photos      the
                      animation                              for a          Majdanek
            ing of                                                                                                           R
                                                             “ moving       grounds
            Lub-                                                                                                             E
                          “Derdians game”                    exhibition”    Guided tour
                                                                            in Majdanek

                      Lunch                 Lunch            Lunch          Lunch          Lunch           Lunch
                                            / restaurant                    packets
                      Stereotypes and       On-the-streets   Historic
                           prejudice-           multi-       perspectives   “moving        Sports after-   Photos from
                           workshop             cultural                    exibition “       noon             our
                                                Lublin       Historic                                          home-
                                                photo        dialogue                                          towns
                                                shooting–    workshop
                                                led by the                                 “Access to      Evaluation
After-                                          Polish                                     medicine”
noon                                            group                                      court
session                                                                     afterwards:    simultion
                                                             Preparation                   workshop
                                                             of the         free time in
15:30 –                                                      dinner         Lublin
19:00                                       afterwards:
                                                 free time
                                                 in Lublin

19:00      Supper     Supper                Supper           INTERNA-       Supper         Supper          Supper
Evening    Ice        Introduction to       Film evening                    Film           Film            Campfire/
events     breaking   photography           Polish group                    evening        evening         Barbeque
           games                                                            Ukrainian      German
                                                                            group          group           Farewell
TRILATERAL            EXCHANGE                                                                                     PAGE      3

Polish report on the exchange
                                                Today is Sunday,       Our first impression was
                                                and it´s our first     really good. Everybody
                                                day of the pro-
                                                                       seemed to be straight
                                   March,       ject. We meet
                                                with all partici-      forward, open minded
                                                pants at castle        and friendly. We´ve even
                                                square and to-         got companion from Por-
                                                gether moved to        tugal, there is also one
                                                Lublin. On the         more project from south-
                                   beginning we´ve got many            ern-east countries so
                                   questions in our heads: will we
                                                                       really international com-
                                   be able to communicate with
                                   Germans and Ukrainians, will        pany !! We are sure that
                                   we understand different cul-        it will be excellent time !!
                                   tures, will we break through
                                   stereotypes and prejudices…?

March, 30th

Today´s day was full of inter-
esting activities. After ice
breaking games, which was for
us to know each other better,
we played game about culture
differences. Some of us was
the citizens of a city called
Derdia, who wanted to build a      how to build. The only prob-        playing this game, which had to
bridge to go to the nearest        lem was that Derdian´s have         show us how cultural differ-
city but didn´t know how to        very specific culture and no-       ences can be hard to over-
do it. Some of us was the          body can exactly understand         come…
builders and they had to show      them. We had a lot of fun

March, 31st

Hooray !! The first day with-      In the city game we had to be       Second part of the day was to look for German
out rain !! Sun was shining very   very creative: we were divided      and Ukrainian culture in the city. Different groups
clearly so everybody was en-       into 4 different groups and had     had different tasks, so some of us had meeting in
thusiastic and full of energy to   to thought about tasks or oth-      orthodox church, whereas the others went to
aim new goals.                     ers. So finding highest buildings   evangelic church to listen about Germans in Lub-
After breakfast we moved to        or singing with citizens of         lin. Great history lesson. From every place where
Lublin to play some city game      LUBLIN gave us a lot of fun !!      we´ve been we took some photos for photo exhi-
(which we were very curious        After playing we ate pizza in       bition, which is planned to be on Thursday. After
what it will be) and to find       ´´Sid´´ restaurant which is         those we had some free time to do some shopping
some signs of German and           probably the best pizza in east-    and buy gifts for secret friends…
Ukrainian culture.                 ern Poland :D                       Now we´re preparing for a Polish evening so one
                                                                       thing is sure: this evening won´t finish early…
PAGE   4

            April, 1st

            Today is the ´´prima aprilis   free time – so we were        FUN !
            day`` so everybody is in       playing some volleyball       During evening we were
            the mood for joking            match: Ukraine against        singing Ukrainian, German,
            (especially Ewelina) and       Poland (which has ended       Polish songs, eating na-
            making tricks. The other       with a tie- let say :P)       tional dishes, dancing,
            cause of our well-being is     Afternoon session began       laughing. In two words:
            the sunny weather - we         with discussion about our     CHILL OUT !!! Everybody
            exactly we´ve got our bat-     common history in Second      has great mood.
            teries full charged…           World War. Everybody          At about 10 o´clock party
            After breakfast was some       agreed that we shouldn´t      moved to ´´Orangeria´´ to
            energizer made by Ricardo      forget about the past but     the Hungarians. And one
            do wake up everybody           also we need to look into     thing is sure – it was very
            who was still sleepy. Then     the future and don´t re-      INTERNATIONAL and
            we´re deciding about           peat past mistakes.           MULTICULTURAL eve-
            which photo should be          After this we started         ning !!!!!
            chosen for our open-air        preparations for an inter-
            exhibition in Lublin. Then     national evening. Great

            April, 2nd

            Hmm… what should I             honest – we were sur-         were very different: firstly
            write… maybe only that         prised because of so many     we felt strange and stupid
            it´s the morning after         manifestations which took     but then we brought down
            party… without com-            place!! There were a          our prejudices and had a
            ments :P                       group ´Solidarity with        lot of fun. Then free time –
            After breakfast we went to     Belarus´,                     a great majority of us
            Lublin to see have some        Georgians manifestation.      went to make some shop-
            guided tour in Majdanek        We started our march          ping (especially girls)
            (former Nazi´s concentra-      from Krakowska Gate,          whereas the others go for
            tion camp). It made us feel    throu gh Krak owsk ie         a walk etc. After arrival to
            nostalgic – everybody was      Przedmiescie to the           Nasutów we had Ukrainian
            very impressed. I think        Litewski Square. People       evening… Film, games,
            that this doesn´t need any     on the street were very       dancing – Ukrainian soul!
            comments…                      curious about what we         We won´t forget this eve-
            At 3.30 we started our         are fighting for etc. If it   ning!!
            exhibition in Lublin. To be    comes to our feeling, they

            April, 3rd

            Friday was, probably, one      our permanent exhibition.     ball which is our most
            of the most lazy days of       We were divided into two      favourite free time activity.
            our project. Everybody         groups. Especially girls      In the afternoon session
            wanted to do nothing.          were so involved: they        we had some workshop
            There were many delays         were making flowers from      about HIV/AIDS problem
            for our sessions. I think      paper, decorating photos      in Africa. To be honest, it
            it´s because of the            and trying to decorate the    was maybe not too difficult
            weather which was so           best.                         but rather tough for us to
            beautiful.                     Then we had some break        discuss. So not everybody
            During the morning ses-        so we used it for playing     was keen on this but it
            sion we were preparing         some football and volley-     doesn´t matter.

  COMMON   PAST,    COMMON           FUTURE,        LOOKING          FOR    A   DIALOG!
TRILATERAL           EXCHANGE                                                                         PAGE   5

April, 4th

What can I say… This is the       was that opponents of enlarg-      out and to meet so many in-
last day of our project so eve-   ing won. To be honest this         teresting and open minded
rybody feel maybe not sad, but    debate gave us a lot of fun,       people. I hope we will keep in
we all agree that we wanna        especially for those interested    touch and meet in the nearest
stay a bit longer…                in world politics. It was very     future !!
Through the morning session       unique chance to know the
we had some pro-contra de-        perspective of citizens of non
bate. The subject wasn´t pre-     EU member state.
pared so everybody could          In the afternoon free time,
make a suggestion and write       volleyball, evaluation and
down own idea. Finally we         preparations for the campfire
decided to debate about if        and bad taste party…
European Union should still       In the end, in the name of our
enlarge? Proponents and op-       Polish group, I want to thank
ponents were fighting very        for this fantastic time for eve-
strong, there were a lot of       rybody. We really appreciated
arguments but the final result    to be here with you, to chill

Ukrainian point of view
Hi, guys! As you have already     planet, even one continent and     We like listening to “Pshe-
seen from the heading-            we have so many differences!       pshe-pshe” and sometimes we
Ukrainians are writing to you                                        try to do the same ;)
and we are expressing our         Portugal Ricardo likes green
impressions about our staying     wine and cherry cigarettes.        Except having fun together we
in Poland.                        Hungarians from the other          have some serious issues to be
First of all we’d like to men-    programme adore parties.           discussed- stereotypes, our
tion that we are having a great   Germans are trying to under-       history and interrelation be-
time.                             stand Ukrainian humour. Will       tween countries.
We’ve got acquainted with                                            We are sure we can combine
                                  they do it? We are not sure!
many new interesting people.
                                  But we’ll try to do everything     these two sides of action-
Guys, we are so different!
Sometimes we even play jokes      possible :-) And at last Poles!    packed adventure and its
on that item! We live on one      We like you!                       gonna be a great success.
PAGE   6

            Day in Lublin
             At last the sunny day has                         bus took us to Lublin,
             come! We, Ukrainian                               where adventures began.
             group, expected it so                             We liked city game so
             much! And when we got
                                                               much because it needed
             up in the morning and saw
             the glorious sunrays, we                          creativity and new ideas.
             exclaimed “Hurray!”. Po-                          When we were divided
             land has proved to be a                           into international groups
             hospitable country!                               to fulfill the tasks of the
             This day, Tuesday, wasn’t                         game the feelings and
             an ordinary one. Yeah, we                         memories of childhood
             hadn´t indoor workshops                           captured us. It was so in-
             but had fun and enjoyed                           teresting to find spots in a
             our international company                         new place and create tasks
             and cultural diversity in the                     in order for other group
             open air. The comfortable                         to find them.

             When every participant                             “German       beer!”,   and
             had already felt the spirit                        really, we found the Bavar-
             of the city the time for                           ian pub. “Trendy sports-
             lunch had come. Eating                             wear- Adidas”-NOTHING
             pizza in Polish pub was                            IMPOSSIBLE´-we do like it.
             really cool. At last our                           “ROSSMANN cosmetics”-
             stomachs were satisfied                            BEAUTY WILL SAFE THE
             and we were ready for a                            WORLD. Mercedes-Benz,
             new challenge. We had                              BMW, Volkswagen. Just
             one more task-to find the                          look around.
             traces of the German cul-                          To cut the story short we
             ture in Lublin and commit                          can say that it was really
             this evidence to our cam-                          an impressing day full of
             eras. The first idea that                          positive emotions, chal-
             flashed in our minds:                              lenges, smiles and sun.

TRILATERAL           EXCHANGE                                                                   PAGE   7

 International Dinner
 Yummy-yummy for my                                               It was not difficult for us
 tummy. This phrase was in                                        to do it, because we knew
 the air during the whole
                                                                  for sure what we had to
 evening on Wednesday. As
 you know, it was Interna-                                        take with- of course
 tional Dinner. Every group                                       Ukrainian     “salo”.   So,
 had to prepare the na-                                           Ukrainians started cooking
 tional dishes and treat all                                      process. Malte gave us all
 the guests.                                                      the needed stuff and we
 We started our prepara-                                          began creating our master-
 tion even in Ukraine.                                            pieces.

                               Oh, we forgot, DESSERT! De-
                               licious Ukrainian candies! As
                               real Ukrainians we brought
                               world known “Horilka” too.

                               When we entered the dining
                               room, singing a song, the Ger-
                               man and the Polish tables were
                               already ready. At this moment
                               the real fun started. Singing
                               international songs, dancing,
                               drinking, eating! Multi-kulti in
                               the air!

                               And what about stereotypes?
                               Hey, man, they were com-
                               pletely broken :-)

Ukrainians rock!
The light is over. The in-     aspects. First, gorgeous
credible silence… At last      video presentation of our
“Shche ne vmerla Ukray-        motherland. Second, quiz
iny” and we are at stage,      “Things you wanted to
proud of being Ukraini-        know about Ukraine but
ans. National costumes         were afraid to ask”, ener-
add the atmosphere of          gizing, funny games and at
Ukrainian spirit.              last cartoon.
Our task was to reflect        Hope you enjoyed it as
the Ukrainian life in many     we did. Ukrainians rock!

            German impressions
            Nasutow… We usually call          Every day here was a real        We are all different, but
            this place „The Middle Of         adventure, filled with im-       we always tried to be tol-
            Nowhere“. Surrounded by           pressions and emotions.
                                                                               erant and really enjoyed
            the forest and fields, it         The time spent here gave us
            makes an impression of the        a possibility to find some-      the week spent together.
            place, which is separated         thing new for us and share       We will never forget these
            from the rest of the world.       our thoughts, to find new        cozy houses, beautiful na-
            But it was only in the begin-     friends and to familiarize       ture and people met here
            ning and now we really love       with other cultures. It gave     and always think about it
            the place, because so many        us indispensable experience
                                                                               with particular warmth.
            unforgettable histories are       how to deal with other peo-
            connected with it.                ple.

           Derdian game
            This is an article about a      ple, who had a project to      lutely other customs and cul-
            game, called “Derdian           construct a bridge for the     ture like our culture: for exam-
            game”, that we did on the       inhabitants of a non-          ple the greeting was the kissing
            second day of our project.      existing country called        on the shoulder of other per-
            The sense of this game          Derdia. So we did meet         son and to shake a hand was an
            was to create a situation,      them twice: first time for     insult. Our task was to con-
            when two groups of peo-         discuss about the project      struct a bridge with the sim-
            ple, who didn’t know the        and then to build it. The      plest means like scissors, glue
            culture and language of         other group of the people      and paper. This bridge had to
            each other must meet            was the Derdians, that         be so stable, that it can to carry
            them. I was a member of         means the inhabitants of       these means without being bro-
            the group of people, who        this non-existing country.     ken. We had to teach them to
            represented engineer, that      This group had a task to       build it themselves and this
            means the group of peo-         do so, that they had abso-     without using of language.

            The sense was to create a       others and they didn’t         (meeting of new people
            situation, that two cultures    know, what they have to        and their cultures) really.
            or nationalities meet them      do like reaction of this
            and must to integrate           change in the behavior of
            them like in this game. The     the member of other
            representatives of our          group, so they had to learn
            group were very surprised       that during the situation
            about a reactions (for ex-      and to communicate with-
            ample the kind of greeting      out words. But we have
            or a kind to show the out-      managed that very suc-
            rage), because they didn’t      cessful, so we learn that
            know the habits of the          it’s possible, if a one want

  COMMON   PAST,     COMMON          FUTURE,          LOOKING          FOR     A   DIALOG!
TRILATERAL                                                                                     PAGE   9

During our project we           friendly women. As for          more surreal. During our
went to Majdanek, which         me, I took part in the Eng-     walk through the camp we
was a quite impressive          lish tour, so I can just tell   saw a lot of Israeli people,
experience. We had a            my feelings about that.         which also influenced our
chance to see a place we        Our guide showed us the         mood. Some of us started
knew from our history           most significant parts of       thinking about how it
books. After a Humanity in      the former concentration        would be, if our relatives
Action Workshop we              camp, which is nowadays a       were killed in the camp…
went for a guided tour          museum, surrounded by
through the camp, which         skyscrapers and streets,
was organized by two            which made the visit even

However, we followed            one of those small bar-         organized by the Israeli
our guide and she in-           racks, where around 800         people, saying a special
formed us not only about        were pent up, a experi-         prayer for those people
the daily life routine in the   ence which was even             who died after suffering in
camp, but also about the        more         strengthened       the camp, which made us
historical background and       through this very special       also reflect about our
the cruel things the Nazis      smell we smelled. At the        experience during the
did with the people which       end of our tour we visited      tour through the camp
were arrested there. It         the memorial statue,            and even caused some
was quite shocking to           which consists of two           pain in our stomach.
hear about those things,        parts. Right next to one
especially while staying in     part there was an event

            The creation of a photo-exhibition
             The development of an exhi-       The presentation was done       Lublin in 1942 and were
             bition showing multicultural      with clear examples and in a    very irritated about the
             aspects and traces of Ger-        motivating way (“you can        “Ge rman trace s” it
             man and Ukrainian culture in      always break the rules”), so    s h o w e d . T h e N a z i-
                                               that everybody could learn      occupation of that time had
             Lublin was one of our main
                                               something new and try it out
             aims during the project.                                          given the city the face of a
                                               on the next day. On Tuesday
             Working in groups we did          we had time for walking         town dominated by the
             new steps for this every day,     around in the Center of Lub-    Nazi-system and institu-
             starting with a theoretical       lin to search for things one    tions. Although we think
             introduction to the main          could see as traces of non-     that a critical confrontation
             rules of creative photogra-       polish elements in the cities   with this time is needed,
                                               past and present. We worked
             phy up to the final prepara-                                      we decided that we don’t
                                               in small groups. My group
             tions of a permanent exhibi-      wanted to focus on German       want to give this part of
             tion with our own pictures!       traces in the city. From the    Lublin's history a lot of
             On Monday evening we had          project-coordinators we got     space in our exhibition
             a very nice presentation in-      a map of Lublin in 1942 and     because it stands hardly
             troducing us to the main          were very irritated about the   against the multiculturalism
             things you should consider        “German traces” it showed.      and equality of different
                                               From      the      project-
             when taking an interesting                                        groups of people we want
                                               coordinators we got a map of
             and creative picture.                                             to live and promote.

             We were happy to find an        marks we found in the         ways, and that broad verity
             old evangelical church on       city. Pictures of the so-     of things we all consider as
             our route, there we had a       called “Hotel Europa” and     aspects of Ukrainian or
             special guided tour with a      a international language      German culture. In two
             woman from the commu-           school we took as a sym-      steps the very best and
             nity which told us a lot        bol for Lublin's connection   most interesting pictures
             about the history of the        with other European           were selected. On Tues-
             evangelic community in          countries. On Wednesday       day we got the developed
             and around which is con-        we selected our best pic-     pictures and in very short
             nected with German set-         tures and presented them      time we managed to put
             tlements but also with the      and their context to the      them all on coloured pa-
             Nazis who occupied the          other groups. It was very     per and give titles to them.
             town. Besides this church       interesting to see how the    The exhibition was very
             we could take pictures of       different groups worked       colourful and divers.
             German names and trade-         on the task in different

   COMMON   PAST,    COMMON          FUTURE,           LOOKING         FOR     A   DIALOG!
TRILATERAL                                                                                              PAGE   11

  about diversity using our diversity
  In the afternoon we went       and froze, which sup-          look or speak with us and
  all together with the whole    ported the flash-mob ef-       we had now big signs ex-
  group to the city center.      fect of the action. Al-        plaining our aim, so the
  Spontaneously we decided       though it was a funny ex-      message of the action could
  to walk in a long line, eve-   perience to be part of such    have been unclear to the
  rybody with a picture in       a unusual event, it was        people around. But it was a
  front. We went along the       also a little bit uncomfort-   good experience to see          MOVING
  main boulevard, were a lot     able to be watched by the      what you are able to do just   EXHIBITION
  of people could see us. At     passengers. Unfortunately      with a group of creative and
  some points we stopped         nobody came closer to          open-minded people ;)






  On Friday we changed our       nected with each other
  “moving exhibition” into a     through cord. It was im-
  permanent one . Again we       portant and interesting to
  were asked to work in          have a process there we as
  groups and using colourful     a multicultural project cre-
  materials and our imagina-     ated our own exhibition,
  tion very creative picture-    all together with one aim
  collages were the out-         but using a diversity of
  come. From single pictures     methods in the groups and
  with small articles explain-   the individual and special
  ing the topic up to a huge     interests and skills every-
  “network” of different         body of us has.
  Ukrainian traces con-
PAGE   12

            Torture, kissing and national pride
            To give an impression of our    which narrates the tortures      was really great because
            national identity to the oth-   of a woman in a Polish           the Ukrainian participants
            ers, every group prepared a     prison under communist           were all wearing traditional
            national film-evening.          control. The movie created       clothes from their country
            First the Polish participants   a creepy and sad atmos-          and they were singing the
            showed us a piece of their      phere, but nevertheless we       national anthem, what was
            culture by presenting some      were glad to watch it be-        very impressive and emo-
            important and typical things    cause we got a deep im-          tional. After that we were
            of Poland in a photo-show.      pression of communist            watching a short presenta-
            Afterwards the audience had     roughness. In contrast to        tion of their country and
            to answer several questions     that the Ukrainian film-         we learned that the
            about Poland. The second        evening was really funny and     Ukrainians are very proud
            part was the movie              cheerful with lots of games,     of their young nation. The
            “Interrogation”, an anti-       music and dances. The            games they played with us
            communism-film from 1982        Ukrainian “welcome” for us       in their evening, let us

            recognize a difference be-      cartoon, whose setting was       and active. First we thought
            tween the German and the        a Ukrainian village, which all   the clip could be too patri-
            Ukrainian culture concerning    of us liked very much. Last      otic, but after watching it
            personal space: while the       – but I hope not least –         several times we now like it
            Ukrainian participants played   there was the German film-       better. After it we showed
            games with touching and         evening. For us it was really    the movie “Good Bye,
            kissing each other, the Ger-    difficult   to    create    a    Lenin!” – a German movie
            mans felt a bit strange about   “German         presentation”    about the end of the GDR
            this intimae gestures. It       because in Germany it is         which is quite interesting
            shows that we in Germany        taboo to say that we are         and humorous, too. All in all
            keep more distance from         “proud of our nation”. As        the film-evenings were an
            each other and do not want      Silke said at our “German        important part of this week
            to touch people we do not       evening” the reason might        because we could learn
            know well. At the beginning     be our countries national        many new aspects of the
            of the film Andrji really       history. So we showed the        other nationalities (also in
            shocked us by telling it        spot “You are Germany” –         the way people present
            would last about three          an initiative of the German      their country) and even of
            hours, but in reality they      government to make the           ourselves – and we had a lot
            showed us a very nice short     people a bit more patriotic      of fun with it!

   COMMON   PAST,     COMMON         FUTURE,         LOOKING           FOR     A   DIALOG!
TRILATERAL                                                                                       PAGE   13

     Human rights role-playing game
     In a role play of human        project was allocated to       cording position we could
     rights we tried to discuss a   one of the groups: pharm-      even find a lot of true ar-
     problem that appeared          ceutic company, govern-        guments for the pharma-
     some years ago in Africa:      ment, NGO, judges. After       ceutic company. So what
     While a pharmaceutical         discussion of the own po-      we learned by this game is
     company had the conces-        sition in the group we         that human rights are the
     sion for a drug against        played the process; in sev-    basic and most necessary
     HIV/AIDS and they sold it      eral steps we tried to         fundament of the law, but
     for a high price, the gov-     compromise between the         you have always also to
     ernment started a cam-         different parts. Especially    include the needs and
     paign against the disease      for those whose personal       rights of other people who
     by copying the medica-         opinion was different from     are involved in an act like
     ment and giving it to the      what they had to repre-        that. Of course, I did not
     people for free. The phar-     sent in that role in several   change my personal mind
     maceutical company con-        steps we tried to compro-      in this theme, but I got to
     ducted a lawsuit because       mise between the different     know that a pharmaceutic
     the governments proce-         parts. play, it was first      company is not only the
     dure was illegal and com-      really difficult to make a     evil-doer, but they are as
     promised their business.       good case for it. But after    well people with very hu-
     Every participant of our       putting oneself in the ac-     man fears and needs.
 PAGE   14

                 The farewell party
                 A big surprise in German         ful “No, please, we don’t      first part of the evening,
                 eyes was the final evening       want to do it!”. But: It did   we thought all the time,
                 in Nasutów, more accu-           not work against the “bad-     that we sure would make
                 rately, the farewell party. It   taste-party”!                  fools of ourselves with our
                 began already in the morn-       The first people in bad-       “far too artless” outfits
                 ing, as someone proposed         taste-outfit were already      and our friends from the
                 to give the party the title      seen in the early afternoon    East would probably wear
                 “bad taste” and dress like       in the garden – two girls      “very fancy and inventive”
                 that. While the Ukrainian        from the Polish group. The     clothes. So we would again
                 participants, we already         Germans still did not like     encourage the stereotype
                 learned to know as very          the idea of joining the        of the boring Germans.
                 open and spontaneous             party in a bad-taste-style     However, we bravely
                 people, expressed immedi-        and they even considered       searched out the most
                 ately their enthusiasm for       not to go to the party at      colourful and garish
                 this idea, we, the “boring,      all. But it came closer and    clothes we could find in
 good            narrow-minded” Germans,          closer. At the common          our wardrobes and started
                 tried it with an unsuccess-      bonfire, which was the         a crazy make-up and

taste ?



taste ?

                 hairdressing, which was          all! They were looking like    tired and went to bed, the
                 accompanied by loud              every day! No indication       Ukrainian group started
                 laughter and screeches of        of bad taste!                  with their party. Good
                 some Ukrainian girls in the      And even more surprise         dressed, what goes with-
                 adjacent rooms. “They            was the beginning of the       out saying.
                 have a lot of fun because        party. After a humorous        We really tried to inter-
                 they are already dressed         photo-shooting we started
                                                                                 pret what happened that
                 up so funny!” we all             to dance and had a lot of
                 thought. And so we were          fun at the dance floor, only   strange day, but we did
                 very astonished when we          some Polish showed their       not make it. Maybe some-
                 met the Ukrainians in front      solidarity and joined us.      one can give us a little
                 of the building: They did        Not till the late night,       advice?
                 not change their clothes at      when we were already

       COMMON   PAST,     COMMON           FUTURE,         LOOKING          FOR     A   DIALOG!
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